Bay of Fires (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Bay of Fires

I found one of our floats,
Frankie. It's been cut.
What the hell did you do?
Have you seen Jeremiah?
WOMAN: This is gonna
blow up in your face.
It seems that every
transaction, they cream off 0.8%.
GRAHAM: Otis is with the
Community. Get him out.
- You give me the keys.
- I'm going with him.
Then you'll burn with the rest of them.
Two men turned up at the motel,
looking for an Anneka van Cleef.
This woman, you see her?
Sounds like whoever this woman
is really got under your skin.
Every now and then, you meet
one that you have to go back for.
MAN: We'll be a couple of hours.
Your mother and I have
an important lunch date.
Now, once in the store, you have
to stay in there until we get back,
OK, darling?
You can buy whatever
you want for yourself.
Happy birthday, Anneka.
Close the door, please.
Fuck, no.
- What are we doing here?
- You like walking?
- No.
- Like camping out, then?
It's in the middle
of the fucking winter!
Good. Less snakes.
Gran your pack. Let's go, then.
(SNIFFS) Mmm. You smell that?
Can't smell anything.
You've got your nose
too close to your arse.
Try again, old man.
Smell that fresh ocean?
Free supermarket right there.
Fish, oysters, crays.
Great. So now we can go back?
Yeah, sure. In a day or so.
Suppose your mum never discussed
your blackfella side, did she?
I've got Irish blood.
You've got Irish blood but you've
got blackfella heritage as well.
Through your grandmother's side.
I've got a grandmother?
Yeah. You're part of Mina's mob.
Grandma Wilhelmina.
- What was my grandmother like?
Bloody feisty, that one, old man.
Don't want to do her wrong.
She gets her hands up on
her hips like this at you,
you'd better run.
But I tell you, she had the
softest cuddles of anyone I know.
I always thought I was more.
Well, you are, Jack.
You've got relatives all over, mate.
Maybe one day, you'll
be proud to claim them.
Anneka van Cleef lives here?
How the mighty have fallen.
- Hello, there.
- Hi.
Alright, squire?
Come to trade in the Cherokee
for a tractor, have you?
No, no.
- How can I help you?
- I'm looking for a dear friend of mine,
Anneka van Cleef
though she might not be
going by that name anymore.
Hmm. It's a lovely shot, that.
Evie Morton classic.
You're out of luck, though.
She moved away about two months ago.
Fell in love with my
cousin, of all people.
Moved up north to his banana plantation.
Yeah. Yeah, she straightens out
all the bent ones, apparently.
Little dad-joke for you there.
You a father yourself?
Nah. No, you look too happy. (LAUGHS)
I've got an old address,
if that's any use to you.
Won't be necessary. Thank you.
I made you some tea.
Thank you.
You should be resting.
How is your leg and your
shoulder and your head?
Sore, less sore and better.
It's lovely to have you back.
Yeah. It's good.
Hey, lady. There's three
more looking for you.
Three what? Frankie's people?
No. New ones. Connor thinks they're
Russian and they're asking for you.
- For Anneka.
- Are you sure?
Connor says one spoke good English.
IRIS: Where are we going?
Uncle Jason's house.
Jason's not an uncle.
He's a second cousin.
- And he lives in a caravan.
- Close enough.
Oi! Mmm.
I like people to call first!
We're having a dinner date.
No, we're not! What do you need, Stella?
For you to keep my children safe.
Safe? From what?
What do you think? Frankie!
She's out to kill everyone.
- Well, as it happens, not just her.
- Why'd you bring them here?
Because this is a police station, Jason.
Right. Yes, of course.
I need you to guard them with your life.
- I'm coming with you.
- Otis, you can barely walk.
You stay here and protect Jason.
Hey! Hold right there!
I don't believe you're
telling me the full story.
Really? Oh, I'm sorry.
Well, this is what's happening.
I've got Russian mercenaries
looking for me in town,
Frankie's out to kill me too
and probably the folk
from the Community to boot.
I've got nowhere to go
and no way of getting out.
- Right.
- But don't worry, Jason.
I'm not expecting you to do anything
that a real policeman would do.
- Just keep my children safe!
- Yeah, I can do that!
- You can trust me!
- Ugh.
I mean, what if you
got them all together
and reason with them as a group?
You want me to get them
together and reason with them?
I'd better get back to protecting them.
Get them together!
Does she seriously think
that she can outrun us?
Where the fuck is she going?
Rhubarb and apple pie. My favourite.
- Could win a prize for this.
- Already has. Lots of them.
- Twice at the Deloraine Show.
- And Rosebery.
Times may be hard but it's
no reason not to eat well.
Things'll turn, and we're ready.
I reckon you should put your
beetroot cake in this year, Mum.
Ha! I bet they've never
tasted a beetroot cake before.
Sorry to drop in unannounced
but I remembered your
country hospitality.
Thought I'd take a chance
and see if you were in.
Country hospitality is
reserved for country friends.
And you and I are a
long way from being that.
I know.
That's why I brought them.
Brought who?
Who the hell are you?
This is the the woman
I was telling you about.
Johann, this this is her,
this is Frankie, the woman.
I'm still waiting for an answer.
We speak English in my house.
Of course.
the FUCK
are you people?
I'm Frankie MacLeish
and this is my fucking house.
Who is this glamour boy?
I've never met him before but
he said he wanted to meet you.
That he had a message that
he wanted to deliver to a
Vicky Stiles.
Ah. She's playing you.
I'll decide who's playing me.
Before the shooting starts
perhaps we should take some time
to appreciate the
significance of this moment.
Here we are, some of you
about to take your last breath.
Any last words anyone wants to share?
- What's he saying, sister?
- Bunch of bullshit, pet.
I'll ask you one more time.
What do you want?
I want to kill her.
- That's all.
- You want to kill her?
Well, be my guest!
But not in my dining room.
We serve food here.
Then what are we arguing for?
Tarquin, Drago.
Put the guns down,
then let the gentlemen take her outside.
Then they can all go back to
wherever the fuck they came from.
Seems perfectly reasonable to me.
You too, Stretch, love.
- What the fuck?!
Shit! Sorry!
Beautiful, isn't it?
Our mob been here a long time.
Yeah, that much I know.
Know your history, do you?
You've gotta know your true
self out here, old mate.
Otherwise you get lost in it.
All that bloodshed.
That pain.
Still lingers.
You feel it when you walk the land.
Scratch that crust
that pain, it's still there.
That grief
it's leached into the soil,
the trees, the water.
It's inside the people
here, like a sickness.
The bitterness. It'll wear you down.
Eat away at you, if you're not careful.
So every now and again, it resurfaces.
The insanity.
It breaks through that
crust, like it's craving air.
Its claws hold on to you
and won't let go.
Oh! Fuck!
Anneka. Anneka.
Stop right there!
Or I will shoot.
Oh, come on. Be serious.
You don't look like somebody
that could shoot a person.
Get down on your knees now!
I will not tell you again.
Oh, dear. Did we forget
our bullets, did we?
Here. Have some of mine.
- Did you get him?
- I only winged him.
Can't hit a bloody thing with
only half a trigger finger.
Days of wine and roses
are over for me, Sammi.
So shoot him again!
- Switch hands.
- Oh, OK.
- Aargh!
Oh, no. That's no good. That's worse.
Aah! Oh!
- I'll be back!
- STELLA: Where are you going?
Car! (GASPS)
Oi! Hey!
Follow me! Come on!
What the f
Aah! Aargh!
Where is he? Well, he, uh
I know you.
And this is not you, Anneka.
I'm not Anneka.
I came here to protect you. Please.
Stop talking.
It's not as easy as you think
to kill someone.
Actually, I've discovered
it's not that hard.
Turns out I can live with myself.
Anneka, please. Let me make this right.
God, please, babe. Listen to reason.
What are you doing? Put it down.
This is the man who fucked my life.
He murdered Kumar and Gina
and god knows who else.
- He's a
- Yeah. I know him.
We've met.
And we're all drinking mates. (CHUCKLES)
Don't do this, Stella.
What are you even doing here?
I thought I might have to save you.
I don't need saving.
I need you to get the fuck out
of the room so I can kill him.
I won't do that.
Let's take him back.
Let's hand him in to the police
and let him go to court.
You've won.
Can't you see?
You can get your old life back.
He's not going anywhere.
You're finally free, Stella.
Jason's here.
I can take over from here, Stell.
You have bullets this time, hmm?
This one's loaded.
If you don't mind, get your belt.
It's funny how this
world turns out, isn't it?
Divine mystery.
One day, you're in
London, studying finance,
and the next, you're in Misery
SONG: (ON STEREO) Meet me in Hawaii ♪
Why not I ♪
Do you know where we come from?
Yeah, the north-east.
That's home country.
On the other side of the island?
Yeah. It's beautiful.
We've got abalone as
big as dinner plates.
Crayfish. We're in it.
When we're hurting, we
want to be on home country.
Where things are good.
Where's this?
Near Bay of Fires?
Yeah, I suppose that's what
they call it now, isn't it?
So what do you suggest I open with?
7 of clubs, third from the left.
Uh, jack of hearts,
second from the right.
Ooh, how's the scores?
- You're still winning.
- Oh!
I think I've got a gift for this game!
King of clubs,
second from the right.
OK. So, not trying to put
any pressure on you, lady,
but you have 3 minutes left
before they use the
code and the money goes.
- OK.
- It's kind of now or never, sweetie.
OK. Just OK. Do it.
Do what? You haven't told
me how much we're taking.
Well, I I don't know
how much they're shifting.
So guess? 2 minutes.
Uh, OK. Alright.
I guess they could be taking about
$8 million.
- OK. $8 million?
- Yep.
Uh, no, no. Actually, um
Why that much?
Because it seems like
an authentic amount
that might relate to something
and it'll throw them.
- Actually, on second thoughts, I think that
- Ooh.
Too late.
There it goes.
So, um I guess we just, um
we wait.
- What?
- It's done.
It's already in the
first account you set up.
No way.
OK. Uh well, let's test it.
Transfer $27,740 into that account.
That's a specific amount.
- That account?
- It's a it's a loan account.
Come here for a look-see?
You look so peaceful, sleeping.
Sorry to disappoint.
I brought you something.
- A chocolate cake?
- From the supermarket.
All this way to deliver a cake?
Yeah. I wanted to see how you were.
Why are you here?
It's not to deliver a $10 cake.
A truce.
It's time we learned
to live with each other.
some people lose all memory
after a traumatic event.
They block it out.
But I can remember every word spoken.
Every shot fired.
And what I remember is
this weedy fellow above me
and you putting a
an arrow in his chest.
I know I should be grateful.
I owe you.
No, you don't. You
don't owe me anything.
I owe you
for bringing killers into my home
and for murdering Drago and Stretch.
I did not know that was gonna happen.
I should have killed you
when I had the chance.
Look around you.
I'm not the one in the hospital bed.
You are.
And by the way,
my offer of a truce
was for you, not for me.
We've both got children.
Let's just stay out of
each other's way, huh?
Hmm, a truce.
A one-time offer.
I hope that doesn't mean
you're gonna expect
fruitcake every Christmas.
No. I hate fruitcake.
See you round, then.
Sure will.
I'm hard to avoid.
I've been thinking.
We need to diversify.
Into what, Dad? Casinos?
The state's changing.
All them idiot mainlanders
coming down here
to breathe our fresh air
we should be capitalising.
So you want to bottle the air?
You'll need to go back to the bank,
get our 20 acres back down by the river.
Tell them I've got a plan.
Walnuts and whiskey.
Whiskey as well as walnuts?
Yeah. Sounds like a good idea, Dad.
We'll need Billy back if we're
gonna make all these changes.
Yeah, alright. I'll call him.
And what about alpacas?
Oh, what about alpacas?
We're not having any bloody camels.
(LAUGHS) They're nothing like camels.
Well maybe distant relatives but
they're easy on fences,
they don't bite
and they hum.
How many animals you know that hum, eh?
Shove over.
They say it's gonna rain tonight.
And there's a shock.
Yeah? What's this a summons?
Open it. Find out.
It's the deed for your house.
I transferred the money to
the bank and paid it out.
Where did the money come from?
Other people's.
I stole it. Stole it from the
people who stole it from me.
I told you I'd pay you back.
$27,740. You only owed me 25 bucks!
Well, I know but I owe you a
hell of a lot more than that.
Where's your dad?
In the truck.
Oh, well, wake him up!
He'd love to know that
he's got his place back.
Yeah, I reckon he would.
Long time ago
I must have been oh, eight
I was out fishing with
him for my birthday.
Only this one time,
when the old man told
me to haul up anchor,
he didn't know he'd, um
knocked the wrong lever
down and sent it down deep
but I was so desperate to please him
I kept on trying
to haul the anchor up.
I never let go of it.
Not even when
the rope
burned the skin off my
hands, down to the bone.
I'm so sorry, Jeremiah.
Does his will seriously state this?
Told me enough times.
"Want to go out with a bang,
like one of them Viking funerals."
here we are.
See you, cobber.
SONG: Wake in the morning
it's cold in the valley ♪
Wind comes in gusts,
hits you like a knife ♪
Clouds up above you,
they're moving in pictures ♪
Soldiers and ♪
You ready?
Go for it.
The fall of a raindrop
returns blue to the daylight ♪
Your mind must return
to behind your eyes ♪
You do realise he's already dead?
I don't think this is
how the Vikings did it.
of the other side ♪
Songs sung in secret
all over the valley ♪
One day I'll be great ♪
Or one day, will I? ♪
Will I have to suffer
all that I'm thinking ♪
I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
He would have loved this!
And on the other side ♪
Three weeks ago, I promised to
pay everyone $744 in a fortnight.
Every fortnight.
- But circumstances got in the road.
- I'm going.
Instead, I can pay you $19,800
each, in cash, up front.
- Can you prove this?
- Shut your cake hole!
Let her talk.
In all, there's $800,000 sitting
in Tasmanian bank accounts,
waiting for us to collect.
- I've got the bus out the front. Let's go!
- I wish it were that easy.
First, we need to set up a large
number of different accounts
in different names.
I knew it. Surprise, surprise.
There's always a catch.
Why is he even here?
He works for Frankie.
I asked him because we need him.
In fact, I need all of you.
The money will be spread
across these new accounts
at 16 different locations
throughout the state.
We can't use our real names, Stella.
That's why we need Reg.
I've been told, in a previous
life, you were a master forger.
Who told you that?
- I did.
- I might have also mentioned it.
Uh, me too.
STELLA: So we're gonna need fake IDs.
Drivers' licences, even
passports if you can manage it.
What you are describing
will take time and equipment.
I know but the longer this
money stays in the banks,
the more danger there
is of being discovered.
So when can you do it?
Thursday it is.
(HIGH VOICE) I can kill her
if you like, Miss Pollywaffle!
Oh, no, she's all mine, Mr
Give us a moment, hey, pet?
Hi, Jack. Just Stretch
and Drago are dead.
I heard.
Oh, Jack. Oh, thank fuck.
Give me a hug.
- Are you OK, Mum?
- Oh, yeah.
Ruptured spleen,
couple of bullet holes
not enough to kill your old mum, hey?
Charlie told me there was some fighting.
Mmm. Charlie.
That's where you were.
Your father's old mate.
I'm sorry for leaving.
No, no, no.
It's a blessing you weren't there.
Enough lost without losing my dearest.
Oh, give me a hug.
I'm not going back, Mum.
I can't.
No, you don't get to
make that decision, son.
You can't leave me just like this.
Not all alone.
I'll come back to see
you. I'm still your son.
But, Jack, I need you.
It's all for you.
I'll see you.
You'll all be issued with
your costumes, wigs and IDs.
Accounts have been set
up in multiple names,
so you must familiarise yourself
with each of your identities.
This look for the first bank
and then this one for the second.
I don't like stripes.
Remember, keep your heads down.
Avoid the cameras.
You don't want to do anything that
makes them look at you too closely.
Withdrawals over $10,000
are mandatorily reported by bank staff,
so be ready for their questions.
They're expected to casually ask you
what you want to do with the money,
so know your stories
and please, keep it real.
I'm buying a new drum
kit from the guy that
used to play with Lobby
Lloyd's Coloured Balls.
I need the money for a new
ride-on mower and catchment device.
It's too clear. More blurry.
You'll work in pairs. Any trouble,
one of you will act as a distractor.
Head-pull is the technical term, still.
- Right.
- Technically, Connor,
there is a difference between
head-pullers and blockers.
Well, yes and no, Reg.
Good morning. I'd like
to make a withdrawal.
My name is Rika Chadwick.
Yep, she is. I know her.
$9,900 is a lot for a
jacket, Wanda Niessen.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's for the whole outfit.
The jacket alone has
1,000,800 sequins on it.
It's by that famous
designer, Patrice Rondeau.
A puppy? Not just any puppy.
The father's 30% King Charles
cavalier with a toy poodle mother
but our little pup's mum, she's a
70% mix of standard poodle with, um
This is interesting.
miniature poodle.
You want to see a picture?
I can show you a picture.
No. Hurry up and pay her.
I need to buy a ride-on
mower that I can sit upon.
- For a car?
- SCUBA-diving tank.
Lessons, wetsuit, flippers.
I'll probably need one of
those belts that weigh you down
and a knife, of course, for
the sharks and moray eels.
- Sounds expensive.
- Yes, indeed. Yes.
How much do I have in the account?
Well, I might as well take
the whole lot, mightn't I?
- Can I do that?
- Yes.
I just need to check
that with the manager.
I'll just take your ID with me.
Oh! Oh, crumbs! Oh!
Always someone.
I might just take the $9,970.
Take me to see my brother.
- Hi! We've been missing you!
- Can I get you a drink, madam?
- Uh, yes, of course.
- Uh, tequila, vodka, whiskey?
- All of the above.
- All of the above, OK.
- I'll get you something to eat?
- Sure.
- Pretzel?
What's happening?
- Why is everyone being so nice?
- It's a party.
They're all our friends now.
We never had this many friends.
Go dance.
Hey, wasn't it your whole idea
to expose your former
company as a bunch of crooks
and put them all in prison?
- Mmm.
- Well, sadly, that was never gonna happen.
- Aww.
- I was being naive.
Our legal system would defend
those bastards to their graves.
At least now I can say I got
back some of what they stole.
But this is the same money they
stole from other people, isn't it?
Well, I mean, yes, technically.
I mean, it was ordinary people's
money in the first place, wasn't it,
before it got stolen?
Well, what do you expect me to do?
Find all these ordinary people,
give them back their $20
that was taken from them?
And that sort of justification
works for you now, does it?
- Yes! Yes.
- Right. Right.
It sort of sounds like
how they'd defend it.
Wouldn't these ordinary people
want to see some justice?
I just told you they
weren't gonna get it.
So I mean, this
coming from a dope-grower.
I thought you'd be happy that
I'm staying put for a while.
Come on.
Here, try and have a good time.
I'll get you another drink.
So, lady, I just checked
the ProsperOz network.
There's been, like, no blowback.
- So they haven't shut us down?
- Mm-mm.
They just don't appear to have noticed
that some of their money has gone.
- So we can keep doing this?
- Mmm.
We can keep hitting them up
at the same time every month.
Everything's set up, all the accounts.
We can just vary the amounts,
change out the odd name,
play at the margins
- Yeah.
- To us.
- To us! To you.
If you could see,
you would see that everyone
is having a really good time.
They're very happy.
I imagine they are. They're
back to being criminals again.
Oh, don't tell me you
don't approve either.
Oh, I've been here too many years
to either approve or disapprove.
I can really bring this
place back to life, Graham.
I heard the same thing many years ago,
from Frankie, when she first arrived.
I am not Frankie.
Nor was she, then.
What the hell is Behrouz doing here?
Oh, leave it open.
You're wounded, sister.
What does Behrouz want with you?
I can get on top of this.
You and me, we can cut this bitch down.
They're all they're all
down there now, having a party!
The word is, she
delivered above and beyond.
The traitors! They're there together.
Mocking me!
If we go down there now, we can
take back control of this town.
Is that little Eddie in there?
- Why?
- Haven't seen the little guy for a while.
So are you gonna help me, or what?
I'll certainly be fixing things.
I'll come back. Again.
Drive, Tarquin. (GROANS)
Get the fuck out of here!
You know, making me hurt
Graham was real wrong.
- Where's my money?
Yes. When will you be spreading the joy?
Well, it is time, so I'd better
give the envelopes to Manfred.
- You're giving the money to Manfred?
- Yes.
Why not? I'll be there.
He doesn't care about money.
He told me a story where he
took a bullet in his stomach once
and let the others have the money.
No, he didn't. He did a runner.
There ain't a soul in town he
ain't tried something on with.
Look, long as you ain't
told him where the money is,
I'm sure it'll be fine.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
You'll never catch him now.
Watch me.
SONG: Some day I'll have lovin' ♪
Lovin' isn't easy to come by ♪
By the time it's
come by I'll be gone ♪
I'll sing my song and I'll be gone ♪
Livin' a life of luxury ♪
Doesn't seem to be for me ♪
Be for me ♪
Movin' round comes naturally ♪
Movin' around and feelin' free ♪
That's for me ♪
Hey. Stella.
Maybe you could give us a bit of a hand?
I just I swerved.
I was trying to miss these
cute little pademelons
in the middle of the road and I
I was just heading back
to the party, actually,
and I I remembered
Excuse me. I have a town
of people depending on me.
Well, they're gonna be sad
Hey Oh. Can you smell petrol?
I can smell petrol.
I will come back and help you,
as soon as the money's safe.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, well,
let's just get me out first, eh?
- And then we'll grab the money.
- I'm sorry.
But my trust factor in
you is at an all-time low.
So just wait.
Have you seen my tulip?
I said I'd come back.
And there are blues you get
when everything's in hock ♪
When your girlfriend
doesn't answer when you knock ♪
And there are blues you get from
getting in a taxi cab and fretting ♪
Every time you hear
the bumper jump a clock ♪
There are blues you get from trying ♪
To keep your Uncle Bill from dying ♪
And he later on
forgets you in his will ♪
There are blues you get from kisses ♪
When you're walkin' with your missus ♪
And another baby shouts, "Hi, Bill!" ♪
But the blues that make you hop ♪
and want to stop
and shake and shiver ♪
Are they blues that make you
wanna go and end it in the river ♪
They're the blues my
naughty sweetie gives to me ♪
And there are blues that
you get from loneliness ♪
And there are blues
that you get from pain ♪
And there are blues when you
are lonely for your one and only ♪
And blues you can never explain ♪
And there are blues that
you get from sleepless nights ♪
Oh, but the meanest blues that be ♪
They're the blues that
I've got on my mind ♪
I mean ones of the meanest kind ♪
The blues my naughty
sweetie gives to me ♪
Yeah! ♪
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