Baymax! (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


Trash. Junk. Trash.
More trash.
Aw, itai! Aw!
Pain. My old friend.
I am Baymax, your personal healthcare
What's that? Borax?
I am Baymax,
your personal healthcare companion.
I was alerted to the need
for medical attention when you said
- "Aw, itai! Aw!"
- Wasn't me.
On a scale of 1-10,
how would you rate your pain?
I love all my pain equally.
That is not a valid answer.
- I will scan you now.
- Huh?
Scan me?
Scan complete. There is degradation
of your joint cartilage,
primarily affecting the area of your hips.
Compliments will get you nowhere.
I suggest pain medication
in conjunction with daily exercise.
I will find the nearest
recreational facility,
using my state-of-the-art GPS locate
Found it.
Swimming is an ideal form of
physical therapy for someone with your
I don't swim.
It can be more encouraging
to swim with a friend or family member.
Great, I'll call everyone I know.
I detected a spike in your cortisol level
when I mentioned swimming.
Do you have a fear of water?
You got it.
Then we first must address
your water phobia.
I will implement a psychological
treatment called "exposure."
I'm trying to slam the door.
Slowly introducing you
to elements you fear
until you are comfortable swimming.
Toodaloo, balloon man.
What the
Congratulations, Kiko.
You have taken your first step
in overcoming your fear of water.
You have earned a lollipop.
Hello, Kiko.
Sounds of water
can help you fight your fear.
It's time to pop that bounce house.
I will scan you now.
Scan complete.
You are in good health.
Where is he?
I got you now, Borax. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Congratulations, Kiko.
You have taken a major step
in facing your fear.
Oh, no.
No. You shouldn't have brought me here.
I need to go home.
Water is nothing
to be afraid of, Kiko.
Water therapy is proven
to ease joint pain.
You don't understand.
I was never afraid of water.
It's this place.
The memories.
Look at my ridiculous husband.
He used to swim at this old rundown pool
all the time.
Splashing around like a porpoise
with swim trunks.
He would say,
"Jump in, Kiko. Live a little."
I got close a couple of times, but
never took the leap.
I wish I had.
You are in good health, Kiko,
therefore, it is not too late
to live a little.
- Are you ready?
- Whoo!
I think so.
Baymax, have you been swimming?
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