Bay of Fires (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

A Caravan in the Nullarbor

I murdered someone, and
now they're after me!
The Russians.
It's my neighbours.
WOMAN: Someone let that woman escape.
Does anyone remember why the
hell I sent Robin to Tasmania?
You've entered Frankie's world.
I'm not one of her lot.
If we go down, we go down as a family.
MAN: What are you, crazy?
You just incinerated my only
ticket out of this shithole.
I feel like I've landed
on another planet.
WOMAN: Former whistleblowing
mobsters, hired killers,
all of them living in one town,
pretending to be somebody else
for the rest of their lives.
MAN: Where were you born?
MAN: 'Denialiquin'.
Where did you attend school?
'Denialiquin' High.
Den-IL-iquin High.
What is your mother's maiden name?
That's her first name, innit?
- Marion.
- Margaret.
And your address in Bali?
What is your address in Bali, Bob?
That's me, Bob.
Yes, Bob.
There's only two of us
here, and my name is Graham.
Robert Regis is now your name.
It's the same name we gave
you four weeks ago and said,
"You must commit this to memory."
It's just tricky to remember.
'Bob' is tricky to remember?
It is three letters.
Your former name,
which you must now forget,
is Ben, also three letters.
The first letter is also a B.
That's why we chose 'Bob'.
I got it. Bob. Bob.
Because if you forget your
new name and use your old one,
I promise you that every bikie
your testimony has sent to prison
will come looking for you.
Alright, I got it. Bob Regis.
And if they find you, like
they found your friend,
they will kill you.
Do you understand?
Maybe that's what I deserve
for squealing on 'em all.
No, you've
You've done a lot of things
wrong, but that's not one.
Now is your chance to
put your past behind.
Find that inner angel locked
deep inside and just let it soar.
Now, is there another name that
you'd find easier to remember?
You'd find 'Tarquin' easier
to remember than 'Bob'?
It's the name of the first bloke
I ever ran through with a knife.
Good. Good. A visual mnemonic.
OK, Tarquin it is.
Can't think when it's hot.
So why did you want us
to relocate you to Bali?
Didn't know Ubud was in Bali.
Well, what sort of climate
do you prefer, Tarquin?
Somewhere cold.
Come with me, Tarquin.
FRANKIE: Apologies for dragging
folk out at this late hour,
and I know many of you have
concerns over recent events.
After 10 years of no-one troubling us,
this woman appears
with her two children,
claiming to have bought
Billy Gurvan's old property.
I didn't know anything about it.
Graham knew nothing about it.
So I thought I should ask,
before we deal with her,
is she connected to anyone here?
Show of hands?
Therefore, we must ask ourselves,
why is she here?
And what is her future with us?
Now, I think you should all see this.
- Sammy?
Arthur, pet?
Take that outside, love.
We've got things under
control here. Now
Here is her arrival
with her two children,
and using Jeremiah to drive her in,
thus avoiding our
usual entry protections.
And this,
a government woman from the
Finance Department, comes here
and is asking questions about everyone
and using our real names.
How did she know them?
We'll never find out,
because this one broke into my shed
and helped her escape.
Clearly, they were in league.
MAN: So, my friend. Might have to see
What are you getting all excited
about? You've got a pair of fours.
And I happen to have three queens.
Could you see who that is, please?
I'm rounding up a posse to save my mum.
Will you join me?
MAN: (OVER PHONE) Oi, Jeremiah.
Pick up, you ugly bastard.
- MAN: Unbelievable.
- Jeremiah, are you hearing me?
- Son, pick up.
- Very busy, Dad.
I need you to get off
her and come help us.
- Where are ya?
- In the car.
- Left!
- What? Who's driving?
Left, Grandpa, left.
Oh, Jesus. What was that?
- They were just letterboxes.
- Fuck!
The question is, does this woman
pose an unacceptable threat?
- She's the mother of two kids.
- Oh.
I could look after her kids.
I've got plenty of space.
Plenty of love in my house.
(WHIMPERS) Oh, no. Oh, my God.
Left, Grandpa, left!
Going left.
- Right, Grandpa.
- Right, alright.
OK, now straighten up.
I think we'll be good.
Brake, Grandpa, brake!
- (THUMP!)
- Oh!
WOMAN: She must be allowed to speak.
Not our way.
I need to hear from this bitch.
Might be worth a little
listen, eh, Drago?
The woman forfeited all rights.
And you forfeited your brain years ago.
Let her speak.
Not our custom.
Maybe we could make it our custom.
Maybe we could.
Who here thinks this is right?
Who here thinks this town is
operating the way it should?
How is this woman running a
drug empire keeping anyone safe?
It pays everyone.
It keeps our little town running.
The world put us here and then
promptly proceeded to forget us.
I did not.
I have devoted my life
to protecting those here.
You were put here?
Everyone? All of you?
Everyone in this town
is on witness protection?
Well, then, I'm the same.
- Fucking liar!
- No, no.
- Graham would have said something.
- No, it's true.
I I am. I am as well.
Let's put it to a vote.
Show of hands?
What does that What is happening?
What What are you
going to do with that?
What's that for?
What Hang on.
You can't Please. Someone help me!
This is not right.
I'm not comfortable with
this either, Frankie.
We had a vote. She lost. Big shame.
WOMAN: No, Frankie, don't do this.
- Stop this! Now!
- WOMAN: This is enough!
You are all better than this.
We have this under control, Graham.
And Joseph has no business being here.
Oh, is that right?
I've more business than any of you lot.
My grandfather built this place.
- Who's holding her?
- Tarquin.
Let her go, mate.
This woman and her children pose
absolutely no threat to any of you.
You can't guarantee that.
You really think that this
woman is protecting you?
Let me ask you
why a government official was
snooping around in the first place?
I can fix that.
May we know how?
By restructuring your finances.
Sheltering your money in places
the governments won't look.
I I can I can
generate income streams
that will feed a far better
lifestyle for all of you.
I I can do that.
(CRIES) I promise.
You've got two minutes.
I mean, it it comes down to
the analytics.
You read the bounce rate,
you analyse key and emerging markets.
You take equity positions
that optimise risk management
but return big yields.
You diversify.
Benefits only come with risk.
I know this.
I've turned million-dollar
losses into $100 million profits.
It's what I do.
It's who I am. I
I am a gift to this place.
Use me.
Frankie pays us $372 a month
extra on top of the dole.
Are you saying you could
do better than that?
Yes, I can make you that in a fortnight.
Double that.
$744 for everyone here?
28 people.
$20,832 for the whole town.
And every fortnight?
I can do better.
Let's see what the next
two weeks brings, shall we?
Tea and apple crumble in the foyer.
Not coming for the crumble?
I made it myself.
You're as mad as my father.
I I can't
- They They tried to kill me in there.
- Yep.
- That's all you can say?
- Well, what did you expect?
Well, not to be part of
some insane lynch mob.
You're not one of them, are you?
Look at the chaos you've caused
in the 10 minutes you've been here.
Oh, I'm sorry that I burned
your completely illegal stash.
- I'll pay you back.
- How?
With all that horseshit
you were spouting in there?
I had to say something.
You know, you don't
exactly think clearly
when you're being smothered
with a plastic bag.
20,832 bucks in two weeks?
Then every fortnight after?
I mean I've run major corporations.
I I can make this work.
Anyone around here look like
they work for a major corporation?
Look, I am a good person who who
who inherited a family
company that is rotten.
Honey, good people can usually
smell off-fish a mile off.
What does that even mean?
- Mummy!
- Oh, darling!
Oh, my darling.
Mummy's OK. Are you OK?
Is there a world in which any of
this would be considered normal?
Idiots, both of you.
Come on, get in the
car. I'll drive you home.
JEREMIAH: I'll stay behind.
Stella will give us a lift.
We can go sightseeing.
Suit yourself.
Does he wanna kill you too?
- I don't think so, darling.
- We have to go find Otis.
He's waiting for the school bus.
You part of this experience, little man?
Teleporter's stopped working so
you're going to need to jump on.
Maybe you go ahead.
Yeah? Alright.
Buckle up.
Otis! (GASPS)
It's OK. I'm OK.
Everything is going to be alright.
- Good. So, you're fine?
- Yes.
Because you weren't there,
and I didn't know what to do.
I know. I know it's been
awful, terrible, for you both.
But But I've I've
managed to sort it out, alright?
Everything is going to be OK.
You think? Just like that?
Yes, you should take the day off.
Do something for yourself.
I am.
Can I help Jeremiah paint his boat?
Of course, that's a good idea.
- Otis.
Everything is OK.
- Happy birthday, Otis!
- Oh, my God.
Happy birthday, darling!
Happy birthday to you! ♪
Happy birth ♪
I hope you have a wonderful
GIRL: (SNIDELY) Happy birthday, Otis.
WOMAN: Patty here from Love For Life.
Just a reminder we're
looking forward to seeing you
at our speed dating event.
Lots of very handsome middle-aged
men on the lookout for love
and very keen to meet someone like you.
So, did you try actually cooking it?
I presumed if this guy
buried a code in a recipe
it wasn't going to somehow
materialise if I cooked it.
Have you ever eaten any of the
curries I've dropped off for you?
I've sampled.
When I invited you to a
traditional Maori hangi
- I was genuinely at my dance group.
- Oh.
So, was this guy from the
south or the north of India?
I never met him. He was a computer nerd.
Right. Yeah, that's how
we like to be thought of.
Probably south, so green.
Yeah. I've tried every variation,
jumbled up amounts and letters.
I think it's just a recipe.
How on earth did you do that?
Racial profiling.
It wasn't what was on his
list, it was what he left off.
Try making a vindaloo
without green chillies.
ProsperAus is an open sewer.
The moment I started looking
they were tracking me.
My phone, computer, hacked.
My credit card was frozen.
You have to get out.
I'm sorry, but this is
too dangerous for me.
I leave you with the little I found.
You didn't see any of this.
What's going on, Rini? Why the secrecy?
Don't discuss this with anyone.
Thanks for the coffee.
- Didn't make you one.
- Yeah, I know.
Are we at the sign?
Yes. It says, "Brandan
Plateau," Grandpa.
Then I know where I am,
granddaughter. Where is she now?
By the very last hole.
I know it well. You stay here.
But there are holes everywhere.
You watch me.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven
And there's a hole on my right, yeah?
And then one, two, three,
and one in front of me, yeah?
Then I turn right.
- 1, 2, 3, 4
- Be careful, Grandpa!
6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.
7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
How can people be like that?
What is this place?
In the early '80s,
some economic genius
decided it was cheaper
to put people on witness
protection in the same place.
That's madness.
Economics. Same thing.
More and more people kept arriving
here until it sort of petered out.
Last bloke arrived in 2009.
A devil, that one.
Shook the place right up.
Then they just forgot
about us. Who knows why.
So everyone here is a criminal?
Is that what I am now?
Well, it's a mixed bag.
A lot with shabby pasts.
Couple of "wrong place,
wrong time" bystanders.
The odd whistleblower.
One's a former spy.
Are you one of them?
I was assigned to run them all.
You're a policeman?
Former WitSec officer
attached to the police.
My job was to keep
them safe, counsel them.
They struggle.
Longer they're here
the crazier they get.
Yeah, I noticed that.
Well, they have no purpose anymore.
Most of them are doing jobs
they were never cut out to do.
Ripped out of their old lives,
forced to sever all ties,
and terrified of outsiders
revealing their whereabouts.
So why did you stay here?
I knew my future was
staring into the black,
so any place is as good as another.
I love it here.
It's wild and beautiful,
like no place on earth.
Living among murderers.
Yeah, well, try not to
judge them on their pasts.
There's angels among
them. They're just
Some are having trouble
flapping their wings.
But a word of warning.
Frightened people behave badly,
but greedy people can be much worse.
So, Frankie, what's her story?
Well, I may be retired, but
I remain sworn to secrecy.
That last devil that came here.
You said 'him'.
What became of him?
What's the emotion
with the shortest life?
I don't know.
No matter what you do for people,
they still bend over for the
first poodle that trots into town.
What do these people want from me?
They still love ya, Frankie.
(MOCKING) Scratch my
tummy! Give me milk!
Feed me, Frankie, I want more!
She doesn't care for these people.
She's not one of us.
Let me fix her for you, sister.
- Stay.
- I've already missed the bus.
Can I sing you a song to cheer you up?
Enough of the bloody musicals.
Not today.
Sorry, pet.
I think maybe everyone's still a
little bit pissed off about Francis.
Are you pissed?
I didn't even know him.
Well, who exactly is
pissed? Names. I want names.
Oh, it's just general
talk around town, Mum.
Oh, Magda. Heather.
Connor was kicking in.
Jeremiah and his stupid old man. Graham.
Oh, Bay of Fires is soon.
We'll show that poodle
how to make money.
And we reward those that remain loyal.
What about everyone else?
They need to be taught a lesson.
I'm not touching Graham.
You know I won't, Frankie.
And I would never ask you to.
But you could do me a wee favour, hmm?
Sweet darling Arthur,
he believes he's stumbled
upon El Dorado again.
A silver seam.
You wouldn't mind indulging
him with your bobcat, would you?
Yeah, sure, Frankie.
Is there an interpreter there?
I was guaranteed one.
I don't know.
Well, is their lawyer at least present?
Sorry, am I late?
I didn't catch your name. Ah
Airini, is it?
Who appointed you?
These two, I suppose.
The perils of having a European name.
And what name would you be using today?
Just call me Johann.
Normally I practise commercial law,
but I do have some
experience with courts,
so today I'm going to be branching out.
Sadly, neither one of these
gentlemen speaks any English,
so I'm afraid we're done here.
I am reliably informed
you speak Russian.
Who told you that?
A smattering here or there.
A grandmother somewhere.
But I'm afraid not enough to
satisfy the wheels of justice.
I was told that one of these
men speaks good English.
Which one is it?
Ya, I speak.
Hello, baby.
Play it that way, then.
You will have an interpreter
there for me tomorrow.
Be prepared to answer a lot
of questions. All of you.
I'll be sure to put that
in my diary. Thank you.
Let me guess. You're out of
pinot and you want a delivery?
They tried to kill me last night.
They put a plastic bag over my head
and the crowd watched me suffocate.
The whole town had a meeting to
vote whether or not to kill me.
You knew they were all on
witness protection, didn't you?
But they let you go?
Only after promising to
find $20,832 in a fortnight,
and then another $20,832
every fortnight after that.
You HAVE to get us out of here.
- Yeah, I hear you.
- Today!
It can't be today. I need
to find you another place.
A caravan in the Nullarbor will do it.
Look, they voted not to kill you so
you have two weeks' breathing room.
And I need just a little bit
more time. I'm very close.
How did my perfectly functioning
life turn into this pig's swill?
Because it wasn't perfect. You
were living in a dream state.
You wouldn't be where
you are if it was perfect.
I did nothing wrong.
So you keep telling me.
I will get you out.
- I need you as my one and only witness.
- When?
Put a SIM card in and I'll
call you at 2pm tomorrow.
Be prepared to leave
at a moment's notice.
I have been since the day I arrived.
Open up!
I know you're in there.
Can you please describe your
actual function in this town?
It's clearly not being
a policeman, is it?
Maybe later.
They tried to lynch me last night.
Yes, they told me.
So I need to know how
you're going to keep us safe.
Well, just for the next two weeks
until I can get them their money.
OK, but now's my three hours with Buzz.
It's the only time I get.
How long have you known Bronny?
Oh, since we were 14.
Frankie took us in around the same time,
after my old man topped himself.
What, Frankie took care of you?
You could call it that.
Are you really going to
be able to pay that lot
what you promised them?
If you keep my family safe till then.
She won't give you a fortnight.
- Hey, there!
- Hey!
- Think she'll deliver?
Bound to. She's from old money.
How do you know?
Her vowels.
She's gonna run, isn't she?
Without doubt.
Sure as dickens can't stay here.
Can I have this, please?
- S sure. What for?
- The unicorn horn.
I'm making it for Otis's birthday.
OK with me.
You've had a tetanus shot, I suppose?
I'm going to get my bow
and arrow and shoot her.
Yeah. Good idea.
Got a little helper?
Pretty soon you're gonna be
able to sail away from us all
in this thing, eh?
How can I help you, Frankie?
Well, for starters, I would
love for this coldness between us
to come to an end.
I remember a time when
we used to be so close.
Just before my brother went missing.
I still miss his laugh.
He was such a wild, wonderful man.
Why does love have to be so one-sided?
I hear the mad poodle burned your crop.
And you were counting on
that money for your dad
and everything that you
wanted to do with your life.
Is this heading somewhere,
or can I get on with work?
I've got a big payday coming up,
and I want to support those
who've supported me along the way.
That counts me out, then.
I just stay out of your way.
You're gonna have to
choose a side, Jeremiah.
The sort of money I'm talking
about could set you up.
Who knows?
Maybe you could sail
me around the world, eh?
Only if I can use you as an anchor.
You know this thing will never float.
Wow. How many years
has this been going on?
10, maybe more.
This is millions of dollars.
It's, um, all been filtered
through this company,
skimming on every transaction.
Bogus insurance claims,
all disappearing overseas
into shelf companies,
offshore bank accounts
and possibly now crypto currencies.
This is a matter for the
corporate watchdog, surely?
No. No, it's beyond that.
Russian mafia.
God knows where the money's going,
but it's not to feed the orphans.
Why is this not coming to
me through official channels?
Being cautious.
So, there's someone up the
food chain you don't trust.
Someone senior to you.
I only trust you because
I was your maid of honour.
Oh, you were a bridesmaid.
Don't inflate your influence.
What do you want me to do?
Closed court hearing
as soon as possible.
No. There's not enough here.
All of this can be argued.
I know that.
You want to flush them out in the open?
Well, at least make them run for cover.
Then at least the media might do its job
instead of discussing
a Kardashian's butt.
This is not what the law is about.
I'm a judge, not a media commentator.
People are dying, George.
Can we at least scare them?
If people are dying, then
they're scared already.
Is there anyone you know who
can corroborate any of this?
Former CEO of ProsperAus.
Annika Van Cleef?
They said she quit
because of medical reasons.
Well, in a sense, true.
They tried to kill her.
How safe is she?
And how safe are you, Rini?
Just in case I need
to get married again.
BOTH: Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
- Ta.
- Oh, don't be like that.
Otis, come back. I made
a special birthday dinner.
It's manakeesh.
It's Middle Eastern food.
Is it, it's men inkis?
Alright. Um
I'll just
Want some of that?
Thanks, Mum.
I saw the boxes in the bin outside.
I would have cooked,
but it's just been
I know. But someone tried
to kill you or something.
Kids, we are leaving here soon.
I'm just waiting for
the call, then we go.
- You tell no one.
- We're going back home?
Not yet. But another
place. A safer place.
So we trade one shit place
for another shit place?
- Look, Otis. I'm trying here.
- To do what?
Put us in danger?
Leave us wondering whether
you're going to come home or not?
I want our old life
back as much as you do.
Why? You were a shit mum even then.
Dad cooked, took us
out, came to my school,
knew the name of my mates.
- She wasn't that shit.
- You're her real daughter.
That is not how I feel about you.
You are my son and I adore you.
And I'm an equally shit
parent to both of you.
Happy bir
I really like the meal, Mum.
Can I just eat the bread?
Elysha. Hey. Hey.
Do you want to see something magical?
We're on a cross-country run.
It's fine. Just say we got lost.
- OK.
- Yeah? Cool.
Are you a fisher?
Nah, mate. Delivering mail.
Oh, cross-country running.
Well, there's a spare line there if
you want to help me with my rounds.
Oh, yeah. You've done
a bit of fishing before?
Come on.
Catch up.
Come on.
The Community owns land
near here. They can't see me.
- We should head back.
- Come on, it's alright.
- Just pretend you're Lara Croft.
- Who?
Look, glow-worms.
You shouldn't do that.
It's not permitted.
- I'm just feeling a bit nervous.
- No you're not.
I can only be with a
boy they choose for me.
- Then make them choose me.
- You have to be one of us.
- Then make me an honorary member.
- MAN: Who's that?
I heard someone.
- Oh, shit.
- Who's there?
Get out of here. Go.
Who's there?
I think we're safe.
For today only, I make
you an honorary member.
Please tell me there is a
translator in attendance this time?
What? No, You can't be serious.
On whose bloody authority?
Where are they?
You take dog. Your dog now.
We'll dig here, Tarquin.
Ah, bring some barbed wire.
Keep the rabbits out.
Yeah, Christina Stalberg, please.
Yeah, she's a journalist there.
One of the few you have left.
Get away.
- Whoo.
What the fuck are you two clowns up to?
- Go, Stretchie, run.
- I know your mother.
I'm adopted.
You'll hear more of this,
you prick, and your ugly mate.
Ah. Ah.
If this is about your tractor,
Tarq, I'm waiting for parts, mate.
Nah. No rush, mate.
It's the ah, it's the old lady.
Feels like you're deserting her.
Well, I don't see it as my job
to keep Frankie happy, Tarquin,
to be honest.
Why do you even listen to her?
You're three times her size,
mate. You could eat her.
I don't know, it's just nice to feel
part of something again, you know?
Yeah, that's fair enough.
I still miss the relationships
I made as a mercenary.
Yeah, look, I don't
care. I'll apologise.
No skin off my nose, is it?
- Oh, you will?
- Yeah.
- Mate, that'd mean the world to her.
- Ah.
Thanks so much, Con. You want a beer?
Right, let's go mate.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know I don't get no
enjoyment out of this.
- Argh.
- No. Alright, here you go.
- No fuck around, Tarquin. Don't.
- Quick as I can. Here we go.
- Don't fuck around.
- Take a deep breath.
- Arrgh!
- Fuck.
- Whoa.
- Arghh.
You right, mate?
That's my trigger finger,
you fucking lunatic.
- You're a leftie, aren't ya?
- Arrgh.
OK, we're good to go. 5:30pm today.
Sooner we get you out
of there, the better.
- Is something wrong?
- No.
A light plane will meet
you at Junna's Crossing.
That's about 110 kilometres
from where you are now.
A flight path has been arranged.
Go about your day normally.
You want people to think
that you're staying put.
If possible, take another
car and leave yours behind.
- Where are we going?
- Well, you'll find out on the plane.
Your password is, "I
have a Pinot for you."
And the pilot will say, "No
thank you, I'm doing Pilates."
That's very funny.
So it's over.
Thank you. Thank you.
I'm sorry it's been such a nightmare.
Soon you can have your old
life back if you want it.
Hey, Connor. It's a nice day for it.
- Listen, I really need
- Nice day for what?
I've just had a finger cut off.
Not a nice day for that, is it?
No, no, no, definitely not for that.
Listen, I really need my car back.
Sorry it took so long. I was
waiting for those parts from Vietnam.
I thought you said the German
parts had to come from Korea.
Yeah, Korea, via Vietnam, via Germany.
It's all a big chain.
Ah, look, you might need some
more panel beating at some point.
That's a door from a
different model, obviously
but she's purring like a newborn.
- OK, keys. I need the keys.
- Yep.
Ah, still in the pocket
from ah, test driving it.
Just wanted to make sure
it was all perfect
I see you put a pack-rack
on the top for me.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, no
extra charge for that.
Hey, she's a beauty.
About the cash, ah
OK. Otis. Otis, darling,
let's go. It's time to go.
Iris. Sweetheart, it's time to go.
- Where is she going?
- I don't know. Disneyland.
OK, we have to go. We have a
two-hour drive over the mountain.
Come on, hop in.
Mum. Mum.
- I told you not to bring anything.
- It's Otis's birthday present.
- Sorry it's late, Otis.
- OK, it's lovely.
- Hop in, hop in.
- That's great. Thanks, sis.
I need to go back and get my schoolbag.
- Oh, shit.
- No you don't. Get in the car.
- Let's go.
- Sorry.
Seatbelts on.
Is my future sitting
opposite me tonight?
10 minutes to each tell your stories,
and then my whistle blows and
you move to the next table.
Let the magic begin.
There is a stigma about
the above-ground pool
being the poor cousin
to the in-ground pool.
And look, to an extent
that's true and I accept that.
But as I point out to clients,
compare the cost savings.
Literally thousands of dollars.
You have the most beautiful eyes.
My mother had eyes like yours, soft.
And if you go for a quality vinyl,
not polythene, don't go there.
I say to them, it can look every
bit as attractive as a big pool,
if you deck it out nicely.
Is that it?
Has to be.
How do you know?
A shortage of options.
I have a Pinot for you.
No thank you, I'm doing Pilates.
Where are you taking us?
They'll issue me instructions
during the flight.
- Who, are "they"?
- I never ask for names.
We have a nervous flyer, do we?
Your horsie there can be my copilot.
It's a unicorn. And she stays with me.
The world is full of such good people.
I see them at my church.
In my choir.
There's this lovely woman
at my local flower shop
who always gives me a
special flower for my jacket.
So many people who just want to
help, care for their families,
who live safe, quiet,
nice lives with their kids.
There's so much evil out there.
So much insatiable greed.
And people who already
have everything anyway,
power, status, glamorous lives,
still they want more.
And it's these people who
trample over good people,
over anything good.
They want to strangle the world
so that good people can't breathe.
To what possible end?
There's still two minutes to go on
Why couldn't I have
married someone like you?
Yes, I would have been bored.
Discussions of vinyl and polythene,
I probably would have
wanted to kill you.
But we would have had kids.
I would have loved them.
We would have gone to Fiji every year.
But it would have been
- Please post this for me.
- Um
- I don't understand
- Please do it.
He's got a gun. Mum, he's got a gun.
- Oh.
Get off the plane.
It's OK, Otis. I think I can fix it.
Frankie's scared of you. You're the
first person who's challenged her.
He says the wind carries
whispers of betrayal.
I need you to get this
town under control.
We've gotta get sorted for Saturday.
Saturday night's pushing it.
It's the only way to get rid
of the Dover Heights poodle.
The best way to stop her is
to cut her source of income.
- She's planning something big.
- Where's Otis?
He's probably gone to visit the
people who wear the tablecloths.
- We are your family.
- I'm not coming home with you.
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