Bel-Air (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Bel-Air" My advisory team is saying that the Black voters are feeling disconnected from me.
Come on, Yamacraw.
Show me what you got.
Let's see it, Yamacraw.
ALL: I said ooh, it's cold in here There must be some Alphas In the atmosphere After a long discussion, Reverend Lamont agreed to support my campaign.
Mom and Dad said that you were out here for a better education.
Well, I hope one day we can talk about why you're really here.
You just couldn't stand that my life was taking shape not as fast as you want.
It's been two years, Hilary.
What have you got to show for it? What have you even figured out? I figured out that you don't believe in me.
You have a gift, Viv.
Had a gift.
The world needs to see your talent again.
What's stopping you, Philip? Bro, you need to see this shit.
I've found you, you little cocky motherfucker.
You've been doing okay lately, Carlton? Feeling better than I was last week.
Let's just play.
Tick tock, old man Yamacraw.
Bitch I'm Lil Beno Put me on the beat and they gon' listen No Z's on me, can't sleep on me I make 'em pay attention I went and put yo V on me and cardiac my vision First rapper in my city cross 9's doing the Bentley Can't wait till they free Q That's check, and that's mate.
You had me three moves ago.
Oh, really? 'Cause I counted five.
- Mm.
I gotta stop going easy on you, son.
Oh, easy? You wanna run that back? I would, but I gotta handle a few things before tomorrow's campaign events.
Oh, yeah.
High-stakes day tomorrow.
You feeling good? I am.
Particularly excited about you and Will pounding the pavement together, huh? Getting folks registered to vote.
Look, about that.
Did Mom put you up to the whole Kobe-Shaq Carlton-Will combo? First of all, those two won rings when they worked together.
Secondly, your mom and I, we move as one.
- You know that.
- Fair enough.
But look, I just don't see what I stand to gain from the whole forced Will arrangement.
Is me not grounding you for six months incentive enough? I'm pretty sure you said that fear isn't an effective motivator in that one NPR interview you did.
All right, you're making me reconsider my stance.
What's your pitch? If Will and I register 30 voters with no drama, I get VIP seats to the Grand Prix at Monaco.
- 50 voters.
- Done.
You should've countered at 40.
See you, son.
Hey, Lisa.
So you trying and come over for a little study session or what? The class is not that difficult.
Come on now, for you.
I mean, you grew up going to all those art museums and whatnot.
I didn't.
My auntie talked me into taking this art history elective.
You know, you could have taken ballet.
You know, I would pay to see you in a leotard.
- Oh, you got jokes.
Nah, but for real, I need somebody to do this term paper on.
- Who you doing? - Kara Walker.
She's an installation artist.
She uses silhouettes, drawings, collages, all to make a statement on power, race, and gender relations.
And she's definitely not afraid to make people uncomfortable.
That's fire.
Okay, I see you, Kara Walker.
Yes, and she's a Cali girl, too.
She was my mom's favorite artist.
Was, as in past tense? My mom died three years ago.
Damn, I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
I usually only talk about her to people that knew her, you know, that understand how amazing she was.
But if we're gonna be friends, it's part of who I am.
That's real.
I appreciate you sharing that with me, and I'm glad we're friends.
Me too.
So you still coming to my uncle's fundraiser tomorrow, or what? 'Cause I'm really trying to see what you do on those skates, a'ight? - Oh, please, I glide.
- Okay.
Okay, you know that roller skating scene in "ATL"? That's me.
- Oh, that's you? - It's me.
Okay, okay, we gon' see New New Wilkes.
Don't make me have to snatch that chain.
When my mother used to braid my hair, we used to talk, and I'd ask her all the questions I had about becoming a woman and [CLEARS THROAT.]
Girl, who are you texting? - Oh, nobody.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, tell nobody that somebody needs to be still so they can get their hair done.
Why can't I just wear a hat to Dad's thing tomorrow? I mean, it's at the skating rink, not the DNC.
Ashley, they're gonna be a lot of eyes and a lot of press.
This is one of the biggest donor events of your dad's campaign, which means we need We need to be perfect? Look, I know this campaign hasn't been easy.
Trust me, I'm feeling it, too.
We all are.
So why do you do it? 'Cause I love your father.
And he spent years going to all my gallery openings and art shows, and now it's his turn to be in the spotlight, and we need to all be there for him, hmm? Okay.
Bro, are you sure? Like, 1,000% sure? On God, bro.
I'm telling you.
Rashad knows you're in Bel-Air.
Bro, how did he find out? Only you and my mom know I came out here.
Did you say anything to anybody? Man, hell no.
I heard he's tapped in out there in L.
, got some people heavy in the streets looking for you, bro.
He wants us both in the ground.
When is this shit gonna end? I don't know, but we need to dead this shit before it's too late.
Wha gwan, Will? You're up early.
Yo, G, do you know where Uncle Phil is? He ain't about.
He's at a meeting.
You need something? Um Do you know why I'm here from Philly? Mm-hmm.
Little scrap on the ball court got nasty.
Now some badman from Philly want to deal with you.
Rashad Denton, right? Yeah.
Yo, Rashad, man, he's not trying to squash this beef.
He sent a shooter for Tray, and now apparently he knows I'm in Bel-Air.
So we've got to figure something out.
- 'Cause I'm not trying - Don't trouble yourself, Will.
I'll handle the situation.
- But how are you gonna ha - I said I'll handle it.
No need to worry.
No need to trouble your aunt and uncle.
I'll take it from here.
Look, I know you're probably considering a lot of options right now.
I feel like I should tell you, we're one of the top influencer houses on the planet, and we're growing exponentially by the day.
So why don't you tell me why you think you'd be a good fit for this house? So I've got 50,000 Instagram followers and 275,000 TikTok followers, and Black women are my core audience.
My cooking tutorials have high engagement levels, and I'm averaging about eight percent monthly growth in followers.
I would be honored to live in the Crib Crystal.
No, I don't think my content only appeals to a Black audience.
I can't say that I've given much thought to teaming up with a white co-host.
African American cuisine is American cuisine.
Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you real soon.
Care to help? No, I just came to see if it was true that you were ready to start painting again.
I am so ready, Joan.
Well, you've had your hands full with Phil and the campaign.
Yeah, I do, but I mean, why should his goals crowd out mine? You know, it was never my decision to stop painting.
I just got swept away with Phil and the kids' schedules, but now I'm reclaiming my time.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
I have wanted you to get back in your studio for years.
Yeah, just gotta get my space back.
Oh, it is still so amazing to me that all of y'all hit the scene at the same time.
Mickalene Thomas, Amy Sherald, Vivian Smith.
Used to drive me crazy when people would group me with them.
Now, I'd do anything just to be mentioned in the same breath.
You are every bit as talented.
Talent is not enough.
You need opportunities, luck.
Well, this is all perfect timing, because Reid Broderick is back in Los Angeles, and he is setting up an annex for his gallery.
Now, his main spot in Manhattan honey, they are having a real moment.
I heard he's been doing well.
He's making a name for himself by rediscovering artists.
I mean, this could be the perfect way for you to reenter the art world.
So should I set up a meeting? [SIGHS.]
Not bad, cuz-o.
Did you take lessons or something? Yeah, yeah, I used to take lessons from this old woman at church, but I didn't have a piano of my own, so my mom she used to, uh she used to draw the piano keys on cardboard, and I'd practice that way.
That is crazy.
I served ten years on them keys.
You sound way better than me.
What's wrong? Huh? What's got you in a funk? So I've been interviewing for a spot at these content creator houses, and it's like no one sees the potential in what I do.
Man, squash that, a'ight? Squash it.
Just keep searching for the people who are gonna champion you like you deserve.
It's not that easy, Will.
I mean, my parents were like, "You need to move out, take care of yourself, grow up ASAP.
" You know they're bluffing, right? Maybe.
And I tried to look for an apartment.
I can't even afford to live how I want.
Oh, okay, so this is like the first time that you don't have enough money to buy what you need? Yes, it's like I'm poor.
I don't think I'm cut out for it.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Yep, felt the same way when I was born.
Shut up, Will.
Anyway, so you ready to hit the streets and help Dad with his campaign? Yep, just gonna follow Carlton's lead.
At least he's getting something out of it.
Wait, what do you mean? He made a deal.
As long as he gets enough voters and plays nice with you, Dad's gonna take him to the Grand Prix.
Oh, so that's why he's been so smiley.
- Yeah.
Look, Carlton knows how to work the system.
You better figure it out, Will.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got you, Aunt Viv.
- Oh, thanks, Will.
- Yeah.
It's so beautiful out here, Aunt Viv.
I really wish Tray could come see it.
Oh, well he's more than welcome to come out for a visit one day.
We can fly him out here and take care of everything.
Could he come tomorrow? Is everything okay back in Philly? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's just, you know, with everything that happened.
You know, I came out here, and he got stuck, and it's just not fair.
I know.
It's a shame how our fortunes diverge from those we love.
Well, what if you and I made a deal? - Oh.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Since you want me and Carlton to get along, how about, if we work together today with no beef, maybe Tray could come out here by the end of the week? Well, that sounds fair.
- Thank you, Aunt Viv.
- Oh, okay.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
All right.
Hey, hey.
Oh, my fault.
Okay, today's outreach effort is critical.
And remember, when you're not talking to voters, you're still sending them a message.
This will probably be the only time these voters get to see us in the flesh and get the chance to interact with us, so be respectful, be thoughtful.
Just be yourself.
Just better versions? All right, let's talk assignments.
Carlton, Will, you'll hit the streets and knock on doors to register voters.
Does it matter that I've never done this before? Hey, don't worry.
I'll show you the ropes.
- Thank you, Carlton.
- Yes, thank you, Carlton.
Hilary, Ashley, you two will go to local business owners and ask if they'll put our campaign signs or stickers up in their windows.
And who could say no to me and Ash? And your father and I will be meeting with community leaders in Rev.
Lamont's office.
If we're lucky, nobody will show up.
Hey, yo, G, yo, everybody's got an assignment.
- What are you gonna be doing? - I'll be around.
All right, thank you, one and all.
We roll at noon.
All right.
Viv, can I have a word, please? Oh, come on, Phil.
I was kidding.
I get that, honey, but not everyone else does.
- There's been some polling data.
- Oh, okay.
I already changed my hair thanks to polling data.
What else do you want me to give? But it's mostly been positive.
Yeah, voters see you as intellectual, accomplished, and creative.
Mm-hmm, but? But you can also come across as sarcastic, dismissive, and arrogant, not my words.
Okay, maybe you should go without me today.
Whoa, whoa, no, no, baby.
I want you next to me.
I need you next to me.
Look, I know that you're a woman who speaks her mind freely, and that's what I love about you.
Uh-huh? But for now, maybe you don't have to say everything you're thinking out loud.
Hey, remember what you said when I first went with you to the L.
art show? I started explaining American football to David Hockney, remember that? I remember begging you to stop.
You said this is your world and to not pull focus.
I said that? Yeah, I said that.
Yes, you said that.
And what did I do? I took a back seat and let you shine.
Okay, I guess I can hold my tongue until the election, but once every vote is counted, I make no promises.
Yeah, I know, Viv.
And that's why I love you.
Back on that grind Back on it, back on it, back on it Hi, good afternoon.
We're going door to door for Phillip Banks, your next L.
district attorney.
I got too many options to ever be settling On when I'm about to get paid Hey, good afternoon.
We're here for Phillip Banks, your Hey, good afternoon.
We are going door to door for Phillip Banks, your next L.
District [GROANS.]
Your next L.
District Attorney.
Why should I vote for a nigga with that much money? Look, it's actually a good thing that Phillip Banks is rich, right? Because that means that he can't be bought off by special interest groups.
Or special interest done already bought him, and they already using him as they puppet.
That's just ridiculous conspiracy thinking.
Look, let's get real, all right? You need to vote for someone, and Phillip Banks is the best option.
I ain't gotta vote for none of them slave overseers in suits.
Oh, my God.
We'll never get to 50 voters this way.
These people don't wanna vote, and then they're gonna bitch about the government.
Or these people are telling you how much they don't trust the system, and you just don't want to hear it.
Yeah, because apathy isn't a solution.
All right, check it.
I'ma give you two options.
You want me to kick you in the face, - or you want me to kick you in the nuts? - What? Neither.
Being asked to choose between two shitty options is bullshit.
Okay, well, if you know so much about this, why don't you tell me how to get through to these people? Carlton, first, stop calling them "these people," a'ight? And I don't think you can, especially 'cause all you wanna do is go to some fancy-ass car race.
Oh, and you're just being good to me out of the kindness of your own heart? We both need this to work, all right? And clearly, I don't have the Midas touch, so So? So you need my help.
- Yeah, sure, whatever.
- Yeah.
Ay, we gonna turn it up From the front to the back, yeah, yeah Ay We gonna turn it up from the front to the back Yeah, yeah We gonna turn it up Hilary, are you campaigning, or just getting your 10,000 steps in? Girl, back off.
I'm trying to find a decent place to live.
Now I know that ain't Ashley swinging through.
Hey, Jazz.
Is it cool if I put my dad's poster in the window? Yeah, do your thing.
Hey, I've seen you around before, but I don't think we've officially met.
I'm Jazz.
Yeah, I've seen you around the house with Will.
- I'm Hilary.
- Hilary, lovely name.
Now I don't have to call you the tall honey in the pool house no more.
And I don't have to call you the Uber driver who looks like Tupac.
I didn't know you also worked at a record store.
Oh, actually, I own the place.
Okay, multiple hustles.
I respect that.
You know, I'm just not afraid of hard work.
And besides, nobody's making bank selling vinyl anyway.
So why do you do it? I just love the way music sounds when it's coming off of an actual groove in wax.
Okay, I feel that.
I'm gonna go to the next store.
Okay, be careful.
So what's your social media presence like? - Nonexistent.
- Really? I can fix that.
What's your Instagram? I ain't got an Instagram.
Shut up.
Wait, are you being serious? - Yeah.
- Give me your phone.
We gonna turn it up From the front to the back yeah, yeah Ay We gonna turn it up From the front to the back yeah, yeah Well, I hope I can count on your vote.
You've given us a lot to think about.
It's been bugging me since I walked in.
Where do I know you from? Are you an actress or a singer? Oh, no, no, not at all.
She used to be a painter.
Yes, yes.
You painted that beautiful mural on the side of Jerome Brady Elementary.
I was a teacher there.
Oh, yes.
Yeah, I painted that.
It was a shame that school had to close.
Yeah, mural's gone, too.
Well, thanks again for coming.
Yes, anytime.
- Take care.
- All right.
- Bless.
- Thank you.
I can't believe everyone we're meeting with is so damn noncommittal.
Why did you say I used to be a painter? Hm? Oh, I just meant you're not currently painting at a professional level.
You're an ex-artist.
Artists don't cease from being an artist, even if it's been years from their last work.
You're right, you're right, and I apologize.
I mean, you aren't telling these voters anything they haven't heard before.
Keep going.
You sure? Because earlier you No, forget about what I said.
I need your help.
I'm all ears.
Well, you're playing it safe.
I mean, people know when they're being politicianed.
Like that one sister who mentioned her nephew got convicted by the testimony of a crooked cop.
Well, if I'm DA, I intend to stop using dirty cops as witnesses.
Then say that.
The police union'd be all over my Black ass.
If you don't start saying things that address what Black voters really need, you ain't gonna have to worry about what the police union think about your Black ass.
Listen, I know what you stand for, but they don't.
Speak from your heart, because, at the end of all of this, you still gotta be you, or else what's the point? - Look who made it.
- Told y'all I would.
Ooh, I'm jumping in.
A'ight, but don't be buying up a billion coins for DNA upgrades.
- Play fair.
- That ain't how I win.
- You're mad 'cause I got skills.
- Yeah right.
Where's Lucia? I thought she was coming over today.
Supposed to.
She's always late.
And finally, the best part of the store, my favorite section, probably y'all favorite section, the Afrobeat section.
We got Fuse ODG.
We got Aya Nakamura.
We got that man, Burna Boy, you know? Ey, and the list goes on, and on, and on.
All right, Hilarystas, you heard it here first.
Check out Charlie's Vinyl, period.
I love how you catalog the music in the different genres.
You know, you're like that one guy off that old movie about the record store.
What movie you talking about? You know, the one with John Cusack and Jack Black? Are there Black people in this movie? - Lisa Bonet.
- "High Fidelity.
" - Yes, that's the one.
- There it is.
Anyway, your first post and your first follower.
Oh, okay, I see you.
All right, first one's free.
Yo, I'm not gonna lie.
You pretty good at this social media stuff.
Not good enough, apparently.
What you mean? I'm trying to move out of my parents' house and make my own way, but it just seems like the real world has other plans.
Got it.
Kind of scary letting go of that safety net, huh? Yeah, it is.
My uncle Charlie opened up this shop, put everything he had into it.
I'm just trying to keep the legacy alive.
Good days, bad days.
But hey, I'm doing what I love, and I'm still standing, and you'll find your way, too.
I should get back to the campaign trail.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, and maybe find your sister.
That too.
I'll see you.
- All right.
- Bye.
There's no need to increase our security measures for the family, but do reach out to your associates in Philadelphia.
Rashad Denton is making noise.
We gave him ten grand to shut it down.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Denton has discovered how wealthy our employer is, wants more.
How much more? I didn't bother to ask because we have no intention to pay him.
All right, thanks again.
- No problem.
- Have a great rest of the day.
Another one.
Your boy is on fire.
You're slandering Dad's opponents and equating Blue Lives Matter with racism.
And? I don't always agree with them, but you can't just call all conservatives racist.
I can, and it's working.
So why are you bitching? Because you trample every rule that you don't like, but somehow you end up the winner.
And you're completely ignorant of everything outside your beloved hood.
Yo, I'm not fucking ignorant, and trust me, the next time Oh, you're gonna beat my ass 'cause that's how they do it in Philly? Yo, give it a goddamn rest already.
Every hood is the same, a'ight? And that's the reason why I can walk around here and get all these signatures, and you walking around here with nothing.
You know, I'll give you something, Will.
You're a much better bullshit artist than I ever will be.
Really, and you can talk your talk and do your thing.
You might have everyone else fooled, but not me.
Did you really come out here for a better education, Will? Hmm? Your friend Tray getting shot.
Was that just some random coincidence, or is there more to the story? Yeah, that's what I thought.
See, I knew you were full of shit from the moment you walked through our door.
Man, fuck you.
I'm out.
Ashley, are you ready to go? You must be proud of yourself for finding me.
Hilary gave me a call after you gave her the slip.
Very clever.
And do you really imagine your dad would bother keeping me on the payroll if I allowed a 12-year-old to outsmart me? Are you gonna tell my parents about this? Romario Viotti and his lot pose no security risks.
So I suppose we could keep it between us on the condition you stop sneaking around, Ash.
There's no need for it.
Mom and Dad would never let me go to South L.
to see my friends I met gaming online.
Look, to be honest with you, I think they'd be happy that you're getting out of the Bel-Air bubble.
Even if it's because you have a crush on someone you met on the internet, but hey, just be mindful, Ash.
There are unsavories out there that would love nothing more than to use you to extort money from your mum and dad.
In you get.
What's up, Philly? I see you're finally done knocking on doors.
Nah, man.
Needed to take a break before I killed Carlton's ass.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, watch it.
Hey, yo, Jazz.
I got an emergency.
Oh, shit, Buddy.
"Oh, shit.
" Who is this nigga? - This my boy, Will.
- Cool, cool, cool.
Look, I'm going to the studio tomorrow with Pharrel.
I need some new sounds.
You got something that sound like the hungry caterpillar ate 20 tabs of acid with a side of shrimp and grits? You got something like that? Got it, oh, I got exactly what you need right now.
- That's my boy right there.
- Ha-ha, boom! Afreka, "Demon Fuzz.
" My fucking guy.
Oh, do you mind if I get a pic for the 'gram? For the 'gram? When the fuck did you get an Instagram? Yeah, when fuck you get an Instagram? Your cousin Hilary came by earlier.
She got me trying something new.
Oh, okay.
Trying something new.
All right, then.
Come on.
Nigga, if you don't get in the picture Ooh, ooh.
What's good? We smiling or we mobbin'? - We mobbin'.
- We mobbin', all right.
Oh, there we go.
Hey, appreciate you, Jazz.
Look, hey, put it on my tab.
- Oh, I got you.
- All right, dude.
All right, man.
Sheesh, that was crazy.
- Who, Buddy? - Yeah.
That nigga here at least once a week.
Man, that's dope.
So you and Carlton.
Who got you teamed up with your Sunken Place cousin anyway? Well, I made a deal with my aunt that if me and Carlton got along while we were canvassing, she'd let Tray fly out here.
Oh, okay, so if you bail on Carlton, then your boy Tray shit out of luck? I hope that argument y'all had was worth it.
Yo, you registered any more voters? Yeah, but I think this guy gave me a fake name.
Does Nino Brown sound legit? Yeah, remind me to show you "New Jack City.
" All right, man, give me some more forms, and we'll work opposite sides of the street.
We got a dozen more to do, then we both get what we want.
Flying Tray out here is my only priority.
You're a good friend to him.
Look, what I said earlier is Forget it, all right? Our problem is, we keep talking like we're gonna change each other's minds, and we're not.
So we just gotta say less.
I'll start on the other side of the street.
All right, all right.
Thank you.
See you tonight.
I'm on top of the world Money and power that's the only thing working - Yeah.
- Okay.
The only thing working Money and power that's the only thing working Raw spit, raw hustle, raw spit, raw hustle I'm on top of the world Money and power that's the only thing working I got you.
Hold on.
Get that curb.
- Here? - Yeah.
Raw spit, raw hustle, raw spit, raw hustle I'm on top of the world Wait, you did what? I invited everyone I could to the skating rink tonight.
It's supposed to be a private fundraiser.
Well, make it public, because a lot more people are gonna register there.
And I told them that Uncle Phil is gonna cover food and admission.
Look, the campaign's been working on this event for weeks, Will.
Plus, my dad really needs this to work out 'cause supposedly he hasn't been connecting with the Black community.
Okay, well, this is the perfect opportunity to fix that, right? Only if he doesn't kill you first.
Well, he won't if you back me up.
Come on, this is a great opportunity to open it up to the public.
Look, the more people that show up, the more registration we get.
It's better for us and the campaign, isn't it? Look, I'm not the one you have to convince.
On top of the world I don't see why this is such a big deal.
I'll have to return the money to all the donors who paid for exclusive access.
Plus, there's no way to vet the people you invited, which means there's no predicting what questions they'll ask me during the Q&A.
Will, you're throwing me into the lion's den.
Phil, maybe that's where you need to be, mixing up with people who can't afford $500 tickets.
Yeah, Dad.
Look, you're playing it a little safe, right? Maybe this will spark voter turnout.
Look, Uncle Phil, we can invite all of our friends, right? We'll make it fun.
We could turn this jawn out for you.
My campaign staff isn't gonna love this.
But I'm down for it.
Okay, let's go meet the people.
I'm so happy you're here! Wait, let me get a look at you.
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.
Thank you, Auntie Viv.
Look, I realized that the breakup between you and Carlton has been awkward for a while, but we should have one of our girls' nights again, you know? Me, you, Ashley, Hilary? I'd love that.
And we also need to talk about the plans for this year's Lupus fundraiser.
I mean, the sorors came through with some amazing donations and sponsors.
Mama loved her sisters.
And we loved her, too.
Oh, girl, come here, oh.
Being a kid's tough, right? You wait till you become an adult.
That's a whole another story for a whole another day.
In the meantime, I took the liberty of inviting your new friends.
- Hey, Ashley.
- Hey, guys.
- Lucia.
- Hi, Ashley.
This is awesome.
Phil's nephew.
Will, right? Yeah, you're Lisa's dad.
She didn't tell me you were a cop.
Los Angeles Chief of Police.
- You all right, son? - Yes.
Yeah, it's just, when I met you at my aunt and uncle's party, I didn't realize you were a cop.
Just kinda throws me.
Don't worry, kid.
You're not in trouble.
I don't understand why it matters if my dad's a cop.
He's the chief of police.
And if it didn't matter, why don't you tell me? I wasn't hiding anything.
It's not like you told me what your dad did for a living.
Oh, sorry, I can't answer that question 'cause I haven't seen the sorry-ass nigga since he walked out.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
It's fine.
My dad's not worth talking about.
- Will.
- It's fine, a'ight? - Have fun.
- Wait, Will.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for all coming out today and showcasing your skills on the rink.
And now for the person we're all here to see, L.
's next district attorney, my dad, Phillip Banks.
Big Phil, Big Phil, Big Phil! Thank you, son.
Hope this one goes better than my Big Boy interview.
Look, I'm not here to bore you all with speeches and promises.
No, today Today, I wanna hear from you, so please speak freely and ask your questions.
I wanna know if you plan to keep using the gang enhancement laws to lock up our boys for longer, often for non-violent first offenses.
ALL: Yeah.
Good question.
I hear you, ma'am, and I do share your concern.
The gang enhancement laws have been used far too often.
And if elected, I will prohibit the prosecutors from pursuing sentencing enhancements for what would be non-violent first-time offenses.
What do you plan to do about the crooked LAPD? Oh, defund, defund! - Defund! - Defunding! [SOFT MUSIC.]
I think defunding the police is critical.
- Yeah! - Whoo! Our justice system is failing us, and a wholesale change needs to be made from policing to prosecution.
- Yes! - Yeah! And I'm prepared to fight for a new approach, even if that makes me unpopular with the mayor's office or the LAPD.
Because the DA shouldn't be working for them.
Should be working for you.
Thank you.
Next question.
Yo! Nah, but that was a good time.
That was really fun.
We have to do that again.
- Yes.
- I really want to.
Now, that was a fun campaign event.
Hell, yeah.
I could have gone all night.
You might just be going all night.
- Hm, is that a promise? - Mm-hmm.
Ew, what the hell? Oh, come on now! Come on now! Why would you do that in front of us? I'm so glad I don't share a wall with y'all.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you do realize that this kind of talk brought you into this world, right? Ew, no one wanted to know that at all.
Before you retire, Romeo, I need to have a quick chat with you.
- You are such a buzzkill.
- Mm.
- Hold that thought.
- Mm-hmm.
All right, all right.
My office.
So you're gonna admit I was right, or do I gotta say I told you so? Look, I backed your idea in front of my parents, didn't I? Only because Uncle Phil was gonna agree anyway.
Point is, I didn't fight you on it.
Look, we just keep it like this.
Quit trying to trip each other up.
I can get with that.
Good night, C.
Good night, Will.
- Thank you.
Oh, my God! Tonight just got even better! I'm moving out.
- Really? - Yes.
So I got accepted into an influencer house.
So I'm gonna be living with other social media content creators.
Influencer house.
Yes, it's a thing.
So Will's friend Jazz has a record store, and when they saw what I did with his IG in one day, they said I was in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what kind of strings are attached to that arrangement? None.
It's free.
Hilary, nothing is free.
Would it kill you to just say congratulations for once? [SOFT MUSIC.]
You don't have to say everything out loud, Viv.
Will, can I have a word with you? Yeah.
Is everything okay, Aunt Viv? I just wanna say I am so proud with how you and Carlton worked together today.
Yeah? And we'll fly Tray out to Bel-Air this Friday.
Oh, oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! You and Tray are gonna have a great time.
I'll see to it.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Yo, what's good? Yo, yo, boul! You flying out to L.
! No kidding! Yo, that's crazy, bro.
Hey, I got some great news, too.
- What's up? - Rashad is dead.
What? Rashad is dead, bro.
Fool got shot up in a strip club.
Oh, shit.
And who pulled the trigger? Who cares, bro? Rashad in the grave puts us in the clear.
We gotta celebrate that shit when I fly out.
Yeah, yeah, we're definitely gonna celebrate.
Play the block, play the block, repeat That's all a young nigga learned from these streets I was in the trenches with my soldiers Had to stay poled up, they don't know the gang Give a fuck 'bout what they told us And they gon' try something 'Cause they fooly for the clout Any sudden movements and the toolie coming out And we gon' let it rain till these niggas Learn they lesson, APM that's the gang Time to apply the pressure, man We ain't have a thing, opportunity's a blessing All we know is gunshots and a couple stretchers I don't think you know how it feels, nah, nah To live and go to school in the field, nah, nah But I'ma stand tall, won't kneel, nah, nah It's only the survival of the real, nah, nah And I came out strong Music my only hope this is where I belong I don't know what's next I just keep on making songs And sing about my pain 'Cause I know they can relate To what I gotta say You ain't never been outside Man, this shit it ain't a game All we wanted was to strive APM ain't a gang But my nigga gonna ride for whatever we claim Nah, nah, nah, nah Went from the deuce deuce to the 9-millimeter Used to spin Hondas now we slide in two-seaters I'm only one stripe away from the Adidas Now these opportunity niggas keep askin' for a feature Ah, ah, ah, ah It's Melvoni, yeah
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