Becker s02e11 Episode Script

Blind Curve

( upbeat blues theme playing ) Hey.
Hey, Jake.
You ever have something happen that's so great, that's so perfect that you-- You just can't wait to share it with someone? 'Cause I just did, and I just can't wait to share it.
What? What happened? Actually, Reggie, you're not the person I wanted to share it with.
So, uh, John, they had a raffle at my grandmother's church, and guess who won.
Jake, I can't even fake enthusiasm for this topic.
I won.
Ah, good for you.
Wait till you hear what I won.
A big-screen TV.
What? ( laughing ) Oh, now I get it.
JAKE: That's right, John.
I won a state of the art, Surround Sound, 56-inch, big-screen TV.
Well, what--? You're blind.
That's the beauty part.
What--? What the hell are you gonna do with a 56-inch TV? And he's off.
Why not make it a zillion inches? You know, how about picture-in-picture so you can't see two shows at the same time? You know, it's not fair.
You know, I'm stuck with a 30-year-old black-and-white console with rabbit ears, and the blind guy here has his own drive-in.
You know, there are these places called stores where you can exchange money for any kind of TV you want.
Yeah, the key word here is "money.
" No, the key word here is "cheap.
" Ha.
You know what I like about you guys? No, really, I'm asking.
Well, I've gotta go to the bank.
And, yes, John, I'll be laughing all the way there.
( Jake laughing ) Jake? Yeah? Hey, it's me, Chris.
CHRIS: Yeah.
How are you, man? I'm good.
You? Good.
Wow, it's good to see you.
I-- I'm in town visiting my mom, you know, I thought I'd look you up.
I mean, it's been, like, what, forever? It's been a long time.
Yeah, I know.
You know, I wasn't sure if you'd wanna talk to me.
What'd you wanna talk about? Oh, I thought maybe we could go to dinner or something.
You busy tonight? No, tonight's cool.
Cool, cool, great.
Um, I'll pick you up around 7.
All right.
All right.
So who was that? Chris Davis, an old friend.
Y-you know the car accident where I lost my sight? He was the one driving.
( somber blues theme playing ) ( funky blues theme playing ) Morning.
Tony Sinclair's in One.
But take your time.
He's only been waiting 15 minutes.
Which is your passive-aggressive way of saying I'm late.
I do believe you've cracked the code.
Oh, no.
I can't believe it's been a year.
You waited a year for that shirt? No.
This is my friend Patricia's cute little way of reminding me that it's time for our annual road trip.
That sounds like fun.
Oh, yeah? How would you like to be locked in a trailer for 48 hours? Done it.
No, I meant with five other women headed to some dopey tourist attraction.
Well, if you don't wanna go, just tell them.
Oh, I can't.
These are women that I knew from nursing school.
I mean, haven't you ever done something you hated strictly out of obligation? You're kidding, right? Look, just make up a story and get out of it.
Oh, I can't lie.
I'm no good at it.
People always know.
I could teach you how.
I'd just feel guilty.
But no one will know.
God will know.
Not if you don't tell him.
Yo, yo, yo, s'up, doc? Well, Tony, let me take a look at your arm and we'll see.
Ah, that's it.
Yo, my arm's givin' me so much pain, Tony can't get busy.
And a brother's gotta get busy, know what I'm sayin'? A brother? Yo, Diz-octor Biz-ecker, like, we all brothers oppressed by the man's mighty white hand.
Yeah, speaking of the man, is your father still vice president of the Riverdale Savings Bank? Pssh, yeah.
Got his ass in charge of rapin' the 'hood.
Is that right? Well, homey, uh it appears that you've developed tennis elbow.
You're kidding.
Will I be all right by Saturday? I-I'm in a mixed doubles tournament with my mom.
Here's, uh, some Naprosyn for the, uh, swelling.
I'm also gonna call in a prescription for Velveeta, Miracle Whip and-- And Wonder Bread.
Now go.
No, wait a minute.
Now go.
( funky blues theme playing ) Do you think he's okay? Is who okay? Jake? What? Nothing.
( quietly ): What is the matter with you? What? His friend comes back after all this time, and Jake says he's not even upset.
You don't have to be a psychology major, which I am, to see that he's in total denial.
And it would make you feel better if he were upset? No.
But if he were upset, then I'd think he was okay because he should be, but obviously he is upset because he's acting like he's not.
That made no sense.
You're gonna make a great therapist.
Say, Reg, um, I'm gonna leave early.
You mind keeping an eye on things? Sure.
Hey, Jake.
Uh, it's me, Chris.
Yeah, I heard the voice, man.
Right, right, of course you did.
Oh, uh, Chris Davis, Reggie Kostas, John Becker.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh, I thought we'd go downtown.
How does steak sound? Sounds good.
Cool, cool.
Yeah, other arm.
Yeah, I got it.
Oh, you got it.
Careful, there's a step.
Yeah, I know, I got it.
Let me get the door for you.
I can get the damn door.
I come in and out of here every day.
Sorry, man, I-- I just wanted to help.
Well, I don't need your help.
You know what, Chris, what's going on? I mean, you haven't come to see me in years.
Why now? What do you want? Well, actually, I thought we could talk about that over dinner.
No, why don't we talk about it now, see if we even wanna go to dinner? Okay.
Uh, I've told you how sorry I am about what happened that night.
But what you don't know is that my life hasn't been the same.
I mean, don't get me wrong, man, you know, not like yours.
But, well, I started drinking.
I mean, really drinking.
Chris-- No, no, let me finish, or I'm never gonna get through this.
I've had trouble holding onto a job.
I got married, but I couldn't make that work either.
I pretty much hit bottom.
But then I got myself into a program, and, well I guess I learned that what I really need to recover is for you to forgive me.
Chris, you walked away from that accident.
I walked away with this.
I can't help you, man.
( blues theme playing ) ( funky blues theme playing ) MAN ( over TV ): My, oh my, can he run.
( static over TV ) He does.
He's got Jim Thornton-- And now-- Kicking off-- It's a-- ( static over TV ) Ow! Gee-- ( cursing indistinctly ) Ball is down, there's a flag on the play! Flag on the play.
I don't know if he-- ( static over TV ) Oh, making the same mistake over and over again.
And once again (knock on door ) we've got another three and out.
There they go.
( knocking continues ) Watch the replay here.
Oh, crap.
( static over TV ) What? Oh.
Sorry to drop in on you like this.
Uh, is Liz here tonight? No, Liz is working late at the hospital.
Otherwise, she'd be holding this.
( sighs ) Well, I tried to call you, but, uh, oh, your phone's off the hook.
No, no, don't-- Don't touch the phone.
It makes the game better.
Having your phone off the hook makes the game better? Yeah, yeah, that way no one can bother me while I'm watching it.
What do you want? I want you go over and talk to Jake.
I tried calling him at least 15 times.
He won't pick up, he won't return my calls.
And I'm beginning to get the feeling that he doesn't want to talk to me.
Well, maybe he's watching the game like I'm trying to do.
The picture's so crappy.
How can you even see it? It's fine.
It just-- It just ghosts a little.
That-- That's all.
There's like 80 guys on the field.
Well, I got it down to 40 before you got here.
Would you stop worrying about the stupid TV? I'm trying to talk to you about Jake.
I mean, you saw how upset he was.
I mean, if it was me, I'd want someone to talk to.
You know, I wouldn't wanna be alone.
He's not alone.
He's got a big-screen TV to keep him company.
I thought you were his friend.
I am his friend, Reggie.
That's why I'm leaving him alone.
Look, if he wants to talk, he'll call me.
Your phone's off the hook.
I meant after the game.
I can't believe you, Becker.
I know you're a selfish son of a bitch, but I always thought you were a decent human being.
( static voices over TV ) MAN ( on TV ): And he is in for the score.
All right.
( knock on door ) A punt return all the way from 65 yards.
Who is it? BECKER: Come on, man, it's Becker.
Open up.
that's the second return this year they've taken for a touchdown.
Which is rare Hey.
Just thought I'd stop by-- Hey, hey, I don't wanna talk to anyone now.
No, I don't either.
I just wanna catch the end of he game.
My-- My TV crapped out.
Ray, how about this return? Oh, my God.
Greg Gumbel is gigantic.
Oh, this is-- This is amazing.
( chuckles ) Uh, John, how many times do I have to tell you, everything is in a place for a reason.
So if you move something, let me know.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You all right? Yeah.
Hey, you got any-- You got any chips? No.
Son of a bitch! Relax.
I have Cheetos.
No, no, I was talking about the game.
Some clown just dropped the pass.
What, are you blind? Once again, we've got another-- Figure of speech, figure of speech.
You see, he's coming across the middle, the ball Wild guess: Reggie talk to you? About what? Oh, come on, man.
She's been leaving messages all day.
I mean, you think she'd get the hint.
I don't wanna talk about Chris.
Neither do I.
I'm here to watch the game.
They're dropping everything.
All right, and he is back to punt.
You think I should forgive him, don't you? Oh, what a beautiful punt.
Oh, beautiful.
( TV turns off ) Okay, you wanna talk about it? Let's talk about it.
I don't wanna talk about it.
All right, we'll just watch TV.
He's got two men to beat.
He goes on-- 'Cause I've got my reasons, you know.
( TV clicks off ) Okay.
Eh, mm, nah, forget it.
( TV turns on ) He is in for the score! Oh, my.
You know, it's just really hard to talk about.
( TV clicks off ) Take your time.
I'd rather not.
I'm sorry.
( TV turns on ) I mean, you wanna know why I won't forgive Chris? I'll tell you why.
Hey, you know, tell me, don't tell me.
Just stop driving me crazy here.
All right, it was the summer after high school, right? And we're going to a party.
Now what you already know is that Chris was driving.
Now, what you don't know, is that he was drunk.
And I mean, really drunk.
You didn't have a designated driver? We ditched him.
And before you say it, yes, I know I didn't have to get in the car.
Maybe I was drunk too, all right? But he was the one driving.
He should've known better.
You're right.
He should have.
And you still think I'm being a hard-ass? Don't you think I wanna forgive him? I mean, come on, man, he-- He was my best friend.
Boy, that makes it tough.
What're you gonna do? That's his problem, not mine.
You know what, I don't wanna talk about it.
Let's just finish watching the game.
( man on TV speaking Spanish ) Yo, Jake? I hear it.
I'm not deaf.
MAN ( on TV ): How will God know you love him if you don't send a check or money order-- ( woman moaning over TV ) ( crowd roaring over TV ) Whoa, wait, wait, wait.
Go back.
( woman moaning over TV ) ( blues theme playing ) Yoo-hoo! Hey, Margaret, that woman must have gone through our trash, she's wearing your crappy T-shirt.
( whispers ): No, it's Patricia.
Be right there.
( whispering ): I just don't know if I can lie to her.
Sure you can.
She trusts you.
Use that.
Margaret, there's a new addition to the trailer this year.
Now, I-- I don't wanna give anything away, but the secret word is "karaoke.
" Patricia, I can't go.
Oh, no.
I know.
You're kidding.
I'm not.
But why? Well, it's-- It-- It's-- It's my husband.
He's dead set on me not going.
He just gets so lonely when I'm not there.
He just hates being by himself.
But I don't understand.
Louis was coming too.
Huh? It was supposed to be a surprise, but it was Louis who suggested we go as couples this year.
Why would he say he didn't want you to go? Yes.
Hee-hee! Why would he say that? Margaret, please, let me.
This is very difficult for Margaret.
Louis hasn't been well.
It's not so much physical as it is mental.
The doctors diagnosed it as multiple personality disorder.
You obviously talked to the sociable, outgoing Louis.
But there's another one.
The dark, brooding, sullen Louis, who barely leaves the house.
If you've seen those movies on Lifetime, you know what I'm talking about.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
But, you know, now that you mention it, there's always been something about Louis that seemed a little off.
You be strong.
Sometimes I'm so good, I scare myself.
You scare me too.
Now, are you gonna come home with me and explain to Louis why everyone thinks that he's insane? Oh, you know, Margaret, I'm really not comfortable getting involved in your personal life.
( mellow blues theme playing ) Jake? Chris.
What're you doing here, man? Just visiting the old neighborhood.
It's amazing.
This place always smells like pot roast, dope and bus fumes.
Yeah, some things never change, right? ( laughs ) Hey, uh, remember that summer we got paid to help the super fix things around the building? Yeah, yeah.
Hey, I never told you this, but that time I said I lost the money, I didn't.
I ditched it and blew it on video games.
Well, what you don't know is that when you ditched me, I was upstairs fooling around with your sister.
Well, she was voted Most Popular.
That'd be my vote.
( both chuckling ) A lot of memories here.
Yeah, yeah, most of them pretty good.
( sighs ) Man, we were so stupid.
You know, we could've killed someone that night.
I know.
Look, Chris, uh, I've been thinking, and, uh-- Yeah? Well, I've really tried to find it in my heart to forgive you, but I can't.
The truth is, it's-- It's because I can't forgive myself.
Jake, it wasn't your fault.
Yeah, I know, but I had just as much to drink as you did.
I didn't have to get in the car.
And I shouldn't have let you drive.
I thought I could.
You know, I really did.
I know.
Look, I'm here because I wanna take some of the blame off of you and accept my part in it.
That's the best I can do.
Hey, I appreciate you coming down here.
It's okay.
( somber blues theme playing ) ( funky blues theme playing ) Hey, Jake.
( whispers ): Find out if he's okay.
Jake, Reg wants to know if you're okay.
Well, not okay, but better.
Um, Reg, I owe you an apology.
I mean, all those phone calls, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you.
But I do appreciate the concern.
And, John, uh, well, I'm sorry for going on like I did.
It's all right.
Jake, I should apologize to you.
I-- I should've left you alone.
It was really none of my business.
Oh, that's cool.
You meant well.
And, Becker, last night at your apartment, I was a little harsh.
And I'm-- I'm sorry.
It's all right.
All right, uh, yeah, I have-- I have something I wanna say.
I think you should give me your TV.
What? Oh, come on, you've had your fun.
Now give me the TV.
Well, at least think about it.
( upbeat blues theme playing )