Battle Creek (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

The Hand Off

Anybody would be better at community outreach than I am.
I don't like people.
People, they like you.
Right? They love Font.
Well, Font's still in the hospital.
Guz knows you're the worst possible pick for this any other day of the year.
Right now, everybody loves you.
You were on TV.
You're the cop who was kidnapped.
You're a celebrity, man! I'm the guy Milt went on TV to save.
Congratulations, Funk.
You've actually somehow managed to make me look forward to this even less.
Milt-Milt said you was gonna be like this.
Why is Milt talking about me? Well, he knew you'd be in a bad mood about Holly going on a cruise with, uh that guy.
I'm in a bad mood about the thing I said I'm in a bad mood about.
Oh, man.
There was a shooting at McCamly Park.
Oh, yeah? Ah, that's great.
Skip this stupid community outreach.
- Cover me.
- I need your help.
He stopped breathing - and I can't let go to do CPR.
- Did you call an ambulance? Yeah, it's not here yet, but I'm a doctor.
His artery's severed, but I'm keeping him from bleeding out.
Did you see the shooter? No.
It happened so fast.
I heard it and then he just crumpled.
Come on.
Come on.
He's back.
Okay, he's gonna flatline again unless we get him to a hospital.
Can you stay with my daughter? Jenny! Jenny, I need you to stay with this police officer, okay? Mommy's gonna be back as soon as she can.
One, two, three.
Come on, let's go.
This is Detective Russ Agnew.
I'm headed to Glenview Memorial.
I need a medical team standing by.
How is he? He's losing a lot of blood.
: Come on.
Hang on, honey.
Just stay with me.
Let's get some saline up here.
How much blood has he lost? A lot.
His pulse is weak.
Let's get blood up.
Call the blood bank for a transfer.
He's clamped.
Stay with me, Derek.
We're gonna go apple-picking this weekend with Jenny, remember? Just the three of us.
Just think of that.
Reith is ready.
Okay, let's go.
Let's move.
You know him.
He's my husband.
He's gonna be okay.
Right? I don't think so.
Palmer to radiology.
Palmer to radiology.
I'm Dr.
I heard you helped save my patient, Officer Detective.
Agnew Russ.
So he's alive? He's in surgery.
He lost a lot of blood.
How's his wife doing? She's better than most.
She's a doctor, so she's seen trauma.
Well, it's not the same when it's someone you know.
No, it isn't.
That's sensitive of you.
Is it? Five stories, five witnesses.
He's tall, short, white, Hispanic.
He was wearing a black sweatshirt or a light hoodie.
Maybe a baseball cap pulled all the way down.
All right, anyone get any video or photos? Nah.
Everybody decided to take cover instead of posting on Instagram.
But they did all agree that the shooter took off down Van Buren.
It's not much to go on.
That should be enough.
I gotta go.
We were meeting at the park to hand off Jenny.
Hand off? We've been separated for a few months.
We switch custody every couple of nights.
You seem close.
We were talking about getting back together.
We had good reasons for splitting up, but the separation didn't seem to suit us, either.
Hey, look, can you tell me what you remember? Uh Derek showed up, and, um, he asked me where Jenny was and I said she was on the swings and he said we should all go and get breakfast, and that's when I heard it.
I didn't even know he'd been shot until I saw the blood.
They just told me he's in a an acute post-traumatic coma.
He has about a 50/50 chance of recovery.
Kind of ratty.
That's okay.
Um we need to talk about who might have wanted Derek dead.
He's a radiologist.
It's the most boring job in medicine.
You never deal with patients, so no one's ever mad.
Well, um, in his personal life? Our next-door neighbor.
It seemed like such a stupid fight, but now, I We had a tree growing on the property line, and a few months back, in the middle of the night, the guy came over and cut it down.
Derek took him to court and won.
The guy was not happy.
What's the neighbor's name? So you're still out here every day? Trying to lose a few.
Suddenly, I have to worry about looks again.
Yeah, I heard about you and Nancy.
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't be.
How's Battle Creek? A lot of theories floating around about why you were sent down to the minors.
You want to know? Just read my e-mails.
Isn't that what you guys do? You didn't drive all the way to Detroit to go for a jog.
What's going on? There was a shooting.
A public park, broad daylight, kids on swings Unless the shooter's connected to ISIL or al-Qaeda, we got nothing to talk about.
You know, if this is the beginning of a shooting spree, I don't want to be the one who let it slide.
Then violate the guy's rights some other way.
We don't wade into civilian crimes; that's not what the technology's for.
Really? Because I know at least one agent who used it to track the whereabouts of a lying spouse.
You're saying that you would take that information upstairs? I haven't so far; I don't want to.
It seemed like a one-time lapse.
Look, I've got the coordinates, got the time of the shooting, I got the street that he ran down.
I just need a cell phone number.
I'd really appreciate it.
Say you appreciate it enough to never use this again.
You have my word.
You were always too good to be true, man.
"Derek the Douche Henderson.
" "Derek Dirtbag Henderson.
" "Derek Dinkwhistle Henderson.
" Who knew there were so many pejoratives that start with a "D"? Oh, they're all checks made out to our victim by his neighbor, Ken Glauwer.
Weirdly, no "dumb-ass.
" A small claims court fight over a tree; judge ordered Glauwer to pay Who goes to "dinkwhistle" before "dumb-ass"? Is that really significant? - Well, you never know.
- Yeah, well, these went up on Halloween, never came down.
Papier-mâché creative.
How's his alibi? Ah, it's weak.
Said he went out for a walk in the morning.
I know who the shooter is.
Yeah, it's Ken Glauwer.
- Bennett Kowalski.
- Huh? Who the hell is that? Former military.
He was arrested for assault a few years ago.
He works security at Kellogg Airport.
Who is he to our victim? Why would he shoot Derek? That, I don't know.
What I do know is that his cell phone was tracked to the park at the exact moment of the shooting and then running down Van Buren.
Just as all the witnesses described.
Well, let's get a search warrant for his house, then.
That's it? You're not gonna pick a fight with Milt? Technology versus shoe leather? He's an idiot, you're not? Look, we've got five hours, tops, before the gunshot residue wears off.
Give it a day, all the forensics are gone.
- I know.
- We can't get a warrant.
We can't get a warrant.
Why not? This is classified information.
It's a favor from a friend.
I said that we would connect the dots ourselves.
It's easy to connect the dots.
We get a warrant I'm not telling you my source.
I don't need your source.
I got my source.
You're my source.
Just go connect the dots, dinkwhistle.
I told you, I never saw the shooter.
But did you see this man in the park at all? I'm sorry, no.
I Do you recognize him? I mean, maybe he's a friend of, uh, Derek's.
I don't think so.
Look, you know, some people, they're-they're really bad with faces.
So if there's any chance - that you possibly saw him - Thank you, - Dr.
- Look, Rita, we have reason to believe this is the man who shot Derek Detective Agnew - No, we only have a few hours - Russ.
What? You're coaching her.
Yeah, and you should be, too.
Look, any glimmer of recognition and we get the warrant.
Look, she said no.
If she changes her mind, it'll be a lie and I'm not comfortable getting a warrant based on a lie.
Milt, nobody in the park recognized this guy's photo.
Then we just keep looking.
- We know that Kowalski shot him.
- Exactly.
And unless we prove it, that piece of information is useless.
Evidence is being cleaned up right now, as we speak.
Clear here! Cover the front door! Milt, laundry room! Hands in the air! Down! Now! Get down! - Hey.
- Hey.
Things must have gone really well on the cruise.
You're glowing.
It's probably just the rouge.
But, yeah, the cruise was great.
Mm-hmm, five days in paradise.
Good for you.
Do I smell? What? Is it is it my breath? I mean, am I boring? What happened? What'd he do? - Nothing.
- No, he must have done something.
Nothing? Uh, we stayed in a suite.
He slept on the couch.
Okay, um, maybe he didn't want to rush it.
I changed into my bikini with the door open.
He closed it.
Okay, so what is wrong with me? Hey, hey.
Nothing is wrong with you.
Something is wrong with him.
Well, he called, and he asked me out again.
- Okay.
- For tonight.
So, you know, I'm upping my game.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Bought some perfume.
Uh, put on my tightest dress, so Wh This is your tightest dress? Yeah.
Okay, um You maybe want to give the zipper a rethink.
Do you have a push-up bra? Your Honor, when I saw "confidential informant" listed as a witness on a warrant, it piqued my curiosity.
I was trying to remember where I'd seen it before.
And then I saw the name of the applying officer.
Your Honor, confidential informants are common practice in good police work.
And these officers didn't just happen to find Mr.
Milner's client with a bloodstained sweatshirt and gunshot residue on his hands.
Clearly the CI was real and had relevant information.
It's not a question of guilt or innocence, yet, Counselor.
It's a question of process: is the evidence admissible? Was the warrant obtained under false pretenses? Informants can be invented and evidence fabricated Wait, slow down.
I don't like glib accusations.
And I would also like to meet this informant.
Satisfy my curiosity.
Miss Perlmutter? Detective Agnew, we're gonna need you to arrange a meeting with the It was actually an FBI informant.
That's a new one for Battle Creek.
Can I meet him? I-I'm sorry, Your Honor, but the reason he was listed as a confidential informant was out of concern for his safety.
If the FBI has concern for someone's safety, I'm certainly not going to parade him into court.
: And certainly not in front of a defense attorney.
I can meet the informant in my chambers.
Milner here will have to have faith in my judgment.
Your Honor, with all due respect, I would ask that you have faith in my judgment where matters of national security are involved.
The only thing I can imagine that would fall under "national security" and get the police to that man's home would be NSA intelligence.
Is that what we're talking about? I wish that I could answer you.
I am a fan of privacy, Agent Chamberlain.
The warrant is out.
And with the warrant goes the blood and the gunshot residue.
You got anything else? No, your Honor.
Milner, your client is free to go.
Yes, of course.
Yes, of course.
I understand.
Milt's been suspended.
For a week.
The FBI wanted to transfer him.
"Wanted to"? What, they couldn't find a worse place than Battle Creek? I fought to keep him here.
I called in some favors.
Now do what you should have done yesterday and connect Kowalski to the crime.
I found something that seemed like it might be important.
Uh, Kowalski made a credit card purchase two days ago on Air Mexico.
Credit card.
You look really nice.
Thank you.
Um, what? Air Mexico.
Oh, Air Mexico.
Great, so he's leaving the country.
Now we're gonna have even less time to connect him to the shooting.
Um, I-I know Milt is suspended, but, uh, the FBI has this really cool vector program.
He called it, "Six Degrees of Edgar Hoover.
" Uh, you know, if there is a connection between the victim and the shooter, it'll find it.
Okay, I like that.
That's a good idea.
Really? - Yeah.
- I thought you'd have a problem using Milt's technology.
Oh, I'm not a troglophile.
I don't know what that is.
Look it up.
Let me know.
There's one more thing.
What's that? Um, I think you should apologize to him.
It was his choice to take the fall.
For you.
Milt! : This is your idea of a suspension? Most guys, they go out, and they get depressed, and they drink.
Yeah, well, that's one way to go.
What are you making? Uh, what is this, uh, moonshine? Jam.
Would you like to join us? Javier needs a partner.
No, I'm good.
So look, uh, Kowalski, he bought a ticket to Mexico.
So we need to connect him to Derek.
And I-I was wondering well, actually, Holly thought that you might have some ideas.
Even though I'm suspended.
Yeah, about that, you know, boy, Milt, y-you didn't have to cover for me, you know that? I'm just doing what anyone would have done, Russ.
No, you did what no one would have done.
Everyone else, they would blame someone else.
Like me.
Thank you, I appreciate the apology.
Uh, that wasn't, uh, an apology.
Milt? Would you be a doll and hold my funnel again? I'm sorry, he's occupied right now.
Let me see.
Yeah, I think maybe you let the sugar boil too long.
Look, Milt, I need your six degrees of Kevin Bacon, or-or whatever.
I-I brought you your laptop.
Kind of broke into your apartment.
Command, not shift.
Here, just let me do it.
Aah, you're suspended.
You're not allowed.
It's taking you 20 minutes to run a cell phone.
I got to get my jam in the jars before it sets.
You're driving me crazy here.
- No offense.
- Yeah, none taken.
Actually, I kind of like seeing you like this.
You know, impatient, maybe even a little bit hostile, human.
Ah, I think suspension suits you, Milt.
Oh, thank you, that's very kind of you.
You had to go and ruin it? Okay, here, we got something.
Uh, seven phone calls to Derek's office from Vanessa Kowalski.
It's the shooter's wife.
What, do you think Derek was having an affair with her? I don't know.
Maybe Kowalski found out and shot him.
Yeah, Russ.
Kowalski just left his house carrying a backpack.
- Is he headed to the airport? - No.
He's heading south down Main the other direction.
South down Main? Wh-What, towards, uh, Glenview Hospital? Wait, if Derek is in imminent danger, we have exigent circumstances to do a Terry stop Search the backpack, look for weap I'm suspended, I'm not supposed to be help Oh, don't worry you're really not helping.
It was a stupid idea.
The gun's not in the bag.
Well, how do you know? Logic.
Look, we searched his apartment from top to bottom.
You know, we've had him under surveillance ever since he was released.
And besides, Derek Derek's in a coma.
Kowalski doesn't need a gun to kill him, all he needs is a pillow; and all we have to do is catch him in the act.
That's your idea? To catch him as he kills the victim? Look, we got Jacocks and Niblet in the hospital.
And they're ready to take away his Gun.
He doesn't have a gun.
And you're willing to bet his life on that? What if we missed it? What if somebody slipped it to him.
Okay, I've tweaked my idea.
I'm pretty much a sitting duck here.
A blind sitting duck.
Do you want me to be the sitting duck? No, you're a girl, so you won't fool him.
And you're a girl, so I should do it.
The word is "woman," and, uh, thank you.
Or screw you, I'm not quite sure.
He's in the building, heading for the elevators.
Let's go.
Went right past.
D-Did he spot you? You're easy to spot.
He didn't even turn around.
WOMAN Nurse Moore to pediatrics 3031.
Nurse Moore to pediatrics 3031.
The shooter's wife has a paraspinal chordoma.
It's a kind of cancer.
She was in a clinical trial at Glenview, and Derek was the radiologist for the trial.
That's why we found calls between her phone and his office.
A few weeks ago, she stopped responding to the treatment.
The doctors recommended palliative care and told them she had a year to live.
Kowalski was adamant they keep trying, found a clinic in Tijuana.
She flew down yesterday.
The plane ticket he bought.
I couldn't imagine being told Shaylene had a year to live.
Yeah, well, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.
And, uh, I would've done anything for a cure.
I just got off the phone with the clin You guys okay? What have you got? I talked to the clinic in Mexico.
Kowalski wired payment for his wife's treatment the day of the shooting.
Isn't he a security guard? Where'd he get that kind of money? Exactly.
That's why we couldn't find a motive for Kowalski.
Kowalski didn't hate Derek.
Kowalski was hired by someone who hated Derek.
Kowalski's a hit man.
We know about your wife.
Her cancer.
The clinical trial in Mexico.
I'm sorry.
No one should have to go through that.
You're not the real bad guy here.
Whoever hired you took advantage of you.
You were out of your mind with grief.
But the man who paid you? He wasn't.
He was cold and calculating.
He should pay for what he did to Derek and to you.
I didn't Mm, mm, mm.
The DA is offering assault with intent to do great bodily harm.
Three years.
You'll serve half.
It's a sweetheart deal.
You just have to tell us who paid you to shoot Derek Henderson.
Since you have no legal evidence to connect my client to this case, the only deal we're looking for is a walk.
Yeah, we have no evidence.
But that may not always be the case.
As soon as we have a single piece of admissible evidence, this deal is off the table.
Doesn't get better than this.
That was a busy park.
If you have even the slightest worry that one of those witnesses might remember something, or even if you have a shred of guilt about what you've done take this deal.
No deal.
Two questions.
Who hated Derek enough to pay $50,000 to have him shot? And who knew that Bennett Kowalski needed the money badly enough to do the shooting? I still like Ken Glauwer, the neighbor who cut down the tree.
Does he have an alibi? Not a good one.
Then it's not him.
If you're gonna hire a hit man, you make sure you have an ironclad alibi for the time of the shooting.
Well, the person with the best alibi of all is the wife.
She was right beside him when he was shot.
No, it-it wasn't her.
Their-their separation was amicable.
Why? Because she told you it was amicable? I mean, it does happen.
My brother and his ex still go on vacation together with their kids.
Oh, see? Two people can still be in love even if they're not getting along.
- Mm-hmm.
- And, you Detective Russell Agnew, believe she's innocent because of love? Hey, he cares about her.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Uh, no.
I don't care about her.
I just know that I'm right.
It's okay to care.
I know.
I just don't.
Look, I believe that she's innocent because of the evidence.
She saved his life.
Odd thing to do for someone that you wanted dead.
Are you a doctor? For all you know, she did nothing.
And she was at Derek's bedside day and night.
And that ends right now.
She can't be in his hospital room.
Not while she's under investigation.
Oh, hey.
Super tasty on pumpernickel toast.
But I would let it sit for a day before you actually try it.
What are you doing here, Milt? You've been suspended.
I'm just catching up on a little paperwork.
Let me guess you're heading to the hospital.
Oh, I see that you've added mind reading to your superpowers.
Kowalski's a hit man, which means the wife is your prime suspect.
Divorces are ugly.
If she can afford the 50G's, it's a fairly easy conclusion to make.
Which apparently, you haven't made.
You know, you're usually Mr.
Benefit of the Doubt.
But not for this traumatized wife? Hmm.
You're getting back at me, aren't you? You're pissed about the suspension.
Why would I be angry? You apologized.
No, I didn't.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? You've been suspended.
From the FBI, not the BCPD.
I can't hire you back, Milt.
I don't have the authority.
- Plus, I don't want to.
- Fine.
I'll go on a ride-along.
Not allowed.
Liability issues.
Okay, how about a bet? Hmm? A gentlemen's wager.
You know, in Battle Creek, we're not gentlemen.
Make it a hundred bucks.
They think I paid a man to shoot my husband? I love him! We're getting back together.
As soon as Derek comes out of this, - he'll tell you.
- If he comes out of this.
Until then is there anyone that can back this up? A family member you might've told? An e-mail you might've sent? I can probably find e-mails that I sent my sister in Oregon.
Something you didn't draft personally might be a little bit more convincing.
Maybe you could talk to someone at the restaurant we ate at the night before it happened.
We went out to dinner to talk about the division - of property.
- Where was this? Gino's.
This this restaurant we used to eat at all the time when we first got married.
When I got there, Derek was already at the table with a bottle of Two Buck Chuck we used to drink, and I sat down and he said, "We're having a better day than Charlie Hooten.
" Hmm? It's a joke from medical school.
The body we dissected in anatomy was named Charlie Hooten, so anytime anything went wrong that's what we'd say.
And I laughed.
And that was it.
We never got around to dividing stuff.
We ended up talking about getting back together.
Okay, uh we'll follow up on that.
But in the meantime, Dr.
Henderson, you shouldn't be in the hospital anymore.
Especially not in here.
I understand.
Can I say good-bye? Of course you can.
He's so good with her.
Pardon me? Detective Agnew.
He's so patient and understanding.
From the amount of chocolate you're eating, I'd say you either had a lot of sex last night or none at all.
Eating only the creams.
So none at all? I tried everything, you know? I kept leaning across the table to reach the salt, sucked on my baby back ribs until my jaw hurt, worked the word "oral" into the conversation three times.
- Nothing? - No.
Got a peck on the cheek at the end of the night.
And really severe dehydration from all the salt.
Maybe he's gay.
Yeah, but if I'm a beard why take me on a cruise? He took a vow of chastity? Just tell me that! Be proud! Fly the flag! Maybe you're sending the wrong message.
Really? Think these are ambiguous? No, I read this thing about pheromones they're these unconscious signals our body sends out via hormones.
Maybe you're sending a visual signal, but not a chemical one.
So, what do I do? Well, the next time you go out, get your pheromones flowing.
Take a bath.
Down a couple shots of vodka.
Maybe watch a little porn.
Porn? - Hmm.
- How about the sex scenes from The Notebook? Whatever works for you.
Ah, I remember them.
They were cute together.
Were they fighting? Did they snap each other at all? - Exchange words? - No.
The opposite.
They were here for, like, three hours.
Chatting, holding hands.
You see? They were in love.
Weren't they, Talia? It was kind of beautiful? Uh-huh.
At one point, I heard her say something about getting back together.
And I thought how strange it was because they weren't acting like two people who had broken up.
Thank you.
- You've been a big help.
- Anytime.
Give me a call if you have any more questions.
I'd like to help in any way.
How likely is it that the waitress just happened to overhear them? Isn't it more likely that Rita made sure that she overheard them and pointed us in this direction? Wow.
Battle Creek has changed you, Milt.
Before you know it, you're gonna be a bitter, cynical guy.
You better get out while you still can.
Because I'm the one who's clearly changed, right? Look, I'm not being cynical, Russ.
I'm being logical.
But you? Have you noticed that your newfound optimism has made you attractive to women? Talia couldn't keep her eyes off you.
What a surprise.
You think I'm more attractive when I act more like you.
Go ahead.
Tell the commander what the waitress said.
Russ found a witness that backed up Rita's story.
I'd love to say I told you so.
Rita took $10,000 out of her daughter's college account two weeks before the shooting.
Yeah, but Kowalski got paid 50 grand.
Where's the rest of the money? Maybe she had it on hand, maybe she has other accounts we don't know about.
Well, how do you explain the affection from the night before? You don't care about me or Jenny! You go out every night! You're a gambling addict! You can't take her away from me! She's my daughter! You stopped being a father a long time ago.
Look, I don't care what I have to do to keep her away from you, I will do it.
Where the hell did you get that? Their social worker.
Rita sued for full custody.
Derek was countersuing for the same.
He secretly taped their fights, gave them to Child Services.
She lied to you, Russ.
Hello? Detective Agnew.
What? Really? All right, thanks.
Derek came out of his coma, and he's asking to see Rita.
How are you feeling? You okay? I'm having a slightly better day than Charlie Hooten.
You remember anything? I remember something about apples.
I said that to you in the E.
I remember having dinner.
I'm just so glad you weren't hurt.
I'm so sorry, about everything, Rita.
When something like this happens I know.
Me, too.
Henderson, time to go.
Why? Are visiting hours over? I can't be here.
They They think I paid someone to do this to you.
No, it's not true.
She wouldn't hurt me.
I know she wouldn't.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll call you from home, okay? That's - I'll be thinking of you.
- Wait, wait It wasn't Rita.
She wouldn't have done that.
And you don't recognize Kowalski from the park? 'Cause if you saw him, then we could use that to pressure him to give up a name and clear Rita.
Who do you think would have hired him? Nobody.
I don't know.
Look, maybe Kowalski did it out of spite.
His wife was in one of our clinical trials and she wasn't responding.
We took her off the medication.
Yeah, but you weren't his primary physician, and no other doctors were shot at.
I don't know.
Look, I'm sorry.
I just don't think Rita's capable of this.
He needs to rest.
Can you come back another time? Of course.
Why did you lie about the divorce? I didn't.
It was bad at times, but not all the time, and we had this really great dinner and I was sure that we were going to work things out.
He said you were an unfit mother.
He said you were, uh clinically depressed and negligent.
You said he was a control freak with an explosive temper verging on the abusive.
We were fighting all the time, - but we both loved Jenny.
- Fighting all the time, or not all the time? Can I speak to Detective Agnew? No.
She's changing her story.
She's rattled; anyone would be.
You still believe her? Yes.
I didn't want Jenny around his temper or his gambling.
But now you do? Now you're reconciling? Derek admitted that he has a problem and he said he'll get help.
How do you explain this? You took $10,000 out of Jenny's college fund two weeks ago.
I didn't I didn't write that check.
I'm a pediatrician; we don't live in this world.
Somebody's done this to us.
Sorry, Russell, but I'm going to have to hold you to that hundred dollar bet.
No, she said it on the audiotape and she just said it again: Derek was a gambler.
Gambling will get you killed.
You truly believe Derek lost so much money that somebody paid Kowalski $50,000 to have him killed? That seems like a lot of money to pay somebody because you didn't get paid.
Let me tell you how gambling addicts behave, Milt.
You owe someone money, right? So you manage to go out and get just enough money to pay them back.
But you don't pay them back.
You go out and you place another bet in the idiotic belief that you're gonna double your cash, you're gonna pay back what you owe and you're just gonna keep on going.
That's the kind of thing that gets you shot.
You know, if you were working any other case, you'd find that logic pretty weak.
You and Rita went through a very powerful experience.
You saved a life together.
- The adrenaline, the trauma - Mickey Long.
Who? Derek placed a call to him two weeks ago.
I busted Mickey Long last year for bookmaking.
You're on probation for bookmaking, Mickey, but I know that your poker game is up and running.
It's not.
No, it is.
But here's the thing.
I'm not going to bust you for violating your probation if you tell us the truth about one thing.
How much money did Derek Henderson lose at your game, and who did he lose it to? Lose? Derek didn't lose.
- Ah! - I'm over you.
We're taking you in.
Actually, he's taking you in; I'm suspended He won! A week ago, he came in with 10G's.
He walked with 50.
That's a check for ten grand from your daughter's college account.
You see this guy right here? In three days, he's gonna be reinstated back into the FBI and they have the best of everything, including handwriting analysts.
What do you think they're going to say when they see the signature on that check? Oh, you think I did it? That's crazy, why would I shoot myself? You were willing to do anything to kill your wife and he was willing to do anything to keep his alive.
But your feelings for Rita were far more complicated than you ever anticipated, weren't they? You know, your cell phone tells us a lot about the hours before the shooting.
You went to the hospital where Kowalski's wife was a patient.
You went to Kowalski's place twice.
Pretty risky move Go try to find the guy that you hired to kill Rita? Why would you do that? After your dinner with Rita, you started to have second thoughts.
The only problem was that you couldn't get through to Kowalski.
The poor bastard was probably holed up somewhere, trying to find the courage to shoot a complete stranger.
You know what I think? Hmm? I think that you went to that park to try to get Rita and Jenny the hell out of there.
And then you saw Kowalski making a move towards Rita.
I couldn't let him hurt her.
I-I couldn't.
He just confessed? To trying to kill me? Look, Rita, I know that you love Derek, but I also heard the audiotape of the two of you fighting, so I know that at one point you hated him, too.
I never could've hurt him.
When it came right down to it, he couldn't, either.
Look, this guy threw himself in front of a bullet for you.
He was willing to give his life to save yours.
What are you saying? That I should just forgive and forget? No.
I-I'm saying remember that night in the restaurant.
You said that it changed everything.
Well, he felt the same way, too.
I can't do that.
Maybe you're just a better person than I am.
Well, here you go.
What? - No, no, no, no.
- Take it.
- Nah, stop.
No, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- I-I'm not taking your money.
- Take it.
- No, I don't want it.
- Take it, take it, take it.
- Come on.
- No, I Excuse me, uh, Detective Agnew.
Could I talk to you for a minute? Oh.
I'll be in the car.
I just wanted to say congratulations.
I heard you solved the case.
It's been a real pleasure watching you do your job.
You have so much compassion and empathy.
It's a great bedside manner.
I could probably use some lessons.
I-I was I was just doing what anybody would do, you know? Look, it's hard to meet a nice guy, uh, with my hours.
Especially one who's not scared of letting down his guard.
So I wanted to give you my number.
Call me sometime.
I will.
How was the date? Well, I'm here, not there, aren't I? So the pheromones? Hi, you've reached the answering machine for Dr.
Stephanie Owens.
I'm not in right now, but if you leave your name and number, I'll get back to you Um we had a drink.
He asked me about yoga.
I offered to show him.
So I got down on my knees.
I did this back bend and grabbed onto my heels, 'cause it just so happens that is a position - that opens the lower chakras.
- Perfect.
- And they opened.
Mine - Mm-hmm.
Not his.
Yeah, he-he told me, "That's cool.
" And then we watched some TV and he said he was tired.
I think you're right.
I just I'm just not sending out the right vibes.
But you definitely want to have sex with him, right? I definitely want to have sex.
With him? Wh Holly, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Shut up.