Beastars (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

A Teen's Never-Ending Alarm

The moment we're born,
a new star appears in the sky, too.
It's called a Guardian Star.
Which one is mine?
I don't know,
but you're the only one
who can get that star to shine.
Then I should be able
to recognize it for myself.
Don't believe what he says.
Hey, Jack!
Don't try to distract us with that story.
Where are the shooting stars?
You promised us it'd be
a once-in-a-lifetime celestial show!
I know!
It's weird, we should be
able to see it right about now.
It's getting cold, wanna go back?
What? Wait!
I'll get a telescope from the clubroom!
What? I'm over it.
Hold on, just wait!
My star is
You gotta believe me!
There definitely was something there!
The shooting stars were a bust,
so you're trying to distract us.
- What?
- But I've heard of that before.
Supposedly, there's a six-eyed monster
that appears at our school.
Well, good for you, Jack.
You saw that monster, case closed.
You can mock me because you didn't see it.
Hey By any chance,
was that in front of Lecture Room 2?
Yeah But what about it?
What? Don't you know?
It's Tem's ghost!
Six months passed
since the devouring incident
and the perpetrator still
hasn't been caught, right?
They say if you go to
Lecture Room 2 in the middle of the night,
you'll hear Tem's footsteps.
What? How do you know it's Tem?
Who else would it be?
Plus, a student who was often seen
around there is now missing.
What? Who?
It's Rouis!
It's got to be related
to why he doesn't come to schoo
Come on.
Read the room.
But this sure is ridiculous,
we're second-years in high school.
You can say that
because you didn't see it.
What are you doing after school today?
Can I see you?
Okay, at the usual spot.
During breaks,
we occasionally meet up and chat.
I invite her.
She chooses the place.
Gosh, Legoshi,
you don't have to worry that much.
There are rumors like that
among the third-years, too.
That something's living in the walls.
Or there was a student who
killed himself in the bathroom long ago.
- Really?
- Yup.
Plus, you know I'm always by myself,
but I've never encountered anything scary.
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Well, we got to meet
each other because of that.
I've been curious about this for a while.
What is it?
Why do we always meet up here?
Precisely because of that.
What do you mean?
Okay, well
In the world of small animals,
rumors spread like wild fire, and plus,
they linger for a long time.
Are you being bullied?
Since you spent the night out with a wolf?
I've always been bullied.
It's just charged up right now.
- I'm worried. I want to help you
- Stop!
I really appreciate the thought, though.
If you acted bold,
maybe the bullying would stop.
But it's weird to be acting bold, too.
Because our relationship is
You know?
We don't have to change anything, right?
It's so much fun just chatting like this.
I'm serious.
Are we not together?
This is too complicated.
I assumed we were,
just with the texts and meet-ups.
be stronger.
I said that,
but I haven't actually done anything.
Plus Hal must be worried about Rouis, too.
Hey, Legoshi!
- You listening?
- Yes!
In any case,
around this time of year,
we would be casting
for the autumn performance,
but with Rouis missing,
we should wait longer and see
You mean we wait
and do nothing until Rouis is found?
If he were here,
he'd probably arrange for stand-ins.
There's no point talking
about someone who's not here.
I wonder if he's sick.
He doesn't seem
to be the type to get sick.
The last time I saw him was the day
before the Festival of the Meteor.
Never mind, Durham.
Let's go back.
It's gonna be okay.
There's not going to be anything there.
Let's get Jack to buy us milk.
There's nothing here.
It'd be a shame if Tem
were still lingering around here, too.
Well, yeah, you're right.
Now take a picture for proof.
Gosh, fine then.
All right! Three, two, one!
What are you doing?
Behind you just now
There's nothing there.
I swear it was there!
It showed up in the pic.
Wait! Don't leave me!
I wonder if they're okay.
- What's up?
- Nothing.
It appeared!
No! There's no way
I'd publish a childish article titled
"There Might be a Ghost
in the Lecture Room"!
With no photos of Rouis,
business has been slow already.
No, please, look at this.
I even got injured.
You tripped by yourself.
Will you let a freak like this go?
It's not about
whether it's dangerous or not.
It's about whether it sells or not!
Hey, by any chance,
does that thing make strange sounds?
Something like this?
- No.
- It didn't make that sound
But we heard footsteps, right?
If we heard footsteps, it must have feet.
So, that means it's not a ghost.
Please investigate this
before there's another victim.
Well, all right then Not!
I'm not a detective, you know!
It can be the murderer
from the devouring incident.
That's right.
That would be a big scoop, wouldn't it?
You're right Not!
Just get out of my sight!
Excuse me!
It's been a while, Legoshi.
- Since when?
- Since just now.
Where have you been for two months?
Really? Two months?
They were long, weren't they?
I don't understand.
He's so calm.
I have so much to discuss with him.
But this vibe is stopping me
from getting any closer.
- You're back!
- Where the heck have you been?
I'm sorry to have worried you.
We'll get into that later.
I'm just so happy!
It's all right now, President.
Just process this for me.
I came to give you this today.
Thanks for everything.
You're quitting?
What do you mean?
The Drama Club can't go on without you
How nostalgic.
Had I been on stage
all the time in such a cheesy light?
While the audience was captivated by me,
I could see in their eyes
that they were anticipating my fall.
I remember it vividly.
The light and dark
reversed brilliantly, didn't it, Legoshi?
Good luck struggling in the faint light.
I chose a different way to fight.
Today is "Biology Day."
Since it tends to get crowded
right before closing time
please complete it early.
Since it tends to get crowded
right before closing time,
please complete early.
I'm glad he's safe for now.
The light and dark
reversed brilliantly, didn't it, Legoshi?
What does that mean?
Come on, let's go.
Do you know anything about Rouis?
Please stop playing with my heart!
Since I told you how I felt about you,
I can't look you in the eye.
Plus, you gave me an ambiguous answer
and just left me there.
You're strong.
I want you to keep up that manliness
and continue to lead everyone. Bye.
I understand what happened.
My love can't beat your disgust
toward the same species, right?
But at this rate,
I can't move on even if I wanted to.
Please reject me right here, right now!
Don't cry, Juno.
I don't have the right to say this,
but I think we're actually quite similar.
We're a bit stubborn
and forceful at times.
I meant it in a good way.
Well, why don't we go to
the Wolf Room and bathe in the moonlight?
Let's go, okay?
What's with this cheerful atmosphere?
We were just talking about you.
We're all really grateful, you know?
Grateful? What do you mean?
Your speech at the Festival of the Meteor.
The herbivores look at us differently now.
They don't get scared
when we approach them.
It's all because of you. Thanks a lot!
I had no idea.
Hey, Legoshi.
I admit that I'm stubborn.
But in terms of living forcefully,
nobody surpasses you.
Juno, you just might be the next Beastar!
Please, don't be too hasty.
- With Rouis gone, it's possible!
- Yeah!
It is!
She represents justice here.
Here in a place
where there are no herbivores.
Where's the principal today?
He's gone.
He left for the Council of Living Beings
with a dejected face.
The Council?
How many years has it been?
And this isn't just another Council.
The leaders of all species
are gathering together
to select the Beastar
of Cherryton School from the students.
The Beastar who hasn't been selected
at this school for the past five years.
"A guinea pig, parenthesis first-year,
who used the air vents to get around
started pulling pranks to scare students."
Damn it! We were fooled by a first-year!
Was that photo taken
with the camera you set up, Boss?
The shutter goes off when it senses heat.
And then,
it sends the picture to my phone.
What's that?
Maybe a cockroach or something
passed by in front of the camera.
What idiot would be fooled by this?
Forget that, did you see Juno?
Yeah, I did!
She's something else, isn't she?
She's so popular
even though she's only a first-year.
- I had my eye on her.
- You, too? Me too!
No matter how the things around me change,
I'm confident that I'll stay on my path.
Let's say Juno rises to
the top of the school.
Good luck struggling in the faint light.
My conviction to live strong.
Could it mean to live quietly "as usual"?
Did I just find
my life's purpose at age 17?
But, well, this means that
the monster doesn't exist then, right?
That's right.
Now you can go
to the bathroom alone, Jack.
You didn't have to say that
in front of everyone.
No, it exists.
Can't you hear it?
- There's something in this room.
- What?
- What?
- No, no! That's too scary!
But I can really hear this "shaaa" sound.
I feel eyes on me, too.
Come on, Jack. You're his friend, right?
The ringing in your ear is caused
by stress and lack of sleep.
I'll go borrow some tools
when I go get the laundry.
I gotta fix this up.
What was that?
He moved like a trained assassin.
Will you please
introduce yourself already?
I sense you all the time these days.
What is it?
At this rate,
people will think I'm a weirdo.
You can't really be
that six-eyed ghost, can you?
It seems that
the time has come to reveal myself.
I'm starting to understand
the reason why I was born a wolf.
My claws and fangs are just for you.
I'll be a beast of yours.
Subtitle translation by: Kanako Murakoshi
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