Beastars (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

The Gray Police Hound Runs

Oh, dear me. Hello, greetings, everyone.
I'd like to thank everyone
who gathered here today,
not only the school headmasters,
but members of all species big and small.
Oh, dear, I'm not good at this at all.
Headmaster Gon of Cherryton!
Let's get right into the agenda.
We are all gathered here today
because there hasn't been a Beastar
from Cherryton, the top school
among the prestigious academies,
for the past five years!
You believe we don't need a hero?
You lack awareness!
We need a herbivore Beastar!
Hear that?
The herbivores are screaming again.
I did not want to be here.
Is it true that Rouis,
the most promising Beastar candidate,
hasn't been attending school?
What is he doing now?
Of course, I am hoping
for his return to school as well.
However, I do not intend to have him back
just to appoint him as the Beastar.
With all due respect,
these students are still kids!
They study hard, fall in love,
contemplate their existence.
They each begin to struggle
with their inner instincts.
The practice of placing a huge
responsibility on a single student
I was against it from the beginning.
A hero isn't something we seek out,
they are supposed to be born!
In other words,
everyone is a precious student of mine.
Precious student?
Even if they were the perpetrator
of the devouring incident?
Good grief,
that was quite the typical
feline laissez-faire-style speech.
Could that very stance
have led to the devouring incident
on school grounds?
That incident that happened this spring?
The student was an alpaca.
- The culprit?
- Still on the loose.
According to the police,
it was highly unlikely
to have been committed by an outsider.
What? That's
In other words
it's possible that the perpetrator
is still living on campus
as if nothing happened, is it not?
It's possible that the Cherryton students
are still faced with the danger
of being devoured, is it not?
It seems that
the time has come to reveal myself.
Ever since I discovered your existence,
my heart would not stop beating fast.
How do you know me?
I know everything.
I, the one who possesses six eyes,
have an eye on you.
To continue living a peaceful school life?
You must be kidding me.
Excuse me, sounds like the laundry's done.
Please wait a minute.
It gets smelly quick
when it's left in there.
Facing the snake
who proclaims herself his stalker,
he's able to jump right back
into his own world.
Not only that, he boldly turns
his back to me. What nerve!
Just as I thought, this wolf's capacity
is expanding infinitely.
How wonderful.
Seeing his body's joints up-close.
The veins that run through his four limbs.
His rough and firm fur.
Bold and yet precise.
It's already reached the realm of art!
Who exactly are you?
Excuse me.
I am the only
security guard of this school.
My name is Six Eyes.
A security guard?
So, there was one at our school.
I was at a loss for words
to your demon-like brilliance
that captivated everyone
at the welcome performance
for new students.
Oh, no, that wasn't
I lost control of myself, too.
I know.
Your actions were all triggered
by the promiscuous Dwarf rabbit
with a little girl-like face.
The more I investigate,
the more intrigued I get.
You're a ridiculously tyrannical,
pedophilic, and perverted wolf.
You're the craziest
and most wonderful man of this school.
I cannot keep you hidden
in the shadows anymore.
For I know your true identity.
But, Ms. Six Eyes,
why are you hiding
when you're the security guard?
I'm a security guard,
but a rattle snake first.
The shame I feel for
my limbless body will haunt me forever.
I envy you.
Please tell me, oh, young wolf,
those beautiful limbs of yours,
what kind of
fighting power do they possess?
He's showing interest in my body?
I had no idea
that there are snakes
with struggles like that.
No. Is he trying to console me?
Please wait a minute!
Just as I thought,
this young man is one of a kind.
Chase after me.
Chase after me, young man.
You you will surely
The devouring incident
of the alpaca from the Drama Club.
I haven't been able to pin down
the culprit for the past six months.
When spring comes,
new students will arrive
which will completely change
the school environment.
When that happens,
the murderer may never be caught.
As being not only a security guard,
but also a fan of yours,
I'd like to request an encore.
You're telling me to find the murderer?
Fully utilize your innocent heart
and demonic body and think.
You should be able to pin him down.
that being said,
heroes are naturally born.
You are right about that, Headmaster Gon.
If that is the case,
why don't you elect the one
who pins down the perpetrator
as the Beastar of Cherryton School?
Heroes are to be born, are they not?
So, isn't this a good idea?
How could you say that?
Well, he's right It's simple, too.
The incident should be
settled as soon as possible.
Don't be ridiculous!
Those in agreement, please applaud.
By the way,
do you know anything about the murderer?
I cannot tell you that.
It's unreliable information,
and I don't want you
to wrongfully suspect anyone.
In any case, I know you can.
Please show us your abilities once again.
For this school.
Tem was murdered at night, too.
Why would he be here, of all places?
Oh, my gosh, can you believe this?
Someone stole gym clothes
from the girls dorm again.
- What? Yesterday?
- Yeah.
They tell us to be careful, but
What happened?
The gym clothes were stolen again.
The perp must have a pheromone fetish.
Tem's friend might know something.
But, well
Hey, peeper, why the long face?
Well I want to try to talk to him,
but I'm sure I'll scare him
if I approach him too suddenly.
I was hoping for someone
to connect me to him.
You can talk to Els, right?
There's something I want to ask him about.
Yeah. I really want to
do this for you, Legoshi.
- He's my ex-boyfriend.
- What?
Are you sure?
Isn't it awkward?
I haven't spoken to him
in a while, but it's about time.
But, Els Tem
Legoshi, you're the only one
who knows about that.
Sorry for the interruption, is Carl here?
Do you have a minute?
It's a wolf!
Why is a carnivore here?
What's this about?
Bringing a wolf with you
after all this time? This is unfair.
I've already moved on
from what happened in the past.
This is Tem's friend Legoshi
from the Drama Club.
I'd like to ask you about a few things.
What is it?
Do you know if Tem
was involved in any kind of trouble?
Like, maybe, he was arguing with someone?
Or did he ever go out
by himself in the middle of the night?
Even if not by himself, with others?
Hey, what are you trying to
- Are you
- Why do we have to talk to a carnivore?
- And anyway, you knew him better than us!
- Yeah!
Hold on! Just listen!
Then, do you know
if there are any letters?
You scare us!
A diary. How about a diary?
- NO
I've still got nothing.
What should I do?
Hey! It's that guy
who was running yesterday.
I wonder if he runs every night?
Maybe he saw something
on the night of the incident.
Excuse me!
Excuse me, I'd like to ask you something!
You were running last night, too, right?
So what?
Were you running this past April, too?
Have you seen anyone suspicious?
Well, I don't remember
what I was doing that far in the past.
I see.
Is there something else?
You're the one stealing the gym clothes
from the girls dorm, aren't you?
Damn it!
No luck again.
Legoshi, I heard
you captured the gym clothes thief.
Yeah, it was Roger from Boxing Club.
What? He's that
medal-winning super strong guy!
Only Legoshi could've captured him.
- You think?
- Yeah! Way to go!
The teacher's here.
"Her blinking was like the spring breeze."
"Her white coat is like pearls."
I kinda feel bad reading this.
"We had some juice
together again after the club."
With whom?
"I never thought
I'd be this close to a carnivore."
"I didn't know
that carnivores had worries, too."
"Rouis talks about co-existence
and co-prosperity, too."
Ms. Six Eyes!
Are you here?
Ms. Six Eyes
What is it?
I finally understand what you said to me.
Someone once told me,
"Why don't you take responsibility
for your own strength?"
I don't want his apology to be in vain.
So that's why I will capture
the culprit with my own hands.
Then, in honor of your determination
the clue is within you.
I heard you've been going at it lately,
but how could you go around
offering such a foolish deal?
For you to live out
your natural span of life as a turtle,
I need you to be in on it, too.
We, Shishi-Gumi,
will do everything to protect you.
Just give us
half of the profit from your business.
Not a bad deal, isn't it?
The Black Market is dangerous these days.
Inari-Gumi formed by foxes,
Madara-Gumi formed by jaguars,
Doku-Gumi formed by monitor lizards.
We'll protect you
from those screwed up bastards.
Don't make me laugh.
The prime example of a screwed up
organization is you, Shishi-Gumi!
No, Shishi-Gumi has changed.
In any case, there's no point
speaking to you underlings.
Bring me your boss.
Good grief.
Then allow me to apologize first
for Shishi-Gumi's past mistakes.
Don't worry.
Leave the disciplining
of these cats to me, the boss.
So, the rumors are true.
A herbivore has become the boss.
Business is tough, right, Store Owner?
So use me.
In order for the sales to recover,
we need to bring back those hypocrites.
What carnivores desperately
need right now is "forgiveness."
They'll come back as soon as there's
a herbivore that encourages business
at the Black Market.
Now, I advise you
to be smart and contribute to the peace
of society with the new Shishi-Gumi.
Hold up. Before we go any further,
have you lost your mind?
You're here inside
of a deer meat butcher shop.
So what?
You carnivores are very much mistaken.
This world is divided
into two types of beasts.
They're not carnivores and herbivores.
Two types
that are more complex and obvious.
Winners and losers.
That's all.
This world is tainted with lies.
As long as herbivores
continue to ignore the truth,
they'll be devoured no matter what.
I'm going to obtain
true strength this time.
Believing in myself
and the wickedness of carnivores.
Hey, Free,
you had a look that said
you saw something delicious.
Never forget the pact we made, all right?
Subtitle translation by: Kanako Murakoshi
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