Before We Die (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

They must have the coke on board.
Billy, come on.
Sit tight till they're out of
the boat.
We want to catch them in the act.
My source is Christian!
Christian is my source!
Where did you get this?
Davor's laptop?
Christian, who is he?
A friend.
And what does he mean,
"You're his source?"
He was a police officer.
They killed him.
And this proves it.
If they've known all along,
why have they left you alone?
Where's Davor's laptop?
In his study.
Christian, look
Where have you been hiding?
Mum sent me to find a cardigan.
I just remembered her favourite
one's in the laundry room
so I was just gonna, gonna
Have you seen Christian?
He's in the spare room.
You spoke to him?
He's, uh, not feeling well.
What the hell is this?
Where did you get this?
Has Christian seen it?
What have you done?
There's something wrong here.
Why the fuck is it empty?
Mum, it's a trap!
Sean talked, they have it on video.
They've known about it the
whole time.
Billy! Billy, get out!
Get out of there!
Hannah, are you OK?
All call signs, this is Magpie.
I have a code zero.
I repeat, code zero.
I'm at Porlock Cove.
Officers down.
Urgent assistance.
I'm coming back.
Armed police!
Drop your weapon!
On the ground.
You fucker.
On your knees!
Hands behind your back.
Davor said you might need backup.
Fuck knows where she came from.
You think they're all dead?
The ones I could find.
Should we check?
Message received. Back up's
on the way.
We should head out of here.
Back, back, back!
Let's finish this.
This is a token of my appreciation.
He's moving fast.
Too fast.
He's on that bus.
Overtake it.
Overtake the bus!
Pull in at the next stop.
She called it in, so she has to be
here somewhere.
This place can't be too
Two confirmed dead.
DCI Carter?
Who's the other one?
Unknown male.
They haven't been able to identify
him yet.
And the others?
Billy Murdoch is in a bad way.
Hannah is just about conscious.
Did she say anything about what they
were doing here?
She's in shock.
Any word from Fran?
Not since she called it in.
It's a fucking shit show.
What is it?
In the trees.
She's back there.
Oh, Jesus.
They found her.
This is Christian.
Say something.
By the huge explosion, with reports
that the resulting fireball
was visible more than 20 miles away.
All roads within the vicinity remain
cordoned off
and house to house enquiries
are ongoing
as forensic teams work to establish
the source of the blast.
I've been so worried.
Police are refusing to confirm
whether they're treating the
incident as terror related.
Two officers were air-lifted from
the scene
to the Bristol City Hospital.
One of them remains in
a critical condition.
You left two of them alive.
It didn't go to plan.
It was the one thing we
talked about!
Christian ran.
He got away.
But I got the laptop back and the
consignment was safely delivered,
..I want you to go to this
accountancy office
and we open the restaurant as usual.
Just like any other day.
Where's Bianca?
I'll go get her.
I don't believe you.
I've told you.
I've no idea where he is.
I don't understand why you are
protecting him.
Is there something going on
between you?
So you'd put your feelings for some
man you hardly know
ahead of your duty to us?
And what duty is that?
We're your family.
You're butchers.
How can you say that, after what
happened to our family?
You killed that police officer and
you killed Stefan.
You lied to me.
Christian shot Stefan.
He may have pulled the trigger but
it was you who killed him.
He was becoming a liability, Bianca.
You've spoken to her?
Did you give her a copy of
the video?
Did you?
I told her about it but I never
showed her.
I wish I had now.
If you turn against us
You'll kill me too?
We'll do everything necessary to
protect the family.
Davor, you need to come down now.
Everything OK?
Come with me.
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
We agreed no meetings without my
say so!
We agreed no more fucking killing!
That's two more of my colleagues
you've murdered.
I didn't sign up to this.
You are jeopardising everything.
Oh, that's rich coming from you.
This whole fucking place is
under surveillance.
No, it's not. I'd know about it.
You don't know everything.
Who then?
Those colleagues of yours,
the ones you thought might have
been re-assigned.
Billy Murdoch? Hannah?
Her son's been working here
We've known about it.
Since when?
Oh, since the beginning.
The dead cop planted him.
And you've just let him carry on?
We fed him false information
..about a decoy operation.
Last night?
Does he know about me?
Come on.
If he did, would you be here?
And you're taking care of it?
Yes, we're in the process of it.
150 kilos?
That's the only bit that I'm
sure of.
Davor can't have known that his
meeting with the Calabrians
was bugged.
The submarine was a decoy?
If it was even used or maybe it was
docked elsewhere
while we were sent on a wild
goose chase.
Either way, they smuggled a shit
load of coke into the country.
That's what you're telling me.
And you're absolutely sure
about this?
Why go through all that
trouble otherwise?
What a fuck up.
Why didn't DCI Carter tell me
about this?
Why didn't any of you?
We, uh
we, we felt that it was too risky.
I'm in charge of the department.
We think that someone in the team
is on the Mimica's pay roll.
You have proof?
It's the only logical explanation.
We thought that it was the best
chance of nailing Sean's killers
whilst also trying to protect
Billy's contact.
Ah, yeah, this confidential contact
who fed you a complete
cock and bull story.
They were deceived, we all were.
Maybe they were in on it.
And you won't tell me who they are?
Billy wouldn't divulge.
He said it was safer.
Will they testify?
I, I don't even know if they're
still alive.
All right.
Do we have any evidence of any
of it?
Um, we've got Billy's files.
We've got a few photographs, and,
uh, a recording of the meeting.
Which may be inadmissible if we
can't say who Billy's contact is?
We really need to find that
footage of Sean being tortured.
If it even exists.
Billy, can you hear me?
Billy, please, if you can
hear me, the
Ah, please. This way.
Erm, could I just go to
the toilet quickly?
Hurry up.
Don't follow me.
I didn't know if I'd find you.
Have you heard from Christian?
I was gonna ask you that.
Not since he ran.
So he's alive?
Well, I think so.
They're still looking for him.
Did you know he was working
with the police?
I'm a police officer.
So you haven't heard from him?
Why would I?
Well, it's just that I thought
that there was something
between the two of you.
Did he say that?
Not in so many words.
Just a minute.
Give me your number. Yeah.
If you hear from him,
will you tell me?
Can I trust you?
Ask your colleague, Fran Healey.
No, wait.
Hi. Sorry.
A known associate of
yours, I believe.
My sister's fiance.
Stefan Vargic.
Why didn't you come forward with
any information about his killing?
I thought he was in Croatia.
You don't seem surprised he's dead.
Or very upset.
Well, Stefan mixed with
some bad people.
Like you.
Hey, you can check his record.
This weapon was used to kill
Sean Hardacre,
a serving police officer who was
shot dead in the line of duty.
Oh, yeah.
I heard about that.
My commiserations.
The ammunition that was used
in Sean's killing was
identical to the bullets we pulled
out of Stefan Vargic's body.
Don't you have a suspect
in custody for that murder?
Andri Kabashi.
Perhaps you could ask him
about Stefan Vargic.
Andri Kabashi is dead.
We have absolutely nothing
that ties Davor Mimica
or any of his family
to either murder.
We searched the restaurant.
And the house.
There were no weapons.
No drugs of any kind.
And definitely no footage of
Sean Hardacre being tortured.
In fact, we found nothing at all
to support your account of
your investigation.
While we have a confession
from Andri Kabashi.
And what about the explosion?
How do you account for that?
I-I followed Zvonomir to the scene.
Come on, Hannah, you have to admit
you can't be sure it was him.
You didn't get a close enough
look to identify him.
Give us the room, please.
The only thing we found in
the safe house
was this.
Oh, come on. You surely don't
believe that Billy and I
I don't know what to believe
any more, Hannah.
You're suspended,
effective immediately.
Ah, that's brave of you coming here.
Ah, well, erm
My colleagues know where I am.
What do you want?
What do I want?
To spare Christian.
Well, I'm afraid we're passed
that point.
Should I speak to your mother?
Why do you wanna do that?
She knows how much a woman
loves her son,
however much he may disappoint.
You don't care for Christian.
If you did, you would have
got him out long ago.
I wouldn't have exposed my son
to so much danger.
Easy to say when you don't have one.
Does Dubravka know you were raped?
I deal with my business my own way.
I think you should leave.
Christian chose his own path.
No, no, no, no, no.
You sacrificed Christian
for your self-interest.
You and that Sean Hardacre,
both of you.
He won't suffer.
On my family's honour.
That's the best I can do.
Now fuck off.
He's alive.
Christian is alive.
They don't know where he is.
There's only one way to save him.
You're in the clear.
The Home Office is convinced
it's terror-related.
Kane's starting to come round.
And what about Hannah Laing?
and being investigated.
By yours truly.
I'm Acting Head of Department.
You just need to lie low
for a while.
And then
One last thing to take care of.
I just want you to know that Fran
wasn't working with us.
You shouldn't be here.
She was following her own leads.
She'd contacted Bianca Mimica.
You should go.
Check Fran's files.
It's me.
I escaped.
I'm fine.
Oh, thank God.
Are you OK?
It's so good to hear your voice.
How's Billy?
He's, ah
He's alive.
And the others?
I'm scared.
It's OK to be scared.
But you've got to be strong too.
We're gonna beat these fuckers.
How can we?
I'm gonna tell you how.
I guess she took a right turn.
Just go. Go, go, go, go.
That should be everything you need.
It's from your father.
He was always good for one thing.
My boy.
It's OK.
You have to go.
Where is the car?
Come on!
He's running!
You OK?
Drop your weapon.
Drop it.
You should go.
Do you know where you're heading?
No, actually, don't tell me.
No postcards. No email.
Caicos in Costa Rica.
Any word?
They're still not answering.
And Bianca?
I'm sorry.
What do we do?
We open up, as usual.
Go on. Get started.
I found this amongst Fran's things.
Along with proof of Sean's torture
that I'm not gonna share.
It took me a while to figure out
who everyone was,
but I think I got there in the end.
I can see why you would trust
your contact implicitly,
and why you wouldn't want to
risk identifying him.
This stays between you and me.
Do you know who the leak is?
I've no idea.
You're reinstated.
Thank you.
You'll join the investigation into
the boathouse massacre.
Yes, sir.
But your real assignment
..find the bastard who betrayed us.
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