Baywatch (1989) s05e09 Episode Script

Red Wind

1 Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here Baywatch Los Angeles county lifeguard Baywatch Can you believe this weather? It's 9:00 in the morning, already it's sweltering out.
It's the Santa Ana winds blowing hot from the east.
You know what that means, don't you? No, what? It means all the weirdos get blown to the beach.
Mitch! Mitch, there you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Guess who's here.
-Who? -Guess.
, I don't have time for this.
Who? Who's here? -Hi.
God, it's so good to feel your aura again.
What brings you back to Baywatch? Well, I kind of thought you should be forewarned.
Forewarned of what? The astrological alignment, it's a very rare occurrence.
Yeah, yeah, first there's a full moon rising, which as you know tends to make the females awry and unpredictable.
Like the tides of the sea.
You know what, I don't have time for this-- then, there's a 90 degree descent on Mars, which tends to make the males very aggressive.
But the crazy thing is there's all these comets crashing on Jupiter.
I mean, who knows what kind of chaos this could bring.
My advice to you is to slap an extra layer of sunscreen on your soul, it could get really intense out there.
Thank you.
Thank you both for sharing that with me.
But you know, I've got to go.
I'm due back on planet earth in ten minutes.
Oh, well think peace.
Hey man, I hope the ice doesn't melt.
Hey guys.
Have you got enough beer there? Dude, I told you we should've brought more.
I was being facetious.
Now, you're gonna have to take that beer back to the car or the police will make you pour it out.
Oh, no way dude.
I saw those on TV commercials, they're always drinking beer on the beach.
Not an L.
county beach.
No alcohol here.
Bummer! Yeah, bogus.
You guys really believe what you see on TV? Hey there, Mitch.
Do I know you? Yeah.
From where? Well that's for me to know and for you to find out.
Why don't you think about it for a while.
I'll be around.
Hey, what kind of tarot deck is that? Oh, it's um-- sumerian.
What's it for? We need a leader.
And the top card in the pyramid should give us a sign.
Yeah, we're like-- we're trying to get as many people as possible to meditate on peace consciousness for Southern California.
That's a great idea.
If enough people think peace, it could happen.
Whoa, that's a high priestess card.
11 the high priestess wow! What does it mean? You're our leader.
Gee, I would really love to help, but I have to work today.
That's okay, we understand.
But, could you just help spread good vibes? I will.
Can I help you? That's a joke.
Is something wrong? Yeah, something's wrong.
I want you out of my life.
I can't take it anymore! What are you talking about? I'm talking about Kim.
How are we supposed to be happy with you messing it all up? I think you're a little confused here, pal.
Why don't you just calm down? Don't tell me to calm down! You calm down, Mr.
Ripple pecs! And leave us alone! Mr.
Ripple pecs? Gotta be the wind.
Hey, mister! I found this in the water.
Where? Over there.
-Dude, yeah, yeah! -Hold it, guys.
I'll take care of this.
Hey, excuse me, ma'am.
Can I throw this to you? Could I bring you a blanket? What should we do? I need this.
Hey! Hey! Stop it.
Stop it, right now.
Knock it off.
Just stop.
Amy! Amy Help, please! Help! Amy.
Amy! Amy! Please, please, my daughter.
-What happened? -She's gone under.
-Okay, calm down.
Calm down.
-She's drowning.
Where? Where? She's right out there! Please, just get her! She's drowning.
I'm glad I could've been of service.
Wouldn't want you to catch a cold.
See anything? No.
What's going on? We have a submersion, but we can't even spot her.
Give me spare air! All right, hold on.
Here you go.
All right, start clearing the water.
Anybody see what happened? Stand back, please.
That man over there, said his daughter was drowning.
All right, I'll take over.
Go back and cover your water.
Excuse me, sir, I'm lieutenant Buchannon.
Can you tell me exactly what happened? Look, I can't do this now, please.
All right, I can't talk to you like this.
I understand-- just find her for me, please! I understand, sir, but we can do a much more efficient job if you just help us a little.
Look, what else is it that you need to know? She went under, she's drowning.
Who? My little girl.
What's her name? Amy.
And your name? -Sir? -What? I need your name.
Bill Cooper.
Cooper, can you tell me very carefully exactly what happened? She was swimming right out there.
-Alone? -Yes, alone.
What was she wearing? She was swimming alone.
She must've gotten tired.
She went under.
What was she wearing? She's wearing a bathing suit, what else? And what color? It's red.
It was red, just like yours.
And how old is she? She's 12.
The visibility is perfect.
I don't get it.
-We should've found her by now.
-You keep looking.
The undercurrent must've carried her away.
Caroline, did you see her go under? No.
Cooper, I know this is difficult for you, but please, would you try and help us? Why do you keep bombarding me with questions? What else do you need to know? Did anybody else come to the beach with you today? -No.
Is it possible that Amy wasn't in trouble? What are you talking about? The water is very crowded.
You're very far away, maybe she swam underwater, and came up some place else.
Where else? Look at the beach, don't you think she would be here? Maybe she went up to the pier.
This is ridiculous! She did not go up to the pier! Look, I've got to file a missing person's report.
Why? It's just routine.
I'll be right back.
We've just been called in.
What? I'm not quitting! We're running out of ocean, Caroline.
Look, give me more spare air! No! Mitch called off the rescue.
We gotta do what he says.
Hello? Excuse me.
What do you want? Oh, I'm sorry, this is a public beach, you're not allowed to do that here.
Oh, it's now or never, honey.
So go ahead and call the vice squad if you want.
There's a really nice hotel about a block and a half down the street.
You don't understand.
There's something in the air.
He hasn't been able to do this for years.
No, I do understand.
There's a whole series of cosmic conversions happening from comets rushing into Jupiter to the Santa Ana winds.
It's stirring up a lot of real unusual energy, but we need to harness that energy for the good of mankind.
It don't get no gooder than this.
You again? What are you doing up here? Just thought I'd keep an eye on your stand for you.
Yeah, well you can't be up here, you gotta-- who are you? You really don't remember? I haven't had that much time to think about it, so why don't you give me a hint.
All right, I was out here from Paris on summer vacation.
Paris? Paris, Texas.
And I was trying to learn how to water ski, and somehow I got all tied up in the lines and I went under.
Never thought I'd come back up again.
Then suddenly, there you were, breathing life right back into my lungs.
I woke up like sleeping beauty when she got kissed by the prince.
You know something, I remember that rescue.
It was a long time ago.
11 years.
And you came all the way out here to thank me? Well, I didn't come out here just to thank you.
I came out here to be with you.
What do you mean be with me? Well, I'm engaged and I just need to know if I'm selling myself short by marrying Albert.
Albert? Albert.
Wait a minute, is your name Kim? -Yeah.
-You're engaged to him? Yeah.
I never stopped thinking about you though.
First, I thought it was a schoolgirl crush or something, but as I've grown older my feelings have just gotten stronger.
Look, you have built this thing way out of proportion.
I still don't know if I love Albert for himself, or if it's just because he looks like you.
You think he looks like me? But he's very different inside, though.
He's not brave like you.
He doesn't have that same heroic presence.
When you get right down to it, he's basically a wimp.
Look, Kim, you are incredibly beautiful, and I am very flattered but I won't get in the middle of your relationship.
Well, Mitch, you already are.
Why did you call off the rescue? Caroline, you've been searching the water for over two hours.
I questioned people on the beach who never got any confirmation that she was even in the water.
I talked to the father who didn't give me a straight story.
When the police showed up, he took off.
Not one single person on the beach even saw a little girl with that man.
So I made the decision to call off the search.
Well it was the wrong decision.
Caroline, I realize you feel responsible.
I cannot have you out on the water chasing after some phantom.
Now I need you to go back to your tower, and get control of your emotions, okay? Okay.
-Mmmmmm -mmmmmm wow, this is fantastic, you really have everybody thinking peace.
Yeah, we have to keep it up until midnight.
I mean, L.
is so big, it needs the help it can get on a day like today.
Uh-oh, here comes tiny Tim again.
He loves his heavy metal.
Usually, at about 1,000 decibels.
Oh, I'd better go take care of this.
-Keep thinking peace.
And get out your earplugs.
I'm not letting you take her! Albert, I don't want to take her.
Are you just gonna use her and throw her away? I'm not gonna throw her away.
Are you gonna add her to your beach harem, is that it, Mr.
Ripple pecs? Stop with the Mr.
Ripple pecs, huh? I know what you're thinking.
You're bigger than me, you're stronger than me, but I'm fighting for a good cause.
And I've got something that you don't have.
What? Spunk.
Spunk is good, it's good.
Spunk is good.
It's good.
Come on, let's get this over with.
To the death, winner gets Kim.
I don't want Kim.
Oh, now she's not good enough for you, is that it? To the death! To the death! Okay, to the pain.
To the pain.
Can I let go of you now? Okay.
All right, calm down.
All right? All right.
The way I see, you've got a serious problem.
Maybe I can help you.
She wants you to be more like me, right? Everything I do, she criticizes.
"Mitch wouldn't do that.
No, Mitch would do it this way.
" She's constantly comparing me to you.
She thinks you're the greatest.
Have you ever heard anything more absurd? If she won't accept you for the person you are, maybe you're not with the right woman.
I love her more than life itself.
If she wants me to be more like you, then I have to learn how.
Oh I Wanna be cool like you oh I Wanna be cool like you you can't have pleasure without pain won't win the girl unless you train time to learn it's back to school strip it down and learn the rules oh I Wanna be cool like you oh I Wanna be cool like you Raising doubts that you believe this could be the death of me pay no mind they stop and stare get the groove they won't compare oh I Wanna be cool like you oh I Wanna be cool like you sometimes it's not your day stand up and wash your face all clear and soon you'll see now look all eyes on me take notes til you got it down thumbs up when there's girls around heads up cause we're moving fast it's time for the master class just watch Oh I Wanna be cool like you oh I Wanna be cool like you oh I Wanna be cool like you oh I Wanna be cool like you Are you all right? Yeah.
Caroline, nobody drowned here today.
How can you be so sure? Believe me, if that man's little girl had drowned, he wouldn't have just vanished.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Nothing makes sense today.
, why would he make up a story like that? Because he has a problem.
For some reason, he's taking it out on us.
It's not your fault.
You did your job.
If Stephanie were here, she'd be telling you the same thing.
Okay look, I appreciate it you trying to make me feel better, I really do.
, I just kind of wanna be alone for a while, is that okay? Okay.
Are you sure you're all right? Yeah.
Then I'll see you back at headquarters.
Amy! Amy! Amy? Amy! Amy! Daddy's coming! I'll save you! He's got a pulse.
He's not breathing.
Okay, okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Stay still.
It's okay.
He's in shock.
Mitch, get a blanket from the back of the truck.
-Got it.
-It's okay.
It'll be all right.
You're gonna be okay.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
So I called his wife.
His daughter did drown.
What? She drowned a year ago, C.
, in Florida.
They moved out here to try and forget, but he can't just seem to get over it.
Does he have any other children? Yeah, he does.
He has a son and a younger daughter.
Amy? No.
No, my name's Caroline.
I'm the lifeguard who brought you in.
I heard about your daughter, Mr.
I'm so sorry.
I talked to your wife.
And she told me you have a very wonderful family at home.
You're very lucky.
I don't feel very lucky.
I know.
I'm sorry, that was a really stupid thing to say.
I guess I don't know how to say-- you have two children at home who love you and need you so very much.
I miss Amy.
I miss her so much.
I can't forget her.
You're not supposed to forget her.
But I think you need to let her go.
I can't tell you anything that's gonna make this all right, and I can't be your daughter.
But I can be your friend.
She didn't go for it, huh? She said she didn't want a Mitch Buchannon wannabe.
She wanted the real thing.
Sounds like it's time for plan b.
What's plan b? I shatter her image of me, she loses her infatuation, and realizes that you are the man of her dreams.
Yeah right, and how are you gonna do that? She likes me just for me Don't call me crazy I'm just ahead of the times pretend I'm lazy I'll make her lose her mind some would say she likes me just for me blown away she likes me just for me obnoxious suitor I'm not a gentleman so make it ruder all chivalry is dead some would say she likes me just for me blown away she likes me just for me she likes me just for me Some would say she likes me just for me blown away she likes me just for me Mitch, I don't really know how to say this.
Over the years, I've thought about you all the time, about how you saved me, how heroic you are.
I created a fantasy without even knowing you.
And now, that you've seen me.
Well, I think you're better than I ever dreamed of.
I mean, not only are you strong and heroic at the beach, but alone with a woman you're just boyish and clumsy, and it's so sweet.
I just couldn't ask for anything more.
Look, Kim, we need to talk.
This is so great.
Hey, Mitch, when do you get vacation, because I want you to come back to Paris, Texas with me.
No, I don't want-- no, not to live, silly.
I just want you to come see where I'm from, and meet my family and everything.
Kim, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
You are so wonderful.
And you're just so wild and crazy.
Albert? Listen, i-- it's okay, Mitch, I understand.
Kim, I love you very much, and I'm sorry that I wasn't the one for you, but your happiness is the most important thing in the world for me.
And I wish you the best of luck.
You're getting a great guy.
Mitch, take care of her.
She's one in a million.
And she's getting one in a million in me.
I mean, why should she settle for a hamburger like you, when she could have steak like me.
Come here, baby.
Oh, baby.
What did you see in that squirt, anyway? I mean I could understand you wanting an imitation Mitch, every woman should have one, but you don't shop for one at a garage sale.
How can you be so rude? Yo! Flat butt.
Cinch up that belt, your pants might fall down.
And insensitive! Oh, I'm just sowing my oats here.
You know, I rescued a fine woman from drowning in a dull marriage.
Get your hands off me, you bully! Albert, wait.
Can you ever forgive me? Of course I forgive you.
Let's go home.
I just wanted to apologize again for the way I acted today.
I don't usually fly off the handle like that.
Forget about it.
It happens to the best of us.
Mitch, do you think I have what it takes to be a lifeguard? Or am I just kidding myself? I think you've got all the tools to be a very good lifeguard.
But in this job, you've gotta prove yourself every single day.
Believe me, it's a nonstop learning experience.
Hey guys.
Hi, guys.
Where's destiny? She's still out there thinking peace.
Well, I guess she got the message across, we all survived a day without major traumas to our souls.
I hope.
Well I all can think about right now is getting under a nice, cold shower.
Then why don't you go downstairs? Because I'm too tired to move.
Do you feel that? Feel what? The wind coming off the water.
So? Onshore flow, means no more Santa Ana winds.
Oh god, that does feel good.
Well, we're not out of the woods yet.
The convergence lasts 'til midnight, so we still have to think peace.