Battle Creek (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

The Battle Creek Way

Battle Creek Police.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
It's blurry.
It's a phone it doesn't have an optical zoom.
It's blurry! It's useless! - I'm gonna die because you guys! - Shh, come on, hey, hey.
I'm still gonna die.
You're not going to die, Teddy.
Dying was never an option.
Cooperate or go to jail; that was the complete list.
He's psycho, man, he smokes more meth than he sells.
- Uh, Russ? - Yo? Where'd you get this? Oh, yeah, try not to tape over that.
Hey, Font? What's wrong with the wire? Why isn't the red light coming on? Who sells your equipment Goodwill? What are we gonna do, Russ? We gotta be able to record this buy.
Oh, I know, I know, um Okay, um, Teddy calls us from his phone and he puts it on speaker.
Yeah, and as soon as a horn honks anywhere within the block, I get to get raped.
- We'll mute it.
- And just leave it on the table? Tell him to speak loudly? No, you cover it up.
Yeah, and tell him to yell? You're done, man.
This is pathetic.
You're done.
B to the O to the N-E-D! Oh, Font, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Doesn't your sister live near here? Yeah.
Why? Didn't she just have a baby? I've been trying to keep my mouth shut, baby I've been trying to change my dark ways, baby Unbelievable.
Can you hear me? Of course you can't hear me.
I'm talking to myself and I'm gonna get raped.
Here he comes, here he comes.
Hey, buddy, what's up? How you been? Can't complain.
Yeah? Excellent.
How's, uh, how's tricks? "How's tricks?" You got my money? Absolutely, right here.
You're welcome to count it, if you want.
Yeah, that's cool, go ahead and count it.
What the hell was that? What the hell was that? I didn't hear anything.
Battery low? I put in new Our batteries? Oh, God.
What the hell? - You're wired? - No! Someone must have left it.
Go! I mean, what sort of idiotic cops would use a baby? Shoot him! Shoot him in the head! Hold him back, hold him back.
Oh, geez.
I have fallen from the steepest mountain Dear Lesley Stahl.
Knowing your show and its long history of investigating injustice, I believe I have a story which will intrigue your viewers.
I write to you from Battle Creek, Michigan, a vibrant Midwestern city of 50,000.
I'm a senior detective with the Battle Creek Police.
Damn it.
The fine men and women of my department Heroes all are understaffed and underfunded.
We are forced to make do with substandard and out-of-date equipment.
Stahl, I urge you to bring your 60 Minutes crew to Battle Creek.
I say this, dreading the attention it will heap upon us.
However, the safety of my fellow officers is far too important.
There he is, French Connection.
Hey, hey.
French Connection ends with the bad guys - getting away, Funkhauser.
- I know that.
- But drugs, right? - Yeah.
You know what I mean.
Good job.
Hey, I brought éclairs.
I'll put them right here.
Oh, Russ.
- No, no, no.
- Does it hurt? No, it's okay.
It's nothing.
I, um, I brought éclairs.
Oh, uh, yum.
I-I put a requisition in, like, for more space six months ago.
D-Do you know if the city gave us their old planning offices? I-I don't think so.
Mm, they got carpeting.
Oh, did you see, there was a great write-up about your bust.
Just wish they'd mention you and Font by name.
Oh, we're cops We're not movie stars, right? Might want to fast-forward through this.
It's, uh, it's later on.
I've seen it.
Boy, is she a cutie.
Great job yesterday.
Commander, yesterday's bust should've gone by the numbers.
We could shoot people instead.
Is that what you want? We're not shooting enough people? We need new equipment; new to this world, not just new to this precinct.
Okay, we need the latest training.
We need everything.
Or we could shoot people.
I don't mind shooting people.
But something's gotta change.
Great news.
We're getting help.
Thank you.
Thank you guys.
I'm no good at these things, but I gotta say that you've been an asset to this office, and I don't know where I'd be without you, and I'm a little scared to find out.
So, good luck.
To both of us.
Yeah, hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
Good luck.
Kenny everybody, really.
I'm no good at these things, either.
Milt, you're good at everything.
Thank you, Sandy.
Uh I'm touched.
All right.
Our loss is Battle Creek's gain.
Good riddance, you miserable sack Damn.
Even their seal is nicer than ours.
Why do we need an FBI office? What, did two million people move to Battle Creek this morning? It's just a resident agency.
Uh, an FBI satellite office.
Detective Squad.
Agnew speaking.
I want to file a morality complaint.
Is this Russell? Hello, Mrs.
You still out of your mind? Let me guess, nice young man with a mustache? There's this nice young man with a mustache who's being kept by an older man with a mustache.
Every single day.
He has to wear short shorts.
It's obscene.
I'll tell you what, Mrs.
First thing next week, I'll fly to Hawaii and I'll arrest Tom Selleck for you.
How's that? Well, I-I wish you would.
Okay, take care of yourself.
Sad story.
Eh, it's not so bad.
I mean, it would've been nice if they'd mentioned our names, but I was talking about the girl who OD'd.
Yeah, no, that was really sad.
Milt? It's almost 9:30.
Okay, I'll be right out.
Big smile, big laugh, you love it here.
Big smile, big laugh, you love it here.
Big smile, big laugh I love it here.
You kidding me? I grew up in a small town, so this is just like coming home.
You grew up in Michigan? Monaco, actually, but, you know, same deal.
Well, we are certainly very glad to have you here.
So I guess I should introduce you around.
- Detectives Russ Agnew - Milt Chamberlain.
- Hi.
- And Fontanelle White.
- How you doing? - Milt.
And these are our two "Aarons" Aaron Funkhauser and Erin Jacocks.
- Hello.
- Hey.
They call me E.
- Easier to tell us apart that way.
- Okay.
I'm Niblet.
Welcome aboard.
I'm sorry, Nib, uh, Niblet? Smile for the man.
- See that? - Ah.
Like niblet corn.
It doesn't hurt or nothing.
And this is Holly, - our office manager.
- Hi, Holly.
You're really good-looking.
I'm so sorry.
Um, that was that was not very professional.
- No - It's just a little distracting.
It is.
You're a little distracting yourself.
Uh, Russ, are you gonna get that? Magnum P.
is still on.
She doesn't stop calling till 10:00.
It's, um it's complicated.
Well, I'm-I'm here to help.
If-if you, uh if you answer that, that makes you the primary.
You know that, right? Detective Squad, Agent Chamberlain.
Yeah, hold on one second.
Go ahead.
All right.
Looks like we've got a double homicide.
No, no, no, no, no.
Magnum gets double homicides.
Rockford gets double homicides.
Let me get this.
I got this.
Seymour, hi.
It's Russ.
Excuse me? This is Officer Caldwell.
It's pretty bad.
When are you guys gonna get here? I knocked several times.
They, uh, ordered pizza, like, twice a week.
On the last knock, the door opened a little bit, and I could see the blood.
No sign of a weapon, but we've got officers - canvassing the neighborhood.
- Do we have names for the victims? Ricky here says they always paid cash.
Landlord said the rental agreement was in the name of a Bart Simpson.
Also paid cash.
- You see anyone coming in or going out? - No.
There were people in the building, but I Nobody looked liked they'd just killed somebody.
No security cameras in the building - or any of the nearby businesses.
- Didn't need 'em.
Didn't need 'em.
Couple years ago, this was a decent crappy neighborhood.
Things like this didn't happen here.
- Yeah.
- Uh, you guys are welcome to wear these.
Try to keep the site uncontaminated.
- Oh.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- High-tech.
I feel like I'm with NASA.
- Yeah, right? - Yeah.
I'm good.
- Shower caps for your feet.
Pull it.
- Wow, it's kind of slippery.
- Got it.
- Here, let me get you a bigger one.
Check these out.
I feel like break-dancing.
Kind of unsafe.
It's sliding around like - like the ice.
Never mind.
- Thank you.
We got two males, younger one likely in his early 20s, shot while scrambling away from the front door.
This one, approximately 35.
Shot at while he was still on the couch.
Hit twice, moving towards this door.
A lot of bullets, a lot of blood.
A lot of confusion.
Really messy.
Means it was emotional.
It also means that it was probably the killer's first time.
That's certainly a possibility.
What, you got a better theory? No.
I have no theory at all.
- Yeah.
- I just don't like to speculate when my forensic people can come in and give a more definitive answer.
Funkhauser, you mind grabbing my - camera out of that bag, please? - Well, this guy's still warm.
I'm assuming he's been dead for about - two to three hours.
- It would probably be best if you didn't touch anything.
Milt? Milt, I-is this you with Obama? What? Oh.
That's no biggie.
It was just one of those photo ops.
You're playing golf with the man.
Dead man's wallet means dead man's name.
All right, well, no worries.
FBI lab gets to work on the DNA, facial recognition software, 24 hours, we should have both names.
This is not the help that we need.
We don't need to be bailed out.
We don't need somebody else doing our jobs for us, especially somebody who apparently isn't any good at doing his own job.
Battle Creek, it's not exactly a posting that FBI agents fantasize about.
Russ, you're frustrated, okay? It's been a long day in a long week.
And I don't think I helped by They can identify those bodies in 24 hours? We can do it in one.
You and me.
The old-fashioned way.
Without photons and laser beams.
It's just common sense, Font, right? It's just it's just talking to people, man.
You know this town.
You know that nothing goes on down at that end of the hall that the other end of the hall doesn't know about.
You want to take those off, please? Yeah.
So what time exactly did you hear the shots? We didn't hear any shots.
The TV was on.
You didn't hear anything? The TV was on.
The-the TV was on.
Are you sure you don't want some coffee cake? Yeah.
This is Detective Fontanelle White.
You can evade his questions all you want.
I'll catch up with you later.
Coffee cake? Wow.
Hey, Russell.
How's it going? I spoke to every tenant on the floor.
They had absolutely nothing to tell me.
Aw, that's a shame.
Which told me quite a bit, I figure.
The people in this neighborhood, they've never been fans of the cops, and the fact that they were nice while telling me nothing tells me that it's not about us It's about the crime.
These people, they're scared, yes, but I think that they're really relieved that these guys are dead.
I think that these guys were cooking meth or PCP What's 2C-P? It's-it's new.
The gas chromatograph connected to this mass spectrometer detected several picograms of phenethylamine.
Did you find anything else? Yeah, well, uh, I think the empty wallet was left to make us think that it was a simple robbery as opposed to a territorial dispute.
We can get the vic's names by running it through the DEA database - and - Gavin Smart and Danté Peron.
How? The gentlemen in 605 told me over coffee cake.
So then you don't you don't need me here? Well, uh, you're welcome to stick around if you'd like.
Or you could head back to the office.
I'm gonna go back to the office.
These are the best éclairs ever.
Uh, you know, Funkhauser, Russ actually brought us the exact same ones the other day.
These are these are different.
The FBI have provided us with their completed report.
Interesting stuff, quite the read.
- Very nice of them to pass it on.
- "Nice"? I mean, seeing as they're supposed to be here to help us, don't they sort of - have to loop us in? - Well, even if they did, I would still say it was nice, but, in this case, technically, no, they don't since they are leading the investigation.
It's not their jurisdiction.
But he did answer the phone.
It's our town, it's our people, it's our job.
Be that as it may, Milt has assignments for each of you, and he has asked to have someone team up with him.
Seriously? Is it because of the booties? Is this because of the éclairs? 'Cause I brought the same damn éclairs.
- What? - Calm down.
He requested you.
What? You.
Why me? They told me you were good.
No, they didn't.
They told you I was a pain in the ass.
So why me? I trust my gut.
Your gut? That's right.
Okay, so there was no, um there was no actual thought process? No actual analysis? Hmm.
I had my office compile a list of everyone with a local address who's ever been charged with dealing or possession or has been hospitalized - with drug-related issues.
- Oh, my.
- Yeah, it's extensive.
- Well, there's one name on this list that you need to talk to.
That's the two victim's main distributor.
He's the guy who knows their business.
Which name is that? I have no idea.
But I'm sure there are some people who know who he is.
But the problem is, is everybody on this list is gonna tell you exactly nothing.
I don't know.
In my experience, when you trust people, they-they trust you.
Have you actually met people? So, Detective Agnew, what do you suggest? I don't believe in trusting people.
I believe in paying people.
I'm not a snitch.
Your name is Teddy the Snitch.
- My name is not Teddy the Snitch.
- Yeah, but we call you that.
And we call you that for a good reason.
Because your name is Teddy and we pay you to snitch.
You brought us all the way out here.
Which one is he? Teddy, if you're not comfortable, it's okay.
Seriously? The short Hispanic.
They're all Hispanic.
No, they're not.
That's racist.
How is that racist? They are.
I'm pretty sure the one on the right is Persian.
- No, he's not - No, he's not Whatever.
It's Omar, the short dude in the Armani shirt.
Armani shirt right there.
What? I think you get lucky.
Not because you trust people, but because you're just really good-looking, man.
Oh, thank you.
But then, as people get to know you, I think you get very unlucky.
Which is how you ended up here in Battle Creek, and not Washington or New York or even Detroit.
- I go where I can help.
- Oh, yeah? Omar, excuse me.
We have a couple questions for you.
Of course, Officers.
I'm always eager to please and assist in any way Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! Go, man! Go! - Run, Omar! - Hey! Please.
We just want to ask you some questions.
Stop! He trusts you.
Good work.
I'm just, uh, questioning these guys.
How do you run in those shoes? Oh, I have an excellent cobbler.
What? Shoemaker.
He's an excellent shoemaker.
All right, up.
- I got it, boys.
- I know what a cobbler is.
He's unbelievable.
We know you work for Danté Peron.
Never heard of him.
Maybe I'll, you know, friend him on Facebook, and we can hang out, and He's dead, homeboy.
How? He had a negative reaction to a bullet going through his head.
Oh, God.
When was the last talk you spoke to him or Gavin Smart? Gavin? Yup.
Oh, God.
You have to be strong.
Hey, Milton, give it a rest, okay? Kid's a drug dealer.
I do something illegal, I deserve to die? When you prick him, does he not bleed? Did not just say that.
What's wrong with you? Hey, Omar, you can cry tomorrow, okay? But right now we need the names of Danté's suppliers and anyone else who might have sold drugs to you, especially anybody who was infringing on his territory.
Go to hell.
Go to hell? Mijo, you got caught with six rocks in your pocket.
What makes you think I'm not gonna make your life miserable, huh? No, we're not gonna make your miserable.
- Oh, yeah, we're gonna make it miserable.
- No.
We're not gonna make your life miserable.
Yeah, I am gonna make it miserable.
We're not gonna make your life miserable, Omar.
We know you have a cell phone.
And thanks to the NSA data collection, we will be able to get the names of every person you've ever called or has called you, and I'm guessing that one of those names is probably the person that we're looking for.
And I'm also guessing that many of those people, whom we're gonna have to talk to at length, had absolutely nothing to do with this crime, and probably don't even know that you're involved with the drug trade.
People like your sister, your mother, your your grandmama.
Travis Taylor.
That was brilliant.
NSA? I mean, insane, but you completely sold it.
I don't believe in bluffing.
You actually have access to the NSA database? Hmm.
I'm gonna get a warrant to search Travis Taylor's home.
I don't think so.
The fact that a corner dealer says this guy's name isn't exactly evidence.
Call Judge Bloomenthal.
Who is it? Hey, Lily.
Is your daddy home? Daddy, Detective Milt's on the phone.
- Daddy? - She's adorable.
Here we go.
Go, go.
I think I know what happened to you.
You were brought up with two parents, a dog that never died.
Right? A goldfish that never died.
Your-your dad never lost a job.
Like, nothing bad ever happened to you.
You can't be a cop and be this naive.
It's just not possible.
I agree.
Jim Please come in.
That's a $5,000 solid maple door, and it's open.
Go ahead.
All right, go ahead.
I hated Danté.
He lacked business acumen.
The kid couldn't have been all that sharp, either, or else he wouldn't be working with him.
But I suppose I should add that I didn't kill them.
You sure you don't want a slice of cake? He's lying.
Or he's telling the truth.
We found nothing.
Which is consistent with just two things: innocence and guilt.
Look, you kill someone, the first thing you do is you start scrubbing everything in your life.
Well, I've got additional warrants for his office and Yeah, you're not gonna find anything there, either.
Yeah, well, then, we'll keep looking until we find something.
We don't find anything.
We don't get handed anything.
Anything we get, we make from nothing.
We're gonna do it the Battle Creek way.
We bluff.
This is legal? Look, we can't lie in court, and we can't lie to judges, but we can lie to lawyers, and we lie all the time to drug dealers and murderers.
Third guy from the left It's all you got to say.
So, you-you want me to ID him, and say that I-I saw him running out? We need him to believe that we have evidence against him, which means that we need his lawyer to believe that we have evidence against him.
And then the DA offers a plea, and he takes it, and he goes to jail, not because you lied, but because he's guilty.
Is the DA okay with this? Well, we can't lie to the DA, either, so we haven't told her.
But it doesn't matter, because this is not evidence, and it's never going to go to trial.
I-I'm sorry.
I can't I can't do this.
Ricky? We need your help.
Third guy from the left.
You're absolutely sure? Third guy from the left.
Shall we talk? This is why I wanted to work with you.
Couple of drug dealers Who cares if they're dead? Who cares who killed them? Streets are better off without 'em, right? - Mm.
- Indifference.
But indifference leads to more indifference.
Anger leads to more anger.
And killing leads to more killing.
You know that.
And you are willing to risk your career in order to help save your community.
- Risk my career? - Mm-hmm.
That's a little dramatic, isn't it? No.
No, there's no guarantee that this is gonna work.
Perlmutter's good.
She'll get them to take a plea.
So, you've worked with Perlmutter before? Yeah.
So, I'm guessing you've crossed her before? Oh, yeah, probably at some point.
I don't remember, to be honest with you.
So, what happens when she comes down those stairs, and for some whatever reason, they didn't take the deal? I mean, Perlmutter's gonna want to press charges anyway.
She's got a great case, great witness.
Except she doesn't.
I mean, what's she gonna do when you tell her that? I mean, I know that you've thought about this.
You analyze everything.
And you did it anyway.
No deal.
His client insists he's innocent.
Damn it! Russell? - Russ? - What?! So, I just spoke to Perlmutter and your commander.
You did what? What? Why would you do that? Uh, they're-they're they're angry.
But you still have your job.
I just explained that the whole thing was my idea.
You lied? No, I supported the idea.
I just, you know We're-we're both responsible for this.
So you lied for me? And what? Now now I owe you.
- No.
- Is that, is that what this is about, Milt, huh? But I'd like to think that if the situation were reversed, you would do the same thing for me.
Oh, I knew it! I knew it! I owe you, don't I? Ow! Ow! God! Ricky, you stay down.
Well, doctor says you were lucky.
Bullet passed right through, no arteries hit, - so you're gonna be okay.
- That's good.
Agent Chamberlain has your witness in a safe house.
And he's got people trying to track down the vehicle, but there were no plates.
And he sent flowers.
Does it hurt? No.
I'm fine.
I'm just, uh I'm starting to see things clearly now.
You know, how I am just a small-town cop.
And there are winners in the world.
And then, well, there's the rest of us.
Milt It's not just his car or the "mass chemography picogram" things and the judges on speed dial.
It's everything this guy does.
It's naive and it's simplistic and it works.
So I must be wrong, right? Maybe I should be trying to learn from him.
If this guy is just plain better than me, then why do I hate him so much? And why am I so desperate to prove that I'm better than him? Because you are.
Solve this case.
You'll feel better.
It's super cool.
What? Russell! Hey, buddy.
Come on in.
I don't think it was Travis Taylor.
The obvious theory is Travis trying to shut up a witness.
Okay? But the obvious theory doesn't make any sense because Travis couldn't have known about the witness until his lawyer told him so.
- This is your safe house? - Oh, no.
I'm just crashing here until I find a place.
What, are you kidding me? How big is this television? Uh, it's big.
All right, go ahead.
- What were you what were you - Okay.
By the time of the shooting, the D.
knew that the lineup was bogus, right? So he would've called Taylor's lawyer, and Taylor's lawyer would've called Taylor.
So why shoot anyone? He can still hate me for trying to put his ass in jail.
Not that much.
Not enough to take such a public risk.
- Uh-uh.
- Okay, so you have no idea who shot at me or why.
No leads? Nothing? Which means I-I'm never going home because you're never going to solve this.
We are gonna make this right.
We're gonna do everything we can to find this killer.
What if you don't? What if you don't find anything? All actions have ramifications, which means all actions leave evidence.
And we will find that evidence, for no other reason than it exists.
And we will not stop looking until we find it.
That's just not even close to being true.
We're gonna do our best to help solve your case, keep you safe.
We screwed you, and we know that.
And for that we're sorry.
But crimes go unsolved every day.
Evidence is ambiguous, evidence deteriorates, evidence, - it-it disappears.
- Chamberlain.
Ah, great.
Thank you.
They found the gun.
Did the homeless individual ever - touch the weapon? - I don't think so.
- At least, he says he didn't.
- All right.
I want everything in here catalogued by position in three dimensions, and I want analysis on everything.
You know what, my team will take care of it.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Hey, look at this.
Possible flesh behind the hammer.
Gonna need DNA analysis on that.
- Wait, no, hold on a second.
- What? No, no, no, no, no.
I'd rather you not touch - the evidence.
- No, it's okay, it's okay, - without gl - it's okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you Oh, come on.
What are you It's not flesh.
It's anchovy.
Where's Ricky? Lock the place down.
Ricky's fine.
No one even tried to get in.
I'm not worried about anybody trying to getting in, okay? Ricky's the shooter.
He hid his gun in the pizza box.
Pizza box.
Ricky? Ricky? Aw, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
We didn't lead Travis to him.
We led him to Travis.
Third guy from the left? - Font.
- I think it's the kid.
It's the kid.
Travis must have known that Ricky did the shooting, figured he was a rival drug dealer, uh, or somehow connected to a bigger supplier trying to muscle in on his territory.
He was trying - to send a message.
- No.
What? What do you mean? What-what else do you know? Remember that story about the girl who OD'd? I called her family.
I figured maybe they'd know something and maybe they'd talk.
I'm looking at a picture of the girl with her half-brother, Ricky.
It's personal.
She'd been clean for three months, and two weeks later she was dead.
I've got a family.
I've got kids.
I didn't kill your sister.
You just provided her No, I sold drugs to a guy who sold drugs to a guy who sold drugs to her.
Do you have any idea what it gets mixed with, cut with, stepped on? You got a lot of people to kill, kid.
So you're not a bad guy.
You just sell drugs to bad guys.
And you? We're all bad guys, kid.
And we're all good guys, too.
Put it down, Ricky! Put it down! You know what, don't.
Seriously? He has a gun, - a pointed gun.
- He's not a killer.
Well, you know, he has killed.
So technically Doesn't make him a killer.
It sort of does.
Our actions don't define us.
What? What the hell else would define us? - Hmm? - Our soul.
I don't even know what that means.
Ricky, I know you're scared.
That's why you didn't pull the trigger long before we got here.
Because you don't want to.
And you didn't want to.
No, the other day, things got messy.
They got out of control.
And you killed.
And it was his fault.
What? - Uh, Milt - And it was your sister's fault.
And it was your fault.
And you had to do something.
And you made a terrible, terrible mistake.
I don't have any choice now.
- It doesn't matter.
- Yes, it does.
I've killed.
I'm gonna go to jail.
Now the only question left is whether this bastard lives or dies.
Of course it matters.
We cannot be defined by our mistakes.
We cannot let one thing, no matter how horrible, overpower everything else that we do in our life.
And the only way to do that is to make sure that everything else overpowers that mistake.
We have that chance.
As long as we're alive, we have that chance.
So it's your choice, Ricky.
Are you a killer? Does this ever work for you? Yes.
People want to do the right thing.
Let me tell you what works for me.
Ricky, you don't need to go to jail.
You can just die.
You shoot this bastard, I'm gonna shoot you.
You know, that stuff you said in there about second chances, that seemed awful personal.
It's Battle Creek.
It was a bluff.
- He gave up because of the threat.
- Uh-huh.
Okay, yeah.
No, he gave up because it was - the right thing to do.
- Yeah.
- You don't believe your own B.
- Yeah, nor do you.
- You're a good person, Detective Agnew.
- And you, Agent Chamberlain, you're the Devil.
I want to applaud what I consider to be the backbone of this investigation.
This is an organization of men and women, heroes all, the Battle Creek Police Department, led by Commander Guziewicz.
The very best of local law enforcement, who I've been partnered with on this investigation, Detective Russell Agnew.
This is one hell of a cop right here.