Baywatch (1989) s04e08 Episode Script


1 - Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight whoa I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here -Buchannon, tower 12.
Yeah, listen, I want to go on foot patrol.
Tell C.
I marked an inshore hole between our towers.
You, too.
Anybody home? Hey! How many more of you guy in there? -Just my brother and me.
-My mom and dad are up in the trailer.
Whoa, look at it, Chuck.
Look at the ocean.
-You know, guys, I'm afraid we don't allow tents or overnight camping on the beach.
-Oh, sorry.
We didn't know.
We just got here last night from Kansas.
We came out here for Bobby's double digit.
It's tomorrow.
-Double what? -Double digit.
His tenth birthday.
Dad says it's the only time in life you jump a digit 'til you reach 100.
I chose the grand canyon for my tenth, but Bobby wanted to come to the beach.
He's got like a zillion books about beaches.
-So what do you think? -It's loud! -Something you can't get in books, huh? So, I take it you've never been swimming in the ocean before.
-No, but I'm a very good swimmer.
-I'm a better swimmer than him.
-Only 'cause you're older.
- Well come on, guys, let me introduce you to her majesty, the sea.
Come on! Now, I'm gonna show you one of the best things on the beach, are you ready? Put your footprints in the wet sand.
Okay, now get 'em in there good.
Now watch.
Move back.
See that? They're on their way to Hawaii.
-Really? -No, you doofus.
They washed away.
That's all.
-Well, there are always people who are gonna say that, but we know better, huh? Okay, now, I'll tell you what you guys are gotta do.
First of all, take down your tents, okay? And tell your parents to come talk to me.
I'll give them a list of the campsites, all right? Third, swim near a lifeguard tower, and wear lots of sunblock, all right? - Okay.
- Thanks.
See ya.
- Later.
- Okay, bye.
Here we go right up that hill - as you know time won't sit still we gotta put one foot in front of the other and understand that we are like brothers those monsters under your bed are in your head I'm over the moon here under the sun this time with you has only just begun and maybe it's easy for you to see that this is the life this is the life this is the life I'm over the moon here under the sun this time with you has only just begun -hey, guys! Having fun yet? - Yeah.
- Yeah! It's all fun.
-It's the best.
It's okay to play frisbee on the beach, isn't it? -Well, that depends.
Have you passed the frisbee test? -Huh? -The frisbee test.
I've gotta give you the frisbee test to make sure you don't knock people's heads off.
I tell you what.
Go back 15 steps and toss me the frisbee.
You gonna play with him? Okay, you stand next to me and throw it back, okay? -How'd you learn how to do that? -Years of giving that test.
Okay, your turn.
Go for it.
Let it fly.
A little off, but very, very good on technique.
-Did I fail my test? -Tell you what.
You and Chuck go toss the frisbee somewhere where it's not too crowded.
You come back, and I'll let you take the test again.
Bye, Mitch! -Mitch, I got a spill on the bike path, looks like they need a little first aid.
I'll be out of my tower.
-Okay, C.
, thanks for telling me.
Hey! Get that surfboard out of the water, now! -Throw it harder.
-Sorry, I'll go get it.
- Hey, get it.
Hurry up.
- Get it.
Where is it? Oh, oh, oh.
I got it! - Give it to me.
- Give it to me! Give it back.
Hey, all right.
-Sorry, pal, but this is a swimming area.
You wanna surf? Just go three towers down, okay? Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! -Here you go.
Grab the can.
Grab it.
-Got it.
-All right, relax.
Hang on, all right? You got it? Yeah.
All right.
Don't let go.
-Mitch, Mitch.
-Help, Mitch! - Help! -Here, grab the can! Grab it! Now hold on tight! Okay, okay.
Mitch, help! Help! Help me, please! -Don't let go! -Possible submersion north of tower 11, Mitch is in the water.
-Where is he? -I don't know.
That way.
-Have the coast guard choppers do a fly-over.
Code three, and get the paramedics to the dock.
Kenny, I'm taking the landing inside.
-I'll get the board.
-Help! Help! -I've got you! Just hang on, okay? -My brother! -I'm bringing you in.
-My brother! -Hang on.
-My brother.
-It's okay.
-My brother! Hey, what's going on? Mommy, mom.
-What happened? -They got caught in a rip current.
-The frisbee went in the water.
-Bobby! -We went in after it.
-Where's Bobby? -The lifeguards are out there.
They'll find him.
- He's underwater! - Oh my god! No! -Bobby! No! Sir, no! -That's my son! -If if the lifeguards have to worry about you, they cannot help him, so please, let them do their job.
-Bobby! -You were supposed to be watching him.
- It's not my fault! - Bobby.
Where is he? Bobby! No! -You all need to come to the lifeguard tower with me.
- Bobby, no! - Darla.
-Help me, sir.
Please, sir.
- Where is he? Where is he? -There! -They found him.
They've got him.
-Is he all right? -Where are they taking him? -We've got paramedics waiting in the Marina.
They're gonna take him to a hospital.
I'll drive you over there.
One, two, three, four, five.
There's no respiration.
-No pulse.
-Where's the ambu bag? -Here.
-One, two, three.
Come on, Bobby.
Come on, Bobby! One, two, three, four, five.
Two, three, four, five.
-Patient's approximately a ten year old male.
He's 90, 95 pounds.
No respiration, and we started cpr.
-Attaching defibrillator.
Pads on.
Prepping BP.
-One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
Come on, Bobby.
Come on, Bobby! - Analyzing.
Two, three, four, five.
- Stand clear.
- Stand clear.
-It's non-shockable.
- Check patient.
- Check patient.
No pulse.
Resume cpr.
-Damn it.
One, two, three, four, five.
Come on, Bobby! Three, four, five.
- Stand clear.
- Stand clear.
-It's non-shockable.
-Resume cpr.
-Two, three, four, five.
Come on, Bobby.
Time to wake up, pal.
Time to wake up.
- Stand clear.
- Stand clear.
It's charging.
It's shockable! - Press to shock.
- Press to shock.
Check the pulse again.
- Check patient.
- Check patient.
-No pulse.
- Analyzing.
Stand clear.
Stand clear.
-It's shockable.
- Press to shock.
- Press to shock.
Check patient.
Check patient.
-No pulse.
- Stand clear.
- Stand clear.
It's shockable.
- Press to shock.
- Press to shock.
Check patient.
Check patient.
How long was he under? -Four to five minutes.
-Did you defib? -Three sets of three.
Didn't regain.
Where are his parents? -Should be on the way to the E.
- I'll take it.
- No.
-Give it up! Give it up.
Just get him in and roll.
-Now get him in.
Come on.
Come on! One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three-- come on! - Go, go, go.
- Two, three, four, five.
- One, two, three, four, five.
- Watch the line.
- One, two, three, four-- - we got him.
We got him.
-His heart's arrhythmic.
-He's hypoxic.
Let's tube him.
Nasogastric and endotracheal.
I need a lateral c-spine and a chest scope, stat.
- Let's move him.
- Got it.
-I need a quick-look on the paddles.
Come on, little guy.
Come on.
Here's your paddles.
-There you go.
-He's in defib.
Charge him to 200.
-Yes, doctor.
-Need some gel paddles for a quick-look.
-Come on.
Come on, gel.
-Doc, he's still cyanotic.
-It's all right.
-All right.
Pressure here.
- There's a full tank by the bed.
- He's in chaotic defib.
- How many kilos? -Standing by.
-Cuffing him.
-Lidocaine standing by.
-Let's get a 12 leak, stat.
-Charge to 200.
Paddles ready.
-Clear! Shocking.
Clear! He's converted.
We've got sinus rhythm.
-His BP's a little choppy.
Coming in, though.
-Get a second line.
Start a second line.
-Doc, I got a pulse now.
BP 79 over 30.
-Okay, draw a blood gas.
Let's get an eeg.
-You'll have to wait here, okay? -They got his heart started.
He's breathing.
-Is he awake? -No, not yet.
He's still unconscious.
But the doctor's told me-- -how could you let this happen to my baby? Where were you? You're a lifeguard.
You were supposed to protect him.
-It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
- Oh no.
It's gonna be okay.
-Dad! Hey dad! Hey, I was just on my way to go see you.
That's so weird! So, what's up? He's gonna be okay, dad.
You'll see.
-You know, he was right there.
He was right there.
I should have gotten to him.
-But you had to save the other boy.
And you saved him, and he's alive.
-They came to the beach for Bobby's tenth birthday.
His double digit would have been tomorrow.
-It'll still be tomorrow.
He's gonna be okay.
-Not everybody is always okay.
People make mistakes.
Other people die.
-Bobby! -My brother! Where is he? Bobby! You were supposed to protect him.
Time to wake up.
-No pulse, no pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse.
It's non-shockable.
Resume cpr.
- Come on, Bobby.
- Time to wake up.
Come on, Bobby.
-Get that pulse oximeter on his fingers.
-Ventilator system.
-He's still cyanotic.
-There's a full tank by the bed.
-It's 40.
-Charge to 200.
Paddles ready.
-Clear! Shocking.
-No! No.
-Anyone? Hobie? Hobie? Hobie? Hobie? -Dad, what's wrong? You okay? -The purpose of this debriefing isn't to lay blame anywhere.
It's to go over each person's involvement in the incident, analyze our actions to see if they were correct.
If they weren't, to revise department procedures to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.
Now, I talked to the boy's doctor.
He has extensive pulmonary edema.
He's still comatose, but his arms and legs are responding to stimuli, which hopefully means that there's no brain damage.
Now the fact that the boy's alive at all, Mitch, is because of your quick response and professional efforts.
I read the incident report, Stephanie.
Thank you very much.
It painted a very clear picture as to what was happening-- -look, let's just cut through all this, huh? You read the incident report.
The rescue was picture-perfect.
Newmie spotted the boy.
Cpr on the boat was textbook.
The transfer to the hospital was professional and efficient.
The only problem here is none of this should have ever been necessary.
Those boys should have never been in bad water.
They were my responsibility.
-Didn't you hear me before, Mitch? I said that this wasn't about blame.
That includes you blaming yourself.
-I am to blame.
I knew the inshore hole was there.
I knew those boys had never been swimming in the ocean before.
I should have been watching them more carefully.
-You also had primary responsibility for those swimmers who might have become victims if you hadn't gotten that surfer out of the water.
-It was a series of circumstances.
If the boys' parents hadn't been making lunch, if I hadn't been back on the bike path.
You want to talk about ifs? -No, I don't want to talk about ifs.
I want to talk about procedures.
All right? -Okay.
-What happened once you hit the water? -Well, I spotted the first boy.
Chuck? -Yeah, Chuck, Bobby, from Kansas.
Well Chuck was closer, so I got to him first, and I handed him the rescue can.
Then I kept him in tow while I swam to save to save Bobby.
But Chuck's hands slipped off the rescue can, so I had to make a choice.
I went back to get Chuck.
By the time I started in the other direction to get Bobby, he was submerged.
-How far from you was Bobby relative to Chuck? -20, 25 feet farther.
-So it would have taken you longer to swim to Bobby first, and then come back after Chuck, right? -Chuck was a stronger swimmer.
-You made the only choice you could make, Mitch.
-No, not considering the results.
-We'd all have done the same thing.
-Mitch, you can't second-guess yourself here.
-I misjudged the situation.
-What if you'd made the other choice? You saved Bobby and you lost Chuck? Is his life any less valuable? -Mitch, I really don't think it's a good idea that you work this tower again so soon.
-I thought you'd be the one to say, "climb back in the saddle".
-Well, why don't you wait until after the psychological debriefing? I'll be conducting it.
-Stephanie, I've conducted them, too.
I know everything that's gonna be said.
-You've conducted psych debriefings? -Yes.
-Then you should recognize that you're clearly displaying symptoms with critical instant stress disorder.
-Stephanie, I'm not.
Feelings of guilt, withdrawal and depression, outbreaks of hostility, and-- -how else am I supposed to feel? -That's exactly the point.
This incident had all the criteria for post-traumatic stress.
One, the victim was a child.
Two, you exerted extraordinary energy, both physical and emotional in a prolonged rescue attempt.
And three, you saw the victim but were unable to reach him in time.
Mitch, any one of those warrants critical incident stress debrief within 72 hours.
-Well, it's been less than 24, so why don't we see how Bobby makes out before we worry about me, huh? -Mitch.
-What? -I'll stay here why you go on a workout.
If you won't do anything else to relieve your stress, why don't you go for a run? Where were you? -Pulse.
No pulse.
- One, two, three.
- One, two.
Come on.
Come on.
Time to wake up.
Time to wake up.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four, five.
Come on, Bobby! Come on, Bobby! No! How could you let this happen to my baby.
Where were you? How could you let this happen to my baby? Where were you? Come on, Bobby.
One, two, three, four, five.
Time to wake up.
How could you let this happen to my baby? Where were you? -Oh, no.
Hey! It's okay.
I got you.
Hey, man, what are you doing? - Here.
Come here.
- I got you.
-Mitch, Mitch.
They're all right.
- I got them, I got them.
- They're all right.
I'm watching them.
They're okay.
-Yeah, but he's not! -Hold on to this.
It's all right.
Thanks for coming out here.
I couldn't do this sitting in a room.
Although it doesn't really matter where I am, because in my mind I'm still out there.
Too far away to save a little boy who trusted his life to me.
-Mitch, for all you know, you may have saved his life.
Like you said, we have to wait and see how Bobby makes out.
-You know, if it hadn't been a busy day.
You know, packed.
Hundreds of people in the water, I would have been more focused.
I just can't help thinking that I wasn't sharp enough, you know? That I was too relaxed because everything seemed so secure.
I took things for granted.
I told that little boy that the ocean would wash his footprints all the way to Hawaii.
He actually believed me.
He told me he loved the ocean more than anything in the world.
-He sounds a lot like you.
-I need to go to the hospital.
-No, I don't think that's a good idea.
-It doesn't matter.
I have to go.
-Mitch, his parents might not want you there.
-Venting their rage at me might help them relieve their stress.
I'll go with you.
I need to stop by the house first, okay? -Okay.
-Some of his vital functions have kicked back in.
His electrolytes are better.
He's no longer acidotic, and the eeg shows no apparent brain damage.
However, there are some pulmonary complications.
The insult to his lungs was quite severe.
-What are his chances? -Anything from permanent coma to full recovery.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Come in.
-I hope you don't mind, but we just We just stopped by to give Bobby something for his double digit.
-May we come in? Have you eaten anything? -My husband and my other son went to get me something.
Thank you.
What is that? -It's my son's lucky marble.
Hobie always holds it in his hand when he wants things to go his way.
We wanted Bobby to have it.
-I wish you'd have given it to him yesterday.
Ten years ago today, I was in a hospital bed giving birth to my son.
And now I'm here watching his life slip away thanks to you.
-Darla? -These lifeguards just stopped by to see the results of their handiwork.
-No, Steph, it's okay.
-No, it's not.
Clark, I understand your grief.
I even understand your bitterness.
But you have to understand that if it wasn't for Mitch both your sons could have died out there.
-My wife is just very upset.
We know it wasn't your fault.
We appreciate the efforts that all of you made.
-I'll get doctor Jacobs.
Bobby, can you hear me.
It's mommy.
Open your eyes, sweetie.
-Bobby? -Come on, Bobby.
It's time to wake up.
Come on.
- Oh, Bobby.
Oh, thank god.
-Darla, careful with him.
Doctor, he's conscious.
He opened his eyes! -Hey, Bobby, how you doing there, pal? What's this? -Oh, that's-- -that's Bobby's double digit birthday present from From the man who saved his life.
-Then I guess we better let him hold on to it.
Pretty strong pulse there, young man.
-Once you're out of there, you oughta let Mitch teach you how to throw a frisbee straight.