Bay of Fires (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Vodka, Borscht and Tears

She's not as strong as she thinks.
Frankie's scared of you.
The best way to stop her is
to cut her source of income.
She's planning something big.
- STELLA: My real name is
- SAMMI: Anneka van Cleef.
You were the CEO of ProsperOz Finances.
Whatever this is, several people
have been killed because of it.
The job's on. Bay of Fires. Tonight.
I want you to do me
proud tonight, Jackie.
That's the pick-up.
Let's move, alright?
I just want the money!
- Where's Otis?
- Otis has joined a religious cult.
The Community?
It's a bad idea.
She's not gonna be happy.
We swum the whole bay,
Frankie. It's not in there.
FRANKIE: Keep looking. Find it.
Your only job was to
oversee things went smoothly
and what were you doing?
Sitting in your car, singing,
while six months worth of
effort just drifted out to sea
and my son disappeared.
I found one of our floats, Frankie.
- It's been cut.
- Was it them?
- Or was it someone else?
- Do you want us to keep looking?
Oh, no, no. You just enjoy
yourselves at the beach, boys!
Get back in there. Find it!
- (GASPS) God!
- Sorry.
- Sorry. I
- Oh!
I fell asleep before I could
make it back to your couch.
- It's a (LAUGHS)
- Oh, you couldn't sleep on that anyway.
You'd be gutted by the springs.
- Oh!
You were talking in your sleep.
Did I? Sorry.
No, it was interesting.
Mmm. I had this, um
oh, I had this dream.
I was back in Laos.
In Luang Prabang it's, um
We went there once and we booked
through this weird site and ended up
in these noisy rooms on top of
a bar, run by some English
Come on, Harry's Bar?
Don't tell me you know it.
I, uh I worked the Mekong
for a while, helping a friend.
I Oh, yeah.
Oh, when we stayed at that
place, we didn't sleep for a week,
'cause of the kitchen noise
but I tell you, it has the best
vegie curry this side of the equator.
Its chicken curries are even better.
No, Harry's is vegetarian.
Only till 8:00,
then everything comes with chicken.
Yeah, he used to let the chooks
free-range around town till dark,
'cause he believed it was only good
to eat chicken that had had a good day.
- For real.
- That's so stupid!
- Well, it worked.
That was it was fun, last night.
I'm not sure what follows or where
You should probably get away.
Then Frankie will know
it was me. I'm staying.
Oh, how many layers have you got on?
IRIS: I made you guys breakfast.
I could make you breakfast in bed
every morning if you lived here.
- Uh
- No. Jeremiah's just
- He's visiting.
- Mm-hm.
Ooh! Chocolate biscuits for breakfast?
It's all we had.
I've always wanted to try
orange juice on my cornflakes.
- It's my fourth-favourite thing.
- Fourth?
Oh, well, this is an
amazing feast but I
Why don't you go and get
ready for school, huh?
OK. Bye!
See you later.
Oh, dear. OK.
That's another tumble
down the parent slide.
I mean, Iris didn't seem to mind.
Iris is 10.
And officially, she's
declared me an uncle.
OK. Somehow, that sounds
that's that's just wrong.
Uh alright.
Let's just put this down to a
a lapse of judgement, shall we?
So, this was a one-off, then?
Yes, absolutely. What else could it be?
- Right. If that's what you want.
- Don't you think? Yeah.
Yeah, OK. Just want to be clear.
Brought on by criminal excitement.
Uh, could I use your bathroom for a sec?
Yes, as long as you put the seat down.
You'd better have a good
story ready for Frankie.
She'll be out of control.
- Oh, my god!
- Oh, good. Finally!
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry it's so early
but we thought you'd want to know.
Is that Jeremiah's truck outside?
Uh, yes. Um I'm
Well, he left it here yesterday,
'cause he ran out of petrol.
- Uh, what do I want to know?
- We have a code for you.
It had us thrown at first, 'cause
silly me forgot to count the comma.
So you've cracked it?
"Cracked it?" Wow. Do
people really say that?
Uh look, we might have.
We have. It's a Russian
quote. Dostoyevsky.
"Man is sometimes extraordinary.
"Passionately in love with suffering."
Yes, I might have heard him
say that. So, does that work?
Well, we don't know.
We haven't tried it.
Although, you know, if
you typed it in Russian,
it would be 63 characters.
And if it's in English, it
would depend on the translation.
And he may not have used a comma.
So not that watertight, then.
No, it will work.
Could I get you to move that car, Magda?
I managed to fix that flat.
Oh, great.
Can Jeremiah drive me to the school bus?
I think he's still
out of petrol, sweetie.
Jeremiah, wait for me!
What say we pretend it's a
public holiday and don't open?
No, we did that last
week. Yeah. It was good.
Well, I suppose there's a royal
having a birthday somewhere.
Frankie wants to see you.
- Say please.
- Now.
There's hope for you yet, Tarquin.
Charlie, if I'm not back in 20
minutes, you know what to do.
Torch the place. In fact,
torch the whole town.
I'd love to torch the whole town.
How can I help you, Frankie?
Where were you last night?
Misery Bay Nightclub.
Jeez, that place goes off.
Like it's any of your business!
Let me put this another way.
Have you seen Jeremiah?
6'2", dark, curly hair.
Doesn't talk much.
- And last night?
- Nah.
Didn't talk much then either.
Don't try me.
We stayed in and played Cluedo.
If I discover that you're lying
you know I'll come and find you.
And I won't be as sweet
and pleasant as I am now.
Tell Jeremiah I need to speak to him.
- Yeah, I'll tell him.
- Hmm.
STELLA: So, if we use this password,
is there any danger they
can track it back to here?
Sorted, sweetie. We're
a protective IVPN.
If anybody cares to track you,
they'll be directed to a
laundry supplier in Bangladesh
and then a dog groomer in Austin, Texas.
It's up to you. Do you want to try?
Yeah but if it's
wrong, we're closed out.
I mean, they will know they've
been hit but not by who.
So you've got three shots at this.
Whoa! Time, now. We
need to re-think this.
Made the 'O's zeros.
Told you it would work.
OK. Well, it's gonna take me to
day, at least,
to turn this into human-speak.
You head off. We'll sort it.
What were you up to last night?
- Why? It wasn't Wednesday.
- Oh, fuck.
What the hell happened to you?
She's looking for you. She's
not her usual cheerful self.
- Which one hit you?
- What the hell did you do?
Oh, she might be having a few issues.
What the hell did you do?
Cut loose her drug drop but she
can't possibly know that yet!
Are you bat-shit-fucking crazy?
- I mean, maybe. The thought occurred.
- Bat-shit!
I hear you. What'd you tell Frankie?
That you were with me all night.
Like a fool.
- Playing Cluedo.
- You saw what she did to him!
To everyone. What
she's done to this town!
This is gonna blow up in your face.
She's grillin' everyone.
It's not gonna take her long
to figure out I was lying
and then she'll kill you,
me, Joseph, all of us.
No, no, no, no. I'll sort it out.
You can't sort it out!
All you'll do is die,
unless we run, now.
Look, if you're worried about him,
we can organise a home for
him once he's out of here.
He left you and your
mum when you were eight!
He's the only family I've got left.
We have to go!
We've got some time.
OK? And I I've gotta sort
out a couple of things, like him.
I'll pack a bag.
Well, there's a
slow-moving train wreck.
You and Jodie shacking up together.
(CHUCKLES) Jesus Christ.
OK, so you, YOU are now offering
relationship advice, are you?
Mate, someone has to.
(WHISPERS) God damn.
Are you happy by the rubbish bin
or do you want to come to our place?
Well, you might have to camp in
with my, uh, grandson, Jasper.
I can't say it's gonna be
any better than out here.
She farts like a brewery draught horse.
We've got chicken on
tonight. You like chicken?
Yeah, that'd be good.
Are any of Mum's people out there?
No, mate. Not the present.
I know how to avoid her cameras, though.
Yeah. You know, come when I'm in.
- MAN: What night was this again?
- FRANKIE: Last night.
Last night I spent worry about my toe.
I put metho on it, I
put gentian violet on it,
I scraped it out,
that was most of Saturday.
I've had it for years. I
can show you if you want.
- It's not pretty, thought.
- Oi!
Which one of you heroes hit her?
I did.
She told you what I was doing?
- Cluedo.
- All night.
No. Fuck off, Jeremiah
Look again.
Go back and check through every
inch of that surveillance footage.
Find his car.
But Sammi has already checked.
Check again.
Just remembered something
else, Saturday night.
Just before I went to bed,
I found a leech in my shoe.
- Go away.
- Can do.
Oh, Jeremiah. I wasn't expecting you
I need you to do me a favour.
- What, now?
- No, eat first.
What kind of favour?
I want you to go and tell Frankie
you know who sabotaged her drug drop.
I do?
- Me. I did it.
- Right.
- Right.
So you want me to arrest you?
Arrest me for what,
for stopping a major drug deal?
Yeah, when you put it like that
- Yeah
- It sounds a bit risky.
Handling Frankie with that kind of news,
she won't be happy.
If you want to save people
and actually be a policeman,
this is your chance.
Wait 12 hours, then go and tell her.
- But but what do I say?
- Oh, well, write
I'll write it down for you.
OK. So, on the 18th of every
month, the same code appears.
That seems to be a green light, so
And every 24 hours, the payments hit
a series of banks around the world.
I mean, we don't know how much
but it seems that every
transaction going through ProsperOz,
they cream off 0.8%.
Oh. That doesn't seem that much.
0.8% of every transaction?
They've got $30 billion
tied up in their super fund.
On any day, there are what?
15,000 transactions?
We're talking millions of dollars.
Otis? Otis!
Eat this.
You have to help me get out of here.
I'm going to try.
Tell him I'll sort out this screw-up.
Whoever did this will pay with their
life and he'll get what he's owed.
I'm probably not needed here anymore.
He knows I'm good for this.
Tell him I'll fix this.
I'll have another batch
ready in 12 weeks and
and I can start paying at
least 10%, starting next month.
He says the organisation is not a bank.
They don't accept monthly repayments.
Can he understand what I'm saying?
Ask him!
- Does he speak English?
- That's not a good idea.
Well, that's as good as it's
gonna get, for the moment.
I'm sure my people
will be understanding.
The last thing any
of us want is trouble.
Well what do you think?
I think we get ready for trouble.
I mean, this is what
you wanted, wasn't it?
Now you know how they do it.
But you can't prove
any of this, can you?
They'd tie this up in
court for a thousand years
and fight every single payment
and then never reach a conclusion.
Oh, they may not. How do you know?
Because it's what I'd do.
Actually, it's what I did.
Every pensioner claim for roof
damage, every fire-affected house,
we argued and delayed
and do you know, for every cost
against your superannuation,
we created a charge that nobody
understood but everyone paid.
I thought finding this out
would be my ticket out of here.
Instead, it turns out it's just karma.
Look, I'm not complaining, Frankie, OK?
But this is the payday
that you promised, yeah?
You did say I'd get
that money last week.
Right? There are people
that I owe money to!
What's Greek for, "Get
the fuck out of my sight"?
- Oh, mate
- Hey, hey.
Safer not to answer right now, Kerry.
- Listen
- Kerry.
- Enough Come on. Yeah.
- Eh, eh. Yeah. OK. OK.
I don't have time for this.
Something bad has happened
to some things I care about very much.
I have no interest
in you or what you do.
Call it woman's intuition.
Where were you two nights ago?
Oh, can you be more specific?
Other than showering, making a meal,
reading a bedtime story for my daughter.
I should just kill you right now.
You're not gonna kill me here.
Why not?
I don't care.
Tarquin, do you care?
- No, I don't care.
- Arthur?
No-one cares.
Well, go ahead.
Do it, then.
- Just shut up and kill me.
I'll catch up with you later.
What's cooking, good-looking?
Need a lift?
Make yourself at home.
Two men turned up at the motel,
looking for an Anneka van Cleef.
- I take it that is you.
- What did they look like?
Sammi printed this off
from a surveillance camera.
This woman you see her?
Yeah, I know her. She's that actress.
She's in that film where she
falls in love with a fish.
Oh, hang on,
did she fall in love with a fish,
or did she turn into a fish
and fall in love with a bloke?
Didn't like it much either way.
She's in that, uh, other
film too, isn't she?
Oh, the other one! Yeah,
with, uh with the spiders.
And the fangs and that.
You. You, lady, you know?
Yeah. I know exactly who she is.
- Yeah?
- Didn't turn into a fish.
That's the wrong film. She
got eaten by mutant piranhas.
From eating piranhas.
(WHISPERS) Rebecca? Becca!
- No.
- I need your phone.
- I don't have a phone.
- Yes, you do.
I've seen it and unless you
give it to me, I'll tell them.
I mean it.
It's in my shoe.
You know you'll face eternal damnation.
It's your phone.
We both will.
What do you want me to do about it?
I hardly even know him!
In trouble, are we?
Oh, a cousin, or someone
I sort of know, needs help.
- Jesus!
- JEREMIAH: Jason, we're on.
First thing tomorrow, I need you
to do exactly what I ask you to do.
There's a lot of lives depending
on you getting this right.
- No, no, I understand. I understand.
- You'd better, mate.
Well, it is the Frankie thing, right?
- Yeah.
- No, no. I'm good. I'm good!
Actually, I've been practising,
you want to hear ?
Connor and Manfred
have it under control.
Magda and Heather will
take over in the morning.
Ah, it's all fine. You're safe now.
I've, uh, had a lot of
experience at this kind of thing.
IRIS: One more, Grandpa?
Uh, no, thanks, Iris.
I've had an adequate sufficiency.
Why don't you finish them, hmm?
Do you have children, Graham?
Uh, no. Uh
my wife died from breast
cancer before we could have them.
I'm sorry.
This one was a bit of a shock.
We were told we couldn't have kids.
She turned up four years
after we adopted Otis.
Mmm, some kids know they're needed.
Stay here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Well, you're just in time
for some more inedible food.
I'm just passing. You've got a guest.
Oh, it's only Graham. Come in.
Hey, I'm glad you're here.
Really glad, actually.
The other night, on the water, it was
it was kind of amazing, wasn't it?
Yeah, it was a bit different.
I feel like I'm still on some
kind of high. What about you?
I'm coming down.
We've set a lot of firecrackers off.
Yeah. Let 'em bang.
I came back with this
enormous sense of
of freedom, like I
could jump out of my body
and be a completely different person.
Listen, it's getting
really dangerous in town.
Oh, it's always dangerous in town.
That's about the first
thing you told me.
But it's like that
that danger
I don't know, it's like, uh
I could become someone
completely different.
- Don't get too carried away.
- What you said to me in the hut.
You just have to go with it and hope.
You were right!
I'm OK
and I think you are a huge part of that.
I thought I was a lapse of judgement.
- Did I say that?
- You sort of did.
I didn't mean it.
Look, I
The last thing I want to do
is get between you and Jodie.
We're heading to the mainland tonight.
That's what I came to tell you.
And when will you be back?
- Hard to say.
- JACK: Hey. I've gotta talk to you.
It's urgent. Can this wait?
No, it can't.
Alright. Uh, just give me a
So, uh so, you're saying what?
This will be the last
time we see each other?
Might be safer that way.
- What's so important?
- Otis is in some sort of trouble.
- What sort of trouble?
- Elysha called me from the Community.
Wait, Otis is with the Community?
Get him out.
The devil that I once
told you about is Thaddeus.
His real name is John Stiles.
He's the brother of Vicky Stiles.
Who's she?
Who's Frankie.
Get Otis out!
Otis! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
(WEEPS) Oh, my god.
What have they?
I'm sorry, Mum.
Oh, enough. It's alright, sweetie.
I'm gonna get you out of here, OK?
What have they?
What the fuck ?!
You get me the keys.
Now! Get me the keys!
It was necessary to teach Otis a lesson.
You unlock my son, you crazy fuck.
He has pledged himself to the Community.
Do I look like I care about some pledge
from some squalid, tin-pot sect?
But you have a stink from the outside.
And everyone here can smell it.
So I think it's wise that you leave now.
I'm not leaving without my son.
Your son is with us now.
This will travel through your
throat and clear out the other side.
But if the earthly tent
we live in is destroyed,
we have a building from God.
An eternal house in heaven.
"In my father's house,
there are many rooms,"
where I will be welcomed with open arms,
into every single one of them.
Good. You want a room in God's
house? I can arrange that.
He is immortal!
Make up your mind. I
can't hold this forever.
Let the boy go.
Unlock him.
Elysha! Return to your place!
- I'm going with him.
- Then you'll burn with the rest of them.
Let's go!
- You cleaned the kitchen?
- Of course.
I do it every day.
You hate porridge. I'm sorry
No, no. It's just a while
since I smelt actual food.
Sit down. Thank you.
This is
Is that porridge?
Did did you make this?
Yes. And I cleaned the kitchen.
And I taught Elysha
everything she knows, didn't I?
- Elysha.
- She did.
Piss off.
Sorry. I have some
information you might want.
Oh, I doubt that very much.
It's about Jeremiah.
I know he's shot through.
So you know about the other night, then?
Tell me.
Oh, I was sealing off the
road, like you wanted me to.
And I saw him coming up the road
with a kayak on his roof.
I stopped him and he
said he was going fishing.
Was she with him?
The poodle.
There was no dogs. I
I stopped him. He said
he was going fishing.
Um there was no-one else with him.
And you're absolutely sure
there was no-one with him.
No-one else was there.
You too, eh?
Excuse me.
I apologise for interrupting
you two handsome men but
was that Russian you were speaking?
Why do you want to know?
He speaks English too!
- Ooh!
- How exciting.
My friend and I have a very
long fascination with
everything Russian.
- Are you on holidays?
- Holiday?
We're here to see apples.
We have Geeveston Fannys.
Are you allowed to draw on the walls?
Looks like it.
The two of them shot
through. They had help.
You'll find them.
And those that helped them.
Do you remember that little
mongrel Doberman cross
the old man dragged home?
No matter how much we fed him or
how many balls we threw for it,
it never stopped biting us.
He was ungrateful.
What happened to that dog?
I drowned it in the pig trough.
After everything I've done
for everyone in this town
they're just like that mongrel.
No-one remembers what
you've done for them.
No-one thanked me.
I should just leave this
shit-hole and let them rot.
They can't be saved.
They're infected with the same
poison that infects all outsiders.
I'm sick of trying to
make this shit-hole work.
Now Jack's run off and fuck
knows where he's hiding out.
I set all this up for him!
He turned out to be just as
spineless as the rest of them.
I wake up every morning
and can't decide if I'd
be happier alive or dead.
You still want the guns?
Of course I do.
Come here. I have a
knee for you to sit on.
Oh, later, later.
Just relax for a bit. Drink your tea.
We'll show you boys a good time.
You don't like our tea?
- I'm curious to know what you have
seen since you've been in Tasmania.
- Apart from the the apples.
You speak Russian?
Vodka's bad.
Us? We're friends of the lady
that you came here to kill.
It won't be long for you now.
And the world will be
a better place for it.
Stop worrying!
In a few hours, we're gonna be
in a magical land, far, far away.
You really haven't travelled
enough. There's no magic.
Oh! Listen to Mr Cheerful!
- Yeah.
- First thing I'm gonna do
is go to the biggest
department store I can find
and buy some Egyptian cotton sheets.
- How about you?
- Should probably get some rest.
(GLOOMILY) "I should
probably get some rest."
Why? So we can wake up in three
hours' time and be miserable again?
What do you want from
me? A comedy routine?
You were with her the night you
sabotaged Frankie, weren't you?
You went and put our
lives in danger for her.
Didn't you?
We both
had plenty of reasons
for doing what we did.
So you perform this act of daring,
then you go your separate ways
and the two of you shake hands?
Pretty much.
Are you even getting on
the boat with me tomorrow?
You haven't organised a
home for your dad, have you?
This was your dumb-arse plan all along!
I had to make sure that you were safe.
maybe it's time we
took our separate paths.
- I'm not saying that
- Shut up.
I'm getting to the good bit.
Piss off, you arsehole.
And fuck you for wasting my time!
MAN: Pass us the pretzels
when you're ready?
Wouldn't rush. They taste
like cat piss and sweat.
Someone told me that the way
to spot a true local around here
is by the way they wear
flip-flops in the middle of winter.
- Is that true?
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
And usually why dogs
start snarling first.
Are you passing through?
Something like that.
Paper bag, buying a pizza,
sitting alone, drinking at a bar.
What crime did you commit?
Lying? Cheating?
Forget an anniversary?
Ah, you don't know the half of it, mate.
My trouble is that I love each
and every single one of them.
I take it you're not married.
I wasn't blessed with the,
uh the gift of commitment.
Oh, I have a gift for
committing to the wrong woman
and sticking like glue way too long.
Love everything.
If you love everything,
then you will perceive the
divine mystery of all things.
To me, that's just a
licence to love them all.
I find one hard enough.
Every now and then, you meet
one that you have to go back for.
She said, "I'm glad you're here."
She was really happy
I'd come over. I don't
What does it sound like to you?
- Not sure I follow.
- I'm not sure I do.
Sounds like whoever this woman is
really got under your skin, though.
Nah. No.
Well, maybe yeah, maybe she did.
I've got myself one of those.
She's an itch I just
can't scratch, you know?
- Yeah.
Ah. I have to take this.
What is stopping us doing
exactly what they do?
Why can't we use their
codes and steal their money
before they do?
We know the day that they
signal a payment's due.
We know they're paid two hours later.
So what is stopping us from
setting up our own daisy chain
of off-shore banks and bogus accounts?
But you could still only
collect from banks in Tasmania
and the banking laws here are tight.
Yeah. But I think we can do it.
It'll need setting up.
I'll need specialised assets
working on the ground to pull it off.
If what you mean by 'specialised
assets' is people,
this is probably the best
town in Australia for them.
I mean, you are living
in a town of criminals.
I know.
It's absolutely perfect, isn't it?
I'm looking for a dear friend
of mine, Anneka van Cleef.
She might not be going
by that name anymore.
There's three more looking for
you. Connor thinks they're Russian.
- Are you sure?
- One spoke good English.
- What do you need, Stella?
- For you to keep my children safe.
I don't believe you're
telling me the full story.
I've got Russian mercenaries
looking for me in town.
I've got nowhere to go
and no way of getting out.
All that bloodshed.
Pain. It still lingers.
Its claws hold on to you.
They won't let go.
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