Baywatch (1989) s01e21 Episode Script

Old Friends

1 - Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here It's never gonna work, man.
-Oh, yeah? -Yeah, she thinks you are a jerk.
-Only 'cause she doesn't know me.
-No, she thinks you're a jerk 'cause you do stupid things like this to try and meet her.
-My tactics are not stupid, they are imaginative, and they are inventive.
-Tacky, tasteless, and most of all, they don't work.
-Oh, yeah, watch this.
-Muffie! Here, muffie! Oh, muffie! -Yes.
-Oh, muffie! Oh, thank you, thank you.
Oh, if anything ever happened to my sweet little muffie.
Thank you.
-Woo! -So how can I ever repay you? -Well, it's all in the line of duty.
-Let's go.
- All right, I think that's it.
I think we got everything.
Weekend in the Santa Monica mountains, here we go.
Fresh air, pine cones, it's gonna great.
-So what is all this stuff about? I thought we were going camping.
-You didn't tell him? I thought you did.
-Tell me what? -Well, we're going camping, but also thought we'd do some hang gliding.
-You mean "we" as in you and Mitch, because I tried this craziness once and I'm not gonna do it again.
-Oh, don't be such a baby.
It's a lot of fun.
-It's a great sport, it's a A thing of beauty.
-You are gonna be thanking us come Monday.
-Another surprise like this, and I doubt I'll be talking to either one of you guys.
No worry, I thought ahead.
Just in case you changed your mind, I brought you a glider.
-Mitch, there is no case, no possible scenario that could ever get me to jump off a cliff with you.
I should've known you guys would pull something like this.
Come on, come on, let's go, I am hungry.
You know, the oddest thing is muffie hates the water.
I don't know what could have possessed her to jump in.
-The water probably just looked inviting.
-Is he friend of yours? John, John.
-No, looked like a guy I used to know.
-I don't see Lance.
-Don't let him drown, John.
Oh, god.
-Man, I thought naps were supposed to make you feel better.
-Hangover? -No, no, just a bad dream.
-Hey, listen man, I was gonna call in a pizza.
Nice large onion, double cheese, pepperoni? -Oh, I hate pepperoni.
The rest is fine, but-- -hey, fine.
We'll just spit it in half.
-I had a friend once.
He hated pepperoni, too.
Always used to order it just to hear me complain.
I never let him down.
-So do I know this friend? -No, no.
Is that, "no, Eddie, get back to work, I don't want to talk," or what? -No, his name was Lance.
Lance Jarvis.
Good guy.
We were buddies back in the school.
About a year ago, Lance, Kate and I were-- Kate was his wife.
Anyway, we were having dinner, and we had some laughs, had some wine.
Too much wine, actually.
-You know what, I'm gonna race you to the buoy.
-Ha! Don't you ever get tired of losing to me? -Hey, my luck's gotta change some time.
-No, don't, don't do it.
Next thing I knew, we are racing out to this buoy.
-Where is he? I don't see him.
He is too embarrassed to face me.
-Damn it, Lance.
You are scaring me.
Lance! Where are you? Don't let him drown, John.
-Lance! Never found him.
-Didn't he wash up the next day? -No.
Man, the ocean just swallowed him right up.
The water was choppy, the currents were real bad.
Never should've been out there.
Kate was great about it, though.
She never, never made me feel like it was my fault.
-Even though that's what you think.
-Should've known better.
Funny thing was, today in the Marina, we passed this boat, and the guy driving it I thought that it was Lance.
This Kate I mean, have you talked to her, heard from her? No.
No, we sort of fell out of touch.
-If she's on your mind so much, why don't you try and get in touch with her? -Maybe.
I'm telling you, garner, you are missing out.
Hand me that, Craig, will you? Thanks.
You wanna hook me up here? -I got you.
-Sure you won't change your mind, garner? -I was about to ask you the same thing.
-There's nothing like the rush of leaping off a cliff.
-Get this for me, will you? -If you guys really wanna die so bad, I have a gun.
-Take off the cliff, drop a couple of seconds, the wind takes over, it's up.
What is it? -A thing of beauty.
-A thing of beauty.
Come on, run away.
-Yeah! Woo! I'll catch up with you later! Thanks for the flowers, John.
You want something to drink? No, I'm fine.
-Yeah, I got myself a job in San Diego.
Small travel agency.
-Free vacations.
It's the only reason to take a job, the pay stinks.
-So, I finally get up the nerve to come see you, and you're moving.
-I needed some distance.
I made that pretty clear.
You had nothing to do with it.
-Didn't I? Me and Mitch, Craig.
You pushed away everyone that was closed to you.
-Last I heard, you were breaking hearts in Jamaica.
It's been a hard year, Kate.
It's a beautiful island.
Beautiful women.
Sure you had your fair share of fun.
-Hey, I missed you Kate.
I miss Lance.
-Nothing has changed, John.
I still don't wanna talk about it.
Let me help you pack.
You'll be done twice as fast.
-I'll call you.
-We were friends, Kate.
-We still are.
-Even though you can't look in in the eye? -It's good seeing you.
Take care.
-Wow, beautiful Craig.
Get up here.
I'm coming.
Hey, I got a friend up here I'd like you to meet.
I'll meet you up there in a minute.
I'm getting my gear together.
Make it fast, will you? Woah! Craig, I hit a thermal.
Craig, I'm in trouble.
I'm going down.
Craig, did you hear me? Craig, I'm going down! Craig-- Craig.
Craig, you read me? Craig? -You're hungry, garner? Food.
Sleeping beauty.
All right Damn it.
I said I was sorry.
I can't look at you.
-I didn't mean it.
-Hey, hey, hey! Oh, oh, oh! Hey! -Let go of me.
Let go.
-If I put you down, you promise not to try to drown your friend? -He's not my friend, I hate him.
-What's going on? -He kissed Julia foreman right in front of me.
-I didn't even know you were there.
-Ah, you pig.
-Hey, stop.
Wow, wow, wow.
Look, be nice to him, see if that works.
-Oh, stick to lifeguarding.
Nice work, John.
-Thank you.
-Well, you handled that pretty well.
Teenagers are my specialty.
-All these summer months, all the hours I spent staring out of the water.
-Complaining every second, if I remember correctly.
-I miss being a lifeguard.
Especially, getting in the middle of a love fest.
Hungry? -Yeah.
-Between you and packing more boxes, you won by a flap.
-I'll get my jacket.
-I guess you're surprised to see me.
Kind of.
Let's keep it fun, John.
Only the good times.
Fair enough.
Hey, Chris.
-Come on, Craig.
He crashed, didn't he? -No, no, he's fine.
He's fine.
He's just up to some kind of funny business.
-Why aren't you laughing? And why can't we pick him up on his radio? -Because his radio's only has a range of ten miles.
If we're not back in an hour-- -hey, just find him, okay? -I will.
I'll find him.
Okay, here we go.
Am I coming in? Loud and clear, Craig.
Any signs, Craig? -Not yet.
Garner, I've got a visual.
It looks like he's down.
-Is he okay? I don't know.
I don't see him.
Just some broken branches.
It looks like he hit hard.
-Sounds like the boy scout broke something.
Look, I'm gonna take the Jeep down the mountain and get a chopper.
-You'd be out of range.
-What choice do we have? It'll be night soon.
-Look, give me a chance to find him, and I can give you his exact location.
-20 minutes.
Craig, what's going on? Talk to me.
Garner, I see something.
What? I'm going in for a closer look.
-Craig, you're starting to break up.
You're almost out of range.
-I found him.
He's in the bottom of a rocky quarry.
I'm about 10 to 12 miles east.
I'm going in for a landing.
-Time's up, partner.
I gotta go.
-You are a mess.
Damn! -Nothing to worry about.
Garner knows exactly where we are.
He's on his way for help.
All right, my man.
Ooh! -Mayday, mayday, mayday.
We're trapped in a rock quarry, maybe 300-feet deep.
I have a snake bite victim in need of immediate- -That's was a good, healthy scream.
I am glad to see you're feeling better.
-Hey! -Where are we? -We are down inside of a rock quarry.
-How the hell did that happen? -You crashed your glider.
-I know I crashed my glider.
I hit a tree.
How did I get down here? -I don't know, I guess you fell trying to get away from a snake.
-Snake? Oh, the snake.
-Help me up, okay? -Come on.
Come on, come on.
-You do this? -Yeah.
-That's a good job.
-Oh, Craig I broke my leg.
-You sure did.
You did a nice job with the splint, though.
-Yeah, looks like we are in for a chilly night.
-What do you mean we are in for a chilly night? What're doing hanging around here? Why don't you get help? -I can't, we're stranded.
I can't carry you out of here, I glided in.
-You glided in? Oh, that's brilliant.
Well, obviously you brought your headset? -Yes, I brought my headset.
-But my headset doesn't work from 300 feet down in a rock quarry.
-Can I ask you a personal question? Where did you learn your rescue training, anyway? -I'm gonna go look for some shelter.
Great idea.
I'll wait here.
Huh, glides in.
Oh! -Garner.
-Some landing, huh? -Well, are you okay? -Yeah, I'm okay.
It's Mitch who's in trouble.
-I made a fire.
It's nice and cozy in here.
Here we go, here we go.
All right.
Hold on, all right, okay.
Okay, I got you.
Ready? -Yeah.
-1, 2, 3, I got you.
Here we go.
-What do you think? -I think it's better if you put me over there.
-Oh, what? -The other side of the fire.
It's better.
The least you could do is get some branches and some bigger logs.
This thing's gonna last about 20 minutes.
-I found the cave, I built the fire, I know what I'm supposed to put in it.
-Why are you getting testy with me? I'm the one with a broken leg and a snake bite here.
-You're also the one with a strange way of showing your appreciation.
-Does this hurt? -Aah! Of course that hurts.
-Okay, okay, okay, sorry.
-Is the swelling going up my leg? -Yeah.
But your color's still good.
-You better move that thing, okay? -I know to move this thing.
Okay, okay, hold on.
All right, all right.
Okay, okay, that's it.
-Stop exaggerating.
I was doing, I was doing maybe, maybe five miles over the speed limit.
Besides, it was New Orleans, they don't care if you're speeding there.
-You were not just speeding.
You were nearly supersonic.
When the policeman stopped us, I was sure we were going to jail.
-Now, we would have.
Allow me.
Hey! -Stop, no! -Lance? What the hell? -What a difference a year makes.
Guess I lost a few steps on you, bud.
Well, how long before it clears? What if we went out of Van nuys? -The glider radio won't transmit over ten miles.
-Well, that'd put them in this perimeter.
-No helicopter.
The weather's going south on us.
We'll have to wait for morning.
-Captain, why don't you let us take a unit? We can get there within a couple of hours.
-We can't find him in the dark.
-No, but that would put you in a good position for a land operation in case the weather doesn't get any better for the choppers.
It's a good idea, Eddie.
Go ahead.
-Room for me? -You bet, let's go.
-Hey man, come on.
You were there.
You had eyes.
You knew how tight things were.
That Kate and me were having problems.
You were my friend, Lance.
You could've come to me.
-We weren't looking for moral support.
You know, we needed a way out.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, I understand.
You needed a chump for the insurance company, preferably a lifeguard chump to be in the water with you when you drowned.
-What was I gonna do, John, huh? Tell you? I mean, come on, get real! A million dollars was on the line.
And you went along with this? -He was my husband, I had to stand behind him.
That's what you did, all right.
You stood behind him with your back turned.
-Hey, we paid the freight, bud.
A year of our lives down the drain.
Kate was the good widow, and I had to stick it out down in cabo.
I washed a lot of dishes, I ate a lot of beans.
-Why did you ever come back? She signs for the check in three days, John.
Three days.
-Look, Kate.
No money exchanged hands.
That means no fraud, no jail time.
The only crime you've committed is being married to a jerk who took a long vacation.
There's this dirt road down in cabo, and there is this house that is unbelievable, man.
I mean, it's got this view on it.
-Spare me, all right? -Did I forget to mention that we're gonna cut you in for a share? -Wrong! I am not turning my back.
I'm not letting you use me to collect bogus insurance money.
-Man, I know you.
You're no Mr.
You bend the rules.
-Fine, fine.
You wanna play dead, you go be dead.
I won't tell anyone.
You guys forget about collecting any money.
-What? You turn me in, huh? You turn Kate in? -Dam right, the both of you.
You two deserve each other.
-I don't want the money, I never wanted it.
-Honey, when you see this house-- -how many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going with you.
-You are, Kate.
You're going, and Cort here is not gonna stop us.
You understand that? He's not going to stop us.
This tourniquet is gonna buy us some time, but I guess it can't last forever.
We're gonna get you out of here.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Mitch? -Bring any marshmallows? -No, bad for your teeth.
But I did get euell Gibbons' special.
Chew on that.
It's got vitamins and minerals in the bark.
-Protein, too.
A family of termites is living in here.
-How could you fly off to save me without bringing me any food, huh? -I had to choose between the med kit and roast beef sandwich.
-Yeah, right, like a candy bar takes up a lot of room.
-Remind me never to save you again.
-You call this a save? -I call this a save.
-No, no, I'll tell you what a save is.
A save is when I am stretched out at home, in a warm bed with lots of hot food and lots of loved ones fussing over me.
That's a save.
-I should have brought the roast beef sandwich.
Garner, you worried about Mitch? -I'm sure they are okay.
Hey, hey, hold on.
-We gotta get out of here, man.
I can't-- What're you doing, I am okay.
-We're here, I need the practice.
-Yeah, do me a favor, will you? Watch out for Hobie.
I'm gonna take a little rest.
I'm just-- -Let's go lower.
I don't understand it, we are not in darkest Africa, where the hell are they? -I don't know.
-Come on.
-Come on.
Stop it, stop it.
Get up man.
-Are you okay? -Yeah.
-You know, I couldn't go through with it, that I wasn't gonna take insurance money.
That's why he came back.
-Kate What about our life, our dreams? Your dreams, Lance.
Your life, not mine.
-This time there's no coming back, Lance.
This time, you're dead.
Get out of here.
I'm-- I'm sorry, John.
I was scared, too scared, I guess to be a good friend.
Can you ever forgive me? -That's what friends are for.
-We're approximately 15 miles from their camp site, heading south.
The winds are kicking up.
Anything from the civil air patrol? -No, not yet.
-All right, we'll continue up the mountain.
We're on our way.
-There's Craig, bring it around.
-Now! Now! -How the hell did they get down there? -Hang on, Mitch.
We're almost home.
-We spotted them.
We're going in for a closer look.
We can't land here.
The winds are too strong.
We land on the cliff.
That fire road dead ends in five hundred yards.
We'll land at the top of the quarry and repel down.
Meet us at coordinate 693 and 70.
They're at the bottom of a rock quarry.
We can make it down the south face.
All the gear ready? -Yeah.
We have three 500-footers, check.
Slings, check.
-All right, let's go.
Hang in there.
-All right, easy does it.
Easy, take it slow.
-Where's Mitch? Over here.
-How's he doing? -Blood pressure's low.
Snake bite's swelling for the last couple of hours.
He's got at least two broken ribs.
-Neck, back? -Seem okay.
-All right, easy.
Yeah, sir.
-Ready on three.
Ready? Three.
Easy, easy.
-Hey, captain.
-Hey, old man.
-Hey, Craig.
What're you waiting for, an invitation?