Beastars (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

A Busted Electric Fan

Shishi-Gumi's income
is approaching its heyday level.
Yes. Thanks to herbivores.
But that pharmacist
says something strange.
What is it?
He says the ivory used for hyperdrug
is getting harder to come by.
Isn't it an important source
of income for us?
Correct. It may have been
stolen during loading.
Yes, sir.
I have a storage of scents inside me.
Among countless data of scents
I've been sniffing for 17 years,
only the data of animals
I want to protect is increasing.
And still in
the easiest drawer to pull out
is the scent of Rouis.
Don't get distracted at work.
Pull yourself together.
Today, we have those
who are addicted to gazelle meat.
That stagger is not caused by alcohol.
Correct. I think you can do it alone.
Sure. See you later.
Who are you?
What's with the crazy muzzle?
Do you want a fight?
Here is the species-specific attacking
method learned directly from Gohin.
Because we treat them as patients,
make eye contact first.
I can't catch up if a leopard escapes,
I need to stop him from running.
In the case of two opponents,
make big movements.
Widen the defensive range.
What is scary about avian opponents is
not them flying, but them
rupturing my eardrums with their scream.
Strike their throats
to keep them from screaming.
Never give them the first move.
Let them inhale
Gohin's special sleeping potion.
It's done.
You've done well, Legoshi.
You get to have training,
my work gets done,
it's like
killing two birds with one stone.
I can have a good drink tonight
Not enough.
Not strong enough yet.
I can't beat
that brown bear at this level.
Don't overdo it. You'll get injured.
That simple method
will no longer do you any good.
But it's a brown bear who killed Tem.
Make an ally, Legoshi.
At this rate,
you'll be crushed by pressure.
I don't have time for that.
Also, I had an emotional ally.
I wonder where he is now.
Dr. Gohin.
This is the music
to reduce predatory instinct.
Make sure to listen to this
when you go to bed.
Am I really okay?
You're totally fine now.
Be confident.
Come back if you need me.
I will. Thank you so much.
That patient killed and ate two ferrets,
and she was in a state of confusion.
She rehabilitated very well.
Mr. Gohin.
You never take your patients to
the police, even if they devoured someone.
That's not good, is it?
It's only because
I happened to be born as a panda
that I don't feel like eating meat.
I'm just sticking to my justice.
You can't attain peace just by
punishing criminals. It's not that simple.
Any carnivore can redeem themselves
depending on their willingness.
I just want to help them.
Today is a weekday, right?
Why aren't you at school?
Well it's closed.
Actually, I have been suspended.
I deserve it. I
I shouldn't really visit you here, either.
Sorry for bringing these flowers, too.
Come here.
Please touch my right arm.
No way, I can't do that!
I've decided not to touch
any herbivore again.
I don't want to be afraid of carnivores
for the rest of my life, either.
I'll be all right.
Are you for real?
Am I allowed to feel happy?
I was hurt, but you were hurt more.
Thank you for coming to see me.
Is the guy you caught inside?
Yes. But he seems determined to play dumb.
The other one made off with an ivory tusk.
Boss. This is the guy.
It's not good to eat
our precious meat without permission.
Hey, stand up!
He may look different,
but I recognized him right away.
He is the last person
I wanted to see in this situation.
What is this? Is it a dream?
Is Rouis the boss of Shishi-Gumi?
Where has your partner gone?
Please believe me.
I don't know anything
about the ivory or the guy who ran away.
You were busy eating meat,
you forgot everything.
I didn't eat meat at all!
I've got a nosebleed
from getting beaten up.
What is he doing?
Stop wagging, tail! Read the room!
Why is he
wagging his tail in this situation?
Because I'm so happy to see Rouis again.
But it's not a good time to show it.
Don't stare at our boss!
At school, he acts righteous,
yet he eats meat in the Black Market.
I'm stupid. I'm too naive.
"He was the only real
conscientious carnivore."
I've believed so
somewhere in my heart for a long time.
Are you so happy to see me
that you can't stop wagging your tail?
What I hate the most
in this world is a liar like you.
That's enough.
I'll reveal his true identity.
Show it to me now.
Show your true identity to me now.
What's your name?
How old are you?
My name is Haruo.
I'm 27 and I work at night.
Earlier, my body
just reacted to my excitement.
I see.
You are a masochist escort.
You're a strange guy.
People often say that to me.
This is a pretty dangerous situation.
I wonder why Rouis invited me here.
Haruo. Eat as much as you want.
Right. This is the Black Market.
Eat as much as you want.
- Don't hesitate.
- I can't eat this.
I'm sorry, but I'm a large fox.
I can eat only fried tofu.
How much can you
lie about yourself, you stupid wolf?
Foxes are fussy eaters.
I can't understand.
As you see, my boss is young
and handsome, and a red deer.
But he loves to eat meat.
Cannibalism is good.
What a big bite!
That is our boss! So strong-willed!
If you keep lying
and acting like it's justice,
that's fine. Go ahead and judge me.
We both look different now, Legoshi.
Hey. Like before, come and hit me.
What are you doing, Rouis?
I'm so glad you're alive.
I don't smell any meat from this idiot.
I thought he was secretly
eating meat at Black Market.
I can smell only the school body soap.
Hey, cut it out. You're so weird.
Damn! You'll break my bones!
Talk to me, Rouis. Please.
All the annoyance I felt about this guy
came flooding back.
He always violently
overwhelms me with his strength.
But he is not aware of that at all.
The more innocent his expression,
the more helpless I feel.
Well, now you know.
I'm the boss of the Shishi-Gumi now.
So many things happened.
That's my fault, right?
It is because of me. I
Don't insult me! A punk like you
will never influence my life!
I know you saved Hal from Shishi-Gumi.
But this is not the consequence of it.
I chose this path by myself.
By the way, how dare you touch me
after you slept with Hal?
Slept with her? I didn't do such a thing.
Well I don't even think we are dating.
She broke up with you?
No. Well She probably did.
I will keep trying, though.
Maybe Hal is the one
who is waiting for your return.
I've been training under a doctor
at the Black Market to get stronger.
Is that what you are doing, training?
I thought you looked bigger.
But no matter how hard you train,
it's still difficult to get to know girls.
Run away with me right now.
I can't do that.
I am needed here.
All the members of Shishi-Gumi adore me.
No way. You're being deceived.
At this rate,
you're going to turn out just like them.
I can't let that happen.
You still have a sense of justice.
To live is to deceive each other.
But even if it started out
as a relationship based on interests
they are my family now.
Everyone lets their guard down like you.
They think Shishi-Gumi has gone soft
having a herbivore as their boss.
I haven't changed.
I was always like them from the beginning.
There are so many
in poverty who feel saved
seeing a herbivore
on the seller's side.
There are some things only I can do here.
But you can find your place in the sun.
Be a hero!
Get much stronger and lead society!
Do you get it?
You really are a star,
no matter where you are.
I'll pass!
No beast tries to stick to
their belief as desperately as you do.
The belief to be strong.
You have something that I don't have.
What is absolutely
necessary in this world
is the herbivore's dignity.
- I'll kill you!
- No!
Rouis. They do adore you.
You never intended to take me hostage.
If you have something to say, say it.
If you say so.
I've found the culprit of the devour
that happened in the Drama Club.
I've been busy
doing what I can to catch him.
But right now, the school needs you.
Your strength and dignity.
I need them.
Damn it! He jumped off!
I'd better not tell everyone about Rouis.
Everyone, please listen to me.
Kibi's fingers are moving again.
That's great!
When Legoshi visited him,
they weren't moving yet, right?
No. Kibi must have worked hard in rehab.
Maybe I'll visit him, too.
Sure. He will be pleased.
"Maybe I'll visit him, too"?
How can he act so normal?
How can he, who ate one of his friends,
behave like nothing happened?
But Tao has been suspended.
I wonder if there were any other options.
It can't be helped.
Tao caused Kibi physical damage,
however unintentionally.
The crime of neglecting
to care for herbivores is great.
How dare you say such a thing?
You ate Tem!
Are you talking to yourself?
Tell me, Riz. How great is Tao's sin?
Stop, Legoshi!
Cut it out. Everyone is watching us.
I don't care.
You're the one who will be in trouble.
It's essential for carnivores
to control their emotions.
Your soul is inferior to mine.
It's painful!
It's awful!
I just spoke out on behalf of this light.
Pull yourself together, Legoshi.
You can't cause any more damage.
Right, Riz?
I'm sorry.
Right. So?
I'll pay for it.
You said it! The problem is solved now.
Let's get back to practice, everyone!
You're right.
What shall I do?
How can he be so calm?
He has even eaten one of his friends.
Earlier, I felt a thick barrier or an
overwhelming difference between him and I.
Like between a virgin and a non-virgin?
So close!
But don't count on
my support all the time.
I'm so sorry.
It's understandable for you
to lose your temper, though.
Riz is so used to
pretending to be a good bear.
He's a carnivore
who's the exact opposite of you.
But I think you're fine as you are.
Subtitle translation by: Akemi Okaji
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