Battle Creek (2015) s01e10 Episode Script


It's interesting.
Federal prisoner convicted by a federal judge of a federal crime escapes from a federal prison, and you, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you call a local cop me.
Well, I thought you might want to assist me on this.
You need me, and you know that you need me.
Well, we need each other, Russ.
That's an egotistical way of saying that you need me.
Federal authorities and local authorities bring unique skills and advantages.
Obviously, your knowledge of local roads and - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Neighborhoods will help.
My knowledge of the roads? Wait, are you saying that you brought me out here because you don't have Google Maps on your cell phone? Why is it so hard for you to admit that you need me? Warden Daniels! Yes? Special Agent Milton Chamberlain of the FBI.
Yes! I've seen you in the papers.
- Oh, my God.
- You're doing tremendous work.
Thank you.
I'm-I'm just here assisting the local authorities, but in this case, I asked Detective Agnew to assist me.
He needs me.
Glad to have your help, Detective Adams.
- That's Agnew.
- But, listen, I don't really know how much of your help I'm gonna need, because I've already set up the road blocks.
My C.
s have gone to the nearby homes to ensure that the occupants are safe and sound and not harboring the fugitive.
Is there anything you can tell us about the escapee, uh, Mr.
Ford? Sure.
He's an idiot.
That's why I don't think I'm gonna need your help.
He is just gonna do something stupid and get himself caught.
Escaping this way, digging his way out? That obviously took careful planning and stealth.
I'm not sure labeling him an idiot is all that helpful.
Well, explain this to me Mitchell Ford was imprisoned for bank robbery and murder 20 years ago.
He's scheduled to be released on Thursday.
Whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
What did you say? Thursday? As in five days from now Thursday? And he knew that? He's an idiot.
He could've been afraid of something inside.
Or he could've had an immediate score to settle outside.
Or he could be an idiot.
Or the money he stole was about to be taken by someone else.
Mm, yeah.
Or he could be an idiot.
Either Ford was met at the prison by an accomplice or he left on foot.
If he left on foot, he would've kept to the woods to avoid the road blocks, which he had to know were gonna be set up quickly.
Or we-we could just relax, okay? Because he's not avoiding the major roads.
Which means he's gonna get caught at any minute because he's an idiot.
What are you? What are you doing? So, Pocahontas, what are we doing? We tracking him now? This railing's been snapped.
And recently.
Looks fresh.
You know, I read somewhere that some animals aren't domesticated.
That they actually spend a little time hanging out in the woods.
You think a squirrel broke a four-inch wood railing? I think wood breaks.
I think nature has built-in obsolescence.
And this footprint? And the grass nearby is trampled down.
Someone's been through here and very recently.
Russ, I do need you.
Huh? Evidence kit.
Aw, man.
What's he talking about? - Oh! - Drive! Let's all just relax.
You know what I was in prison for, right? - Murder.
- Yeah, I just Relax! Drive.
I have fallen from the steepest mountain You obviously know that I'm a cop.
And this is an FBI vehicle.
They're tracking you right now.
And unless you broke out of prison five days before your release date for the sole purpose of annoying me, well, I'm afraid we're all out of time.
Actually, this vehicle is assigned to an FBI officer.
According to FBI policy, makes it a private vehicle.
Making it illegal to track it without a warrant.
So unless your partner's a corrupt cop that they're already following or a paranoid cop who installed his own tracking equipment I'm safe.
Till someone actually spots us.
He's not my partner.
Stop here.
- Who lives here? - I got no idea.
But I know they're not at home.
Light on at 11:00 means somebody's home, but a light on at 3:00 in the morning means someone wants burglars to think that somebody's home.
Pull in.
All right, no sign of my car.
No hits on license plate readers.
No helicopters have spotted it.
Safe to assume that he ditched it.
And Russ's phone is apparently off, but if he can manage to turn it on, even for a moment, we can track it that way.
We can track it that way even if he can't turn it on, but that's gonna take me a couple of hours.
So let's just hope that Ford hasn't ditched that as well.
Ford's gonna need money.
As soon as Russ's credit card or ATM card are used, - we will be electronically notified.
- Do you have a list of his relatives or any known associates? Okay, it's all in the files along with warrants for every one of their homes.
The money he stole was never found, and one of the suspects was never arrested.
We should start with him.
We should start with all of them.
You guys have whatever FBI manpower you need.
You're putting us in charge? No, I can't do that, but I want this investigation driven by the people to whom it matters the most that's us.
The people who care about Russ the most.
Why don't you just dump me? Because hostages are useful.
People don't shoot at you when you have hostages.
You can trade hostages.
And hostages can tell you their zip code.
You know, this gas is good for you, too.
I use this card, your friends get a notification, and they're a little closer to finding you.
Yeah, the second you put that in the machine, they'll know.
And if you lie to me, I'm stuck here waiting for them, with no other choice but to kill that family over there.
Steal their car.
Hi, there.
How you doing? Oh.
Can I ask you a question? You wouldn't have any idea how to get to Hillsdale? Uh, let's take a look at this.
- I got the map out.
- All right, okay.
Uh, here's Hillsdale.
Do you know where we are? Get on the freeway and get off over here.
I believe this should take you to Hillsdale.
Yeah, probably about an hour, hour and a half.
All right, thank you.
You got it.
Hey, hold off on those warrants.
We just got a hit on Russ's credit card at a gas station over on Riverside.
By the time we get there, they'll be long gone.
And he managed to turn on his phone.
He's headed south on Highway 66.
We got eyes in the sky.
All units, no one is to engage without my authorization.
I don't want Ford spooked.
Access at B Drive and D Drive have been closed.
All right, good.
Keep your distance till traffic thins.
I want teams ready with spike strips at F, All right, Unit 16.
Your preceding vehicle is a red pickup truck.
Deploy immediately after it passes.
Stand down! Yeah, I-I'm sorry about this.
Ford must've still slipped Russ's phone into this car.
So they could be anywhere? So, you are not an idiot.
But tell me why does "not an idiot" break out of prison five days before he is scheduled to be released? Here's what I'm thinking.
Nobody robs banks by themselves.
: Maybe the guy that you did this with maybe he's getting out right around the same Let me see your hands.
All right, put your hand around that pole.
Okay, okay.
Pull it! Maybe Maybe your partner was getting out a day or two before you.
And if the money is still out there, you can't be second to it.
That would just be a waste of the last 20 years of your life.
Makes sense.
Help! Help! You're too stupid to play with.
Uh, th-the saw.
Fetch the saw.
Really? Here's what we know.
Ford robbed a bank with you and another associate.
We know you netted almost half a million dollars, and we know Ford got arrested.
And you literally got away with murder.
Nobody got murdered.
Your wheelman got killed during your escape.
That makes it murder.
Makes it felony homicide.
A charge I never even faced, and I never even got arrested.
The FBI knows you were the third man at the robbery.
You committed other crimes with the Ford brothers.
You fit the size and description.
But you were smart enough to put on gloves and a mask.
And you were lucky enough to have Ford as your partner.
Man did an extra ten years he could have avoided just by rolling on you.
Okay, here's the offer.
You're gonna tell us everything Who Ford hated, who hated Ford, who he trusted, what he told you, the last time you spoke, what he told you every time you spoke.
And you might as well tell us now, because one, we are not gonna use any of it against you.
Today only, we don't give a crap about a bank robbery that happened 20 years ago.
And two, until our detective is found, there is gonna be a cop following you everywhere you go and another cop listening in.
We have the warrants, by the way.
If what you say is true, that the only reason I'm a free man today is because of Ford, do you really think I would rat him out to avoid a little inconvenience? No.
But you stopped me before I got to "three.
" I think you'd rat him out to save your life.
'Cause, you see, this is a really nice house.
And I think maybe Ford just found out where you're living.
And I think he's thinking what we're thinking: where the hell did this guy get the money to buy this house? Where did you get the money, Patton? Is Ford's share still intact? Hmm? Who did he trust? Who would he turn to? You got a pen? Hi.
Are you supposed to be guarding me? My-my name is Russell Agnew, and I'm a detective with the Battle Creek Police Department.
And if you bring me a phone, then I promise you I'll pretend like you had nothing to do with this.
Nuevo-uno-uno? My name is Veronica.
That's nice.
You seem like a very nice person, Veronica.
D-Do you think you could please call 9-1-1? Are you a friend of Mitchell's? No, I-I'm a victim of Mitchell's.
Well, he'll be home soon.
No, no, no, Veronica! Perfect.
So you're not in your office, and you're not going out? I'm waiting for a call.
I'm afraid I'm gonna need a longer explanation if you don't want me to think that you're a major-league ass.
Milt, just settle down.
This case is not gonna be solved any faster with you being angry and frustrated.
And it is gonna get solved faster by you sitting in a car? All right, years ago, before I was promoted, Russ and I used to ride together.
And we would talk about what we would ever do if we were kidnapped you know, it was more of a game.
Sounds like a fun game.
Russ used to say that if ever I was kidnapped, I would be released in under three hours because they couldn't stand the smell.
Russ thinks you smell? No, Russ thinks I'd crap my pants.
Yeah, he thought that was hysterical.
Anyway, he said that surviving was all about connecting.
Humanizing yourself, and using that to make your captor take more and more risks.
So humanizing himself That's Russ's plan? Not exactly his strong suit.
However, he had this one brilliant idea.
So I've had every pharmacy in Battle Creek and Calhoun County put on alert.
What's in the package? Lunch.
If you're vegetarian, you're gonna be hungry.
What's your plan? I mean, d-did you really just plan on staying down here forever? You might as well have stayed in prison.
What's your plan? I mean, why do you care why I did it? 'Cause you're worried about me? You break out of prison to take care of your grandmother, living here all alone, obviously needs your help.
I mean, I'm sympathetic.
I understand that.
I look after my grandma, too.
I see.
Trying to show what we have in common.
Except it isn't true.
You telling me I don't have a grandmother? If you do, I don't think you give a crap about her.
I mean, we've been together, what, six hours? And in that time, all you've tried to do is figure me out.
Which I guess is sort of semi-legit.
You figure me out, that could be the key to getting out of here.
But do you know what human beings do when they're kidnapped? They beg for their lives.
Please don't kill me.
Not for themselves.
For their loved ones.
A wife, a child.
They beg for a chance to make a call to someone, someone that matters.
Tell them they're gonna be okay.
I feel sorry for you.
I have more people who care about me in prison than you have out.
Before you ditched my phone, did you happen to notice the app for monitoring blood sugar? Either you plan on ransoming me or using me as an insurance policy, negotiating chip, but either way, if I'm dead, I don't do you any good, man.
I'm a type 1 diabetic.
And I don't have my insulin.
Commander Guziewicz.
Is he still here? I think so.
He didn't seem suspicious.
Is he dangerous? Where is he waiting, and what is he wearing? A gray hoodie.
Who are you? Andrew Allister McNeil.
Why do you have a fake prescription? You an insulin junkie or something? No, 'cause some guy paid me.
Who? Who? What guy? I don't know.
I don't know his name.
But he's right he was right right there.
Hold him.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, you're wearing a wedding band.
When did you tell Mitchell you remarried? Seven years ago when it happened.
You know, it's not like we got divorced 'cause I hated him.
We got divorced because he insisted I move on.
You know, 20 years is too long for a business trip.
And this is your daughter, Mr.
Ford's daughter? Uh, I'm his niece.
Annie Ford.
Oh, right, you're on his list of approved visitors.
I haven't been in over three months.
Why not? I've been busy.
No reason? No falling-out? No.
Uh, but you've been more recently.
And there was a falling-out.
Uh, "Visitor and inmate engaged in shouting.
Had to be repeatedly warned.
" No it wasn't that bad.
The guards were just being hard-asses.
"Visitor and inmate had to be physically separated.
" All right, we had a disagreement, he grabbed my arm He had his visitation rights suspended, which means you were the last person to see him before he escaped.
Just tell me what the fight was about.
I promised to take care of his great-aunt.
She lives alone; she's in pretty bad shape.
I was supposed to visit her, like, every day.
Lately, I've been busy, and I might have missed a rent check.
So he has a great-aunt.
What's her name? Technically, she's not his great-aunt.
She lived right next door to him when they were growing up.
We're gonna need a name and address.
Commander, I think I got something.
Veterinary insulin.
I can't take dog insulin.
According to the Internet, you can.
Same exact chemical composition completely safe.
Unless you're lying.
Because if you're not diabetic, injecting this could be very dangerous.
And on the other hand, telling your captor that you lied to him, making him risk being captured, I expect that'd get you killed, too.
Don't be so paranoid.
I'm a diabetic.
Just put the bag down over there - where I can reach it when I need it.
- You need it now.
If you're type 1, you should be taking this three or four times a day.
Which means you've missed at least one dose.
Just give me the bag and uncuff me.
Not a chance.
I can't inject myself if I'm cuffed.
You're not injecting it.
Don't worry I used to work in the infirmary.
Excuse me! What are you people doing in my home?! I'm fine.
'Cause I wasn't ly You should eat.
You look like hell.
He was a sweet boy.
He just made too many mistakes.
And when was the last time you spoke to him? He called me yesterday.
What did he say? He just wanted to know that I was okay.
He told me he loved me.
And then he said he probably wouldn't be seeing me again.
That's really good.
You think you could pass me a doughnut? - Please? - Yes.
Thank you.
You're not gonna hurt her.
I don't need to hurt her.
I just need to press her Life Alert button.
And an ambulance, a fire engine and a cop will be here within five minutes.
I don't think so.
I had that alert rerouted to my phone.
: Oh, man.
Hey, you got a haircut.
A stupid risk for such a crappy disguise.
Russell Agnew is a valued and beloved member of the Battle Creek Police Department.
If anyone knows anything about the kidnapping of Detective Agnew, please call this number.
Is that your DMV photo? Mr.
Ford That's funny.
Detective Agnew should not be your hostage.
Detective Agnew was only on this case because he was assisting me.
It is my life that should be in danger.
And I am willing to exchange myself for Detective Agnew's freedom.
Now, I can understand why you wouldn't trust such an offer, but I can assure you that I am quite sincere and am willing to make this exchange anywhere and under any circumstances that will satisfy you.
I can be reached at the same 800 number.
Every call gets a response, every clue gets followed up on.
Nothing is too crazy.
You're not seriously thinking about taking Milt up on his offer, are you? Would that be a bad thing? It's obviously a trap.
Would that be a bad thing? For you? I can't go through the rest of my life knowing that man saved me.
He's a narcissistic, manipulative ass who the whole world treats like a god, when he's really just the exact opposite.
Can I give you some advice? Sure.
Stop being a douche.
What that guy did back there, you don't do that to manipulate somebody.
You do that, you sacrifice yourself, because you care.
No, y-you see, you don't know him, okay? Milt always needs to be the hero.
You know how many times this guy has had his picture It's a federal case, and he asked for your help, right? Yeah, he asked me because he knows that I'm better at it than he is.
Shut up.
He didn't ask you 'cause he needs your help.
He isn't being a hero.
He's being your friend.
Lighten up.
Loosen your sphincter for 20 minutes.
Go have a beer with the guy.
Let him into your life.
Maybe get a life.
It's just a pointless, futile gesture to make him look Who cares?! Sometimes the only way to care is with a pointless, futile gesture.
So the bank-robbing murderer thinks that we should just all stand on principle.
Do the right thing.
The bank robbery went perfect.
The getaway went perfect.
Until some jerk ran a red light.
You guys okay? I think I'm okay.
I can't move.
I'm okay.
Y-You're okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I don't think so.
We got to go.
Not going anywhere without my brother.
Cops will be here any minute.
I'll have him out by then.
Mitch, I don't think it's the wheel.
I don't think that's why I can't move.
I think there's something really wrong.
Okay, look, we got to go.
An ambulance will be here to take care of him; we go to go! Go, take the money! You're not staying, Mitch.
You got to go, too.
I'm not leaving you.
Come on, this is insane! So go! Go.
Hang in there, Dougie.
So what? What'd you say to him? Eh, what can you say? Just tell him what he wants to hear.
Who are you looking to get vengeance against? I mean, Patton or the driver of the car that ran the light? Or is it all just another pointless, futile gesture? We got 183 tips.
Processed or received? So far, just received, - but we've prioritized - No, I want each of them treated as the clue that's gonna unlock this case.
Okay, well, I got a call from a woman claiming to have seen Russ in her room at the downtown Marriott.
Room 312.
She left a key at the front desk for you.
That seems unlikely, but, uh, go ahead and send a uniform.
I got a call from a psychic claiming we'll find Russ buried with Jimmy Hoffa in the junior high football field.
All right, just I already sent a team.
Uh, I got a call from some old woman Uh, maybe she's psychic, too, 'cause she claimed to know that Russ is fine, but that we don't have to worry because he got his insulin.
What? Russ isn't diabetic.
Hey! God.
- Oh, Milt - Huh? Oh, man.
It's good to see you, Russ.
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.
Where where's Ford? He's not here.
- Come on.
- All right.
Veronica, the older woman whose home this is, used to come to the prison to help with their service dog program, which Ford was very active in.
But then she became too sick to continue.
Now, Ford knew that she lived alone, he knew she had compromised mental acuity, and he knew that she liked him but wasn't related to him, making this the perfect place for him to hide.
I don't think he's coming back.
I mean, he risked going out to get whatever was in these packages.
You should eat.
Hmm? Thank you.
This white box is damp.
- Why? - Well, perhaps because you fetched it out of the garbage.
No, this is butcher paper.
He must have had something in here that he didn't want tainted He's not coming back.
Why do you say that Mr.
Ford isn't coming back? Did he tell you something? You're wasting your time.
Even a compromised mind is still a mind.
I would point out that it was her phone call that allowed me to rescue you.
Oh, here we go.
No, I'm not saying that it was I was free, Milt.
Okay? - I didn't need your help.
- You were free of the chain; the basement door was still locked.
It was about Susan.
Susan? His ex-wife? Yes.
Or no.
I mean, there are a lot of Susans, right? Does he mean to hurt her? Did he look agitated? He looked Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
All right, we need to get to Susan's.
He's gonna kill her.
Nah, nah, nah.
- What do you mean, "nope"? - Look, if he was gonna kill Susan for not caring for his great-aunt, then how come he didn't go see his great-aunt when he got out, instead of going straight into hiding? You trust him? You trust someone that I don't? I'm just following the evidence, man.
Russ, do you know what Stockholm syndrome is? Yes.
Look, if Ford was a killer, - then why did he save my life? - Stockholm syndrome is when the hostage inexplicably forms a bond with their captor.
I know.
I said yes, Milt, and then I moved on.
Yeah, well, sometimes people say yes just to avoid looking stupid.
Yeah, well, since I'm not stupid, we can rule out that possibility.
Look, Ford gave me insulin when he thought I was a diabetic, and then he fed me what I needed when he realized that I wasn't, I mean, even after I lied to him.
I don't know what his mission is, but I can tell you one thing: Ford didn't break out of prison to hurt anybody.
Susan's been abducted.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
I screwed up.
So they're both gone? The ex-wife and Annie, the niece? I parked out front.
Last walk-around, I see the broken window, then I hear the car.
Well, he was waiting for you to walk around.
I'm gonna go talk to the neighbors, see if anyone saw him or the car he was driving.
They didn't see anything.
You still think this guy isn't dangerous? You think he kidnapped them to I don't think he kidnapped them.
I don't even think he was here.
I think they escaped.
Escaped? They didn't need to escape.
Most of the glass is outside, like-like the window was broken from the inside.
They wanted it to look like a kidnapping.
Well, that makes no sense.
They weren't being detained; they were being protected.
I know.
I mean, they could have told Officer Davis where they were going.
Unless unless they were going someplace that they knew Ford was gonna be.
Officer Davis, check for a computer, notes by a phone, calendars, anything.
Huh? What do you got? Annie's getting married in less than an hour.
Hands over your head.
I'm not armed.
I told you! I told you this was idiotic! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! Stop it.
Just calm down, okay? - Yeah.
- Okay? The tuxedo and the flower, the haircut Annie? Annie's your Annie's your brother's daughter? Annie You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
She's a baby.
I'm never gonna see her walk.
I'm never gonna hear her talk.
I'm not gonna see her get married.
Of course you are.
There's an ambulance coming, Dougie; I can hear it.
You got to promise you'll be there for her.
I'm gonna be in jail.
Yeah, you're gonna be alive.
All right, this is crazy.
Promise me.
You're gonna be okay.
Promise me.
I need to know.
I promised.
No, you made a B.
promise to a dying man.
So that's why you fought? Not because of his great-aunt, but this wedding? No.
We fought about this idiot escaping to attend this wedding.
So why didn't she just postpone it for a week? Because her fiancé's in the military.
He ships out tomorrow.
: You look beautiful.
Can we go? Ah.
Damn it.
Did I miss anything? Not much.
How was your trip? Uh, it was great.
Um Br-Brady and I had a great time.
Well That's great.
Hey, Russ.
Want to grab a beer? What? Is that such a weird idea? Two guys stepping out to grab a drink? No, no.
I, um I didn't hear you.
Uh, sorry.
Uh would you like to grab a beer? No.
But thanks.