Batwoman (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Drink Me

1 Damn.
Sure, babe.
Whatever you say.
Aah! What what the hell? Are you insane? I can't feel anything.
I think you'll find That's to your great advantage Babe.
Wasn't supposed to be Beth.
We did everything right.
We found a loophole, we kept her alive, we got her through the checkpoints.
I thought we were in the clear, and then it just Just came out of nowhere.
It wasn't your fault, Luke.
We need to figure out who shot her.
I agree, but first, we need to prepare ourselves for the real Alice.
The Crows think that she's dead, and she's not, which means no one's out looking for her, and if my twin picked my alien doppelganger's life over mine, I'd be on the verge of going nuclear.
Uh, no offense.
You're right.
I looked her in the eye and told her I chose to save someone else.
Kate you did the right thing.
You have to know that.
It doesn't matter because the wrong Beth lived.
Now Alice is back on the loose because of me, and we need to brace ourselves for the consequences.
Kane, Mr.
Kane, how does it feel to be exonerated? Any day that justice prevails is a good day in my book.
You've proven you were framed by Alice and her gang.
What are your next steps? Return to The Crows and restore peace to this city.
Alice is dead, Gotham is safer because of it.
At the end of the day, it's all that really matters.
Gotham knows her as Alice, but here at County Morgue, she's simply Jane Doe 7113.
No name, no medical history, no next of kin.
Could we have a moment, please? My own daughter and one of Gotham's most diabolical killers dead on a metal slab.
After everything, it seems there should be so many emotions, but All I feel is hollow.
It was destined to end this way, sir.
The bullet wasn't one of ours.
You radioed in and said you had her in your sights.
What what happened? Call off the shoot-to-kill order on Alice.
You're kidding.
Let me find her.
Tell The Crows to stand down.
I didn't have a lock.
The target kept moving.
Well, someone got her anyway.
Side effect of making an entire city your enemy.
Ticktock, ticktock.
Silly Mouse, what is the purpose of a rendezvous spot if only one party obliges? Yes? This is all that was left in his hospital room.
What do you mean left? Where'd you get this.
I took it off Beth After.
Thank you.
So I ran the mystery shooter's partial plate.
And? The 3 numbers I remembered don't match a single registered sedan.
I think the plate was stolen.
So not only did we let an innocent girl die, but I can't even bring her killer to justice.
Mary's making reward fliers for any info on that vehicle.
We'll find something.
In the meantime, though, we still live in Gotham, where's there's still plenty of justice to dole out.
Maybe this will take your mind off things.
A vampire? A wannabe vampire.
- You're not serious.
- That's kind of my point.
Lately, things have been a little too serious, and you could use the distraction.
Then bring me an old-fashioned bomber or an arsonist or someone that actually exists in the real world.
Apparently she does.
Nocturna is Nocturna? Was night-bite taken? She seduces her victims, drains their blood, and leaves them for dead.
It's all very early 2000s.
Both victims were lured out of clubs on the strip in old Gotham.
Crows are replacing every doorman, so I thought we should patrol the only other bar in that neighborhood on that street.
It's a place called The Catch.
It's a janky, old fishermen's bar.
It's not really her demo, but, um, what about Curse? EDM.
It's invite only.
Oh, oh! Curse.
The yeah, yeah, right.
I thought I thought you said, "Purse", which is why I was like a club called Purse? That'd be weird.
You have no idea what I'm talking about.
- Not a one.
- Cool.
So does this mean you're suiting up? I've always wanted to slay a vampire.
Got something.
One vic, female, bound, unconscious.
No sign of Nocturna.
Scratch that.
Found her.
And I found you.
Vampire, Bat.
Screams duo to me.
- I work alone.
- I heard that.
Flattered, but you're not my type.
But you're mine.
I'm a universal recipient.
Ohh! Unh! Agh! Seeing double, losing sensation in your limbs? - Don't fight it.
- What what what did you do? I've always wondered what Bat blood tasted like.
Two, stay.
Behind you.
Too bad, Batsy.
I do hope we get to do this another night.
I'm reading your stats.
She injected you with a paralytic.
I got that.
And you have 6 Crows incoming.
I got that, too.
Gonna hit you with an adrenaline shot.
Takes about 30 seconds to kick in.
I don't got that.
Modulator now.
Oh, my God! Are you okay? Save her.
She's unconscious, but she's still alive.
We've got medics coming.
We need to hurry.
Thank you.
Thought you said we needed to hurry.
You're gonna get my ass fired, so So? So next time, I'll have to bring you in.
Which means there can't be a next time.
- They could be anywhere.
- That way! You! Keep your eyes open! It's clear.
I've got the victim.
Check the roof.
You heard her.
Move out! I'm more than happy to run your blood, but you don't seem like you have the flu.
I've been, uh, pulling all-nighters doing real estate courses, and it's like germs galore.
You know you can tell me anything? Right, yeah.
So maybe these perceived flu-like symptoms are a manifestation of the guilt you feel for choosing Beth over Alice, and even though Alice miraculously survived, you drew a line in the sand that you can't erase, forever altering the dynamic between you and your twin.
You got all that from a blood draw? Kate, I'm serious.
Beth deserved to live.
Do not think that there is not one single minute that goes by that I'm not remembering her.
Her warmth, her spirit Her laugh.
That's weird.
You have Special K in your blood.
Ketamine? Want to tell me how that happened? - I was partying pretty hard last night.
- Partying? Someone must have slipped me something.
I thought you said you were taking real estate classes.
I was.
No one wants to learn about zoning laws sober.
Thank you.
The temporary paralysis was the result of Nocturna injecting you with an animal tranquilizer.
That's got to be her M.
It wasn't really an injection.
It was more like a bite, nibble, lip thing.
- Do you mind? - I'm just saying she had actual fangs that delivered the Ketamine.
You know, like, just when she bit down on my lip Understood and moving on.
Since the encounter was so intimate, we may be able to get something off the suit's UV detection system.
600 watts of 95% UVA and 5% UVB.
Works great for fingerprints, counterfeit money, checking out motel bedspreads.
Yet somehow, Nocturna didn't leave a single trace.
Well, if we can't track her down, maybe we can draw her out.
Please don't say blood drive.
We know she's targeting club goers.
Maybe your little black light will come in handy after all.
- We're having a party.
- We're having a party.
Alice may be gone.
So is the city's trust.
We are hemorrhaging clients, not because we're weak or ineffectual or indecisive.
It's because for the first time in 4 years we have competition.
The city likes Batwoman because she doesn't subscribe to the rules.
It makes her entertaining.
She gets to dress up, cause whatever mayhem she chooses, and zip line away to cheers and adoration.
That is not how protecting a city works, and now there is a new predator on the streets Nocturna.
Let's find this blood-guzzling serial killer before Batwoman does.
Let's remind everyone what real authority actually looks like.
Like you never left.
You know anything about this? Mary's Instagram page? As little as necessary.
Why? She's posting about a grand opening tonight at Kate's bar.
I thought it was still several weeks off.
Probably not the best night for an opening, considering Nocturna's targeting club goers.
You want me to go and keep an eye on things.
You better get it.
Na na na na na na na na Better get it, girl Na na na na na na na na You better get it, girl Na na na na na na na na Better get it, girl Na na na na na na na na You better get it Mary's here.
Did we just lure a vampire to us using a bar full of walking blood bags? Theoretically, yes.
Technically, no.
Think of our high-res facial recognition cameras as a sort of digital garlic.
If Nocturna shows, we'll get her, though so far the most suspicious woman here has 3 outstanding parking tickets.
- Oh.
Uh, wow! - What? Is that Sophie? Na na na na na na na na Better get it, girl Na na na na na na na na You better get it, girl Na na na na na na na na Someone write my obituary because I am dead! Thanks, but I'm just blending in.
I'm here for work.
Well, you are definitely working something.
Come with me.
So that's the Sophie, huh? Yep.
She broke up with you, right? - Ahem.
- Because I'll be in the field.
Wow! Sparkling water With a little vodka.
- Mmm.
Mary - Hmm? I'm working.
Oh, I know.
So does everyone else in here.
You need to chill.
I need to find Nocturna.
She drugged Batwoman last night, nearly killed her.
- I didn't hear that.
- No one did.
Except you.
I'm getting a strong whiff of Earl Grey.
I may have freed her before my guys could bring her in.
- Really? - Tell your dad, and I'll kill you.
Oh, this tea is way too enjoyable for me to squander.
Tequila, please.
What? What? You should No.
Did I just totally cut in between you guys like the rudest person ever? No.
You're fine.
We were just Hi.
Guess who almost wore that exact dress tonight.
I'm glad I didn't.
I would have felt incredibly less than.
I'm sure you would have looked great.
Oh, my God! Fantasia, hi! Mary.
So, Sophie, what do you do? Base to Kate, we've got a legit lead here.
Elle Scantlin, 28, dark hair, arrest record, and works in veterinary medicine.
Which means she has access to Ketamine.
Which one is she? Well, she's The one all over Sophie right now.
Sir, I was just coming to find you.
We were able to grab the surveillance footage from inside the warehouse.
- Do we know who Nocturna is? - Unfortunately no.
Then I have a dozen other things I need to be dealing with.
Sir, I'm the only one who knows about what's on here.
If you choose to do nothing, it can completely vanish, but I do think you need to see it.
If you don't want to see me Did a full 180, crazy Thinking about the way Sophie's just working her, you know, just trying to figure out if it's Nocturna.
Convincingly so.
But look at where I ended up No one is that funny.
She seems to be a little funny.
So we can either sit here and make a reaction video, or you could go out there and figure out who Elle Scantlin is yourself.
I'll look like a jealous ex.
Or a hero who catches a serial killer.
You go if you're so eager.
You're Batwoman! I'm wearing a glow-in-the-dark tie.
Is Sophie doing the nervous napkin fold? Ooh.
Smiling, blushing, folding.
You are never leaving the Batcave again, okay? Crows security, and here you seemed so promising.
Take it you're not one of our clients.
My family used The Crows when I was a kid.
I used to love having Eddie walk me to school and having the guys protect the house.
So what changed? I grew up.
I realized they're more of a status symbol than actual protection, and if I'm going to root for someone who skirts the law and lacks accountability, it's gonna be Batwoman, and the head-to-toe black leather certainly doesn't hurt.
It's not leather actually.
It's bulletproof nanotech.
Supposedly nothing like it on the planet.
Intimate details.
You two ever thrown down? On the house.
Kate, hey.
Thanks for the drink.
- I'm Elle.
- Kate.
Oh, dear.
Mary Hamilton, right? Andi Ostergaard.
- I follow you - Oh.
- Online, not in real life.
- Okay.
So, uh, how do you two know each other? We don't.
We just met.
And we're already having our first fight.
Batwoman pro or con? Batwoman? Ow! Hss.
That is definitely gonna leave a Mark.
Oh, my God.
Blood makes me, uh ohh.
Can I get some water? Ahem.
I'm sorry.
I'm a lightheaded blood wimp.
Everything okay, Kate? I think so.
- Duty calls.
- Be careful with that knife.
- I will.
- I I drive an i8, the new one.
- Oh.
- Never really saw myself as a Beemer chick, but it's pretty sweet.
So you here with anyone? - What? - Mary.
I I was waiting for you outside.
My bad.
I thought that you said by the bar.
Are you guys - Together.
- Oh, my boyfriend's brother.
I'll let you two sort that out.
See you on socials, Mary.
Don't drink and drive.
Ha ha ha! Okay.
Kind of went a long way to make clear I'm not your boyfriend.
Does your tie glow in the dark? - Yes, it does.
- I actually love that.
- It's not her.
- You're positive, or you just got uncomfortable? Who are you talking to? - Kate.
- What? No.
Not you, Kate.
I'm talking to Mary.
- Why are you talking to Mary? - Why are you talking to Kate? I thought you were her real estate assistant.
With a hidden earpiece to direct line into his boss at a club on a Saturday night? Kate's needy.
- Mm-hmm.
- I need you now.
I have to go.
So strange.
- I'll call the GCPD.
- I got it.
Kate, we have a club full of innocent people.
I said I got it.
Where is he? - Where's who? - Mouse.
Where are you keeping him? No idea.
Then this was a waste of my time.
We should talk about what happened.
Talk? Why? Do you think letting me die on a linoleum floor got lost in subtext? I get it, Kate! I mean nothing to you.
The Crows think you're dead.
You've got a second chance, Alice.
You had a second chance to save me, and you didn't take it.
Instead, you chose a complete stranger.
Beth wasn't a stranger.
Don't you get it? She was you, the kind, compassionate, good version of you, the version of you I thought you could be.
The version who couldn't survive despite everything you did to keep her alive.
That's rich.
I guess this is the new normal now.
I hope she was worth it.
What did you tell me from the beginning? Ha ha! "Don't let her in your head, Alice.
She's changing you, Alice".
And what did I do? Answer me, Mouse! What did I do? Exactly My sweet innocent Mouse.
I ignored you.
I said I was in control, I was stronger, I would win her back But I was wrong And my sister let me die.
You're right.
I mustn't let her get in my head.
I can't.
Ha ha! Why should I care what she thinks of me? Why should I care if she doesn't love me? Ohh! Ohh! What about Willow Martin? She fits the physical description, and she has a record.
She was live streaming a concert last night.
Rhonda Chafino is a possibility.
Goth, arrived solo.
Found her puking Tequila shots in the bathroom.
She's going through a breakup.
I'll add her to the no pile.
We gonna talk about this? I know you called the police.
That's what people tend to do when a serial murderer shows up.
We're currently in the process of inviting a serial murderer here now.
Nocturna's different.
She What? You can say it.
She can't get to you the way Alice does.
Luke, whatever hope I had for Alice is gone, and no guilt trip that she can put on me will change that.
Who is that? Natalia Knight, 27.
Adopted by a Charles Knight, who was a janitor at the Gotham Cathedral Church.
He died of a heart attack two weeks ago.
Right before the killing started.
Natalia was born with a unique type of Porphyria? Ok.
She can't be exposed to sunlight, and her kidneys have trouble cleaning her blood.
That's why she needs fresh blood, and if dad was her caretaker and he died Then Natalia was left to her own devices.
Got an address? Nope, but I have Wayne's cameras.
Try to find out where they're going.
You want to top yourself off, be my guest, but pretty soon, my check engine light's gonna go off.
That's how this works.
You've seen my face.
And you've seen mine.
Ha ha! I don't want anyone to know I'm alive, and you don't want anyone to know what you look like, so get your fill, let me go, and, um, no one has to be the wiser.
My fill, Alice, is every last drop So try to relax.
Adrenaline adds a nasty aftertaste.
You're making a big mistake.
Heard all the lines, sweetie.
No, seriously.
See, you are running around Gotham, drinking gas station whiskey when there is a beautiful $500 bottle of Beaujolais just sitting on the shelf.
Okay, Alice.
You can color me intrigued.
We have Crows all over the strip but no leads on Nocturna yet, sir.
I wonder if Batwoman has one.
You working with her? With Batwoman? I've had a few run-ins with her.
Have you ever helped her, and has she helped you? Sir, I assure you I'm a Crow through and through.
You are the last person I expected to see.
Where's Nocturna? Wish I knew.
Unfortunately, I've been a little tied up.
Have a good night.
Uh hello? Ooh, girl, you are a little too drunk for those shoes.
You all right? I'm fine.
I just I need.
Let met get your hair at least.
Thank you.
You're sweet.
Aah! What did she inject me with? Ketamine.
It will wear off soon.
The rope she used on me was red.
I've seen colored ropes like this.
They're bell ropes.
- Bell ropes? - From a church.
Every bell has a different color like notes.
Luke, does Gotham Cathedral have bells? Let me check.
Why did she start to fill these up and then stop? I don't know.
She's fickle.
She's meticulous.
She doesn't leave a victim until they're bone dry.
I'm sorry that my being alive continues to disappoint you.
You're hiding something.
Why didn't she kill you? I told you.
I have no idea.
You should be dead.
I know, Kate.
You did everything in your power to make sure of that.
Gotham Cathedral does have bells.
However, it's abandoned.
Hasn't held mass in over a year.
Headed there now.
Mary, Mary! Hyah! She's lost too much blood.
What's her type? Uh, B-negative.
Looks like I drew the short straw.
You're A-positive, I'm O-negative universal donor.
I don't have a lot left.
It's been a bit of a day.
Should be enough to get her heart started.
You can pull up a chair and watch or go catch Nocturna.
If you so much as Kill her? Look at her.
It's me or nothing.
Your little fantasy is over.
I think it's just starting.
For the record, killing people not sexy.
You see victims.
I see kids with perfect skin, perfect kidneys, perfect lives, who pollute their blood with every toxin they can get their hands on.
- So they deserve to die? - And I do? I never even had a chance.
No! Yes.
I let her go.
Nocturna was on the premises, and I thought Batwoman could help Help us? Do you have any idea what kind of position you put me in here? Answer it.
Sir, it's not important.
I gave you an order! Agent Moore.
Nocturna's on the roof of Gotham Cathedral cuffed.
I have to go.
Sir, we could use the help.
While you were in jail, we practically turned Gotham into a police state in order to find Alice.
We have no accountability.
We're losing the public Enough! Now I woke up today thinking my biggest problem was the masked vigilante running around the city.
It turns out my biggest problem, Moore, is that I no longer trust my second in command.
You need to decide whose team you're on Batwoman's or mine.
Now you take some time to think it over.
You're suspended.
Get out.
How are you doing? I think I'm on a sugar high.
Do you remember anything about last night? I remember Nocturna drugging me and then performing some ritualistic blood sacrifice, and then I passed out.
The next thing you know, Batwoman brought me here and gave me these.
I'm really sorry, Mary.
It's not your fault.
Not to mention, the idea of Batwoman going into a C-store to buy me cookies is semi-priceless.
Ha ha ha! Do you know why Nocturna targeted you? She said the blood from the Desert Rose could cure her condition.
- Desert Rose? - Yeah.
That super-rare cure-all that's supposedly in my blood, though I ran several tests on my own sample last week, and it didn't yield anything extraordinary.
Uh, she knew about your blood.
Honestly, she can have it.
It's cost us all way too many problems.
I will be back later.
You just got here.
How did Nocturna know about the Desert Rose? You mean, how did you know that Nocturna knew about the Desert Rose? Because Mary is alive because, uh, I saved her.
You sent her after Mary.
Of course I did.
It was Mary's life or mine, and someone had to choose me for once.
If you want me to feel guilty, I don't.
I never will, not after everything you've done.
See, I don't believe you.
I think somewhere deep down there's a teeny, tiny part of you that's relieved I lived, that you hadn't quite failed at saving me.
And they call Nocturna a vampire when all you do is feed off my guilt like the parasite you are.
So you're saying that you feel guilty.
What's the end game, Alice? Why'd you save Mary? To prove to you how stupid you were for letting me die.
Stupid? Stupid was thinking that my sister was redeemable.
Stupid was convincing The Crows not to kill you.
Stupid was rescuing you from the Gotham river, convincing Dad that I could get Beth back.
Stupid was thinking that you could ever, ever possibly be worth it.
But maybe I don't want you to give up on me.
Mouse only had two visitors you and a Dr.
What do we know about this Dr.
Campbell? Figured you'd ask.
Gotham's most elite plastic surgeon, 20 years of lipo, rhino.
Now this is interesting.
6 years ago, he took a sabbatical.
When he returned, divorced his wife, started specializing in facial reconstruction of child burn victims.
6 years ago, hmm? What a long and sad tale you have, Dr.
Campbell, or should I perhaps call you August Cartwright? What do you think? Is the caterpillar trying to convince the world that's he's a butterfly? If so I will follow him to you My little Mouse, and together We will pull off his wings.
Put a stake in her.
She is done, Gotham.
Our local two-fanged menace is en route to Arkham thanks to Crows security.
Turns out they didn't need a special undead division for this bust because Nocturna, AKA Natalia Knight, is just your run-of-the-mill mortal with a skin condition and dental implants that injected Ketamine into her victims.
- That said, she did do her damage - Ketamine? You have Special K in your blood.
Ketamine? - Wait.
- I need to find Nocturna.
She drugged Batwoman last night.
With a hidden earpiece to direct line - into his boss? - I have to go.
Kate You are totally Batwoman.
I thought they banned this thing.
They did, but I couldn't exactly slide into your DMs.
See, my boss found out we've been working together.
I have no idea who I am without my job.
I know the feeling.
I mean I'm not even 30, and I'm second in command of one of the biggest security firms in the country.
This is my dream job.
It's all I know.
It's all I've trained for.
I It would be insane to throw everything away for I I get it.
I'll keep my distance.

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