Beastars (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Fly, O Corrupt One

Please sign the document, right now.
I always looked up to you.
I was born a beast of the darkness.
It's in my blood.
I'm going back to where I belong.
I know that you're not a decent deer.
You tried to kill yourself
rather than be eaten by carnivores.
You became the boss of Shishi-Gumi.
And now, you're threatening me
to sever our relationship.
Those are all foolish acts,
but good improvisation.
You're true to the title
of the star of the drama club.
You've never seen me on stage.
For a long time, I didn't know how
to love someone I'd bought with money,
but now that we're
communicating at gunpoint,
the clashing of
13 years' worth of emotions
is apparently pleasing me.
I could refuse to sign, let you shoot me,
leaving the legacy of being
the conglomerate boss who killed himself
out of despair for his delinquent boy.
What do you think, my son?
I couldn't figure out
his true intentions after all.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You really showed up.
Just this once.
I don't intend to get friendly
just because we're both herbivores.
I feel you, but let me at least thank you.
If it's just this once, let's go all out.
Bartender, two glasses
of 100% veggie juice.
It's okay.
This is the only bar in the Black Market
that serves veggie juice.
The owner is considerate
towards herbivores.
One of my old friends was a guinea pig.
A toast to all herbivores.
How delicious!
You're still not used to this place?
It took me eight years,
but I'm ready to spend
the rest of my life here.
I knew that when I decided
to become a stripper here.
After all,
this place is heaven for carnivores
and hell for herbivores.
You're still young.
Now's your chance to run.
Put it on my tab, please.
Have a safe trip home.
The Horns Conglomerate will not fall
because of something as trivial
as your misconduct.
Come back when you're strong enough
to pull that trigger.
No, it's too late
to run or to turn back.
Boss, are you heading back?
For better or worse,
I've got these guys with me.
Light shines brighter in the dark,
but it won't last long.
I've already chosen to be on this side.
The only information I have on the devour
is inside of my mouth.
I've burnt it into my mind
since it's precious data,
but the fact that we frenched
is pretty tough.
Well, it's me who did it.
I, Juno
believe it or not
have been called here by Legoshi.
Sorry to call you on such short notice.
It's fine.
So, what's the matter?
can I see the inside of your mouth?
The inside of my mouth?
- My mouth?
- Yeah.
Why? No way!
- I mean
- Inside my mouth?
- This is important.
- Why?
Well I'm doing
a serious research on fangs.
It's okay, you're safe here.
But you're the one
I don't want to be seen by.
Did you forget that
I confessed my love to you?
How insensitive!
It turned out to be more awkward
than I thought.
Gosh, with that fresh hair cut
and troubled expression,
I can't stand this.
What is he trying to do?
Just a tiny bit, okay?
Really? Thanks.
- Juno.
- Yes?
Could you open wider?
Let me see all the way in.
Come on. Spare me the weird flirting.
I guess things get grandiose
when wolves get together.
Are you done yet?
I can't see the far left.
If it's you, Legoshi,
I don't care anymore.
Go ahead, do as you please!
Just as I thought,
there's a difference in size
between males and females.
Your fangs are small.
Males have more developed canines.
Thanks a lot for the valuable information.
It's cold so let us both
take care of our health.
I'll see you at the club.
He played with my heart again!
It's been a week since
Legoshi started his meat meditation.
Even I haven't heard of
such an impossible training
to get over the lust for meat.
Hey, Legoshi.
I'm coming in.
He's touching the meat?
This is too fascinating.
What's changed in him?
I'm in the middle of training,
but can I talk to you for a bit?
It goes without saying,
but I'm not popular at all.
Is that so?
The only female I'm interested in
is that rabbit girl.
But I haven't been
in touch with her lately.
Meanwhile, a handsome male sheep
joined my club.
He's free-spirited
Why am I being asked for advice
by a 17-year-old virgin?
I was worked up from the training,
so I got more pissed off than ever before.
But I felt better.
I want to feel more anger, sadness
and happiness towards herbivores.
I'd forgotten something so obvious.
We're carnivores and herbivores,
but we're also all creatures
and students of the same school.
There's somewhere I'd like to go.
I carried a heavy bag
that gave off a rich scent.
Neither my nose nor my stomach
will be stimulated by the weight of life.
All lives are equal.
The immense weight of a restless mind
and a burning soul.
A burial.
That's typical of him.
Why do you know their names?
Well, procuring the meat myself
was part of the training, right?
I asked for the identities
at the butcher's,
hospitals and funeral homes.
Joel was single his whole life,
and he was popular
at the bar he frequented.
Linda worked part-time
at a convenience store
to support her daughter.
They once had a name and a life,
just like me.
Maybe he can accomplish something
no one else could.
They were sold to the Black Market,
so they may not have had a life
full of happiness, but
You can do it, Legoshi!
You cleared the first hurdle.
I should use this energy
to study for my exams.
My grades have significantly dropped.
I remember Gohin telling me
to keep up with my studies
This smell
You know, a guy friend asked me
to hang out tonight.
It's been a while.
Tell me more.
You cut your hair? Looks good.
You look like a businessman.
I forgot.
So who's that guy friend, Hal?
None of your business.
We shared a bed once,
but you're not my boyfriend.
I didn't mean to act like one.
Are you mad?
For real? Why do you think?
Ever since then,
you've hardly reply to my texts,
and you always look away from me
at school.
You're not even at school in the evenings.
I didn't like that you asked about
my relationship with Rouis that night.
You just made assumptions and left.
To be honest, I thought it was fine
for my love to remain unrequited.
I had no idea
she'd be stressed out over it.
Sorry, Hal.
I promised that
I'd become stronger, right?
I'm actually trying right now
in my own way.
It's hard to give you the details
of what I'm doing outside,
but it would benefit you in the end.
I want to create a society
that's safe for all herbivores.
By herbivores, I mean you, Hal.
No, this isn't working.
That's not what I want.
I was lonely.
Even in today's society,
where herbivores' lives are threatened,
I just want to spend my time
happily with you.
Thanks for saying that.
I didn't say it to make you happy.
Our values are too different.
But, Hal, when I promised
that I'd become stronger,
you said you'd wait for me.
Don't take it literally.
I just felt like saying that back then.
She had a close call, too,
but she's got no sense of caution
towards society.
That might be the solution
for our relationship.
we might not be okay as it is.
will you marry me?
Not right now, of course.
By the time we graduate,
interspecies marriage
might not be unusual.
That's not what I mean.
Why marriage?
What about dating
and all that other stuff?
Are those steps really necessary?
Are those written in stone?
I do have a lot of reasons to marry you.
The last one is especially important.
You shouldn't go off with random guys.
Unbelievable. Why do you
get carried away like that?
I hang out with whoever I want to.
I'd never want to marry
a selfish guy like you!
What's up, Hal?
Mind if I visit
the gardening club tonight?
Playtime is over.
I've set my eyes on someone.
He's a hundred times
scarier and weirder than you.
Too weird.
Hey! Stop slacking off and get to work!
It's so heavy. What's in here?
A lightweight black panther
should do the cleaning.
Leave this to Bill the Bengal tiger.
Take it easy
cat boys.
- Cat boys?
- Cat boys?
Brown bears are on a different level.
I thought you were stronger, Bill.
No, no! Herbivores might not know,
but a carnivore's strength
isn't about the arms.
The strength of a carnivore
is in their jaw.
- Jaw?
- That's true.
How do you measure that?
I'm glad you asked!
There's actually a game for that.
Hey, stop! You can't do that.
That's a game only for carnivores.
Tug of war, I guess.
You won't get it.
A feline always needs to be
at the top of the carnivore hierarchy.
This is quite a fun game to watch.
Why not enjoy it since you're here?
Do it peacefully, would you?
All right! My jaw's fired up!
I haven't done this in a while.
Hooray! I just had bee larvae yesterday!
Hey, he's eating insects! That's doping!
Come on, it's legal.
Aoba's been eating insects, too.
I'm strong enough without eating insects.
They're all pretty excited.
But Bill's promoting such a barbarous game
as entertainment.
We never get along,
but maybe I should
learn from his cheerfulness.
Hey, Legoshi!
It's you against me first!
Let's settle things right here.
No way. I don't like this game.
Who asked for your opinion?
I know you're full of lies!
Ever since you punched me
at the welcoming performance,
your vicious dog character
hasn't changed a bit, you jerk!
What the hell?
If I win the tournament
I might be able to track down the culprit!
You look serious now.
Well then, I can't lose this fight.
Sorry Bill,
but I'm showing no mercy.
This isn't entertainment.
No way. You're
super weak!
Man, I beat Legoshi!
My jaw feels weak.
Wow, what an impressive number.
The average for a large wolf
is around 200.
Wow, it's almost 300!
- It's nothing.
- Scary.
I'll never play Jaw War with Legoshi.
I'm supposed to have passed
the first hurdle.
Subtitle translation by: Sayo Takada
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