Being Mary Jane (2013) s04e19 Episode Script

Feeling Seen

1 MARY JANE: Previously, on "Being Mary Jane" - Have you seen this? - Seen what? Justin's ex-girlfriend, apparently.
- This is Simone? - AALIYAH & KARA: Uh-huh.
AALIYAH: And the general consensus is that he got a serious upgrade in you.
At least they're complimenting you.
Yeah, at the expense of the woman that was the love of Justin's life.
PATRICK: Why didn't you tell me? PAUL: This was your mother's secret to tell, not mine.
All those years I struggled with drugs, you didn't think to tell me it was in my blood at such a hard time? MARY JANE: There's rumors just flying all around that Garrett is considering EPing Orlando's new sports show.
If this works, and Garrett leaves "GDU," I wanna be considered for his job.
And I know Justin will, too.
But the good news is I will have absolutely no say in who replaces Garrett, so Whatever happens after that Is on you and Justin.
Darker than the ocean Deeper than the sea Now was that worth flying all the way back from Paris for? I'd say so.
- And you haven't checked your phone.
- Once.
It's a total reboot, right? - Mm-hm.
- Path.
New path.
So, you're not secretly filming this? I'm serious.
I've learned a lot since you've been gone.
I'm almost a new woman.
Don't change too much.
I liked what I had before.
[KISSING] Kiss me We're on fire, babe Love me Take me to outer space Kiss me KARA: Look at these stats.
Bleak, huh? I mean, wake up, White America.
Black women hold the key to your future, right? Mary Jane? Yes? Honey, this nighttime special could change things for you.
Yes, and for you as well, yes.
Yeah, it gives me a better shot at Garrett's job.
Hey, look at me.
You haven't heard one word I've said.
I'm sorry, girl, I [SIGHS] I've just learned so much about myself since Justin's been gone and I was really excited to just try everything out on him once he got back.
But I don't I don't think he's ready.
He came back early from Paris for you.
He sent you flowers, honey.
What more do you want? He doesn't look me in the eye when we make love.
Never? He looks at me, but it's not You know when you you hit that sweet spot and you feel like you're really connecting.
You just wanna look your man in the eye - so you can really feel it? - Mmhm.
Yeah, well, he looks away.
Like this is me and this is him.
Sex is complicated.
But that man cares about you, Mary Jane.
Even I can see that.
Caring is very nice.
But we both know that it takes a lot more than that to go the distance.
An AIDS Gala? Really? You know that's not my brand.
Every other correspondent would kill to get that assignment.
Well, I'm not every other correspondent.
Okay, Dani, let's see what we've got here.
Oh, the Oklahoma legislators spent four times as many hours debating their bathroom bill as they did their school budget.
Their spending per student is one of the lowest in the country.
My mom and dad still live in Ponca City.
I'm not touching that.
Okay, how about this one? Possible musicians' strike looming on Broadway.
That's a good one.
Don't they make, like, a thousand dollars a night? What do they have to strike about? Dani, you're being really unreasonable.
All these pitches are great story ideas for a new correspondent.
Right now, I get to do the stories that I want, so, how am I being unreasonable? Everybody wants to do stories they're passionate about, honey.
But you've gotta pay your dues.
I have paid my dues.
Do you see how many followers I have? Getting someone to click on your face is not equal journalist experience.
You're right.
Clicks are way better.
Thanks for pointing that out.
Hey, I, uh, forgot to mention earlier Yeah, the travel segment got pushed.
I already heard.
No, that's not it.
I was actually gonna warn you that Tiffany may try and contact you.
- Tiffany? - Simone's sister.
Oh, she has it out for us because of the way her sister was talked about on social media.
She was a bit rattled by that, but that's not why she's trying to reach out to you.
Tiffany and her husband are like family.
So, why is she trying to contact me? She's trying to get you on her side.
I think Ty would agree that I need more words.
She's trying to stop me from donating the rest of Simone's money.
- Donating? To charity? - Yeah.
- All of it? - All $30 million.
TY: [GROANS, THUDS] Good morning.
Oh, Niecy Patterson up for work at the crack of dawn.
NIECY: [LAUGHS] Yeah, Claudia wants me to open up the salon, so, I've gotta drop the kids off early at Amika's.
Mm, she gonna answer the door this time? NIECY: [LAUGHS] I know, right? I had a conversation with her about that.
You know, she's trying, with those car seat requests coming in at all hours.
You're really got something going, huh? Yeah, I mean, I saw a need and did something about it.
Well, that takes vision.
I'm proud of you and how hard you've been working.
- Keep it up.
- I will.
Oh, good morning.
Anybody for some eggs? I'm fryin'.
No, I'm good.
I'll just grab something on the road.
I'm good, too, Grandpa.
I'll catch you next time.
Thank you.
All right.
You still givin' Grandpa the cold shoulder? You still callin' him that? What else am I supposed to call him? You really need to work this out.
It is uncomfortable being around you two.
Oh, you're the one handin' out advice now? Yes, I am.
You're mad because that old, drunk guy didn't get a chance to raise you? Not only did Grandpa take you in, he took in your children and grandchildren, and called them his own.
That does not deserve the silent treatment.
You really need to get over yourself.
- JUSTIN: I got you.
- MARY JANE: Easy.
I told you I'm fine.
I took a spin class this morning and skipped breakfast.
MARY JANE: Not smart.
If it's all the same, I'm gonna have a medic - take a look at you, okay? - TY: Thank you.
But, girl, if you let that man give away $30 million Oh, I do not intend to.
But if he does, can you convince him to disperse just one-tenth of one-percent of the number? I mean [MIXED CONVERSATIONS] KARA: Hey.
That bitch, Dani, turned down every single one of my story ideas.
These millennials sure don't feel like they have to work to get ahead.
They feel like everything should be handed to them.
You know what? If I would have known that she was gonna be this hard to deal with, I would have never told Garrett I'd frickin' babysit her.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who's that sitting in Garrett's chair? Pete Binswanger.
You ever heard of him? No.
I thought I knew every senior producer in the business.
What? Is he from CNN? MSNBC? Apparently, he just stepped away from running the amusement park division.
What? That's Garrett's fill-in, the rollercoaster king? Are you freakin' kidding me? MARY JANE: Just another symptom of all the whitewashing that's going on at every level.
Oh, my goodness.
Execs tend to go for an out-of-the-box choice.
Typically, a risk-taking, hyper-confident White male.
Before doubling profits in theme parks, he ran a few local affiliates.
He has no national news experience.
Sounds like an election I seem to recall.
Well, listen, this guy Pete's gonna get Garrett's job, if one of us doesn't do something real quick.
I have an idea, but it's gonna take all of us working together.
Okay - Kara? - Mmhm? You've been struggling with Dani, right? Uh, yeah, but suddenly now she doesn't seem like that big of a deal.
Well, maybe we can turn our two problems into one.
Dani and Pete? We feed Dani a story she simply cannot refuse.
Then we convince Pete to take Dani under his wing.
Once she self-destructs, maybe she takes them both out.
A story she can't refuse? Does that even exist? I think I have an idea that just might work.
Okay, but I am not gonna use any Justin-style dirty tricks to get this done.
I don't traffic in dirty tricks.
Really? What do you call it, then? - Being effective.
- Effective? Guys, focus.
Mary Jane wouldn't be in the anchor chair if it wasn't for me.
Oh, you mean the anchor chair that was promised to her when I got her hired? She would've waited years for her shot, waitin' on you.
So, instead, you rocked the boat so hard, that you almost tipped the damn thing over.
You made some moves, yourself, like gettin' Garrett promoted while I was outta town.
Obviously, this isn't gonna work.
Mary Jane Well, I've got a show to do, and you guys might as well say hello to Pete, because he's gonna be our new boss.
KARA: [SIGHS] - - Look, one thing we can agree on is that we We can't agree on anything.
So, how are we gonna do this? Look, talking is obviously gonna get us in trouble.
So, we're gonna just write it down.
Oh, my God - Kara, what are you doing? - Shhh.
You live here? What is this place? Cheap.
That's what it is.
Feel the calm before the storm [TIRES SQUEALING] I'll be leavin' in the mornin' [CELL PHONE BUZZING] Hey, Claudia, did you add an appointment and you need me to come back? CLAUDIA: No, sweetie, I'm calling because your friend Amika was supposed to drop off a car seat, but never showed up and now my friend Shawna is high and dry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation.
You need to understand if you're gonna promote something, you'd better make sure it's legit.
There are too many screw-ups out here, and you can get a bad reputation real quick.
Don't expect me to refer you to anybody else.
Come on.
Who are you and how do you know my name? Oh, my name is Lloyd.
I live, like, two doors down.
Amika gives me a couple of bucks to step in from time to time whenever she's busy.
She told me you was comin' through.
She ain't here? I mean, nah, but don't worry.
The kids, they're just in the back playin'.
Everything's good.
Wait a minute, so this isn't the first time that you've taken care of my kids? - Oh, nah, it's not.
- AMIKA: Niecy! Hey, I want you to meet Cedric.
Can I please talk to you for a minute? I know you don't have two strange men that I don't know around my kids.
Okay, it's not like that.
Lloyd's studying for his childcare license.
Lloyd could be a prince.
But he wasn't part of our deal.
And Claudia says you were supposed to take a car seat to some lady named Shawna and never showed? And now my boss is telling me to get my shit together.
Cedric got off work early and he wanted to hang.
- Girl, I'm done.
- What do you mean? I'm done helping you.
I'll watch Marquis this weekend like I said I would, but after that, it's over.
I can't leave my kids with you anymore.
Come on, baby, let's go.
Say bye to Marquis.
Bye, Marquis.
Hey, bye, little man.
- All right? - Yeah.
Yo, Jovan.
You know him? I'm here for the meeting.
Is there a problem? Jovan? He's welcome to be here for Black Lives Matter, right? Yeah, man.
It's cool.
PETE: I'm glad you two suggested this.
- Salute! - [GLASSES CLINK] We use a portable brain scanner KARA: Mm-hm.
to measure which pleasure centers light up at the height of the ride.
That is beyond amazing.
We hit the same group of neurons that measure sexual pleasure, and then we tweak the ride and prolong the feeling.
KARA & PETE: [LAUGHING] You know, Pete, look, I know you don't have a lot of time.
So, we thought it'd be beneficial to let you hear how the show's going.
Oh, that's okay, no sweat.
I've already got the gist.
- Okay.
- KARA: Okay, yeah.
- JUSTIN: Good.
- Yeah, very good.
Um, and Aaron and Mary Jane really are starting to click.
Yeah, earlier in the season, we had to readjust her image a little bit.
Because of Ronda's abrupt exit.
JUSTIN: But Ronda's mostly a memory now.
And Mary Jane's audience numbers are way up.
That's great.
KARA: The team is really meshing nicely.
PETE: Nice.
You've stepped into a good situation.
- Fantastic.
- [GLASSES CLINK] JUSTIN: Well, with with one exception.
We've had a little bit of a problem getting Dani to sign on to certain story ideas.
Sign on? What is this, nursery school? You guys are news producers.
Stories are assigned.
It's mostly Kara that's having a tough time.
Actually, I think everyone finds her a bit challenging.
PETE: With Dani's online footprint, she should be front and center.
Oh, agreed, and I've got a great story idea for her that I've been dying to pitch about Marci Livingston.
- You've heard this pitch? - I have.
Tailor-made for Dani.
Marci blogs about renovating old homes in middle America.
Yep, that's right.
She is a red-blooded woman making America great again.
And you like this idea? I do, but since Kara's having a tough time connecting with Dani, I was gonna suggest that I pitch it.
Thank you for that offer, Justin, but I think I can handle it, thank you very much.
You just mentioned how challenging Dani can be Whoa, whoa, guys, guys.
This storythis story isn't the best.
I'm sure I could do much better.
Maybe if we rework it a little? No, no, no, no, no.
Leave it to me.
I'm gonna come up with something Dani's gonna love.
Just watch.
Listen, great chattin' with you two.
- KARA: Yeah.
- PETE: See ya.
JUSTIN: [SIGHS] Hey, um, if you still need a ride, I'm, uh, I'ma be waitin' in the car, okay? Nah, I'm I'm good, man.
JOVAN: Damn! [SIREN WAILING] AARON: That is what's been churning most in the demos.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
They tried showing me all these surveys and demographic breakdowns and whatnot upstairs.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
You know what it comes down to, hm? Nakedness.
It's the morning, for Christ sake.
What percentage of the audience is watching us with no clothes on? We need to make them feel comfortable enough to take their clothes off in front of us.
Well, heck, I started my blog in my pajamas.
I know all about that.
Maybe we should have a "GDU" pajama day.
All on-air talent appears in sleepwear.
Oooh, we can get a department store to sponsor it.
Somebody write that down.
I did actually read somewhere that, uh, sleep is the new sex.
"Sleep is the new sex"! I freakin' love that! That's a perfect segment for you, Mary Jane.
Let's get rollin' on that for next week.
Fantastic! Oh, my God, you guys [LAUGHING] are so lucky to have me, because a great story came to me last night, and I think, personally, that it would be perfect for Dani to do in the 08:12 slot tomorrow.
I'm all ears.
It's a story about a successful young woman who fixes up old homes in rural areas, trying to bring relevance and beauty to middle America.
It sounds interesting.
It's perfect.
A red-blooded woman making America great again.
I love that idea.
I am so glad that someone is finally recognizing the real people of America.
- PETE: Oh - DANI: Yes! PETE: Boom! - Pete? - Yo? Hey.
Thanks so much for that story.
You really seem to get me.
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! [CHUCKLING] See? Bottom line.
Every job is just a sales job.
It's easy.
It's easy.
[BANGS DOOR FRAME] Nice job, team.
Let's just hope it works.
- [PHONE RINGING] - Yeah, it's me.
[TAPPING DESK] Listen, you were right about Tiffany.
She just contacted me.
Did you respond? Not yet, but I was thinking maybe we could invite her out for drinks or something.
So you can pump her for more information about Simone? No.
I would like to get to know some of your peeps, though.
Yeah, but she's just gonna try and convince me to keep the money, that's all.
Is that such a bad thing? I thought you wanted to put the past behind us? - I do.
- That's what this is.
Look, my last night in Paris, I decided a few things about Simone.
Not just the whole social media fiasco, the whole relationship.
I realized I just want to lock the whole thing up in a box and forget it ever happened.
So, let's just leave that subject where it is, okay? - Marci.
- Hi.
Welcome to the show.
I heard that you're from north Texas.
I'm from northern Oklahoma.
You ever heard of Gainesville, Texas? Sure have.
I did a blog post there one time.
- Dani Hollins.
- Hi.
You know, your city has one of the biggest airline seat factories in the world.
Talk about good old American ingenuity.
We export to every part of the globe.
Don't tell us the American industry is dead.
BOTH: [LAUGHING] You got any questions about the segment? Uh, no.
I just hope I don't make a fool outta myself out there.
[LAUGHS] You've recorded segments for your blog, right? Oh, hundreds.
It's really no different.
Just be yourself and just know that I will be right there with you the whole time, okay? Okay.
[LAUGHS] I've worked hard to bring back these small, plain towns by buying empty houses, restoring them to an honesty country beauty, and then stacking them full of young families to bring in a sense of community.
Ask her about the employees that work on these houses.
DANI: Where do you find the people with the talent for this kind of restoration? You know, it is not easy to find the right people in these small towns.
Oh, I know how it is.
The young'uns always move away.
The ones with ambition, anyways.
And poverty and addiction take a real toll on the rest.
In the beginning it was tough, because I could not find reliable crews.
How'd you overcome that? I prayed on it.
And I found an untapped pool of great talent.
How did you entice them to come to that itty-bitty Texas town of yours? Uh, you know, it was it was not tough, uh, given where they're comin' from.
I hire refugees and they are grateful to be in this country.
Refugees? You mean, like, from the Middle East? KARA: Go in on Dani.
Yes, immigrants from war-torn countries like Syria are often the only people I can find that are willing to do certain tough jobs.
I'm assuming that we're not talking about Christians here.
You employ Muslims? MARCI: And I don't only employ them.
With the help of donations from all over the world, most of the families who rent my houses are newly-arrived refugees and most are Muslim.
Aren't you worried about the terrorist threat? These people aren't terrorists.
They're families like ours who are looking to build a better future for their children.
And look at these neighborhoods.
You know, we had tons of vacant stores.
Could not lure new businesses here.
But now our town center's thriving again.
It just seems like such a risk.
Well, would it have been better to let my little town die? Mothers with children are in search for a place to call home, and we have a town in search of people.
Why wouldn't we put the two together? It's the Christian thing to do.
Well being a good Christian, myself, I have to say that with the right provisions in place, - it does seem to make sense.
- MARCI: Mmhm.
Did we just get her to throw down against the Muslim ban on national television? KARA: Mm-hm.
- Are you that good? - I am.
- You are.
- [PALM SLAP] Yes, you are.
Don't mess me 'round 'Round 'round Oh, hey.
Great job with Marci.
Yeah, it looked like you two were really connecting.
You know, next time, I would appreciate it, if you warned me ahead of time that my interview subject is harboring ISIS.
Oh, my gosh, Pete didn't prep you for Marci? Everything was in the research file.
MARY JANE: You did read the file, right? Not every word, no.
Ohwell maybe he wanted you to be surprised.
I've been online since I was 11.
I think I can tell when I'm bein' trolled.
Keep runnin' away for good You'll be runnin' away like a tragedy Keep runnin' away for good PETE: Let me call you right back.
What's up? DANI: Don't play your games with me.
I know exactly what's goin' on.
- PETE: ISIS? - You set me up.
What are you talking? It's crazy.
I handed you a job.
Don't mess me 'round Don't mess me 'round Oh don't mess me 'round Don't mess me 'round Oh, don't mess me 'round Well, I never thought I'd say this.
But here's to Dani.
- JUSTIN: Ah, to Dani.
[GLASSES CLINKING] JUSTIN: Pete never saw it comin'.
- KARA: Mm-hm.
I wish I could have been a fly on the wall - when she confronted Sawyer.
- KARA: [LAUGHING] You know what? Here's to Mary Jane.
- This was your idea.
- [GLASSES CLINK] But we never could have done it, if we didn't all pull together.
Well, I will say this.
It worked this time.
MARY JANE: Pete is out.
Yeah, we had a plan and we executed it.
Still I'm still surprised that Dani had enough pull.
You know, it didn't hurt that Aaron also thought Pete was an ass, and shared his feelings with Sawyer.
- Yes.
- And maybe I might have had a little something to do with it as well.
Really? I made my own calls upstairs after Dani yelled herself hoarse.
I am co-anchor, after all.
KARA: So, what did you say? I said that whoever is Garrett's replacement should have real experience, and that the best candidates are already working here.
But whoever he picks, look, I'm Switzerland.
I'm totally neutral.
Bankroll fresh Yeah yeah Fresh You still gon' give me a ride? Why wouldn't I? Come on.
Are you comin' or not? [DOOR CREAKS, SLAMS] Javon, you know everything I said about havin' your back still stands, man.
I don't feel any differently about you.
I just don't get how you're so cool about it.
How else am I gonna be? Look, I don't know, a'ight? I'm not cool with it, myself.
Not really.
I mean, you could have told me before I found out the way I did, but [LAUGHS] that's okay.
How long have you known? I guess I've always liked men.
But I never wanted to be that way.
I took a lot of shit for it.
- From who? - Everybody.
My dad, especially.
That's why you're on your own? Yeah.
Not everybody has a family like you.
[SCOFFS] My family ain't perfect either.
They accepted you, right? Isn't that what you said? The good and the bad.
Now there's nothin' bad about you, all right? You've got a lot to offer the world.
Remember that.
Come on, let's go.
MAN: Hey, man! Somethin' turned right up in mystery KARA: [LAUGHING] Right? Yeah, it didn't take long to do this.
KARA: This was nice, you guys, I have to say.
[GLASSES CLINKING] MARY JANE: I could get used to this the three of us hangin' out.
Yeah, well, on that note, I am going to go before you start trying to have us hold hands and sing "Kumbaya".
You guys have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow, okay? MARY JANE: Get home safe.
JUSTIN: Goodnight.
Yeah, look, it is getting kind of late, so, we should get going.
You know how I I said that, um Tiffany contacted me? I kinda did respond to her request.
Her request for what? WOMAN: Justin! [LAUGHING] - Hey, Tiffany.
- Hey.
Oh - Hi.
I - Hey! - Hi.
- TIFFANY: [LAUGHING] You are even prettier in person.
MARY JANE: Oh, it's so great to meet you.
TIFFANY: [LAUGHING] And don't be mad at her for springing this on you.
I pestered her.
She had no choice.
- I don't doubt that.
- MARY JANE: [LAUGHS] I'm clearly being out-matched here.
We had to stop him from giving away all of Simone's money the first time.
We compromised with half.
Simone gave me the money to do whatever I wanted.
Okay, has Mary Jane seen that farmhouse upstate? It is still on the market.
What farmhouse? Justin always dreamed of finding an idyllic place upstate, but he still won't part with Simone's money.
It's not like that.
Me, on the other hand, I'm using the money to improve my life.
This is our house on Martha's Vineyard, where we vacation twice a year with the kids.
Oh, gosh, you have a beautiful family.
Thank you.
We love Martha's Vineyard, but it's not that convenient.
Getting upstate should be easier.
Not everyone has summers off like you do, Tiffany.
Well, I'm having fun and I wish you would, too.
You know that's what she wanted.
I guess I'm just not that fun guy, you know? Excuse me.
TIFFANY: [CLEARS THROAT] Have you got a menu? It is so good to meet somebody that Justin's involved with.
It's great meeting you, too.
I am finding this very illuminating.
Oh [LAUGHING] I do wish I would have been able to meet Simone.
She seemed very impressive.
Ah, how we love to turn the dead into saints.
Simone did a lot for others, but she wasn't perfect.
If she were still alive, she'd be on her second divorce.
- But Justin - My sister was complicated.
I didn't expect you to be so honest.
I've known Justin since high school.
I'm worried he's stuck.
He says he's moved on.
How? By giving away my sister's money? To me, that says he's more hung up than ever.
I wish Justin could make peace with Simone's death.
Simone did so much and had no regrets.
I wish he could say the same.
I'm not talking about this money anymore.
I've made the decision.
MARY JANE: You know how I say sometimes I go looking for the thing that's gonna end the relationship? I think I've found it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- You.
- Me? You are gonna sabotage this relationship.
You already are which is weird because that's normally my thing.
How am I sabotaging anything? By sharing with you my decision to donate the money, by being transparent? Mary Jane, I'm trying to put the past away, so that we can work.
Except the past isn't in the past.
It's in this room.
I assure you that isn't the case.
Prove it.
Buy the farmhouse.
That makes no sense.
Wewe don't have any time to go there.
Okay, then, buy something closer to work.
If that's too much, buy a freakin' ice cream cone, anything.
What is that gonna prove? It proves that you've finally moved on.
But you can't because then it would feel like you were cheating, somehow.
Look, I get it.
Simone, she was brilliant and a saint and Simone was no saint.
She was loved far and wide.
She was weak.
Yeah, it was stage four cancer.
But there were treatments, okay? She could have fought, she could have lived a little bit longer.
She could have found a cure.
She refused treatment? She didn't want to fight.
This woman that lived larger than life, she was In the end, she was just a coward.
She begged me.
Shesheshe kept begging me.
She begged you for what? She wanted me to help her put an end to it.
I refused.
She kept at it.
She just kept at it and, um I, uh II gave her what she wanted.
You, uh I, uh cranked up her pain meds.
Who was gonna know? Listen Do you think that Tiffany would still be encouraging me to spend this money, if she knew the truth? I'm so sorry.
How do I undo that? How do I fix it? You can't.
You can't.
Okay? You can't.
You can't.
I mean It's okay.
It's okay.
She was ready, she was suffering, and you did the most loving thing someone could do.
You gave her peace.
And it's okay.
[MIXED CONVERSATIONS] - Hey, what's up? - KARA: [HEAVY SIGH] I've got some bad news about our prime time special.
We lost Michelle Obama as a guest.
Okay, uh [SIGHING] Let's regroup.
Uh, we're still after Beyoncé, right? Well, we lost Michelle Obama because Oprah found out about our special and she kicked into high gear and decided to do her own interview and prime time special all about Black women.
She picked our pocket.
And, by the way, it was Pete.
- Pete? - Uh-huh.
I spoke to an executive I know over at Harpo, and he told me that Pete traded all the inside information on our special for a cushy job at that new streaming service.
He knew a good thing when he saw it.
We all came together to take out Pete and He got the final word.
[SIGHING] PATRICK: Why are you makin' the kids' lunches? Amika not available again? I enrolled the kids into daycare.
- Daycare? - NIECY: Mm-hm.
They start in the morning.
Our childcare agreement was great in theory.
But it came down to me depending on somebody what wasn't in it, so, I've gotta fend for myself.
Mm-hm, you can't help anyone who doesn't wanna help themselves.
[LAUGHS] That used to be me.
You know, I was thinking that one man or another could solve all my problems, and then I thought I found the answer in sisterhood empowerment, but now I guess I've gotta do it all on my own.
Well, it's called growing up.
We all have to do it.
You, too.
Alright, cool Yo Ray Blizzy on the mic This one's for my men and my women Uh uh-huh, uh-huh yeah People will always act genuine When you don't see it comin' You better open your eyes Did you know someone Who swears you're the one On his mother's life A tough business we're in, isn't it? [HEAVY SIGH] That's right.
We'll survive.
I'm gonna help you do 20 nightly specials.
Yeah they want your Honey From the Queen Bee They want your Honey From the Queen Bee Hey! Have you seen what Dani's supporters are tweeting? - Oh.
- Yeah.
The second verse is dedicated to the men Some just want that thing - Yikes! - Mm-hm.
They really hated her interview with Marci.
She showed some understanding and they ate her for lunch.
You're havin' a baby by somebody lazy Takin' a piece of your pie You better be payin' attention to this lesson You better be wise With the honey [MIXED CONVERSATIONS] Hey.
I wanted to, uh apologize for my behavior the other night.
No need.
You know, I'm just over the moon about Mary Jane.
She's the real deal, isn't she? She is.
You're gonna marry her.
Will you ever stop trying to marry me off? I just want you to be happy.
Do you love her? It's all very new.
But I do.
Would you still love her if she wasn't the anchor? Like what if she wanted to quit her job tomorrow? I love her, not what she does.
Okay, but what about her success? Simone worried about that with you.
Simone was much more ambitious than I was.
Maybe, but I think you're the one still trying to prove something.
[QUIET LAUGH] - Are you sure it's okay? - Yeh, it's fine.
You can put your bag down in the family room.
Is everything okay? A pipe burst in Javon's building.
The mattress was soaked.
I told him he could stay here for the night, if that's okay with you.
Yeah, but doesn't he have any family? He's not welcome there.
Hmmm You know, um I've been meaning to say, uhum I'm sorry for how I've been lately.
You know, it's hard to see you in pain, son.
But I was gonna wait till you were ready to talk.
You know, they say you can't choose your family.
But you you actually did choose me.
You made a big sacrifice.
That's the kind of man you are.
I never regretted a second of it.
[QUIET LAUGH] Even though I gave you plenty of reasons to.
It's okay.
That's called family.
PATRICK: [HEAVY SIGH] Thank you for coming.
JUSTIN: I know how much this special meant to you.
I should warn you that Ty and Aaliyah are coming over any minute.
We're gonna drown our sorrows together.
It's okay.
I only need a minute.
You sure you don't wanna stay for a girls and gay game night? I think I'm good.
I wanted you to know that I decided not to give away my money.
Your money? Not Simone's? No, it's my money.
It's all mine.
And we're gonna decide what to do with it, together.
- Are you sure? - I am.
[KISSES] AALIYAH: An anteater? Aaa walrus? - You know what? It's slimy.
- Aaa snake? - It turns into a butterfly.
- Aa moth? - It has a bunch of legs.
- Uh - And it likes leaves.
- A rabbit? Oh, God Does a rabbit turn into a butterfly? It's what a butterfly is before it becomes a butterfly.
- A larvae? - It has a shield.
- Uhuh - It bursts out of its cocoon, and then it becomes a butterfly.
- A baby butterfly? - MARY JANE: Oh, Lord - [BUZZER RINGS] - A caterpillar.
- Oh, man! - Girl, you suck.
Here, give me the phone.
Come sit down.
- [PHONE MUSICAL TONE] - Oh! Hey, it's ringing.
- Who is it? - It's Garrett.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, I don't wanna talk to him.
- Not now.
- Oh, okay.
Well, you do it.
I ain't gonna.
[WHISPERING] You have to talk to him.
This is Mary Jane Paul.
GARRETT: Hey, Mary Jane.
[INAUDIBLE] Yeah, yeah, hold on just a second.
GARRETT: [CONTINUES, INAUDIBLE] TY: Callin' this late, it's gotta be important.
Thanks, Garrett.
TY: Hey, are you okay? AALIYAH: What did Garrett want? MARY JANE: Nothing.
TY: Your boss called you at 10:00 o'clock on a school night for nothing? Am I gonna walk into a shit storm tomorrow? Don't lie to your publicist.
He feels bad about me losing the special.
As he should.
MARY JANE: So, he did something for me.
Which was? He convinced the brass to give me a vote on his replacement.
So you have to choose between Kara and Justin? Either my best friend or my boyfriend is gonna end up hating me.