Baywatch (1989) s05e07 Episode Script

Someone to Baywatch Over You

1 - Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready whenever you fear oh, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight oh I'll be ready I'll be ready whenever you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here You got the time? 10:20.
-You didn't even look at your watch.
-The mermaid.
She swims every morning at 10.
And every afternoon at 5.
Takes her exactly 20 minutes to swim around that buoy and back.
Not 19, not 21.
-You're putting me on, right? -She'll knock the water out of her left ear.
She'll shake her head around, and she'll run straight back into her beach house, not to return 'til her afternoon swim.
-You're amazing.
-Matt, you've gotta be observant.
Gotta know what people are doing on your beach.
What are you doing on my beach? -Oh, um, they need you at headquarters.
I'm here to relieve you.
-What's going on? -I don't know, but Stephanie seemed intense.
-Stephanie's been intense ever since Riley asked her to sail around the world with him.
-You think she'll do it? -Never.
She'll think about it, debate it, weigh the pros and cons, and then play it safe.
Keep an eye on those tourists, will ya? They have no idea what they're doing in the water, and I don't think they speak very good english.
-What's the FBI doin' here? -They want one of their agents to go undercover as a lifeguard.
-They'll never get away with it.
Those guys all look alike.
Bad haircuts, pale skin, dark sunglasses.
Oh, you can spot 'em a mile away.
You new here? -Yes, as a matter of fact I am.
-Where you from? -About a mile away.
-Oh, lieutenant Mitch Buchanan, meet FBI special agent Morgan Christopher.
-Well, you passed the first test.
That's an excellent undercover look.
Why don't we go in my office and discuss exactly why you're here? -After you, lieutenant.
-No, no, please, after you.
-All right, let's get one thing straight.
I don't wanna be in this so-called uniform any more than you want me in it.
But, unfortunately, I have to stake out a house on the beach.
-Which house? Isn't this near your tower? -You're staking out the mermaid? -Tanya harpster.
What do you know about her? -Well, nothin' much.
She's a swimmer.
She swims every day at 10 and at 5.
Why, what's her story? -It's her boyfriend's story, Sonny scanlin.
-The mob boss? Isn't he in prison? -He escaped two days ago.
We have reason to believe that he'll try and pick up Tanya before he leaves the country.
He's very intelligent, so is Tanya.
They won't make a move if anything looks suspicious.
-Well, is there anything I can do to help? -You are window dressing, Mr.
Best way you can help is by not interfering.
We have men on the bluff.
I will be on the beach.
We'll start first thing tomorrow morning.
- Huh.
-Hey, Mitch.
You, uh, ready? -Uh, yeah.
I'll be there in just a minute.
Have a good time tomorrow morning.
-Wait a minute.
Where are you gonna be? Sailing around the world with Riley? -I'm considering it.
-Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.
-Well, don't be shocked, then, if I take an extended leave of absence.
Window dressing? -It's too dangerous.
The wave will tip you over.
If you tip over, you'll drown.
Please, sir.
You need to bring the boat back to shore.
What's wrong? -I can't make them understand.
-You speak Japanese? -Oh, no.
Tide's coming up.
She shouldn't be up there.
-Oh, Greta! Help! - Help! -Greta! -I got you.
Don't worry, I got you.
It's okay.
You're gonna be all right.
-Thank you, thank you! You saved me.
-Greta! -What's going on? -Search me.
This whole day's been crazy.
-I am Greta.
Were it not for you, I would be dead.
-Oh, I was just doing my job.
-In my village, if someone saves your life, you must return their gift.
- That's not really necessary.
-Your cooking, your cleaning, whatever you need.
I will gladly do it for you.
-No kidding? -Sorry.
Lifeguard policy, no rewards.
's right.
Thanks, but you don't owe me anything.
-I owe you my life and until I repay my debt to you, I am yours.
-Back up the ramp.
We always watch the water.
-You watch the water, I'll watch the house.
-It's gonna be a long day.
I told you, you're not gonna see her until 10.
-Why don't you play in the sand, meet some babes, do whatever it is you do? -You sure are wearing out your welcome, agent Christopher.
-And you and I, we're not gonna do lunch, we're not gonna have cocktails at sunset.
-Believe me, the thought never crossed my mind.
-Really? Thought a beach boy like you would be a real bandit with the babes.
-What is it with you, anyway? -There's a lot at stake here, and I'm not gonna let some wave junkie who likes to hang out and bag rays, blow it for me.
-Okay, here's how we're gonna handle things.
I'll mind my business and stay out of your way.
And you damn well mind your own business and stay out of mine.
-You gotta come with me, Steph.
It would be the adventure of a lifetime.
-I want to, Riley.
You don't know how much I wanna come with you.
-Well, then what's stopping you? -Nothing.
It's just, I don't know.
It just seems like such a big commitment, you know? To leave everything and sail around the world.
-Look, if you hate it, if at any time you hate it, we'll find an airport and you can fly home.
-I won't hate it.
I'll love it.
-But will you love me-- that's what you're worried about, isn't it? I love you.
-I know.
I just need more time to decide, Riley.
-Well, there's not much time, Steph.
If we're gonna keep it ahead of the weather, we gotta be out of here no later than Saturday.
-Why is it I can make decisions about everything else so easily, but when it comes to my life-- -Why don't you let me help you decide? -There she is.
-She'll swim out to that buoy, be back in 20 minutes.
-20 minutes, you're sure? You'd better be right.
This is Sam, base 1.
Target is off the property.
You have 17 minutes.
Move in.
-Friends on the bluff doing a little breaking and entering, huh? -They need to plant a listening device on her phone.
There are lives at stake here.
Where are you going? -To bag some rays.
- I'm caught! -Help! Help! Help! My boyfriend's in trouble.
He's caught in a riptide.
He's been drinking.
You've gotta help him! Come on! What are you waiting for? He's drowning! -There! - Help me! Help me! Help me! -Here.
-You okay? -I'm fine, thanks.
-Take it easy! -I got you.
Matt, Matt.
-I got him.
-I'm going after Morgan.
-Thank you.
Are you okay? -Everything's gonna be all right, ma'am.
-Oh, thank you.
Arnie, I was so worried.
All right.
You okay? -I'm fine, leave me alone! I'm fine, I'm fine! -I save her life, but I don't even get a thank you.
-You're lucky, trust me.
Towel? -Yeah.
-Cold drink.
The sun is hot.
-Thank you.
That's very nice.
I appreciate everything you're doing, Greta.
In fact, if I wasn't a lifeguard, I'd love it.
But I'm gonna get in trouble.
-The shade is better.
-Greta, you really don't have to do this.
-Yes, I do.
-No, you don't.
I, uh I gotta go back to my tower.
-I will come with you.
-Greta, Greta! Greta, wait, wait, please! I wanna talk to you.
Look, you come from a small village, and I know things are different there.
And I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but it's the '90s.
Things have changed.
Men and women have changed.
Do you know what I mean? It's not right for you to be a man's slave.
-If a woman saved me, if you did, I would do the same for you.
-You shouldn't do it for a man or a woman.
-I don't do it for the man, I don't do it for the woman.
I do it for the honor.
It has been like that ever since my grandfather's grandfather, and it always will be.
Do you know what I mean? -Hello? Tanya, it's me.
Oh, baby, I miss you so much.
-I'm going on patrol.
-Shh! It's him.
-Sonny? It won't be long now.
You remember Mary Lou? From San Francisco? Sure.
Well, she'll be coming to see you.
Hey, you turned it on, didn't you? -Oh, I forgot.
-Damn it! -What? -She put a scrambler on the phone.
-When I was in the Navy seals, we use to-- -hey.
I won't pretend I can do your job anymore as long as you don't pretend you can do mine.
-Now where are you going? -To play in the sand.
-Well, Greta made lunch for us.
-What is that? -That's smoked eel.
-That looks like something from "20,000 leagues under the sea.
" -Yeah.
It's a native dish from Holland.
Which piece? -Um, bread.
I'll have some bread, please.
-Do you know that she's reorganized your entire refrigerator? -She what? -She's lined up everything by height, and she's colored coded your vegetable bin.
-Well, she's efficient.
What can I say? -You can say goodbye, that's what you can say.
-I tried.
I saved her life and she won't go.
-Well, this boat isn't big enough for the both of us.
So either she goes or I go.
-Come on, C.
there's gotta be a way.
-Well, yeah.
She can save your life and you'd be even.
But that's not gonna happen.
-Yes, it can.
It can happen.
That's it! That's a great idea.
-How? -Start with taking the day off tomorrow.
Uh, excuse me.
-Yes? -I, uh I saw you running barefoot on the beach.
-That's not illegal, is it? - No, no, of course not.
-So? -Oh, it's just that, you know, a lot of jellyfish have been washing up on shore, and you should be careful if you're running barefoot.
-Jellyfish? -Yeah.
-Well, I'll be careful.
But thanks for the warning.
-No problem.
Hi, this is Tanya.
You know what to do.
-Morgan, it's Mitch.
Tanya is coming inside.
Erase the messages and get out of there! I'm a flip flop I can't stop don't care where I land crash into the sand I'm a flip flop on top I'm walking on the moon singing out of tune I'm a flip top don't stop flip flop until you drop gonna flip top tick tock gonna rock until forever o'clock Flip flop high top hip hop don't stop flip flop on top be bop flip top soda pop flip flop on top iggy pop I'm a flip top don't stop flip flop until you drop gonna flip top tick tock gonna rock until forever o'clock I'm a flip top flip flop until you drop flip flop -Hey.
I thought you had the day off.
-I did.
Wasn't worth it.
-Oh? -Don't worry about it.
? -Yeah? -Do you think I'm too cautious? -You mean, do I think you should sail around the world with Riley? - No.
Do you? -Are you in love with him? -I think so, but I'm not sure.
-Do you think you'd have fun with him? -Yes.
I know I would.
-Well, then go.
Go and have fun because that is the only way you're gonna know if you're in love with him or not.
- Thanks.
-Testing, testing, one, two, testing.
We had an agreement, you know? -We still do.
We're not doin' lunch.
We're not having cocktails at sunset.
-You agreed to stay out of FBI business.
Because of your phone call, I couldn't plant this bug.
You could very well have jeopardized a lengthy bureau surveillance.
-Really? I thought I save the whole deal, not to mention your personal butt, not to mention your entire life out there.
-Sounds like you want a medal or something.
-No, but a simple thank you would suffice.
-Thank you.
You saved my life.
You're my hero.
Feel better? -Oh, you had me pegged as a dumb wave jockey before you even met me.
And you were wrong then and you're wrong now.
Only problem is you haven't got the guts to admit you're wrong, have you? -Buchannon.
It's for you.
-This is Christopher.
I'll be right there.
I have to go to headquarters.
-Keys are in my truck.
Try not to run over anybody! -This is Buchannon.
I'm gonna be out of my tower for a little while.
Have somebody watch my water.
Thank you.
Remember me? -The jellyfish man.
Oh, you didn't step on any, did you? -No.
Look, I'm really kinda busy right now.
-Well, this won't take a second.
I'm going door to door to try and get people to sponsor me for the lifeguard Olympics.
It's for charity.
Really, whatever you can give.
-All the money goes to underprivileged children.
It's a tax write-off.
Please? For the children.
-I'll get my purse.
It's upstairs.
-Thank you.
Great view.
I can actually see my tower from here.
Okay, so who do I write this out to? Baywatch lifeguards.
It's really terrific of you to support the lifeguard association.
It'll make a lot of children happy.
You're a good neighbor and a great swimmer.
-Thank you.
Okay, how will this do? -Oh, that's terrific.
Well, thank you very much.
-Uh, actually, you can go out this way if you'd like.
-Thank you.
-Matt! -Give me your hand.
-Good job.
It looked real.
I think she bought it.
-Matt! Thank god! -What happened? -Oh, you almost drowned and Greta saved you.
-All I remember is that dog.
-You really have a bump.
-Of course he has a bump.
He almost drowned.
-You really saved his life? -I just tried to help.
-She really saved your life! -Huh? -Tell her how grateful you are.
-Yeah, yeah, right.
Greta, you owed me your life, now I owe you mine.
To the respect of your grandfather's grandfather, and to the way, we're even.
-Ow! -Okay, I admit it.
I might have a bit of an attitude.
-A bit? Might? -There was someone, a surfer.
Always chasing after the next wave, the next pretty girl.
He promised me he'd always be there for me.
He left.
He never came back.
-What, an old boyfriend? -My father.
He broke my heart and my mother's.
So, you see, I'm not too fond of the beach boys.
I hear ya.
-Thank you.
For everything.
-Does this mean we can have cocktails at sunset? -Probably.
5 o'clock, right on time.
-What made you become an FBI agent? -When I was little, we went on a tour of FBI headquarters in Washington.
And from then on, I knew it's what I always wanted to do.
What made you decide to be a lifeguard? -When I was little, we came to the beach.
-I guess we both made career choices at pretty early age, huh? -Yeah.
-What? -Tanya.
She's in trouble.
-Baywatch, this is FBI agent Christopher, we have an emergency situation here.
We need backup.
Send a [indistinct].
-FBI, I need your board.
-All right.
-Dewey! Down here! -We can't find her! -Mitch! -She knocked the water out of her left ear.
She faked the drowning.
That's Tanya and Sonny on that boat.
All right, Dewey, let's go.
-No, I'm coming with you.
-It's okay.
-All right, take the controls.
-You take the controls.
Just get me closer.
-I know what I'm doing here.
-So do I.
Just get me closer.
Come on! -Ah! -Ah! -To us.
-To us.
You know, if you hadn't been so observant, they probably would've gotten away with it.
- What'd you say? -Don't be arrogant, Mitch Buchannon.
You're still a lowly wave jockey.
-Ah, but I'm a bandit with the babes.
-Oh, you are, are you? -I was told that by an authority on the subject.
-Prove it.
-Prove it? -Prove it.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
-Goodbye? Where are you going? -Well, I've thought it over, and I've weighed the pros and cons, and I've decided-- -i don't believe this.
-Well, if you want to see it, we set sail first thing in the morning.
Enjoy the sunset.
-Uh, Stephanie, wait.
Uh, um, could you just hold that? I'll be right back.
I'm gonna miss you.
Tell Riley he's a lucky man, huh? -I'll send you postcards.
I knew it from the moment that we met this would be the best I've ever had never questioned, never second guessed I wake up next to you in a dream realize I've found all I need a world I've never known before a hand to hold my heart and more I wanna sail in the moonlight tangled in your arms til sunrise never wanna let you go I love you more than you'll ever know all I need is you all I need is you all I need is you when I look into your eyes I hope you can feel it too all I need is you when I look into your eyes I hope you can feel it too all I need is you when I look into your eyes I hope you can feel it too all I need is you