Baywatch (1989) s04e07 Episode Script

Tentacles (2)

1 - Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight oh I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here Mount up, it's time to ride taste the waves, touch the sky we're the young, wild and free take a pic, all eyes on me hit it hard and watch it spin bet it all, we play to win living just to hear our names to get the prize and win the game summer summer it's summer all the time heads up, here we go cue the lights, start the show drop in and make the turn no stress, crash and burn live the dream, seize the day worry free, miles away show them all something new doing what we want to do summer summer got summer on my mind summer summer it's summer all the time -Say, Newmie, you seen Mitch? -No, he went to go pick up a waverunner.
-He should've been back by now.
He's not at headquarters.
-Thought he might be here.
-Well uh, Hobie called looking for him, said he won that a&w bodyboard challenge.
Said he's bringing home a year's supply of cream soda.
-Mitch'll go through that in a month.
-I wonder where he could be.
-You know Mitch.
He probably found himself some beautiful woman and can't drag himself away.
-Don't go on another dive, please! Come on, I want you to meet my sister.
-I will, Caroline.
I'll meet her tonight at dinner.
I wanna meet your sister, I want to meet your whole family.
I love you, but I need to get another core sample.
-So what about Jordan? Come on, he's your partner.
How come you have to do all the work, all the time? -I'm an environment engineer.
He's a businessman.
So I do the diving; He does the deals.
I love you.
Tell your sister I can't wait to meet her.
And if Drake's trench isn't too polluted, I'll bring back some giant clams for dinner, okay? -Okay.
I'll bring dessert.
-I don't believe it! Hi! C.
! Hi! -Does Stephanie know you're here? -No.
I wanted to surprise her.
, I am engaged.
-Well that's gonna surprise her! -I met him on a glacier.
-Well that doesn't surprise me.
Let me see, he's either an environmentalist or an eskimo.
-Well, his name's frank Randall, so-- -he's not an eskimo.
-He's actually partners in a company that monitors corporate America's environmental compliance with government regulations.
-A watchdog for the planet! I like him already! -Oh, I like him, too.
Stephanie's gonna love him, but, uh, he's mine.
So where is she? -Oh um, Stephanie, she just took a new waverunner for a test run.
Oh, no.
There she is! -Oh, okay! I'm gonna go see her.
-See ya! -See ya, bye! - Carrying my dreams don't care what they think out here I can be myself there's nobody else out here free to be only me right here capturing the motion right now The skies are blue I'm breaking through out here -I got you.
I got you.
Sit down here.
-Oh god.
-Sit down.
Take a deep breath, okay? -Oh! Oh.
Oh Stephanie, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry about the waverunner.
-Oh! Not half as sorry as Mitch is gonna be.
He just picked it up.
-Oh! He's gonna hate me! Is he gonna hate me? -No! No no.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter, okay? Caroline, what are you doin' here? -I'm gettin' married.
-You're getting married? - Yes! -Oh! -So, Debra, was it worth it? The risks you took, was it worth all this? -It's not over yet.
-Tell me something.
Is he more important than your son? -Leave my son out of this.
-Seth, that's his name.
Your little boy's name is Seth, right? -I said leave my son out of this.
-I wouldn't risk not seeing my son again for anyone.
-Well you're doing just that by talking.
Shut up.
-But I would risk my life in order-- -i said, shut up! -Thank you, doctor.
Caroline! -Stephanie! The coast guard said that if they hadn't found him when they did, frank could be dead.
-What did the doctor say? -He's got a really, really bad case of the bends.
Stephanie, they don't know if decompression can save him.
I love him so much! -He's gonna pull through.
I know it.
He's gonna make it.
Don't worry.
-Oh, I begged him not to go.
I did.
-Caroline, what was he doing out there diving by himself? -I don't know.
Stephanie, he was always so careful.
I mean, frank is the best diver I know.
I don't I don't know how this could of happened.
-Well the important thing is, is that he gets better.
Then he can tell us.
-Okay? -Okay.
Now, look, let me get you out of here so you can get some-- -oh no! I-- no.
I mean, I can't leave him.
I mean, I can't leave him alone like this.
Okay, could you uh-- could you just go to frank's house? Frank has a house on topanga beach, and just uh You know, get me some stuff, my nightgown and things from my suitcase.
Because they told me they'd bring me a bed so I could stay.
-Of course.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-Look, why don't you just let me go, huh? Look, I'll jump overboard.
I'll swim.
Maybe I'll make it, maybe I won't.
But that takes all the pressure off of you.
-The only pressure on me is you thinking you can do anything about this situation and you can't.
So just shut your mouth.
Or your son will be an orphan tonight.
Hey, babe, try-- don't try moving, just stay where you are, all right? Hang on, baby.
Don't! I'll kill you.
I swear it.
Now back up.
Back up! Now! Don't think I won't still kill you.
Now sit down.
Sit down! All right, lieutenant, we're gonna dust for prints on the windshield.
-All right.
-Nobody I talked to saw anything.
-Same here.
-Well, the harbor master says the only vessel that left this area in the last few hours was a trawler named retriever.
I put in a call to the coast guard, see if their chopper can spot it.
-It's getting late.
-Yeah, well let's expand our search here.
-Look, please think, Caroline.
He found papers inside a metal tube that was hidden in a planter on the deck.
What are they? -I don't know.
-Well, what was frank working on? -Stephanie, I don't know! -Someone broke into his apartment! That same someone might've tried to kill him.
-Frank has the bends.
How could somebody try and kill him? -They could have.
It's just a matter of forcing him to the surface before his air bubbles.
The faster, the deadlier.
Listen, Caroline.
How long have you and frank known each other? -Five weeks.
-And you feel ready to marry him? You don't know anything about him! -I know everything about this guy.
I know that I love him.
And I know that frank doesn't care about money.
Stephanie, he cares about saving this planet.
Just one of his reports could shut down billion dollar corporate polluters.
-One of his reports.
-Yes! -Those are pretty valuable reports, don't you think? Look, Caroline.
What environmental hazard was frank investigating? -I don't know.
He didn't tell me.
I mean, we didn't talk about his work.
All we talked about was us.
And our future.
His partner, i-- I couldn't get in touch with him, but maybe you can.
Um He's staying at the ritz-Carlton in the Marina.
He'll know everything.
-What's his name? -Jordan.
Jordan Stewart.
Stewart swims 100 laps every afternoon.
-How long has he been in? -Uh, he just started.
-Thank you.
-You're one hell of a swimmer.
-So are you.
-Jordan Stewart.
-I know that.
I came here to see you.
-He must've been diving for pleasure or doing some research on his own, because we'd finished the project we were working on.
-What project was that? -We busted a chemical company that was accused of disposing toxic waste in the ocean a few years ago.
We were able to prove that they did dump illegally, so they got a pretty stiff fine.
-Well frank told Caroline that he was diving for core samples.
-Yeah, well that's frank.
He's always out there searching, testing on his own.
He's on a personal crusade to save the world's oceans.
Must be all that time he spent with Greenpeace.
-How did you two meet? - Outside the nuclear power plant.
I was trying to get a court order to block a shipment of spent plutonium rods, and frank, on the other hand, he chained himself to the railroad tracks and he was able to delay things long enough for my court order to come through and stop that shipment.
And I was able to convince him right then that with his environmental fervor and my legal expertise, if we worked together within the system, we could do an awful lot more to help clean up this planet of ours than either one of us could individually.
-Jordan, what do you think the odds are of frank getting the bends by accident? - Well, the guy's reckless.
He takes chances.
Chained himself to the railroad tracks.
I was always having to tell him to be careful.
Has he regained consciousness at all? Been able to say anything about what happened to him? -No.
-Where is he? What facility? -Pacifica institute.
The marine research center.
-I know a specialist, a doctor of hyperbaric medicine.
I'll get him to come by.
-Thank you.
-Hey, no problem, and listen.
Frank's tough.
He'll pull through.
Don't you worry.
Okay? -Okay.
Nice to meet you.
-You're probably thinking, how could this guy kill me? I saved his life.
Ah, but it's nothin' personal, though, was it? -Does it matter? -Nope! -Stop talking.
Come on, eat.
-Tell the captain to get underway.
Tell him to head toward the Mexican border.
Now! -What did Dr.
Shapiro say? -Just that he's in mid-treatment.
I mean, he is re-compressed.
And I guess all we can do now is wait.
-Why don't you go lay down and rest? -No.
-Listen, I will call you if anything changes.
Come on.
I brought a bed in for you.
You'll just be in the next room.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
Go on.
-Jordan, what are you doing? -Oh! Hi, I didn't know you were here.
-What are you doing? -Oh, I'm sorry, Stephanie, this is Dr.
Huntington, the specialist I told you about? He's preparing the chamber, so he can open it and examine frank.
-He's re-compressed.
-It doesn't matter.
What happened to frank might've been an accident, but it also might've been deliberate.
Until we know exactly what happened, I don't think anybody but his personal physician should open the chamber.
-I appreciate your concern, really I do, but I've known frank an awful lot longer than you have, and I'm gonna do everything I know how to make sure he gets the best physician available.
-You touch those controls, and I'll call security.
-Stephanie, you're acting like you don't trust me.
-Why should I? I don't even know you.
I don't even know if what you told me this afternoon was the truth or a lie.
But what I do know is that my sister is in love with that man, and I'll do whatever I can to protect them both.
Look, if an apology is in order, I'll apologize to both of you, but for now, you're welcome to stay and send your positive vibes to frank, or leave.
-What do you think? -Without a physical examination, it's difficult to say.
But if he doesn't regain consciousness by morning, it's doubtful he ever will.
-Well, we'll have to send him our positive vibes and hope for the best.
Otherwise we may never know what happened to frank.
Goodnight, Stephanie.
-Are you sure that's what he said? -Drake's trench.
I remembered it in my dream, because he said that if it wasn't too polluted, he was gonna bring me back some giant clams.
-Caroline, listen.
I need to use frank's dive boat.
-Why? Oh, no.
Stephanie, please don't go there! -No.
I will be fine.
I know where it is.
Just don't let anybody except for Dr.
Shapiro near frank.
Especially not Jordan Stewart.
-Jordan? Why not Jordan? -Just do what I tell you, okay? -Okay.
Oh my god! Frank! Oh, thank god, frank! Oh! -The coast guard chopper spotted it ten miles off of port segundo.
All the agencies are converging.
Go! -He's bleeding again! -Unlock these.
-No! -You let me help you, or you'll bleed to death.
-I don't trust you.
I don't trust anybody! Brady-- -shut up! He'll bleed to death before me.
-Ah! -Brady, no! No! Miss Harris, there's boats comin'! Police and lifeguard.
They're heading this way fast! There it is! -Look! -All right, hold it! Don't move! -Mitch, are you all right? -Yeah, I'm fine! We gotta get him to a hospital, though! -Headquarters just got a panicked call from Stephanie's sister.
She said someone tried to kill her boyfriend in Drake's trench yesterday.
Stephanie's on her way there.
-Drake's trench? That's not far.
Tell 'em we're on our way.
- Uh, no one's here.
- They must be underwater.
There's the boat Stephanie borrowed.
Mitch! -Yeah? -Where's this guy off to in such a hurry? -Jumpers off.
Catch him and find out.
-Don't take too long.
-This is the L.
county lifeguard.
Turn off your engines immediately! I repeat, turn off your engines! -Let me handle this.
-Unless you want to come to a dead stop, turn off your engines now! -I'll be right back, Mitch! -What now? -I've gotta go get what I came here for.
-I'm really happy that frank's all right.
-He still can not believe that Jordan tried to kill him, or that you went down for another core sample.
-Now Jordan won't be able to switch them and falsify the report.
-I don't understand why the chemical company would try and bribe Jordan, if they still had to pay the fines anyway.
-Well, those fines were for dumping illegally.
And the falsified report said it wasn't toxic, so the fines were a lot less, and an environmental cleanup that was really expensive wasn't required.
But now they're gonna have to pay for it with prison.
-See? Wouldn't your life be boring without me? -No.
-No? -Dad! Dad! Hobester! -I won! -You're kidding! -I won the a&w, the trophy.
Everything was awesome! -All right! Fantastic, man! -So uh, what'd you do this weekend? Do anything exciting? -Nah.
Just another typical weekend here at Baywatch.
-Hobie cool!