Behind Her Eyes (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Chance Encounters

What are you doing? What's wrong with your bum? Nothing.
Well, everything probably, but I thought we talked about you knocking, Adam.
The door was open, Mum.
Well, fair point, mate.
- Someone's at the door, but I didn't - Open it, because I told you not to.
Very good.
- Hey.
- All right? Yeah, good.
Late, obviously, - but otherwise - How you doing, A? - Good.
- Could you - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Thought it was just a drink with a mate? It is.
Why? Nothing.
You look great.
What? Is it too much? No, just not casual at all.
Depends what kind of a mate it is.
Female, glass of wine, bit-of-gossip kind.
I hardly ever go out, so is it too much? Lou, you look great.
You look beautiful, Mom.
Like a princess.
Aw Okay, I've got my phone if you need Anyway, I probably won't be out late, but Just go and have a night out.
We'll be fine.
- Enjoy yourself.
- Bye.
Another, please? Shit.
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I wasn't watching where I was going, um Let me Let me get you another.
Don't worry about it.
Excuse me.
Hey, look, you really don't need to.
I do.
Especially as you're not being a dick about it.
What can I get ya? Erm It was, the Macallan.
Little water on the side.
- That it? - Yeah.
That's 12 pounds.
- Here you go.
- Cheers.
Sorry again.
- Well, it was nice bumping - So, do you come here often? Did I just say that? - You did.
- I did.
You really did.
Anyway, I just moved into the area and I thought I'd come for a drink.
I mean, stupid really.
Like I was in one of those films where people just walk into a bar on their own and strike up a conversation with strangers.
Some people can though, can't they? Just give them five minutes and they're the life and soul.
And is that you? - Hardly.
- Nah, me neither.
So what's your excuse? For sitting here on your own.
My mate Sophie blew me out.
So you knocked my drink flying just to have someone to talk to.
Technically, I was leaving.
Fair point.
Or maybe you saw me coming and engineered this.
You got me.
Well, if that's true then you owe me 12 quid.
Bloody Macallan? I've never heard of it.
It's Scottish.
Like you.
I like your accent.
Anyway, I better be going.
One for the road? Are you trying to get me drunk? You can have a water.
Or some crisps.
I'm just trying to get you to stay.
Why? I like your company.
I'm not coming back to yours.
You're very direct.
I just don't want any wrong signals.
Well, mission accomplished.
So how about that drink? Good.
So, erm Well, thank you for tonight.
You too.
Now we aren't going home feeling like a pair of proper saddos.
I'm this way.
I can't do this.
I'm so sorry.
Forgive me.
You just missed him.
- Who? - Your new boss man.
- What's he like? - Young.
Barely looked old enough to me, but maybe that's my age.
Though he seemed nice enough.
He's a lot easier on the eye than old Plummer, I'll give him that.
Wasn't here long.
- They're in with Doctor Sharma.
- They? Wife's with him.
She's a looker and all.
Good morning, Sharma, Jones and Drumgoole, how can I help you? You'd be surprised how hard it is to hire a good psychiatrist these days.
Very in demand.
Modern life is good for business.
Lucky for us all, I suppose.
Yes, quite.
Well, we're very excited to have David joining us.
Not sure I could keep him away, Dilip.
He hasn't stopped talking about starting work since you made him the offer.
It's true.
I've heard so much about the practice.
Can I see David's office? Shit.
So I can picture where all the magic happens.
Yes, of course.
- I'll give you a grand tour.
- Fucking shit.
Louise should be in soon.
- It'll be good to meet her.
- She's great.
How long were you locked in the toilet? Twenty minutes.
Sharma was giving him the full bloody tour.
I wish I had seen your face.
Yeah, well I'm not looking forward to seeing his face when he sees my face tomorrow.
I know you're out of practice with the whole men thing, but did you seriously not suspect that the sneaky fucker was married? No.
Mostly he seemed kind of sad.
He didn't lie to me, Sophie, did he? Didn't tell you his name either.
I didn't tell him mine.
It was part of it, it's like I dunno.
Exciting? I suppose? What was she like? The wife? Beautiful.
You can never know everything about a person.
You'd go mad trying to.
-Everything is going to be all right, Lou.
And listen, don't worry about tomorrow.
Let that shithead sweat it.
Adam? - Adam? - Mummy! Adam! Help! Fuck! There you go.
Thank you.
Are you nervous? About what? Your first day.
It's not my first first day, Adele.
I like the office.
Think it'll suit you.
And they seem nice, Dr.
Sharma and the others.
Let's hope I don't let them down.
You won't.
You're a very good psychiatrist.
They're lucky to have you.
Like me.
I need to go.
Right, then.
Down the hatch.
I'll call at 11:30.
I'll be here.
David? Have a good day.
I love you.
I know.
- We're going to be late, Mum! - Whose fault is that? Maybe if you hadn't lost your shoes this morning.
Maybe if you weren't wearing those ones.
Why does anyone wear high heels? I'm with you there.
You see? We're right on time.
I like to play before we go in.
Well, there'll always be tomorrow.
Kiss, please.
Um Like you mean it, please! Have a good day.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
Real nice.
Sorry I'm late.
Couldn't get Adam going this morning.
You're looking lovely today.
Is Dr.
Ferguson in? Making a good first impression? Yeah, he was in before me.
But they're all in a meeting till 9:30, so we can relax.
You're not too fancy for one of these, - I hope.
- Never.
Bacon sarnie.
What is better? Nothing.
Not now I'm my age and the arthritis is crippling my Jack.
Three rashers of smoked best back is the highlight of my week.
Ooh - Shit.
- Don't move.
Shit! Stay still.
- It won't set.
Don't worry.
- Fuck.
- I've got this.
- Wait.
Whoa! Um I've got it.
- Please, do Sue, don't - I'm getting it.
Sue! Fuck! Hello? God - It's you.
- Yes.
It's me.
What happened, it was nothing, and we were both drunk.
And trust me, I have no intention of telling anyone about it.
So, I think if we both do our best to act like it never happened then there's no reason we can't just get along.
And no one will ever know Okay? What are you doing here? Right.
Yeah, I'm your secretary.
Three days a week.
Youspan style= "style1" are? What are the odds? I actually saw you yesterday when you came in, then I hid.
You hid? In the toilet.
I'd probably have done the same, to be fair.
I'm not sure me and you hiding in the ladies' would've served the right purpose.
You're funny.
I remember that.
The ketchup.
Bacon sandwich incident.
Ketchup notwithstanding, I'm actually pretty good.
You know, at the job.
You must think I'm a bastard.
- No - I think I'm a bastard.
- No.
- I don't normally Anyway, I I shouldn't have done what I did.
I can't explain it and I feel terrible.
Maybe you should see a psychiatrist.
We were drunk.
That's all.
And you didn't really do anything.
And I really like this job, so let's forget it.
Start from today? All right.
I'm Louise, by the way.
David Ferguson.
I know.
Your name's on the door.
Of course.
Well it's nice to meet you properly, Louise.
You too.
Given where we met, I assume you're a local.
Walk here every day.
You think you could talk me through the area? I'll do my best.
This is the nice bit over here, this side of the park.
I think the local MP lives in one of those.
How the other half live.
You live there, don't you? I do.
The park's nice in the summer, but it can get a bit sketchy at night.
And Definitely rough over here.
Lots of drugs and stuff.
And, um And there's an underpass here they shoot up in, and I've heard about muggings.
What're you doing? Addiction issues are my speciality.
I'm planning to do some outreach work in the community.
Good for you.
None of the other doctors here do anything that isn't billable.
My son Adam goes to school here.
Do you have children? No.
How old is your son? Seven.
I'm divorced, just in case you wondered.
Then you really are blameless.
- It's all yours, mate.
- Thank you for not thinking I'm a shit.
Or at least not showing it.
You're welcome.
Do you? Think I'm a shit? I'll be at my desk if you need me.
Top you up? No, thanks.
Two's my limit.
That's no fun! Table full of psychiatrists, I like to keep my wits about me.
You're probably very wise.
Whereas I know the truth, we're just as messed up as anyone else.
Just better at hiding it.
And you don't want me getting drunk and sharing all your secrets.
And you didn't mind uprooting your life to move up here, Adele? No.
This was a great opportunity for David.
I would never stand in the way of that.
And Adele had her own reasons for wanting to move up here.
We were definitely ready to move on.
And what were those? Nothing really.
But I always wanted to live in Central London.
I grew up a country girl, so the city is exciting for me.
I think this is a real opportunity for both of us.
I'll drink to that.
David, Adele.
- To David and Adele.
- Welcome.
David and Adele.
Do you want one? No, I'm good.
Maybe just a sip.
- It's good.
- Right.
We've had a good night, - haven't we? - Yeah.
Yeah, they loved you.
Thank you.
I know you hate those things.
I want this to work.
New job.
New start.
I can't do this again, Adele.
This has to be the last time.
I know.
It will be.
I promise.
Let's go to bed.
David, I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I Good morning.
Didn't you fancy group hugging on the hike today then? What was that? You didn't fancy the team misery walk? No.
- Is that why you're hiding up there? - Have you seen Mark? I don't think counselors should be wearing the same shirt for three days.
That is not a clean man.
You're the girl who paints fires.
I read about what happened in the paper.
Sorry about your parents.
Was it horrible? Yes.
Did you see them? After? All burnt up and that.
You're the boy who sleepwalks.
I keep waking everybody up, right? Piss you off? I don't sleep much anyway.
That why you're here? Your night terrors? Bad habits.
They think my bad dreams are connected to the drugs.
They think you don't want to sleep, 'cause you were asleep when the fire happened.
Sleep is different for me.
Different how? I guess you can get away with that mysterious act when you look like you.
Know what you should do? Next time, paint some water instead, right? And then tell them that the fires the fires represent my grief, but the water is about washing it away.
And then they'll get all gushy about how they're saving you and leave you the fuck alone.
Thought it was time you had them again.
Thank you, David.
One reason to have them, Adele I've been looking into the area.
I want to do some outreach work with addicts.
It'll mean me being away more, weekends and stuff.
It's a lovely idea.
If you can help people, then you should.
You have to tell me if it's an issue.
It won't be.
You're a good man, David.
Croissants are warm.
These are for your 12:30.
I should probably ask, are you happy with everything? I mean, you know, here work-wise? The way I'm doing stuff.
Why wouldn't I be? I dunno.
People like things a certain way.
I just want to make sure.
I feel like I'm in very capable hands.
That's good, then.
Do you have any weekend plans? - Um - Shit! Sorry! No, I didn't mean, em It's Friday.
I just meant did you have anything planned, you know, with, you and Adam? Or whoever.
I I Shit.
I'm trying to make conversation.
You really do this for a living? It's amazing, isn't it? Though, you did remember Adam's name, which is actually quite impressive.
But he's with his dad this weekend, so the world's my ostrich.
Probably be a spa day, you know? Mani, pedi, facial.
Then a big night out somewhere flash.
Paint the town.
Well, I hope you have a good time, Louise.
I will.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Hello, girls.
My name's Josh and I'm from Surrey! span style="style2"Josh from Surrey.
span style="style2"Girls, are you turned on or turned off? Mummy! Mummy! Help! Adam! Mummy! I've never seen her eating a cake, so it is kind of a tribute for her.
span style= "style2" Rahul's honoring his grandmother with two tiers of sandwiched coconut on chocolate sponges decorated with chocolate shards and soaked in - Hello, sweetheart! - Hi, Mum.
Did you have a good weekend? It was awesome! Right, Dad? Awesome.
It was decent anyway, at least.
Straight in the bath, please.
Go on.
Something going on? Can I come in? All right.
Lisa's got the offer of a house in the South of France for the summer.
That's good for Lisa.
And you, obviously.
But I'd like to take Adam.
Not happening.
Lisa's pregnant.
She Wespan style="style1" thought it would be a good way, span style="style1"you know, for her to bond properly with Adam before the baby comes.
She can't get to know him seeing him every other weekend.
- We don't want him to feel left out.
- How long have you been with her? Lisa? Lou - Not even a year, is it? - Come on.
I mean, it's a bit longer than the others, but it's hardly an age, is it? He's not going, so Come on, Lou.
This isn't like you.
And what is like me? Me lying down for everyone else's shit just wanting them to feel all right? He'll have a great time.
God, I thought you'd appreciate the time to yourself.
You fucking told him as well, didn't you? Adam? Before you spoke to me.
- We were excited, it just came out.
- I bet! At least think about it.
All right, then.
- Night, son! - Bye.
- Listen, Lou.
I - Fuck off.
He's really excited Mummy I thought I told you to run the bath.
Did Daddy ask you about You're not going to France.
- Why? - Because I said so.
That's not a reason! Enough! Bath! Adam? I hate you! It's not fair! I hate you! I was his practice wife.
That's all I could keep thinking.
Tried it all out with me and Adam, and now he's doing it right next time 'round.
- That's just daft.
- Is it? Why should Ian get to be happy? So you're gonna punish yourself and Adam just to make Ian feel like crap? He won't, you know.
He'll fuck off on holiday anyway without Adam and leave you stuck at home with a miserable kid.
He's all I got left.
Listen to yourself and how sad that is.
You don't have kids.
And one day, you won't either because Adam will be grown up and gone and living his own life somewhere.
And you'll be sat in this flat, still only in your forties, thinking, "What the fuck happened to my life?" I asked you 'round to make me feel better.
Say yes to Ian, and use this month as a fresh start.
I want you to think of something that you want and make it happen.
Not for Adam's benefit or anyone else's.
You're one of the funniest, best, most caring people that I know.
And I know you've got Adam and things aren't always easy.
But that's not an excuse to give up on yourself.
You really think that's what I'm doing? I think if you are, then that's not the Louise that I've always known.
Maybe you need reminding of that.
Do you wanna change your life? Some of it.
Then this is your chance.
I can? Really? - You mean it? - I mean it.
Mum, you're the best! Really? Right, because last night I was the worst person in the world.
Remember that? You said you hated me.
Hate's a very powerful word.
You don't just use it when you don't get what you want.
I'm sorry.
And to be clear, I'm not saying yes because you acted like a brat, okay? I'm saying yes 'cause I think it'll be good for you.
- All of us.
- I never hated you.
Not really.
I was just sad.
I know that.
Quick sticks.
If you're late again this morning, I might change my mind.
Go on! Go, go, go! All right, go! Run.
Run! So, have you got any plans today? I'll probably go to the gym this morning, then do the shopping this afternoon.
Suburban bliss.
Honestly the simple things are comforting.
Call you later.
The house belongs to some friend of Lisa's or her dad's or something.
Anyway, they must be rich 'cause they've got a swimming pool and stuff.
So you like her, then? Lisa? Dunno yet.
Don't really know her.
Dad seems really happy, though.
All right, have a good day.
I'll see you at three.
Wait, what are you gonna do while I'm away? Whatever I like.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Shit! Fuck! Sorry! I'm so sorry.
Do you need a hand? - Thank you.
- My fault.
I wasn't looking where I was going.
It's you.
I'm I'm sorry.
I don't I don't think we've met.
No, we haven't.
Sorry, I But I work for your husband.
Three days a week.
Not today.
Anyway, that's I saw your picture on his desk.
You work with David? I just walked him there.
- I fancied a stroll this morning.
- Small world.
- Yeah.
I'm Adele.
Are you sure you're all right? Anyway, better be going.
Louise? I don't suppose you fancy going for a coffee? - I mean, if you have the time.
I'm new here and I don't really know the area, so Please? Make up for knocking me down? Sure.
- Yeah.
- You lead.
I'll follow.

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