Beastars (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Unforgettable Sweetness

My training is going well.
Why then are my jaws so weak?
This might be a good opportunity though.
I've got information
on the culprit's saliva.
This isn't it.
Not this.
Not this, either.
Someone strong enough
to best me with one hand.
This must be a message directed at me.
"I'm the one who ate Tem."
"If you keep prying, I'll kill you."
Keep that up for 20 seconds.
No, no, stop!
You can do it.
Breathe out slowly.
I think we need a side curtain here.
We're going to hang the cutout
so they won't see it.
- Dom.
- Yeah?
I think we should add
a red filter for Pina's spotlight.
True. His body's white,
so this would warm up his complexion.
No, it's not
No I
My arm
Herbivores, step back!
I It's not
Calm down, Tao.
Don't panic.
What should I
You saw it, right? It wasn't on purpose.
- Stop!
- Trust me!
Calm down. They're all frightened.
But I
My arm. My arm!
Get Kibi to the nurse's office, quick!
In fact, it's not uncommon for carnivores
to lose control of their strength
and hurt herbivores severely.
With the advancements made
in suturing techniques,
if we hurry, he should get his arm back.
- Kibi
- No!
Don't touch me.
Carnivores, stay away!
I don't want to lose my other arm!
Trust me, Kibi.
Let the stronger carnivores help you.
- I can't.
- Kibi.
I'm too scared!
I'm scared!
Kibi but
I'm fine with Legoshi.
Let's go.
I'm going to lift you. It'll jolt a bit.
I'll be going to the nurse's office, then.
Please take care of the rest.
That's right. I need the arm, too.
Can someone carry it for me?
Okay, I'll do it.
I'll cover it so no one sees it.
Let's go.
Today's practice is canceled.
Keep calm, everyone.
Would they take me to the hospital?
Once you're out,
I'll buy you an ant shake, okay?
Kibi It must've been painful.
What should I do? It's over.
Everyone knows it wasn't done on purpose.
I'll testify if it's necessary.
It's not that.
What was worse than the feeling
of ripping his arm off
was the way they looked at me.
I'm sure they're all convinced
that I
I was the one who ate Tem.
- Was it you?
- No! It wasn't me!
I tried so hard to act calm,
so I wouldn't frighten them.
But how could I be calm
after ripping off a friend's arm?
Aoba and I were sweating because
it felt like we'd attacked him, too.
Please take care of him.
You've got blood on your uniform.
You're right.
It'd be better to just wash it.
That aside
you're the one who ate Tem, right?
There's no point in hiding it.
You're right.
Was it the French kiss that gave me away?
That was the only way to track you down.
I'm not apologizing.
I never thought
you'd be the one to bring it up.
I lost myself for a moment when I ate Tem.
It was just a mistake.
You thought you could
get away with a devouring?
Couldn't I?
In that case
I'd have to make sure
you keep your mouth shut.
My body doesn't move.
My claws don't extend
and my fur doesn't stand on end.
I guess there's almost
no chance of winning.
Bring it on!
I can't wait any longer.
I was just passing by.
They made me carry Kibi's belongings.
Good grief.
I'm Pina from the Drama Club.
I brought Kibi's bag.
- Drop it over there.
- Okay.
He's fine, so don't cause a scene, okay?
Understood. See you, then.
Mission accomplished.
It'll cost a lot to fix that.
I won't tell anyone.
Hey, wait!
Tell me you didn't hear anything.
I appreciate your concern,
but it's none of my business
that Riz is the culprit behind the devour
is what I wish I could've said.
I came here to get myself involved.
The ones who make carnivores
lose and regain sanity
are, after all, herbivores.
Look this way! Wink at me!
Now, I want
this discussion to be peaceful.
Please don't look at me
like I'm your prey, Riz.
I'm still in shock.
Of course.
Two students
have found out about your crime.
But there's one way
the brown bear boy can be reassured.
I'll have to get rid of you.
- I won't let you do that
- I wouldn't recommend hurting me.
If another herbivore student gets killed,
cops would get serious about the case.
They'll narrow it down
to the drama club carnivores.
Even a kid could find you then.
Oh, my. Isn't that a problem?
Well, I won't tell on you.
We're both in a troubling situation,
but I suppose justice wins for today.
Enjoy your sleepless nights.
Let's go, Legoshi.
Why is the school suddenly closed?
I heard that the teachers
are having meetings all day.
I wonder what happened.
This is too much homework.
"Urgent Notice"?
"Starting next year, Cherryton School
will fully segregate
carnivores and herbivores"?
The Drama Club will also become inactive
as of next month?
Well, co-ed schools
are getting pretty rare now.
I'd say we're behind.
Apparently, my mom
complained to the school.
All herbivore parents have.
"I won't let my child study
with starving classmates."
I guess carnivores like me
don't have a say in this.
Come on.
I'm the most cheerful guy
in the Drama Club.
I shouldn't be depressed!
Els. You scared me.
Wanna go to the club together?
- Did you hear about the club?
- Yeah.
Goes inactive at the end of the month.
Unexpected, wasn't it?
Well it can't be helped.
Can't be helped?
You should be happy, Els.
You'll be safer this way.
That's good, right?
How could you?
I don't want you talking about safety!
I know you've been secretly buying
herbivore meat at the Black Market.
How did you
Everyone in the club
already knows that you eat meat
and that you said,
"If Els was a female tiger,
I'd so bang her"!
Everyone knows how insensitive you can be!
In spite of that,
we managed to work together.
Calm down, you're scaring the herbivores.
Check out this manga.
You can see both the good
and bad in your classmates
by being in a club!
Why would you accept this so easily
That's enough.
You're not used to shouting.
I was wrong.
I'm really sorry.
Let's try and protest.
I want to keep the club, too.
Let's go to the practice room.
It's not that easy, though.
Regarding today's notice
You're late guys. We're all here now.
- That's
- We must keep this club!
Good. The question is what do we do next.
Were you two fighting?
Shut up.
I bought a durable one.
Enjoy your sleepless nights.
Pina, even before you said that,
I've been suffering from sleepless nights
for a long time.
Are you okay?
You always have serious side effects.
Damn. My head hurts.
Us big bears just have to endure it.
Bears over two meters tall
must take medicine
that causes muscle atrophy.
The overwhelming power of bears
is considered a threat.
This is to avoid serious accidents.
It's nothing bad.
the humiliation
of having to take it every night
Honey is the only thing
that suppresses the symptoms.
You're always so comforting, Riz.
Crack these walnuts for me.
Just because he's kind
Everyone sees me as the big kind bear
that likes honey.
Nobody knows the real me.
for that one guy.
You're kind of scary, Riz.
- Did you just say that, Tem?
- Yeah.
You have a pretty big body.
Was that weird? Sorry.
I was just surprised.
No one's ever told me that I'm scary.
I see.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
I was always curious about
the way you watch everyone having fun.
Don't you ever feel lonely
looking from above?
What's usually on your mind?
Words much sweeter than honey.
Tem for some reason,
my body feels so light all of a sudden.
Talk to me if you're having trouble.
Wanna grab a juice outside?
Sure, but didn't you say
You're scary, but not in a bad way.
Tem was a very honest guy.
I never knew
bears had to take this kind of medicine.
Must be tough.
I never told anyone about the medicine
apart from my family,
let alone a herbivore.
Why not?
You should lift the burden
by telling others.
I can't.
If they find out I'm suppressing
my tremendous power with medicine,
they'll get frightened.
You think so?
Everyone knows that you're kind,
so you shouldn't worry.
The real me isn't kind.
I don't even know
what "kind" is supposed to be.
Hey, you felt lighter
after talking to me, right?
Let's meet more often
outside the club, too.
Maybe your side effects will vanish.
Tem was right.
By talking with him
about nothing for a few days,
my honey consumption decreased.
All thanks to him,
I'm no longer depressed
about taking my medicine.
Do I really still need this?
I want to become closer to Tem
as my true self.
You look a bit different today.
Like your body's swollen.
Did you notice?
I tried skipping the medicine.
No, you can't do that.
I don't need it anymore.
Why are you running?
Tem, wait!
Tem, I just wanted you to see the real me.
We understand each other, right?
No way.
You carnivores are all monsters!
As he said that,
his words and eyes
were more beautiful than ever.
It was like a true friendship.
You don't have to hide anything anymore.
We're best friends.
That tremendous power of yours
is what makes you unique.
I'll accept you for who you are, Riz.
No need to suffer anymore.
The blood and meat
scattered all over the floor
the traces of desperate resistance
and even our memories together
I couldn't let them
turn into a hallucination.
The texture, the color,
the warmth, the taste,
are all part of my vivid youth.
They're my treasures
that I'll remember until the day I die.
Subtitle translation by: Sayo Takada
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