Bel-Air (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Keep Ya Head Up

1 Previously on "Bel-Air" Your flight to L.
leaves in 45 minutes.
Stay in Bel-Air with your aunt and your uncle.
My family and I would like to welcome you all to our home.
What type of party is this? Oh, it's a fundraiser for your Uncle Phil.
He's running for district attorney.
You're a long way from home, Will.
What up, Carlton? How you been, bro? Hey, Lise.
So you met my cousin.
"Haute Cuisine" is the top food magazine in the country, and I have a interview with them next week.
Mom hooked it up.
As long as you're under my roof, you follow my rules.
Man, you don't even know what happened.
- Now what? - I know you got arrested.
I also know that your fingerprints were found - on an unregistered Glock.
- Better use it.
You'd still be sitting in a jail cell if it wasn't for me.
Rashad wants you dead, bro.
I think I'm next.
Mom and Dad said that you were out here for a better education? I'm curious how well you know Carlton - and what he's been through.
- What do you mean? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
- What the fuck is wrong with you? - What the fuck is wrong with you? Relax, Lise.
He's okay, all right? He's just doing this for attention.
- Chill out, bro.
Carlton, stop.
Will, get off him.
Yo, Aunt Viv, that ain't all that happened and he knows it.
I was defendin' myself.
You had him flat on his back and you didn't stop.
That's 'cause he's a goddamn thug.
Watch your mouth.
You're not innocent.
He could've drowned.
I'd be in a body bag right now if it wasn't for this jawn, Lisa.
Lisa? - Got it.
- He was crowding her.
- We were just talkin', you idiot.
- You know what? Stop it.
Both of you get out of my face and go to your rooms now.
I was talking to you too.
Why are you taking his side? I know why he acted the way he did.
But what's your excuse? [MELLOW HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING.]
How'd it go with Connor's mother? Well, she promised not to press charges against Will if we invested in a hedge fund she manages.
She's always hustlin'.
Well, how'd you tell her to go to hell? Well, I pointed out that she and her husband allowed a bunch of underage kids to throw a drug and alcohol-fueled party on property they own.
I'm glad at least one of us got to enjoy ourselves tonight.
Only to a point.
I can't tolerate anymore of this, Viv.
I mean, first, it's a gun, and now Carlton's hurt.
And now that video of the fight is out there.
It's bound to affect my campaign.
This is our campaign.
We all signed up for this.
You're right.
And to that point, Carlton does share some of the blame tonight.
But maybe Will just isn't cut out for Bel-Air.
You know he can't go back to Philly right now.
And there's no one else to take him in.
There's boarding schools, military academies.
Oh, come on, Phil.
We cannot just throw our hands up in the air like this.
We brought Will here to keep him safe knowing it would be difficult.
But it seems impossible, Viv.
I mean, why we workin' so hard to save a boy who doesn't want to be saved? Because we owe it to him.
That doesn't mean we can right every wrong in his life.
Not to the detriment of our family.
He is our family.
And I just know in my heart that he is not a lost cause.
That may be true.
But I'm not sure we're the answer he needs.
Then I'll talk to him then.
We will talk to him.
And if he doesn't respond in a way that makes us both comfortable, he's gone.
Will? My God, what's wrong? My mom called.
She said my boy Tray got shot.
They don't know if he's going to make it.
What? [CRIES.]
- It's okay.
- [SIGHS.]
CHORUS: Gloria Gloria, Gloria Glo Ugh.
I can't believe I have to speak at the assembly this morning looking like this.
I know, Carlton.
What're you gonna do? 'Cause your face is your moneymaker.
Did you tell the top designers you're not walking in the runway this fall? No one thinks you're funny, Hilary.
I do.
Guys, I was assaulted.
Son, you start a fight, you don't get to complain about how it ends.
Good morning, Will.
Good morning.
Hey, Will.
I heard about your friend.
Is he gonna be okay? Um, yeah.
Mom says the bullet went clean through Tray's shoulder, but, um, I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.
Hilary, looks like Will loves that new recipe.
Mmm, this was smackin', cuz.
Thank you.
I used my signature spice mix.
And you know what? I was thinking of using this recipe for the taste test for my "Haute Cuisine" interview.
Why don't you go with the shrimp po'boy? Mom, I don't go to your college and tell you how to teach.
I'm not telling you what to do.
I'm telling you "Haute Cuisine" will want something a little fancier.
Okay, but that's not my brand.
What exactly is your brand, Hilary? My brand is meals you can make without a double oven or a proofing drawer.
Differentiating yourself is smart.
Why not expand their audience? Daddy gets it.
I mean, how am I gonna be a star if I do the same thing as everybody else? Mm, speak on it, Hil.
You can't rise if all you do is play white.
So I'm a sellout just because I enunciate my words? Stop it, both of you.
You two boys need to put last night behind you.
Am I clear? - Yes, sir.
- I got no beef, Uncle Phil.
Yay, harmony.
- What every home needs.
- [SIGHS.]
I gotta get ready for my radio interview with Big Boy.
No offense, Daddy, but doesn't he interview cool people? [CHUCKLES.]
That's why Judge Robertson set it up for me.
How kind.
I wonder what he'll want in return.
Just to ensure his candidate shores up the base.
But don't worry.
Got it in the bag, babe.
I'm out.
Love you.
Have a great day, everyone.
Will, have a good first day at school.
- Bye, Dad.
- Bye, Dad.
The rest of you better get a move on it too.
It's a new day.
Make the most of it.
Card ain't got no limit, let me tell you how I feel Yo, Carlton, can we talk for a second, man? I gotta find my keys so we can get out of here.
Look, what happened last night, - it wasn't cool.
- Yeah, no shit.
My parents are actually grounding me because of it.
Word? Look, man, I just think you crossed a couple lines.
Look, we can just skip to the part where you apologize and say you're sorry.
For what? You laid hands on me first.
Where I come from, that's a green light to ground a nigga up.
You know, it's funny how the N-word magically appears whenever you talk about getting violent with a Black person, yet you think you're better than Connor.
Let's see how far your ghetto code gets you at my school.
If you're gonna be able to get there, that is.
So what happened to your ride to school? Carlton wants no part of me.
Did you apologize? Oh, I see.
You expected him to shrug off a beatdown.
Look, I tried to explain to him that what him and his boy did set me off, and I did what I had to do.
Like when you pulled a gun on a drug dealer? Will, I didn't say that to hurt you.
I said that to remind you what happens when you act before you think.
You were an honor roll student with a basketball scholarship coming your way.
All those years of hard work could've been just wiped out.
I get it.
I messed up.
I owe you two everything.
You want to repay us? Drop the street code bullshit.
You almost ruined your entire life because you did what you had to do.
Be the Will who charmed West Philly with his swag and his talents.
Because if that Will turns up at Bel-Air Academy, it won't be long before you runnin' that jawn.
Know what I'm sayin'? I know what you sayin'.
But to do that, you're gonna have to get there first.
Let's get it, let's go I would just leave it on flow Yeah, I'm on top of this blow I can't see no more, I can't see no more Tell you, don't know where to go This the infinity flow Baby, you know how it go You know I can't see the flow You know I'm living off high in the center [LINE RINGING.]
Yo, this is Tray.
Leave a message.
Um What up, bro? Look, man, I I heard what happened, bro.
And I know you're all right, but I'm just tapping in, man.
Hope everything's cooling off back home.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about how everything went down.
And I swear, I would take that shit back if I could.
But, uh, man.
Yo, I gotta tell you about this shit, man.
On my first day at this new school, man [LAUGHS.]
They got your boy wearing a uniform on some Hogwarts shit.
Yeah, this shit drawn.
Um But, uh, you know, I'ma carry it.
I'ma show 'em how we do it in West Philly.
For real.
But, uh, I miss you, bro.
I'll talk to you soon, and, uh, next time I call you, you better pick up, all right? [PHONE BEEPS.]
Tell me you know where to go This the infinity flow Baby, you know how it go You know I can't see the floor You know I'm living as high as a sinner, what's up? Going at you, baby I'm late, a little late I'm up high, upgrade I can see y'all faces, let's go At night, I raise the bar You know the key gon' blow up I'm dancing with the stars [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Getting' beyond the Grammy, you know we gon' blow up They try to weigh you down at night You on your way up [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Let's go.
Let's get it, let's go I would just leave it on flow Now I'm on top of the blow I can't see no more Aww, man, the Louis Vuitton.
Crazy fit, for real.
I'm feelin' it.
I'm feelin' it.
Yo, king, what's up, man? Tch.
You two, I'm lovin' the tie, the plaid.
Hey, whatcha doin' there? Not supposed to be over here.
Let's see your student ID.
Hey! We all agree.
It's time for a change.
We shouldn't just be Ooh, shit.
Uh, you know what, Jerry? It's fine.
Don't even worry about him.
He's with me.
Maybe you can help us decide on a new initiative to support.
Yeah, come on over.
Will, this is the junior class.
Everyone, this is my cousin, Will.
It's his first day at Bel-Air Academy.
Clearly, he's gotten a little lost this morning, but, uh, give it time, and I'm sure he'll catch on and find his place.
Let's give Will a round of applause.
Come on, let's give him a warm welcome.
- Yeah! - [APPLAUSE.]
Whoo! Yeah.
So, Will, can you tell us about the public school you attended in Philadelphia? Uh, yeah, I went to West Philly High School.
How many A.
classes did they offer? A few, I think.
Yeah, I don't know.
What about a study abroad program or a student wellness center? Nah.
See, this is why I think we need a change.
You know, instead of supporting some wildlife initiative halfway across the world, why don't we sponsor a struggling public school right here in the L.
area? 'Cause not all of those kids are gonna be as lucky as Will here to transfer to a school like ours.
Hey, y'all, don't get it twisted 'cause And you know what, Will? Thank you so much for your help today, Will.
You can go.
And again, welcome to Bel-Air Academy.
Come on, let's give him another hand.
- Whoo! - [APPLAUSE.]
Carlton, that was some bullshit.
Hey, you don't wanna start shit with me.
Look around.
These are my people.
So I became a lawyer because growing up on a farm in Yamacraw, North Carolina, I saw the law used to take advantage of people who didn't fully understand it.
My parents lost most of their farmland to eminent domain because they didn't know how to fight it.
Once I got my law degree, one of my first court cases was in Yamacraw.
I got my parents' money for the land that was taken when I was a boy.
Man, I love that.
You know, you're a good son, man, and I love the fact that you were able to get your parents paid.
And also, when we were going through your bio, I see that you did win some, like, huge class action cases against slumlords in Los Angeles.
Yeah, yeah, my firm and I were able to win millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.
And you kept a few million for yourself I I imagine, right? Well, I am financially secure.
Financially secure? That means rich.
I'm not as rich as my opponent would have you believe.
He refers to me as Billionaire Banks, which isn't accurate.
You know, I'm glad that you were able to clear that up.
Now you are the only Black candidate that's running for District Attorney, correct? - Yes.
Yes, I am.
- All righty.
I feel like that gives you this unique responsibility to speak directly to the Black community, and I want to give you that chance to speak directly to our community right now.
- Uh, okay.
Caller one, you're on with your partner Big Boy and L.
District Attorney candidate Philip Banks.
I got one thing.
Can you repeat after me? Black lives matter.
Of course.
All day, every day.
Black lives matter and always will.
Next caller, hello? Yo, how much you pay for your crib? I'm not getting into all that.
I mean, come on.
It is a nice crib.
It's in Bel-Air.
I've been there, bro.
- You got a nice house too.
- I do have a nice house, but I'm not running for District Attorney, am I? [COW BELL RATTLES.]
Next caller, hello? How many millions are you sitting on? There are more important issues to talk about besides money.
And there are more important issues, and I want to get to the issues.
Next caller, hello? So are you seven figures rich, eight figures rich, or nine figures rich? [JOHNNY 2 PHONES' "22 AND CONFUSED".]
- All right.
- Whoo! - So baby tell me All right, let's work on the zone.
I want to see at least four passes before a shot goes up.
Here we go.
Fuck am I supposed to do? I got ninety-nine problems, a hundred including you Excuse me.
You the coach? I am.
Coach Johnson.
- And you are? - Nice to meet you, man.
I am the Will Smith, at your service.
D-1 recruit, you know, listed in "Ball is Life" twice? Matter of fact, man, just let me show you my highlight Nah, I've already been privy to your highlight reel, kid that fight you got in this weekend.
- That, um, wasn't what it looked like.
- Yeah, look.
I'm not clear on what brings a D-1 recruit from Philadelphia all the way to Los Angeles in the middle of a critical school year when it comes to college recruiting.
But despite your stats, I have no interest in entertaining the drama that comes along with you joining my basketball team.
All right.
What's this going to take to change your mind? What it would take any player who wants to be part of a team.
Tryouts tomorrow after school.
Are you jokin'? Yeah, I was scouted.
Then you have no issue proving you're a player instead of a problem.
A'ight, bet.
I'll try out.
And once you realize I'm the answer to this team's prayers, I want my number back from Philly, a'ight? - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- All right, let's bring it in.
Here we go.
Who's ready to run? Hey, yo, Lisa.
Can I talk to you for a second? Sure, so long as this isn't about you and Carlton.
What, are you mad at me too now? I'm not mad at you.
It's just when I broke up with Carlton, it's all anyone could talk about for months.
He was their heartbroken hero, and I was the cold-hearted bitch.
I'm not trying to be in the sequel.
I get that, but Carlton's been out here telling people that he accidentally knocked me in the pool, and I just got out and went ham.
Yeah, I know.
A'ight, so help me tell people the truth.
And have everyone think that I caused the fight between you and Carlton? I mean, you are the reason he pushed me in the pool.
But you're also the reason why I didn't drown, so thanks for that.
You're welcome.
You know, you ought to learn to swim, right? - Can you teach me how to swim? - [LAUGHS.]
I don't mess with beginners.
Oh! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
So are you going to help me, or not? Even if I did, I'm not even sure it would work.
Carlton's word is like gospel to these sheep.
That's what I'm saying.
Yo, how is it possible that Carlton is the coolest brother in this jawn? Being the captain of the lacrosse team and junior class president wouldn't even come close to making you a top dog in Philly.
There's more to it.
Carlton's charming when he wants to be.
He remembers everyone's name and birthday and he knows how to make a person feel special.
So that's how he got you? - Goodbye, Will.
- Yo, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just be sayin' shit to try and be funny.
See, I'm not a thug.
I'm a smartass.
I can't be late to French.
Madame Simmons goes nuts.
A'ight, I guess it's au revoir then.
Deep in my bag, it ain't a Birkin, it's a Telly Don't got a man but I got niggas on my celly They got a script And it's the same thing that they tell me They wanna cater to me like Michelle and Kelly They want me but I'm not the one to choose On a scale of one to ten, love is a one or two They want all my lovin' 'cause it's underused They be like, Mindi, can I get Thank you guys so much for this opportunity.
I hope you enjoyed the food as much as I enjoyed preparing it.
I must say, Hilary, we are quite impressed.
I would never have thought something so down market would be so amazing.
Thank you.
So did I get the job? You've certainly given us a lot to consider.
Before we would move forward with any kind of an offer, I need to be sure that you're okay with our requirements.
Lay 'em on me.
We would wanna weigh in on your wardrobe.
We prefer more classic, neutral colors.
Not that what you're wearing isn't beautiful.
We just don't want the clothes to be more eye-grabbing than the food.
- Okay.
- Before you post anything, you'd have to submit all your recipes for review.
And just a heads up, the food you prepared today was a bit spicy.
We definitely want you to, you know, tone it down.
But that's what people love about my cooking.
I mean, my family was just complimenting my spice mix this morning.
All due respect, I don't think your family is our target audience.
Not yet, anyway.
Welcome to Algebra II, Will.
It's your first day so feel free to sit this quiz out.
Oh, no, actually, I'm down, Mr.
I can do the work like everybody else.
How refreshing, a student who wants to do the work.
Good luck.
Late again, Tyler.
Actually, Mr.
Clark, I can't be late, right? 'Cause time is just an arbitrary social construct used primarily in the capitalist system to maximize the exploitation of laborers All right, forget it.
Just take the quiz, huh? You got it.
Nice going.
Yeah, the trick is to be too annoying to punish.
Oh, got you.
- Hey, I'm Will, by the way.
- Tyler.
And it's an honor to meet you.
I've wanted to punch Connor since like the sixth grade.
Hang on.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
What? What is this? It says you have to stay at least 10 feet away from me on school grounds and at least 50 feet anywhere else.
Everyone's a witness.
My uncle is a federal judge, so from now on, steer clear.
A'ight, bro, I get it.
It's your school, your domain.
Look, I'm sorry I hit you.
I apologize.
Nah, see, it's too late for that.
Lisa's been running her mouth telling everyone that I attacked you because I got jealous when I saw you talking to her.
Because that's what happened, Carlton.
How hard did you hit your head? This whole thing could have died down, but now you and Lisa made me look weak.
So we need to fight.
You and me.
Right here, right now.
Let everyone see how a fair fight would turn out.
Look, see, I'm not about to fight you You scared to fight me when I'm not half-drunk? I ain't scared to do shit.
And unless you want me to bust you upside your smartass mouth again, I suggest you back the fuck up.
If I lose, I lose.
And if I win, I lose.
You know what? You got it.
They made an offer.
So tell me why we're not celebrating you having a paying job? Because, Mom, I'm not sure about some of the requirements they were asking for of me.
It's a position at "Haute Cuisine.
" Is this not what you've been building towards? What I've been building towards? Or what you been building towards? You asked me for help, so I called in a favor to get you this interview.
If you get this job, it'll put you on the map as the top culinary influencer, Hilary.
Okay, fine.
But if I'm gonna build towards something, I want to build on my own terms.
Honey, I know how you feel, but this is how professional opportunities work.
An agreement is made between you and an employer.
As an artist, going into a collaboration, you're bound to have to give up some things.
- Like your soul.
- Ashley, please.
No, she's right.
I mean, that's how it's starting to feel.
I mean, they want me to tone down my signature recipe because it's too dynamic for their core audience.
By core audience, they mean white people, right? Yes.
So push back and negotiate.
Nobody gets through life without having to compromise a little.
Right, like deciding to be an art history teacher instead of actually being an artist.
It's your life.
Whatever decision you make, I'll support you.
Yo, man, I appreciate you coming in the clutch.
I mean, I ain't nobody D-1 recruiter or nothin' like that, but I can hold my own on the court.
- Yeah? - What you mean, oh, yeah? All right, man, come on.
Ignore that chit chat.
- All right, all right.
- All right? For real.
I won't talk.
Let's get it.
All right, man, Check it out.
I I checked it.
What's up? Come on, D-1.
I'm here.
Shoot the ball, man.
Give me this.
Come on, D.
Come on, D-1.
Hey, move, come on.
Just goin' leave me open like that? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
In the hood, they call me stun.
Check up, man.
Yo, you good? Man, you ain't got to tell me everythin' but but you better tell me somethin'.
So me and my, uh, my boy Tray was playin' basketball in Philly.
And, um, placed a bet with this this d-boy.
And, uh, shit went left when we won.
Cops showed up.
I ended up out here.
Tray ended up shot.
I feel like it's my fault.
And, um I haven't touched a ball since.
Yeah, I get you.
I seen some shit I can't shake neither.
Yo, Jazz, man, if I'm going to survive in that school, I gotta find a way to shine.
And I always did on the court.
Until now, man.
Gotta get on that team, man.
Hey, Vy, how are you? In no mood to chit chat.
What's this about your son targeting my son? I'm on top of it.
Carlton is grounded.
It will not happen again.
Good, because I didn't send my boy across the country to be picked on.
Picked on? For what it's worth, Will won that fistfight hands down.
You know damn it.
You swore to me that you would look after Will.
I am.
You know, I would bring him home now if Tray hadn't got shot, but it's still dangerous in these streets.
Will probably has to stay with you until Christmas break, at least.
I'll be sending his stuff out to him if that's okay with you and Phil after what happened.
Vy, we can handle this.
Let me do this for him.
The usual rhythm.
Devoted to the arts of moving butts The rhythm's happening and it's moving up The Tribe has been on hold for much too long.
- Nah.
The Tribe.
Takes me back to when Viv and I saw him at The Civic Center with Biggie and Wu-Tang.
That was a great night.
Rhythms of the Tribe which is passed outright Night after night, day after day Questing for the rhythms of the Native Tongue way So, Geoffrey, what are we gonna do about Will? Give him some real time to adjust.
Poly-rhythm addict with a big fat boom Come on, man.
It was a big culture shock for me when I left Jamaica for London as a boy, you know.
What I'm saying is, Will needs more than a few days to find his footing around here.
I fear the more time we give him, the more trouble he's gonna cause for himself and this family.
I've seen him in his unguarded moments, lookin' around, checkin' to see if he's doing the right thing.
Little man's trying, Phil.
You need to meet Will where he is.
Oh! Damn, Unc.
I didn't know you ball like that.
Don't get it twisted, youngblood.
I still got it.
It wasn't the plan initially though.
I put this up for Carlton, and then he went and fell in love with lacrosse and race cars.
You seem a little off your game, Will.
What's weighing on you? Nothing you don't already know.
Humor me.
You ever been arrested? No.
No, I can't say that I have.
It's like a movie playin' in my head.
I get thrown to the ground.
Picked up like garbage.
Thrown in the back of a cruiser.
And the whole time, I know.
Any movement, any sudden move, my life could be gone like this.
Every time I touch a ball, it plays over and over again.
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Did I have to? Like, I didn't fight back, I didn't resist, - and they still roughed me up.
- I know.
I know.
It's tragic.
It's proof how broken the system is.
See, that's the thing.
To me, the system isn't broken.
To me, the system is doing exactly what it was designed to do.
I hear that.
But from where I stand, things have gotten better.
- Incrementally.
- For you.
Look at where you at.
Look how you live.
What are the rest of us supposed to do? Look, I don't know what everyone else is supposed to do.
But I know that neither of us should give up.
You ever quit on a court? Never.
Don't start now.
The easiest way to get back in the game is when we can get out of our own heads.
See? Just like that.
All right.
Gettin' that rhythm, right? There you go.
There you go.
Beautiful, Will.
Come on now.
Oh! Hey.
- Come on, now.
- Ugh.
- What? - [LAUGHS.]
- All right, nephew.
- Yes, sir.
There you go.
There you go.
Beautiful, Will.
Come on now.
Oh, hey! [LAUGHS.]
Out the mudd, out the mudd Out the mudd Out the mudd, out the mudd Yo [LINE RINGING.]
Yeah, yo! Tray, what's up, bro? Will? Bro.
I almost didn't pick up, bro.
You got a new number or something? Yeah, yo, hey, yo, lock me in.
Yo, what happened to layin' low, bro? Man, Rashad's lookin' for us both, bro.
He still think you out here in Philly.
His crew caught me slippin' outside the papi store.
Yo, I should've been there, yo.
So you coulda got shot too? Yo, I'm a'ight, Will.
This is just a flesh wound, bro.
A'ight? Hey, I miss you though, boul.
I miss you too, bro.
Yo, I gotta go to school, so I'ma holla at you later, a'ight? - All right, bro.
- A'ight.
- Love you, bro.
- Love you too, bro.
- Duces.
Carlton? A word, please? Um, sure.
- What's up, Lise? - Look, Carlton.
Despite everything that's happened between us, I have zero interest in stirring anymore shit between you and your cousin, so stop bringing me into it.
That funny 'cause you clearly had a lot to say about Will and I yesterday.
You need to cut him a break and call your pusher off him while you're at it.
Is that I just I just did a little this morning 'cause of all the drama.
It's not Not my problem anymore.
But Will? He doesn't deserve your wrath or a restraining order from that asshole.
You know, I can't believe you would just flip on two guys you've known since grade school because of my cousin.
Look, you don't even know him.
But I know you, and from what I can see, you need to get away from Connor and get some help.
Your sudden concern is duly noted.
But my advice? Stay away from Will.
And not just for me, but your own safety and future.
He's troubled.
- Hey, yo, Tyler.
- Yo, what up, Will? - Yo, man.
- How we doing? Good, bro.
Are those the Lightning Fours? Oh, yeah, just a little somethin' somethin'.
Nah, I saw you in the gym though.
I think I might try out for the team.
Nah, but tell me something.
Is this tryout just another setup for me to get played, or do you think I really have a shot? Coach Johnson's a straight shooter.
I mean, if you really want a spot, you can earn it.
Even if you did knock the shit out of two top athletes in the school.
Well, at least they didn't play basketball, right? [LAUGHS.]
Yeah, true.
So how do I impress Coach? Coach J's all about the work.
You know, learn the blueprint, come to play, and hustle hard.
Oh, when you score, don't celebrate.
Just sprint down the court and get back on defense.
- Yeah, no showboating.
Hi, Hilar-istas.
So I was talking to someone the other day and the conversation made me want to ask y'all.
What are you willing to give up for a high-profile job? I just wanna do my thing Your boo? Damn! You may want to reconsider that relationship.
Okay, so look.
I was offered a high-profile job, and I turned it down because they were trying to make me change my recipes.
Um, I'm perfectly sane, okay? And what they were offering is irrelevant.
Okay, so look, here's the deal.
I feel like I can't be successful if somebody's trying to change me, and I can't be myself.
My recipes, they are my culture.
I mean, some of the food that I showed y'all was passed down from my grandmother, and I'm not watering down a recipe so Becky in Ohio can feel more comfortable.
Oh, and also, they told me that my ethnic family was not their target audience, so "Haute Cuisine" probably doesn't like your family either if you're a person of color.
So how about you let them know what you think about that, Hilar-istas? Let's do this.
All right, here we go.
Turn me up, YC Turn me up Jersey, my city on my back I got 'em reppin' me, heard me Know I play with M's, must be stupid if she curve me - Hey, Will.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Here you go.
- Hey.
Dressin' like I'm servin' Ah! I got the ball and they got nervous 'Member havin' mask on way before Corona hit Told 30 not to cross the plug He went behind me, set the pick I play like a beast but my demeanor humble Go so hard they got to retire my number Hey, hey, hey! Unranked underdog, trained to go when I ball Losses turn to lessons I can't see myself fallin' off And I'm havin' accuracy Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on, bro, hey.
You got this.
It's all you.
Don't check for me, respectfully I can't let my kid down, I'm buildin' up my legacy Ain't competin' with nobody I'm just tryna be a better me Introduction, 'bout to show you Somethin' that you ain't never see Five rings, five chains Two watches, that's twelve Come through and slam on you, I'm in the air 'Fore it's all said and done [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING.]
True to it, not new to it, I'm rookie of the year Love the game, it relate to me best Yeah, yeah! Work better under pressure when I'm put to the test Strategic how I move, I just treat it like chess Team Morant, the Grizzlies on my Mitchell & Ness Straight from Memphis Tyler, Tyler! Take a risk to win, that's key Put a show on for them people Give 'em what they came to see - How you tryna teach me somethin'? - Let's go, let's go.
I deserve the keys to it, I'm my city MVP Swoosh, Bagg, if you ain't got no check for me Don't check for me, respectfully Oh! I can't let my kid down, I'm buildin' up my legacy Ain't competin' with nobody I'm just tryna be a better me Introduction, 'bout to show you something - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- Hold the ball.
Welcome to the team.
You serious? Thank you so much, Coach.
Proud to be a part of this team.
You better be.
Go celebrate.
- Come on.
I mean, was it ever really a question? [LAUGHS.]
ALL: Hey! All right, all right, let's celebrate with some suicides.
Huh? On the line.
Let's go! - ALL: [GROAN.]
- Here we go.
What up, cuz? Yo, what the fuck are you doing here? The P.
rooms are for athletics teams only.
Well, I guess I'm exactly where I supposed to be.
How the hell did you hustle your way into the athletics department after the shit you pulled last weekend? Just like last weekend, I rocked the hell out of the competition this time at basketball tryouts.
You know what? Congratulations.
You must be the first inner city Black kid to use basketball to earn his place at school.
You think you can get in my head? But the crazy thing is, I already set up shop in yours, and it's only a matter of time before this hood nigga is running your school pulling every chick who mistook your goofy ass for cool and takin' up the throne people make you feel so worthy of.
Newsflash, cuz, you ain't.
So watch out, a'ight? 'Cause I'm comin' through.
Uh, let's go You already know what's gonna happen When I pull up over the back though Got ten models and bottles All stood in a line, tic-tac-toe Everybody know what it is in the club With your drinks up high and never sit down I'ma keep it going all night, get right Ain't stoppin' till the daylight, no Mr.
- Let me search your bag.
Look, kid, we can do this the hard way, or we can do this the fast way.
Bro, I don't want no smoke, bro.
Check it.
Check it, bro.
Bro, I ain't got nothin' to hide.
What you lookin' for, bro? It's not in there.
Nothin' to hide, huh? [SCOFFS.]
Come on, bro, what is that? - What is that? That's not mine.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, come on, that's not mine.
Why would I use that? - Come on.
- Bro, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Someone put that in there.
Yo, why would I use that? I'm a athlete, bro.
Why would I use that? Yo, bro, wait.
Yo, wait, wait, wait, bro.
Yo hey, yo.
Told you I'd handle him.
- Don't make a scene.
- Yo, it's my first week, bro.
Where would I get that stuff from? Bro, come on.
Come on.

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