Before We Die (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

All set?
Are you going to the after party?
Well, maybe I'll see you there.
What's your name? Issy.
Can you see him?
White and black jacket by the bar?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?!
What have you done?
I warned you, Christian.
What have you done?!
What you thinking about?
It might never happen, you know?
Do you promise? Yeah.
I promise.
That's for, Nick's birthday. Ah!
I wondered what we were celebrating.
More like drowning my sorrows.
Oh, Christ. Is that today? Hmm.
You sure it's what
she wants to talk about?
She's barely spoken to me for months
and now, suddenly,
she wants to have a catch up.
Well, maybe it's for the best.
I don't want a bloody transfer.
Why can't they just give me
a decent case and leave me alone?
I meant for us. Hmm.
Issy with an S.
It's a work thing.
The other, other woman.
She's a contact.
Sean, I'm teasing.
It's better that I don't know.
You don't need to tell me anything.
Maybe I do, actually.
What do you mean? Not now.
We're late as it is.
Aren't you coming in with me?
No, I need to pop home.
Oh, is Helen coming back today?
I should at least try and make it
look like I've been living there. Mm.
See you.
'I've unmade the bed,
dirtied some dishes.'
Are you heading in? 'No,
I'm meeting someone in Clifton.
'Listen, I meant what I said.'
What, about your contact?
'About them wanting to talk to you
about the transfer.
'It really might be for the best.'
How come?
'Well, maybe it's a sign you should
be thinking of early retirement.
'And I should too.'
What - are you thinking
about leaving the force?
'Yeah, and my wife as well.'
Are you sure?
'I want to be free, Hannah.
'Free to be with you.
' take care of you,
to buy you things,
'like, expensive bottles
of scotch'
and beautiful black dresses.
Have you -
have you been at that bottle?
'Hey, if we'
Sean, are you there?
'Hi, this is Sean. I can't take
your call, please leave a message.'
You've got an exemplary record,
You've got nothing left to prove.
Hannah? Yeah..yes?
Are you even listening to me?
Um, yeah, yeah.
Of course. Uh,
you said that it wasn't personal.
Well, it's not.
I know it probably
sounds like a bit of a desk job,
but at this stage of your career
perhaps that isn't such a bad thing.
Sorry, erm, I was just wondering,
have you heard from Sean
at all this morning? No.
Why do you ask?
It's just that I thought
that he'd be back by now.
Back from where?
He said that he was meeting
a contact.
He told you that?
Uh, yeah. Yeah. This morning.
He doesn't need a baby-sitter,
No. No, no, of course not.
Let's focus on the matter in hand.
'Hi, this is Sean. I can't take
your call, please leave a message.'
OK, thank you, that's OK.
No? OK. Thanks for your time,
'Hi, this is Sean. I can't take
your call, please leave a message.'
Sean, erm, it's me.
Look, I, I'm worried now.
Will you call me back? Bye.
'..Beautiful black dresses'
Hi, good morning.
Sorry to bother you.
Erm, I was just wondering,
did you happen to see a blue Volvo
parked outside the shop
this morning? Shortly after nine?
Uh, yeah, that sounds about right.
I don't know if it was a Volvo,
but it was definitely blue.
And what made you notice it?
I didn't at first. It was
the driver who caught my attention.
Oh, what was the reason for that?
He was stood outside the window
for ages,
staring at that dress.
Is that him?
I'd have bet anything he was going
to come in and buy it.
You can usually tell the type.
So, what stopped him?
I don't know. Next time I looked,
he was standing by his car.
That's when I noticed it was blue.
And, then he just drove off?
Couldn't tell you, this grey van
stopped and blocked my view,
and, by the time it moved,
the car was gone.
OK, thank you.
Have you made up your mind
on the dress?
There are cameras all over
that part of town.
Can someone check through
the footage? I'll do it.
Thanks, Rachel.
Marcus, Fran, Darius,
will you go door to door?
Sure. Yeah.
Should we get uniform to help?
Let's keep this to ourselves -
could be a wild goose chase.
Anything you'd like to add?
Billy, have you got a moment?
Well done.
For what?
For finding that witness -
bit of a needle in a haystack.
Not really.
Oh, come on, Hannah.
You just happened to make a beeline
to the one person in Clifton who
noticed Sean this morning?
There's clearly something
you're not telling me.
Leave it, Billy. It's not material.
So why am I here?
Sean told Hannah about a contact.
You've been working with him
I thought it might help if she
talked you through what he told her.
His contact is called Izzy.
Hang on.
He told you her name?
Uh, not exactly.
It was an accident.
Well, what else did he tell you?
Almost nothing, but I'm pretty sure
that he was on his way to meet her.
But you're not certain?
Uh, well,
he mentioned her this morning.
Uh, but why were you
with Sean this morning?
And then, when I spoke to him
again, later on,
he said that he was
meeting someone in Clifton,
and then our call got cut off,
just like that.
And that's it? Yeah.
Just take a look
through his current investigations.
See if anything stands out.
And work with Hannah on it.
You fucking cowards.
Show yourselves,
you fucking cowards.
Come on.
Yeah, yeah, go and do that way.
I'm gonna go in there.
I was just wondering if you've seen a blue
Volvo around here. No, I ain't see anything.
I'm from Avon and Somerset Police.
I'm sorry. OK.
OK, Issy.
Any luck?
Look, I I haven't been
completely straight with you.
I found this in the street
where Sean went missing.
What makes you think it's his?
There's a text message from Issy.
Why did you not tell Tina?
Well, it's hardly regulation, is it,
a second mobile phone?
She's not a complete jobsworth,
you know.
You don't get as far as she has
by doing everything by the book.
So, what do I do with it?
What do you want to do?
Well, I don't know. Text her?
See if I can find out anything
that might help us track down Sean?
You can't go You can't
go blundering blindly
into someone else's investigation,
Who says I'm blundering?
We don't know for certain if
Sean is missing.
He won't thank us for
scaring off a contact
if he walks through that door
tomorrow morning.
For God's sake, Billy.
Issy clearly doesn't know
that Sean is missing.
I can just pretend to be him.
You never know, she might give us
something to go on.
This conversation never happened.
It's your funeral.
Hannah. Hello, Samantha.
Hi, hi.
I haven't got the wrong day?
No, no, it's today. Come in.
How are you?
Very well. Nice to see you.
Nice to see you too.
You look very well. Thank you.
Happy birthday, Nick.
Hannah! I didn't know
you were invited.
Well, I think it was one
of those invitations
where you're not expected
to show up. Nonsense.
How are you?
Ancient, knackered.
The twins make me feel my age.
Oh, the girls full of beans?
Full of beans.
Hmm, this might take the edge off.
You shouldn't have.
I'm not sure that
Samantha will approve.
And that is why I love it.
Have you
Have you heard from him?
Christian? Hmm.
He's in the kitchen.
Christian's here tonight?
He is my son, Hannah.
Well, of course,
I know that. It's just
Go on, you should speak to him.
I will.
It's the least you can do.
But go easy on him.
Nick, that's the problem.
We always did.
How are you?
Got any fags?
Your dad used to hide some
in your Coco Pops.
You'll only find muesli in there.
Are you working?
What's it to you?
In a restaurant.
Oh, well, that's great.
I used to love waiting on tables
when I was a student.
Yeah, I'm a dish washer.
Well, that's good too,
as long as they're paying you
enough to live on.
Yeah, and keep me out of trouble.
That's not what I meant.
You'll be asking
if I'm paying my taxes next.
They're good to me.
I'm pleased for you.
So, what about you?
You still chasing petty criminals?
You'll be handing out parking
tickets before you know it.
Well, it's a good job
you can't afford a car.
This is a no-smoking household.
Hand it over.
I've been told to tell
everyone it is time for cake.
We're just coming.
This is a great wine, Christian.
I know. Can you believe it?
It's Croatian, from his restaurant.
Oh, the owner's Croatian?
Ahem, ahem
Are these mine?
For God's sake,
don't tell Samantha.
I'm glad to know that
you're doing OK,
after what happened.
You mean, after what YOU did!
Fuck's sake.
You looking for this?
I thought I'd try
and guess his password.
I'm way ahead of you.
Oh, is that legit, Billy?
Did you tell Tina?
You've very funny, you know that?
I see you've
dressed for the occasion.
So, listen, I think that
everything we need
we're going to find on that laptop.
Which file did you go into, Billy?
I apologise in advance.
I make terrible coffee.
Thank you.
How well do you know Sean?
Not at all really.
Said he was investigating
an Eastern European drug connection,
asked my advice.
Oh, why is that?
Is that your speciality?
That's why I was seconded here.
Uh, from the National Crime Agency?
So, where were you before the NCA?
It's probably better you don't
ask me that.
Security services?
You can tell me
to piss off if you want.
Yeah, well, I might do.
But how does the son
of a police officer end up
serving 21 months for possession
with intent?
It's an age-old story.
It's a painful divorce,
Dad gets a new family,
Mum gets a Tinder account and, um
Christian gradually
falls off the rails.
Been there. Got the T-shirt.
Tinder account?
Painful divorce.
Have you got kids?
Aye. 16-year-old.
Hates my guts. Ah.
That was pretty hardcore,
what you did.
Hm. Well, I
I thought he'd get
a suspended sentence.
A wake-up call?
It would've been
so much worse without Sean.
He's been amazing.
He stepped right up.
He visited Christian every
couple of weeks, every week.
Staying out of trouble?
Been working out?
It relieves the boredom.
You get the money I sent?
I'll pay you back. No need.
I-I will, though.
For everything.
The way you stood by me,
spoke up for me in court.
Anyone would've done the same.
Well, they didn't.
are you coping all right?
I made a friend.
We're looking out for each other.
what are you going to do next?
You were saying?
Forget it, it can wait. No, go on.
I asked what your plan was.
What you going to do for money?
Oh, don't worry, I'm all sorted.
I can take care of all of that
for you, you know?
There's no need.
Uh, this guy I told you about,
Stefan, he's got me a job.
A dealer guy you met inside?
It's not what you think.
It's in a restaurant,
like, washing dishes.
And you're sure it's legit?
I'll soon find out.
That sounds Croatian.
Serbo-Croatian technically,
but, close enough.
It means "frontier," I think,
or something like that.
Oh, for God's sake, Billy.
Don't shoot the messenger.
This stuff is all over Sean's files.
And that word over and over again.
How come you recognise the lingo?
Um, my ex and his family fled
the civil war.
He was always trying to get
Christian to speak it.
How about you?
Oh, I spent a wee bit of time
in that neck of the woods.
In the '90s?
Sorry about the mess.
Here, a little bit extra.
There's no need. That's my job.
Keep it up.
Hey, lunch.
Wow. You're jumpy.
They won't eat you.
Perhaps you should, um,
take off the
Hey, man. Come, sit.
Welcome to our table, Christian.
Is this your first time?
Shame on you, Mama.
The boy's been working here
three months.
I wanted to make sure he was
staying first.
He'll eat with us from now on.
Stefan? Mm?
Not at the table, please, Davor.
It's urgent.
He doesn't speak Croatian.
What kind of Croat are you?
Born and bred in the UK, I'm afraid.
My mum's English.
But your surname's Radic.
Yeah, my dad's from Rijeka, I think.
Ah, so's my grandmother.
Small world, hey.
I heard you have a Croatian tattoo.
It was Stefan's idea.
To show the time we served together
and the roots we share.
You should go.
Yes, now. And take Christian.
Let him finish.
See you later.
Thank you.
Come on! Go, go, go!
Come on! What you got? What you got?
Come on. Oh-ho-ho!
No! Ah!
Oh, you're losing it. Ah!
Arsehole. Oh!
Yeah, you were right by the way.
About what?
The restaurant.
It's definitely
a front for something.
Seriously? You think it's drugs?
What else would it be?
The family's not on our radar,
must be pretty small-scale.
Not from what I've seen.
There's cash everywhere.
So get the hell out of there.
No. I'm staying.
Don't be an idiot.
You can't afford to get mixed up
with that shit again.
I won't.
I thought maybe
Maybe what?
I could feed you information.
About what they're up to.
Help you investigate,
take them down.
No fucking way.
You're practically family. It would
be totally unethical.
Illegal even.
Look, they don't know
I understand Croatian,
so I could listen in, report back.
They're starting to trust me.
It's a terrible idea.
It could be dangerous.
What are you trying to prove?
I'm not trying to prove anything.
Is this about Hannah?
Jelly Tots? Yeah.
What's wrong with Jelly Tots?
No, it's just Oi!
You keep your grubby hands off.
So, what we doing here?
You're helping me recover a car.
What kind of car?
The kind that needs to disappear.
You ask a lot of questions.
You said you'd show me the ropes.
There's a guy,
he was causing trouble.
Which guy?
You drive this one. Follow me.
Hey, man. What's up, man? Huh?
What happened to the guy?
The car's gone, he's gone,
it's all gone.
Come on!
Oh, man.
What's up, man?
This is mad!
Let's go.
Finish it.
I need to speak to you.
I'm in touch with Izzy,
Sean's contact.
How on earth?
I found this phone
in the street outside the shop.
Why didn't you tell me before?
I'm telling you now. He's been
using it to communicate with her.
And so have you?
She knows that I'm not Sean.
Izzy was all we had to go on.
Looks like Sean has definitely had
this place under surveillance.
I've eaten there. It's in Clifton.
So, what are we waiting for?
Hang on.
We don't have a warrant.
Or reasonable grounds.
But you definitely think that
Izzy works there?
I only know it's on Sean's radar.
Maybe we should take a look.
We've just had a call.
There's a badly beaten man
that fits Sean's description.
Where? The Mendips.
I want the site locked down - now.
Come on, here. Ugh.
Hello? Um, hello.
My name is Hannah,
I'm a colleague of Sean's.
I need to speak to him.
Can I speak to him? Yeah.
Sean, it's me, it's Hannah.
It's Hannah.
Listen, you've got to hold on.
We're minutes away.
Yeah, it's OK. It's OK.
I know about Izzy.
You've got to be strong now.
Just hang on, just hang on, Sean.
Please, stay with me.
We're nearly there.
I'm sorry.
Sean? Sean!
Armed police! Show yourself.
Clear. Clear!
Come on, come on.
The dogs have found Sean's trail.
He came from the west.
And the shooter?
His tracks are all over the place,
until he suddenly turns
and walks straight here.
Well, maybe he saw something?
Or maybe someone told him
where to look.
As you know, one
of our colleagues has been missing,
and I regret to inform you that
today we've lost Sean Hardacre.
This is now a murder investigation
and we will do
everything in our power
to bring the killer, or killers,
to justice.
we have to tell you something.
We believe we have a leak.
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