Bel-Air (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Dreams and Nightmares

1 [J.
I want y'all to tell me something.
What's a king without a crown? [ECHOING.]
Crown, crown, crown, crown.
First things first [SIREN WAILING FAINTLY.]
Man, if I get rocked, this shit for my kids, nigga It's that real shit Even though what we do is wrong We still hustle till the sun come up Crack a 40 when the sun go down It's a cold winter Y'all niggas better bundle up And I bet it be a hotter summer Grab a onion just to rock it down You hot now, listen up [MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY.]
Is to lock this down - [LAUGHS.]
- Morning, Mama.
Morning, babe.
I'm guessing you smelled the cheese eggs, huh? Mm-hmm.
You know that game day breakfast be hitting super different.
I'm glad you're feeling good, because the VCU scouts are coming to the game this afternoon.
- Oh, word? - Mm-hmm.
Well, good, 'cause you know the young West Philly GOA gonna drop 30 on them.
Bow! - Oh! - Yeah.
How about you drop off the garbage at the curb on your way out, Mr.
- Hey.
- Hey, yo! Ah! Tray Melbert just dunked on Will Smith's head.
Oh, yeah? Tray Melbert about to get his ass kicked.
- Hey! Now, y'all two better go on somewhere with all that foolishness.
- BOTH: Sorry, Mrs.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry, my old Black ass.
We still try to keep Mom smilin' 'Cause when her teeth stop showin' And her stomach starts growlin' Then the heat start flowin' If you from the hood, I know you feel me If a sneak start leaning and the heat stop workin' Then my heat start working, I'ma rob me a person Nice job, Will.
You too, Tray.
- Pleasant surprise.
- You know me, Mrs.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Go, go, go.
Yes! Thank you.
Let's go, baby.
Come on, you got this.
Iso Will.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir! Hold it down.
Hold it down, y'all.
Hold it down.
Good win, y'all.
Game ball goes to Will.
Way to bring it home, young boul.
Hey, Will, don't forget your day ones when you in Virginia living that D-I college life.
Man, you know I'ma rep West Philly wherever I go.
Real rap.
Hey, first day on campus, you know what jawn - you gotta hit 'em with right? - What? - Hold on, wait a minute - ALL: Hey, hey, hey - Hold on, wait a minute - ALL: Hey, hey, hey - Hold on, wait a minute - Hey ALL: Y'all thought I was finished When I bought that Aston Martin Y'all thought it was rented Flexing on these niggas, I'm like Popeye on his spinach Double-M, yeah, that's my team Rozay the captain, I'm lieutenant, ah Boy, I slide down on your block Bike on 12 o'clock And they be throwing deuces On the same nigga they watch And I'm the king of my city 'Cause I'm still calling them shots And these lames talking that bullshit Hey, Will, I heard you dropped 30, boy.
Yeah, you know the vibes, boy.
That's crazy.
- BOTH: Hey! - Hey, yo.
Jumper felt good today, Mama.
You know I had to get that dunk for you.
I'm so proud of you, babe.
Ooh, the VCU folks, they wanna set up a visit to the campus in Richmond next month.
Said they're gonna roll out the red carpet for you, Mr.
- Yeah? - 'Ey.
- Stop.
Yeah, that's what up.
Um, I thought you'd be a little more excited, babe.
What's wrong? Virginia's kind of far away.
I still think I'd rather play at a Philly college, you know? Will, look, I know the thought of leaving Philly is scary.
No, I ain't scared, Ma.
It's just, I love my hood, you know what I'm saying? - Philly's home.
- Good game, superstar.
Don't forget to text me this weekend.
Ooh, you know the vibes.
I got you.
You see what I'm saying? [LAUGHTER.]
You're meant to see so much more than these 14 square miles, son.
Your crown is waiting as soon as you find - Soon as I find - BOTH: The courage to wear it.
- That's right.
That's right.
- I know.
I know.
I gotta get to work.
Got the late, late shift tonight.
You need a ride home? No, I'ma kick it with Tray for a little bit.
Well, don't be home too late.
I love you.
Love you, baby.
Bro, all a cheesesteak need is salt, pepper, ketchup, fried onion.
Why you adding mayo? 'Cause the mayo's what sets the sandwich off, bro.
I'm telling you, try it.
Shit's on a bean.
Hell nah.
Yo, you drawn.
No, no, man.
Mayo on a cheese steak is disrespectful, yo.
Hey, yo.
Why y'all niggas ain't buy me one? [SCOFFS.]
Man, here he go.
Get your own cheesesteak, Darnell, since you out here getting paid.
Man, y'all should be out here getting paid with me.
I can holla at Rashad, put y'all on some work ASAP.
Hell, nah.
We putting in work on the ball court, that's it.
- Yeah, you do you.
- Facts.
My boul Will's finna get a D-I scholarship, you feel me? So they just out here giving scholarships to anyone, huh? You don't got one, hater.
Man, we both know if I ain't go to juvie, your goofy ass been on the bench passing me Gatorade.
- Watch your fucking mouth, bro.
- Or what? Look at y'all scary-ass niggas.
I bet y'all ain't man enough to pull up to the court later.
It's my city.
Y'all niggas want that smoke, y'all know where to find me.
I could not fuck with no basics Chump-ass niggas.
Fuck outta here.
People behind me, they chasing [ENGINE REVVING.]
This my city, niggas! I'll do the dance on the pavement, basic I could not fuck with no basics at all I'm in the front and I'm racing People behind me, they chasing I'll do the dance on the pavement I'll do the dance on the pavement It's been three hours.
Why you still tripping? Yo, Will, Darnell was just flexing, man.
- For real, let that shit go.
- I ain't letting shit go.
Boul talking like he run West Philly.
Who cares? Haters gonna hate, bro.
- You ain't got nothing to prove.
- I gotta prove it to myself.
So what if this shit goes left? What about your VCU scholarship? Man, that scholarship don't mean shit if I ain't got respect in my own hood, Tray.
All I got is West Philly.
Is you riding or not? Come on, bro, you know I'm riding.
- All right, then.
- Hey, hold up, though.
Since Darnell's out there strapped, - I brought a jawn with me.
- Yo, what the fuck? You trying to catch a gun charge out here? No, I ain't out here advertising the shit.
It's for protection, bro.
Just trying to make sure we make it home safe.
All right, man.
Keep that jawn tucked, all right? We not gonna need it.
Come on, let's go.
I put my foot on the gas, take off I cannot let these boys pass me Make a move and the scene gon' get nasty Oh, shit.
I guess Willy the college boy and Tray the scrub - want that smoke, huh? - Yeah, whatever.
Me and Tray versus you and whatever bum on your squad you trying to run with.
Game to 11, win by two.
You got some balls, college boy.
We can do that.
Let's bet something on it.
- I don't play for free.
- Shit.
You can bet whatever you want.
Nigga, how about you bet what I want? Oh, you done fucked up.
Yeah, Will, don't get quiet now.
You came on my strip on that rah-rah shit, thinking you boul on the court.
Now you gotta prove it.
Proving's what I do, Rashad.
Put something on it.
- Put something on it.
- I got some throwaway bread.
So here's what we about to do.
You two versus Darnell and Rod.
You win, I break you off 2 thou.
You lose, you work for me.
Talk, nigga.
All right, bet.
Yeah, all right.
Hey, Rashad.
Can you pay us in 20s? Check rock, you cocky motherfucker.
Just know that the come-up was real Do the gas, I don't fuck with the pills Leg scuffed, let's jump on the drill AP, yeah, I got some to kill No cleats when I jump in the field Face shot that'll fuck up his grill [CROWD CHEERING.]
So high, can't swerve at the wheel In the trap, know I move with the Glock Headshot, that maneuver is hot Go like Seth, he be shootin' a lot He don't know what to do with the rock Like my tempo, I move from the block Niggas rattin', I move with the cops Keep a stick 'cause I move with the guap Simon says if he move, he get popped I got a Glock and bro got a Glock And we goin' fishing' If I throw a shot, then he throw a shot - Then you goin' missin' - Let's get it! Niggas is games and niggas is lame - And y'all niggas bitches - Y'all niggas pussy And we gotta mop, then we gotta mop And we get the spinnin' [CROWD CHEERING.]
It's game point, dickhead.
You was never as good as me.
Don't forget it.
It's my city.
Give him two to his back like he wall Pussy ass, I can't get hard I tell her suck me off She use her neck and jaw Strap up, I can't go raw What I tell you? I let her ride the boat I like to ride with toast We turn your dog to a ghost They know that I do the most Keep a gun on my hip, fuck a holster I give the bitch the cold shoulder Bro doin' hits in the Rover I spent a rack on a jacket Tryin' to keep up, you know you don't have it Good girl tryin' to fuck with a savage She see I'm the shit with no glasses We can slide down his block with a 'matic We put that boy in a casket What the fuck? Yo, who threw that shit? Huh? I said who threw that shit? Was it you, dickhead? Hey, no, he ain't throw it, Rashad, chill.
Who the fuck you talking to, boul? Man, you just mad 'cause your boy Darnell got chalked out.
We won, they lost.
Like I said, we prefer 20s.
Shut the fuck up, Will.
You my son, you little bitch.
Get off me.
Get the fuck off me! Yo, let me go, bro! Will! Let go of me, bro! Get the fuck off me! Hey! [GUNSHOTS.]
Oh, shit! Go, go, go! Shit, we out! Watch out! You better use it.
'Cause if you don't, I'ma smoke your dumb ass.
Come on, come on, come on.
Will, move.
You got a gun? Do you have a gun? Take him down.
- My arm! - Stop resisting! Hey, get off me! Get off me! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Stop fucking moving! You hear me? [GROANS.]
You know them tears ain't gonna save you, right? [GUNSHOT ECHOES.]
- Hey, come on, man.
- Come on, Smith.
Move it.
Looks like it's your lucky morning.
Damn, young boul leaving already? Where you going? Fuck outta here.
Hey, yo, boul didn't even seen a judge yet.
How the fuck he getting out of here, huh? - You telling? - Fuck that, man! - Fucking snitch.
- Back off.
Bullshit! [BUZZER BLARES.]
Yeah, I got eyes everywhere, boul.
Watch your fucking back.
Mama, say something, please.
You could've been killed.
You know that, right? I can't believe you could be so damn foolish.
I was just trying to protect Tray.
With a gun? Well, where the hell did you even get it? - You better find some words.
- It wasn't mine.
- Then why was it in your hand? - 'Cause I I'm sorry, Mama.
Where are we going? To the airport.
What? Why? Because your flight to L.
leaves in 45 minutes.
- L.
? - I packed your suitcase.
What are you talking about L.
? You're gonna stay in Bel-Air with your aunt and your uncle.
What? I don't even know them.
All you need to know is that they're family.
Family we ain't talked to in years.
Mama, I got school, my friends, the team.
- I can't just leave Philly.
- You don't have a choice.
It's my life.
How you gonna say I don't got no choice? You better lower your damn voice and fix your tone right now.
Do I gotta go to court or something? No.
No, your uncle, he made some calls.
He fixed everything.
It's done.
Please, Mama.
Well, you pulled a gun on Rashad Denton.
He's not gonna let that go.
And I'm not gonna bury my son.
This is for your own good and for mine.
You got a second chance, baby.
Don't waste it.
Yeah, young un came up strong With a will to live It's like déjà vu I see it all the time Yeah, it's like déjà vu I see it all the time Yeah [FUNKY MUSIC.]
Eh, I ain't really sleep on the flight, but I thought it was nice, though.
No, Ma, I ain't see the car they sent for me at LAX, but it's all good.
I found another ride.
I love you too.
All right, bye.
You got enough air back there? I'm good, thanks.
No prob, no prob.
So North or West? Huh? What you mean, North or West? You from Philly, right? See, my hood compass is telling me West? Yeah.
Yeah, born and raised.
It's your first time in L.
, huh? Shit, first time outside of Philly.
- Word? - Yeah.
Well, as-salaam alaikum, homey.
Welcome to Cali.
- Appreciate you.
- Yeah.
'Cause I can't find my way Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Nobody move, hey Nobody move Hey, yo, can you pull this jawn over real quick? Yeah, I got you.
Appreciate you stopping, bro.
I had to get my mind right real quick.
Goddamn, this jawn crazy.
Yo, is this shit even real? Yup.
People come down here and work three jobs, pay two Gs a month for some shitty-ass apartment, six roommates, and a stack full of parking tickets.
All for this.
Is it worth it? It depends on who you ask, my G.
Now, look, bro, you gotta have fun while you here, but I got a word of advice for you.
This town will try to make you forget who you are and where you came from.
Don't let it do that.
Money, power, respect Keep a lifeline, keep a lifeline You ever call, I'll be there BOTH: Damn! I reach the stars from the stairs, yeah I love love when it's real [ENGINE SHUTS OFF, MUSIC STOPS.]
Yo, in Compton, we call this shit a come-up.
- I mean, a come-way-the-fuck-up.
- Yeah.
You did not tell me that your family was white.
- Thanks, bro.
Oh, yo, I just realized I ain't catch your name.
Oh, Jazz.
Two Zs.
Never been to Utah.
Got it.
- Appreciate the ride, fam.
- Of course.
- Yes, sir.
- Hold on.
Hold on.
- You owe me 150.
- Oh, right.
Uh, let me go get some money right quick.
Yeah, no rush.
I charge by the minute.
Relax, little man.
I got this.
How much is the fare? Uh, let's see.
Uh, LAX to Bel-Air.
Luxury ride.
Let's just call it 200? Sorted.
Appreciate it, bruv.
Yo, holla if you need me, Will.
Yes, sir.
Appreciate you, Jazz.
Um so I'm Will.
Who are you? Geoffrey Thomas, house manager.
Come, your aunt's eager to see you.
We were worried when you missed the car we sent for you.
How much money you got, a lot How many problems you got, a lot How many people that doubted you, a lot Left you out to rot, a lot How many pray that you flop, a lot How many lawyers you got, a lot How many times you got shot, a lot How many niggas you shot, a lot Yo, I got some rich-ass relatives.
Hey, yo, man, chill, Idris.
I can carry my own bags, man.
Idris, yeah? How original.
Will, oh, I'm so happy you're here.
- Aunt Viv.
Welcome, good to see you.
Geoffrey, will you please take Will's bags up to his room? We good? All right, but my Iverson poster better not come up missing, man.
I hear you, man.
AI's a ledge.
But I've always been a bit more of a King Kobe fan.
There's so much space.
Ah, yeah, well, I know it can feel overwhelming, but don't worry.
You'll know your way around here in no time.
Until then, can I get a map of this jawn? Ooh, there's that Philly swag.
Oh, I've missed it so much.
I am so sorry I couldn't pick you up from LAX myself today.
No, it's all good.
I see you got a party going on.
I wish it was as fun as a party, but forget all of that.
Are you all right? I mean, after everything that happened Yeah.
It's all good, Aunt Viv.
You know, got in one little fight, my mom got scared.
I'm just so happy you're okay.
Oh, I'm sure you must be exhausted.
Come on, let me show you up to your room.
Oh, actually, it'd be cool if I could go to the party.
Get some food, see my cousins, and thank Uncle Phil.
Um Of course you can.
Yes, you can.
Come on, let me show you around.
All right.
Okay, um, what type of party is this? Oh, it's a fundraiser for your Uncle Phil.
He's running for district attorney.
- Mm.
- Your mama didn't tell you? Mm-mm.
Hilary, look who I found.
Will, oh, my God.
Y'all, look at this.
- This is my cousin Will.
- No, no, no, no, okay.
- Put the phone down.
- He just got here from Philly.
Mom, I have 3,000 people watching my live.
Oh, you want 3,000 people to watch your mom throw your phone into the pool? 'Cause we can do that.
Okay, okay.
Anyway, if you want this recipe, - find it on my page.
- Okay, three seconds, Hilary.
Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe.
And bye, beautiful babes.
The Bel-Air princess has to go party.
The most boring party ever.
- Will, oh, my God.
- Hey.
- What's up? How are you? - Oh, yeah, you famous? Oh, I mean, no, yes.
My 75,000 followers like to think so.
- So, you know.
- Okay, you two, listen.
I have to get back and chatter with these donors.
Hilary, will you help Will find something to wear for the event? Oh, yes, yes, yes to the style sesh.
- I got you.
- Thank you.
Oh, Will, we are so happy that you're here.
Hmm? Hilary, no more social media for the rest of the party.
- I mean it.
- Okay, Mom.
I promise.
- Thank you.
- Dang.
My parents need some weed, like, good weed.
The indica hybrid or something.
- Oh, God.
- For real.
Okay, look, let's go find you something fit for a prince.
All right.
- Let's go.
- I'm so excited.
Okay, y'all, so update.
Sorry about that, annoying.
I'm gonna be styling my cuzzo.
Here he is.
He so cute.
And they wanna know if you're single.
- Yeah.
You know the vibes.
So now you know.
Okay, I will show you guys the finished look when it's all said and done.
I'm outie, bye.
Man, it's just Carlton in this jawn? Yeah, but, you know, this used to be my room.
But I moved to the pool house.
I just needed more space.
I needed the kitchen for my cooking tutorials, you know.
Ooh, oh, so you out here making that top-tier YouTube money.
I mean, not yet, but watch me.
In two years, I'm gonna be on Forbes and Mom's gonna be salty as fuck.
Anyway, come on.
- Let's do the styling session.
- All right.
Whoo! [SIGHS.]
Okay, so Carlton bought some suits for this growth spurt that never happened.
And they should fit you perfectly.
Ew, no.
Let me see.
Carlton plays lacrosse? Yeah, he's like, the Jackie Robinson of that shit.
Ooh, now, this is cute.
This mod is perfect.
Okay, Carlton, yes.
Okay, let me see.
- Mm, that's the one.
- Yeah? - That's fire.
- Okay.
And these.
- Okay.
- Period.
Get dressed.
- Okay.
I'm so talented.
I ain't no gangsta nigga Or street nigga who do that often But the way my life set up I know all them On God, look The pain won't stop me What do you think? Hilary Banks, you have done it again.
Yo, y'all backyard looking like a resort.
Yeah, Casa de Banks is a little bougie - but you get used to it.
- I bet you do.
Yeah, this party big as hell.
Eh, not really.
Honestly, this is just for, like, the top donors, like, CEOs, lawyers, Hollywood execs, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, you keep rocking that look.
I'm gonna go find the alcohol.
- Later, cuz.
- Later.
Okay, Bel-Air.
Yo, Uncle Phil.
What's up, man? Sorry to interrupt.
Yo, man, party's crazy, man.
This jawn litty as hell.
It's like the ROC Nation brunch out here.
- Will, what a pleasure.
- Word.
Um, right, listen, I had a lot of time to think on my flight, and I just wanted to say I appreciate you for whatever you did Ah, come here, give me some love.
Give me some love.
I'm glad you're safe.
We'll talk later.
Let me look at you.
Huh? Damn.
Fred, this is my nephew Will.
Will will be staying with us for a bit.
Looking sharp, young man.
Nice to meet you.
Fred Wilkes.
Hey, Freddy Fred.
What's the word? [LAUGHS.]
And this is Judge Robertson.
Hey, Robby Rob on the job.
What's up, man? Double back.
There you go.
Get the snap with it.
Yeah, you got it, man.
Heard a lot about you, Will.
Nice to finally meet you.
Hey, I'd rather meet you out here at a fancy dinner party than in a courtroom, you feel me? Boy, the old man can chat, innit? You must be hungry after your flight, Will.
Good idea, Geoffrey.
Will, let's get you fed, son.
There's plenty of options over there.
I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.
- Come on.
Food's this way.
- All right.
All right, I'll holla at you later, Uncle Phil.
Um, I'm really looking forward to clearing up my situation.
All right.
Your nephew's got some swagger, Phil.
Bet he's got quite a story.
- Cousin Will! - Whoa! Yo! Is this really baby Ashley almost taking me out like that? - Chill, dude, I'm 12.
- Whoa, my bad.
My bad.
Talk ya ish, young queen.
How you been? Aside from global warming and the polarized political climate in this country, fantastic.
Ash, why don't you hook up Will with some food? - Come on, Will.
- Let's do it.
A'ight, I'm gonna keep it tall.
I'm not feeling none of this fancy stuff.
You can order off-menu.
Anything you want.
I'm gonna go find Hilary.
Glad you're here, Will.
Anything I want.
Hey, papi! You think you can make me a cheesesteak, West Philly style? I think I can make that happen.
Okay, cool, let me get that with salt, pepper, ketchup, fried onions Before you walk into my court Hey, man, don't be afraid to brown them onions.
There you go.
Yo, matter of fact, man, - burn them jawns, man.
- You do know that "papi" runs one of the best restaurants in L.
, right? That don't mean he know how to make a West Philly cheesesteak, feel me? And I'm Will, by the way.
Not gonna lie, I'm loving the kicks with the suit.
Cuts quite a figure from a distance.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm.
How about up close? Hmm, it's pretty nice up close too.
- Yeah? - [LAUGHS.]
You know, you look pretty good too, Mona Lisa.
- Ah, you get that a lot? Yeah? Order up, Philly.
Oh, pardon me.
Yo, good looking out, yo.
'Bout to tear this jawn up.
Ooh, ooh.
Hey, yo, this jawn crazy.
Hey, pap, you making Philly real proud out here.
You got family out here or something? - Nah, Pittsburgh.
- Philadelphia the city of brotherly love and clogged arteries.
You're a long way from home, Will.
- Glad you made it in one piece.
- What up, Carlton? - How you been, bro? - Uh, good.
Hey, Lis.
I see you met my cousin.
Well, I'll let you two catch up.
Nice to meet you, Will, and I hope all is well, Carlton.
Hey, yo, she was cool as fuck.
Baddie too.
Yo, anyways, man, how you been, bro? It's been a minute.
You know, thriving.
You gonna ask me how I've been or Oh, you gonna tell me why you're wearing my clothes? Oh, shit.
Yeah, Hilary set me up.
Something about a failed growth spurt.
Yeah, no, it's cool.
Look, it's just, Dad believes that the details make the man.
So if you're gonna wear my $500 cufflinks, let's at least make sure that you wear them up right.
- Appreciate the help, cuz.
- Hey, no problem.
I'm sure I'll be helping you out a lot.
- What do you mean by that? - Oh, you know, helping you fit in at school, showing you around.
Mom and Dad said that you're out here for a better education.
Uh yeah, I mean, we still trying to figure out this little arrangement type jawn so Yeah, yeah.
Well, I hope one day, we can talk about why you're really here.
I gotta go.
Welcome to Bel-Air, Will.
- What's up? - Hey.
So they're ready for the big speech? A couple minutes.
Meaning there's plenty of time for me to take back my title from the champ over here.
This ain't lacrosse, bro.
And I don't do rematches.
Plus, you don't wanna mess up your hair.
Wouldn't wanna ruin a perfect Banks family moment, would we? Hey, what could go wrong with a photo op with us in it? I mean, look at us: pure, unadulterated Black excellence.
- Period.
- So real question.
Is Will gonna be up there with us? Mm, let's just ease him into it.
Seems like a lot for one day, hmm? No, I say we bring his ass onstage and make him suffer like the rest of us.
Give him the full Banks family experience.
Exactly, that means campaign events, talking points, and photo ops.
A big house, nice cars, a great education I mean, who wouldn't take that deal? So what are you saying, Carlton? Are you cool with Will being here? Seems like a cool dude.
Plus, I've always wanted a brother, but I got y'all, so Okay, they're ready for us.
Let's go be perfect.
Ladies and gentlemen, my family and I would like to welcome you all to our home and to express our sincere appreciation to you for your support of my campaign for Los Angeles district attorney.
I was compelled to launch this campaign because, well I'm tired, folks.
I'm tired of watching this broken system discard young Black men into the for-profit school-to-prison pipeline.
And if I'm elected DA, I will stop at nothing to ensure that justice prevails for everyone in our beautiful city.
Because together, we will change the status quo.
Hell of a day, huh, Will? Yeah, something like that.
No need to sit, Will.
I know you must be tired.
Trust me, this won't take long.
You know, I meant it when I said I'm glad you're here, but as long as you're under my roof, you follow my rules.
I trust you're smart enough to know what they are.
I got a mom and a crib back home.
I also got a brain that works.
Yet a gun found its way into your hand.
Brain take a day off? Man, you don't even know what happened.
I know you got arrested.
I also know that your fingerprints were found on an unregistered 9-millimeter Glock and that you'd still be sitting in a jail cell if it wasn't for me.
Jail or worse.
Look all I want is for us to have an understanding, son.
Yo, I ain't your son, and I ain't ask you to do shit for me.
Boy, I moved mountains to give you a second chance.
- Show some damn gratitude.
- For what? So you can use me as a campaign prop to show these rich people how much you care about poor Black kids from the hood? - That wasn't the point, Will.
- Then you gonna send me home after you win your little election? Look, if I could put you on a plane back to Philly tonight, I would.
But I can't.
We both know why.
How long am I supposed to be here? For the foreseeable future.
So here's the story.
You came to Bel-Air for a better education.
- Simple.
I need you to say it, Will.
I came to Bel-Air for a better education.
There, I said it.
Happy? Look, if you don't like the arrangement, you only have yourself to blame.
But this is how it's gonna be from now on.
I suggest you get used to it.
You can go.
Bullshit! Fuck! Fuck.
Yo, Will.
Bro, my fault I ain't call you back, man.
It's been a crazy-ass day.
Your mom told me you got sprung out of jail, but she won't say where you at.
You still in Philly, right? Nah, bro.
- I'm in L.
- L.
? Man, stop capping, yo.
No cap, man.
This shit happened so quick.
Bro, Rashad's got a bag on your head, bro.
He's saying you snitched to get out.
What? Bro, I ain't snitch on nobody.
The hell you get out of jail, then? My uncle pulled some crazy lawyer shit.
That's all I know.
Rashad wants you dead, bro.
I think I'm next.
You gotta come back and clear this shit up, like, ASAP.
Just be cool, a'ight? Be cool and lay low.
A'ight? I'm scared, bro.
I'm coming.
I'ma fix this.
All right, bro.
I just Venmo'd a hooker My friends know I'm a booger Cop something white and sugary I think I'm Puff, just look at me Feeling live at the barbecue Shorty thick Steve Harvey suit Grown and sexy, no promises I ain't cute, but my wallet is What the hell is this Jackie Chan, "Splinter Cell" shit? Probably start a family I'm a bad boy, let's coproduce Tell me what's your fantasy ODB with the golden tooth [GRUNTS.]
Yo, Jazz, man, I gotta get to LAX, man.
I gotta catch a midnight flight to Philly.
Wait, you didn't kill or rob nobody in that mansion, did you? 'Cause I ain't trying to catch a case, Will.
No, man, everybody in the mansion is good.
I just gotta get back home ASAP, a'ight? - Come on, let's go.
But you're already home, Will.
Turn it off.
Wait, who are you? Philip Banks, Will's uncle.
Who the hell are you? Uh, Jazz.
What up? Jazz.
Thank you for your time, Jazz.
Thank you for your money, Phil.
Let's go back inside, Will.
I guess you missed the 20 cameras surrounding the property.
By the way, what was the plan here? So you go to LAX and then what? Hmm? And then fly home and fix my situation.
What about that gangster you pulled a gun on? I find it hard to believe he'd just let that go.
What was your plan there? Let me ask you something, Will.
You care if you live or die? Yeah.
Me too.
So does your mom, your aunt, - and everyone in this house.
- I can handle mine.
I ain't never had no daddy.
I been my own man.
A real man takes the time to consider the consequences of his actions.
A real man knows when to let go of his pride and make the most out of a second chance.
A real man also knows how to look another man in the eye when they're saying something.
Look at me.
I believe in you, Will.
Be patient.
Give this a real chance, and I promise that you'll have every opportunity to create the future you want.
You have my word.
Do we have a deal? Good.
He's 16.
If we were his age, we would have broken out of here too.
I know it's not the start we imagined, but we did the right thing moving him out here.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I doubt our good intentions will sway a grand jury if this thing goes off the rails with this kid.
When I called in that favor to get him out of jail, I crossed a line, Viv.
His first day here and he's already making matters worse.
- Phil - You know he walked right up to Fred Wilkes, mouth running like a broken dam? Yeah, I think Fred's suspicious.
Oh, stop it.
You're being paranoid now.
Paranoid? God, I hope so.
I'm sorry, honey, I just [SIGHS.]
I still have my concerns about all this.
And, Viv, and you know my heart has been aching for that boy ever since his father Hey, don't get me wrong.
I want to help.
But let's not forget, we got three other kids in this house and a campaign that's in full swing.
There's no going back.
Even though what we do is wrong [MOANS.]
- Morning, Mama.
- Hey, baby.
How you settling in? - A'ight, I guess.
- A'ight? Well, that don't sound like the West Philly GOAT I know.
That's 'cause I ain't in West Philly.
Think about where you woke up yesterday.
Now take a look around you.
and tell me where you'd rather be.
Yeah, that's facts.
You shine bright in Philly.
But you'll shine just as bright in Bel-Air.
Your crown is still waiting, son.
You ready to wear it? [MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY.]
Morning, y'all.
- ALL: Morning.
- Man, what's up? - Morning, sweetheart.
- Morning, Will.
- How'd you sleep, Will? Oh, you know, couple dreams, couple nightmares.
Oh, smells good in here.
Mm, do you want some breakfast? Oh, yeah, that'd be dope.
Can I get some cheese eggs with a little bacon? You know, little home reminder.
I can make that happen for you, cuzzo.
Hilary's an amazing cook.
She's gonna take "Haute Cuisine" by storm.
Oh! "Haute Cuisine," nice.
What's "Haute Cuisine"? "Haute Cuisine" is the top food magazine in the country, and I have an interview with them next week.
Mom hooked it up.
Hilary, is this for an actual paycheck, or is this just part of the never-ending gap year experience? It's real money, asshole.
BOTH: Language.
- Language.
- Chill, it was just a joke.
"Haute Cuisine" is a huge step up from the social media stuff that she's been doing.
- Shots fired.
- Boop-boop-boop! I mean, I wouldn't really say it's a step up, but nice shade, Mom.
It's a great opportunity, and we're all very excited for you, sweetheart.
Well, you have a busy day today too, don't you? Yeah, after lacrosse practice, I'm gonna finish up some homework and then get ready for Connor's beach party tonight.
Oh, sounds like the perfect time to show Will around, introduce him to some of your friends.
BOTH: What? No, I don't wanna jam Carlton up.
Yeah, he doesn't wanna jam me up, Dad.
You start school on Monday, Will.
It'd be nice for you two boys to reconnect.
I woke up in L.
And this is no vacation But I live by the bay No time for celebration I don't care what they say I treat it like my birthday I'm coming back Wednesday And leaving next Thursday Bel-Air Academy, huh? Man, this place is like a college.
Hey, top five high school in the nation.
- Damn.
- If you're actually here for a better education, jackpot.
Oh, and we also have the best lacrosse program in L.
Wow, a lacrosse flex.
- Nice.
- Look, we have a different set of rules here, okay? If you want to do well, just keep your head down - and follow my lead.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Pause, stop, flag on the play.
Now, I know you didn't just tell me to follow your lead.
Uh, yeah, I mean, I do kind of run the place.
- Hey! - [GIGGLES.]
Catch you later, cheese eggs.
Hey, yo, what the hell am I supposed to do? As long as it doesn't involve embarrassing me or my family, go for it.
Frolic, be creative.
Meet me in the locker room at 3:00, and I'll introduce you to the guys.
- What's up? - Yo.
Are you trying to say you're with it Are you trying to say you get it [WATER SPLASHING.]
What the hell are you doing here? Wait, did you say 22.
64? Okay, yes! Yes! Oh, whoa, whoa! Come on, now.
You got that Mamba mentality, though, I like that.
You know, the way you was swimming, looked like you was born in the water.
How about you jump in with me and give me some competition? Nah, I don't do the swimming thing, but I do like showers, though.
So I heard there was this beach party tonight.
Pulling up? Wait, you're not, are you? You're Carlton's cousin.
Carlton's my ex.
I mean, I wasn't asking you to be my girl or nothing.
Just wondering if you were going to the party.
I'm thinking about it.
How much Shmoney's that? Ah, ah, ah! [TRILLS TONGUE.]
- Jahlil Beats, holla at me.
- Ah, ah! And Truey on some hot nigga Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas Like you seen him twirl, then he drop, nigga And we keep them 9-millis on my block, nigga And Monte keep it on him, he done dropped niggas And Trigger, he be wildin, he some hot nigga Tones known to get busy with them Glocks, nigga Try to run down, you gonna catch a shot, nigga Hey, yo.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Yo.
Watch your mouth, boul.
Turn that shit off.
Wait, wait, wait.
Watch my mouth.
- Or what? - Or I'ma watch it for you.
Yeah, you don't get to say "nigga.
" None of y'all do.
I'm pretty sure I just said it.
And I'm also pretty sure I don't know who the fuck you are.
How about I show you who I am? Stop, relax.
This my cousin Will.
He starts at Bel-Air on Monday.
Yo, chill the fuck out, dude.
Yo, you really gonna cosign his bullshit? You know, you a sucker.
Later, Iverson.
Watch out.
Day one at Bel-Air Academy and you're already playing the race card.
Good job, Will.
Hell yeah, I'm pulling the race card, Carlton.
Yo, so let me get this straight, man.
You really don't have a problem with a white boy saying "nigga" right in front of your face? It's just a word, dude.
Chill out.
No, I ain't chilling out.
Your boy Chad was wildin' yo.
First of all, his name is Connor.
Connor, Chad, Brad, whatever the fuck his Wonder Bread-ass name is, he ain't with the culture, Carlton.
And clearly, you ain't either.
You're really flipping out over a word that Black rappers sell to millions of white people like Connor every day? And you expect them to not say the words that they're listening to? Carlton, man, you a clown, yo, straight up.
Oh, kiss my rich Black ass, boy.
You can forget about coming to Connor's party tonight.
- Man, fuck that party! - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What the hell is going on here? We're good, Mom.
Just having a spirited debate.
Right, Will? Yeah, spirited.
We have to figure out how to move past this thing between you and Carlton, Will.
I mean, you live here now.
I'm not about to change who I am to try to fit in.
Look, I get it.
I was the same way when I first showed up here.
I mean, I was bound and determined to keep my West Philly rep.
It was challenging.
So, what, you changed? No.
I adapted.
It's a part of life, Will.
I mean, I don't know.
I mean, it's easy when you have money.
No, it became easy when I found my people.
My people who just were cool, who just let me be myself.
But that kind of respect goes both ways.
AND NEWS FLASH: you ain't the only one having to adjust with this new arrangement.
So what do you want me to do? Look, I get it.
Carlton can be a bit territorial.
But at the end of the day, you two are family.
And there is nothing more important than family.
It's all we got.
If your uncle and I see you trying to make an effort to connect with Carlton, you'll gain our trust.
And with trust comes more privileges, and I know you wanna have some fun while you're out here, right? Right? Yeah.
But it's up to you.
Whoa, dude, you're going crazy.
Got a couple niggas in a minivan Oh, no, get ready to go When I'm walking, I be flexing with 100 grand Oh, no, get ready to go - Got a couple niggas - Yo.
Get ready to go Yeah I'm 'bout to make it rain, call me weatherman Oh, no, get ready to go Ooh, when I'm going out, I have to grab it Oh, shit.
I ain't Kid LAROI, but I left his whole family tragic After this, man, you'll need to find Another way to stash it Fuck, I guess the concept of knocking hasn't reached Philadelphia? Sorry, I didn't realize I was interrupting a coke session.
It's Xanax, okay? And what are you gonna do, tell on me? Man, I ain't no snitch.
Yo, bro, can we just squash this beef? We don't have beef, Will.
I don't even know you.
Look, if we show Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil that we're cool, they'll ease up on me.
Why the hell should I care if they ease up on you? Because once they trust me, you won't have to drag me all around Bel-Air with you.
Look, we don't actually gotta be cool.
We just gotta pretend we're cool, a'ight? Okay.
I'm listening.
Let me roll with you to that beach party tonight.
You do your thing.
I do my thing.
We come back to the house with no static, right? Once they see that we're not beefing, they'll let me move solo while I'm in Bel-Air.
Hmm, not a bad plan, Will.
I'm impressed.
All right, we got a deal? Knock next time.
Knock next time.
Sheesh, y'all got that dum-dum money out here.
Listen, came up with a good plan.
Let's stick to it.
Hey, welcome to beautiful L.
Appreciate it, C.
Wow, what the hell is my life? Get your ass off the high horse That you rode in here on You know I'm tryin' to slide more We were stuck inside for too long I might show my ass tonight Ah! - Hey, yo, Aquaman.
- Whoa, easy, easy.
By the way, I'm more the T'Challa type.
Come celebrate with me.
What we celebrating? 22.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That must've been a big milestone.
It means I'm on track for the Olympic trials next year.
Whoa! Oh! Okay, that's dope.
Yo, congratulations.
Now I just gotta stay focused on my training and avoid distractions.
Well, what if I distract you for just a little bit tonight? Hmm? Wait, so you really thought I was a rich kid? I mean, you're at the rich kid party and you go to the rich kid school.
So I figured I'm at Bel-Air Academy on scholarship.
- Real rap? - Real rap.
And no one lets me forget it.
It's a lot of pressure.
So I have to work harder than everybody else.
You'll see.
Hey, can we get real for a second? I got longer than a second, you know what I mean? It's just my family and the Banks have been tight forever, and I've never heard of you.
I didn't even know Carlton had a cousin.
That's strange, right? Mm, I mean, not really.
I don't go around telling my boys in Philly that Carlton's my cousin.
No, but seriously, I'm curious how well you know Carlton and what he's been through.
What do you mean? Did you talk to Lisa tonight? Not gonna lie, she's looking hot as fuck.
Shut the fuck up and let me do my drugs in peace, dude.
Okay, I'm just saying, your "play it cool, wait for her to come back to me" strategy, now it's looking more like "Lisa's moved on, but I'm in denial like a little bitch.
Getting' in from the airport You gettin' in from the study group The only thing missin' at this point Is bona fide chillin' time with you I can't stand the times when I'm alone at night And I feel your side of the bed and it's cold Hey, hmm Wide awake, I don't know the time 'Cause I'm too busy texting you on my phone Saying I want you, girl And I need your body right here Won't you teleport to me I want you, girl I need your body right here Won't you teleport to me I want you, girl Right here, right here Won't you teleport to me [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING.]
- Oh! - Will! What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with you? You really flirting with my cousin to make me jealous? [GASPING AND COUGHING.]
All right.
He's all right.
Breathe, Will.
Are you okay? - [COUGHS.]
- Breathe.
You're okay.
Relax, Lis, he's okay.
All right, he's just doing this for attention.
Yo, chill out, bro.
Hold up, wait a minute Y'all thought I was finished When I bought that Aston Martin Y'all thought it was rented Flexing on these niggas I'm like Popeye on his spinach Double-M, yeah, that's my team Rozay the captain, I'm lieutenant I'm the type to count a million cash Then grind like I'm broke That Lambo my new bitch, she don't ride like my Ghost I'm riding round my city With my hands strapped to my toast 'Cause these niggas want me dead And I gotta make it back home 'Cause my Mama need that pill money My son need some milk These niggas try to take my life They fuck around, get killed You fuck around, you fuck around You fuck around, get smoked 'Cause these Philly niggas I brought with me Don't fuck around, no joke, no All I know is murder, when it come to me I got young niggas that's rollin' I got niggas throwin' Bs I done did the DOAs, I done did the KODs Every time I'm in that bitch I get to throwin' 30 Gs
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