Beastars (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

The Chef's Whimsical Suspense

People think that tomatoes taste
best in the summer,
but in fact, it tastes better
in autumn to early winter.
I'm sorry.
What is it?
I'm sorry it might take longer.
We can wait.
No worries.
I like cooking.
I sometimes cook for my roommates.
I feel calm while cooking.
Here you go.
Let's eat.
Riz's food is delicious.
But it always has a strong flavor.
Oh, no. I did it again.
I'll be careful.
How did it happen?
Since that night,
I have lost my sense of taste.
I ate Tem, the alpaca, with his consent
and I'm the only bear who established
a true friendship with a herbivore.
As the ingredients
entrust themselves to me,
I devoured him delicately and peacefully.
Be more beautiful, my memory.
Don't forget Tem's flavor.
We're best friends.
So that the memories of that night
with Tem come back beautifully.
I'll accept all of you, Riz.
Meals are the joy of life.
Tem, you were smiling
when I put you in my mouth.
You're the one who ate Tem, right?
As long as I'm alive,
I'll continue to prevent the devouring.
I'll crush you on behalf of Tem.
They will expose it.
They'll ruin the friendship
between Tem and me, my school life.
I need to shut them up.
That nasty sheep and the perverted wolf.
What's wrong with me?
I had met Rouis
and I need to think
about how to deal with Riz.
Last night I had a dirty dream of Hal.
After all, I'm full of desires.
Besides, it wasn't the first time.
It seems the number of scenarios
is increasing.
It's also very vivid.
I am full of desires.
Why? Which part of my head
is producing them?
A soft part that is not found anywhere
in my body
You have a nasty hand.
You are real!
I usually don't see you in here.
I just came.
Your class is finished, right?
I wanted to see your face
and talk to you properly.
Are you free after this?
Yes. Shall we go somewhere else?
Here you go.
I wonder if he has made
an oath to himself.
He's so kind.
Hal, are you enjoying your classes?
So-so. Same old thing.
He is younger than me, but sometimes
he acts like a father. It's funny.
Rouis was the exact opposite, like a baby.
He was insecure but stubborn,
insensitive and always seemed lonely.
It's a beautiful day today, isn't it?
I love you.
I love you so much.
Really? Is that true?
I think this is the first time
she told me directly.
Thank you.
You're strong, kind, big and reliable.
The more I fall in love with you,
the more I'm worried about Rouis.
I might have said something wrong.
No. I'm not in love with him anymore.
Legoshi, listen to me.
Rouis and I are over.
We're not in a romantic relationship.
But I am worried about him.
He hasn't replied to my emails
or phone calls.
Herbivores and carnivores respond
differently to noncommunication.
I can't help
but wonder if he is in danger.
I feel helpless
I want to hold her back.
In my dream I hold you so tightly
and touch you however
Hal, you're so tiny.
The size of her body
What do you mean?
It defines my existence.
Ever since I attacked you on that day,
I've been dealing with the difference
between my body and yours.
Hal, I won't make anyone unhappy.
I'll do my best.
What a strange boy.
I'll hold you after I sort out everything.
Your horns smell very nice today.
I put on wax with honey.
It gives them luster.
I see. I love them so much.
Pina, aren't you a member
of the drama club? Is it fun?
I'll be playing a main role
on New Year's performance.
Can you come and see me?
Sure. What is your role?
I'll be playing a beautiful boy
whose soul is taken by Death.
I'm going to die in the end.
Are you?
Yes. I'm going to die.
If I died in real life,
would you cry for me?
I might laugh.
By the way, who is Riona?
No one will come to your funeral
if you keep mixing up girls' names.
I did it again.
Girls kill me with their words.
Pull yourself together!
I'm not feeling good lately.
But the role of dying beautifully
in the end is perfect for me now.
I'm looking forward
to today's rehearsal, Pina.
You scared me.
Even a devourer uses the bathroom?
Of course, you do.
Would you tell Legoshi
not to get involved with me anymore?
If you leave me alone,
I can live peacefully
with memories of Tem.
But if you guys ruin the friendship
I had with Tem,
I will shut Legoshi up
and might also eat you up.
By eating steadily from your head.
I don't think you should do that.
Obviously, my horns will get in the way
and taste bad
I couldn't help it because your fingers
smelled of honey. Sorry.
See you.
My finger is still here.
That's great.
I feel so relieved that I don't mind
lying down on the bathroom floor.
I am actually more desperate to live
than I thought.
I'm Death who came to hunt
your soul tonight.
If you have any last words,
tell that to this sickle.
I'm kinda sweet, aren't I?
I feel so much better.
Will you and other Deaths be satisfied
if I beg for my life?
My life is worthless, yet it is mine.
That's good. He remembers the lines.
My fear of death is also my own.
I'll let you hear the cry of my heart,
but not my will.
Kill me if you want!
I'm not afraid of you!
Are you okay?
Please bring a rag for us.
Pina what's wrong with you?
What do you mean?
Did you see that?
I see. He seems to have
nothing left to say.
Free, take this gun from now on.
To shoot me.
Just in case I lose my control
and try to eat our boss.
If he and I become
just a normal lion and deer,
shoot me without hesitation.
Oh, well
It's such a tense workplace.
We all are so dedicated.
It's not a bad thing.
We're living large under that boss.
Did that really happen?
While you were skipping the club
to go to the Black Market.
You don't need to worry
as I dealt with it in my own way.
No way
I knew he was dangerous.
We have to do something
before someone is attacked.
I agree.
That's why I made a plan.
A plan?
I'll act as a decoy.
Don't I look delicious?
I'll lure him. So, you will
No way.
It's too dangerous. You can't do that.
But I've already left my note.
The dormitory floor is full of hair.
It'll be like a carpet. I hate it
What are you doing?
I thought you had left.
I forgot something.
Don't be so panicky.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Have a happy New Year.
I've made it.
It's surprisingly cowardly of you
to lure me in Pina's name.
Did you think that
you could beat me, Legoshi?
Don't look at me
with the eyes of a predator
and call my name. It makes me sick.
This gray wolf is different
from other carnivores, as I thought.
You know me very well.
I'm more interested in eating you
than talking to you, Legoshi.
I can't stand this headache.
I'm aware of your condition.
Give it back to me.
Not good. My head feels like
it's about to crack open.
I wonder if you can understand this
How painful the side effects
of strength restraining drugs are,
how much stress I have.
That's better.
I like you better with those eyes.
Show me the beast that you really are.
No one will ever accept the real me.
We are nothing more than terrible beasts
with claws and fangs.
That's why we need to hide ourselves.
Hey, Legoshi,
you might be able to understand
how lonely I've been.
I can't see him.
This meal is more sacred
than anything else.
I'll take you somewhere,
where no one can finds us.
You can let me bleed
as much as you want here, huh?
Once you have eaten fresh meat,
you can't help hurting yourself
out of guilt and hunger.
What a gloomy high school life you have.
I'll take back Tem and my school life.
Enjoy your school life the best you can.
But I'll open up your old wounds first.
Give Tem's school life back.
These aren't old wounds.
And never touch my precious memories!
Tem was the only one who had accepted me.
No! You devoured Tem.
We made friends regardless of our species.
You are the one who ate Tem!
Only predation can break
the wall between species.
You're wrong. Only love can break
the wall between species.
Love? We don't have such a thing.
The only thing our claws and fangs bring
is hatred and loneliness.
We'll make a hole in the floor
if we keep it up.
Let me touch more of you.
What are you going to do?
You ate the soft meat of herbivores
and think you know all about them?
You should try some
carnivore meat and blood!
Why don't you eat wolf meat?
I'll break your chin
so you can never use it again!
Is anyone there?
Riz. Stop it.
Ma'am, I'm sorry. We are still using.
I'm sorry.
We'll finish soon, please wait for us.
Okay. I've got it.
I'm sorry.
Let's wash the blood on the floor for now.
The floor is a total mess.
What shall we do?
We'll leave here without her noticing us
and pretend we know nothing.
What's wrong with him?
If he could remain as a simple villain,
it'd be a lot easier to hate him.
If it were a year ago, I'd just walk away.
I can never forgive you!
Are you still there?
That's it for now, Legoshi.
We'll settle this on New Year's Eve.
New Year's Eve should be fine.
There is a plenty of time
to prepare to kill you perfectly.
Let's settle things once and for all
as carnivores.
That's great. It's easy to understand.
You could have taken him to the police.
It is so like you, though.
I'm just following your policy.
I've nearly tried to eat
a herbivore before.
I want to confront him
rather than just punish him.
But I'm so beaten.
I have no chance of winning, do I?
I wish I could be stronger right away.
But there's no way I can be, right?
There is a way.
Subtitle translation by: Akemi Okaji
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