Bay of Fires (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

A Short History of Jesus

This woman why is she here?
I can generate income streams!
Look at the chaos you've caused
in the 10 minutes you've been here!
- You could do me a wee favour.
You wouldn't mind indulging
him with your Bobcat, would you?
We'll do you here.
There is a difference between compassion
and sensible business practice.
- It's alright, Father.
- I've got a big payday coming up.
You're gonna have to
choose a side, Jeremiah.
You have to get us out of here!
Be prepared to leave
at a moment's notice.
- Mum, he's got a gun! Mum!
Wait up with me! Come
on, guys! Hurry up!
Mum says we shouldn't play here, Johnno.
Don't be a pussy, Eddie.
One, two,
three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine
98, 99,
Ready or not, here I come!
Found you, Eddie.
- Wait, Johnno, no.
- See you tomorrow.
No, Johnno! No! Open the door!
Johnno, come back!
Please, Johnno!
Please, Johnno! Please!
Stay here, pet.
Don't shut the door!
Course not, pet.
Well, is he gonna join us?
Yeah? OK.
He says, uh
the wind carries whispers of betrayal.
- What's he talking about?
- I don't know.
He says
it speaks to him of dark portents
and, uh
and Saladin came to
him in his dreams and
In English!
Forget about the correct translation.
Yeah. OK.
Just call it out!
Yeah. OK!
Uh, someone is threatening to
squeal to the crime authority!
What? Who?
I thought we were meeting
here because of his vertigo.
- Uh, OK. He
Yeah, yeah, yeah. He has new shoes!
The word is someone on the inside.
There's no-one on the
inside who knows
Tell him
I'll find out who and I'll deal with it.
Yeah. OK.
And tell him
next time, to wear gumboots.
We have to move both fires forward.
- When?
- Saturday night.
Great. I see.
So you can call me any time
you like but I can't call you?
You've nearly got us killed.
So, this is what needs to happen.
You need to find me $20,832 in 10 days
or you need to get me
out of here, pronto.
Anneke, it's Josie
here. Irene's secretary.
Irene's had to attend a family
problem, so if you could just
Don't worry, Mum. He'll be back soon.
Who will be? The goat?
No, the goat's a she.
Otis probably wants to be with Elysha.
- Who's Elysha?
- His girlfriend.
Otis has a girlfriend?
He's probably gone to live with
the people who wear the tablecloths.
(SINGS) Why, why do I feel blue? ♪
There were times
when I'd laugh at you ♪
But now I'm crying ♪
No use denying ♪
There's no other girl will do. ♪
Thank you, beautiful pet.
There's more, I've got more
Oh, tonight.
We've gotta get sorted for Saturday.
- Saturday night's pushing it.
- We need the money.
It's the only way to get rid
of the Dover Heights poodle.
There's more dancing if
anyone wants to see it.
I'm going to have a cigarette.
- Jack said you're visiting Mum today.
- Mmm.
I'd like to come too.
I don't think that's a
good idea, sweetheart.
She needs to meet her grandson.
I've asked her so many times but
I don't think she wants to see you yet.
I know that's a hard thing to hear.
To tell you the truth
I think it makes her
feel bad about herself.
- If I talk to her
- I'll tell you what.
Why don't I try and talk
some sense into her, OK?
Where the hell is Tarquin?
He's here! He's here.
Graham, mate, you right?
- Graham, we're gonna get you out, mate.
- Jesus, Tarquin!
I didn't know he liked to walk here!
I tried to stop 'em, son.
20 years ago, I'd have
mashed 'em to pulp.
20 years ago, you'd have
been too drunk to notice.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah?
- Mmm.
What for?
I feel privileged to
have shared that moment.
Um, could you please fetch my son, Otis?
I He's
I know he's in there somewhere.
He is at prayer.
You should leave.
Uh, my son, Otis, is at prayer?
Uh, right. Can you just go get him now?
Or I'm coming in and getting him myself.
That would be a grave mistake.
Well, I've made no shortage
of them recently, so
Bring our new arrival!
Hi, sweetie!
Darling, we miss you!
- I'm good here, thanks.
- Otis.
- You're not religious.
- I'm coming to God.
No, you're not. You are You are not.
You're just trying to punish me.
Now, we are your family.
Your son clearly believes your
family is not the right one for him.
He is welcome to leave, if he so wishes.
So let's go, then, and we can talk
about this nonsense on the way home.
I'm not coming home with you.
It's not safe. YOU aren't safe.
You nearly got us killed.
This gate is locked. Why do
you need to lock the gate?
To keep the evil out.
Do you know how crazy that sounds?
- Right.
Oh, my gosh.
You look even better
than you did a month ago.
I'm coming real, Frankie.
I'm straight. Getting clear.
What'd I tell you, eh?
Tina, you see, this time inside
is a chance for a fresh start.
- It's been so hard.
- Mmm.
I look at my struggles
and now I see them as friends
that walk alongside me.
Telling me I'm strong.
And pretty soon,
you'll be saying,
"Hey, world, look at me!
"I survived! I made it!"
And I'll be there, right
beside you, cheering you on.
- How's Brony and Buzz?
- Mmm.
- Thought they might have come this time.
- Yeah, well, Bron
Brony, she misses you, of course.
But to be honest, I think, um
I think she still struggles with it.
You did the right thing,
entrusting them to my care.
- Jason helping out?
- Oh, not much.
Couple of hours a week. I don't
think he was cut out to be a dad.
Well, I don't think he was cut
out to be anything much, really.
Oh, look, I made you this.
For, you know
Yeah, I won't be doing that again.
- I've got too much to live for now.
- Too right.
Haven't heard any whispers, have you?
You know
whispers that
someone might, uh
snatch about us to the pigs?
No, I haven't heard nothing.
I, um I can ask about.
If there's a snitch, I'll find 'em.
- Mm-hm.
- But why would anyone talk?
Oh, well, you know.
Promise them early
release, that sort of thing.
But it's a comfort to know that
you'll be looking out for us.
You can rely on me.
I know I can.
WOMAN: (ON P.A.) All prisoners
return to your
accommodation for lockdown.
What happened here?
Had a barbecue. Sorry.
Should have invited you.
Is there something you want?
No, just just came
to talk to someone.
Sure. What about?
World hunger? River heights?
I take it you didn't
come here to talk to me.
No. I came to speak to Jeremiah.
I'm not after your boyfriend, Jodie.
My boyfriend!
Hmm. Wondered what he was.
Gee, I'm popular today.
So it's true.
Heard about the fire.
Came straight over, though
I see Stella beat me to it.
Not still in the grump with me, are you?
No. A 'grump' doesn't
begin to describe it.
How's Joseph, pet?
The hospital think
he'll pull through, so
Is Joseph in hospital?
Oh, it's been a
terrible night all round!
And I take it you were home
throughout the whole thing.
- Yeah. Baking.
- Mmm.
All this sadness so
shortly after you arrived.
Well, I suspect that that's
been here for a long time.
I made Joseph his favourite cake.
I only hope he's up to eating it.
You'll let Jeremiah
know I popped by, eh?
Fill him in on all the news.
He's heard.
- Everyone has.
- Well, I'll leave you two girls to catch up.
Why don't you all stand up to her?
That pile of ashes was supposed to
sail me away from this shit-hole.
Probably would have sunk
somewhere in the Southern Ocean.
At least I would have drowned
somewhere other than here.
Oh, Jesus!
Is that you, Stella?
Oh, you too!
She's not as strong as she thinks.
Frankie's scared of you.
Well, she has a surprising
way of showing it.
Oh, she knows she's losing support.
You're the first person
who's challenged her.
There's no way I can pay these
people what I promised them.
I can't even keep my own kids safe.
You need to make some friends.
How am I supposed to do that here?
Well, same way you
made friends back home.
Someone has to stop her.
Understand, if we take her
down, it won't just stop.
Won't stop till we get to the
end. I know. My brother tried.
Well, can we at least talk about it?
Not now, thanks!
Well, tonight. My place. 6:30.
- Tomorrow.
- Tonight!
Day after tomorrow!
Alright. Tomorrow.
Bring Jodie.
You look tired, Douglas.
This is my home.
You don't just break into my home.
I'll be sure to call in the future.
What do you want?
I don't know where Anneke is. She's
vanished off the face of the earth.
Mmm, not quite.
She's somewhere in
Tasmania. That much, we know.
Tasmania. Dear god!
Douglas, I'm trying to calm things down,
before outside forces step in.
Do you understand?
I just want the best for her.
For Otis and Iris.
I know my grandchildren's names.
Then perhaps you know her
friends, or their friends.
My daughter and I, we, um
we don't have that kind of relationship.
That's very sad.
It's happening more
and more now, isn't it?
My wife used to look after the
comings and goings of the kids.
Then perhaps talk to your wife.
Or are you having
issues with her as well?
Margaret thinks the
hall stand is her sister.
Find her.
What do you make of this world, son?
Because this is the last age of man.
And it is the final
turn of the cosmic wheel.
And do you not see all this chaos
as part of God's divine plan?
And do you seriously believe
that God would send
his only begotten son
to bring peace on earth?
Do you?
I suppose.
Then what you are saying is
that Our Lord is a failure,
because there has never
been peace on this earth.
Jesus wasn't some greenie tree-hugger.
Jesus Christ was a warrior.
He didn't just upturn tables in temples.
We in fact have recorded proof
that he hacked the Pharisees to death,
using a duck-bill machete.
Easily concealed.
Let me tell you something, son
there is no such thing as luck.
There is only faith.
And it makes me wonder
by what right you think you are here.
Because unless you are truly here,
to follow me unwaveringly
on that final day
why are you here?
How much are we short?
That's a lot, isn't it?
It is. More than I can
put together in 10 days.
I know where there's some more.
Oh, well, that that's sweet, darling,
but your pocket money won't help.
- You keep it.
- Hang on! I'm just getting it!
Maybe I can say this is a down payment.
- Where did that come from?
- Otis's secret garden.
From selling drugs at school?
He wouldn't mind if you use it.
- Does he have any more?
- No.
He was doing really well
till you burnt it all.
FRANKIE: Why don't you go
and get the gear, eh, pet?
You look unwell, sister.
Seen the same colour on the dying.
I'm not dying. Not tonight.
Why am I hearing disquiet from the town?
Oh, it's just a hiccup. I'm handling it.
It's this new woman stirring things up.
- Her idiot son's with us now.
- Good!
Means you have power
over her. We can use that.
Could we? That's nice to know.
Look, the townspeople are dogs.
Only loyal to whoever feeds them.
She's fooled some of them.
You told me before, you
had it under control.
I do have it under control.
And tomorrow night, it'll be fixed.
And then everyone will be paid and
I can fix her.
Little Arthur. You're looking
well, as you always have.
No, no, no. Give it to Caleb.
Sorry, Johnno.
Who's Johnno?
- It's not my name, is it, Eddie?
- Sorry.
I forget names.
I need you to get this
town under control.
So do it.
I scarce know how to tell you this
but your poor, beautiful, damaged mum
late last night, she took her own life.
Oh, she was so full of sadness.
- How did she kill herself?
- Doesn't matter, does it?
Yeah. It does.
She hung herself.
You should have let me go.
I'll regret that for
the rest of my life.
I was just trying to protect you.
Come on. Come here.
- I need to feed him.
- Hey.
She'll be alright.
Sweet of you to show sympathy
but don't go too soft.
You don't want to show
any weakness round here.
Brony and her mum, well, they
had a troubled relationship.
Not like you and me, eh?
She's sad now
but secretly, it's probably a relief.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi, Mum!
- What's that?
- I don't know.
It's, uh computer-speak.
Well, do you speak it?
No but I wish I did.
Show it to Sammi. He speaks computer.
He helped me with my family tree.
Well, it is a bit beyond
Sammi and family trees.
He's super clever.
Uh, there's no way you
should be here, lady.
I know. I saw Bong Cha in town,
if if that's what's worrying you.
Yeah. They all worry me.
Um, Iris, uh, says that you're
a real whiz with the computer.
I mean, but she is
only 10 years old and
Listen, um, my real name is
Anneke van Cleef?
Yeah. You were the CEO
of Prosperos Finances.
Shit name for a company, by the way.
Does anyone else here know that?
Oh, unwritten law here,
no matter how much we hate
each other, no-one talks
and even the bitch from
Hades obeys that one.
- Right.
- Mmm.
I mean, if you are living here,
what you were before is
just, like, tinsel anyway.
Oh. Now, there's a puzzle.
Can you make sense of it?
Given time.
Maybe. I was very good.
I could have wiped out your
old organisation in a day.
Well, I wish you had.
Sammi, you need to know that a man
named Johann Mueller is involved
and whatever this is, several people
have been killed because of it.
Well, I presumed you wouldn't be here
if your life was a
bed of roses back home.
I'll call you on channel 6.
First, I need to know the name
of the most boring
person you worked with.
Well, there were hundreds of them.
Oh! In a finance firm! You shock me.
It's me.
I need to talk to you.
Do you know that man over there?
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
This is my grand-daughter over there.
She doesn't seem to think so
and I'm inclined to
take her word over yours.
I could always call the
police to settle the matter.
Obviously I must be mistaken.
Why was Grandpa at the school today?
No, Grandpa Graham's at
the hospital, sweetheart.
No, my real grandpa. From Melbourne.
He was at my school.
Was anyone with him?
No. Just him.
He asked for me
but I didn't speak to him.
I told Miss Norris I didn't know him.
Iris, how does my father know
that's where you go to school?
- Have you been speaking to him?
- No.
Look, I'm not cross.
Just how did he know?
I haven't spoken to him!
I only ever talk to Grandma.
But I use Miss Butler's phone.
I'll do this. Off you go.
- Thank goodness.
- Were you followed?
- No.
- Are you sure?
How did you find us?
Iris left a photo on
your mother's phone.
- Did you tell anyone else?
- No!
I came straightaway. We were worried!
Who's 'we', Johann and you?
I've come to sort this out.
I've brokered a deal.
- They've given me their word.
- Their word?
As the same people who tried to
kill me and the kids two days ago?
Sorry, I'm a bit confused who's
trying to kill me at present.
Maybe it's you.
I never wanted you in that job.
Well, perhaps if you'd mentioned
that I was running an
international criminal organisation.
- It's not that simple.
- Oh, what kind of simple is it?
We hit a financial tsunami 15 years ago.
Floods, fires
some unwise investments.
We were a hair's breadth
from declaring bankruptcy.
Me, before court like a common criminal,
for trading insolvent.
What, you thought it better
to tie up with real criminals?
What large business
operates in a vacuum?
Success always comes from
tampering at the margins,
pushing boundaries.
Taking risks.
The Russians assumed an equity position
that saved us, in return for the
odd favour.
It preserved our legacy.
Hard to preserve your
legacy without a family.
I have no idea who you are.
Anneke, come back with me, please.
I will sort this out.
It's time you put the children first.
I agree.
It is.
Boy, golly! Your old Roger
Crabbe's a real fun guy, isn't he?
Guess his password.
But your Johann Mueller
is a different species.
I mean, the dude is protected
by multiple firewalls
outside of Prosperos.
So I sent lover-boy a message
from Roger Crabbe's email,
inviting him to a Mexican-themed
company drinks party.
Johann wouldn't go to
that in a million years.
Oh, totally. I just needed your mate
to respond 'no' and I got his IP.
- And?
- He has a 59-digit pass code.
Who can remember a 59-digit pass code?
I mean, no-one.
That's why they change them to
something they will remember,
like my guess is, it's,
like, a series of words
or a quote or something lame like that.
Well, don't look at
me! I've got no idea.
Oh, come on, lady!
You've got lovers, right? I mean
OK. I read your old emails.
'Lovers' is quite a descriptive word.
Well, no judgement here, seriously.
Um, he was obsessed with Dostoyevsky.
Used to quote him ad nauseam but I'd
have no clue as to what it could be.
OK. Well it's a start.
You know, for what it's worth, I'd say
your company's just like one of
many, washing money for some cartel.
I actually used to do
this kind of work myself.
You've probably been helping
finance arms and wars and revolutions
and drugs,
luxury yachts, you know
God's work.
Meet me here tomorrow.
Uh, hey. Can I get you a
cup of something, a beer
I just want to sit.
Yeah. Cool.
Stay as long as you need.
- You warm enough? I can get you
- I'm going.
No, no! Stay! Stay, stay.
Please. I'm sorry.
I won't speak.
We should never have had a baby.
But he's here.
And he's beautiful, Bron.
You could move in here
In a caravan?!
In this shit town, in this
shit excuse for a life?
Well, it doesn't have to always
be that way, does it, Bron?
Yes, it fucking does! When
has it ever been any different?
We could leave!
I wasn't placed here. I am free to go.
We could go, you and me
and Buzz, we could do it!
Then what?
I only live in this
caravan to be near you!
And I know you don't love me but
I would look after you and Buzz.
Take care of you real well.
And you don't have to pretend
to love me or anything.
You hate me that much.
She had my mum killed.
- What?
- Claims it was a suicide but she did it.
Frankie's planning a big drop
at the Bay of Fires on Saturday.
Case you want to do something.
I don't hate you.
STELLA: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Shit! Ow! Fuck!
Why are you dressed like that?
'Cause we have company for dinner.
It's part of getting
to know people here.
You already know Jeremiah.
Do you think I'm over-dressed?
Sorry, it's a it's a bit
burnt. I got distracted.
No. It's fine.
Um, so, Jeremiah, were
you, um, born here?
Yeah. Where's Otis?
You never thought of leaving here?
Yeah. Hourly.
Have you travelled outside Tasmania?
Once or twice.
We love to travel, don't we, Iris?
I did so much of it in my former life,
I can hardly think of
places I haven't been.
- Dad took us to Japan.
- Mmm.
I bought a kimono but
it said, "Made in China."
My, um
my late husband wanted the kids
to see how the other half live.
They're probably getting
a fair taste of that here.
We went to Namibia.
We did, didn't we?
We we flew to Namibia,
to the Etosha National Park.
It's this amazing place
outside of Windhoek.
Uh, the capital.
- Hmm.
- Mmm.
I saw rhinos and giraffes in the desert.
Otis almost walked on a sleeping lion.
- Where's Otis?
- He's, um
He's got a um a girlfriend.
I mean, you really if you can,
you should see animals in the wild.
It's it's amazing.
"Igama lami ngu Otis."
That's Zulu for, "My name is Otis."
I suppose I can put
'Iris' instead of his name.
Yeah. Yeah, I gotta go.
Uh, hey!
We didn't discuss Frankie.
Oh, that's right. That's
why I came, isn't it?
Look, the best way to stop her
is to cut her source of income.
Well, how do how do we do that?
She's planning something big.
If we can find out when her next
drug drop is, maybe we can stop it.
Good. How do we find out about that?
I didn't say I worked it all through.
Say g'day to Otis.
Hey, lady. Hop on the
back. I'll dink you.
- Where are we going?
- Oh, to discuss Russian novels.
How did your dinner with
Jeremiah go last night?
Is there no privacy in this town?
- No.
- It was painful.
- Mmm.
- Rabbited on and on about Namibia.
He barely uttered a word.
Hmm. That's odd.
He worked there as a chef for two years.
You'd think he'd know all about Namibia.
Sammi told me of your loss.
I think the death of a pet
is often under-appreciated.
A murder! Not a 'death'.
We had Truffle since he was a piglet.
So, Dostoyevsky. This lover of yours.
Ex and not really.
I take it he is a miserable man.
They're addicted to suffering.
Yes, he was prone to
periods of depression
and now killing people.
He'd be a brigadier
in the Russian Mafia.
Yeah, have to be. Yeah, no higher.
So, uh Russian Mafia.
Well, indistinguishable
now from their government.
This ex of yours is he
particularly brilliant with numbers,
- or have a photographic memory?
- No.
I think Sammi's right, it's
either a saying or a phrase
and it's probably Dostoyevsky.
Bigger question is
whether he typed it in
Russian or in English.
More letters. 33 letters
in the Russian alphabet.
Just leave it with us, dear.
Right. I'll take 'Crime and Punishment'.
Come on, Jason! God, you've got it in
This is top-line gear,
so it's gotta stay dry.
I want you to do me
proud tonight, Jackie.
I want you to be strong
and brave and fearless.
I'm not any of those.
You'll find it.
In here.
I'm not gonna be around forever
and Arthur can't take over the business.
It's yours.
I love you.
- Come on, come on.
The drop's on. Bay of Fires,
tonight. I got you a wetsuit.
Why didn't you tell me
you were a chef in Namibia?
What? Let's go! It was just a job.
In Namibia!
That's what we were talking about!
I mean, I can See,
I I can't leave Iris.
Bay of Fires is on the
other side of the island!
We can't make it in time.
If Frankie's been telling
people it's Bay of Fires,
that's the last place it'll be.
You'll stay asleep. Come
on, dear. Here we go.
It's just a dream. Da-nah! Good girl.
- Yeah, righto. Righto.
Hey, Iris.
There are protocols at dinner parties.
People talk.
I know people talk.
You said it wasn't a dinner party
and I was struggling to find
anything we had in common.
Namibia! We had Namibia in common.
You are on laundry duty.
I am finished.
Then go and put the young ones to bed.
You're not allowed to be here.
The boy is here.
Shh, shh. Shh. Stay.
So, how do we know this is the place?
I don't but this is the only
bay with decent anchorage.
No-one's about
and it's a Neptune tide.
Their contact will be coming in by boat.
So what do we do?
I don't know.
Talk about Namibia.
Otis has joined a religious cult.
The Community?
A bad idea.
on. Line up here, boy.
You right?
Ah, shit.
Aagh, how do you get into these things?
Hang on, hang on. No. It
doesn't work like that.
Uh, just the shoulders.
There you go. I'll just grab this tag.
OK. Good to go. Let's go.
Thank you.
This seems very uncomfortable.
OK. See that light?
That's the pick-up.
- Let's move, alright?
- Yeah. OK.
I'll get the
That's it.
What what are we actually doing now?
- Stop at the first one.
- And then?
We cut the buoy and the
package sinks to the bottom.
- Alright?
- Great.
Alright. Next one.
- OK. One more.
MEN: (SING) there's
no other girl will do ♪
You make me love you ♪
I didn't think you'd do it ♪
Oh, we actually did it! We did it.
- What have I gotta do now?
- We get the hell out of here.
I'm here just to collect the money.
- What's the problem?
- Get up. Get up!
- I just want the money.
- I just want the money.
Jack! Jack! What the hell's going on?
Jack, are you OK?
Take him to the council.
I found one of our floats,
Frankie. It's been cut.
I should just kill you right now.
Frankie, she's looking for
you. She's grillin' everyone.
If I discover that you're lying,
you know I'll come and find you.
You have to help me get out of here.
I'm going to try.
A gentleman turned up looking
for an Anneke van Cleef.
He knows I'm good for this.
Tell him I'll fix this.
The last thing any
of us want is trouble.
What do you think?
I think we get ready for trouble.
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