Behind Her Eyes (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Lucid Dreaming

That's really good.
You must see a side to David I never do.
Come on, dish.
What kind of boss is he? It's it's only been a week, so it's not like I know him, really.
But he's nice, professional, and the patients seem to like him.
Glad to hear it.
So, what what do you do? I've never really had a job.
Except for, like, five minutes in a florist.
We have money, so I thought maybe we'd have kids, but that hasn't happened.
Not yet anyway.
- Do you have any friends in London? - Not really.
I met all the partners and their significant others, who are nice enough.
But they're all a lot older than me, and kind of stuck up, if I'm honest Though God, you probably know them all.
They're all a bit stuck up.
But now I've met you! I know you have a son and a job, husband I assume? No, divorced.
- ! - Three years now.
Just me and Adam.
He's nearly eight.
No new man on the horizon? Sorry.
None of my business.
What happened there? I I whacked it on my balcony the other night.
Do you sleepwalk often? Often enough.
I have night terrors.
They're a right pain in the ass.
What do you dream about? Scary stuff.
You must think I'm a right nutter.
Actually, I was just thinking how nice it is talking to someone like this.
You're honest.
I don't know about that.
- span style= "style2" You okay? - Yes, I'm fine.
Where are you? I'm out looking for paint samples.
I thought I'd grab a quick coffee.
Are you with someone? No, it's just me.
It's quite busy.
All right.
I'll call at 2:30.
- Will you be home? - span style= "style2" Yeah.
I'll be home by then.
-We'll speak then.
span style= "style2" -Okay.
Love you.
How long have you had that phone? Seriously old school.
Does what it needs to do.
Hey, we should swap numbers.
Great! I really do have to go, Adele.
Was lovely to meet you.
I'll try not to knock you down next time.
This is going to sound silly but I'd rather you didn't mention to David that we did this.
Probably easiest if you don't mention meeting me at all.
Why is that? He can be a bit funny about mixing work life and home life.
And us girls need some things for ourselves, right? I won't say anything.
- See you, Adele.
- Yeah.
I really hope so.
span style= "style2" David's on the phone! Adele! David's on the phone! Now would you get down out that bloody tree before something happens and you get the lot of us sacked? Bad for the insurance if clients fall to a terrible death, Marjorie? - ! - -Robert! You wee shite! Rob, let me down.
Thanks, Marj.
She's in love with that boy.
No doubt.
Wee streak a piss like you has got no chance.
Well, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you, Marjorie? When's the last time anyone was desperate enough to service your fat old fanny? - You get back here! - And also, Marj I prefer cock, by the way.
Big, fat, throbbing cocks! Robert! No.
No, that's Marjorie.
I was getting worried you'd run away or something.
Where would I run to out here? You sound better.
I haven't heard you laugh in too long.
I am, I think.
I made a friend.
His name's Rob.
He's very funny.
We laugh at all the other people together.
He's helping me, I think.
I think we help each other.
Do I need to worry about this Rob fella? No.
I love you.
You'll have to meet him someday.
I think you'll really like him too.
span style= "style2" Hello? It's me.
You didn't call my mobile.
Checking I'm actually at home? Well, you said you would be.
Heaven forbid I might be spontaneous.
It's not about that, is it? span style= "style2" I'm joking, David.
Just a joke.
I'll be home late.
I'm meeting a couple of charities about some community recovery work.
Do you ever wonder what they think? Who? The junkies on those estates when you turn up.
What do you mean? Do you think they really want to stop? Maybe they like getting high.
Well then, I've been wasting my time all these years, haven't I? I'll see you tonight.
I'll be here.
Love you.
span style="style2""Pinch myself and say, 'I am awake' once an hour.
Look at my hands, count my fingers.
Look at a clock or a watch.
-Look away" span style="style1"-Look away, look back.
Stay calm and focused.
Think of a door.
What's with that watch anyway? It's David's.
I gave him it as a present, but he can't wear it right now.
So he wants me to wear it until I get out of here.
- Looks expensive.
- It was.
I'm loaded, remember? You don't worry David's too old for you? No.
Yeah, but he's at university and you're in here.
I'd just hate to see you get hurt.
Not everyone betrays you, Rob.
You can trust people.
You have to.
Or what's the point? You really love him Yeah.
And he loves me.
What's that like? Which one? Either.
Adele? Adele, you here? I'm up here! Come and see.
What do you think? Why would you do this? - Come on.
- I'm coming.
Don't pull! All right, have a good day.
I'll see you later, okay? - Okay.
- Give us a kiss.
- Hey, Sue.
- Hi.
Somebody got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
He was in before me.
Didn't even say good morning.
Miserable bugger.
But then they say that about the Scots, don't they? - Stingy, isn't it? - And miserable.
We all have our off days, Sue.
Doesn't mean we have to share them.
Want tea? Love one.
Do you need something? - Just giving you these for your 10:30.
- On the desk's fine.
Leave it.
And can you knock next time? Actually, I did.
But next time I'll wait to be summoned.
Told you.
Bad-tempered, aren't they? So it turns out, yeah.
Ferguson will be with you in a minute.
Thank you so much.
Hey, hey, I don't want to do this.
- Look, I'm not a fucking addict, okay? - Anthony, please.
Maybe she will actually listen.
Will you listen? - I - My It's like I'm fucking invisible.
Hello, can you see me? I'm afraid you'll have to keep your voice down.
Yeah, or what? Sorry, Louise.
Thank you.
Hello, Anthony.
I'm Dr.
Your parents can wait out here.
No, I'm not doing it.
It's only an hour.
What harm can it do? And it'll keep you out of prison.
- Take a seat.
- Can I get you anything? A cup of tea, perhaps? That'd be nice.
We both take it white.
No sugar.
- See you again, later in the week.
- Okay.
It's a process, Anthony.
We've made the first step.
- We're done for today.
- Thanks, Dr.
- All right, darling? - Yeah.
- All right, I suppose.
- Come on.
Louise Em I booked Anthony Hawkins into another session on Friday.
Same time, 3:45.
Should I charge for the extra half hour he's had today? No.
No, that was my fault.
I didn't want to stop him once he started talking.
I know what Dr.
Sharma would say about that.
Well, I won't tell if you won't.
Mommy! It's coming! What do you dream about? David? - Have a good last day, babes.
- Okay, bye.
Bye! Love ya.
- Hi.
- Hey, good morning.
Nice flat.
I don't know about that.
You should've seen it earlier.
Like a bomb site.
Feels like a home.
I'll, um I'll just go grab my my stuff.
No rush.
Did you want anything? No, I'm good.
Tea? Coffee? No, thanks.
Well, just help yourself if you need anything.
-I'm looking forward to this.
You're going to get a right laugh.
- Trust me.
- I promise not to.
I think I'm gonna wet myself! Just ten more seconds! You can do it! Whoa! Fucking hell.
I'm going to be in agony tomorrow.
I still can't breathe.
You said you wouldn't laugh.
I meant it, but it was impossible not to.
Well, that's me.
Comedy relief.
It's like anything.
Just practice and putting in the effort.
You'll be fit as a flea in no time.
You say that like I'm ever doing this again.
I'd like a regular gym buddy.
You could come with me on the days you're not at work.
Come on.
I'll show you the weight machines.
Now this I can do all day.
I'm telling you.
This is the closest I'm getting to a holiday this year.
You've got a month on your own at least.
I know, but Adam being gone is going to be very weird.
I know it.
I feel a bit lost already and he doesn't even leave until tomorrow afternoon.
Shit! What's wrong? I meant to ask for the day off so I could spend it with him and I forgot! Just call in sick.
Should you be giving that sort of advice to your husband's staff? You're my friend.
Besides, it's one day.
It won't mean anything to them and it'll mean a lot to you.
Maybe I will.
How long have you been married? Ten years.
- Whoa.
- Since I was 18.
You weren't hanging about.
His parents ran the farm on our estate.
"Estate" like country estate? Told you we have money.
He saved my life, you know.
- We talking literally or metaphorically? - Literally.
The night my parents died.
What? I'm so sorry.
There was a fire at my house.
I was 17.
David broke in and dragged me out of there.
He got burned quite badly.
I was lucky.
Our house was pretty big and I slept in a different wing to my parents.
The fire started near them and they never had a chance.
What was David doing there in the middle of the night? Sneaking to see me.
I'm all right.
Don't worry about me.
I'm tougher than I look.
We should get a salad in the cafe.
Do you have time? I got time for pizza.
Or a sandwich.
Same thing, right? It's just salad between two slices of bread.
And if you look at it that way, and I do, quite often, then pizza is just salad on top of some bread.
And undo all the good work we've just done? Says the lady who eats cake like it's going out of fashion? Busted.
Fair point.
You all right? Yes.
I lost track of time.
Let's do lunch at my house.
I can make us something -and we can sit in the garden.
I I don't I'll drop you home after.
Please? Wow.
Come on in.
This place is gorgeous.
Thank you.
Fuck me.
What's the emergency anyway? I know it'll sound stupid, but it's David.
He worries if I don't answer when he rings.
How do you know when he's going to ring? Because he calls at the same time every day.
Why doesn't he call your mobile? Does he call the landline to make sure you're here? It's not how it sounds.
I'll just be a minute.
Hello, darling.
Just back from the gym.
It was good, thanks.
No, no.
It's just See you tonight.
I love you.
Let's eat.
I've got something for you.
It's for your night terrors.
You mentioned them in the cafe the other day.
Have you ever seen anyone about them? When I was a kid.
But they just said I'd grow out of them.
In the end, I just got used to them.
Boyfriends never did, though.
And when they'd try and wake me up, I'd hit them and burst into tears.
Bit of a passion killer.
Then the doctor said it couldn't have been night terrors because I remembered them.
So, I just got on with it.
You do, don't you? He was wrong.
What's that? Remembering night terrors.
It's rare, but it does happen.
I used to have them and I remember them too.
You and me we're special, Louise.
You need to learn to control your dreams.
Seriously? When I was younger, I had terrible night terrors.
Everything you need to stop them is in there.
It's like the gym.
If you put the effort in, then you get to choose what you dream.
But the method only works if you keep an open mind about things.
About there being more than just what we see.
Can you do that? Now you think I'm some New Age lunatic.
No, no.
I don't.
Years after my mother died, I was stupid, but you know, I I went to a clairvoyant.
A friend of mine swore by her and so, one day I just couldn't move with how much I missed Mom.
So I went.
And it was just a little woman in a house out in Stockwell.
No crystal balls or tea leaves and She just knew things.
I only told her my first name, nothing else.
But there were details and stuff that she said that couldn't have been about anyone else.
Things only me and my mom knew.
And she told me she was well.
And she didn't hurt anymore.
And I knew that woman knew my mom.
I don't know why I just told you all that.
It will help.
I promise.
Thank you.
Pack this.
Pack this.
Ooh, binoculars.
Ooh Wow.
Hi, Mum.
I've got a new toothbrush and new swimmers.
They're cool, Mom.
- You like them? - I love them.
- There.
- Very good packing.
It's Dad! It's Dad! - Hey, here he is.
- Dad! - You ready to go? - Yeah, can I take this? Take one toy for the plane and then they've got all that stuff at the beach house.
Come on, we've gotta go meet Lisa.
You're going to have a great time.
He's gonna be fine, Lou.
- Let's go.
- Go on, give your mom a hug.
- I'm going to miss you so much.
- I'm going to miss you too, Mom.
- Okay.
- Bye, Mom.
Go on.
See you.
"Pinch myself and say, 'I'm awake' once an hour.
Look at my hands, count my fingers Look at a clock or a watch.
Look away, look back.
Stay calm and focused.
Think of a door.
" Who are you, then, Robert? span style="style2""Two days of counting my fingers span style="style2"and looking at clocks -and pinching the shit out of myself" span style="style1"-out of myself, and nothing.
But I'm not good at patience.
span style="style2"span style="style2"Never have been.
Especially not in here.
And the dreams just keep getting worse.
Every time I close my eyes This place isn't helping.
span style= "style2" Everyone's dull.
Everyone's predictable.
Everyone's out for themselves.
Me included.
Not Adele, though.
Adele is properly beautiful.
Inside and out.
She's got her own shit to deal with, but all she wants is to help me.
Fix my fucking dreams, so even though this stuff feels stupid, I'm going to keep doing it.
For Adele.
Seriously, I would do anything that she told me.
Of course now I've said that, she can never see this book.
span style= "style2" But we're friends Shit.
It's you.
I said that to you once.
Remember? When I saw you in my office that first time.
You called in sick.
I was just passing, so I thought I'd check in on you.
But it looks like you're okay.
-It was a headache.
It was killing me this morning, um, but I'm feeling better now.
That's good.
Actually, that's a lie.
I It was my son's last day before he went to France, and I wanted to spend it with him.
I meant to ask before, but I was acting like a prick.
A bit, yeah.
Do you want to come in? Sorry about lying.
I don't expect sick pay or anything.
And I'd love not to get sacked.
Don't worry about that.
Do you want one of these? It's Pinot Grigio.
Pinot Grigio sounds good.
I like your flat.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Were you really just passing by? No.
I thought it was because of me that you didn't come in.
Because I was shitty to you.
They said you're never sick and, em I I didn't want there to be, em - I don't want us to be - Ever the conversationalist, David.
I didn't want to go home.
I was walking around and I found myself here.
You know, I wondered if it was fate us meeting in that bar.
I think it was simple bad luck.
Is that how you see it? All things considered, it didn't work out great for me, did it? I finally meet a man I think I could actually like, and it turns out he's married.
So you liked me? Men and their bloody egos.
I kissed you, didn't I? First time I kissed anyone in ages.
We really laughed, didn't we? People should be able to make each other laugh.
That should always be there.
Whatever else happens.
How long have you and your wife been together? Long time.
Forever, really.
She's very beautiful.
Yeah, she is.
We haven't laughed much in a long time.
I keep thinking about you.
That's not fair, David.
I know.
You should go home.
Louise Bye.
Washed me off? Sorry.
That was nasty.
Took two of us, didn't it? You've nothing to be sorry for.
I should go.
What were we thinking? We weren't, I guess.
Don't worry.
I won't bring this to work.
Thank you.
Things should stay out of the office.
Yeah, definitely.
Things like shagging.
That sort of stuff.
Go on, David.
It's all right.
Good night, Louise.

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