Batwoman (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Off With Her Head

You got it? Uh-oh.
Looks like there's no room for you girls.
Well, I guess I'll just have to give a few of these presents away to make room in the back.
- Very funny, Daddy.
- We can go with Mom.
Oh, I see.
Now that you're officially young women, you're making your own decisions.
Then I will see you both at home.
- Great party, honey.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- See you at home.
All right.
Now, there was one gift that couldn't fit in his car.
Awesome! It's our birthstone.
Red is a very symbolic color.
It's the color of love, but it's also the color of passion, courage, war.
At one point or another, you're going to have to wrestle with all of these emotions, and what defines your character is you how you balance them.
So keep me close to your heart because I'll be thinking of you when I wear mine.
Mazel tov.
I'm so proud of you.
K, I don't see your car.
Can you flash your lights or something? A creepy guy is following me.
What? You won't even talk with me? Just leave me alone.
No one with those legs wants to be left alone, huh? Come on.
I'm friendly.
I'm not.
This just became a party.
Agh! You okay? Unh! What a dick.
Oh, my God! I'd ask for a selfie, but I think you're needed elsewhere.
Next time.
What couldn't you tell me over the phone? I need you to promise you won't kill him.
Kill who? That didn't sound like a promise.
Kate, open the damn door.
- How'd you find him? - He was left.
- By whom? - I will tell you everything, but first, I need you to drink this.
Drink it.
Trust me.
I think Alice found him and left him for me.
Alice is dead.
That's the thing.
She's not.
Mouse? Mouse, where are you? "Oh, dear.
I shall be too late".
Stay away from me! Mouse, it's me.
The Caterpillar told me where to find you.
You're dead.
You're dead.
You're dead! Help! Mouse! Cartwright thought he killed me, but he was wrong.
It was someone else, another woman who fooled you.
I'm here now.
What's the secret password? "Are there any lions and tigers about here?" "It's only the Red Queen snoring".
See? It's me, your beloved sister.
Now what is this place? This This used to be her house.
Whose house? The Queen.
The Queen of Hearts.
You moved your things out of the attic? How long is she gonna be staying with us? Johnny, that's no way to talk.
Your grandmother can't live on her own anymore.
Put that bucket away, Alice.
Alice! The bucket goes away.
It's fine.
Stay inside.
I'll just pull this thing through the cold myself.
Hello, Mother.
Welcome home.
Your dear mother is carting an oxygen tank, and you greet her with an open flame? Ah.
I can take a hint.
And who's this handsome young boy? Hi, Grandma.
Uh, Johnny, get your grandmother's bags.
You fixed his scar beautifully.
When are you gonna fix this? Oh, Mother, you're still as beautiful as can be.
And this must be the girl.
My name is Alice.
So pleased, Your Majesty.
Well, aren't you a curious thing with your milky young complexion? I like your purse.
And I like your necklace.
Where did you get that? Oh.
Um, I don't actually remember.
I saw Beth's body.
She was dead! I know what you saw.
All that matters is that it wasn't our Beth.
Well, what are you saying, that the girl on the metal slab was an impostor? Or another skin pirate minion.
Gotham has seen crazier things.
In fact, there's one right in front of us now.
Turns out the bastard who makes faces in his basement also masquerades around Gotham's elite as the city's beloved plastic surgeon.
Right under our nose.
We need to call the GCPD and get him arrested.
Based on what? Some crazy horror story you and I tell the very same police commissioner who wrongly accused me of murder no less than 4 months ago? - It's the truth.
- Which can only be corroborated by a lunatic, who everyone in Gotham thinks is dead.
We need to think this through.
What do you suggest, we kill him, bury his body, and go on with our lives? Rise and shine, you son of a bitch.
I was expecting Alice.
Well, you got one meaner.
Do you want me to start with your nose or your kneecaps? Who is "Mommy Dearest"? Heh heh heh.
Well Alice is playing games against the master of games.
I'm not going to let her win.
You don't know Alice like I do.
I know I spent the last 6 years fooling Gotham, your late wife, and the both of you.
What is the Caterpillar doing? Why would your own father lock you here and poison you like this? He wanted me to see the truth.
What are you talking about? The toxin he wanted me to unlock my greatest fear, and as it turns out, you psychotic bitch, my greatest fear is you! Unh! Mouse stop.
What are you doing? You destroyed our family, - and now - No.
- Your greatest fear - No.
Will destroy you.
No, no, no.
- Ohh! - Off with your head! So pop by in a week, and I'll see how you're healing, okay? - Thank you.
- Of course.
So this is the clinic I've heard so much about.
You're here.
So I called because I have Beth news.
- Uh, where's Kate? - I figured you'd also call her.
Aren't you, like, her keeper? Aren't you, like, her sister? I got a lead on Beth's murderer.
- That guy killed Beth? - No.
He came in for a flu shot, but he saw our flyer.
Dog - Just Mad Dog.
- Yeah.
Well, just tell him what you told me.
Saw the car you're looking for.
- Okay.
This seems legitimate.
- Where was it? Junkyard off the 30 at Green.
Same color, same partial plates.
You didn't think to take a picture, Mad Dog? - You got a problem with that? - No.
We believe you.
Thank you.
Pretty sure you just gave a thousand bucks to a guy with a face tattoo.
He is our first lead towards finding Beth's killer.
You're really dragging me to this junkyard? Technically, you're driving.
After so many years apart, the only way my son and I could start our life anew was if he believed Alice was his enemy who destroyed our family.
He was quite suggestible to the idea after I used a little concoction from an old colleague.
You may have heard of him.
Jonathan Crane? Fear toxin.
Scarecrow's M.
Triggers your greatest fear.
And now Alice is his.
Much like the rest of Gotham, Mouse thinks that Alice is dead.
Seeing his greatest fear manifested in front of him, Mouse will undoubtedly snap.
My guess is by now he's dosing her with insurmountable amounts of the hallucinogen himself.
Unless adrenaline is administered soon, she'll be gone forever.
Where is she? I'll tell you where she is in return for my freedom.
Not happening.
Alice until now has been focused.
Her plans are always calculated, pointed.
Collateral damage is minimized, but this type of chemical exposure will undo all of that.
Any wisps of sanity Alice is clinging to will dissolve in the wind.
If she doesn't jump off the nearest rooftop, well, then I imagine she'll unravel completely, out herself to Gotham in the process of going nuclear.
I would hate to be in the blast radius when that happens.
Dad, stop! Stop, Dad! Dad! Unh! If you kill him, then we are no better than he is.
Not to mention you'll never find out where Alice is being tortured.
I can only imagine the darkness she has inside of her.
I have a feeling I know exactly who's paying her a visit.
Who? Mommy Dearest.
I beg pardon, Your Majesty.
Put it there, girl.
I was as beautiful as you once.
You're still beautiful, ma'am.
I'm a circus act.
Leashed to this can of air like it's my damn dog.
You have no idea how lucky you are.
I wasted my life with a man who never loved me and took too long to die.
Now not only am I alone, I'm alone and old.
I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
Have you ever made tea, Alice? I have.
Then you ought to know how to keep it from being so sweet! I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
I thought you wanted it sweet.
You were wrong.
Hold out your hands.
I thought you wanted it sweet.
I thought you wanted it sweet! I said hold out your hands, girl! - No, please.
- Palms up! No.
I swear I didn't How many times have I told you? If it's too hot for the hands, it's too hot for the lips.
You changed your hair.
Why would you change your hair? No.
I kept it short just as you like it.
You colored it.
It was so pretty.
What did you do, Alice? You were such a pretty girl.
No, no, no.
I love my hair.
- Please don't.
- Your hair wants cutting! I'm sorry.
Please stop it.
We're out of cream! I assure you I brought cream.
Why are we out of cream, Alice? I'll find some.
I'll go now.
I'll find some.
No, no, no.
No, no.
We can't have run out.
No, no.
There's no cream.
We haven't any cream.
What are you doing here? Why is this locked? Why are you here? I need cream for the Queen's tea.
There's no cream out here.
I'm desperate.
She hates me.
Mother doesn't hate you.
She does hate me because I am young and beautiful and she's old and haggard.
It was my mother who siphoned her happiness, snuffed her spark, beat her so hard and so often that eventually it was easier for Alice to be numb than human.
I imagine now in the throes of Alice's madness my mother is once again calling for her tea.
You threw Beth in a cellar and taught her how to carve up faces, but Mommy is the bad guy? Nice try.
I am gonna find her, and then I'm gonna skin you alive.
This is his.
Trace it, see if we can find out where he led Alice.
How about a glass of water? How about not? Is that why Alice told me to ask about Mommy Dearest? Because your mom was the one that broke her? She wanted you to hear her story and get you to kill me.
She wanted to break you, too.
You're wrong.
She knows I would never kill anyone.
Because you're so different? We are different.
Then be merciful.
Give me water.
I'll tell you where she is.
You never knew my real sister.
The girl I grew up with was kind and good, had a soft spot for people who didn't necessarily deserve it.
Now tell me where Alice is.
You'll never find her! So you paid a guy a thousand bucks to tell you there's a car in a junkyard.
How much will you give me if I tell you there's sand at the beach? Okay.
Why don't we chase down one of the leads that you've generated? So you don't happen to have a cool, gadgety thingamado to help us narrow down the search, do you, you know, from work? Sorry.
How would a real estate gadget help with this exactly? - Forget it.
- Okay.
Obviously, Mad Dog was high on something, and if we put faith in anything that he said, we're just as high as he was.
So if you were gonna get high, where would you go? No idea because I wouldn't.
But if you were, you would go somewhere where it was warm.
Oh! It's got to be around here somewhere.
That's the only car that still has its tires on it.
And the color matches.
And the plate's a match.
This is me apologizing for ever doubting you.
Is that it? It's the same caliber that killed Beth.
Oh! Hold this.
I don't know what you're selling, but please put me on your do not call list.
Mary, I need your help.
Batwoman? I'm sorry.
Batwoman's calling you? How do I close a severe neck wound? - Yours? - No, no, he's a bad guy.
He has information that I need.
Can you get him to a hospital? Would I be calling if I could? Right.
Is it the carotid artery? Carotid artery? Is she okay? Is the blood flow pulsing, rhythmic? - No.
- Okay.
Then it's not the carotid artery, but you still need to close the wound.
Do you have a needle and thread? Uh uh I have a staple gun.
Wouldn't be my first choice.
Here goes nothing.
Uh, how do I know if it worked? Slowly release your fingers from the pressure point.
- Anything? - No.
Nothing's coming out.
Does he have a pulse? Yes.
I mean, I think that's a good thing.
You said he was a bad guy.
He's still gonna need treatment.
Uh, thanks, Mary.
Of course.
Any time.
Literally any time.
I'm here just waiting to be beckoned.
What what is happening? Sorry.
Doctor-vigilante confidentiality.
"I'm so very tired of being all alone here".
You're alone because no one cared enough to find you.
No one came for you then, and no one will come for you now.
That's not true.
That's not true! No.
Alice, I'm here.
I'm here.
- You're here.
- I'm here, and no one can hurt you.
Get away from her.
We can help her.
She can be saved.
She's a lost cause, and the world is better off with her dead.
No, no, no.
You know that's not true, Kate.
All the pain, all the misery, all the hurt is because of her! You're right.
She's not worth it, and she never will be.
No! Don't leave me! Don't leave me, Kate! Daddy, wait.
Kate, stop.
Don't don't leave me.
Don't leave me again.
Don't leave me! No, no, no! Don't leave me! Clearly, you would rather die than help me, and the longer you sit there, the less likely those staples are gonna hold, and you die anyway.
Looks like you're in a bit of a conundrum.
You're right.
I am, so I'm gonna give you something to live for.
Your freedom.
Why do I have a hard time believing you? I am offering you a free pass out of here.
And the second I tell you where she is, what's to stop you from killing me? Me because I am not a killer.
- Yet.
- You don't know me, so let me tell who I am.
I am everything you stripped away from my sister hope, honor, integrity.
I'm what she would have been if not for you.
I'm giving you an out.
Tell me where she is.
She's at 614 Williams Street.
He tell you that? We cut a deal.
Let me know if he's telling the truth.
I don't get it.
I'm not getting any hits on this license plate.
Are you sure you entered it right? Yeah.
Pretty sure I typed in all 6 digits correctly the first 5 times I entered them.
What are you doing? Um, I was just curious about "The International Periodical of Technology and Innovation" volume 2.
Got a book report due? Well, I could have finished reading it in the time it's taken you to find one license plate.
I thought you were, like, Kate's tech guru.
I've been searching active registrations.
I didn't search inactive.
I got something.
Uh, looks like the plates expired 20 years ago.
Whose car is it? Well, the car was last registered to - What? - Mabel Cartwright, August Cartwright's mother.
We need to call Kate.
Aah! I can't.
I can't I can't do this again! I can't Be locked away.
"And she began by taking the little golden key" "And unlocking the door that led into into the garden".
No! Alice, please, no.
Get away from me! You're not real.
I'm real.
Alice it's me.
Aah! Adrenaline.
It's Adrenaline.
It nullifies the toxin.
You're okay now.
Daddy? Where's Kate? Waiting outside with her hand on the door? She's with Cartwright.
She was the one who got him to tell us where you were.
And you came running.
Why? Because I care and to keep you hanging on to whatever sense of sanity you have left.
Well, I take it if Cartwright's still alive he hasn't gotten to the part in the story about Mommy Dearest.
Oh, he told us everything.
His mother sounded like a treat.
His mother? Is that who you think this is about? Where's Mabel right now? Your sister didn't tell you? Tell me what? Mother died years ago.
So you were driving her car.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Did you shoot a woman who you believed to be my sister? Answer me.
We made a deal.
Hmm? I talk, I walk out of here alive.
Did you shoot a woman in a motel parking lot who you believed to be Alice? She looked exactly like her.
The face, the eyes.
Of course you did.
Ergh! Of course it was you! I swore it was her.
Even wore a necklace that matched those damned earrings.
What did you just say? What necklace matched what earrings? The ones my mother so coveted and caused all the problems.
What earrings? How do they look? Where did you get those? They were a gift from my son.
That was the moment I remembered where I got my necklace.
It was meant to match Mother's earrings So that Kate and I could always keep her close to our heart.
How did Cartwright know about Gabi's earrings? Trust me, Daddy.
Some things are better left Alice, tell me where he got the damn earrings! Exactly where you think.
My mother wanted a fresh start.
She begged for your mother's face from the day I fished it out of the river, and as she got older, her obsession only got worse, but I kept pushing it off, knowing it would cause trouble when she took on the face of a dead woman, but it gave her something to live for.
Your mother was a beautiful woman, Kate.
It would have been a pity for her to go to waste.
The tea's gone cold.
I said I need you to warm this tea.
Consider it a pleasure.
What the hell are you doing? Long live the Queen.
You stole everything from me! Egggh! Red is a very symbolic color.
It's the color of love.
It's also the color of passion, courage, war.
At one point or another, you're going to have to wrestle with all of these emotions, and what defines your character is how you balance them.
Come on.
Come on! Live! Come on! Live! Help me.
No, no.
He can't be dead.
Kate, what did you do? Please, Dad.
Save him.
Wake up, you son of a bitch! Kate.
"'Oh, I've had such a curious dream', said Alice, "And she told her sister all these strange adventures of hers, and when she had finished, her sister kissed her and said, 'It was a curious dream, dear.
Now run in to your tea.
It's getting late'.
So Alice got up and ran off, thinking while she ran" "What a wonderful dream it had been".
Congratulations, Daddy.
Now both your daughters are killers.
Died 7 years ago.
Burned to death in a house fire right around the time Cartwright disappeared.
And the next time he crawls out of the woodwork, - he kills Beth.
- We should have seen this coming.
Don't make this harder by blaming yourself.
That's easier said that done after watching Beth die in my arms.
If I know, Kate, she won't rest till she brings that monster to justice.
I thought I found the balance, Bruce, but I was wrong.
I crossed the line, and now I'm the very thing I've been fighting against.
Can I get one on the house? Ahh.
We're gonna need this with the night we have ahead of us.
What do you mean? Last time I checked, bodies don't bury themselves.

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