Before We Die (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Bianca. Hi.
Has something happened?
No. I
I hoped we could talk?
Is Stefan with you?
Invite me in then.
Oh, do you want some?
No. Sorry.
I know they'd never sell crap like
this at Vino Modana.
No, no, it's nice to get away from
the restaurant sometimes.
I mean, we can talk properly for one
thing when we're not there, so
Um, I wanted to talk to you,
Um, it's Stefan, it's
Oh, no, I understand.
No, um
I've known him since I was four.
Me, my mum, Davor, we're
we're all he's got. Yeah.
It's OK, you don't need to
explain anything.
No, um
we've been destined to be together
for as long as I can remember and
I really care for him.
But he's not the person I wake up
and go to bed thinking about.
Bianca, it's
Bianca, I'm not
Hello, Sangita.
Fuck me, Billy, twice in a week?
Don't worry, you can be hacking the
Bank of England, for all I care.
So, what do you want this time?
I hacked this for you last week.
I need you to massively strengthen
its encryption,
make it nigh on impossible
for anyone to access.
Can you do that?
And one more thing
I need you to create me a new ID.
Christian. Mrs Mimica.
Dubravka, please.
Davor asked me to come.
Of course, he's on the terrace.
You have an amazing home.
Your first time here?
I hope the first of many.
What was that?
I think your mum dropped something.
Go and see if she needs help.
Ah, the kid thinks he's a gangster.
We have a job for you. Sure.
We need you to rent a boat,
a fast one,
big enough for four people.
Range of at least 600 miles.
And when do you need it?
Soon as possible.
Don't you have any questions?
If I need to know, you'll tell me.
600 miles?
That could be bloody anywhere.
And they didn't say anything else?
That was it.
They didn't say or you didn't ask?
I didn't want to raise suspicions.
You can't always play it safe.
That's his call, Billy, not yours.
Oh, I'm going to have to bug the
Of course. Is that a good idea?
You know how this works.
We need hard evidence or we're
pissing in the wind.
Nah, it's too dangerous.
The whole fucking shebang is
You don't have the monopoly on
risk-taking, Billy!
We all want to catch these fuckers,
just not at any cost.
I thought you said you weren't
going to be involved?
I'm going to head down to
the marina,
shop around, get some estimates.
Hey. What? Have you got a cover
A what?
You know, what you say if someone
sees you coming here.
Well? For fuck's sake,
stop nagging me.
I'm just trying to protect you.
Well, you're behaving like my
Are you following me?
Huh, I was just messing around.
What are you doing in this
part of town?
I just had stuff to do.
What stuff?
Family shit, you know.
No, Christian, I don't know.
Sorry, I didn't mean
I'm kidding, forget it.
Come on.
So, what about you?
I've been meeting a guy
about my bet.
Your bet?
Yeah, you know,
the one I told you about.
Oh, the basketball game? Hm.
It's not just a game, Christian,
it's a European Cup match.
And if the Crusaders win by
three points or more
I'll make 80 grand.
What? Hm.
Well, who are they playing?
Last year's runners-up.
I thought us Brits weren't very good
at basketball. We're not.
It sounds like a long shot then.
Not if the game is rigged.
How the fuck did you rig
a basketball game?
Are you in? Yeah.
Yeah, let me rustle up some cash.
We'll party after the game.
No-one's going to hear us, Mum.
You can speak English.
I wanted better for her.
Better than what?
He's about to become one of us.
He's a fool.
Do you want me to put a stop to it?
I should be happy.
At least one of my children
will be married.
I have to go.
Where are you meeting him?
The usual place.
Don't keep me waiting again.
You were right.
I need a cover story.
Why? Has something happened?
Stefan's acting weird.
Should we be worried?
somebody just happens
to leave the picture
of our restaurant lying on the
photocopier of the police station?
It's from
the previous investigation.
Or someone else has taken over
where the dead cop left off.
You heard it, the murder
investigation is going nowhere.
I heard also there may be
other teams working on it
that our source
doesn't know about.
I'll take care of it.
Good, you're all here.
I have something to tell you.
Go ahead.
I think someone is feeding
information to the police.
Why are you just telling us
this now?
I just found out.
Davor, please.
Yes, we're listening, Stefan.
OK, so
So what exactly are you looking for?
Something that can do 600 miles.
OK, well, they all come standard
with chart plotting, um,
bow and stern thrusters. Uh-huh.
So when are you looking to rent?
As soon as possible, really.
OK. Um, sorry, just one second.
Hey, Davor.
Where are you? At the marina.
Head back.
I want to see what you found.
I only just got here.
Doesn't matter, come - now.
Didn't hear you leave.
I needed to get back.
Is someone there with you?
Er, yeah.
Is something going on at the house?
Nothing I should worry about?
I don't think so.
And Davor isn't acting weird?
Er, no, no,
I don't think we need anything.
Could you pick us up some napkins?
Yes, I guess I'll see you in a bit.
Davor's called me in.
What about? He didn't say.
Don't panic.
In the kitchen.
You angel.
Davor's in the fitness room.
Stop, stop, stop.
What's this about?
Do you recognise this place
or this woman?
Am I allowed to ask why
you're questioning me like this?
Don't act innocent.
Stefan says you've been
meeting with this woman.
And she's a fucking cop.
Ms H Laing.
Helen Laing?
See? I told you.
So it's true?
Well, she's my mum.
Your mother is a cop?
She's an accountant.
That's a fucking lie. Show him.
Well, she has a friend
that works there. Bullshit.
She's just a receptionist.
Maybe they had lunch or something.
What's this woman's name?
What's her name?
Marianne Jackson.
Give me his phone.
Open it.
Is that you?
Helen Laing? Yes.
Dubravka Mimica.
Can I come in? Er, well, I
I was just on my way out.
Oh, it won't take a moment.
Oh Come on through.
Nice place. Do you live here?
Erm, no, Redland. Ah!
It must cost you a fortune.
I I got it in my divorce.
From Christian's father?
Oh. No, it's me who should be sorry.
I didn't introduce myself properly.
I'm Christian's boss.
Oh Oh! What's he done now?
He's doing great.
So, has he recommended me?
Recommended you?
Well, you are looking
for an accountant?
God, no. I was in the neighbourhood
and thought I'd come
and introduce myself,
invite you for a meal.
Oh, that would be fantastic.
I've heard your restaurant
is amazing.
I mean at my home.
A family dinner.
That's very kind, erm, but I'll
need to check with Christian.
Of course.
You're just such a disappointment.
No way. Zvono!
Anyone can fake a web page.
He also phoned the police station.
And guess who is working
on the switchboard?
Go and wait outside.
I owe you an apology.
You can't be too careful.
I don't understand why Stefan
would point the finger at you.
Maybe he thinks I'm muscling in
on his place in the family.
Tell me the truth, Christian.
He thinks I'm in love with Bianca.
Are you?
Are you fucking my sister?
I'm not that stupid.
Here you go, Chrissy.
Here you go.
Take it like a man.
Listen to me Listen to me!
Don't try to be smart.
You make it up with Christian,
you understand?
You dodged a bullet today.
Thank God for Marianne Jackson.
Yeah, that was a nice touch.
We just have to be more careful.
I'm shutting you down. No!
We're starting to get somewhere.
Look, it's my neck on the line.
This isn't an officially sanctioned
investigation, Christian.
All our necks are on the line.
Please, just let it play out
a little longer.
I've already given you time.
Which he's used to acquire
admissible evidence
on a major criminal conspiracy.
Which I'm sure Superintendent Kane
will be hugely grateful for.
I'm not leaving the restaurant.
Christian. I'm not!
Not until we prove the link to Sean.
I want to catch these scumbags
as much as you do. Then prove it.
Give us some time.
Look, we're really close.
Davor's letting me in.
72 hours
to find the link.
After that, I'm coming down there to
drag you out and arrest you myself.
Well, that calls for a beer.
What's taking so long?
I was only given it this morning.
We've been waiting almost a week.
And you might be waiting
a lot longer than that, mate.
How do you mean?
Level of encryption on this.
It's like the sodding Enigma code.
Welcome. Come in.
These are for you. Oh, thank you.
This is my son.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
I'm Davor. Very nice to
meet you, too. I'm Helen.
Jovan, my nephew.
Hello, Jovan, the nephew.
Hi. Hello.
This is my daughter, Bianca.
Oh, hello. Very nice to meet you.
Welcome. Thank you.
And Stefan, her fiance.
Hi. How are you? Welcome.
Jovan, take Helen's coat, please.
Thank you very much.
Can I get yours? Yeah, yeah.
It's a bit chilly out there.
This way.
Thank you. What a lovely house.
This looks delicious.
Have you been in the kitchen
all day? All day.
So, Christian tells me your
ex-husband is from Croatia.
Erm, yes, but he's lived here for
the best part of 30 years, so
You never stop being Croatian,
Well, I'm not sure that
anyone's told Nick that.
Have you been there, Helen?
To Croatia? Yeah.
Yeah, a couple of times on holiday
when Christian was small.
Where did you go?
Oh, we went to an island. Havar.
It's pronounced Hvar.
Hvar? Hvar?
Yeah. Is that right? Perfect.
Hvar. We went to Hvar.
And did you like it? Yes, loved it.
Absolutely beautiful.
But there was one holiday
when Christian
got absolutely terrified.
Yeah. There were these wood pigeons
and Christian thought that
they sounded like wolves.
How adorable. Yeah.
I bet he was gorgeous at that age.
Yeah, he was, he was.
He was a real mummy's boy.
Mum, stop.
Really? Mummy's boy?
But you never visited him in jail.
Stefan, you are insulting our guest.
No, no, no, it's OK.
Erm, I I don't mind admitting
I was ashamed of him.
But I'm not now.
Ever since he's been with you,
ever since he's been
in your restaurant, I
I can't tell you
how proud of him I am.
To family.
To family.
I'm sorry we doubted you.
There's really no need.
I shouldn't have listened to him.
I would have done the same.
We believe someone is supplying
information to the police about us.
Someone in the family?
Or close to it.
I suppose he hasn't been able to
resist boasting about Krajina.
He's told me a little.
Now you know why we need to be
extra vigilant. Paranoid even.
Of course.
It is going to make us very rich.
All of us.
You included.
Have you ever killed anyone?
But do you think you could?
I don't think so.
I think you're going to
surprise yourself.
All it takes is character
and you have plenty of that.
Look, it's just talk.
He's marking his card, that's all.
Letting him know they mean business.
Here, look at this.
Is that the boat they're hiring?
Ex-fishing charter.
Done a few knots,
but still in good nick.
I should be able to plant
the listening device
behind that panel there.
Pretty high-tech.
Q has been busy. Aye.
Motion activated recording
and listening device.
None of your buy-one-get-one-free
standard issue police crap.
Well, you wouldn't be much
of a spook if you couldn't
get your mitts on a decent listening
device, Billy, would you now?
It's clean.
we're cool?
Yeah, we're cool, Stefan.
Good, because I need your help.
You remember I stand to win 80 grand
on this basketball game?
It's not a number you forget.
Well, I thought maybe
we could use it to set up shop
Me and you?
I need to start doing my own shit.
Davor is pissed with me.
He's going to be even more pissed
if we start dealing on his patch.
No, no, I'm not talking about
that shit. What, then?
Spread betting on sports.
You can make a fortune if you
find a way to fix the games.
Well, you never told me
how that's done.
You cut the players in
and then you threaten to kill their
family if they don't come through.
Is that's what's happening
with this latest game? Yeah.
One of the players for the Wings
is my guy.
That's useful.
We really do know
where his wife lives.
You can help make sure
she gets the message.
Let me think about it, yeah?
I get it.
You need to work out whether
you should trust me again.
Just like I've needed to work out
whether I should trust you.
I thought we sorted that.
Look, I've seen the way
you look at Bianca.
Stefan, I It's alright.
You don't have to say anything.
I'm not stupid.
But if you really are my friend
then you know how much I love her.
I wanted to write Bianca,
but it hurt too much.
You nutter! Keep your mouth shut.
You can't say this to anyone.
Oh, fuck.
You dumb bastard! What do you mean
it's not enough? Huh?
Well, I I could lose my career.
Or something more important.
You don't need to threaten me.
Look, this is just the start.
We're going to get rich together,
bop, bop, bop, which is cool.
They lose by three or more.
Three or more.
We should go.
Be cool.
I'll be watching. Sure.
You knew they'd come back.
You know yourself, they're paranoid.
Davor trusts me.
He trusts no-one.
He's starting to tell me things.
Don't get complacent.
One false move
and you're dead meat.
Don't underestimate them
any of them
Zvonomir, Dubravka, Stefan.
Davor wants rid of Stefan.
Maybe we could give him a wee shove?
Shall I pretend I didn't see that?
Hey, thanks for that.
Ah, here they are!
What a great idea for a stag night.
It was Davor's, not mine.
More like a sad night
than a stag night. What's the joke?
What's the joke?
You are the joke.
Six points behind, already.
Oh, shut up.
Come on, man, I'm just teasing.
What do you reckon?
Come on, yeah.
Yeah! No!
I don't think your guys
have got the message, Stefan.
They better not screw with me.
Whatever happens What?
let's blow them off.
Let's go and party together,
just the two of us.
We'll see.
I'm going down there.
I need to show I mean business.
What the fuck?
Hey, are you still taking bets?
Fucking snitch
Do I know you from somewhere?
I'm a friend of Jamie's.
How much?
Can you do 500, pal?
What, they know each other?
Yeah, they know each other.
Come on, come on.
You did it, you did it!
I fucking did it!
Come on, limo is waiting.
Limo? Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, I can't come to the phone
at the moment, so leave a message.
They're going to kill him.
80 fucking grand!
Up, up, up, up.
Hey, where are you going?
It's OK, change of plan.
Huh? But this is my day.
Of course, of course.
We have something for you.
Oh, oh, Zvonomir!
Oh, oh, oh, private, private.
I told you.
Today is your day.
We have a little surprise for you.
Where is she, huh?
Where is she, huh?
Where's Christian?
which service do you require?
The police.
Come, come.
Hey, hey, hey.
What the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck?
what's happening?
There's our informer, Christian.
No way.
It can't be. Christian, no.
Zvonomir saw him
talking to a cop.
He pointed the finger at you.
You should finish him.
All it takes is character.
Christian, no.
But it's Stefan. Jovan!
He's a rat, Jovan.
No, no, no, don't, please, no.
Davor, please. What cop?
The basketball arena.
You took his dirty money.
Your scam.
Hey, are you still taking bets?
Do I know you from somewhere?
That that guy is a cop?
Davor, please,
you have to believe me.
It's Christian, you can't trust him.
Not that again.
No, no, he's lied
about his family, about Bianca,
everything's a lie!
Please, Davor, listen to me.
I know now where
where I've seen that cop before.
Please, please, I can prove it.
Just give me
Let him go.
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