Before We Die (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Hey, gorgeous, just checking that
you're still on for tonight.
And if you need me to bring
anything, let me know.
OK, bye.
Hey, gorgeous, just checking that
you're still on for tonight.
And if you need me to bring
anything, let me know.
OK, bye.
Hey, gorgeous, just checking that
you're still on for tonight.
And if you need me to bring
anything, let me know.
OK, bye.
A murder enquiry has been launched
after the bodies of two men
were discovered at a
remote farmhouse.
The victims have not been
formally identified,
but one is understood to be a
serving police officer.
Police have yet to make an arrest in
connection to the case.
The brutal double killing took place
near Compton Martin yesterday.
You won't be surprised to learn that
this has been designated
a major incident.
DI Sean Hardacre has been murdered.
And I can assure you,
as I've just assured Sean's
widow Helen,
that this will remain my first
and foremost priority
until we catch and convict
his killer.
Now, I know you're all as keen as
I am to nail this bastard,
so I will be seconding officers from
all the different teams under me
to work on this investigation.
That's it.
Let's get to work.
Thank you, sir.
You can use my office, you know.
It's not safe.
Someone up there is
leaking information.
So, what are we going to do?
Skulk around here all day?
You've got to throw a firewall
around our investigation.
So, it's an investigation now,
is it?
Izzy's given us plenty to go on.
Yeah, but we've got to keep that
close, just between the three of us.
There's no sign that her cover's
been blown.
Look, just give us some time.
See what she can find out.
Izzy is our best chance of catching
Sean's killer.
It's not realistic.
Why not? We're the only ones that
know about her.
Or the link to the restaurant.
Kane is all over this like a rash.
I have to tell him.
No. He's our boss, Hannah.
He could just as easily be the
source of the leak as anyone else.
So, what are you asking?
Just give us some air cover.
Just make sure that we're not
seconded to the major incident team.
If we dig up anything, then we can
try and work out
who it's safe to tell and when.
This breaks every rule in the book.
Well, then, let me take the lead
on it.
If we get rumbled, you can say you
asked me to take a look at Sean's
ongoing investigations.
I found out about Izzy through
Sean's files
and I started running her as a
confidential contact.
And you didn't even know that
she existed.
All right.
You've got a few days, but I need to
be kept updated.
All our necks are now on the line.
Dammit, I can't!
Keep your voice down.
Come on, Davor.
Not my problem.
I have tickets for the basketball.
You're coming with me, right?
No. I have to study.
It's just a stupid game.
But it's the quarterfinals.
What about you?
Sorry, mate.
Well, fuck you all!
Grow up, Stefan.
What about you?
Take Christian.
And don't forget the shipment.
Oh, fuck!
It stinks. Shit.
Fuck this. What are we doing?
I'm not touching that crap.
What are we looking for?
How much?
Who cares, Davor can go
fuck himself.
You don't mean that.
He shows me no respect.
Fuck Davor. Come on, Stefan. Please.
So, what's so important today?
That he's making you miss
your basketball?
Ah. We're supposed to meet Andri.
Who's Andri?
A crazy fucking Albanian.
Andri is our way into Calabria.
Where's Calabria?
You know nothing, do you?
So, teach me.
Half the cocaine in England comes
through Calabria.
Now I get it.
So, we go through Albania to get
to Calabria
and we go through Calabria
to get to Krajina.
And what's Krajina?
None of your fucking business.
Krajina is our past.
And it's also our future.
I don't understand.
How could you, you're not Croatian.
I'm half.
Don't worry about it.
It's just some bullshit plan
of Davor's.
He thinks he's Mr Big Bollocks now.
Claims we're going to take over half
the drug trade
in south west or something.
What? And the Albanians will just
stand back and let us?
He says they won't have a choice.
Come on, let's get out of here.
We can't just go.
He can do his own dirty work.
And how much is there?
Maybe five kilos.
And you had to gut the fish to
get it?
Well, not gut them exactly,
just check inside each one.
And how many boxes of fish?
God knows.
A lot.
I will tell you, Christian,
there were 300 boxes.
And yet Stefan was out drinking
all afternoon.
You know, it is a pleasure to deal
with someone with integrity.
This is a token of my appreciation.
Thank you.
You're working with us now.
What is this place?
It's a safe house.
Didn't know we still used those.
We don't. I do.
What the hell is it?
It's one of the few remaining
photos of an atrocity that was
committed during the Civil War
in the former Yugoslavia.
And it tells us everything that we
need to know about the Mimicas.
The family that run the restaurant?
They lost more than 20 relatives and
neighbours in a single afternoon.
The Serbs that captured their
village were pretty indiscriminate.
You're about to see the survivors.
So, this is Dubravka.
She's a bit of a clan matriarch, as
far as we can tell.
And this is her brother-in-law,
He's the only one I've come across
Do we have a file on him?
His name was linked to a drugs
bust a while back.
The agency asked me to sit in on the
cos of the Eastern European
connection, but he wasn't charged.
This is Dubravka's daughter, Bianca.
Is she Izzy?
The honest answer is, we don't know.
And whose hand is she holding?
Stefan Vargic.
The only one we have anything
concrete on.
And what's that?
He served 18 months
For possession with intent.
And here's the illustrious
man himself
Davor Mimica, son and heir.
Is that his boyfriend?
Do the rest of them know?
And these are all taken by Sean?
He was putting the pieces together.
Someone must have tipped them off.
You said on the phone that you had
fresh information.
Izzy's come good.
There's a meeting later on.
With this guy.
Andri Kabashi.
Belongs to an Albanian gang that
controls the coke
trade in parts of
South Gloucestershire.
So the Mimicas are looking
to expand.
Seems that way.
All right, I've got to be going.
Yeah, me too.
Billy, I need that laptop back.
Who's asking for it?
Fran, but they've all mentioned it.
Well, can you give me a couple of
Let's go.
Where is Davor?
I speak for Davor.
all we're asking you is to make
the connection.
If that's all you're asking
then make it yourself.
But we are offering you a shitload.
We give you 25% of the profit.
It's a big step up.
Why are you being an asshole, huh?
I'm being an asshole, am I?
He doesn't mean that, Andri.
We want to be friends.
not enemies.
Where are you going?
For a piss.
You want to watch?
Christian! Christian!
Where the fuck are you?
Christian, the police are here!
We have to go now!
Come on!
This is Christian.
Say something.
Christian, will you call me, please?
OK, slow down.
There's no-one following.
It's not us they're after.
I said, take it easy!
He's ready to deal. It's good!
All good. Yeah!
"This is Christian.
Say something."
Christian, please
Hey, Hannah. Hey, Hannah.
Hey, Hannah.
Jesus Christ!
Christian He's
Can I have some help here, people?!
Don't speak, just breathe.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Give her some room,
give her some air!
How is this even possible?
I checked.
Christian and Stefan Vargic
were cell mates.
What about Sean?
He and Christian were close.
I've heard Hannah talk about it.
And he didn't think to tell her?
I think he was going to,
you know,
after she questioned him about Issy,
but he never got the chance.
What the hell was she even
doing there?
What did she think
she could achieve?
Well, I was dealing
with a young woman.
I was worried for her.
I wanted to be there in case
she got into trouble.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
I've put him in danger.
He brought that on himself.
I'm going to pull the plug.
Can you contact him?
Tell him he needs to get out.
Wouldn't that be better
coming from his mum?
Hannah should be nowhere near this.
It's way too messy.
He's not answering my calls.
Keep trying.
Is this too salty?
What is it?
Mm! Oh, it's good.
Liar! Oh! Sorry!
I'm so sorry! Are you OK? Yeah.
No, let me see!
No, it's really red!
Bad idea.
You have two phones?
What's going on?
Oh, I was just, er
dropped my phone.
Anything to eat?
Ah, pasticada.
Can you send up a plate?
One more time ♪
Oh! We were beginning to think you
were a figment of his imagination.
How long have you been dating?
Dating? No. Oh, my God!
This is the third time I've seen him
since we hooked up.
They like you. Relax.
I am relaxed.
Do you want anything?
What are you selling?
Ketamine. Hundred a bag.
Check it.
They're not worth half that.
What'd you say?
Cheap shit!
I love the cheap shit.
I'll give you cheap shit, you fag!
Here, 70 quid. Now get lost.
Oh, come on
have some fun.
I don't do cheap shit.
Relax! Come on, baby!
'You don't need to tell me
'Maybe I do, actually.'
Call me a fag again,
I fuckin' dare you!
Mm, mm, mm, mm!
Ah, ah, ah, ah!
Dubravka has given us her blessing.
Oh! Congratulations!
Are you ready to party?!
Come, come, come.
Oh, I want to propose a toast.
Ah, wait. Someone go get Davor.
He won't want to miss this.
You know where he is?
In his office.
He hasn't been all morning.
Have you spoken to him today?
I've tried him a few times.
There's no answer.
Maybe he's stuck in meetings.
Who saw him last?
Maybe I did.
He was all dressed up to go out.
Any idea where?
Or with who?
Mm, Davor keeps himself to himself.
I might know where he is.
Oh, well, I could follow it up.
Hm. But you're not family.
Well, maybe that's for the best.
Hm. Bianca, text him the number.
The minute you find him,
you call us.
Take this.
I won't need that, will I?
Just in case.
Yeah, thanks for seeing me.
Look, you said on the phone
Davor got into some kind of fight?
Yeah, he mouthed off to a dealer.
But you didn't see what happened?
Where they went?
No, he just disappeared.
I looked for him for ages.
And you didn't think to call anyone?
Who? His mother?
All right, so who's this dealer?
A tall guy, with a long hook nose
and a tattoo on his neck.
You don't have a name or anything?
I think I heard someone call him
Matt? Yeah, Matt, I think.
Yeah. You know him?
Our paths have crossed.
Ten minutes!
Oi? Ten minutes, mate.
Get off me
Get off!
Don't move!
Don't fucking move!
Stay there.
You, get out.
Get the fuck out now! Get out, now!
Davor Davor, come on.
Come on. Come on, let's go.
We need to go now.
Oi! Oi!
What the fuck are you doing?
Argh! Argh, you fucking bastard!
Just stop, stop Argh!
Davor, you OK?
You OK, Davor?
Come on, stay with me, Davor.
Where have you been?
I had a late night.
We were worried.
You needn't be.
Tell Christian I want a word. Hm.
You OK, Davor?
You won't be needing this
for a while.
Here's my pin. Buy yourself a suit.
I have an important meeting tonight.
You'll drive.
You work for me now.
Where did you learn to handle
a gun like that?
Grand Theft Auto.
No sugar.
No word?
Don't worry. He'll call.
I wouldn't be so sure.
I'm not exactly top of
his Christmas card list.
He just needs time to process it.
Decide if he wants to continue.
There's no way he's continuing.
I'm not sure that's up to you.
I'm his mother.
Aye, and he's a grown-up.
You heard what Tina said.
If she tells Kane then the whole
of HQ might as well know,
and then whoever's leaking
information to the Mimicas will
It'd be suicide for him to stay.
I'm meeting you to suggest
an alternative.
Make Tina change her mind.
Why don't I take over Christian
as my contact?
I've way more leeway.
If it ever came to light,
I'd just say I kept his identity
secret from both of you, that
I was unaware of the connection.
So I wouldn't be involved?
Oh, you'd be involved.
Just not officially.
If he pulls out now,
we may never nail Sean's killer.
He's my son, Billy.
So none of this "Don't ask"
You keep me in the loop
about fucking everything.
Bianca, where are you?
We have to go.
Told you so.
Why here?
It's safe.
I miss him.
Me too.
But if he wasn't already dead
I'd bloody kill him
for getting you involved
in all this.
It was my idea.
He should've stopped you.
Yeah, he tried.
OK, so now it's my turn.
They murdered him, Christian.
Yeah, and that's why we have
to do this.
Listen, you need to know something.
There's a leak at headquarters.
The Mimicas have got
someone on the inside.
So they're onto me?
I-I don't think so.
Well, how can you be sure?
I can't. But there's only two
other people who know about you.
Do you trust them?
As much as I can trust anyone.
One of them's my boss.
She wants to pull you out.
You can't persuade her not to?
I can try.
I'm driving Davor to a meeting.
I'll see if anything comes of it
that might help change your mind.
It's a recording device.
Not you as well.
Had five-star reviews online.
You look the part.
Come on, let's go.
Here we go.
That's Andri Kabashi.
Who's the other guy?
I don't know.
There's Davor Mimica.
You stay here.
He didn't take it.
What do I do?
You fix it.
150kg - that's a lot of cocaine.
We can handle it.
You'll flood the market.
Exactly, and price a lot of other
people out of it in the process.
You're going to make enemies.
I didn't get into this business
to win friends.
And it isn't just a one-off?
It's just a start.
This is going to be very
profitable for both of us.
150 kilos?
How in the name of God
will they swing that?
I've no idea.
This is a hell of a lead, Christian.
You can leave it with us now.
No, I mean it.
There's no need to put
yourself in any more danger.
But you still don't know how
they're gonna do this.
And without me you never will.
You've got nothing to prove.
Just give it to your boss.
Tell her there's plenty more
to come.
I'll walk with you.
So you'll come and go from here
from now on, you promise me?
Yeah, it's fine.
Billy will be your contact.
My involvement would compromise
any evidence you supply us with.
I understand.
But I'll be here.
And, please, will you try and
get some kind of cover story
in case someone spots you
coming in and out?
I'm being careful.
And And, Christian?
I mean it.
You've got nothing to prove.
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