Beastars (2019) s02e04 Episode Script


Hey, Tem.
Alpaca fur is probably
different from sheep fur, right?
Alpaca fur is finer.
Touch it if you want.
I will.
Sure thing.
You're right.
Wait a minute.
Why am I remembering this?
In reality, we're not that close.
I want to find the culprit
who devoured him.
But this isn't coming
from a personal sense of duty,
rather I
Carni He's large!
This is bad!
Who are you?
Damn it!
What's going on?
Shoot, with this cold,
I can't smell anything.
You're the one who killed Tem.
Is this supposed to be a threat?
Telling me not to
sniff around any further?
You seem to really like
showing off your arm strength.
But as a fellow carnivore
Alpaca fur is finer.
Touch it if you want.
I'm sorry for saying,
"We're not that close."
For herbivores
to be friendly with carnivores is
actually something really special, right?
That's the most important thing
we carnivores should never forget.
You've never known
what it's like to live a life
with the constant fear of death.
She's exactly right.
Hal, you can be a little harsh.
But I understand a little now.
I'll repay my herbivore friends'
kindness some way or the other.
I have to collect his information.
With my sense of taste and touch.
How is his dentition?
Does it taste of meat?
Give it to me!
Your saliva!
Focus on your senses.
This taste,
remember it well.
But seriously, if this were the case,
I should've kissed Hal
earlier for the first time.
What, seriously?
This is humiliating!
Come on. You needed to
look out for that guy's tail attack.
That's your phone, right?
Hello? Legoshi?
It's Legoshi breathing
through his nose when he's sick.
He's probably asking me
to bring him tissues.
What? You can tell?
I've known him for a long time.
Legoshi? Hello?
Are you okay?
Say something.
Legoshi? Hey!
This sound
The older I get,
the less I can do for Legoshi.
The truth is,
I was always aware of that.
I couldn't manage to tell him where I was,
but I hope he doesn't get panicked
when he sees me.
Jack, thanks so much.
No No, don't die, Legoshi!
Do you recognize me?
Yeah, I do, I do.
Could you untie my hands?
Who did this to you?
Who knows?
I won't be able to
go to school for a while
Will you tell the teacher
that I need to look after my sick grandpa?
What? But why?
And one more thing.
I borrowed a math textbook from Kolo.
It's in my desk in the classroom,
so could you return it to him for me?
Please take care of these two things.
Seeing you made me feel better.
Hey! Let's go to the doctor's office.
You gotta get this treated.
No. If I stay at school,
he'll kill me next time for sure.
Then where are you going?
Some place
you don't need to know about, Jack.
I'm sure I'll be back.
What is this?
You know I already know.
You've been distant for months now.
You're never coming back, are you?
I've always hoped for you
to overcome your awkwardness
and obtain normal happiness.
Since when did all this start happening?
The stronger you become,
the more unhappy you get.
I can't stand it anymore.
At that moment,
Jack seemed so bright and distant to me.
Jack, the one with golden fur
who is crying out for his friend,
and I, the silent one
covered with dark-red blood,
are completely different creatures now.
My strength
doesn't exist to make me happy.
He's the only adult I can rely on.
I need advice right now.
From the watcher
of the Black Market tainted with desire,
even if it's just a few words.
Excuse me.
Do you sell bamboo grass?
How many bundles?
I'm such an idiot.
Sir? What happened to you?
Saying "I want advice"
is such a dishonest excuse.
I'm only seeking someone to rely on.
Ma'am, take care of my order first.
I want 50 kg of the big bamboo grass
and five bundles of the Narihira bamboo.
And 30 kg of the dried Okame
bamboo leaves I ordered last time.
Yes, all right.
You sure eat a lot, Mr. Gohin.
You're taking it all home today?
That's right.
So, it is you.
Apart from all the injuries,
you seem to be doing well.
What I want isn't advice
or someone to rely on.
Mr. Gohin!
Please make me your pupil!
I refuse.
See you later.
So, a carnivore who devoured a herbivore
student is lurking in your school.
And not only that, the incident happened
within the Drama Club you belong to.
You really attract
all the misfortunes, don't you?
The one who attacked me today
is the culprit, without a doubt.
And he was extremely strong.
It's dangerous for him
to remain on the loose like this.
Well, so
I want to be strong.
- Will you teach me how to fight
- I refuse.
You may have forgotten,
but my main job is
a physician at the Black Market.
Carrying a bomb like you
will get in the way of my work!
A bomb?
But, I'm not the type who gets livid
and screams out of nowhere.
The Shishi-Gumi
whose boss you knocked down
is gaining power
in the Black Market right now.
Good grief!
If they catch you shamelessly going
in and out of here for this "training,"
just putting a bullet
through you won't satisfy them.
How they're going to
deal with you is none of my concern,
but I refuse to get involved
any further and end up in a bad position.
Drink that bamboo grass tea and leave.
I haven't had much of a presence
since I was little, so it'll be fine!
I'll do my best to be sneaky.
How will you sneak around
with that physique?
Then I'll live in and work here.
How about school?
I'm on leave for a while.
What if you don't have enough credits
to graduate in this time of job shortages?
Then there's no way
I can change anything?
I don't want to be a bystander anymore.
You sure are talking big now.
But I don't mind that immaturity.
Well, calm down and sit.
I thought of an ingenious plan.
What is this ingenious plan?
What are you about to do?
If you're serious about training under me,
then prove to me that you're ready.
That's the rule of the underworld.
Keep still.
Think of this as your swearing in ritual!
I see.
It was today.
The end of me.
At this place,
the more the dancer strips down,
the more moans resonate
from the carnivore guests.
Hey, Cosmo!
What is it?
They're all here for you today again?
They're just here for the convenient show
that stimulates
both their appetite and sexual desires.
Well, lucky you.
You get pampered without even trying
just because you're a herbivore.
There are plenty
of substitute carnivore dancers.
If you keep this up, you're fired.
Owner, were you about to say something?
Yeah, well, the thing is,
the guests keep saying
that they want the cage removed.
That's fine with me.
Let's not.
I don't want to see another dancer
getting devoured by a guest
who's lost their senses.
Now, the moment you've been waiting for!
The last performer is Cosmo,
the only herbivore dancer
of the Black Market!
Everyone, please enjoy with your nails
and fangs concealed at all times.
The herbivores of the Black Market
are at the frontline of death.
But I'm still here in this town
because, here, I can really be myself.
I'll squeeze out as much money as I can
from the carnivores before it's too late.
When I die, I'll allow myself
to be devoured to the fullest.
Now my beasts.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
The smell of a female herbivore,
bare without any clothes
is intensely more fresh and sweet
than meat butchered to eat.
Let me stir up that chaos of appetite
and sexual desire.
You're the ones in the cage.
I'm the ruler here.
Who took away my stepladder?
I see.
It was today.
The end of me.
It's awfully charged up in here.
But the stage is a sacred place.
Rude fellows who disrupt the performance
don't have the right to be on stage.
Ill-mannered guests
will be disciplined by us.
Are you okay?
Why is a herbivore in a place like this?
What I despise the most
aren't the carnivores who want to eat me.
It's the carnivore guests who pity me,
and the herbivores
who come to watch just for fun!
Stand around like that
and you'll be eaten, too!
Children should go home and go to bed!
- Boss
- What is it?
Thank you very much.
If Shishi-Gumi didn't come, my gosh
To help the weak and crush the strong,
that's what Shishi-Gumi is about now.
So, you did this out of resentment.
Everywhere I go,
there are carnivores like you.
You're Shishi-Gumi's boss?
You told me to go home, Miss.
The Black Market is my home.
As a fellow herbivore,
it's nice to meet you.
Today's wine tastes extra special!
We received another request
to hire us as bodyguards.
That owner may be small in size,
but he's well-connected.
With Boss, Shishi-Gumi's influence
will only expand even more.
Our reform was a good move after all.
Without me, this syndicate
would've been crushed long ago.
What a mean thing to say!
Well, in any case, it's been a while
since we've had such a delicious meal.
Right, Boss?
I do not prefer this food.
But I am here with you.
As they say, "When in Rome"
That's all.
All right, then.
What? Done already, Boss?
My stomach isn't
as big as yours. Eat as you please.
You're the man, Boss.
He sure is.
Damn it!
This is something
my body just can't take.
It's embarrassing.
For now, I've been
sustaining myself with energy drinks.
What is it, Ibuki?
Knock first before you open the door.
Are you okay?
You don't look well.
I'm fine.
What do you want?
You're getting skinnier and skinnier.
This is bad.
Does he sense that I'm weakening?
I'm the one who suggested
making you the boss.
I feel responsible.
What is this?
It was my first time buying vegetables.
So it got me a bit nervous.
Are you mocking me?
I expected you to say that
but don't let yourself
waste away any further.
You're not just
Shishi-Gumi's boss right now.
We can't let you die so easily. Plus
to be honest, it's painful to watch
our young boss weaken because of us.
Your body is an asset.
In any case, just eat.
Watching me
wretchedly wolf down these vegetables,
are you secretly laughing at me?
- What?
- Don't make light of me!
It's not like that. How could you be so
Boss, a young wolf is here
demanding to see you.
A wolf?
I'll bite if you touch me!
Just let me see him!
Subtitle translation by: Kanako Murakoshi
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