Baymax! (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


TEACHER: Well, how about that?
That was almost 20 full minutes
devoted to the application of Band-Aids.
Thank you, Baymax, for coming in to visit.
Class dismissed.
I'll see you all after lunch
for the talent show,
which I will judge harshly, but fairly.
Come on, Ali. We got this.
Who else is going to win?
Lana and Tariq.
Nice kids,
no sense of showmanship.
I'm going to go use the bathroom.
I'll meet you before the show to practice.
Not that we need it.
Yo, yo, queen.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
Hello. My name is Baymax.
I was alerted to the need
for medical attention
when you said,
"Oh, no, no, no, no."
I'm fine.
Don't need any robot nurse help.
Just a normal kid
having a normal bathroom experience.
- I will scan you now.
- Wait, what
Scan complete.
You have mild seasonal allergies
and are currently menstruating.
I just got my first period.
- Correct.
- But my stomach hurts.
Mild abdominal cramping
is typical.
I can't believe this is happening.
This isn't supposed to
I can't!
I wasn't prepared for this.
And the dispenser is empty,
and I don't even have a thing.
The thing, you know a tampad.
A padpon.
Uh, uh
A maxi padpon with wings.
You are referring to
menstrual hygiene materials.
I will be right back.
Excuse me Oh, okay.
You know what? Let me
Oh, no. Okay.
BAYMAX: Excuse me.
Which of these products
would you recommend?
Oh! Um Uh
Well, these are the tampons I usually use.
- Thank you.
- WOMAN 1: I prefer pads.
- They're more comfortable for me.
- Thank you.
- I always get the ones with wings.
- Thank you.
Get unscented
and bleach free, if you can.
- Yo, my daughter loves these.
- BAYMAX: Thank you.
WOMAN 2: These might be easier
if it's her first period.
- BAYMAX: Thank you.
- These are environmentally friendly.
I have brought you a variety.
BAYMAX: You may select
your preferred sanitary napkin.
No one calls them that, Baymax.
Okay, so this one
Well, this one has
Wow. I have no idea how to use that.
If you require, I can pull up
an instructive video to show you how
No, no, no.
I don't want this!
BAYMAX: May I suggest these to start with?
SOFIA: Thanks.
SOFIA: Baymax, don't listen.
BAYMAX: Now you are able
to return to class.
Back to class?
Are you kidding?
I'm not going back to class,
or anywhere.
No. No, no. I live in this bathroom now.
Do you think they'll let me paint
an accent wall in here?
Sofia, are you okay in there?
What's up, Ali?
Sofia, is everything okay
Well, wow.
Okay, you've really got
your own thing going on in here.
We have, like, five minutes
before the talent show.
Oh! Talent show!
Aw! Ali, I completely forgot.
I got my first period
and my guts feel tied up in knots,
and my insides are
coming out of my outsides,
and my childhood is over!
Oh, that's a lot of information
for me to process.
I'm sorry.
No, neither of those sound right.
Look, it's really not that big of a deal.
Are you freaking kidding me?
Not a big deal?
Okay, okay. It's okay.
Well, my sister,
she says it's good,
because you can sometimes
get out of gym class.
But I love gym class.
Exercise can be helpful
for menstruation related cramping.
ALI: Sofia.
This show is all we've been talking about,
and I can't jump, catch myself,
and then do opposite direction
yoyo throws.
I'm just one kid.
SOFIA: We might have been too ambitious
with our choreography.
- The show's starting.
Please, please come, Sofia.
It's a middle school talent show
for Pete's sake.
These kids will eat me alive.
BAYMAX: Why do you not want to perform
in the talent show?
It's not
I just I can't.
BAYMAX: It is common for people
to feel embarrassed,
fearful or uncomfortable
with the subject of menstruation.
But it is just biology.
It is nothing to be ashamed of.
No, no, Baymax,
it's not that. It's
I remember when
my cousin Valerie got her period.
My tía Mariana wouldn't stop
calling her mi mujercita
and everyone started
treating her differently.
I'm not ready for that.
I'm not done being a kid yet.
BAYMAX: You are 12-years-old.
By many cultural standards,
you are still a child.
A pre-teenager or "tween."
But getting your period
is supposed to be like this
huge deal, and it means I'm different now.
- Right?
- BAYMAX: You are getting older.
Your body may change,
but you will always be you.
How do you feel?
I feel like the kid who's gonna
kick serious butt in this talent show.
Thank you, Baymax.
- That is humorous.
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