Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

The Goddess of Thunder

[tense music playing]
[Abigail cackling]
[Abigail] Accused!
As you are well aware,
this spell is created from the power
of an evil spirit from ancient times.
If you fail against Dark Schneider,
or decide to join his side,
this nail will change colors
from blue to purple.
Eventually, it will turn red,
and then you will be
I know the spell. Hurry up and just do it.
Very well.
Hold out your right finger.
Kings of splatter rock,
I demand you come forth
on the wings of a bat.
Demon of the night,
enter my nail and seal our pact!
The ritual is complete.
Every time you look at your blue nail,
you will be reminded of the spell.
Don't forget it.
[Arshes scoffing]
This ridiculous spell
doesn't make any difference to me.
I would have happily killed him
with or without it.
That's good to hear.
It would be a waste to have someone
as beautiful as you turned into a toad.
So are we done here?
I've got work to do.
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[Kall-Su] Don't you think
you're overdoing it, Abigail?
You don't honestly believe
that Nei could betray us as well?
The love
that half-elf has for Dark Schneider
is like the love a child has
for it's father.
Stronger still, the woman lived
with him for over 100 years.
Out of all of us, she was closest to him.
[Kall-Su] Hmm.
Kall-Su, I must ask.
What do you think
about Dark Schneider's recent activities?
They don't make much sense.
The Dark Schneider I know
would have killed all his enemies.
He was a cold-blooded demon.
He would have never shown mercy
to anyone he defeated.
Let alone his own men.
But for some unknown reason,
he didn't kill Gara
or the Three Sorcerer Generals.
He got them to join his side.
It appears he's become a completely
different person over the last 15 years.
[Kall-Su] Dark Schneider,
you were my friend.
The one I looked up to the most.
What could have happened
in the last 15 years
to change you so much?
there is one thing we must consider.
Dark Schneider poses our greatest threat.
He is doing everything he can
to prevent us
from building our ideal world.
He's dangerous.
One of the strongest sorcerers.
We must hurry
and do whatever we can to kill him!
When the God of Destruction,
Anthrasax returns,
it will bring about the ultimate paradise.
A place without war, discrimination,
or poverty, ruled only by magic!
A perfect utopia!
The Sorcerer Kingdom!
Take a look, Kall-Su.
The first stages of Anthrasax's
reawakening has already started.
[ominous music playing]
Together we must break the second,
the third, and the fourth seal
as soon as we possibly can.
You're right.
We must act quickly to expand
the main force of the Dark Rebel Army,
including my first army
and your second army.
While Nei distracts Dark Schneider,
we must take the seals
from the other royal families.
Dark Schneider and Arshes Nei
are an interesting combination.
We got quite lucky with this.
However, it makes no difference to us
who wins between the two.
as you and Nei both know, there are rules
to being able to break the Accused spell.
She will only be able to escape
if she can get her hands
on a certain item.
To break the curse,
she'll need to get her hands
on the fresh heart of the spell's target.
[Arshes whistling]
[Abigail] So you see,
the only way Arshes Nei
can save herself from this curse,
is if she rips out Dark Schneider's heart
while it's still beating.
[Abigail cackling]
Even if Nei plans
on switching sides to be with him,
the spell I've cast
will eliminate her immediately.
If Dark Schneider wants
to save his beloved Nei,
he will only be able to
if he sacrifices himself.
And what's more,
since the two of them
use the same type of magic,
they could destroy each other!
If they clash head-on, one of them,
or perhaps both of them,
could vanish from this world.
No matter what the outcome,
it will end in our favor.
[Abigail cackling]
[Kall-Su] I don't know if you realize
you've made a losing bet,
Arshes Nei.
[knight] Miss Yoko!
The preparations are complete!
Thank you! Just hold on a sec!
Dark Schneider.
[Sean moaning]
Come on, sweetheart.
Don't look at me like that.
- Don't ruin your cute face.
- [Sean gasping]
You know, the Temple of Cant is only
a half a day away from here by carriage.
And it's also close
to the battle in Meta-llicana.
[Sean moaning]
Take care of yourself.
[Yoko] Goodbye, Sean Ari.
Hopefully, Kai will get better
once she's treated at the temple.
Don't worry.
- I am grateful, Tia Noto Yoko.
- [dramatic music playing]
I know you're strong
because Di-amon could not beat you.
I won't tell you what to do,
but I think you should know
that out of all of the Four Divine Kings,
Nei, the Empress of Thunder,
is the most powerful.
Please don't forget that.
Right. I got it.
Now go.
[Sean sighing]
[Sean] Dark Schneider.
Please help Empress Nei.
[horse neighing]
[Sean] You know, I always knew
that he never felt the same way as I did.
He never called me by my name.
Not even once.
You don't have to act like such a bastard!
You know, that was really mean.
[Sean] Yoko is wonderful.
But I hope you don't forget me,
Dark Schneider.
I love you.
[bird squawking]
There she goes.
I thought she was a really sweet girl.
You think so, huh?
Hey, Lucien
I mean, Dark Schneider.
As your friend, I need to warn you.
Don't you dare be the type
who's unfaithful and makes girls cry!
Don't forget you're the main character!
What's this?
You wanna be the leading lady?
Are you jealous? [grunting]
All right! Let's go!
We are on our way home!
[men grunting]
[goblins and knights shouting]
[intense music playing]
[gasping] What's that?
It's Gara's wyvern!
Now, take this!
[goblins screaming]
[ninja] Follow Master Gara!
- [ninjas shouting]
- [ninja 2] Go, Gara!
[Gara laughing]
You goblins are too weak
to defeat Ninja Master Gara.
What? [grunting]
[ninja gasping] It's a griffin!
[ninja 2] I've never seen
anything like it!
[Arshes grunting]
[Arshes roaring]
[Gara grunting]
[Arshes grunting]
Nice to see you, Arshes Nei!
Gara, I want to know the truth.
Why did you betray the Four Divine Kings?
Well, that's an easy one.
I joined forces with Dark Schneider
'cause he's way more fun! Ha!
You imbecile!
[griffin screeching]
[wyvern roaring]
You don't deserve
the title of "Ninja Master."
You were once part
of the Four Divine Kings,
working with us to finally unseal
our demon god, Anthrasax!
But now you fight for our greatest enemy!
[Gara] Ha!
Did you learn how
to talk like that from Kall-Su!
You know what I think?
I think you wish you could join up
with Dark Schneider as well.
I know you do.
- You know nothing!
- [Gara grunting]
Lightning Sword!
[Gara] That sword!
Murasame Blade!
[Arshes straining]
[Gara straining]
[Arshes grunting]
Well done
surviving a strike from the Raijinken.
The Murasame Blade is an impressive sword.
And you too have an interesting toy.
This is the first time I've had
the pleasure of seeing it in person.
[ninja gasping] Look.
That sword is covered in lightning!
[ninja 2] No way.
It's that legendary sword.
It's gotta be the Raijinken.
[ninja] They say it's
as powerful as the Fire Sword.
They say if the wielder is strong enough,
it can even split a mountain!
So she does wield
the legendary Raijinken sword.
And it's just as powerful as I have heard.
The Murasame Blade survived that attack,
but any normal sword
would have snapped in two.
They say that flimsy sword of yours
could split a mountain.
[rock music playing]
And you doubt it?
Just you watch!
[Gara grunting]
[Arshes gasping, grunting]
- [Gara grunting]
- [Arshes grunting]
You'll need more than that!
All right. What about this?
[Arshes grunting]
[Arshes grunting]
[Gara roaring]
- [ninja] That's it!
- [ninja 2] It's Gara's special move!
[ninja 3] He did it! He cut her in two!
[ninja 4] He even moved
around the griffin and the wyvern.
Master Gara is amazing!
Too easy.
Something's not right. I can feel it.
What? An illusion?
[Gara grunting]
It's over for you!
My Secret Hariken Style attack
will send you to your grave!
[Arshes exclaiming]
[Gara grunting]
Dragon Blast Demon Slash!
[Gara screaming]
- [all gasping]
- [ninja 5] Master Gara!
[ninja army] Master Gara! Master Gara!
[Goblin Captain gasping]
She split the bridge.
[ninja] I don't believe it.
This is a nightmare.
[ninja 2] Master Gara!
[wind whooshing]
[Arshes cackling]
[Arshes] Incredible.
What incredible power this sword has.
As long as I have Raijinken,
no one will be able to stop me.
I have no reason to fear Dark Schneider.
[Arshes cackling]
[Gara laughing]
[Gara] Wow!
Raijinken is compatible with your power.
I could feel it's energy growing.
Damn you!
- [Gara laughing]
- [intense music playing]
[ninja] Whoa! It's Master Gara!
[ninja 2] He's alive!
[ninja 3] And look!
There's more than one!
[ninja 2] Which is the real one?
Just what kind of trick is this?
[all] Ninja Seven Body Split technique!
[Gara chuckling]
You just killed one of my copies.
Couldn't you tell it wasn't real?
I've got a question.
Since we split up
Can you figure it out?
Which one the seven
[all] Is the real one?
He played me by using his ninja art.
Back then you were known
as Dark Schneider's lover, weren't you?
I always assumed
at some point you'd switch sides.
But no.
Instead, you're fighting against him.
[Arshes shouting]
It looks like you're ready
to fight for real.
[Gara efforting]
Let's do this.
- [ninja] What's he doing?
- [ninja 2] He took off his armor!
Very astute.
So you understand your armor
is useless against my weapon.
It's no matter.
I'll send you to hell
with my next strike anyway!
[Gara scoffing]
The strongest swordsman
of the Four Divine Kings.
Nei, I accept your challenge.
Can you stop my ninja sword?
What? What kind of stance is that?
[ninja gasping] That's
[ninja 2] That pose!
It's Master Gara's most powerful move!
[Garas] Murasame!
Go, True Majinken!
[Arshes gasping] It can't be.
[ninja] It's a sonic boom!
[ninja 2] Master Gara's sword
moves faster than the speed of sound!
[ninja 3] When Gara used True Majinken
against Dark Schneider,
he was only using one arm.
But this time he did the attack perfectly!
And the seven copies
are attacking at the same time!
[ninja 2] It's over for her.
No one can survive that attack!
[ninjas] The Empress of Thunder is done!
The Seven Body Split technique.
It's an illusion created
by high-speed intermittent movement.
Only one of them is real.
Even if he is a Ninja Master,
he can't shoot six True Majinken
at the same time.
There's only one coming for me.
I can see it.
- Now!
- What's this?
I saw it! True Majinken!
[Gara] I don't believe it.
She blocked from such a close range!
Six copies unleashed the attack
at the same time,
but she found the real one.
[Arshes] You're finished, Gara.
Any last words?
What? What is this?
The Raijinken is cracking!
[Arshes straining, yelling]
[Gara grunting]
[ninjas grunting]
[goblins grunting]
[ninja] Whoa!
[ninja 2] Look! The Empress' sword broke!
[Arshes gasping]
My Raijinken.
No way.
The True Majinken.
What a formidable sword!
Oh, isn't it?
I think I'm the winner, Nei.
You can't fight with a broken sword.
You don't have to worry though.
I know how very important you are
to Dark Schneider,
so I'm not gonna kill you.
- [Gara laughing]
- [ninjas gasping]
[ninja] He did it!
Master Gara
and the 2,000-strong ninja army
have beat the 20,000-strong
Third Army of the Four Divine Kings!
[gasping] I can't believe
our Empress lost to Gara!
No no way.
[Arshes grunting]
[tense music playing]
[priest chuckling]
We did it! We saved Princess Sheila!
Ninja Master Gara
defeated the enemy for us!
[Sheila gasping]
I'm glad!
Meta-llicana has been rescued!
Isn't that great?
Yes. We're safe for now.
But we still need to keep the second seal
away from the evil Goddess.
[Sheila] Thank you, Gara.
But don't you find it curious?
Why would a ninja like Gara
choose to fight for us this time?
Do you have any thoughts, Master Geo?
I don't.
It could be the groups
are fighting among themselves.
I bet he betrayed the others for money.
The ninja is nothing but a poor fool.
[priest laughing]
[Sheila] Uh
Could this mean that he was
[suspenseful music playing]
[Arshes] Gara, you scum.
You wield such a powerful sword,
but you and Dark Schneider have turned
into dogs for the royal family.
How dare you try to stop us
from creating our perfect world.
[Arshes grunting]
You're such a fool.
[Gara scoffing]
Let me explain.
I care nothing about the fake utopia
Kall-Su and the others
are always going on about.
[Arshes gasping]
All I want is to have a little fun.
[Gara cackling]
[Arshes grunting]
You bastard!
Bullets of light!
[ninja] What? Nei is going to fight?
[ninja 2] No way!
[gasping] Wait. Is that?
Are those magic missiles?
Give up, Nei!
No way you can beat me with this magic!
My turn, Gara!
I said stop it!
You can't fight with a broken sword!
You'll get killed!
- [Arshes roaring]
- [rock music playing]
[ninja] Whoa! What's that?
[gasping] No way!
Raijinken doesn't cut
with its steel blade.
Witness the secret
behind the sword that splits mountains.
Haouken Secret Thunder Claw Blade Strike!
[Gara roaring]
[Gara] What?
[ninjas] Master Gara! Master Gara!
[goblins gasping, cackling]
[Gara] That's impossible.
The lightning sword
went right through Murasame!
[Gara grunting]
Now you know.
It's the lightning that forms the blade.
That's how it's capable
of splitting mountains.
It's impossible for any sword to block it.
And soon it'll end your life.
[Gara] Ah, dammit. This isn't good.
I'm in a bad spot.
[ninjas] Master Gara!
[priests whimpering]
After I finish you, your friend's next.
Do you really think you can kill him?
Of course!
After all, it's for our perfect world.
Our perfect Sorcerer Kingdom.
[Sheila] Help us. Please
And now you die!
Dark Schneider!
[both gasping]
[Gara grunting, groaning]
[Arshes grunting] What's that?
Ugh. So close.
I was about to get burned to a crisp.
[gasping] Great Priest, do you see him
over on the other side of the river?
[Sheila gasping]
[Sheila] Is that
[Arshes gasping]
[Sheila] Could it be?
Dark Schneider!
[ending theme music playing]
[music fades]
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