Beastars (2019) s02e12 Episode Script

A Revolutionary Feast

Even if I stop acting tough,
I'm still a lion in Shishi-Gumi.
This is the only way
that I can settle the score with you.
I told you the days with you
were comfortable.
But it's not true. In fact, I was happy.
Rouis, you saved me.
If you can't shoot me, I'll devour you.
Shoot towards my voice.
No way.
I can't shoot you.
I see. In that case
Ibuki. Hey.
Open your eyes. You're a lion, right?
Don't die, Ibuki.
I, Free, could protect my boss.
Why did you do that?
Ibuki, I don't regret shooting you.
Because we made a promise, didn't we?
A promise?
If he loses his control
and tries to eat you,
I promised to shoot him
without hesitation.
He didn't lose his control
or try to eat me!
Because I told him
that I would leave Shishi-Gumi.
Until the end, he had no choice but to
face our boss as a lion of Shishi-Gumi.
Please don't come back
to the Black Market again.
If I kill you, too,
Ibuki's death will be in vain.
What can you do now, Legoshi?
That beautiful boy
is inside my stomach now.
That can't be true
He's by a garbage dump at an underpass,
2.1 kilometers away.
And he has a cut on his left arm.
You put Pina's blood on your clothes
to fool me,
but that's too sloppy.
The smell vault inside me
is for animals that I want to protect.
We're both carnivores
who are longing for herbivores.
We're so alike.
I'm not like you!
Legoshi, whether you protect herbivores
or eat them,
the strength of carnivores is, after all,
a substitute for loneliness.
I feel happy. Your blood and flesh
will heal my loneliness.
Riz's loneliness and my ego.
Don't let him eat my ego.
Isn't your meat too hard?
By any chance, did you eat some meat?
You'll never understand, Riz.
Only one thing is important
it is the respect for life.
A true friendship between me and Tem.
I can't allow an outsider to insult that.
Tem was devoured by you!
You destroyed everything.
Tem, it's okay.
I'll silence him!
That's right. This is it.
Dying creatures become sludge like fluids.
Well, you are tough, too.
Hey, Legoshi?
You're alive.
So what?
Why are you worried about me now?
You're right.
But at least I have to tell you this,
I'm actually aware.
When I ate Tem,
I knew we really didn't have a friendship.
That was my one-sided devour.
Wait a second.
Can you tell me more about that?
We're actually trying to kill each other!
I know.
I want to hear more about your story now.
Well, I know it's strange.
But I wanted to tell this to someone.
I guess we can pause our fight
for a while.
Two monsters lying side by side.
It's so funny.
Monsters? Are we?
Tem told me that night.
"All you carnivores are monsters."
Surprisingly, it didn't shock me.
He could see through my true nature
and embraced me with those words.
I was so happy
that I turned a memory of eating Tem
into a beautiful one.
The true nature of carnivores
is a monster, Legoshi.
I am feeling sad.
Although I can't quite remember
Tem's face and voice,
I still remember his flavor and smell
so well.
I might also have become like him.
Without help from others,
I might have eaten Hal
out of intense love for her.
It's the time for the adolescence
of carnivores.
But I can't change my belief anymore.
Shall we restart now?
Carnivores have claws and fangs
only for predations.
I'll never forget your taste
for the rest of my life, either.
No, Riz.
We have claws and fangs
to protect something important.
You two seem to be having fun.
You look terrible.
A devour is the last thing I want to see.
Shut up!
I didn't think my horns could be used
for something other than flirting.
You did come here for me, Rouis.
Thank you very much.
I didn't think I could spend
the New Year's Eve like this in the end.
But we haven't settled the score yet.
I need to go back.
Are you stupid?
What score?
You're a total wreck.
Winning or losing is no longer important
to him or me.
We're both showing our own way of life
as carnivores.
I need to confront him to the end.
I take responsibility for my own anger.
How come you're not taking
any responsibility for your strength?
How long are you going
to remember those words?
Because you were there for me,
I didn't become a monster.
Rouis, you saved me.
Be calm. Pull yourself together.
Even so, do you need to risk your life
to prove it?
Hide your true intentions.
Showing your own
way of life as carnivores?
That's good. Keep going.
Harden your heart.
Because of your strength, you carnivores
have little desire to survive.
If you want to die so badly,
go ahead and die.
Just go now.
What is this?
I just can't stop crying.
I feel sick.
I'll be here a little longer.
As far as I can remember,
this is the first time I shed tears.
Is it something that keeps falling?
It wasn't an environment
where I was allowed to cry.
To get stronger and to survive,
I went on a crime spree.
In the end, I sacrificed a man
that I loved.
Because I am so weak.
You're strong.
You're going to settle the score
with Riz, right?
I don't have the right to stop it.
That's okay.
But you're in such a bad state,
you'll probably get killed.
But I don't want to see any more
precious friends of mine dying.
That little me in the cage
is still crying at the Black Market.
I'll set you free.
You are free now.
You're no longer weak.
Eat me, Legoshi. Get power for the fight.
I don't want to see you die, too.
Eat me quick before fighting.
I had been training
without eating any meat.
You know that there's
a limit to that approach.
I've had enough of your public stance.
I'll make you hungry then.
What does this number mean?
It's my curse.
Please break it, Legoshi.
You're harsh, Rouis.
But the weakness
that he finally showed to me,
I need to embrace it now.
"I ate you because you asked me to."
I don't want
to make such an excuse, Rouis.
I cut off all ties with meat,
and I was steadily paving the path
of being a harmless wolf.
So I've thought.
I'll eat you because I want to.
Is that okay with you?
As long as you are happy with that.
I promise. I won't waste it!
Shall we start?
You do whatever it takes.
Did you really eat Rouis?
I didn't know
you and Rouis were that close.
But now, you are like me.
Rouis is saying that in Heaven.
He is alive.
He is in here.
Also, he is inside me.
Go, Legoshi!
Rouis, I surely feel a part of you
is alive inside me.
It's like a forbidden magic.
I'll use up that magic tonight.
Be a hero.
The bond between a carnivore
and a herbivore.
My friendship wasn't rewarded.
That's why I thought it was stronger
than any thoughts.
However, despite the fact that one of them
ate and the other one was eaten,
the bond between these two
is solid and stronger.
Tem, when you were talking to me,
you smiled at me, too,
even if your life was on the line.
Would things have changed
if I had told him while he was alive
"Tem, thank you"?
It sounds like the New Year has come.
Happy New Year.
It's not a good time to say it, maybe.
You won, Legoshi.
My heart that has been broken
for the past year is coming back to life.
Is there anyone
who has such beautiful eyes
even after eating meat?
It is actually possible to have
the real friendship
between carnivores and herbivores.
Hey, Riz.
What kind of words do I use at such time?
Overbearing words?
Words that would cower him? No.
I no longer face carnivores
with someone else's words.
Although what you did is unforgivable,
I'm sorry that I couldn't notice
how lonely you have been.
Rouis! Let's go to the hospital now.
And I have to say this out of courtesy.
Thank you for your meal, Rouis.
I'm so glad the first
and the last meat in my life is yours.
Those carnivores I've interacted with
will probably continue
to intervene in my life like this.
Wash your face first and smile.
You just look like a criminal.
Excuse me.
Weakness and suffering of the prey.
The curse cast by the carnivore's fangs
could only be broken by the same.
My curse was finally broken
by those fangs.
After that, Rouis was taken
to the emergency room and saved.
Riz and I were arrested
as devour offenders.
But thanks to my friends' statements,
I was released.
I hear my life with a criminal record
will be tough.
I met Hal and Rouis,
the shackles that I put on myself
are my treasure.
I'll drop out of school.
I can't tell you why.
You're a jerk.
You have more scratches on your face.
You don't even tell me why.
Well sorry.
Besides, I'm so tired of worrying
about you.
But this is my way of life.
As a misfit,
I can live with my tail wagging.
There are still many things
to learn in the world.
Let's find my way of life.
I may find another boyfriend.
What? You can't
I can't? Then what would you do, Legoshi?
What would I do?
- I'm going to think hard now.
- You will think hard?
Subtitle translation by: Akemi Okaji
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