Beastars (2019) s02e03 Episode Script


Fully utilize your innocent heart
and demonic body and think.
You should be able to pin him down.
The clue is within you.
The culprit is
most likely no different than me.
He's a normal carnivore
who goes to this school,
laughs and gets angry.
Legoshi, what did you say?
My muscles are sore,
so I'm not psyched for today's club.
How do your muscles get sore?
You're just a stagehand.
Come on. Cut the complaining.
- Let's go home.
- I can never finish my homework.
Nowadays, I keep
thinking about Tem, who was killed.
It seems
Tem only interacted with carnivores
within the Drama Club.
What are you trying to say?
Dredging that up now
and suspecting club members.
Are you seriously out of your mind?
No, I'm not dredging it up.
I was just trying to say, as carnivores,
we should always
keep that incident in our minds.
Like I said!
Why are you
saying this now, all of a sudden?
Because Rouis left the club!
All right, here we go.
Your idealist faithful dog act.
Sorry, but you're the perverted wolf
who boned a rabbit
who's less than half your height.
- What?
- No one believes a word you say.
See? You got all upset.
So gross! Disgusting!
Don't bring her up!
Besides, you're the one nobody trusts!
I've got more friends
than you and I'm trusted.
How could you say that?
Last time at the Black
What is it? Say it.
You wanna fight?
That's enough, guys.
Sure enough, without Rouis
Knock, knock.
Is this the male locker room?
Am I interrupting something?
Well, excuse me.
One, two, three. Right there.
Reeks of men here.
Excuse me, doggy.
That wound
on your right arm looks painful.
How many stiches did you get?
- Thirty-five I think?
- That's crazy!
I recently cried
just taking my molars out.
Well, I'm off now, so please
fight to your heart's content.
See ya.
Who's that pretty boy?
Legoshi, he called you doggy.
It's fine, I am canine after all.
His attitude sucks!
Let's all go beat him up tonight!
We're not beating anyone up.
I won't let you
meddle with her any further.
You'll now beg me for your life.
Show me now,
show me how you,
carnivores, tremble with fear!
Go ahead and sob!
Now, beg for forgiveness!
What a shame.
I need to teach you, too.
That there's no such thing
as salvation in this world.
Let's melt into the darkness.
Who are you?
I'm No. 4
Product ID No. 4.
I'm frail and small,
but I can guarantee you I taste good.
Eat me with appreciation.
I'm the one who shot your boss.
If you're his underlings,
kill and eat me already!
That brat did it?
Looks like it.
What's gonna happen
to Shishi-Gumi from now on?
Who's the successor?
Or do we merge? Or transfer?
Madara-Gumi are very weird.
- The monitor lizards of Doku-Gumi are
- No way.
- Inari-Gumi?
- I can't eat fried tofu!
That brat wants us to eat him.
He's acting all arrogant,
but shall we anyway?
I want those calves.
Then I want the flank.
- Then I want the thighs
- Wait!
There's plenty for you, too.
I thought you looked familiar.
As I thought, there's no question.
Don't eat him.
I've got a better idea.
Hey, that's him.
It says he's the "hope of the future."
Well, there's no future now.
So, you're the top prospect
as Cherryton School's next Beastar?
What do you say?
How about we put this young star actor,
a herbivore, at the top of Shishi-Gumi?
Boss's death is a rather good opportunity.
If he becomes the face of our family,
it'll change our public image.
- What? But he's a deer.
- That's why.
I don't know.
I'd want to eat him no matter what.
Restrain yourself.
Hey, what are they saying?
I'm telling them to eat me.
To survive the herbivore advocate society,
this is the only way.
Go ahead and continue the discussion.
I'll narrow down the choices for you.
If I'm gonna be used
as a pawn for carnivores.
how are you feeling?
This is the worst. I failed to die.
This overwhelming feline smell.
I hate cats.
Far more than dogs.
We were waiting for you to wake up,
as we all gathered to talk.
Don't put it like I should be grateful.
You should've devoured me
while I was passed out.
We can't just do that.
Good grief.
No progress at all.
Is this about your absurd proposal?
Well, I oppose.
It's pretty much 50-50 for now.
I, of course, understand
those who oppose so much it hurts.
So, that's why we've decided
that further debate is useless.
We cannot come to a conclusion
without taking action.
Why don't we enjoy a meal together
and foster our friendship?
This is our welcome to you.
We really want you
to become familiar with our culture.
This is the meat
of the worthless buffalo who betrayed us.
Don't vomit! Keep it down!
They're testing
whether I can eat the same food as them.
They're amusing themselves.
Damn it! Stop staring!
If I eat this, that means
I join Shishi-Gumi as their pawn.
But if I refuse,
I'll surely end up
with the same fate as "this."
Don't break down, pull yourself together.
What are you going to do, Rouis?
For them to determine the way I die,
to amuse themselves like I'm some show.
I didn't live my life
to face this kind of end.
Damn it.
Why is my body shaking so much?
I can't stop sweating.
What's going on with me?
Could it be that I'm vexed?
I have to live through this!
Bring me more!
So big.
- His fur is pure white. So beautiful!
- He's very handsome.
We have a new member.
He'll be joining the actors' team.
I'm Pina. A first-year thinhorn sheep.
Well, I'm still new
and I may cause a few inconveniences,
but I just want to have fun with everyone,
so I hope we can all be friends.
- Nice to meet you all!
- Likewise.
Why are we adding
a new member during this period?
Don't tell me you're trying
to replace Rouis with him.
Come on. That's not it at all.
Perhaps it's a matter of looks?
With Rouis, the star actor gone,
it's the harsh reality
that the Drama Club suffers
without an undeniably handsome face.
That wasn't meant to be
an insult, it's only the truth.
And plus, regarding carnivores,
it's scientifically proven
that they're unable
to develop a beautiful face
due to their everyday torment
because of desire and instinct.
- What?
- Who do you think you are?
Are you saying
that all carnivores are ugly?
My only redeeming feature is my looks
I'm okay with being ugly.
I'm okay with whatever.
Stay calm.
I just hope he won't cause
some weird uproar.
That's why the devouring incident
happened this spring.
The star actor disappeared.
And there's a wolf
with an impressive battle scar on his arm.
What is it? I'm an ordinary animal.
Plus, I work backstage.
How did you end up with this
when you're so reserved?
You really do seem crazy.
I'll try not to aggravate you.
Legoshi's been a member of the Drama Club
as a fellow carnivore for a long time!
That's right.
We won't let you drag him down.
Everyone's getting in the way
of my culprit search.
Look! It's rare
for Legoshi to get this angry!
Excuse me. I just got really sleepy.
That damn cocky goat!
I want to boil, crush and swallow him!
Even we're at the rooftop. If you say
something like that again, I'm leaving.
You say that,
but here you are, showing up
for the carnivores meeting for once.
You must have
pent up feelings, too, right?
I know why you're here, Legoshi.
Do you think the one
who devoured Tem is one of us?
The thing you mentioned
in the locker room
Yeah. I gotta say, it hurt a little.
Well, sorry.
I'm here today because
I wanted to have
a proper talk with everyone.
I'm a suspect, too, you know?
Since I'm a wolf.
All of us here can't deny
the possibility of devouring Tem, right?
For that reason
If we want to
clear the doubt against carnivores,
what we should do now
is to protect the herbivores
of the Drama Club on a daily basis,
first and foremost.
So, in other words, what we should do is
enhance our mutual understanding.
Become a presence
that gives peace of mind.
- On top of that
- Enough!
Don't do something
you're not used to, idiot.
We've been considerate of the herbivores
without you telling us, damn it.
He's right this time.
Your actions are
much more convincing than your words.
You spent the night
with that rabbit, right?
The only thing we're curious about
is whether large-sized
carnivores can do it with rabbits?
If you're bringing
that topic up, I'm leaving.
Wait. Hold on!
- Is that really possible?
- How does it work, physically?
- Is it all about effort?
- It'd lead to a huge accident, right?
I get it.
You didn't do it.
Either way,
there's no way I'm telling any of you.
The memories of that night
are a source of energy
enough to live as a virgin forever!
Dude, seriously.
That's what makes you
a true pervert, Legoshi.
Now, I understand the reason
behind the glimpses of your darkness.
The way you love
must be something close to "faith."
Could you be
working out your feelings for her
by caring for herbivores as a whole?
With Tem's incident
and Rouis' resignation,
I don't know what the situation is.
But I think your feelings might be
too heavy for a high-school girl.
Just have fun with your love life.
Yeah. That's it.
That's what I wanted to say.
Did you catch a cold?
Yeah, I can't smell anything.
So, if you want to go one-on-one
with Legoshi, now's your chance?
Come on, Bill.
What's up?
It's unusual for you to text me at night.
What is it? Did something happen?
No, not really.
You're so weird.
So cute.
What happened to your hand?
I cut myself during cooking class.
When I took the knife,
I accidentaly cut myself.
Not too long ago,
I would get bothered
every time I was reminded
of the difference in our physiques.
But now,
I get this rather happy feeling inside.
I can still protect her from here on out.
This girl.
It's not some sort of "faith."
I do see her as a male sees a female.
You're too high.
You usually crouch down for me.
Yeah, you're right.
Is this
Don't say anything.
Do you still
have feelings for Rouis?
Why are you asking me that now?
It's strange.
My heart is very quiet right now.
you don't understand
anything about me and Rouis.
Your expression just now was enough.
I am not hoping you'll be my girl Hal.
I'm just happy to see you alive.
That's what I realized.
What are you saying?
Let me protect you from afar from now on.
My love is
a prayer for you.
My heart will always be
with the herbivores.
It's exactly how Aoba put it.
But I think this is
the right path for this love.
The right path
as a carnivore.
Subtitle translation by: Kanako Murakoshi
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