Beastars (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

Laughing at the Shadows We Cast

Here we go!
No, I look awful!
Let's add a charm filter.
Female cheetah, 18.
I'm in the most
formative years of my life.
You know what, Peach?
Did you not like it?
No, I'm totally fine.
Really? That's good, then.
Of course not!
This is an awful time to live in.
You're a wolf. You understand, right?
Carnivores and herbivores
in one photo is appealing to everybody.
I'm sure you're on Beastbook all the time.
But I'm only friends
with those that I'm close with.
You're right.
I guess herbivores
tend to gain more followers.
That's just the way it is.
The reason herbivores
tend to worry about what others think
is because of their defense instinct
that we can't understand.
We carnivores should at least
let them take pictures with us.
You're right.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Juno. How do I endure this like you do?
- I'll post this on Beastbook.
I mean, what the hell is
"defense instinct"?
Why should carnivores take all the blame?
I can't stand this!
Both as a cheetah and as a female!
We already got a like.
I can't stand
this kind of relationship anymore!
Let's hang out, just the two of us.
I asked her on impulse
I hope I'm not scaring her.
Was she just being thoughtful?
Hey, mind if I check out
some winter clothes?
Not at all.
It's so awkward, though.
Sorry. We'll head back soon.
Hey. Look.
She's got a great figure.
- Do you think she's a model?
- Wanna try?
No chance.
You're popular, aren't you, Sheila?
I'm not.
But you're slender and fashionable.
I'm not the only one with this figure.
All cheetahs have
small heads and long, thin limbs.
Besides, we can't wear patterned clothes.
Why not?
I'm patterned myself,
so it wouldn't look good.
I see.
Even someone like you has worries.
Of course.
It's boring that
all I can wear are solid colors.
You're all white,
so any color would match.
How about we go look
for your clothes together?
- Really?
- Of course.
How about this one?
I can't wear polyester
because it causes static electricity.
You know, because of my wool.
So those are your limitations.
We've both got our own worries.
Sheila's really thinking hard
to pick out an outfit for me.
But you would look good in this, too.
I'm really sorry
that I was secretly scared of you earlier.
- Isn't it too early for a scarf?
- It's okay.
It's so cute,
I wanted to wear it right away.
Peach, you're not doing it today?
I totally forgot!
You don't mind?
Let's take one. For our first outing.
Ready? The button should be around here.
- Here we go.
- Okay.
It's so nice to have long arms!
But it's such a nice photo,
I want to keep it to myself.
You're not posting?
I'm posting it!
- Hey!
- Ouch.
- I've got a like.
- Already?
The rain is killing my business.
They're going to rot.
A striped hyena.
A typical meat addiction.
He's biting through the bone.
He's come to enjoy killing.
His jaw strength is tremendous.
The best I could do
was leave teeth marks on an apple.
I can't seem to understand my own body.
Does this mean I'm getting old?
Is that sarcasm?
The fact that your jaw got weaker
is proof that
the Meat-Zazen training was a success.
He can no longer be satisfied
unless he kills the prey himself.
He'll keep chewing on the victim's bones
then move on to the next target.
All right, we're going to capture him.
My job is to hospitalize
and rehabilitate guys like him.
I have one question.
How did you feel when you realized
that your jaw was becoming weaker?
Were you depressed?
Actually, I wasn't.
You're fine as you are.
Hey, I'm not a feline!
I can't land on my feet!
Who the hell are you?
I smell a puppy.
Oh, well, dog meat would do!
He enjoys devouring.
It's actually tough to kill herbivores.
Did you know
they have really strong limbs?
Look what they did to me.
They developed their limbs
to fight against our fangs,
but once we get serious
they don't stand a chance!
It's super hard.
I see.
I can't pull out my fangs.
Why do all carnivores
with their fangs out look the same?
I see emotions in herbivores' limbs
as they try to survive.
Entrust your emotions to your limbs.
I don't need no fangs.
One more thing.
I'm not a dog.
I'm a wolf.
I'm playing the lead role of Adler?
But I'm a first-year and a female.
- Why?
- That's exactly why, Juno.
By having a female play a virile role
traditionally played by a male,
we're going to show the Drama Club's
resolve and rebellious spirit.
Other clubs are
trying their best to do better than ever.
Let's do whatever we can
at the welcome performance.
I see. That's what this is all about.
I'll do my best.
I knew you'd say that.
I won't let
the selfish adults suspend our club.
The school's started to change.
Everyone realized
the importance of coed. Right, Juno?
Of course.
Right? Now is the time we take a stand.
Why? What's wrong with separating us?
Why don't they get it?
We need some distance between us.
Hey, Juno.
We'll do our best to support you.
Freshmen never get lead roles.
Thank you very much.
Do your best!
I'm happy about this, but
You can keep your distance
if you smile kindly.
Why can't they keep calm
around herbivores?
It's so simple.
There! There she is!
The only herbivore
that makes me lose control.
So she's the kind of girl Legoshi likes?
She's so small,
yet she's always by herself.
Doesn't she have friends?
Gardening Club?
I didn't even know we had one.
It's completely run-down.
Oh, it's you. I thought it was Legoshi.
Your footsteps sound similar.
I'm not that heavy!
Hold on.
I can't seem to remember your name.
But I know you're close to Legoshi.
Not as close as you!
A wolfie
I'm Juno.
Juno! That's right!
I'm Hal. Did I ever introduce myself?
Do you need something?
Well I'm not sure myself.
Sorry to disturb you.
- A worm!
- No, don't kill it.
Just leave it.
Thanks for helping.
I didn't think you'd say yes.
You say that, but you actually know
how to handle the canines, right?
I'll bring a shovel.
What am I doing?
She's the only one in the club.
Was it her diligence
that attracted Legoshi?
Almost there.
Watch out!
Use the ladder!
It's right in front of you!
Or ask for my help.
It almost killed you.
But I didn't want to keep you waiting.
I'm fine.
I'm always risking my life to cut corners.
Don't risk your life for such a thing.
I guess Legoshi was
attracted to you because you're small
and can't be left alone.
Juno, are you attracted to me?
No, that's not what I meant.
I'm joking.
Let's forget about him for now.
I'm happy that I got to talk to a girl.
Here. Halfsies.
I wonder how many emotions
are swirling inside me now.
I didn't want to know
how charming herbivores could be.
I don't want coed.
Carnivores and herbivores
should study separately.
You've got it on your face.
It's still there.
I finally understood why.
It's because carnivores
are no match for herbivores.
How cute.
What is it?
Gosh, I'm not worthy of being a Beastar.
I can never be supportive of
species equality like Rouis.
That's right.
Do you know where Rouis is?
You know Rouis?
He was worried about you.
You should contact him right away.
I'll head back.
Before you ruin my life
like you did with the boys.
I wonder if Rouis tastes good?
Is this some dark humor
between herbivores?
It's funny.
If I were a carnivore,
I'd probably find you much tastier.
Like this part.
I can't imagine you being a carnivore.
We both have soft, fragile hands.
I'm sure we're both tasty.
It's comfortable being around
another fragile creature.
We're here.
I haven't dreamed of Hal in a long time.
Why now?
I no longer feel anything
about herbivore meat being for sale.
Can you really cure me?
Of course.
Our hyperdrugs work great.
You're very lucky.
Caiman bodies are very rare.
He sounds as fishy as ever.
Hey. Don't interfere with their business.
We're here because you said
your stock was causing a ruckus,
but he's totally calm.
Well, I'm doing this for the money.
Please pick a part that won't
mess me up too much.
Very well.
How old are you, my dear ingredient?
- I'm in trouble with my loans
- A distortion of reversed positions.
I see. You're still young.
You see, my legs have been
paralyzed for the last ten years.
But just once more before I die,
I want to enjoy a night with my wife.
Yes, sir!
Ready to remove the genitals?
Wait! What did you just say?
Where's the anesthetic?
Ibuki, isn't it too late
to show parental love?
This is much better
than my childhood home.
All of them are cowards
who are shriveled up in society.
I hope you're not thinking of jumping off.
Suicide? Why would I?
Funny, isn't it?
We both know
what it's like to hit rock bottom.
I ran away on my own
and made it all the way up here.
We're not so different.
As a kid, I was sold as live bait,
but now, I'm looking down
on the Black Market.
I thought I already knew, but
Now, it's seeping through my body.
A vulnerable way of life
is filled with sin.
It's cold outside, Ibuki.
Wanna grab a drink?
I'll accompany you until dawn.
Subtitle translation by: Sayo Takada
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