Beastars (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Call it Like it is

What should I do?
I never thought
he'd agree to meet me this easily.
But I must ask
why he's in such a shady organization.
This isn't right.
I have to take him back.
- Hey.
- Yes?
Did Legoshi come back to school safely
on the day of the festival?
He was hurt pretty badly though.
Was there a white rabbit with him?
A short girl, about waist-high.
She was unharmed.
I see.
I'm not surprised.
But I'm amazed that
you managed to find me.
I figured it out from what you said
the day before the festival.
I might die tonight.
Rouis, what do you
What can a man who can't even
protect a loved one possibly do on stage?
Rouis, you're getting wet.
I'm powerless
against authority, instincts and strength.
And I'm the school hero?
How ironic.
It's nothing but idolatry.
I'm sick of the lies.
Sorry. I'll be back soon.
I was convinced when I heard
Legoshi had taken on the Shishi-Gumi.
So I looked for the Black Market
even though I didn't want to come.
- Thanks.
- I don't want any thanks.
Why, Rouis?
What if you can't go back to school?
No matter how much civilization develops,
it is instincts and strength
that win in the end.
My role is to hide the truth behind a veil
and become a symbol of morals and justice.
But I'm stepping down now.
Smeared in lies and weakness,
Rouis the red deer
doesn't have a place in school anymore.
You've turned into a fine woman.
Did you get your heart broken?
No, I didn't!
I mean, not completely!
Well, I'm glad
it was a good experience for you.
Did you hear me? You got me wrong.
You too look more graceful
than you did before.
You haven't fallen low yet.
You must still have faith.
Come on.
An animal steeped in evil
doesn't smile like that.
You're complaining a lot today.
I simply decided to accept this society.
I want to become strong
in the truest sense of the word.
Shishi-Gumi made me realize
that they're also fighting every day
against their own instincts.
Was it right letting that kid go?
He has strong determination.
He'll be back soon.
We'll be done with him
when Shishi-Gumi's back on its feet.
How should we cook him then?
Don't call him a kid.
He's our boss.
If you ever try to have a bite of him,
you'll be our dinner the next day.
My bad.
Gosh, you've gotten rusty.
Quite so.
And you've gotten much better.
Hey. I'm the club's ace now.
is our time here also one of those lies
you talk about?
No matter how much you hate lip services,
I believe carnivores and herbivores
can truly understand each other.
You're a fool,
just pretending to have accepted it.
I mean, you
you gave up on deciding for yourself.
It's not society that decides
how you live.
It's you.
I'm going to keep deciding for myself.
You're such a fool!
You're going to regret it!
When I become a respectable figure,
you'll think this isn't right.
You may cry like a kid,
but you're already respectable.
Man, where did Legoshi go?
He's like some delinquent girl
who just got a boyfriend.
Wanna try calling him?
It's no use.
I don't think Legoshi's coming back again.
He's no longer in the same world as us.
That's why I didn't stop him.
I couldn't even get to say goodbye.
I'm back.
Sorry, a lot happened,
so I was away for a night.
What's that?
Are you all right?
Well but
I'll go take a shower.
Hey, was that Legoshi?
Not sure. Probably not?
But he smelled like Legoshi.
Sorry. I'm listening, Legoshi.
Just that I'm a bit astounded
by your transformation.
Well, a lot has happened
And I cut my hair too short.
It's cold and I feel a bit restless.
Sure, I can imagine.
I couldn't tell it was you.
I thought you might be a sick fox.
So, you have to go take care
of your sick grandpa at night?
That's right.
I'll try to come to practice,
but I'll have to ask the rest of you
to do the cleaning for a while.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.
No, that's totally fine.
We understand, right guys?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
You don't have to apologize, Legoshi.
Thanks, everyone.
Nice haircut.
Gohin made me realize
that I have to show up
at the club every day
and act as a deterrent.
As long as I'm here,
I won't let anyone die.
So I can't help out with cleaning,
but I'll continue to work hard.
Thanks a lot.
White Legoshi, yes or no?
It's a maybe.
I'd say yes once I get used to it.
A definite yes!
He looks so fresh and stylish!
It's now 3:00 a.m.
How are you night owls doing?
You're listening to Bellano the bat.
Guess I'll go check up on him.
Hey, Legoshi!
Are you keeping your posture?
It has only been three days.
The worst is yet to come.
Hey! Are you listening?
I can hear you!
This training is insane.
I can't stop salivating.
It's hard on my nose, too.
I'm about to puke.
Listen, Legoshi.
You must conquer your lust for meat.
You must be able to strengthen your body
without meat.
You made the choice.
Your true nature is nothing
but a dark, ferocious carnivore.
Rage, hatred, fear,
stress will make you stronger.
Build up more stress and fire yourself up!
Face it thoroughly
burden my soul.
It will lead me to a new stage.
You look pale.
School's going to be a pain after this.
But you chose
to do this yourself, Legoshi.
School during the day,
training until sunrise,
and travel by running, not by train.
Wanna quit?
No way.
A carnivore is supposed to
eat herbivore meat.
Meat is vital to build a strong body
suitable for combat.
But I want to be strong
to protect herbivores.
It wouldn't make sense
if I ate herbivore meat.
Carnivore athletes and soldiers
all do it in secret.
Well I really can't do that.
I can understand, but I'll never do it.
Well, I knew you'd say that.
"I don't want to eat meat."
"I want to protect herbivores."
Such simple idealism
won't get you any stronger, Legoshi.
I'd do anything other than eating meat.
I'll be back again tomorrow.
You look mighty ugly lately.
Is anything wrong?
Why do you sound so posh, Pina?
I'm surprised.
The president told me
to improve my manner.
But really, are you okay?
Cutting fur, losing weight
Could it be that
you're suffering from a mental illness?
There's no need to worry.
I'm supposed to show you around
the club's storehouse today.
I was hoping you'd be interested
in backstage work.
Well, I'm not.
Anyway, this box has
all the costumes we've used.
And that box has all the materials
Where is this strong female scent
coming from?
May I go back now?
Your cheek's slightly red. What happened?
It's so cliche,
but I got slapped earlier.
When I was kissing my girlfriend,
I accidentally said another girl's name.
Gosh, how stupid of me!
I see. You had a lot going on.
Do you have a girlfriend?
How about a crush?
- This conversation is over.
- Why? Where are you going?
For gosh sakes
I was trying to forget her,
so that I could focus on my training.
Hal Hal!
Hal! Hal!
Wait up, please.
It's written all over your face.
You've got your eyes on someone,
don't you?
That's like a dog.
He can never understand me.
He's the type who
easily gives in to his desires.
Won't you teach me about pure love?
Why do we need to stick to one lover?
Because it's being unfaithful?
Doesn't everyone have
their own definition of being faithful?
For me, it means to make sure
that I enjoy myself.
Morals don't help us achieve anything.
That's why
if I ever get eaten up by you, Legoshi,
I won't blame you, you know.
For example
if I'm ever alone in a dark room,
with a girl, I'd kiss her right away.
Do you have the urge to gobble me up now?
There's a sheep right here who'd let you.
Seventeen years as a male wolf.
This is another brand
new experience for me.
I feel a clear, immense hatred
for herbivores!
I don't eat meat,
I don't have a girlfriend,
I don't need anything.
I'm a Zen wolf.
Yeah? That's fine, then.
Man, I'm hungry!
I'm going to the cafeteria!
I want some vegetables!
Damn it!
Isn't it a little late?
Finally entering
the rebellious phase at 18.
Father, I'm not being rebellious.
The time has come for us to bid farewell
to our fake relationship.
I've explained the circumstances.
Please sign the withdrawal notice.
You know by now
that you can't turn me
into a cog in your business.
It's already been 13 years
since the day I bought you
for seven million.
Much to my regret,
it seems to have been a failed investment.
What was going through your mind that day?
I remember it pretty well.
It was an early winter morning
and the air was so clear.
I was glad that that was the day
you got to see the outside,
and I smiled to myself.
I thought you'd cut ties with me
without a single expression.
Someone who goes against your will
should be useless to you.
All this time, I only saw your face
once a month for dinner.
I had no idea what was in your mind.
All the same, I always looked up to you.
Father, I've told you.
I'm the boss of Shishi-Gumi.
Please sign. Right now.
I can't cause you any more trouble.
Subtitle translation by: Sayo Takada
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