Being Mary Jane (2013) s04e18 Episode Script

Feeling Destined

1 MARY JANE: Previously, on "Being Mary Jane" This is wrong.
I'm going to Paris.
Garrett's sending you to cover the hacking story? I asked to go.
It has been 44 years since I laid eyes on Frank, and when you re-enlisted, I was in a bind.
- Pregnant? - Frank is your blood.
These came for you after you left.
Did Aaliyah send them? No, they're from Justin.
Ah! [LAUGHING] HELEN: Please, don't go.
I'm not goin' anywhere.
This is for you.
[TELEPHONE RINGING] MAN'S VOICE: Somebody answer the phone, please.
Who is this? [TELEPHONE DISCONNECTS] It keeps not ringing.
- You can stop calling.
[TELEPHONE CONTINUES RINGING] Damn it, I said stop calling this house! Whoa, Dad, hey, it's me.
What's got you worked up so early? Paulettauh oh, somepranksters keep calling and hangin' up.
What's goin' on? Yeah, no, I was just checking in.
I hadn'tspoken to you in a couple of days.
I was hoping you weren't getting cold feet.
Why would I be getting cold feet? Because you're about to share your famous rib recipe with the entire world.
Oh, you're talkin' about your show.
Of course, I'm talking about my show, Dad.
Everyone else has paraded their parents around, talkin' up their summer traditions.
It's time the Pattersons show 'em how it's done, right? Right.
You know the car's picking you up this afternoon, right? Of course.
Of course.
Uh, you know your mother.
She's already got her suitcase sitting by the door ready to go.
Not to worry.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] - Frank.
- So, it's true.
Paul did ask you to leave the house.
Why didn't you tell me, Helen? Don't take it personally, Frank.
I justneeded time.
I know.
You and Paul have been together for a long time.
A lifetime.
But we aren't gettin' any younger, Helen.
I agree.
II just need a couple of days.
That's all I'm asking for.
But at the end of the week, I want you to come to New Orleans with me.
New Orleans? I want us to be together finally after all these years.
Uh, well at the time, there was nothing I wanted to hear more, but Oh, Frank, I can't talk about this right now.
I'm trying to get out of here to go to New York to Pauletta's morning show.
I just I understand.
I understand, Helen.
I won't wanna make things more difficult for you.
I'll give you your space.
But when you get back from New York, I want you to think about starting a new life with me.
Yeah, I'll talk to my agent.
Yeah, it was great talking to you, too.
Okay, thanks.
Weren't those Gumbel's producers? What did they say? Huh? The official call's on Monday, but they want me to host a new sports show they're developing.
Oh, my God! I get to finish out the season, but, uh, once I make my retirement official, they're gonna make the announcement.
Oh, my God, congratulations, papi! [COVERING IN KISSES] ORLANDO: Ah! I'm so happy for you! [LAUGHING] But, wait, this means I'm not gonna have you as a producer to coach me anymore.
We'll still prep together, and you'll have a new EP.
Come on, it's good.
But I want someone like "Hamptons.
" - You mean Garrett? - Yeah.
I mean, he's like you.
He gets me.
He loves sports Oh, my God [GASPS] What? That's genius.
Oh, my gosh.
Getting Garrett as your new show runner.
He'd never leave "GDU.
" That'd be crazy.
You don't know that.
I mean, you could put that out to the producers and see what they say.
[LAUGHS] You're miles ahead, aren't you? I'll explain it over breakfast.
We're gonna have some [SPEAKING SPANISH] Come on, why not smoothies? A smoothie? No.
Come on, you don't want "Big Papi" rollin' into the new show, do you? No, no, no.
When you get back to your place, you can blend all the smoothies you want.
This is Kara's kitchen, papi, okay? We're gonna have some leftover [SPEAKING SPANISH] - We've gotta celebrate! - ORLANDO: [LAUGHING] [KNOCK AT DOOR] Don't look at me that way.
We've got a plane to catch.
Your suitcase packed and ready? No, my bags are not packed and ready.
What with what's goin' on, I just I just forgot.
Well, if you'd answered my calls, I would've reminded you.
- I'll pack your bags.
- Oh, no, no, no.
I'll pack my own damn bag, thank you very much.
But before you do, we need to speak with Patrick.
No, what we need to do is forget the whole damn trip.
But Pauletta is expecting us.
[SCOFFS] We can't go on national television pretending that we're a happily married couple.
That's a farce! So, you want our daughter, the one Black woman on the entire show, to be the only host that doesn't have family coming in? Oh This is a big deal to Pauletta.
Patrick is on very shaky ground.
We've rocked the very foundation that he's worked so hard to build.
But that's the reason we need to talk to him.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Oh.
[SCOFFS] Y'all still goin' to New York? Pauletta ain't dumb.
She's gonna smell this bullshit a mile away.
Probably already does.
Patrick Patterson, you watch your mouth while you're in this house.
I don't care how mad you are.
Now we're going to tell her when we arrive.
Son, we just wanna know that you're all right while we're gone.
Don't worry about me.
- I know this is a - I said don't worry.
Y'all go and have fun in New York.
Uh There were times when I was unsure that we Gonna last beyond the sunset, babe But after years it's clear we were meant to be - But something's been lost along the way - Okay [KNOCK AT DOOR] Remember times we just laughed for no reason at all - Mom, you're here! - HELEN: [LAUGHING] - Oh - Come on in.
Oh, I'm so glad to be here.
Oh, I'm glad you're here.
Oh, my Oh [LAUGHS] Look at this fancy place.
Mom, um, where's Dad? And why didn't you leave your luggage at the hotel? Oh, your show wouldn't pay for two hotel rooms.
And why would you and Dad need two hotel room, huh? You guys have an argument on the flight in or something? No, nothing like that.
Okay, so, then what is it, exactly, Mom? Pauletta your father is asking for a divorce, and I've decided to give it to him.
- - For the first time in my life, I'm speechless.
I justyour mom cheated on your dad? And your dad wants a divorce? And Patrick has a different father.
Oh, God, none of this makes any sense.
I can't help but feel like I'm partly to blame.
What? What do you mean? The way my mom describes Frank oh, he's like an addiction, and then here I go breaking up with Lee for Justin? My mom fell off the wagon.
Okay, girl, how did you just manage to make this all about you? You and your mother are two grown-ass women making your own life choices.
Maybe you're right.
But, silver lining Mmhm.
I have an idea for the prime time special.
I'm listening.
- Black women - Mm-hm.
are they destined to be alone, and is it their fault? It could be a hard sell for the network.
Oh, Jesus, don't shoot me when I'm down.
I'm not shooting you, I and you're not down.
Keep your chin up and we'll keep discussing.
I've got a conference call.
- Hello, Frank.
Aren't you due to go on the, uh, morning show? I'm on my way to the studio now.
Everything okay? Frank there's something you should know.
[LAUGHS] You're not gonna wanna take me to New Orleans with you when you hear it.
What is it, Helen? I lied to you, Frank.
Years ago, when you asked me about my eldest son, Patrick, I didn't tell you the truth.
Patrick? What you're saying is is Patrick Yes, Frank.
Well, see, after you left town, I I found out I was pregnant.
Now my plan was to leave Hattiesburg.
But you know yourself, a pregnant Black woman, unwed, in the South, it was just not a good time.
Now I know why you and Paul were in such a hurry to get married.
Well, I knew that he fancied me and I wanted my child to have a father.
And you knew I wasn't ready for that to be a father.
Does Patrick know? [SCOFFS] Well, he does now.
He also knows about your troubles with drinking.
[TSKS] So everything is out in the open.
[SIGHS] It's been a terrible burden to carry for so many years.
I guess you're not gonna want to have anything to do with me now.
No, no, no, on the contrary.
I'm happy.
We have a son.
We have a son together.
That makes me want you more than ever to come to New Orleans with me.
[LAUGHS] Hey, Hop, can you keep an eye out for my family? They should be here any minute.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] Hi, this is Mary Jane Paul.
Hello, Ms.
Paul, this is Dr.
Taketa from Fertility Institute.
Oh, hi, yeah.
I wanted to go over a couple of things before today's appointment.
Appointment? We can reschedule if today doesn't work.
But if you and Lee wanna do the frozen embryo transfer before the end of summer That was the plan, wasn't it.
TAKETA: We can wait, if now isn't a good time.
No, no, it's not that.
It's, um my boyfriend, Lee, and I, we we broke up.
I'm sorry to heart that.
Did the two of you determine what you wanted to do with the two embryos you have stored? It was sort of abrupt, you know, the break-up.
We can continue storing them.
We would just need both of you to agree to that.
Yeah, I don't know if Lee has this appointment in his calendar.
We'll follow up with him.
- Great.
- I'll see you this afternoon.
- All right.
- [PHONE DISCONNECTS] PAUL SR: Pauletta, somebody by the name of Hippity-Hop told me this was your office.
- BOTH: [LAUGHING] - There's my girl! MARY JANE: Oh, God I am so glad that you came early.
Yeah, I wanted a minute alone before your mother arrived.
How are you handling the news? To be honest I'm shocked.
I feel numb.
Yes, there's a lot to think about, and a lot to process, but, darling, to tell you the truth, it's for the best.
That can't be true, Dad.
Yes, it really is.
HELEN: Good morning.
The Pattersons are all here now.
- Hi, Mom! - Ah, yes.
My goodness, look at this office.
Pauletta, it's just gorgeous.
Yeah? Yeah? Okay, well, now that I have you both here, I have to ask, given everything that's going on, are you guys gonna be okay doing this? Well, of course.
Your father and I have discussed it, and we're all ready, right, Paul? Yeah, yeah, I'm ready.
'Letta, we are so proud of you, and I'm just so happy that we can do this as a family, together.
Oh, speaking of family.
Have either one of you heard from Patrick? I tried to text him last night, this morning.
No reply.
Well, I did call him last night to let him know that we arrived safely.
Me, too.
I haven't heard anything.
- Atlanta in the house! - ALL: [LAUGHING] Gosh, it's been a long time.
Good to see you, too, girl, and I love this jacket.
It's gorgeous.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You guys look amazing.
Are you ready for your national TV debut? I'm ready as I'll ever be.
Well, at least Paul will be cooking.
I'm gonna be standing around trying not to look like a fool.
Nah, it's gonna be a great segment.
And I will see the two of you after the show, okay? HELEN & PAUL SR: Okay.
Excuse me.
Mary Jane, it's time to start the show.
Okay, uh all right, well, don't worry.
Um, I'm gonna be doing most of the talking, and asking all the questions.
You do what you do.
We'll follow your lead.
MARY JANE: Here we go.
MAN: Hey, gang, thanks for a great session.
That's what has to be done.
You throw it up onto the table and I appreciate it.
Let's end with a bit of our mantra.
ALL: Grant me serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Give yourself a hand.
ALL: [APPLAUDING] [MIXED CONVERSATIONS] Patrick? I hope you don't mind me, uh, dropping in on you like this, but these are unusual circumstances.
I thought maybe we could, uh, grab a cup of coffee, have a chat.
You wanna talk and you chose to show up here? Your mother broke your anonymity.
Yeah, mom thinks the rules don't apply to her.
You know you can't tell Helen what to do.
You got that right.
But I'm not some school boy lookin' for a pat on the back.
Yeah, but neither am I.
So, what do you say? PATRICK: [SIGHING] Mary Jane, green room, 9-1-1.
PAUL SR: We should never have left Patrick alone.
Even Niecy hasn't heard from him.
- Listen to you? - Yes, listen to me! Mom, Dad, please, stop! [MUG SHATTERS] Have you lost your damn mind?! - Yes! Yes! - Mary Jane! - You're driving - You're acting crazy already.
Mary Jane, you cannot put your parents on TV like this.
HELEN: [SOBBING] Oh, my goodness Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom, are you No, no, no, no.
Mary Jane, listen.
No, no, no.
Look at me.
Your dad needs to do this segment alone.
Do you want me to go in and break the news to him? No, II'll do it, myself.
Dad? - GARRETT: Kara? - Yeah? Everything okay? Oh, yeah, everything's perfect.
I was just going over some details with the Pattersons.
Should I go in and meet them? No, no, no, let's wait until after the show because Mrs.
Patterson, she's got a little stage fright.
And Mary Jane's dad's gonna do the segment by himself.
Oh, good call.
Hey, um, have you heard Orlando's news? - Isn't it amazing? - What news? Oh, well, it's not official yet, but Gumbel's producers want him to host a new show they're developing.
- What?! - Yep.
Does this mean now they know, um [CLEARS THROAT] he's retiring? Mm-hm.
He's gonna announce it at the end of the season.
Here? On "GDU"? Absolutely.
Do you think I'd let him announce it anywhere else? - That's amazing! - I know.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
- Are you ready? - Let's do this.
All right.
How are you doing, mama? [HEAVY SIGH] Okay, that's my girl.
We're live in five.
In five, four, three ["GREAT DAY USA" THEME MUSIC] Welcome back, everyone, to "Great Day USA.
" I'm Mary Jane Paul and this is my father, Paul Patterson.
Hello, everybody! MARY JANE: One of my fondest memories of those hot Atlanta summers were our backyard barbeques, and a key component were my dad's baby back ribs.
Ah, the barbeque sauce is what made it special.
It was something I perfected over many, many years.
My father is being modest.
This is the best barbeque sauce in the South, and trust me, I've had ribs up and down the Eastern Seaboard.
PAUL SR: [CHUCKLING] Isn't she sweet? Uh, we're related.
MARY JANE: So, Dad, tell our audience how you came up with this recipe that is impossible to duplicate.
Trust me, I have tried unsuccessfully many times.
I got married young, and my wife and I didn't have much money, but we had mouths to feed, so, I started experimenting in the kitchen, while she took care of the little ones.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, that's not exactly true.
I came up with a recipe for the sauce that was mediocre, at best.
What made it legendary was a secret ingredient my wife, Helen.
She would sneak into the kitchen every night and add a dash of this, a dash of that, to every batch I made.
I can't even imagine ever making this recipe without her.
You did a really great job, Dad.
PAUL SR: [CHUCKLING] Everyone was really moved by your story, including me.
Oh, come on, stop.
You turned a silly food segment into something meaningful.
I appreciate that, 'Letta, but I've got an apology to make for upsetting your mother to the point where she couldn't do the segment with us.
Everything turned out in the end, right? Yeah, well, I still feel awful about it.
I haven't seen the two of you argue like that in years.
Are you okay, Dad? [CHUCKLES] I'll tell you it's a bitter pill to swallow knowing after 40 years of being together, I'm still not enough.
Well before you decide to end the marriage, you owe it to each other to have a serious conversation.
We've had plenty of conversations.
I just don't believe it'll do any good to have another one.
It can't get any worse, Dad.
[LAUGHING] Amen to that.
So, you'll talk to her? [TSKS] FRANK: Now this is a real man's car.
PATRICK: It's a 442.
No, no, no, not just a 442.
It's a 1970 Oldsmobile Nugget Gold 442.
PATRICK: Oh [LAUGHS] FRANK: No, I'm telling ya, I've been into vintage cars most of my life.
I've always wanted one of these.
You know, maybe it was a good thing that, uh, I never got one.
I probably would've totaled it and hurt myself, not to mention hurtin' other people.
But after 20 years of being sober.
maybe it's time.
For real.
Twenty years, huh? - Yeah.
- [KICKING TIRES] [LAUGHS] Twenty years.
And you? PATRICK: [SCOFFS, LAUGHS] No judgment, man.
A little over a year.
It coulda helped to have someone who spoke the language back when I was really goin' through it.
I can feel ya on that.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] Don't hold it against Helen, man.
Well, you were in the dark, too.
You don't have a problem with that? I don't harbor grudges anymore, Patrick.
She did the right thing.
What? Lying to a man about where he comes from? That was the right thing? Listen, back when Helen and I were young, she gave me an ultimatum.
She wanted me to stop drinking.
Well, what'd you do? [LAUGHING] I guess what any respectable alcoholic would do.
I left her.
Yeah, it sounds about right.
Look I didn't know she was pregnant at the time, man.
I had my suspicions, but truth be told, even if I had known, it probably wouldn't have changed anything.
I knew when she got married, she wasn't in love.
But she loved you.
She figured Paul could give her more of a life than I could at the time.
She was right.
Hello, Frank.
Helen, how's New York treating you? The city is treating me fine, and the weather is hot and humid, just like Atlanta.
How are you? FRANK: Hey, it's all good here.
I had a talk with Patrick today.
I hope you don't mind.
Well, I'll be.
I've been trying to reach him.
You can blame me for that.
I've been talking his ears off.
You always did love to talk.
I haven't had a new audience in quite a while.
You've been a good mother, Helen.
You have raised a good man.
I appreciate that, Frank, and I'm happy that you two are together.
It warms my heart that you're getting to know one another.
Well, that should make your decision a lot easier to come to New Orleans with me.
I still can't give you a definite answer, Frank.
I need more time.
I do hope you understand that.
I've waited all these years for us to be together.
I suppose I can wait a little while longer.
Thank you.
[HEAVY SIGH] Hey, so, what did "Hamptons" say? He has an idea for a show for you, and he wants to run it by you.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
Actually, I thought he'd be making a gazillion dollars at "GDU".
Do you think he'd actually consider leaving? If you get your producers to make him a development deal, he might.
Is that just something I bring up in a phone call or? Papi, please, I will coach you.
You know that's what I do.
So, I'll admit it.
It's about a 50/50 chance Lee actually shows.
I just spoke with him.
You did? He preferred not to come in today.
Yeah, that's not surprising.
[LAUGHS] He also does not want to continue storing the embryos.
Also, not surprising.
That leaves only a few options which I can share with you now.
You have two viable embryos.
You can donate them to another couple, make them available for medical research, or have them disposed.
Truitt was only comfortable with one of these options.
Disposing them.
He faxed over his signature.
Unfortunately, on this matter, you both have to agree.
If you're willing to have them disposed, all we need is your signature.
HELEN'S VOICE: You missed my doctor's appointment.
If you are not committed to this, to me, why are we having another baby? PAUL SR'S VOICE: Helen Patterson, you're just looking for a fight and I will not give it to you not tonight.
Paul? Ms.
Paul? I'm sorry.
Can you repeat that? You can sign here.
Only the embryos will be destroyed.
If you like, you can keep the two eggs you have frozen in storage.
Would you like to do that? Yeah.
Uhthat'd be great.
Um can we also discuss sperm donors, please? Where have you been? Between you and Patrick, I've been worried sick.
I've been at the fertility clinic flushing your grandchildren, the children I made with Lee.
Flushing my grandchildren? Yeah, I mean, I didn't want to, of course, you know, but Lee and I aren't together, and now I'm with Justin, so, what could I do, Mom? You know, geez, it was a pickle.
I'm sorry, can you speak plainly? You were right, Mom! How's that for plainly? I sabotaged things with Lee! You're right! He was a perfectly fine Black man who was madly in love with me.
Oh, we could havewe could have had a future together.
But, Pauletta, I thought you were happy with Justin.
I am happy with Justin, Mom! I amI amI am wildly happy with Justin, and yet I just picked out a sperm donor for my future children and do you know why? I don't know, I guess insurance, maybe, in case things don't work out.
But both of us really know what this is.
I'm looking for ways to sabotage this relationship as well, and do you know why, Mom? Because sabotage is my jam and I learned from the best - you.
- Pauletta Patterson Don't you Don't! Don't! You do not get to roll out your motherly indignation, notnotnot not today, Mom.
You know, I've been thinking a lot about those, uh fights that you and Dad would have when I was little.
They were about Frank.
Why wasn't Dad enough? For the same reason Lee wasn't, I suppose.
In my mind, I just always thought that love was fireworks.
I just didn't trust that steady burn your father offered me.
So, you pushed him, and you tested him, until he just couldn't take it anymore, right? Yes.
Jesus, that's what I have done with every man I have ever been with.
Oh, Pauletta, I'm so sorry.
I - Kara? - Yeah? - Guess what? - What? You were right.
None of this is my fault.
What's not your fault? Me driving my mother to cheat on my father.
Oh, God, are you still harping on that? No, listen, everything I've learned in the last 24 hours has shown me that my parents, who I previously thought were immune to relationship woes, are victims, too.
See, crazy runs in the Patterson DNA.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
I know this divorce has brought up a lot of stuff for you.
No, don't be sorry, because I've had a revelation.
We have been looking for an interview topic in all the wrong places.
- We have? - Yes.
See, originally, I wanted to do a piece about Black women, more specifically, I wanted to talk about how Black women hold the key to everything that ails us right now.
We bear the burden of America.
Now that America is crumbling, we can provide the pathway out because we have been there.
Right? We know all about the decline in marriage rates.
We know all about the increase in drug addiction.
We know all about limited access to reproductive care because we have been dealing with this shit for decades! True, but I don't think Garrett'll sign off on it because it's not global enough.
Here's where Garrett would be wrong.
Now White women, they're facing the lash, too.
See, they think that Trump is the answer.
But we are.
That is my angle.
- Oooh.
- Mm-hm.
Okay well, maybe we can get it through if we get some kick-ass Black women to speak on it.
- Hell, yes! - [GASPS] Girl Mmhm? Forgive me for being bold, but what about Beyoncé? Ororor Michelle Obama? - Nothing is off the table.
- BOTH: Right? - Just shoot for the sky.
- Yes! Absolutely.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Our daughter insisted that we talk.
Then I guess you'd better come in.
[DOOR CLOSES] Helen, I owe you an apology for making you so upset you couldn't do the segment.
That was wrong.
Paul, I I know I have hurt you deeply and it isn't the first time.
The first ten years of our marriage I spent pushing you away, just to see if you would keep coming back.
For that, I'm sorry.
[CHUCKLING] Well, whatwhat makes that so funny? I never expected you to own up to any of this.
[LAUGHS] I guess I'm surprised.
I guess I never realized the damage I did until I saw how it affected Pauletta.
You know, I always thought the kids were protected, as long as I was never with Frank.
But I was still in love with him, testing you, despite my feelings.
[SIGHS] Paul we aren't the cause of our problems, I am.
You've been in love with Frank all these years? No, I wasn't.
When I decided to stay, and we had Paul Jr I made that decision because I was deeply in love with you.
I hope you understand that.
And I accept your apology.
[CHUCKLES] Better late than never.
Hearing what you said on the show moved me deeply.
Paul, I want the damage to stop here.
[SIGHING] I'm not going to be with Frank.
[QUIET CHUCKLE] Thank you for sharing, Helen.
But that doesn't change anything for me.
I still want the divorce.
- Yes.
- [RAPS ON GLASS] Can Ican I call you right back? Thanks.
Kara! Just the bitch I've been wanting to see.
Oh, have a seat.
I have no idea.
What'd I do now? Aaliyah, she says that there's rumors just flying all around that Garrett is considering EPing Orlando's new sports show.
[CHUCKLES] I don't know anything about that.
No, no, no, no, no.
Spill the tea, bitch.
I didn't say anything because if this works, and Garrett leaves "GDU", I wanna be considered for his job.
And I know Justin will, too.
Well, I appreciate you looking out for our friendship.
Well, after everything we've been through, we have to.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
But the good news is I will have absolutely no say in who replaces Garrett, so So, let's just hope he's out, and whatever happens after that Is on you and Justin.
I thought it was room service.
When you were a no-show at the meeting, I thought I'd come by and check on you.
You good? Yeah, uh, your mother called about an hour ago, and said she wasn't coming to New Orleans with me.
I didn't know that was on the table.
Yeah, well, not anymore.
Do you need to talk to your sponsor? No.
The program works, if you work it, right? WOMAN: Frankie, baby, get back to bed.
I know that look silent judgment.
No, no judgment here, Frank.
I just know where you're at.
I've been there more times than I care to remember.
You think you know where I'm at, boy? This is about me and your mother.
Damn woman.
What happened to not harboring grudges? This time it's different.
How so? Before there was always a sliver of hope.
But now I know I'm gonna die without ever knowing what it's truly like to be with her.
That's where I'm at.
You hangin' in, big bro? Oh, I'm just a half-brother now, 'Letta.
Are you serious? You have been my big brother for 40 years, and if you think Frank coming to town is gonna change that, boy, you're crazy.
How are you handling everything? I don't know.
It changes by the hour.
Is there anything I can do? Well, I was gonna loop PJ in.
Yeah, our little brother is going to freak.
I don't think I wanna be the messenger.
I'll talk to him.
How, uh, Mom and Po uh, Dad? What was it like having them in New York? Not gonna lie.
There were some bumps in the road.
I refereed a good old Patterson smack down right before the segment, and had to have Dad do the show by himself.
Yeah, I saw that.
[QUIET LAUGH] That was a good call.
So, you don't wanna change Mom's mind about being with Frank? You know I'm not sure.
Let me tell you what I am sure of.
Our troubles, my need to create drama in every relationship, and your substance abuse, they're rooted in our family dynamic.
There's some truth to that.
We're not our parents, Patrick.
All our drama, our baggage, we can say it ends right here, right now.
You're saying I have control over my situation? Well, aren't you the one who always said, "awareness is just the first step.
" Yeah, I did.
And now comes the hard part putting that awareness into action.
[SPANISH LYRICS] Oh! Oh! [LAUGHING] Somebody's in a good mood.
What the heck is that about? Ooh, it looks like the show is really happening.
[LAUGHING] - But not with Garrett.
- What? Well, there's still a lot to celebrate.
When CTS heard rumors that Garrett might be leaving, they offered to promote him.
You're kidding? [LAUGHING] He's gonna make it official in a few weeks, but yeah.
Oh, my gosh, and when Garrett announces, I'm gonna go after his job big time.
I love it.
Hey, there's no way you're not gonna get it.
- No.
- [PALM SLAP] You know what? I've been working my ass off trying to get a great guest for MJ, so, stars all align.
Who are you gonna get? I don't wanna jinx it.
Let's just say, though, that this'll be the biggest "get" of my career.
Girl, you are such a mover and shaker.
KARA: [LAUGHING] This is yours.
I can feel it.
[SHAKING CONTAINER] Oh, unh-unh, unh-unh.
No more of this green mush.
We're gonna have some good food to celebrate with.
Baby, what about my diet? Yeah, your diet Oh Screw your diet for one night.
I'll be outta your hair in the morning, 'Letta.
MARY JANE: [SIGHING] Mom, what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna go to another hotel? I am going to have some alone time.
And it's not a bad thing.
I haven't had it in years.
Oh, Pauletta, come, sit here.
Your independence, well, it's a blessing.
I mean, oh, I know I've been overly critical at times.
But, secretly, I admire the way you just navigate your life through the bumps and all.
[SIGHING] I wish I could've lived my life like that.
It's funny because I always wanted your life.
[LAUGHS] Oh Amazing, supportive, good husband, the house, the kids.
But you have a chance to make all of that and with a man you're passionate about.
But maybe it doesn't work when there's that kind of passion.
Well, you're never gonna know if you don't try.
Let me live vicariously through you.
Mom, what are you saying? I'm saying, go get your man! [LAUGHING] My baby.
Oh - Girl, I did it! - You did what? I did it! I did it! I milked every connection I've ever made.
I did everything but get on my knees and beg and plead.
I even tapped that Old Girls' Network.
What did you do, exactly? Okay, focus.
Listen to me.
I just booked our dream guest for the prime time show.
- Holy shit, you got Beyoncé! - Better! Beautiful Mary Jane Paul, you will now be interviewing the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.
Did you just say Michelle Obama? Yes, I did.
I did.
Yes, I did.
Only the baddest, most beautiful Black woman on the planet! That Michelle Obama? Yes, that Michelle Obama! - I'm about to meet - Yes! The Black goddess here! Yes, the beautiful Black goddess here! Oh, that's so crazy! KARA & MARY JANE: [CHATTERING EXCITEDLY] KARA: [LAUGHING] Happiness I don't know - Where have you been - Yeah, yeah - Happiness - - Oh where have you been -