Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e11 Episode Script


[suspenseful music playing]
After I finish you, your friend is next.
For the sake of our perfect world,
our perfect Sorcerer Kingdom.
And now you die!
[Gara grunting, groaning]
[grunting] What happened?
[intense music playing]
[wyvern roaring]
[ninja] That bridge
is completely destroyed!
The blast was incredible!
[groaning] That that spell, it's
[gasping] It must be him.
You guessed it.
I'm that incredibly handsome young hero
The one and only Dark Schneider.
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[intense music playing]
[priest] I don't believe it!
He's a scourge
on the Kingdom of Meta-llicana!
That monster blew up the bridge
and destroyed the front arch
and main gate!
Don't worry.
Now that the bridge is destroyed,
the main gate isn't important anyway.
And besides,
we were prepared to survive a siege.
And he killed hundreds
of enemy soldiers in a single attack.
- [Head Priest] Hmm.
- I suppose you're right about that.
I can barely believe my eyes.
The ninjas have all run away.
I didn't realize he still had such power.
The man is terrifying.
[Dark Schneider grunting, scoffing]
How'd you like that cool, new spell?
I call it "Helloween."
It's incredible, right?
I mean, did you see
how I took down the bridge like that?
Once I get a better handle
on how to control it,
that spell's gonna be a badass.
[Arshes] Dark Schneider.
Damn you, Dark Schneider.
You nearly killed me. You know that?
- [squelching]
- [Gara yelling]
Sorry about that!
I still have a few bugs
to work out, you know?
You goddamn idiot!
Go try your spells somewhere else!
Not around me!
I'll get you for this!
You hear me?
I'm gonna kill you! Count on it!
It is him.
It's Dark Schneider.
[Dark Schneider chuckling]
Hey, Arshes. What's wrong?
Why do you see me as your enemy?
[Yoko] So, that's her.
Arshes Nei.
Lucien's lover.
She's beautiful.
[Arshes] He's with another woman.
Of course.
Just like before. He never changes.
I would always wait for you to come back
when you would go out
running around with all those women.
You came back to life,
and you still keep hurting me.
But this is the last time
that's ever going to happen.
I'm going to end your life forever.
- [Dark Schneider] Arshes.
- [Arshes gasping]
[grunting] Let me go!
Oh. You're not really thinking
about killing me?
That's bad manners, right?
Just shut up! I am going to kill you!
You'll never come back to life again!
[Dark Schneider] Now, now.
- [Arshes moaning]
- [dramatic music playing]
[Dark Schneider]
Whatever has gotten into you?
When did you start talking back
to your mentor like that, huh?
[Arshes moaning loudly]
You're not being the type of girl
I raised you to be, are you?
You know I love you. That hasn't changed.
[Arshes moaning loudly]
[Arshes moaning]
[Dark Schneider] I know all your hotspots.
You remember, don't you?
Come on. You know I do.
Am I right? You still like it?
I don't want
Oh my God! Please stop!
[Gara groaning] I can't die.
You've done the same thing
to Sean and Kai, haven't you?
And many more.
Please don't lie to me again. [gasping]
Don't be foolish.
We were together for 100 years.
I've always loved you the most.
[Gara] Dammit!
I can't believe I'm going to die here!
[Arshes] Darsh
Oh, Darsh.
[Arshes' breath shuddering]
Arshes Nei,
you must be very careful with him.
The nail is watching.
Never forget these words.
If you ever find that you've opened
your heart to Dark Schneider
[Arshes] Oh no.
The nail went from blue to purple.
[Abigail] The moment
the cursed nail becomes crimson red,
you will breathe your last breath.
Your body will be torn into pieces,
and you will turn into a lowly,
helpless toad for all eternity.
[dramatic music playing]
Is that really how you feel?
[Arshes] Get your hands off of me!
[Dark Schneider] Hmm?
How could I fall for this?
I'll never believe
another word you say again.
You're nothing
but a filthy, deceitful liar!
[Dark Schneider]
Arshes? What are you doing?
[Arshes whistling]
[Arshes grunting]
Once I rebuild my army, I'll be back!
Count on it!
When I make my return,
the Kingdom of Meta-llicana
will meet it's downfall,
and you will meet your death!
Princess Your Majesty,
the enemy is retreating! It's incredible!
[priest] We've beaten them!
Our kingdom is safe!
There's something wrong with her.
[Yoko] Why did she
[dramatic music playing]
[Arshes] Damn him.
How can I be so stupid?
We lived together for 100 years.
He told me he loved me 1,000 times.
There's not a single inch of my body
his fingers and lips haven't touched.
You stole my disciples
and you're destroying my utopia.
But none of that matters anymore.
I'm going to kill you!
I am going to kill you!
No matter what it takes!
[Dark Schneider]
I have to say, you look like shit.
Why don't you shut up?
I know you wanted
to see the Raijinken in battle,
but you were up against Arshes.
You gotta listen to me.
Don't underestimate Nei.
She's honed her abilities to a degree
you couldn't imagine 15 years ago.
Her swordsmanship has improved,
and so has her magic.
You think you know everything about her,
but if you get careless, you're dead.
[Yoko] What does he know about her?
Thanks, octopus.
I appreciate you worrying about that,
but I think you should pay attention
to getting your bad ass out of bed soon.
I can manage.
And I'm sure as hell not worried
about you.
[Dark Schneider scoffing]
[Yoko] Lucien and the Empress,
I wonder what happened between them?
[Geo] This weather is a blessing.
The Dark Rebel Army
won't attack as long as it rains.
Let's hope it keeps up for a long time.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [soldier laughing]
[soldier] Whoa! It's Yoko!
[lively music playing]
Line up! There's plenty to go around.
[soldiers munching, laughing]
I'm glad to see you're enjoying the food.
Yoko, you don't have
to serve me my food, I can do it myself.
It's okay.
I just wanna help out
wherever I can. Here.
Eat up.
Ugh. I'm exhausted.
I've gotta go back to fixing the wall
as soon as I finish here.
Sounds like a tough job.
Good luck with it. Here.
You're working so hard, Yoko.
Aren't you tired?
Not at all.
Everyone's been working hard
without getting any sleep!
I, uh I'm going to be
on the watchtower for most of the day.
Then you'll need some help.
Here. Have some extra soup.
Yoko! Could I have
some extra meat in my bowl?
Here you are!
[Dark Schneider exhaling, chuckling]
Huh? Wait a minute.
That's it? How come I don't get any soup?
What's going on?
Who do you think you are?
Don't just stand there!
Move along! You're holding up the line!
[Dark Schneider whimpering]
[Yoko scoffing]
What's bugging her?
Boy, is she ever bitchy today.
Okay. So I'll just eat it up fast
and get right back in line.
[Dark Schneider exclaiming happily]
[Yoko] Uh [sighing]
[Yoko growling]
What's going on?
Why are you acting like this?
I can't believe you're being so mean!
Are you mad at me or something, Yoko?
What makes you think I'm mad at you?
Why don't you just use your magic
to make your food appear, huh?
[Dark Schneider] What?
You know I don't have that kind of spell!
All right.
You just sit right here, Lucien.
Okay, then.
I was hoping it wouldn't come to this.
[Dark Schneider grunting]
You're a wretched,
no-good, worthless horndog!
I thought I told you not
to be such an unfaithful jerk,
but then you went
and groped her, didn't you?
And I'm guessing
there were lots of other times, hmm?
Well, um
Other times?
There were so many. I don't know
which one she's talking about.
[soldiers laughing]
Yeah, but you said it was okay,
that you didn't mind if I did.
Don't you look at me
with that side-eye of yours!
If you have something to say,
come out and say it.
Okay. You really asked for it now.
Yoko, you know you're really a [gasping]
Yes? And?
[Dark Schneider] Uh,
you, uh you always butt into my business.
I have my reasons, you know?
- [Dark Schneider sniffing]
- [soldiers laughing]
What are you doing?
Yoko, come on.
You're a virgin, aren't you?
I'm never wrong.
I could tell from the smell.
It makes me so crazy!
[Yoko] Get the hell away
from me, you bastard!
You're disgusting!
You make me sick!
What? Are you gonna just sit there?
Get out of my sight!
[Dark Schneider whimpering]
[soldiers gasping]
Yoko is really scary.
[Yoko scoffing]
[Yoko] Lucien's such a moron.
[Geo] Grandmother, the reason
for our visit to you here today
is to ask you,
as prophet of the royal family,
to use your powers to take a look
at the kind of seal put on Dark Schneider
many years in the past.
I see.
Little Geo wants my help again
just like 15 years ago.
You've turned into a strapping young lad,
but you just can't figure
this thing out without my help.
Some things never change.
[Geo chuckling]
Grandmother, please don't call me
a young lad. I grew up.
There's no refusing a request
from the Great Priest
and the Princess, is there?
So tell me.
Grandmother, it's important we know.
His safety will decide the fate
of our entire kingdom.
I'm sure you're well aware that, uh,
that Princess Sheila and Yoko, together,
were able to break
Dark Schneider's seal three times already.
However, there were also two other times
when he was able to use his magic
while still in the form
of the boy, Lucien Renlen.
And what's more, it was during that battle
with the Three Sorcerer Generals
that Dark Schneider surprised everyone
and broke the seal himself.
[dramatic music playing]
Hmm. That evil wizard.
He's become so much stronger
than he was 15 years ago.
It's terrifying.
Remember the seal we placed?
We did that
when you were still only a child.
How did he break it
simply with his own willpower?
I I know.
I thought it was impossible for
an evil person to break the sacred seal,
no matter how strong
their willpower might be.
Look carefully at this orb.
Look carefully
at the color of the light shining from it.
[Sheila gasping]
That means that
This ethereal, blue light
tells me something that's very important.
It tells me that the sacred seal
is in perfect condition
and wasn't damaged in any way.
But how how did Dark Schneider manage
to break it then?
[grandmother] The power behind the seal
comes from Ino Mata,
the goddess of love and beauty.
It's true it's impossible
for an evil person to break the seal.
However, there might be one exception.
If the person attempting
to break the seal has love in their heart,
in other words, their intentions are pure,
honorable, and good,
then it could be possible that he might
have swayed the goddess' heart at the end.
[Geo laughing] That's ridiculous.
I agree it's difficult to believe,
but I can only conclude that the heart
of that brutish, terrifying being,
who knows nothing
but death and destruction,
is somehow starting to find love.
[Sheila] I knew it.
It has to be because of Yoko.
[grandmother] Hmm?
Something else is appearing. Look!
What the It's him!
What it this?
Dark Schneider's heart
has been ripped from his body!
He's dead!
[Yoko] Maybe I went a little overboard.
I shouldn't have talked like that.
I can't believe
I actually threw a pan at him.
There's no excuse for it.
Why was I so mad?
A little tight.
Uh, I'm sorry!
Are you worried
about something, little girl?
I, um
I'm not worried about anything.
Why would you think that?
You're right to worry.
He's at a disadvantage against Nei.
When it comes to fights
with high-level magic,
and two forces of the same type collide,
it generates a strong reaction.
In other words,
the force creates a counter-reaction
that will repel
whichever of the two forces is weaker,
and nullifies them.
Which means they'll be killed.
[Yoko gasping]
Nei lived together
with Dark Schneider for 100 years.
I had contact with her
about 15 years ago, and she was ruthless.
But now there's this kind of unfamiliar
gentleness to her I've never seen.
Um, I just thought of something
I have to do.
[door opening]
- [door closing]
- [Gara] Hmm.
But, then again,
that gentleness
has become one of her greatest strengths.
Looks like the storm's going to get worse.
[Yoko] He could die.
I'm not going to let that happen.
[Yoko gasping]
[Yoko] Princess Sheila?
[soldier] Boy. It's really coming down.
I have orders from the captain
to keep watch, but I can't see anything.
Yeah. I know.
But the enemy
can't move either in this storm.
[soldier 2] Well, at least the lousy
weather's bought us a few more days.
[dramatic music playing]
[Dark Schneider laughing] I can't believe
you're such a wuss, Sheila!
You actually fell for what you saw
in that old hag's glass ball?
Are you kidding me?
But her prophecies have been right
so many times before.
You're supposed
to be sneaking into my bedroom.
This whole thing's ridiculous.
What are you? Sneaking in?
I have to hand it to that old hag.
I can't believe she's still alive.
You know, she's the one
who sealed me away 15 years ago
with the help of the Great Priest?
We're definitely gonna have
a showdown someday.
[Sheila] I heard you took in Arshes Nei
when she was abandoned as a child.
Or Well, um
The two of you must have been very close.
I just don't understand.
Why would you try to kill one another?
[Lars] Sheila.
[Yoko] Could it be? Does Princess Sheila
Isn't there
Is there a way
that you could avoid this fight somehow?
I'm afraid it's absolutely impossible.
Just look.
Look at the vortex in the orb,
swirling around like fierce lightning.
Huh? So what is it?
[grandmother] That is hatred.
Arshes Nei's heart
is burning with anger and hatred!
It's consuming her soul.
There's no way to stop that fight now.
There's no way on this earth.
[Sheila] And you're going
to go ahead with the fight anyway?
Even though you know you'll be killed?
Don't be ridiculous.
Nobody's gonna be doing any dying.
There's not an ice cube's chance in hell
that a dream boat like yours truly
could lose, much less, die.
[Sheila grunting]
But I'm so worried.
I'm worried
about what could happen to you.
The ministers, they all believe
that you must be plotting something.
Something terrible against the kingdom.
But I don't.
I would never think that of you.
I know it was you who sent Gara
to save this castle, wasn't it?
You've saved us from danger now
and so many other times
that I can't even count them all.
[Sheila crying]
But but most of all,
I don't want to see you get hurt
just for Meta-llicana's sake anymore.
[Sheila sobbing]
I I simply couldn't bear it.
For the sake of this kingdom?
[Dark Schneider laughing]
Are you really that naive?
Is that honestly what you thought?
You gotta be out of your mind!
[Sheila gasping]
Listen to me, Sheila.
I've been saying this over and over again.
It's quite simple, really.
I wanna take over the world.
That's all I want.
I'm not fighting for any kingdom.
I'm fighting for myself, you got that?
Yes. Your ministers are right.
I am plotting,
but it's to take back the Dark Rebel Army.
So you really have nothing
to be thankful to me for. Believe me.
[sighing] He's doing it again.
Anyone else who thinks they can try
to conquer the world without my permission
is out of their fricking mind.
I don't care if it's Kall-Su, or Abigail,
or even Anthrasax.
[tense music playing]
I promise you they're dead.
[both grunting, groaning]
This this is bad.
I've never seen the orb react
like this in my entire life.
My worst fears are manifesting.
Empress Nei is already near the castle!
She must have used the storm as cover.
What what are What are you doing?
I'm gonna show you the consequences
of visiting a man's room
on a dark and stormy night,
all by your lonesome.
No, please. I was just
I mean, I'm not that [gasping]
- Come here. You're mine, Princess Sheila.
- Stop.
Please, stop!
No! Stop, please!
Dark Schneider, you can't
Stop! Please, stop it!
Stop it, please!
[Sheila moaning]
No. Don't Stop, please.
[Sheila moaning]
[Yoko] Ugh. What's he doing to Sheila?
[Sheila] Even if your goal
Oh God.
is to conquer the world,
I don't care.
I'd still give my body to you
if that's what you desire.
Please, don't go.
She's going to kill you.
If you go, I'll never see you again.
[Yoko] I knew it.
She's totally in love with Lucien!
Oh, great Raijinken reborn,
lend your power
so that the spell is carried out!
Dei-vu Mu-staiine!
[Sheila] I'm not saying this
as a princess, but as a woman
I can't just stay here and watch
as the man I love goes to meet his death.
- [Lars] Huh?
- You animal. Stop right there!
[Dark Schneider] Ow!
[intense ominous music playing]
[Dark Schneider]
The elementals are stirring.
Could that mean
[Arshes] Oh, spirits
of the earth and the air,
I summon you to honor your commitment
and to fulfill our pact!
[all gasping]
[ending theme music playing]
[music fades]
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