Battle Creek (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Man's Best Friend

I'm a senior detective with the Battle Creek Police.
We are forced to make do substandard and out-of-date equipment.
Great news.
We're getting help.
Our loss Battle Creek's gain.
Good riddance, you miserable sack Big smile, big laugh, you love it here.
Big smile, big laugh I love it here! Detective Russ Agnew.
Milt Chamberlain.
He has asked to have someone team up with him.
Why me? I think you get lucky.
Not because you trust people, but because you're just really good-looking, man.
Thank you.
In my experience, when you trust people, they-they trust you.
Have you actually met people? You can't be a cop and be this naive.
It's not possible.
I agree.
Detective Agnew.
Detective? What? Come on, we're up.
- What? - We're up.
Come on.
All right, if you see a gun, you stop and You don't touch it and You leave the area and Anyone? Yeah, you.
Thank God.
What's up with your dog? What? She got rabies or something? You know, she's just a little nervous.
Uh, she's usually really well-behaved.
She's never well-behaved.
That's why I told you not to bring her.
Sorry, I thought kids loved dogs.
No, kids love puppies because they're small and they smell nice, and all they want to do is lick your face.
Dogs are big and old and smell like moldy carpet, and all they want to do is crap, shed, slobber and sleep, or whatever they do.
Yeah, puppies aren't the only things kids love.
Oh, man.
See, that's not right.
Everything the FBI has is shiny and brand-new.
Department has unmarked cruisers you can use.
Yeah, that have been vomited in, like, 100 times.
Oh, come on, Cookie, up.
It's not "up.
" It's "in.
" No, canine guy said the command was "up.
" Just grab her and throw her in the car, would you, please? I don't think grabbing her is such a good idea.
Here, give me the leash.
Oh! Oh! Really? It touched your hand; that's on you.
Yeah, whatever.
Cookie! Help me! - Oh, my God.
- Cookie, no! Help! Get it off me! Please help! Cookie! Are you okay? Did she bite you? I don't think so.
It's a good thing she had that backpack on.
Is that what I think it is? Is it? That's not cocaine.
Thank God.
It's heroin.
I have fallen from the steepest mountain Don't worry.
It's not your fault.
You haven't done anything wrong.
We don't think that you're a drug dealer, but our field test showed that this package here is definitely heroin.
So we need to know who gave it to you.
Anything that you tell us will be confidential.
That means it we'll keep it a secret.
We can't tell your principal, not even your parents.
Can you tell us who gave you the drugs? You want something to drink? A water or a soda? Uh juice? All right.
We need to wait for her parents.
We're not waterboarding her.
We're just helping her help us.
Yeah, it's only helpful if it's admissible.
You can't question a minor without the consent of a parent.
Yeah, we can, if we don't arrest her.
Actually, any custodial interrogation requires you to wait for the parent to be there.
Hey, she's not in custody.
You think she feels free to go? The heroin's her parents'.
Look, they're using her to deliver product.
Why? Because they know that a fourth-grader caught with a kilo gets a year in juvie, instead of them doing ten in the state pen.
So, yeah, I would say that waiting around for her parents is definitely on the short list of things not to do.
Look, all I'm saying is we got to be careful about this.
The principal and the mom are here.
You got a lot of damn nerve.
Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do.
Trying to intimidate a ten-year-old girl so she don't get your ass fired? And then your damn dog goes off and attacks my daughter? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Our dog didn't attack your daughter, okay? He attacked her backpack because there was a kilo of heroin in it.
All right, wait, you never said anything.
- I thought this was - Oh, hell no.
Ma'am, please, all we're trying to do is find out who gave it to her.
Now that you're here, hopefully you can convince her to tell us.
Screw you.
My daughter and I know our rights.
The only way we're gonna get the parents to come clean is to charge the girl.
You know, scare the parents.
They now have a lawyer.
And he is claiming that you planted the drugs so that you wouldn't be sued over the dog attack.
Their bluff trumps your bluff.
Which is why we need to You cannot search the house.
We found a kilo of heroin.
I don't think we'll have any trouble getting a warrant.
True, as long as Cookie obtained informed consent before she performed a search with no probable cause.
As soon as the lawyer gets Cookie's search tossed, then everything that you guys find in the house, that gets tossed as well.
It's fruit of the poisonous tree.
I'm not sure we should even be focusing on the parents.
Perhaps we should focus on the education system, society at large.
Neither parent has a record.
Look, when I told the mom that her daughter had heroin on her, she immediately went on the offense and accused us of planting it.
Which could just mean that she trusts her kid more than she trusts the police.
Look, I think she found the drugs on her way to school.
Dealers are known to operate in this neighborhood, and they'll just toss the drugs when they know the police are approaching.
No dealer is stupid enough to just toss a stash worth 100 grand.
You're convinced a heroin dealer would never be stupid? Font, take Funkhauser, Jacocks, and go and check out every route that the girl could've taken to school, and see if her path might have crossed with one of the dealers.
Jacocks is at an FBI training seminar.
Since when? I never approved any outside training.
It's actually just a day.
She left this morning.
Well, good for her.
It's you and Funk, then.
- On it.
- You know, you can't search the house, but there might be someone who can.
You must think we're damn fools.
Baby, I'll handle this.
This court order allows the Department of Human Services to check the home for evidence of child endangerment.
There are no illegal drugs in here.
Well, then you got nothing to worry about.
How about the fact - we already know you're a liar? - Sir, this woman is not a police office; she's a licensed social worker.
Her only interest is assuring that your daughter's being - properly cared for.
- You do realize that obstructing her is a criminal offense.
So the only thing you have left to decide is: Are you two gonna move or are we gonna move you? There's plenty of evidence that whatever these parents are doing, they should keep doing.
You've been here ten minutes.
And learned the girl's won her school science fair, art fair and perfect attendance awards.
Whoa, whoa, we're not investigating the kid here.
We're investigating the parents.
Detective Agnew is an honest officer.
And while he may have shaded the truth a bit, - while trying to - "Shade the truth"? That what you cops call it? He found a kilo of heroin in a ten-year-old's backpack.
He was just trying to do whatever he could to apprehend who's ever responsible.
Kick save and a beauty.
Look at that.
It's a dry box.
It's a watertight case designed to store scuba gear.
Sometimes drug dealers use them to keep powdered drugs dry.
Hey, which one do you think this one's for? It's locked.
So what? Heroin in a locked compartment does not constitute child endangerment, which is all this court order authorizes me to search for.
Heroin found anywhere in the house is dangerous.
I agree.
I also think guns anywhere in the house are dangerous, but as long as they're locked up I don't make the rules.
You can't open it, but what would your report say if I opened it and I found it full of heroin? Upon further examination, the box isn't locked at all.
Damn it.
Hey, what's up, Milt? - The girl's uncle, I know him.
- Hmm? You busted him before? No, no, no, no, no, I was at a barbecue at his house last weekend.
I'm actually surprised you weren't there.
What the hell are you talking about? Well, I'm sure you know him.
Joey Ferraro.
He's a Battle Creek cop.
He would definitely have access to heroin.
Joey? You think I'm dealing heroin? Well, I think a kilo's a bit much to keep on hand if you're just using.
I'm not dealing.
And even if I was, I sure as hell wouldn't use my niece.
What kind of a scumbag do you think I am? You know, before today I would've said that you're definitely not that kind of a scumbag.
'Cause I remember you, Joey.
I remember you being a fairly decent guy during that charity hockey tournament.
And I liked having you over to my house for the barbecue afterwards.
I mean, that was fun, right? At least I thought it was! He's a little upset you didn't invite him to your barbecue last weekend.
No, I'm not upset.
I'm confused.
You know? It makes me think I didn't really know you that well after all.
That maybe you are that kind of a scumbag.
Russ, look.
You got to believe me.
My sister and I, we don't always see eye to eye, but she's definitely not a dealer, and neither am I.
I love my niece more than anything.
There's no way in hell I'd do anything to hurt her.
It's not my heroin.
You got the wrong guy.
Everybody lies.
Yet our ability to spot a lie is surprisingly weak.
We believe liars tend to look up, fidget or scratch their ear.
None are true.
But liars do often exhibit micro-expressions, subtle facial tics that last only about 1/20 of a second.
They're extremely difficult to control, but nearly impossible for most interrogators to detect.
You can see in the forehead, the furrow in the brow.
It's by far the most common of these micro-expressions.
The corner of the eye, the subtle twitch, concern.
Go ahead, I don't know what I want.
Oh, I am so sorry.
I'm Erin Jacocks.
Ken Bromberg.
You're from Battle Creek? Yeah, I am.
How did, how did you know that I ? Oh, duh.
Not a great display of my powers of observation there.
You wouldn't happen to know Milt Chamberlain, would you? He used to work in our division.
Just opened a satellite office in Battle Creek.
Milt, yeah! Yeah, I don't really know him, but I've seen him around.
Kind of a pretty boy, right? You don't like him? No, he's fine.
He's just I probably shouldn't say anything 'cause, for all I know, you were his best friend, but Don't you think he's kind of a phony? I mean, with the fancy suits, and the hair, and the smile he's always got plastered on.
We all assumed he must've done something pretty bad to get demoted.
Sent off to work by himself.
We wrong? He may be a pretty boy, but he definitely wasn't demoted.
In fact, he's one of the best agents I've ever worked with.
I hated to see him go.
Okay, good to know.
Holly inventoried the evidence locker.
No heroin's missing.
Yeah, that's because only a corrupt and brain-dead cop would steal from a building full of cops when there's a whole world of dealers out there who can't call the police after you rip them off.
Actually, they can.
And they should.
You're right.
We should do a better job of communicating that.
We searched his apartment.
Which they did without a warrant.
Because he consented without even consulting his union rep.
- Said he had nothing to hide.
- And he was right.
No drugs, no cash at his house, no cash deposits at the bank, and no sign of anything he could've bought with a lot of cash.
He did have a TV in his bathroom.
Yeah, but that was nothing big or expensive.
No, but I always wanted a TV in the tub.
Shaylene won't even let me have one in the bedroom.
She said something about how it interferes with intimacy.
You want to know what really interferes with intimacy? Always talking about what interferes with intimacy.
Don't tell her I said that.
How's she feel about porn? You know, the thing about intimacy is Stop! I'm sure you've got some brilliant advice on the value of trust and communication and rainbows in a relationship.
But I'm sure he'd much rather get back out on the street and find a dealer that was ripped off by Joey Ferraro! - Yes.
- Yeah.
The evidence is pointing against your theory, Russ.
Yeah, that's why we need more evidence, Milt.
Those two were at the barbecue, weren't they? Yeah.
What if the heroin didn't come from around here? The last case I worked in Detroit involved a Dominican gang selling heroin from Central America.
You really think that a Dominican drug gang is gonna try to expand its territory by recruiting fourth-grade honor students as dealers? No, I think that a Dominican drug gang may have moved into Battle Creek and lost a kilo, which was then found.
We investigated your theory.
Now it's my turn.
If she'd found it, she would've told her lawyer.
And he wouldn't be telling her to keep her mouth shut.
I believe that if you trust someone, they trust you in return.
On the other hand, you lied to these people.
And I'm guessing that at some point in your career, you probably lied to the lawyer, too.
Russ, no one's talking to you because no one trusts you.
That's a ridiculous idea, all right? Even big-city dealers wouldn't just toss a kilo of heroin into the bushes.
Got something you're gonna want to see.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Jacocks.
Hey, Milt, you know, I'll I'll catch up with you in a second.
I'll be right there.
I thought Font said to hurry.
No, it-it's okay.
I'll-I'll be right there.
It's all right.
All right, well, I'll meet you out front.
Okay, sounds good.
So? What do you got? His old boss said that he was one of the best agents he ever worked with and he hated to see him go.
But he was lying.
- I think.
- I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about that transfer.
But more importantly who cares? There's nothing you can do about it.
And you're gonna have to work together, so there's no point in stirring up trouble.
If you really believe that, then why'd you go to the seminar? Because it's the FBI.
They have a freaking laser beam that measures the temperature of your eyeball to tell if you're lying.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
- Russ? - What? Are you sure this isn't just about trying to bring him down a notch in Holly's eyes? This has nothing to do with Holly.
This is about whether or not I trust the man.
Good to know.
Yo, Font, what we got? You're about to find out.
Car 35, move in.
Funkhauser, stand by.
They work the corner on the next block.
If the patrol rolls through, they sprint down here, toss whatever it is they're holding up on that roof.
Even if the patrol's got a dog, they're not gonna find the drugs.
They wait until the coast is clear, come back to retrieve what they left.
Here they come! Go, go! Freeze.
Keep your hands above your head.
Wait a second.
Did you already talk to them? Did they tell you they got ripped off by Ferraro? - No.
- Then why am I here? Because this alley is directly between our fourth-grader's house and her school.
You speak Spanish? A little.
My French and Italian are better, but when I was in grade school, I could reach three countries on my bike from my house.
Yet none of those countries speak Spanish.
The Spanish I learned in Tehran.
They speak Spanish in Iran? Spanish teachers do.
I went to high school there.
These guys are definitely Cuban.
I can tell by their accent.
Kiss my ass, man.
We're not Cuban.
Definitely Cuban.
We're not Cuban.
We're Dominican.
Okay? We crap on Cuba.
See? Dominican.
It's heroin and a lot of it.
All right, come with me.
Hold right there.
Don't move.
Oh, good morning, Russell.
Sorry about the early wake-up call and drive, but Al doesn't like to snitch over the phone.
You gonna tell me there's no diners or any other place in Detroit we can meet him without having to change our clothes? Well, yeah, but, you know, I figured we got a busy day ahead of us might as well kill two birds.
Oh, and Al is not a "he.
" Her name's Alexandra, but she hates being called that.
She also hates secret rendezvous at 7:00 a.
Especially the morning after a game.
The game finished at 10:00.
Which is when the real party begins.
Detroit Pistons cheerleader.
Your snitch is an NBA cheerleader? You got a problem with that? No, I don't got a problem with that.
The problem I got is that my snitch is a fat, annoying, hairy moron.
Come here for a second.
You remember that Dominican gang that I busted last year? Do you know if they moved into Battle Creek? No.
Last I heard, they had their hands full trying to get back on their feet in Detroit.
What makes you think? Well, we-we busted a couple of dealers last night.
They refused to talk, but they're definitely Dominican.
And we found a-a fourth-grader earlier in the day with heroin in her backpack.
She may have picked up a package that the dealer's trying to hide from the police.
He thinks of that.
And because of the size of the package is a 4 kilo, we think there may have been a main supplier.
Again, he thinks of that.
And what did your fourth-grader say? She's not talking.
It appears the parents may have some trust issues.
Smart parents.
And kid.
The last mule who lost one of the Dominicans' packages got thrown off a 20-story building.
She was 16.
Yeah, I really don't think she's a mule.
Either way, if the kilo she found belonged to them, she's got problems.
Which means we got problems.
No, this could be the best news that we've heard.
I mean, think about it The parents, they're not scared of us, but I'll bet they'll be scared of a Dominican gang.
Welcome back.
How was training? Uh, it was great.
I learned a ton.
Thanks for letting me go.
I know that Russ forged my signature on the authorization so that you could check up on Milt.
He did what? Really, no, I had no idea, Commander.
He told me that you specifically picked me - for training.
- Mm-hmm.
And apparently is willing to take the blame if I find out.
That's mighty big of him.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I just really wanted to go to the training.
So what did you learn? Oh, well, the FBI has this technique where they can shine a laser No, no, I meant about Milt.
Well, uh, his boss said that he wasn't demoted and that he hated to see him go, but he was lying.
Well, obviously.
Well, if a boss doesn't want to see you go, you don't go.
Maybe he had an affair with his boss's wife.
That's both specific and a bit out of left field.
The way Milt looks, I mean, I think it's a pretty good bet he was a "distraction" to at least one coworker's wife.
Now, if it was a wife other than his boss's, I mean, knowing how guys are, he'd probably be all too happy to spread the gossip.
But the fact that he isn't spreading gossip, but he is pretending that there isn't any gossip to spread Hmm - Hmm.
- Hmm.
But now I'm spreading gossip, and I really shouldn't do that.
- No.
- Yeah.
I'm not gonna do that.
Your daughter's life is in grave danger.
It's just another lie to get her to talk.
And what's the harm in that? If none of you have done anything wrong, like you keep on insisting And our lawyer already told us, no matter what you said We're not even supposed to be talking to you without him here.
Which means that whatever she says, her lawyer will have thrown out as evidence.
Don't you see? We're trying to protect her.
Not punish her.
He's telling the truth.
So now he's "telling" it? Not "shading" it? The FBI's motto is "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.
" I can't guarantee that every agent's always gonna live up to that motto, but I can guarantee you this I don't lie.
You know why? Because we always end up in a situation just like this.
The men we're looking for threw a 16-year-old girl off a 20-story building for making the same mistake your daughter made.
I just want to protect her from them.
And I'm gonna need her help to do that.
It's okay, baby.
They want to help us.
It's really important you tell them where you got that package.
I can't.
We're not here to punish you.
We just want to protect you.
Tell them.
I can't, Daddy.
Yes, you can.
I know the attorney told you not to talk to anyone, but we're telling you something different now.
These officers need your help.
Your mommy and I want you to help them.
Katori, come on.
Who gave those drugs to you? Who are you protecting right now? You have to tell them.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Then I won't.
Uh, doesn't make sense.
You know, the parents were on board, we're on board, we even offered to protect her So why the hell won't she talk to us? Well, it makes perfect sense.
We scared her too much.
We just told a little girl that the people we're asking her to help us identify are murderers.
If only she wasn't a little girl, we could show her that she should be just as scared of us.
So, what do you suggest, Russ? We beat it out of her? What? No, not beat it out of her, but just go at her harder.
You know, make her think that we could They're not all little girls.
I exercise my right to remain silent.
Hey, we're not here to, uh, interrogate you.
We're actually here to let you go.
We're even gonna drive you home.
No, that's okay.
I can call someone.
Don't be silly.
It's no problem.
Wait till you see his ride.
It's dope.
Technically, it's not mine.
It's actually an "official" FBI vehicle.
- It's pretty dope, though.
- Yeah, super-duper dope.
- Yeah.
- No, thanks.
We insist.
Sure, people might see us, right? And they might wonder why you're being chauffeured around by a couple of cops while your homeboys are still in jail.
But don't worry, we're gonna make sure that everybody absolutely knows that you refused to cooperate.
Would not give up your supplier.
You know, we may, you know, have big smiles on our faces as we wish you well and say good-bye.
You know, like, we really appreciated everything you did for us.
That's just because we're friendly.
Yeah, well, we both grew up in small towns, and, you know, that's just the way we were raised, right? You want to get me killed? No, no, we don't want to get anyone killed.
But, I mean, there's just only so much that we can do by ourselves.
Who is it? Hi.
Sorry to bother you, but we're your new neighbors from downstairs, and, well we just wanted to introduce ourselves.
Uh, I was just about to go to bed.
Can you come back tomorrow? Sorry, we know it's getting late, but we brought brownies.
Hello? Be right there.
What? Freeze.
You're under arrest.
That's what I said.
It was close.
All right, here's to one more drug dealer off the street, huh? Yeah.
All right.
And to seizing four kilos of heroin.
Hear, hear.
Thank you for the brownies, Font.
Hey, um, Ferraro.
Hey, man, um I'm sorry for suspecting you.
Don't be.
You saved my niece.
I owe you big-time.
And sorry about the barbecue.
It was a last-minute thing.
I-I just didn't see you that day.
It's all right.
Don't worry about it.
I ran into Ken Bromberg at a training seminar.
He said he really missed working with you.
Oh, really? That was nice of him to say.
I love Kenny.
How's he doing? He seems okay.
You had an affair with his wife, didn't you? That's why you got transferred here, isn't it? Who told you that? Does it matter? No.
I just want you to know that I feel horrible about what I did.
It was completely inexcusable.
That's all right.
- It takes two.
- No, no.
This was not Lori's fault at all.
Kenny was a mentor of mine, and I completely betrayed his trust.
I just want to start over fresh here.
With a clean slate.
Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.
Thank you.
Party's over, people.
Could you turn that off, please? What's going on? We just got started.
And the lab just finished.
The heroin that you seized from the Dominican's loft was pure, uncut and a completely different type than in the fourth-grader's backpack.
You caught a bad guy, just not the right bad guy.
I don't know where you got that heroin or what the hell you planned on doing with it.
I do know one thing You're protecting someone.
This is what the person you're protecting is doing.
He's killing people.
Innocent people.
People who are sick.
People who need help.
This is your fault.
Hey, hey, hey, you can make your point - without being so harsh.
- Would you back off?! Back off! She needs to see this.
We have done everything we can Everything To try and help you, to try and protect you, but you're giving us nothing.
I can't.
That's a load of crap, and you know it.
You said it before yourself to your father.
You said that you can but that you won't.
I can't help you anymore.
You were found with a kilo of heroin.
And you're gonna pay for it.
You have the right to remain silent.
Then again, you already knew that, didn't you? What the heck is happening around here? It used to be nice, quiet.
A place people moved to raise their kids.
Now we're playing Whac-A-Mole with heroin dealers.
Oh, my God, I figured it out.
Shaylene's pregnant.
That's why you're rushing to get married.
Shaylene's not pregnant.
And what is there to figure out? Why wouldn't I want to marry Shaylene? She's great.
Of course she is.
She's awesome.
Funkhauser's right.
He is.
He should definitely marry her.
No, about the heroin dealers.
Yeah, okay, it's like they don't even change the corners they sell on, right? It's the same corner, it's the same crime.
It's just different names and What? What? I don't watch porn because I don't want to.
Hey there.
How are you? Got you round my finger like a lonely lover's charm It's Mitch Pendergast's.
- Hmm? - The, uh, the heroin from the girl's backpack.
No, it's not.
No, Mitch Pendergast is in Baraga.
He started a ten-year sentence six months ago.
Yeah, I didn't say he gave it to her.
I said it's his heroin.
Okay, one of the bags that I had tested and logged into evidence eight months ago is now baking soda.
When we inventoried the drugs in the evidence locker, all the bags were sealed, so, you know, we didn't bother to make sure they were still heroin.
We just made sure that none were missing.
So he was going to send his niece to trial or maybe even juvie hall just to save himself? You were right.
This guy really is a scumbag.
Yeah, I'm gonna go pick up this piece of No, you're not.
It's can't be anybody else.
It's Ferraro.
I know.
But if he's smart enough to pull this off, he's also smart enough not to leave prints.
Or to confess.
Especially now he knows that his niece isn't going to rat on him.
You are pathetic.
We know you took the heroin - out of the evidence vault.
- Wait.
What? - Commander, I already told - Shut up.
We know you took it, but we can't prove it.
Based on all the TVs in your house and the fact that every sports package available shows up on your cable bill, you like to gamble and you're not very good at it.
- Commander, I really don't know what - Shut up.
You got yourself into a hole.
You tried to dig yourself out, and you ended up falling in even deeper.
And I know, because I've been there.
It's an addiction.
It's a sickness.
And the only way to stop it happening is if you get help, which is what you are going to do.
We've released your niece, and you're still on the force.
But I am gonna be watching you like a hawk.
And you owe me.
It's not true.
I don't have a gambling problem, and I didn't steal anything from the evidence vault.
But if it was true, and you are giving me a second chance I'd be incredibly grateful, and I would get the help I need to make sure you never regretted that decision.
He had an affair.
With his boss's wife.
That's why he got transferred here.
You're welcome.
Who told you that? Milt.
He admitted it when I confronted him.
He said he was ashamed of what he did and he was hoping to start over with a clean slate.
And I think you should let him.
It's done.
Are you sure? Absolutely.
Katori! It's over.
They figured out that you got the heroin from me, but they're gonna give me a second chance.
But you need to stop.
No more gambling.
I know.
I will.
Look, thank you.
And I am so sorry.
I-I just didn't know what else to do It's okay.
How did you? I heard you talking on the phone.
When you were making dinner, I snuck into your room.
Took it from your dresser.
I was gonna go down to the river after school, throw it in.
What are you gonna do about the money you owe? I'll sell my condo.
And my car.
Work on an installment plan.
Look, don't worry no more quick fixes.
I promise.
I've learned my lesson.
The police told my parents.
My mom and dad, they I know.
I guess we won't be seeing much of each other for a while.
I'm gonna miss you.
You are one brave little girl, you know that? I just didn't want you to get in trouble.
I love you, Uncle Joey.
I love you, too.
Should we move in? Wait till she's out of sight.
She did everything she could to protect him, and I don't want her knowing that it was her fault that the lying little scumbag got busted.
Can I help you? Why is Milt Chamberlain in Battle Creek? The truth.
No more crap about how much you loved the guy.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, pal, it's only a matter of time before the whole department's told that Milt was banished from Detroit because he was having an affair with your wife.
Is the truth worse for you than that? Actually, yes.
Would you stop stonewalling? You've already won.
He's not your problem anymore.
I'm the one stuck with him.
Which means my life depends on my ability to trust him, and right now, I don't.
We were serving a fugitive warrant.
The guy got tipped off; barricaded himself.
Milt and I found an unlocked back entrance.
I went through first, down low, but the guy was waiting.
Milt came in next; saw the guy.
He couldn't get his gun around fast enough, so he dove into the line of fire.
His vest took two shots that would've hit me in the head.
We both received commendations.
He's the only one who deserved one.
My wife came to the presentation.
I don't know what it was.
His bravery, or just everything else.
She never looked at me the same way again.
I ended up reading her diary a few weeks later.
She said she'd picture him when we had sex.
Our marriage ended six months later.
I tried to get him transferred for months, but nothing worked until it did.
But not because of anything I did.
The decision came from higher up.
Who initiated it? No idea.
But if you ever find out, you let me know, so I can buy them the most expensive bottle of scotch I can find.
You got a wife? Girlfriend? No.
When you get one, my advice: Don't ever bring her around Milt.
You are an amazing artist.
And a good kid.
My parents don't think so.
I'm pretty much grounded for life.
Not that it matters, 'cause none of my friends can hang out with me anymore.
Their parents think my family are all drug dealers.
Yeah, I figured that might happen.
Which is why I wanted to tell you you did the right thing.
You were just trying to protect someone you love.
Same thing your parents are doing right now.
That's never wrong.
Then why'd you arrest him? He's not my uncle.