Batwoman (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

Through the Looking-Glass

1 So the monster who ripped this family apart all those years ago has brought us all back together.
Irony, you are one sick bitch.
And you, my darling sister, are my hero.
We're finally putting Cartwright to rest.
Knock it off.
Or your hands go back in the cuffs.
Take a load off, Daddy.
Farewell, Mr.
Give my regards to the Queen of Hearts.
How you holding up? I'm not sure I am.
Kate, do not waste your guilt on that man.
He does not deserve it.
So we just pretend it never happened? Tried it, doesn't work.
Let's be honest.
Your brief sojourn into my hellscape is but a flicker of my every waking day for so many years.
Now my Mouse is out in the world alone, battling his greatest fears.
I need to find him.
We find him together.
I think we have very different ideas about what happens to Mouse after we find him, so Alice, stop.
I cannot let you But you can.
It is amazing how distracted you get when you find out that both your daughters are killers.
Oh, a friendly reminder.
Your DNA and your DNA is all over that body in the ground.
So it's probably best that you let me slink back into the shadows where nobody has to hear about this.
Family reunion's over.
[ankle snaps, then screams.]
I never see you again.
Understood? Admit it, Batty.
Guys like me give you purpose.
Never again.
Do you understand? [gasps.]
Go! Go.
My dad wants me to put Cartwright behind me.
But it's not that easy.
I went to a dark place, Bruce.
To avenge Beth, Alice, my mom.
But in saving my sister, I became more like her.
And in taking out a killer, I became one myself.
What does that make me now? Any luck last night? With? Finding Cartwright? Because I've got nothing on him or any of his aliases, and the thought of Beth's killers still being out there Just tell me you found something.
Nothing on this end either.
- Okay.
- [cell phone buzzes.]
Bad news? It's my mom.
Reggie Harris' post-conviction relief hearing was moved up.
Reggie Harris.
The guy that killed your dad? When did it get moved up to? Today.
- Well, I'll come with you.
- No.
There's no need for that.
Harris was found at Sip and Dash with the murder weapon and my dad's blood all over him.
So, what's there to review? Luke Kate, seriously, I'm fine.
If you wanna be helpful, find Cartwright, okay? Mouse? Have you returned home? Hello? Evil henchmen? Is anybody there? What a curious plan.
Who did this? I got four cameras' worth of footage missing from the Sip and Dash on the night Lucius Fox was murdered and a $50,000 cleanup fee sent from the Crows to Alia Nazari, the Sip and Dash owner.
You think the Crows paid Nazari to lose the tapes? - Who? - That's what I need you to figure out.
I don't trust anyone else to look into it.
You must be scraping the bottom of the barrel, sir.
You suspended me for lying.
I still haven't changed my opinion on Batwoman.
I think we can both agree that this is bigger than two different opinions.
There should have been footage of Fox's murder.
There wasn't.
Let me see if I can meet with Nazari and get her side of the story.
This has to stay between us.
Consider me back on payroll.
I got your text last night.
Like up-when-you-shouldn't-be late.
Just checking in to make sure you're good.
[cell phone beeps.]
Your mother was a beautiful woman.
It would've been a pity for her to go to waste.
You stole everything from me! [gagging.]
You missed a spot.
What are you doing here? Oh, I've come to ask for your assistance in locating someone.
Let me guess.
You needed help finding the guy who put Dad in jail and killed Catherine.
Both done at my request.
Didn't he also try to kill you? And yet I still forgive him.
Choosing to see the best in him.
Ever tried that? All the time.
Never works out.
When I was dosed with fear toxin, I relived all my worst fears.
If Daddy hadn't saved me, there's no telling what I would've done to myself or anyone else to make the horror end.
- The Crows will find him.
- The Crows won't hesitate to put a bullet in his head.
You don't want another death on your hands.
I want you to leave, Alice.
That is precisely the plan.
Once I find Mouse, I will flee this wretched city for good.
Why should I believe you? My cats and rabbits are dead.
What are you talking about? Let's just say subtlety is not a defining characteristic of someone I wronged in the past.
Who? Careful, Kate, you're starting to sound interested.
Just help me and you will never have to deal with me again.
But on one condition.
We do it my way.
Considering your way involved strangling a man until he choked to death on his own blood, I would love absolutely nothing more.
Everything okay? I thought I'd offer a hand in the search for Mouse.
Oh, we got our bases covered.
Take a load off, kiddo.
- Get some sleep.
- I'd sleep better if I knew there were one less lunatic on the streets of Gotham.
You and me both.
Mouse attacked a nurse outside of Arkham last night.
Nearly killed her.
Arkham? Why would he go back there? Well, we'll figure it out.
Get some rest.
I'll call you when we get him.
Why is Mouse attacking nurses outside Arkham? He lived there for years.
A real fan favorite.
The warden, Dr.
Butler, an all-around vile waste of a soothing voice, used him as a guinea pig.
Subject Mouse to fear toxin, gauge its effects, and have the nurses pull him out of it.
And then start all over again the next day.
Do you think that Mouse is still feeling the toxin? Cartwright dosed him for days.
I'm still shaking off the effects after only one afternoon.
I can only imagine the hell he's in.
Maybe he's looking for someone to pull him back out of it.
Someone like one of his former nurses.
What are you doing? Just checking to see if we're the same size.
Why? I do the talking.
Go ahead.
- Hello? - Hi.
I'm Agent Kane and we're with the undercover unit of Crows Security.
- Oh.
I'm not in trouble, am I? - No.
But you could be in danger.
We're looking for one of your former patients.
Jonathan Cartwright.
Goes by Mouse.
Mouse? Yes.
He's a sweet boy, but beyond help, sadly.
Oh, that's so sad.
We got word that he might be coming here.
Here? He's locked away at Arkham.
He escaped last year.
And we think that he's been targeting his former nurses.
Do you mind if we wait inside so we can grab him if he comes? Please.
Come in.
Can I offer you anything? Just finished making some brownies.
We're good.
A brownie would be nice.
Seriously? We buried a body this morning, when did you have time to eat? [bailiff.]
All rise.
The court is now in session.
The honorable Judge Wellington presiding.
You may be seated.
This is the case of the People v.
Reggie Harris.
What are you doing here? I heard about what was happening today.
And I appreciate the whole "I need to be alone thing," but as someone whose parent was just murdered and the killer was never brought to justice, alone is not where you need to be right now.
Where's your mom? She barely made it to the funeral.
Imagine her being in the same room as my dad's killer.
Nazari? Mrs.
Nazari, it's Sophie Moore.
Couldn't have rigged that to be any closer, could we, love? What the hell just happened? I work with Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
We intercepted a communiqué someone was offering a handsome bounty for your head.
When I saw your name, I came calling.
We need to get out of here.
Sorry, how do you know my name? You're Kate Kane's ex, right? Well, so am I.
Julia Pennyworth.
How do you do? And I'm happy to tell you everything I know, but, ahh, can we deal with this first? You sure you don't want any? Positive.
More for me.
Are you trying to draw attention? Who? Me? - Wanna try? - Nope.
It's really fun.
Hm? Because you can't, and you don't want to admit that I'm better at something than you.
Exactly, Alice.
Nurse Tammy! [Kate.]
He's here.
My poor Mouse.
Get the adrenaline.
Nurse Tammy! Please.
[tires screech, sirens wailing.]
What are they doing here? - Did you call them? - No.
- Do not lie to me.
- When would I have called them? - I've literally not left your sight.
- Get out of my way.
Alice, stop.
You go out there, they will shoot you too.
Don't you move.
Hands in the air.
Take him to Arkham.
How did they know he was here? I called the Crows.
All that time spent working in the asylum, you think I can't - [man.]
Are you in there? Crows.
Open up! - spot someone who's selling me a story? [Alice.]
There he was, in our grasp, yanked away by might.
But what's lost is not gone.
Whatever this is, I want nothing to do with it.
When I was under the influence of fear toxin, of all the horrible things I experienced, the worst was being left behind.
By you.
I cannot sleep at night knowing I left Mouse behind locked in a cell.
You wanna break him out.
And you are going to help me.
We just took out an old lady, I'm pretty sure that sister bonding time is over.
It'll be a breeze.
When Mouse escaped last year, he showed me all the ways in and out of this place.
Sounds like you already have a plan, so why do you need me? As a recent escapee, Mouse will be deemed high-risk.
Protocol will demand that he be confined to the most secure area, the basement.
Far away from the other inmates.
Where your screams echo against the walls, until one day, they become a friend screaming back.
No, no, no.
Come on.
Welcome back, Johnny.
We missed you.
I look forward to resuming your therapy.
- Not that again.
- Oh, no, no.
There will be no escape for Mouse.
Access to his cell requires two keys.
The first is in the possession of Dr.
The other stays with the head of security.
Which is why you need me.
Two keys, two different places.
Two people.
You and me, sis.
Helping you find Mouse so that you could leave Gotham is one thing.
You're talking about breaking into a high-security psychiatric facility, distracting the guards, and skirting the medical staff.
Oh, and freeing a wanted killer from captivity.
Does that sound insane? I'm pretty sure it's a definition.
How fond she is of finding morals in things.
I have to draw the line somewhere.
Yeah, but who arbitrarily decides when and where those lines are drawn? You? Mouse is in custody.
If I were to help you break him out of there, then how am I any better? Don't you get it by now? You're not.
I'm not a criminal.
And they say I'm the delusional one.
Here we are, two killers ourselves, out and about by the mercy of sweet old Daddy.
We aren't that different.
I never planned on hurting Cartwright.
But I did.
See, I could have easily killed him myself and let you go on being the city's symbol of hope.
But it was time for you to see that you and I are one and the same.
You wanted this.
You left Cartwright for me to find.
You wanted me to hear your story.
You wanted to push me over the edge.
You set me up to kill him so that I would be like you.
Kate, you can't give me all the credit.
After all, it wasn't that hard.
You gonna kill me now too? [screams.]
The court has reviewed the defendant's case.
It's gonna be okay.
Judge Calverick has already signed a statement indicating he cut corners in order to close the high-profile murder of Lucius Fox.
That, along with the defendant's claims of a coerced confession at the hands of a corrupt cop, leads the court to believe that the defendant has a basis for a retrial.
No way.
The state has the right to retry the case at the DA's discretion.
Until then, the defendant is free of his own volition.
This court is adjourned.
We're gonna fight this.
This is not over, okay? I know.
Battle not with monsters, lest you become a monster.
I'm afraid that passage wasn't in the one book I was allowed to read.
Someone once said it to me.
How did that work out? I became a monster.
I know I've made light of things but I owe you a thank-you.
Thank you for killing the man who destroyed my life destroyed our family.
Do not feel guilty for what you did.
I I don't.
The only thing I feel guilty about is that I don't feel guilty.
So now you're scared you're becoming me.
Isn't that what you wanted? Would that really be so awful? I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'll reunite you with Mouse.
But I need to be able to trust you.
Say it.
You can trust me, Kate.
No one dies in the process.
Kate, have I ever lied to you? Literally dozens of times.
Yeah, okay.
I promise no one will die.
You can trust me.
What's this? Well, we're breaking a killer out of Arkham, so you can't exactly go in disguised as a flying rodent.
ID, please.
Code black.
Repeat! Code black! - Hands where I can see them.
- [alarm blaring.]
- What's going on? - Possible incendiary device at the main gate.
Slowly exit the vehicle.
Now! That should be the guards responding to our little decoy.
Alice, if they shoot that driver Oh, relax, he drives a linen truck.
Guards finding a fake bomb on the axle could be the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him.
Well, that should take us up to the maximum security wing.
Oh! Don't forget this.
Once we pop the cork on this bunny, things are going to get crazy.
We're clear.
I'll get the keys from Dr.
And I'll get the keys from the head guard.
Remember your promise.
No killing.
You can trust me.
The doctor's not in, so you get me.
- [grunts.]
- Careful.
I can take a hit, love, but it's the clean-up after that I've never been good with.
This is probably a good time for me to say thank you.
It comes with the paycheck.
Uhh, hi.
We could use your help.
Oh, my God.
I've met you before.
- You're Kate's - Ex.
I know.
We covered that.
I was gonna say assistant, but that's much more fun.
Julia will suffice.
British intelligence, SRR.
Julia took a bullet that was meant for me.
Which leaves the question, who wants me dead? Who's the other vic? Witness in the case.
Alia Nazari.
Someone's cleaning up their tracks.
I could not see outside, you know? - All this time, Mom, I'm telling you.
- Right.
- [Reggie.]
No, you didn't.
No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
- You didn't.
- Yeah, I did.
You know I'm gonna eat them all.
I will.
I will do whatever Go on inside.
I'll be right in.
You murdered my father.
I didn't.
I am sorry somebody did.
- Your pops seemed like a good guy.
- Don't do that.
Don't act like you knew the first thing about my dad.
I know he was proud of you.
Getting into MIT.
How the hell did you know that? You kidding? Your pops wouldn't shut up about it.
Told everybody in the store that night.
"My son Lucas is gonna change the world.
You heard it here first.
" Then why did you kill him, man? The truth is, I went into a Sip and Dash for a bag of chips.
I woke up with a gun in my hand, your dad's blood all over me.
Look at me.
Tats, dreads, record? Of course I'm gonna convince a jury I killed Lucius Fox.
I was the winning lottery ticket for a bunch of punks who needed to keep their own ass out of jail.
Hey, Reggie.
Help! Help! [gasps.]
Butler, I presume.
You're supposed to be dead.
You know, it's funny how this place can make people feel like they're losing their minds.
Even you, doctor.
What do you want? I have long dreamed of meeting you.
Repaying you for all the pain you inflicted on a dear friend.
One quick swipe, another name off my list.
But a promise is a promise.
Now, where are your keys? [door beeps.]
Thank you.
[alarm wailing.]
[smash, then grunts.]
You'll live.
Legs crossed You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best now You're messing with the You're messing with the best now Legs crossed Messing with the best now You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best now You like a fight when your friend's near Now you're alone, You lay low 'cause you smell fear I left my conscience burning in the tarmac Load my ammo, click it back Bang, bang! And attack, yeah! You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best now Alice! Knife! [screams.]
You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best now You're messing with the best now Guess you do know how to use it.
You're messing with the best now Hush, hush, legs crossed You're messing with the best now Mouse.
It's me.
Alice? What are you doing here? You know I'd never leave you behind.
Wow, they don't take any chances.
Why are there so many straps? Kate.
Help me.
[door seals shut.]
What are you doing? Open the door.
Open the door.
I can't do that, Alice.
You You promised.
I promised to reunite you with Mouse.
You wanted to be with your brother.
Now you are.
Why did you trust her? [Jacob.]
It's over, Alice.
You can't hurt anyone anymore.
Me? Me? You are no better than me.
And you? You and I are the same person.
We are no different.
Let's get out of here.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Kate, don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
No, no, no.
No, Kate, no.
No, no, no! No, Kate, don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
No! Kate! Kate! Don't leave me! No! Arkham officials have her in isolation on 24-hour watch.
Getting her to trust you, alerting me, helping your city, it wasn't easy.
Took a hell of a lot of courage.
It had to be done, and I had to be the one to do it.
I I moved the body.
She can't threaten us anymore.
It's time to put Alice behind us.
We will fight Turn the tide In this world of darkness Oh, my God.
Luke, are you hurt? Let me take a look at you.
It's Reggie's.
What do you mean it's Reggie's? I went to go confront him, but someone shot him.
- Who? - I don't I didn't see.
GCPD thinks it was a hit.
Reggie gets shot the day he gets released from prison? Earlier today, Alia Nazari was shot.
Who? The woman who owned the Sip and Dash where your father was killed.
It was a professional hit too.
Why would anybody wanna kill her? Nazari obviously knew something that someone didn't want her to spill.
I think there's a chance that Reggie didn't kill your father.
After everything that's happened today, I I don't really know what to believe.
If Reggie was set up Then my dad's killer's still out there.
We will rise Like raging fire Reggie Harris' freedom was short-lived today when he was gunned down outside of his home just a handful of hours after he was released from prison.
Harris, who had previously been convicted of manslaughter, has long proclaimed his innocence.
His case was currently awaiting - No frills, - one of many cases that but no questions either.
We'll be safe here.
Guy claims he was set up for murder then gets killed the day of his release.
Well, that's no coincidence.
This cover-up I've been looking into? It's centered around Lucius Fox's murder.
he was released and is not a suspect Lucius Fox? Know him? He was my godfather.
We'll figure out who's behind this.
Where you are going? I need to check on Luke.
[door shuts.]
[keypad beeping.]
Calling from a burner phone.
That's never a good sign.
You were right about the Crows, but it goes beyond tampering with evidence.
Someone took out two people today, and they put a hit out on me too.
Who hired you? [Olive James' "Head Above Water" playing.]
This is what you wanted Right? At least that's what I thought Someone's aiming to see double tonight.
Didn't realize you were in town.
Came by to check on Luke, saw you out here.
But it looks like I've walked in on a party of one.
I'd like to keep it that way, if you don't mind.
Sorry, love.
I do.
You don't have to say anything, but a friend wouldn't leave you drinking on a ledge.
Hardest time When all you see is the tide Going in and out I'm not the hero this city thinks I am.
I betrayed my sister today.
Put her in Arkham.
What compelled that? I felt myself becoming her.
I killed someone.
Buried him.
I didn't feel an ounce of remorse.
Don't get me wrong I don't know who I am right now I'm strong enough to hold my own but I do know that I do not wanna be my sister.
Keeping my head above water You are nothing like your sister.
"It was a glorious victory, wasn't it?" said the White Knight.
"I don't know," Alice said doubtfully.
"I don't want to be anybody's prisoner.
I want to be a queen.
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