Before We Die (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

They've found a body.
I know.
I'm down there now.
Do you think it's linked?
I'm not sure.
I'm about to find out.
Are you still there?
Who called it in?
Some guy walking his dog,
Poor bastard.
That would ruin your day.
OK, keep me updated.
Hey, Joe!
This is Christian.
Say something.
He's lied
about his family, about Bianca.
Everything's a lie!
Davor, please Everything's a lie!
listen to me. I know now
Everything's a lie!
where I've seen that car before.
I just Honey, you look worried,
you are worried.
I mean, it's natural, but it's fine.
He'll turn up.
He'll turn up.
See you soon.
Erm, listen, if he does get in
touch, you-you'll text me or
So I can leave you two to it, yeah?
You have one new message.
Hey, Hannah, I'm not sure
where you are or what you're up to,
but will you meet me back at
the usual place as soon as possible?
It's important.
Christian, what
What are you doing? Stop it.
Get your hands off me. Ah
Christian, stop it!
Enough! Do you hear me?
Argh, argh!
Billy, what has happened?
Stefan Vargic is dead.
You killed him! Oh
Christian Oh, my God.
Stop it. Your friends, the Mimicas,
they killed him! Stop it
Yeah, but you might as well
have pulled the trigger!
Stop it! Christian Christian!
What did you expect?
I don't know, Christian.
I thought that What?
Give him a gold fucking star for
cosying up to a police officer?
I think you'd better go, Billy.
I was trying to protect you.
Sit up.
You drink this.
What is it?
It's tea with brandy.
You're in shock.
Were you there?
Did you see it happen?
Who shot him?
Please, Christian, it's important.
Who shot Stefan?
who shot him?
I'm almost finished.
What is it?
Where is everyone?
Well, Stefan, Christian.
I can't get hold of either of them.
Why are you calling Christian?
To ask if he's seen Stefan.
Stefan is in Croatia.
Since when?
Last night.
What, without saying goodbye?
He needed to disappear.
What did he do?
You know better than to ask that.
And when will he be back?
He's not coming back.
This doesn't change the way
I feel about you.
You know that, right?
It changes the way I feel
about myself.
It was him or you. Mum.
I-I'm not sorry he's dead.
Please, stop.
I don't care about anyone.
I just care about getting you
out of this mess.
I have to go back.
Well, that's not gonna happen,
because I won't allow it.
They won't just let me walk away.
Oh, then you'll go into hiding.
For the rest of my life?
Until we nail them.
And when will that be?
You have nothing to link
the Mimicas to Sean's murder.
And without me you've got no chance
of pulling off this drugs bust.
I don't care any more.
Talk to Davor, tell him that you've
had enough, that you want out.
He's got the gun that you used.
He knows you'll keep
your mouth shut.
He'd have to incriminate himself.
He'd never risk it.
Will you tell Tina?
She never needs to know.
And Billy?
Don't worry about Billy.
He'll work it out,
if he hasn't already.
Are you sure?
Christian ID'd him.
Did he witness it?
I don't think so.
But could he testify?
Is he all right?
What do you think?
But does he accept now that
we have to pull him out?
He thinks the Mimicas were tidy
in-house before the deal.
He can't be sure of that.
But he's the man on the ground here.
He's adamant something big's
about to happen.
And that he's completely safe.
Look, if we can catch them
in the act of smuggling the coke,
along with the audio Christian's
recorded and the files from
Sean's computer, it all adds up
to a solid bust.
It proves Sean was onto them,
and a motive for his murder.
But if we don't tell Kane about
Stefan and it comes out later
that we knew, then
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You have plausible deniability.
This is all masterminded by some
rogue operative from the NCA.
Which is more or less
the bloody truth.
You said we had 72 hours.
And they're almost up.
The wanderer returns.
There you are.
Have you seen Stefan?
Davor said he's in Croatia.
Well, that's what he said.
Christian, what's going on?
I have to go and speak to him.
You're late.
One day's OK, not two in a row.
Especially with Stefan in Croatia.
Yeah, but that's what I wanted
to sp Sit.
Davor, I.. Sit.
I need you to show character.
Can you do that?
Cos the thing we talked about
it starts today.
what's done is done.
This is Christian.
Say something.
Not again.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
It's been almost two hours.
I'll try texting him again.
Oh, God.
You need to calm down.
No phones.
The signal must be weak.
There we go.
Well, where's that?
The Marina Hotel.
Gentlemen, welcome to Bristol.
Oh, for We said no phones.
I forgot to tell them.
We're all friends here.
Look familiar?
What's that?
Let's have a drink, huh?
He's carrying a bug.
A bug?
To a successful operation.
So, tell me, how was your trip?
What's wrong with this guy?
Maybe, erm he's sick?
Get him out of here.
Do you think he needs backup?
No, leave him.
He knows what he's doing.
I can't just sit here.
Hannah? Where are you going?
This is what we'll pay.
Oh, come on
Come on.
Come on.
Are you Are you hurt?
Can you get up?
Christian, you have to get up.
We have to get out of here!
I'm in here!
It's OK.
What are you doing in there?
Well, I don't feel very well.
You need to come back now.
Within the next 72 hours, then.
Yeah, whenever.
It's not going anywhere.
It was the same for all of us.
The first time you kill,
it's, erm
It's the ultimate test of character.
You'll be fine.
Unbelievable. You're a fucking
headcase, you know that?
Only when I need to be. No.
You were reckless, Hannah.
You could've jeopardised everything.
Well, I didn't, and I don't
need a lecture from you
on being reckless, Billy.
At least he's back in the fold.
Hello, hello.
You've reached Stefan.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hello, hello.
You've reached Stefan.
Leave a message after the beep.
Police are investigating
the death of a man
whose body was found in woods
near Brockley yesterday morning.
The discovery was made
shortly after 6am
by a member of the public
walking their dog.
The dead man, who police say
appears to be in his 20s,
has not been identified.
So, Miss?
Erm, Jones. Sophie Jones.
My colleagues who took your call,
they said you were worried
about your boyfriend. Yeah.
We had a massive row.
When was this? Three nights ago.
I haven't heard from him since.
What's his name?
Matty Matthew Anderson.
Are you concerned for his welfare?
I heard a report on the radio
about a body found near Brockley.
Why do you think there's any
connection? I don't know.
Erm, he's had his fair share
of trouble.
Does he have a criminal record?
He was in a gang before we met.
Erm And he goes walking
in those woods all the time.
Will you be willing to carry out
a basic ID check?
Does Matthew have any
distinguishing marks?
Like what?
Birthmarks? Scars? Tattoos?
He has a few tattoos, yeah.
Can you describe any of them?
Thank God. No.
No, he has nothing like that.
There we are. Thank you.
Emergency. What service
do you require? Police.
So, what are they buying?
We don't know.
We don't know? Christian wasn't
in the room when it was discussed.
Oh, for Christ's sake!
Look, this one feels different.
It's not a single deal.
I think it's much bigger than that.
And these two are serious business,
I can tell.
They've got to be on our radar.
Are they fuck!
I mean our radar.
And you can ask someone, I presume.
Listen, we're at
the business end now.
Davor said three weeks
and that was ten days ago.
At worst, this lead could be
our ticket to a massive coke bust.
Imagine taking that to Kane
with a great big fucking bow on it.
All right.
Keep digging.
Look, I need you to show
your faces at HQ.
I'm running out of excuses.
Hey, Fran, are you still working
the Sean Hardacre case?
For my sins.
Didn't you say they used
home-made bullets?
With some weird chequerboard design
pressed into the base of the
cartridge. Yeah, I thought so.
Why do you ask?
That body they found in the woods,
shot with exactly the same ammo.
One to the chest and one to
the head to finish him off.
Are you sure? Oh, 100%.
Not exactly the ammo of choice
of your average Bristol low-life,
is it?
I think they've just identified him,
if you're interested.
Couldn't we meet in a nice
hotel bar, just for once?
Your rules, not mine.
Godforsaken shithole.
This better be good.
Our source heard the older guy
referred to as the Colonel.
If you look closely, you'll see
the other guy has a mangled ear.
It was shot off in the Congo.
You know them, then?
Etienne Declerck.
The one on the left
is Vincent Clemens.
Belgian special forces
back in the day.
Arms dealers.
How have they popped up
on your radar?
They're playing footsie
with a drug gang in our patch.
Then you have got a problem,
my friend.
Why do you say that?
Those are the guys you call
if you want to start a war.
Hey. Hey, hey, it's OK.
What's wrong?
Stefan's dead.
Are you sure?
I've seen a photo.
Did you know?
Really, you didn't know? No.
If they can shoot him,
they can shoot you, too.
I've got to put a stop to this.
Why? Bianca
No, I've already called the police,
told them it was Stefan.
I called anonymously.
Bianca, those tables
won't lay themselves.
You OK?
Feeling better?
Yeah, a little. Thanks.
Davor. I don't want to hear it.
It's not the same gun.
It's the same fucking bullets!
I knew we shouldn't have
buried him there.
So, what shall we do?
Give them what they're looking for.
Did, erm Did your guy ID them?
They're arms dealers.
Ah, well, that makes sense.
They'll need fire power.
Not the kind of fire power
these guys specialise in.
Excuse me a second.
Oh, Christ!
Bianca's just given someone at HQ
an anonymous tip off
about Stefan.
Shit! Do we know who?
He doesn't say.
Oh, God, they'll make
the connection to the Mimicas
and then onto Christian.
Has Tina called you?
No, but she'll be losing her shit.
Well, one of us needs
to speak to her.
I'll do it.
Hannah. Hi, Vicky.
I didn't know you were
coming in today.
Where is everyone?
The big meeting room.
Oh, right. Better stick my head in.
And, Fran, Hannah is off sick.
I don't have the details.
That's not my department. Take it
up with HR. That's utter bullshit!
Your ears must've been burning.
We were just talking about you.
Were you? Mm.
Yeah, Fran was asking if you've
really been signed off sick.
I'm sorry, Hannah.
I didn't mean to imply anything.
We know how hard it's hit you.
It has all of us.
We're not being properly looped in
on the investigation.
I'm sorry if you feel I've let you
all down. No-one is suggesting that.
It just feels like
half the team is missing.
When we can least afford it.
And we're being obstructed.
That is ridiculous.
No-one is obstructing you!
So why has it taken nearly a week
to get hold of Sean's laptop?
And why do we only find out
second hand about Stefan Vargic
when there's clearly a link
between his and Sean's murders?
Can you prove that?
The same ammunition
was used in both killings.
It's handmade.
It's distinctive. So? Somebody
makes a batch and flogs it
to all the ne'er-do-wells in
Bristol. It doesn't prove anything.
It suggests there's a connection.
Pretty sure I'd know about it
if there was one.
You can't just turn up
after more than a week
and start throwing your weight
around, Billy. I'm not.
So, what makes you think you know
anything remotely useful?
Stefan Vargic was on my list.
He was one of my contacts.
Why didn't you tell us?
I'm telling you now.
And what makes you so sure
there's no connection?
Vargic and his crew are total
no-marks. I just know it.
Who was he with? Croatian family,
runs a restaurant in town.
They're small fry.
Yet someone thought it worthwhile
killing him? Aye.
That was a bit of a shocker.
I need to know what's going on.
You're a selfish twat, Billy.
I'm sorry you think that.
Sean Hardacre has been killed.
So start being a team player.
I'll share whatever I find out,
I promise.
Just give me a day or two.
Emergency. Which service do
you require? Police, please.
I have information relating to
the murder of the police officer.
I'd rather not say.
No, I'm sorry, I can't.
Well, I know where the weapon is
which was used to kill him.
That was a smart play.
Buys us a wee bit of time at least.
Mm-hm, and any information
gets fed back to the Mimicas.
If the source is in the room. Mm.
Listen, I, um, I
didn't mean what I said.
About me being a selfish twat?
Guilty as charged, your honour.
Look I-I know that
I know you're looking out for him.
You're joking, aren't you?
"No evidence."
Is that what they said?
Yeah, nothing. Jesus.
Just the woman I'm looking for.
Someone's called in a tip about the
gun used to kill Sean Hardacre.
Ring any bells?
You fancy tagging along?
You bet.
Anything interesting?
We may know the whereabouts
of one of the murder weapons.
Keep me informed.
Mr Kabashi
we found it in your garage.
My client has no knowledge
of the weapon or how it got there.
So, somebody planted it?
That's what he says.
Does he care to enlighten us?
How long will you be gone?
Maybe two nights.
Three at most.
And do you know what
you're getting yourself into?
Davor's told me a bit about it.
Can you tell me?
You should ask him.
He always refers to it as "Krien".
Don't go.
I have to.
Christian, please.
Bianca, don't, just
What's this?
It's fake.
I can get one made for you
too, we could disappear,
before it's too late.
I'm not who you think I am.
I won't
give up on you, Christian.
you know, being
able to pull the trigger?
Davor is just
glad the bastard's dead.
Listen to me, I know now
wh-where I've seen that car before.
Yes, yes! I can prove it!
Just give me my!
They're about to dock.
Where is that?
Somewhere near Antwerp.
You want to look?
Kalashnikov, hm?
Maybe you prefer a
handgun instead, hey?
Walther PPK.
Hitler owned one.
So did Elvis.
Shall we get down to business?
Yeah, let's get to business.
Here, don't worry, it's broken, hm.
Have a look.
You coming?
Everything's a lie!
Everything's a lie!
Everything's a lie.
You said, "I'll tell you"
"..if there's something
you need to know."
The answer to Krien is here.
Quite a rare bird, this one,
or, should I say fish.
It's a Losos Class midget submarine,
translates as "salmon" in
Russian, you may like to know.
They're rather used to
specialise in this type of vessel
during the Cold War.
Designed to support sabotage
missions, that sort of thing.
And how much can she carry?
Up to half a metric ton, I'd say.
Enough to start a turf war.
Oh, my God.
And that's what they're gonna use
to get the drugs into the country.
And where would you
dock a sub like this?
Oh, she can operate
in very shallow water.
I imagine you'd probably use a small
boat to bring her cargo ashore.
So, anywhere, basically.
She has a range of several
hundred nautical miles,
from her mother ship.
Mother ship? Yes.
And funnily enough,
there's one that fits the bill
operating out of Antwerp right now.
The Alexander Nevsky,
decommissioned by the
Russian Navy in the mid 90's,
probably about the same time
that our slippery little salmon
was put out to pasture.
She's been refitted
as a merchant vessel.
You'll know when they're
going to launch our sub
once she leaves the harbour.
This is it.
This is Krien.
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