Being Mary Jane (2013) s04e20 Episode Script

Feeling Tested

1 MARY JANE: Previously, on "Being Mary Jane" - TIFFFANY: Do you love her? - I do.
Would you still love her if she wasn't the anchor? I love her, not what she does.
Simone worried about that with you.
- Please don't go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
This is for you.
Garrett convinced the brass to give me a vote on his replacement.
So you have to choose between Kara and Justin? Either my best friend or my boyfriend is gonna end up hating me.
ALL: [LAUGHING] MARY JANE: Oh, God Oh You know, if you keep impugning my authority in front of our staffers, I might write you up for insubordination.
MARY JANE: Everyone knows I don't kowtow to anyone not even my husband, not even my husband.
I'm also your executive producer.
Well, Mr.
Executive Producer Mm-hm.
Are you sure there isn't anything I can do to convince you to see things my way? JUSTIN: [SIGHS] You don't fight fair.
Karrueche Tran is a go, everyone! ALL: [CHEERING] Gloat all you want.
You still gotta pick up J for soccer practice.
Got it? There you go.
Okay Mommy, who was that? Just somebody I used to know, baby.
Go back to sleep.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] JUSTIN: Not bad, huh? The network could not wait to tout the show's return to #1 in the ratings.
Now you've got your billboard and I've got what gets me that corner office.
Why are you showing me yesterday's news? Because I got you Prince Harry.
You booked the British prince for an interview.
The British prince and his girlfriend Meghan Markle.
I've been pitching Prince Harry for months and you consistently poo-poo'd it.
What gives? Sawyer's still sore that "GMA" got the first solo interview with the duchess a year ago.
Ah, you're trying to impress the brass.
This should guarantee me Garrett's job.
What's got him in such a good mood and you so glum? Nothing.
So, have you got something for me? Remember how disappointed you were that we lost the, uh, prime time special? Well, we're still doing the special, except we're doing its a "GDU" segment.
- What's the catch? - There is no catch.
We're gonna assemble a panel of women Garrett is never going to approve a segment about Black women.
It's not even Black History Month.
But I made him see it as a way to capitalize on two topics that are trending big right now Jordan Peele's new movie, which is all about Black women, and the interest in your personal life.
- Nice.
- Right? And you know what we're not gonna call it a "panel.
" We're gonna frame it as a gathering of women at MJ's breakfast table.
- Like a mini "View.
" - Exactly.
That's genius.
Hey, somebody's gotta fill Garrett's job, so why not me? [LAUGHING] Right.
DANI'S VOICE: Look, I'm not disagreeing things need - Is that Dani? - Mm-hm.
Oh, boy, are her followers still pissed at her for supporting Muslims? GARRETT: Unfortunately, it's gotten even worse.
Some conservative nut job accosted her on her way home from work yesterday.
What? Oh, my gosh, poor woman.
All she did was show a little compassion.
Yeah, well, thankfully she wasn't hurt, but we're beefing up security and providing her an escort just to be safe.
That's good, but if she really wants this to stop, she should do what Megyn Kelly did.
Have some conservative pundit clear her name? - Kiss the ring.
- Hm.
- Yeah.
- Not a bad idea.
- Mm-hm.
- I'll talk to Dani about it.
What a surprise.
I brought you a little something for dinner.
Oh, thank you so much, Marguerite.
That's very thoughtful of you.
And I'm sure my kids and I are gonna like it.
Paul I know when Edward passed, Lord rest his soul, it took me a while to bounce back.
Um, Helen's not dead.
[LAUGHS] I didn't mean it like that.
Just know, with everything you're going through, if you ever need a friendly ear, I am just a phone call away.
I certainly will remember that.
Thank you again, Marguerite.
That's Marguerite from church? PAUL SR: Yeah.
Listen, uh, you take this.
I'm not hungry.
Oh [WHISTLES THROUGH TEETH] Mom's barely out the door and the sharks are already circling.
NIECY: [LAUGHS] Those old church widows are worse than sharks.
They circle before the blood even hits the water.
PATRICK: [LAUGHS] Maybe it'll all blow over in another day or so.
You think he'll just take her back just like that? Well, you see how lost he is.
Yeah, well, Grandma seems pretty lonely, too.
It can't go on much longer like this.
Trust me.
Well, in the meantime, there's no need for this food to go to waste.
Nah, you're not gonna eat it, are you? I am.
I'ma dig right in.
Um, well, uh Damn.
[WHISPERING] It's better than Grandma's.
Oh oh oh oh I do not envy you, Mary Jane.
How do you choose between your best friend and your boyfriend? You say "boyfriend" like she's deciding who to take to prom.
Justin is her "man," her "ride or die.
" Kara's been riding or dying for Mary Jane way longer than Justin.
But your man takes precedence over your friends.
AALIYAH: If she overlooks Kara's talent and loyalty in favor of Justin, she won't have her as a friend.
Well, that's a bit of a stretch.
Unless you know something I don't.
[SIGHS] Okay, you did not hear this from me, but Kara took a meeting with Ronda about her talk show.
Whoa, no, bullshit, bullshit! Even if she took the meeting, she would never take the job.
Then why didn't she tell you? I'd better roll another one.
- JUSTIN: Hey.
- Hey.
Were you at work the whole time? I had drinks with Aaron.
He wants me to be Garrett's replacement.
MARY JANE: [LAUGHS] No, he hates the fact that it's you and Kara are the only ones in the running.
He did, but he knows one of us is gonna get the job, and he'd rather it be me.
You struck a deal with him.
We came to "an understanding.
" So, you have Aaron's vote.
And that Prince Harry interview Mm-hm.
is the feather I needed to win over Sawyer.
What if you don't win? For the sake of supposing, what if Kara did get the job? What would your reaction be? [EXHALES] Well, um in light of the uncertainty at "GDU," I put out a couple of discreet feelers about job opportunities as any smart person would have.
But I'm just hedging my bets.
I wanna stay at "GDU.
" Oh, of course.
But you would take another job, if you weren't promoted.
Hey, we don't need to worry about that.
Aaron and Sawyer aren't the only ones on the hiring committee.
Okay, Garrett, and the head of the department, they'd vote for Kara.
So that's a tie.
Two for Kara, two for you.
Mm-hm, and it's all gonna come down to one vote.
Now if it wasn't between me and Kara, they would allow you to weigh in.
But I think they're gonna give Felix a say.
The head of operations? And if I'm right, and he has the deciding vote, Garrett's job is mine.
Look, everyone makes mistakes, and Dani Hollins recognizes that the interview where she appeared to sympathize with Marci Livingston for employing and housing Syrian refugees I can't believe she took your advice and kissed the ring.
She finally expresses a compassionate opinion and she's gotta backtrack for fear of being attacked in the street.
Seriously? But, listen, we have to solidify this angle on the Mary Jane piece and we have to do it before the story meeting, so Okay, what about men? Wait, no, let's not make this about them.
- Yeah.
- MARY JANE: [GROANS] How about, um ooh, "A Black Woman's Guide to the Universe"? but we wanna include all women, right? Yeah, that's true.
What about "Women, Your Checklist Needs a 21st Century Update.
" - I think that's the one.
- And do you know what? I've already reached out to a few panelists.
So, if everything goes well, I think I have a real fighting chance against Justin and the prince.
I know mama, I'm sorry.
I know your name is Bennett and you ain't in it, but can I just tell you one little thing? I don't wanna jinx it, but if I get this executive producer job, I'm moving John and the kids to New York.
John agreed to that? He hates New York.
But he sees how hard I've been working, and how much I've been sacrificing with the boys, and he said yes.
I'm so excited, but I'm I'm getting ahead of myself.
I have to go and meet Orlando to go over the details for his retirement party.
You're still coming, right? I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Okay, great.
See you later.
Okay, well, the menu's taken care of.
You know, they tried to serve us finger foods and I was like, uh, no.
This is a Latin event.
We want the real grub.
And your mother's making your favorite, since she can't be here, so Orlando? Yes.
What's the matter, papi? Hey, do you wanna postpone this until your mother gets back from your sister's? No, no, my mom's not the problem.
I So, what's the matter? Are you nervous about making your announcement? No I'm meeting Connie tomorrow.
Oh, the co-host of the new show? And word is she doesn't have a very high opinion of me.
That's just stupid gossip.
No, my agent told me.
She thinks I'm just another dumb jock.
Oh, pffft! Well, she's probably right.
- Okay, stop, stop.
- What am I thinking? Orlando, this is just nervous talk, okay? Listen, why don't you invite her to the retirement party? You're gonna be surrounded by everybody who loves you.
It'll be a great way for you to break the ice with Connie in a very comfortable environment, hm? You really think that'll work? I know it'll work.
There's no way that woman's gonna walk out of this bar thinking you're some dumb jock.
- Hey.
- Hm? - Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
And the panel will feature a host of feminists, bloggers, journalists, all with huge social media following, so, we can make this a real event.
We're not really gonna move forward with this, are we? Uh, what don't you like about it? Sorry, ladies, but this is "GDU," not an episode of "Sex In the City.
" Our ratings just recovered.
It seems a little too soon to be taking such a risk.
These are important issues, Aaron.
No, but Aaron does have a point.
I'm sorry, aren't we forgetting something? Most of our viewers are women.
Mary Jane is exactly right.
Look, it makes perfect sense to appeal to that audience directly by featuring interesting discussions of stories and and issues that are important to women.
You don't agree with Aaron that it's too risky? Aaron, look, with all due respect, we're talking about one segment here, right? If it doesn't work, the effect will be minimal, if anything at all.
If it does connect, it could be a ratings boon for all of us.
- If it does - Okay, I'm in.
Let's try the segment.
But, Kara, Mary Jane, I want you to focus on packaging this piece to appeal to the widest demographic, okay? Let's, umlet's see how ready and willing our viewers are to dive into the issues.
Thank you, Garrett.
Don't thank me, thank Justin whose sound and rational argument exhibited the kind of leadership skills that "GDU" needs more of.
[DOORBELL RINGS] Good afternoon, Paul.
Don't you look handsome.
What a surprise, Constance.
I brought you some fried chicken.
PAUL SR: [CHUCKLING] And my sweet potato pie.
[LAUGHS COYLY] Why, I thank you so much, Constance.
Any time.
PAUL SR: [CLEARS THROAT] PATRICK: Hmph, were gonna have to start freezing these, Dad.
How do we generate so much laundry? Grandma made it look easy.
Grandpa, are you gonna eat some of this food? No, I'm I'm not interested.
Oh, come on, there has to be something here that you like.
I'm really not hungry.
KARA: That passionate defense in there, very uncharacteristic of Mr.
Look, that's what I've been trying to tell you.
Underneath all of that sexy ambition, Justin's a good guy.
Justin knows that Aaron's on the hiring committee, so, why is he sticking up for me? Maybe he's trying to get on the good side of his new boss you.
We both know that he's not giving up the fight that easily.
I know him.
He's working some kind of angle.
Some people need power.
Yeah, what are you gonna do about that? BOTH: [LAUGHING] Because they have seen Ferguson before.
They - JUSTIN: Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't get a chance to thank you for what you did for me in the story meeting.
It's not necessary.
I know deep down you probably agree with Aaron's objections.
I think he raised a valid point.
But I also know what you're capable of.
This segment, in your skilled hands, can be spun into gold.
So, look, here's the dossier with all the subjects we need to cover for the Prince Harry interview.
Take a look at it, and we'll get into the specifics later.
I'm gonna see you tonight, right? I thought Garrett's poker game was tonight.
Yeah, look, there's really no upside to me going to that, you know, and if I lose, I'm gonna look bad.
If I win, and take their money, I'm gonna look bad, and odds are Garrett's probably gonna skip it, too, for the very same reasons.
You are probably right.
It's a crucial time, you know? I've justI've just gotta play everything right right now.
Wow, you're reallyreally fighting hard for this job.
I'm fighting hard for us.
Look, II didn't wanna say anything, but when I was putting out feelers for work, I was offered a job, in LA, to executive produce a new political talk show for VICE.
Wow, congratulations, that that is a great offer.
Thank you.
It is.
But the last thing I wanna do is put us in a position where I have to consider taking this job and moving.
But if Kara wins, I [SIGHING] I don't know if I'll have a choice.
Couldn't you just stay in your current position? You'd still be senior producer and at least we'd be together.
Do you really think Kara's gonna want me around? Oh, God, that's water under the bridge.
Oh, I'm glad you think so.
Look, nothing is certain.
I have to do everything in my power to make sure that I am the number one choice, okay? All right, I'll see you later.
[KISSES] Get back to work.
KARA: I just wanna say that I am very proud of the hard work that we've all done here at "Great Day USA" in the past five years.
Wow! And I'm even prouder because tonight we are nominated for more awards than any other show.
- ALL: [HOOTING] - And This wouldn't have happened without you at the helm.
So, let's all raise our glasses to "Great Day USA.
" - MARY JANE: Cheers! - ALL: Cheers! [GLASSES CLINK] - KARA: We did it.
- MARY JANE: [LAUGHING] KARA: We did it! ALL: [APPLAUDING] Sweet, that feeling when you're hooked And you can't get enough Are you sure you don't wanna come by my place for a nightcap? I can't, girl.
Orlando promised me a hot oil massage.
He took classes and everything.
All right, I'll see you at the studio.
Hey, congratulations, Mary Jane.
Hey, come on, buddy.
It's good? Yeah, guess so.
Let's go.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - [GASPS] Must be some dream you're having.
Can I get you anything? No, thank you.
Were you working? Take a look.
That's the view from the condo on Necker Island.
What condo on Necker Island? Our condo on Necker Island.
Shut up! I just bought it.
[GASPING, LAUGHING] And as soon as I get Garrett's job, we can schedule our first trip.
Wait, wait, wait a second, wait a second.
When I mentioned this before, you totally balked at the five figure rental price, but now you've plunked down seven figures to buy the place? What happened? [HEAVY SIGH] Did Tiffany have something to do with this, huh? You and Tiffany are both very persuasive.
Look, Simone wanted me to be happy.
Seeing you smile does that.
See? See? [STEEL DRUM MUSIC] So how bad would it be if I chose Justin? It would be so good.
DANI: Mary Jane.
Hey, can I talk to you for a second? Yeah, sure.
[STEEL DRUM MUSIC CONTINUES] These trolls, they turn on you the minute you voice any opinion that differs from theirs.
If I have to constantly backtrack my reporting because my constituents don't agree, then it's not worth it.
I mean, I'd rather have credibility than my followers.
You are sounding less like a blogger and more like a real journalist every day.
Why, thank you I think.
Look, you should join the women's panel.
We can show the viewers that that even though we have opposing political views, that we're both women with a ton of common ground.
That would be so cool.
Really, thank you.
I appreciate that.
No problem.
DANI: [LAUGHS] Oh, um, I meant to ask.
Is it true? Do you have the deciding vote on Garrett's replacement? Uh, no.
What what would make you think that? Oh, I just thought I heard Justin and Aaron talking about it.
Probably heard wrong.
It's a good thing it's not true, though.
Wouldn't that be awful having to choose between your man and your bestie? [LAUGHS] Yeah.
[SIGHING] So, ladies, tell me, why are women still pining for marriage and family when the game has clearly changed? Oh, you're right.
The institution isn't what it used to be.
Marriage rates have been on a steady decline since the '80s.
Well, we might be doing ourselves a disservice by comparing 21st century marriage rates to those of decades past.
I think that we have to ask ourselves why are marriage rates on the decline, anyway? I think it's because the men simply aren't out there.
I mean, Black women know a lot about that.
When it comes to starting families, we stopped waiting on men a long time ago.
Because the jobs aren't there, right? A lack of economic stability means fewer suitable partners for women of all stripes.
When faced with limited employment options, and depressed wages, it's no wonder that some men forgo starting families.
It's also understandable that some women choose to start families on their own.
Well, look at Shonda Rhimes.
She's single and has three kids.
And more power to her.
But I'm not raising no kids without a man.
I need to have "wait until your daddy gets home" - in my back pocket.
- DANI: [LAUGHS] Exactly.
But why is it that it all falls on the woman to try to fight to make those dreams a reality all on her own? Why aren't men fighting for families as well? Who says men aren't? There's only so much they can do without good government policies supporting families health care, jobs, education.
Or take paid family leave.
Among the lowest wages workers, women of all races and men of color, 97 percent of them don't have paid family leave.
Hey DaniWe need to hear what the White girl has to say.
MARY JANE: Dani, as a woman from middle America, do you agree that society is the problem? DANI: Absolutely not.
These men have to take responsibility.
But what if the years go by and he still hasn't shown up? What then? Be like Shonda.
Do it yourself.
But, I mean, look look, I have been thirsty for a man my whole life, right? But some of us have a hard time getting to that point.
Well, because we bought into the notion that without a man, we'll live a life of doom.
Well, that's what society teaches us, right? That if you dare have a child without a man, that child is gonna be prone to all sorts of societal ills from poverty, to drugs, to alcoholism, all because a man isn't present.
But I'm realizing I think I might be enough.
If we lived in a society that actually supported women and children, I would be enough to be sole parent and provider for a family.
Does Justin know about this? 'Cause you sound like you wanna be single.
WOMEN: [LAUGHING] The finer point that I was trying to make is that if women can build empires in our careers, why can't we build families without husbands? Without men, perhaps, women are enough.
I still want one, though.
WOMEN: [LAUGHING] - [BELL RINGS ON SET] - DANI: Ohhhh I didn't mean to imply that I think you're obsolete.
No, I didn't take it that way.
- [KISSES] - No? It didn't bother you, like, at all? Not even when Dani referenced you on air? Even after we both agreed there'd be no more public displays? I really thought you'd be furious.
That segment allowed you to connect with viewers in a way I've never seen before, right? That's a good thing.
That's why America loves you.
It's why I love you.
What did you just say? [SIGHING] Okay, you want me to repeat it? Oh, wow.
How long have you known? Known what? It's obvious you know that they're giving me a vote.
So, how long have you known? Wait, you for Garrett's replacement, you have the vote? Duh, it's you've been saying all the right things.
You've been doing all kinds of out of character shit.
Come on, Justin.
[GROANING] No, no, this is the first How long have you known? This is the first I'm hearing this.
I know Aaron has told you.
Aaron didn't tell me shit.
So, let me get this straight.
You you've been keeping this information a secret from me this whole time, and you're accusing me of being duplicitous.
You're serious.
You didn't know? I didn't know.
If you don't believe me, ask Aaron.
I didn't know.
I had no idea.
But now now I'm curious.
Let me get this straight.
So, my girl, when was she gonna tell me that she had the deciding vote for my promotion, hm? Yeah, okay, well, now you're quiet.
That makes sense.
You had a lot of shit to say before.
- I'm sorry, Justin.
- You know what? Okay? I'm sorry.
You shouldn't be the one that's sorry.
I am.
I really am.
You don't trust me still.
After all the work I've done.
You wanted the anchor chair.
I got you the anchor chair.
You thought I got Kara fired.
II got Kara her job back.
You wanted Prince Harry.
I gave you Prince Harry.
You wanted Necker Island.
I give you Necker Island.
You wanted to do your special.
I helped save your special I do all these things to show you how I feel, to show you that I believe in you.
But you, you use it as more reason to doubt me.
Maybe that's a pitfall of having a relationship that started the way ours did.
Maybe, Justin, there will always be asliver of doubt.
And what does that mean, exactly? Did you choose Kara? Oh.
Baby, we are this close this close to realizing our dreams, everything that we talked about.
Do you love me? I do love you.
[HEAVY SIGH] If you look at what I've done you'll know that everything I'm saying is true.
Yeah, um, the hiring committee is waiting for us upstairs, so, um, have you made your decision yet? After much consideration I have.
ALL: [APPLAUDING] Thank you.
Thank you, everyone, for a great show this morning.
As all of you know, today is my last day as EP.
I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed my time here.
Your hard work and dedication to this show, uh, has been most appreciated.
Now, uh, there's just one final bit of housekeeping.
A decision has been made on my replacement.
And I am thrilled to announce that "GDU"'s new Executive Producer will be KARA LYNCH.
KARA: Woo! ALL: [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] GARRETT: Congratulations, Kara.
MARY JANE: Justin! Why? After everything we talked about why? You and Kara are both more than qualified to run this show.
I mean, look at what you've you've each done just this week alone.
She revived my panel on women.
You're not answering my question.
Kara will take this show to new heights, Justin.
I know it.
And I think that, um, I was afraid that if I picked you, I would just be doing it out of fear.
Fear? Fear that if I didn't choose you, then that would that would be the end of our relationship.
Butbutif if our relationship is really meant to withstand the test of time, then it'll withstand this.
Right? MARY JANE: Where are you going? You made your decision now I'm gonna live up to your expectations.
Don't sneak up on me like that.
Oh, don't worry.
Dad and Grandpa are out playing golf.
They won't be back for a couple of hours.
Well, I'm glad he and Paul made up.
He'll come around to you, too.
In their own time, right? Mm-hm.
Now, Niecy, I don't think Grandpa has taken his medicine.
No, I've been making sure he stays on top of it.
- You've been refilling it? - Mm-hm.
Wow, you've been steppin' up around here, Miss Niecy.
Be right back.
I'll answer the door.
Oh, Marguerite? Helen? I was just being neighborly bringing Paul and the kids my caramel cake.
HELEN: Mm-hm.
Everyone's heard about the troubles you're having.
I just wanted to do my part to help.
You are barking up the wrong tree.
Paul and I are still married, and I would appreciate it if you would just keep your distance.
And you can keep that little dried-up looking cake, too.
The nerve! And wearin' a church hat! Don't worry, Grandpa hasn't touched any of those dishes.
Dishes? You mean there's more? Oh, hell, no! [SIGHING] Those damn thirsty bitches better lay off my man! [SCOFFS] All this mediocre mess.
I'll give him something he can't refuse.
Mm-hm! [LAUGHS] Grandma, those old biddies don't got nothin' on you.
MARY JANE: Now, do you wanna tell me what's wrong? KARA: What do you mean? I'm just getting ready for the party.
Kara, your hands are shaking.
KARA: [HEAVY SIGH] [SIGHS] I think Orlando is planning on proposing tonight.
- What? - Yes.
What makes you think that? 'Cause, look MARY JANE: [GASPS] Yeah, I found it in his bag when I was doing laundry.
And you took a photo of it? Yes! I learned from the best.
Isn't it beautiful? My God So, why aren't you more excited? KARA: [SIGHS] Honestly, ever since my divorce from John, I've just been so laser-focused on my career, I never even considered the possibility of getting married again.
II thought I was done with that especially with a guy like Orlando.
I mean, he's so young.
Younger guys are not supposed to want to put the ring on it.
They do when they recognize they have a good woman and they don't wanna lose her.
I don't know, I just I feel like I I'm on the precipice of getting everything I want right now.
You know, my dream job finding a man that I never thought I'd find, you know? I just I don't know, something deep down inside of me is not letting me trust it.
- Which part? - Any of it.
You wanna marry him, right? Yeah.
So, listen to me.
Good things are happening to you because you deserve it.
So, embrace it and rejoice, because, honey, this is just the beginning.
[QUIET LAUGH] Thanks, mama.
Now come here.
Let me What are you doing? I'm oiling up the ring finger, so the rock slides on.
Oh, God [LAUGHING] Oh I feel like I'm being insensitive towards you.
[HEAVY SIGH] Listen, uh, you don't have to come to this thing tonight.
Life doesn't stop just because Justin left.
I wanna be there for you.
I know and I appreciate that, I really, really do.
But letting you off the hook for tonight is me being there for you, hm? [POOL BALLS CLACK] Kara.
- Hey.
- Hi! - Mi Amor! - Papi! The party can finally get started.
Oh, congratulations, baby.
I'm so proud of you.
You look gorgeous.
Aw, thank you.
- WOMAN: Hello.
- ORLANDO: Connie.
This is my girlfriend, Kara.
Kara, this is my new co-host Connie.
Kara, Orlando speaks very highly of you.
And congratulations on the promotion.
Thank you.
It's very nice to meet you.
Orlando's very excited about the new show.
Oh, Orlando, your cousin Marco challenged me to a shots contest.
I'm gonna drink him under the table.
You have to come watch.
I'll be right there in a second.
Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
- CONNIE: Bye.
Oh, Marco.
You two seem very familiar.
Yeah, we had a drink before the party and kind of hit it off.
Mm, really? Yeah, she's been giving me advice about being an anchor.
You were right, mi Amor, I have nothing to worry about.
GARRETT: [TAPPING GLASS] Gather around, people.
I think it's time we hear from the man of the hour, himself, - Orlando! - MARCO: Orlando! ALL: [APPLAUDING, CHEERING] Thank you all for coming.
Uh, before I make the announcement public tomorrow, I wanted to celebrate my retirement with all the people who've made my professional baseball career so memorable, especially my coaches, and my teammates.
It's been an incredible journey.
I'm never gonna forget you guys.
But I also wanna say something special to my Kara.
Oh Without her, I wouldn't be moving on to the next phase of my career.
You pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go.
Orlando, this night is about you, not me.
This night is about us.
Everyone, a round of applause for this woman who is the first Latina executive producer of the highest-rated morning show in the country! ALL: [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Kara, I also have something very special to give you to mark this occasion.
Aww [LAUGHS] I knew you were gonna get that job.
I had it made especially for you.
Wow! Oh a name plate.
[LAUGHS] Look at this.
ALL: [APPLAUDING] MARCO: That's fine! [APPLAUSE CONTINUES] Baby To Kara! ALL: To Kara! [GLASSES CLINK] MARCO: Let's party, baby! ALL: [HOOTING] [PHONE BEEPS] KARA ON PHONE: Mary Jane, what's going on? I haven't heard from you.
I just wanted to check in.
Please call me when you get this and let me know you're okay.
[PHONE DISCONNECTS] I don't really know what I'm looking at.
Those are the two embryos.
They've developed nicely.
Before the implantation procedure, I like to give the patient an opportunity to see them.
[SIGHS] So, are you ready to proceed? More than ready.
PAUL SR: You know your cooking is hard to resist.
Can I serve you another helping? [CHUCKLES] Helen, if I have another bite, I'm gonna burst.
Oh, well, I hope you saved a little for your favorite red velvet cake.
[CHUCKLES] The kids say you have not been eating.
If I'm away that much longer, you're gonna just waste away to skin and bones.
Oh, Paul can you forgive me? [SIGHING] Can we put this behind us and move on? I wanna come home where I belong with you.
Helen you shouldn't have gone to all this trouble.
I'mI'm grateful.
I mean, there's no one who comes even close to your cooking.
But I'm beginning to see how tough it's gonna be not having it.
I have something.
- What's this? - I asked my attorney's advice how to best split up our marital assets.
And I think you should take the time to review this with your lawyer.
Helen I want you to know that I intend to make this transition as easy as possible for the entire family.
[KISSES] I really wanted to make a grand gesture.
I just couldn't decide which ones, so, I, uh [LAUGHS] I picked them all.
I apologize for walking out on you the other day.
I know how your mind works, and it's probably racing with a lot of crazy ideas.
You would not be wrong about that.
I'll be the first to admit that the loss of the promotion was devastating.
But when the dust settled, I realized it wasn't about the job.
It wasn't about Kara.
It wasn't about any of that.
The world isn't ours, but I know what's in my heart I just don't wanna move forward without you.
If you ain't mine, I'll be torn apart Before, I wasn't one hundred percent that I could separate Mary Jane the anchor from Mary Jane the woman.
Justin, it But now I can and I wanna pitch a new dream I want you to love me now to replace that old one.
You and me.
The two of us.
Let's grow old together.
Hm? With our kids.
Mary Jane Oh oh love me now will you marry me? Oh oh love me now Oh oh oh oh love me now Oh love me now Oh oh oh oh