Before We Die (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Listen to me, please.
Please, I can prove it
No! No, I can prove it.
Please, Christian -
someone listen to me, please!
No, no, please!
I can prove it.
Davor, listen to me!
Please, no!
You have one new message.
I won't give up on you,
I won't give up on you, Christian.
This person cannot
be reached at the moment.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
Should you even be here?
I'm still your mother.
Shouldn't you be at work?
Christian? I called in sick.
And are you?
I can't sleep.
It's playing in my head on a loop.
It's just there.
All the time.
I'll never be able to get
away from it.
You will.
You will, you will.
You've just got to give it time.
I don't think I can handle it.
You shouldn't have to.
All this, you're not to blame.
This is my fuck-up, not yours.
I've made so many mistakes.
With your dad,
with you.
None of us ever really speaking
the truth to one another.
And I'm so fucking sorry
because you're the one
that's paid the price.
But what was the alternative
to killing Stefan?
Your own death?
You are hard wired to survive,
and you did.
Killing Stefan was
the right thing to do.
Now, I know that it's come
at a terrible cost.
But that cost will make you
a strong and a wise man.
You will get through this.
Where did you get this?
Sean gave it to me
when I was in prison.
He said it was to keep me safe.
You should take it.
No, no way.
That's got a bit of work to do yet.
It's time to decide.
Are you in or are you out?
What's the rush?
It has started.
The ship has set sail?
It left Antwerp a couple
of hours ago,
with a very special cargo on board.
So what do you need from us?
A simple answer.
Are we going to be friends and
make money together
..or enemies, tear each other apart?
I won't ask again.
We're in.
And let's drink to that.
Bianca, please, why won't
you answer my calls?
Leave me alone.
What? Leave me alone.
Why can't we just talk?
I don't want to speak with you.
You said you wouldn't give up on me.
Bianca Stay away from me,
I know what you did.
This is getting tiresome.
For all of us.
Once again, for the record,
you have no evidence to
link my client to the weapon
that was recovered.
Except that it was
found in his garage.
Mr Kabashi is adamant you won't
find any of his DNA on the weapon.
You must know the game's up, Andri.
Or are you too dumb to realise it?
We know everything about you.
We know who you associate with,
who supplies you
and who you deal to.
We know where you keep your stash.
We know all about Leanne and the
part she plays in your operation.
Florian's very young to be
taken into care.
For the record,
did you shoot Sean Hardacre?
Interview terminated, 11:45.
I'm nearly finished.
No rush.
That's weird.
What's that?
That woman.
Who is she?
Known associate of Stefan Vargic.
The guy found up in the woods.
Really? Are you sure?
Pretty sure.
Why do you ask?
She came to the station last week.
Said she was worried about
her missing boyfriend.
We got her to do a partial ID.
Stefan Vargic?
She swore blind it wasn't him.
Fran Healy. Do you have a moment?
I'm sorry.
I just wanna talk.
I know it was you who helped us
to identify Stefan.
That must have taken a lot of nerve.
The fact that he's dead
it's just so surreal.
Why did you come forward?
I just want it to stop.
You want who to stop?
Your family?
Are you saying they killed
I'm not saying anything.
Do you know anything about
the murder of Sean Hardacre?
I have to go.
I can help you, Bianca.
But to make it stop
I brought you a curry so that
you don't need to cook.
Christian, come on,
wake up, wake up.
Emergency. What service
do you require?
Ambulance, please.
What's the address?
It's 14B, Gloucester Court,
Stokes Croft.
What's the reason for your call?
Yes, it's my son. He's unconscious.
I-I think he's, ah
I think he's taken some pills
and, erm, alcohol.
I don't know what
and I don't know how much.
How old is he?
He's 24.
Is he breathing?
Yes, he's breathing.
I checked his airways
and he's breathing.
Please stay calm.
An ambulance is on its way.
Christian, come on
How is he?
Awake but very weak.
Has he said anything?
He claims it was an accident.
The doctors seem to believe him
but they offered him counselling
just in case.
Well, I'll give him
the benefit of the doubt.
He's alive, that's the main thing.
The ship's left port.
When will it dock?
Day after tomorrow,
assuming it's heading for Bristol,
although we can't be sure
of anything. Without Christian.
I was going to say
without further intelligence
but it amounts to the same thing.
I'd better get back to him.
You take care.
We never talk any more.
We talk all the time. Not properly.
Speak to me. What's wrong?
Are you thinking about Stefan?
You mustn't worry.
We heard from him last night.
He's doing fine.
And as for you
..they're going to be queuing up
to date you, my beautiful baby girl.
Now happy, duso.
We can't have you making everyone
miserable at my birthday party.
Come on!
Show yourselves!
You fucking cowards!
Hardly seems worth putting back.
It's amazing how much they can put
away in these tiny little glasses.
What on earth are you doing?!
I've discharged myself.
You can't be serious?
I'm going to go and speak to
someone. You're wasting your time.
There's nothing they can do
to stop me.
Christian, can't you at least talk
to someone in there? And say what?
What am I going to tell them?
Just stop worrying about me.
I'm fine.
I have to get back. I'm not
going to let you. Mum, stop it!
I have to finish this.
Yes, I can assure you you won't need
to go to anyone else from now on.
OK, listen, erm,
we'll talk later, OK? Bye.
What happened?
They think I had a seizure.
What? It was a minor one.
I'm fine now.
Have you had it before?
So what brought it on?
They think it's stress related.
OK, listen, you're going to take
some time off. No, no way.
We have a place in Croatia
you can use.
We're almost done.
I want to be part of it.
Listen, there is nothing
for you to do here.
What about the consignment?
Zvonomir will meet it.
It's one man job.
Have you decided where?
Now, if I told you that,
I'd have to kill you.
This is who you contact.
Tell him I will play ball.
But only if I get a guarantee that
my family will be taken care of.
What kind of guarantee?
We're men of our words.
Just make the call to Davor.
So Christian won't be involved with
the exchange? No, we don't think so.
And we've no way of tracking
the sub?
Unfortunately, no.
Then we've no idea where the goods
will come ashore.
But we know roughly when. And we
do know who's going to meet them.
If we can track him, then he should
lead us to the drop off.
OK, so how do we do that?
We turn a blind eye and allow
Christian to use his initiative.
He's done all right so far.
Look, is this the moment
to brief Kane?
At best we get drowned in paperwork
and we're too slow.
At worst he shuts
the whole thing down.
And we lose our chance to tie
the whole thing together.
We'll need firearms clearance.
You have operational authority.
And back up.
You don't think we can handle this?
We've no idea what
we'll be up against.
What about looping in Fran? Marcus?
It's too risky.
There's someone I know.
I daren't ask.
It's better if you don't.
Was it footage of someone
being tortured?
I only saw it for a second.
Will you
copy it?
I don't know.
I can't help you
if you don't help me.
Thank you.
And you said you had some photos?
Yeah. Erm
Hold on. Erm
That's my brother Davor.
Erm, that's my mum.
Oh, you can ignore that one.
You know this woman?
Yeah, she's a mum of a friend.
She's not involved.
Will you send me those?
My client wishes to make
a statement for the record.
I want to confess.
To killing that cop.
Sean Hardacre?
I didn't ask his name.
Will you tell us what happened?
I knew he was keeping tabs on us.
Not you.
How did you know that?
I I don't remember.
Perhaps we might let Mr Kabashi
get to the end of his statement?
I fed him a tip off,
lured him to a remote spot.
Go on.
The plan was to rough him up.
Find out how much he knew.
He escaped.
It was obvious he could identify me.
So I had to kill him.
And Michael Forrester?
Hm? The farmer.
Whatever you say.
There's evidence that
may link these murders
to the killing of Stefan Vargic.
Andri Kabashi has confessed
to Sean's murder.
What a crock of shite!
Is there any chance
he's telling the truth?
No. It's total bollocks.
But we don't have evidence
that connects the Mimicas
to Sean's murder.
You said it yourself.
Sean was investigating the Mimicas,
not Andri fucking Kabashi!
We know they have links.
Maybe Sean had intel on Andri, too.
Kabashi is a total nobody.
He can't even wipe his backside
without someone's permission!
Well, we found a Russian Special
Forces revolver in his garage.
Oh, how convenient!
And he happens to have confessed.
Someone got to him!
Someone's got to whom?
A contact of mine, sir.
We were talking about
another investigation, Sir.
You got lucky.
You make your own luck, sir.
Not in this case.
I'm sorry you think that.
I want a full account
of every line of inquiry
your team's been following
on my desk by Friday.
Friday? And it better be good.
Hi. How are you?
You look terrible.
They said at the hospital, you
I don't wanna talk about it.
Listen, erm, I'm afraid that
I've got some bad news.
Andri Kabashi confessed
to killing Sean.
Yeah, they found the murder
weapon in his garage.
And you believe him?
Well, the top brass do,
and that's all that matters.
Wait, if Andri's being charged
He's dead.
A razor blade in his prison cell.
They got to him. Yeah.
So they won't get done
for killing Sean?
I could serve time for murder,
but they won't?
Stefan was shot three times.
It's highly probable that
you didn't kill him.
We have to keep going.
I don't know what to do.
We catch them in the act.
I still have one of
the trackers from the boat.
It's another plant.
I don't know what to do with it. Mm.
Mother of God.
Christian, can you help
Bianca, please?
On the terrace.
Take that down.
Davor told me to hang it here.
I'm 60, not 80. Take it down.
Ah, Mum, the cakes.
Ah, in the storage cupboard
in the basement.
Christian, we need more wine.
Follow me.
And bring that with you.
Keep up, Christian.
It's such a pity your mother
can't come.
Do we know any more about him?
They served together in Bosnia,
But is he police?
Well done, you.
What else do we have?
That's a great piece of kit.
How are you feeling?
Thankful that we've finally got
a decent shot at nailing them.
Zlatko, ah! Dubravka!
Come in.
Zivana! Dubravka. Ho, ho, Bianca!
Come in, come in!
You have grown. Mm-hm.
You can't escape now.
I need to finish getting ready.
You look amazing.
you go and get more drinks.
Organise them.
Listen, ah, we're running low
on champagne.
You want me to fetch some more?
Yeah, get a case, and get
a bottle of Pelinkovac.
Ah, on the cupboard by the door.
We've got a signal.
When we first came here,
more than
Ah, God, 25 years ago,
we had nothing.
We'd lost our home, our business.
And we lost my father, Marco.
But you didn't come here
to mourn, Mama.
You came here to build
a better life for all of us.
And you've worked so hard
to achieve that ever since,
day and night.
It's so great that
we can share
Zivana, you found Mama
her first job,
cleaning at the surgery.
And, Zlatko, you lent her the money
to open our first restaurant.
The smallest pizzeria in Bristol!
We're here today thanks to
your hard work, Mama,
but also thanks to you,
our dear friends.
Hi, sweetie.
Today is a very special day.
A toast to you, dearest Mama.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Dubravka!
Happy birthday to you. ♪
Where's Bianca?
I'm here, Mama. Ah!
Thank you. Thank you.
Looks like we're on.
They're on the move.
You ever fired one when it counts?
You'll be asking to see
my certificates next.
Just checking you're not gonna
shoot me in the back.
Don't fucking tempt me, Billy.
Anything else you want
He will look after you.
And do you know what
you're going to play today?
Everything all right?
He's still heading south-west.
How far ahead is he?
It's a couple of miles.
He's turning off.
Heading for the coast.
A name, we need name!
Give me name!
Who is mole? Come on, who is mole?
A name, we need name!
This is close enough.
You have to watch this.
Press play.
My source is Christian.
Christian is my source.
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