Beastars (2019) s02e11 Episode Script

Scatter Your Scales

There's a smell of life
even in the soft humus.
Talk to me, insects.
I need your help.
Are you ready?
Yes. I'll eat it alive.
I'm getting nervous now.
Have you ever eaten insects, Gohin?
No, I haven't.
Pandas are not interested in protein.
The truer to nature the insects look,
the less appetizing they are to people.
No one wants to eat them
while feeling guilt.
Taking its life
it's a nightmare.
We're so arrogant, aren't we?
They're trying so hard to live.
Why do I think it's okay to eat them
just because they're insects?
Are you saying this now?
You've always been
a terribly arrogant man.
For a virgin, you beat the crap
out of those you deem unforgivable.
You force your sense of justice
on all around you.
You've been chasing
that rabbit's ass forever.
When put like that,
I wonder if I'm a pain in the butt.
But that's okay.
Your fighting spirit as a carnivore
grows only for someone else.
Right. I have no choice.
Please forgive me.
Tell me the meaning of taking your life.
Thank you.
More chewy than I expected.
Is this the outer skin?
Its legs are moving on my tongue!
It's saltier than I thought.
I smell grass and soil.
The smell of the wind.
It's so condensed and complex.
This is, in short, the taste of life!
Are you throwing me up?
The moth I ate?
I couldn't become an adult because of you.
I'm so sorry.
I think I disparaged you.
I discriminated against a life
just because I want to be stronger.
Please curse me.
I'll accept any punishment.
Although it's unforgiven.
Those words mean nothing to insects.
We have no desires like you do.
Only one thing is important.
It is the respect for life.
"The respect for life."
Eating means understanding, respecting
and receiving the one and only soul.
Are you in tears?
We don't shed tears.
I wish I had been born as an insect.
Because I was born as a wolf,
it's so hard to live
with all these worldly thoughts.
Being an insect is also quite tough.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I had a good time with you.
A strong creature.
It's time to say good-bye.
Live earnestly,
taking me into your bones and blood.
You're awake now.
Am I?
You fainted after eating the larva.
How was it? Do you think it's addictive?
No never again.
It was like a dream.
But I feel like I heard sound words.
Look at your face now.
You look quite good.
What's wrong?
I want to go tell Rouis
that I've made up my mind.
He'll know who I am.
We have no choice.
Salt is salty.
Sugar is sweet.
Vinegar is sour.
My sense of taste is coming back.
Riz, I'm hungry.
I am confident of tonight's recipe.
Hasn't he grown bigger
in the last week or so?
He is taking the medicine, right?
I think so.
He has some more left.
I think it's just a growth spurt.
What's wrong? Are you okay?
My soul is pulsating.
I'll face you as the beast
I really am, Legoshi.
It's so delicious.
Which do you think is worth stuffing,
a head with horns or one with a mane?
Disreputable groups like ours
would want to decorate the office
with a trophy.
For example,
we decorate with a rival boss's head.
Would a small head like this
be a good decoration?
I'm not joking.
What if
a group that feels threatened by us
comes for your head?
Then you should be killed instead, Ibuki.
If I die,
rumors that my subordinate ate me
will spread instantly.
We're riding a good wave. Don't spoil it.
Of course, I will gladly
give myself up for you, boss.
I'll go to the bathroom.
Master. Two whisky on ice.
I don't like strong liquor.
Then please give him a sweet cocktail.
Don't be stupid.
Plum sake with hot water.
I knew he was a light drinker.
Finally, he is opening up to me.
Who is she?
Please don't shout, Rouis.
I have various reasons for this.
Before explaining them to you,
I am Legoshi.
Well, I guess you know that already.
I'm a terrible cross-dresser, aren't I?
Is he the kind of man
who'll keep doing crazy things
until I kill him?
Boss is being targeted by a big female.
I have managed to meet him now.
But it's not good.
I can sense that Rouis is angry.
Why is he here?
What is that stupid outfit for?
Shall I hurt you, stupid face?
Boss is 18 and male.
I don't want to butt in
in his private business, but honestly
she is rather ugly.
What do I do with this situation?
- Ibuki.
- Yes, sir.
- Leave us alone.
- Sure.
He isn't picky about women at all.
That's our boss.
Rouis. I'm happy.
Shut up.
Get to the point quick.
You found the culprit, right?
Isn't that why you're here?
Well, it was Riz.
I see.
That brown bear.
So he's been enjoying school life
casually with a mascot-like face.
That's right. Can you forgive him?
That's why I'll duel him.
Why? Take him to the police.
This is a fight between him and me.
Rouis, will you be there for me?
No, I won't.
It doesn't matter to me how you live.
So, stay out of my life.
I won't ask you
to make an honest living anymore.
I just want you to see how I live
because I respect you.
Or it could be "how I die"?
I am who I am now because of you.
If that is my last day,
I want you to be there for me.
Your face is just killing me.
- You smiled. Didn't you?
- It couldn't be helped.
I'll take that as a "yes".
I'll be under Gazura underpass
at 11:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve.
I'll be waiting for you!
Hey, I won't be there.
For God's sake.
Boss. Where has the big female gone?
I dumped her.
Well, I think that was right thing to do.
No way will I be there, idiot.
I knew you by your smell, Pina.
You're having a duel tonight?
Will you come and support me?
Then what's your business?
I may not get to see you anymore
if you lose to Legoshi,
so I'm here to ask you something.
I rarely can meet a carnivore
who ate their own friends.
Were you thinking of eating him
since a long time?
Or did you eat him on impulse?
Well, let me think.
I don't want to talk about it.
Taking a video without permission
is a crime, Pina.
Kill me if you want!
I'm not afraid of you!
You really meant those words, didn't you?
Will these scars remain forever?
The changes on your face
represent turning points in your life.
Whether you win or lose,
your life will change dramatically
after this battle.
Both life and death are harsh either way.
You are the one and only carnivore
who has come to understand the pain
of both carnivores and herbivores,
and have become stronger that way.
Be confident.
Mr. Gohin, thank you for everything.
I always spent New Year's Eve with Jack.
Jack might be sad if I die tonight.
Or he might cry for me.
Also those guys in room 701
and the members of the drama club.
I've come to like a lot of people
this past year.
I don't want to imagine Hal being sad.
If I don't die tonight,
I'd like to hear your voice.
Boss, it's a full moon.
A full moon.
Does it mean good luck or bad?
Of course, it means good luck!
We killed thugs instantly.
It was not that instant.
But it's obviously my fault
that Boss's face got scratched.
I apologize.
What a stupid boy.
Don't be so mean.
If you say that again, I'll shoot you.
Shishi-Gumi has changed.
Carnivores can be strong
if they have something to protect.
None of us knew that.
Because they have a strong body,
they're tolerant and considerate.
They're hungry for meat,
so they always have a pained expression.
I love carnivores.
Why am I realizing this now?
Could it be because
he, that idiot, has been in my heart
since a long time?
Ibuki. I am leaving Shishi-Gumi.
Leaving us? What's wrong, Boss?
I need to go and see him right away!
My loved one may die!
But you don't need to leave us.
I have to!
I can't be there for him
if I stay in the Black Market.
Is he more important than Shishi-Gumi?
I can't compare the two.
But I have to go.
Because he's trying to confront
what I've escaped from.
He is too dazzling for me.
Are you going to come back
after helping your friend on a whim?
Do you understand what you're saying?
Yes, I do.
Ibuki, are you actually that big?
You were always crouching
out of respect for me, weren't you?
Why don't we go for a drive?
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
No worries. You're on time.
You're sincere even at a time like this.
Well, I asked for this.
Rouis isn't here yet.
So, when shall we start?
I prepared the starting gong.
But it's no point if you don't notice it.
The gong?
Because you're usually tame,
I thought I had to turn your anger on
if I wanted to have a serious fight.
I can smell blood.
I'm so full after eating
a whole thinhorn sheep by myself.
Well, shall we start?
To be honest,
if I threatened him a little,
he'd get scared and change his mind.
But he didn't even bat an eyelid.
Boss, no beast is as strong as you.
I can't think of any other bosses.
A strong beast.
I'm not at all happy
to hear that from a lion.
The strength of a lion is just a weapon.
Until I met you, I'd been hurting
even myself with that weapon.
Ibuki, keep playing the King of Beasts.
That's what happiness for the carnivore
is all about.
I kept acting
bigger than who I really was,
feeding on the others' fearful stares.
Eventually, I turned into
a huge black mass even I couldn't handle.
Then you appeared.
Your gaze was really something else.
I was amazed.
You've amazed me so many times since.
The days with you
were the most comfortable
in my 35 years of life.
Do you call it
"heterogeneous coexistence"?
But that kind of life
in the sun is not for me.
The place I belong
is as dark as this tunnel.
There is no guarantee of life here.
Subtitle translation by: Akemi Okaji
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