Batwoman (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Grinning From Ear to Ear

1 [Evelyn.]
Duela, hurry up.
It's time to go.
First apply your base, and rub it all around.
Then follow your hollow to shave off the pounds.
Fine-line your lips, to hide that off-putting frown.
Duela, get out here.
We have to go.
Come on.
We're gonna be late.
Duela, I am so not kidding [screams.]
Oh, my gosh, your Your face! Have a good one.
- Mary.
- Hi.
- Super cute boots.
- Thanks.
You're in a good mood.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Where's my cowl? In the shop.
- Giving it a little upgrade.
- Upgrade? - Like x-ray vision? - Nope.
Echolocation? That would've been a really good idea, but no.
- Somebody's in a good mood.
- Am I? [Mary.]
You so are.
Like giddy happy.
I'm not allowed to be happy? You just got suspended from the Crows, so no.
Oh, my God, you're sleeping with someone.
I'm not sleeping with anyone.
But can we please pause for a moment to appreciate that those words actually came out of your mouth? Okay, fine, hooking up with.
We shared a moment.
With? With? If you tell anyone, it'll take me an hour to hide your body.
No, you didn't.
It was a peck.
That lasted several minutes.
Batwoman can't have a girlfriend.
It was a kiss, Luke.
Last night.
Then what? You really wanna know the answer to that? Does she know who you are? I have no idea.
Which, I admit, is a little strange, but You said you knew who she was.
I thought I did.
I was wrong.
Like, really, really wrong.
So you seriously have no idea? No.
- Wait, do you? - No.
You get Sophie off you, now you swap spit with her.
- I don't think you know what kissing is.
- I don't think you know why Batman pushed people away.
You realize the moment anyone knows Batwoman cares about Sophie, it puts a target on her back? She becomes a liability.
- Nobody needs to find out.
- Doesn't mean they won't, Kate.
[cell phone vibrates.]
She totally just texted you, didn't she? - She wants to meet at my place later.
- Mm! I'm leaving now.
Have fun.
And, Sophie.
I'm happy for you.
"Alice, aka Jane Doe 7113, the deranged leader of the Wonderland Gang, was fatally gunned down last week in a motel parking lot by an unidentified shooter.
No services are planned at this time"? [scoffs.]
I'm sorry, this is my obituary? "Mentally deranged leader"? That's my synopsis? A tiny little blurb below the fold? [exhales.]
I survived captivity for 11 years, escaped and enacted the perfect revenge.
- What took you so long? - Wanted to get a clear shot of him.
That's not the face I see in my nightmares, but I'd recognize that pipe anywhere.
Even in the dark.
It's him.
As you know, some wacko dubbed The Executioner blew a hole in the city's corrupt court system.
And I blew a hole in him.
What's your point? It forced the DA's office to reopen a bunch of his old cases, funnel them through a new judge.
But you know this new judge.
Davis Wellington? Crows contracts dating back to 2004.
My client hopes that you call the judge and get him to move his case up.
Why would I do that? Because my client's Reggie Harris.
And you owe him your life.
- Thank you.
- You're better to me alive, puppy dog.
Reggie is an opportunist using this cabal nonsense as a get-out-of-jail-free card.
He confessed to gunning down Lucius Fox in a C-store robbery.
That confession was coerced by a corrupt GCPD cop.
That's not a Crows problem.
Based on some whispers my client heard in the slammer about this place, the Crows have some secrets of their own.
That almost sounded like a threat.
It is.
Let's not turn it into more.
Call the judge, get him to move Reggie's court date up.
Or this place gets blown open the same way the DA's office did.
I leave gold on the floor wherever I go Yeah, I'm killing it, I'm killing it I'm stealing the show Words fall out my mouth And they break the door Like, ooh, na-na-na-na-na So we're at the beat And everybody boom, boom Your eyes on me Make your body vroom-vroom I break the rules, but I make the rules Like, ooh, na-na-na-na-na Lekka to be me, strong and free Doing what I do Do what I do, what I do now Hey, hey, hey Mm, mm, mm This is definitely a first.
Me too, actually.
So, um do you wanna come inside? I can't.
I came here to tell you that this has to end.
- Before you get hurt.
- I can take care of myself.
This is different.
I have enemies.
If they connected us, they could use you against me.
Well, I won't tell them if you don't.
You know it's not that simple.
So, what do you suggest? That we walk away.
So walk.
I can't help that I wanna do bad things Bad things, bad things [door opens.]
Someone's here.
I'm on it.
I got it.
[clattering and footsteps.]
Give your own mother a heart attack.
Mom, what are you doing here? Surprising you.
Next time I'll call first.
[suitcase rolling.]
We're locking up.
I'm on the phone.
My company's valuation is twice that much.
I don't care about fixed capital.
Look at our intangible assets, i.
My brand.
My image.
You can't put a price on that.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
They had no budget for this photo shoot, and it's starting to show.
Hello? Is anyone there? Not even like a janitor or someone? [glass shatters.]
Who's there? [screams.]
[grunts, then lock clattering.]
Talk about the unkindest cut.
Social media influencer Kimberly Wright was the victim of a brutal face-slashing last night.
GCPD suspect this is now the second social media influencer attacked by the serial slash-onista.
Talk to me, Gotham.
Where's the dislike button when you need it? How'd it go with Sophie? Sophie.
Um Ahem.
Uh Well, she It was really cold and it was a bit hard to hear, and then her mom just showed up out of nowhere.
So the dog ate my breakup? There is a lunatic with a box cutter targeting kids.
We need to focus.
Already on it.
Kimberly Wright described her attacker as a woman in her 20s, who wore a hoodie and a surgical mask.
That's why the GCPD can't ID her.
Interestingly, neither of the victims had any stab wounds.
She went after their face.
Their face is their brand.
Their business.
This is personal.
- Where you off to? - To see the only Instaface I care about.
Yeah, and it's all my feed is talking about.
Even Kylie Q is threatening to go web-silent out of respect.
Thank you, doctor.
Are you okay? [sighs.]
I mean, I barely knew Kimberly.
But still, it's pretty freaky.
And don't worry, my fan base left when my stepdad supposedly killed my mom.
- So I am hardly worth the data.
- Good.
Not about the fan base.
I mean, that sucks.
Do you anyone in that circle that could be a target? Well, it depends on who you ask.
I mean, everybody knows that Kimberly Wright has Miley McGinn's nose.
Except me, apparently.
Same corrective surgery.
Shape, slope, length.
I mean, it's a thing.
People were even whispering maybe Miley had something to do with the attack.
Pissed that Kimberly stole her nose.
But if you think about it, Miley copied Mia's cheekbones.
And Mia and Xena have the same chin, which I believe belonged to Ariana at one point.
Anyway, I am sure there's a who's who of potential victims in Dr.
Campbell's waiting room as we speak.
- Dr.
Ethan Campbell? - Yeah.
The only plastic surgeon in this city worth going to.
Not that I would know.
Actually, if you're looking into this because you own a real estate firm and these women are most likely future property buyers Exactly.
I'm around if you need a side person.
I mean, I'm a DM away from half these girls.
I'd be happy to poke around for some clues or whatever.
It's probably safest if you stayed out of it.
I might ask someone to drop by Campbell, just give him a heads up.
I can do it.
I mean, I'm a med student where he lectures.
So now that I think about it, my vast array of medical knowledge could come in handy in endless scenarios.
I'm good, Mary.
Thank you.
Okay Well, I'm happy to help.
Bye, Mary.
You and your husband separate, and you didn't think to call me? - I thought it was best to let the dust settle.
- Where is my phone? I will tell Tyler all the ways he's making the biggest mistake of his life.
Mom, stop.
It's not like that.
- It was me.
- You? I, um I fell out of love with him.
You fell out of love with a handsome, decorated, capable man who always sent me flowers on my birthday.
Why don't you give me the real story? Mom, that is the real story.
Well, Jacob Kane called.
He told me about your suspension.
So that's why you're in town.
This isn't some motherly I-missed-you visit.
More of a please-don't-end-up-under-a-bridge visit.
How are you going to pay the rent? By working at a place that aligns with my values.
I don't see eye to eye with the Crow's way of doing things anymore.
Oh, please don't tell me you wish they were more like the GCPD.
- More like Batwoman.
- [groans.]
She is someone who represents all of Gotham.
The poor, the rich and in-between.
She's saved my life on several occasions She is a damn criminal who gets away with it.
You never had a problem with Batman.
- You thought he was cute.
- Batman was different.
How, Mom? How was Batman different? He represented values I actually believed in.
You mean he's not gay.
I don't have a lot of time, - so we should probably make this quick.
- You okay? My mom.
She [sighs.]
I'm 28 years old, I have two degrees and own a condo on a river, and I spend every waking moment wondering if she's proud of me.
And if she were to find out about this? Upside of having to hide it? She won't.
- So, what's up? - I did some digging.
And I think that Gotham's serial slasher is targeting patients from a plastic surgeon by the name of Ethan Campbell.
I know him.
His affidavit cleared my boss of murder charges.
That's why I'm here.
I need you to find out what he knows.
I have no authority.
The Crows suspended me.
Does Campbell know that? The last victim of the slasher was also a patient of yours.
Mia Cortez.
We're worried the next victim could be a name on one of those files.
Kimberly Wright told every one of her 10 million followers about her nose job.
So if it's a case of jealousy, you have a lot of names to sift through.
One theory is she's targeting copycat surgeries.
- Have you ever? - Cut a smile into a patient's face? No, Agent Moore.
I certainly have not.
Then maybe she's not targeting copycats.
Maybe she's making copycats.
By inflicting her victims with the same scars she has? Have you ever treated a woman with this type of scarring? Huh.
Actually, yes.
Eight years ago.
A teenage girl was brought to me with a psychiatric rap sheet as long as my arm.
And the worst self-inflicted scars I've ever seen.
She cut her own face? Yes, she did.
Duela Dent, what can you find on her? [Luke on comm.]
Daughter of Evelyn.
Father unknown.
Her Uncle Harvey is a beloved ADA.
She was just released from a mental health facility.
How did you get her name? Bat sources, okay? Would these Bat sources be of the tall, dark and girlfriend material variety? I'm choosing to ignore that.
I found something.
It's her hit list.
Run the name Myrtis Dinker.
Myrtis Dinker.
No Myrtis Dinker.
Oh! Uh I have an idea.
Press the red button on your right gauntlet.
Your left gauntlet.
[clicks, then whirring.]
- That was your upgrade? - Cowl-cam.
- What do you think? - Use this without my permission - and I'll find a new place to put my Batarang.
- Yeah, copy that.
Running the image now.
And? [beeping, then chiming.]
I'm still working out the bugs.
[door slams.]
[woman groaning.]
[Evelyn whimpers.]
- You're okay.
It's okay.
- [Evelyn sobbing.]
It's okay.
- [stammering.]
- I'm gonna go get you help.
Just [both grunting.]
Come any closer and I turn my mom into a Pez dispenser.
Duela, you don't need to do this.
And she didn't have to force me to be someone I'm not.
Someone I hate.
Someone I can't even look at.
So I'm gonna go, and you're gonna need a mop.
- [Evelyn gasping.]
- No! No.
- Stay with me.
Stay with me.
- [gasping.]
- It's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
- [gurgles.]
I have spent hours upon hours cooking up all the ways that I could torture that vile man.
Now that he's right here, right under my nose, I You're blocked.
Exactly, Dr.
I am blocked.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
It's a normal reaction.
Victims held in physical and emotional captivity oftentimes revert back to the age they were held when facing their captor.
So, what are you saying? I don't find closure? No, of course not.
But you clearly have unresolved fear.
My fear is that I will kill him instantly.
Forgetting to relish in his slow and painful demise.
- Those are just your defenses talking.
- I don't have defenses.
If you don't mind, in my professional opinion, I see you're putting up a hard, blustery exterior.
But the truth is you are still terrified of this man.
You are still just a little girl.
And you know when you confront him face-to-face that he will find a way to regain that power over you once again.
So then shrink me.
Hm? What do I do? I suggest an emotional shield.
A third person that acts as a buffer between you and the abuser.
You have been incredibly helpful, Dr.
I do wish we could've made this a weekly affair.
No, please.
No, I won't tell anyone you're alive.
I won't tell anyone.
Please! Please, don't.
I won't tell anyone.
Well, well, Dr.
Fix-Me threatened with a lawsuit by a 16-year-old who did not consent to the restorative plastic surgery he performed on her.
Hm What an interesting little psychopath.
[metal clanking.]
How long are you gonna keep me here? As long as it takes for you to come to your senses.
- Alice will find me.
- Mm.
Alice is dead.
I shot her.
- Son - No, no.
you're better off without her.
All she ever did was put your life in danger to advance her own agenda.
All I've done is protect you from the cruelty of the world.
The only thing cruel in my world is you.
- You think that way now - [gas hissing.]
but in time you'll come to see the truth.
Get away.
What are you doing? What are you doing to me? What are you doing? [gasping.]
You wanted to see me, sir? Our favorite ambulance chaser Bobby Reeves stopped by.
He's poking around a murder case your team ran point on.
Hard to forget.
Harris gunned down Lucius Fox and a cashier at a Sip & Dash.
What's the problem? We turned him over to the GCPD.
Yeah, to Stu Donnelly.
The officer accused of coercing confessions in at least 21 cases.
We handed a lot of perps over to Donnelly, commander.
- Are we saying they're all innocent? - You don't find it unusual that the Sip & Dash's four security cameras weren't working in the five-hour window when the robbery took place? Only thing I find unusual is Lucius Fox was a hero to this city, and people are trying to set his killer free.
I was wondering when you were gonna hit me up about the slasher case.
How did you know? Because I am smart and perceptive.
Two traits people often overlook.
Anyway, I was hoping that you could help me ID someone.
Someone that doesn't pop up in my facial recognition system.
Oh! That's Veronica May.
- You're sure? - Yeah.
Apparently she changed her name after high school.
And if my name was Myrtis Dinker, I would too.
And I'm guessing the reason why her face stumped your Bat-tech is because that's not her nose anymore.
- Or her chin.
- Any idea how I can find her? Well, she pretty much lives onboard the May-Mobile.
- The what? - It's part makeover truck, part rolling billboard for her makeup line.
Just look for the gaudiest thing on the road.
[Batwoman on comm.]
We need to find that cosmetics truck.
I appreciate that, but a truck in Gotham, kind of a needle in a haystack.
The needle is hot pink.
That narrows it down.
Let me run a color filter on the satellite.
[computer beeping.]
We've got an ice cream truck, an unfortunate paint job on a Lambo [chiming.]
That's not good.
[motorcycle tires screech.]
[engine stops.]
Duela's been here.
No sign of Veronica.
Hold up.
I think I got company.
- You shouldn't be here.
- Neither should you.
I've been listening into the Crows radio.
They'll be here any minute.
I'm not leaving until I find every single person that was in that truck.
Looks like Duela forced them into another vehicle.
Why here? - [keyboard clacking.]
- Uh, Veronica's skincare line is made - at the plant down the road.
- [helicopter whirs.]
You by the truck, - get your hands in the air.
- We have to get out of here.
- Let's get out of here now.
Come on.
- [sirens blaring.]
- Get on.
- Wait, what? - Get on.
- [motorcycle engine starts.]
[engine revs, then tires screech.]
What the hell are you doing? [gasps.]
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have a problem with people stealing medical supplies? Because, um - Hi.
- I thought I made it clear how I felt about you when I left you to die.
You did, but then I saved your life and now you owe me, so Did Batwoman not tell you? Not tell me what? After Nocturna drained your blood, you were on death's door.
I found you and revived you with my own.
Meaning I literally pumped life back into your veins.
I need a bleach transfusion.
- Aw.
I'll take that as a thank-you.
- Why would you do that? Let's just say it was more about Batwoman and less about you.
Thanks for the goods.
Do you know who she is? Batwoman? - Of course I do.
- [gasps.]
Oh do you not? Sad.
- Guess you two aren't really pals after all.
- [snaps fingers.]
[woman screaming.]
Duela, stop.
Let me down.
I'm helping you, Veronica.
Oh! [laughs.]
I mean, Myrtis.
[Veronica whimpering.]
Oh, my God.
Look, you made your point, okay? I wasn't a great friend after the incident, but honestly, I was afraid of you.
Because I was finally happy? Happy people don't slice their faces open.
What do they do? Hm? Shave a bone off their nose? Slit their eyelids open, stab needles into their lips? You know, the only difference between you and me is that I got institutionalized, and you got famous.
My mother wanted me to be you.
Put me down, you psycho! It's time to show the world what I see when I look at Veronica May.
- No, Duela, stop! Please! Don't! - [machinery powering up.]
- [clanking.]
- No! Going somewhere? [both grunting.]
[machinery groaning.]
[Veronica screams.]
Tell me someone got that on camera.
So should I take Veronica up on her offer to share an Uber? Call me crazy, but I felt like we made a good team in there.
- We did.
- But? How do you see this playing out? Dinner, movie, I take you back to my cave? You live in a cave? Cold concrete beneath my back I don't know.
I guess I haven't really thought about it.
If I were to tell you who I am right now - would you wanna know? - What? Because once that happens, I'm no longer a secret.
I'm a face.
A person.
A woman.
And I bring all the complications that come with that.
So do you wanna be in a real relationship, or do you wanna be with someone you can keep secret? Because we can never be more than this.
And that shouldn't be enough.
You're right.
As long as I'm with a woman who wears a mask, I'll always be wearing one myself.
I think I have some things I need to figure out.
When you're down I'll let the GCPD know about Duela.
- When you're down, down, down - When you're down Goodbye, Sophie.
Nowhere to go No further to fall When you're on the floor And you're already down - Down, down, down - When you're down, when you're down - Down, down, down - When you're down, when you're down - Down, down, down - When you're down [door slams.]
Who's there? Please! Help untie me, please.
- Who's there? - An ally.
You and I were both wronged by the same man.
He took my adolescence, just like he took your smile.
I will get revenge for both of us.
But first, I'm gonna need a little something from you.
You wanna explain this? It's a bank statement.
I know it's a bank statement.
I don't know why the Crows sent a Sip & Dash $50,000 after the Lucius Fox murder.
It says right here, Code 501.
A restoration courtesy payment for us trashing the place when we arrested Harris.
So this money has nothing to do with the lost security footage? You don't really think a Crow would destroy evidence? [door opens, then closes.]
Like the hunter on his prey Once you think you got me trapped I make my escape I thought Dispatch said she was locked up.
- I'm coming out of my cage - Ah! - I'm coming out of my cage - Ah! Duela.
How did you get in here? Just flashed that pretty smile you gave me.
- What's you got? - Hold tight.
Over here.
Is that the slasher? - I'm coming out of my cage - Ah! I'm coming out of my Lord have mercy.
I'm finally perfect.
You shouldn't be here, Duela.
You got the wrong girl.
No, you're dead.
I I shot you.
Again, you got the wrong girl.
You like taking things from children, don't you? Well we're all grown up now and here for a little payback.
I'm coming out of my cage Moore.
It's me.
I may question your decision-making when it comes to Batwoman, but I've never questioned your integrity.
And at the moment, I need it more than ever.
I think the Crows have a major problem.
I'll explain when you call me back.
[door opens.]
Not sure how charging $5 for a coffee is not a criminal offense.
I think you're gonna need something stronger.
I lied to you the other day.
That's what I do now.
I lie.
I lie so much I don't even realize I'm doing it anymore.
Oh, Sophie.
What lie? [sighs.]
I didn't break up with Tyler because I fell out of love with him.
I broke up with Tyler because I was never in love with him.
Sweetheart, I need you to start making sense.
- When I was at Point Rock - Mm-hm.
I met someone.
And for the first time I was happy.
Really, really, happy.
And I wanna find that again.
Then go find him, honey.
Go find him.
It wasn't a him, Mom.
It was a her.
For years I kept it a secret.
I thought I could have both.
The version of me that my school and family could be proud of and the version of me who knew who she was.
I try not to hold my breath So the good Lord didn't make it hard enough on you? I'm scared of my future I'm scared of the past Not enough to be a woman of color, not enough to come from nothing, not enough to have to prove your damn worth to the world every time you wanna be part of it, huh? You gotta add this on top of it? I didn't ask for this.
Just like I didn't ask for any of those things.
But each of them make me who I am.
Why am I only hearing about it now? Because I didn't want you to look at me the way you're looking at me now.
Oh, Sophie.
I am so sorry about that, sweetheart.
I can feel the changes coming What did you expect disappointment to look like? - Whoa - Ooh - What I've been, what I'm becoming - Oh, oh, oh [Mary.]
You look like you had a long night.
More like a really long day.
If you wanna talk about it, if you wanna talk about anything, you know I'm here, right? I lost a piece of real estate I had my heart set on.
But it wasn't the right move.
Timing was off.
All the others here and now Huh.
Do you remember the day that you came back to Gotham? I threw you that welcome home party, and then six hours later I was stitching up your shoulder, telling you that I owned an illegal clinic? Of course I remember.
It never once occurred to me that you'd tell my mom or your dad that I was living a double life.
Or that you'd try to shut me down, or tell me I could get sued, or kicked out of school, or arrested.
I knew I didn't have to worry about you judging me.
Because I trusted you.
So I hope one day that you feel the same way about me.
What do you want? For you to drop the act.
And the face.
I thought I would never have to see you again.
But I was wrong.
I see this face every night as I go to sleep, and every morning as I wake, and sometimes when I close my eyes and shake too long.
If you're gonna kill me, do it.
Kill me.
- Get it over with.
- Shh! We mustn't speak of such nonsense.
I would never kill you.
At least not with these nimble little fingers.
What do you want? My brother Mouse.
Surely you have him, and I want him.
So where is he? [laughing.]
- Why is that so funny? - [laughing continues.]
What? Yeah.
I will tell you where you can find your precious Mouse.
- [gas hissing.]
- [gasping.]
[gasping, then screams.]

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