Bel-Air (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

PA to LA

Previously on "Bel-Air" Rashad knows you in Bel-Air.
He sent a shooter for Tray, and now apparently, he knows I'm in Bel-Air, so Don't trouble yourself, Will.
I'll handle the situation.
Where do I know you from? Oh, she used to be a painter.
- You have a gift.
- Had a gift.
Reid Broderick is back in Los Angeles.
Should I set up a meeting? Seems like she's content living out in the pool house.
It's been two years, Hilary.
What have you even figured out? I figured out that you don't believe in me.
We're one of the top influencer houses on the planet.
- I'm moving out.
- Influencer house? Would it kill you to just say congratulations for once? My mom died three years ago.
But if we're gonna be friends, it's part of who I am.
- I'm glad we're friends.
- Me too.
You might have everyone else fooled, but not me.
Did you really come out here for better education, Will? - What about the crooked LAPD? - Yeah.
Defund the cops! Defund them! Defunding the police is critical.
Tray can come out here by the end of the week? Deal.
Hey, you flying out to L.
! I got some great news too.
Rashad is dead.
Oh, shit.
I cannot believe you out here, boy.
This jawn is crazy, bro.
Beautiful day out here.
Hey, bro.
Go, go ahead.
Ask ask it like I showed you.
Hey, Lexus, play my dope Philly playlist.
What I tell you? "Thank you, Lexus.
" Thank you, Lexus.
Ah, yo, this remind me of last summer, bro.
On 60th and Market.
Oh! Hey man, speaking of Philly, I know the Turk has been missing your boy.
Why would they ask about you when I'm still there, bro? - Whatever.
- Ain't nobody worried about you.
You still be, uh, hanging with Jackie and her friends at the park? Nah, bro.
I ain't been going over for Even with Rashad dead.
No, I ain't feeling it.
Yeah, man, I'm, uh Sorry you had to go through that shit.
But you're here, a'ight? You came through, and we gonna have a good time.
Real rap.
We both came through.
Okay, Dad, don't pack the boxes too heavy and remember, wrap every plate.
How did I ever fit all of this into a pool house? All right.
How about you pack a box and show your man exactly how you want it done? You're doing amazing, Dad.
Appreciate ya.
Honestly, planning this dinner for my new housemates has been way more difficult than I expected.
Why don't you lean on your mom? She used to throw parties like this all the time for her art friends back in the day.
Mom's vibe is more white wine and upscale than anything I'm trying to do.
You know, you and your mother need to cut each other some slack.
I'm just saying.
Dad, I'm just trying to live my life.
She's the one that's always on my back.
That's because she loves you, honey bee.
She just worries.
But once she sees you shine in your element tonight, that could go a long way.
- This jawn is crazy.
- I know it, man.
Damn, bro.
- Whoo! - Mm-hmm.
Bro, this jawn dummy lit, huh? Bro, this jawn is litty, yo.
I know it's gonna be tough giving all this shit up, huh? What you mean? Since Rashad's dead, you ain't gotta hide out here in L.
no more.
You can come back to Philly.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Bro, look at this shit, bro.
You gotta check this out.
Da-um! Yo! Yo, is this a art museum or a house, bro? Yo, look at all this art, bro.
- What's that big jawn? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
That's my favorite.
This is "So Bright" by the Ferrari Sheppard.
- Yeah, it's fire, huh? - Yeah, it's dope.
Your auntie must be quizzing you about these.
Shut up.
What's that one? Hey, what's that jawn? No, no, no, what's that? What's that? What's this one? - Oh, that one? - Yeah That one's called, uh, "Grab your shit and let's go", dickhead.
Hey, yo, Carlton, you remember my boy, Tray? He just came in from Philly.
Yo, what up, Lil 'C? I ain't seen you since I was like eight.
What's up? Welcome to Bel-Air, Tray.
Have fun.
Can't believe that Oreo-ass nigga - really play lacrosse - Chill, bro.
You know, Carlton, he's cool, you know.
Got his own swag.
Nothing wrong with that.
- It's this way.
- A'ight.
- Come in.
- Yo, Aunt Viv, man, I found this big-headed of Philly boul outside of LAX.
What should we do with him? Welcome to Bel-Air.
Hey, Mrs.
Oh, welcome.
Oh, wow, how are you? I'm great, I'm great.
I really appreciate you flying me out here, for real.
I brought you something from my parents and me.
- No, you didn't! - I did.
4th Street Fudge-dipped cookies.
- Are you kidding me? - Them look good.
Let me get some.
What okay, hold up, now.
- Oh, is like that? - Tray brought these for me.
- Thank you.
- You got all this food in this house, and you not gonna - even share them cookies - Aw, look who's sweet.
Could you turn on the water slide? 'Cause Tray's trying to get in the pool.
Yup, 'cause unlike your nephew right here, I can actually swim, Aunt Viv.
No, boul took one class at the Y, and now he think he Michael Phelps or something.
I will turn on the slide, and I'm sure you two really missed each other, huh? Not like that.
Nah, it's been kind of weird not having this boul around, but Rashad's gone, so we gonna be back running Philly again soon.
- That's what's up.
- Hey! Uhh! I mean, if that's what you want.
What I want is these cookies.
Hey, oh, no.
Hey Boy, you better come back.
Uh-uh, don't try me.
- Don't.
- I'm messing with you.
I'm just playing, I'm just playing.
Yeah, I know where you sleep.
Thank you.
Sweet boy.
You see, this is how you move the needle, my brother.
You are up 5% amongst likely voters, and 7% amongst Black voters.
Which means the community outreach program is paying off.
Whoo! Yes.
And I recall someone not wanting me - to go off script.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What you saw was your campaign manager reminding you that we are running as a moderate centrist candidate.
Yo, Uncle Phil, you wanted to see us? Hey, fellas! Yeah, yeah.
Come on in.
Yo, this is my Uncle Phil, and this is his campaign manager Steven.
- What up, Steve? - Hey.
Pleasure, pleasure.
You know, Will's told me so much about you.
I, uh, I know you've been through quite the ordeal, to say the least.
Yeah, yeah.
Getting shot was quite an ordeal, I guess.
Uh, is there something I need to know about? Uh, no, not at all.
On a brighter note, I have got VIP tickets for a D Smoke concert tomorrow afternoon.
- D Smoke? - VIP? For real? - Yeah.
- Oh! Thanks, Uncle.
You bet.
I got you.
- That's dope.
- Absolutely.
- That's dope.
- It's gonna be great.
So, yeah, you two run along and try not to tear up my house.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going now that you got the two Philly boys back together? Girl, they're just great.
Don't I know it? Oh, hey, I'm so glad you called.
Will's been floating the idea of, you know, heading back to Philly.
It's been on my mind, too.
I was thinking he could fly home for Thanksgiving, and that's it.
Vy, I've been thinking Will should stay here.
He's just getting his rhythm.
Oh, two weeks ago, he went to an Alpha event with Phil and impressed several of the fraternity brothers.
And now they're talking about hooking him up with a summer internship.
Viv, it's not news to me that my son is talented.
I've had college scouts calling about Will since he was a freshmen.
But I'm talking about a world outside of sports, Vy.
I'm talking about politics, business, the arts.
I mean, think of all the opportunities that he could have here.
Now, we both know that this arrangement was always meant to be temporary.
I'm not done raising my son, Viv.
- I understand.
- Do you? Because it it sounds like you're trying to take my place.
No, no, no.
This isn't about you and me.
- The hell it ain't.
- Well, can we agree that it shouldn't be? Look listen, I promise I will not try to talk Will into anything, and neither should you.
We should just let Will come up with his own decisions.
Will is still a child, Viv.
My child.
And I'm going to tell him what I think is best for him.
Look, I gotta go.
West Philly, boy! I like that.
I like that.
Yo, all these books.
You don't read, nigga.
Actually that's "The Alchemist.
" - That's a really good book.
- All these damn trophies.
When you gonna give me my shit back? Boy, that trophy say, "Will Smith.
" Oh, what's this jawn? Bel-Air Academy.
This color's wack.
I know that burns your skin wearing that jawn, huh? Mm-mm.
We got nice little team out here, for real.
We getting better too.
Yo, how's the team back home doing? Real rap, bro.
We've been struggling.
We lost to Norf, Douglas, and South East, bro.
South East.
But you coming back soon, so we good.
We great.
We good.
We going to State.
No cap.
Yeah, we should get ready to go downstairs for dinner.
Which one do you want? Come on, yo.
We gotta wear suits to go eat downstairs? You know, we eating in the formal dining room.
So we gotta step it up a little bit.
That's it.
- You for real? - Yeah.
Yo, they really got you buyin' into this bougie shit, bro.
Come on man.
Like that shit ain't right.
That's just how they do it.
Bro, purple ain't my color, so Hey, that is a nice purple suit, put Yo, wow! Wow! Ha! Oh my God.
Hey, you got everything set up.
I know I make it look easy, but it is not, okay? And look over here.
Do you notice any cameras? - What cameras? - I have one right there.
And I have four other ones, but they're hidden so my guests don't feel self-conscious.
- Ohh.
- Okay? Uhh! Okay! Ha.
Yo, is this thing on? No, no.
You're good.
Okay, cool, 'cause I gotta get your opinion on something.
Okay, what's up? Would it be a bad idea if I went back to Philly? Why would you want to go back to Philly? I don't know.
Like I love L.
, but Philly's home, and I miss it.
Okay, but just because you miss a place doesn't mean you have to move back.
Yeah, but it's like my mom, Tray, all my friends back in Philly they're expecting me to go back.
Look, at the end of the day, Will, you have to answer to yourself.
And I get it.
It's scary disappointing somebody you love, especially a parent.
But they'll get over it, and you will too.
Look, I think you should stay, okay? Hey, baby.
How long you been standing there? Ooh, long enough to see how beautiful you are.
You talk to Vy? Yeah, we talked, but let's talk about it after dinner.
Is it time? Yes, and I am not going out there alone.
Oh boy.
Well, we gotta give our guests a chance.
Well, they're Hilary's guests, and they make their living showing off on social media, so Well, there's more to it than that.
Kylo, lead creator in the house, men's lifestyle brand specialist He promotes expensive booze, cigars, and colognes.
Last year, Kylo made over a million in paid sponsorships and ad revenue.
- Over a million? - Mm-hmm.
How do you even know all this? Hilary sent out a prep email.
You didn't read it? I skimmed it.
Well, tell me who else is coming to this party.
Well, there's Phanta.
She specializes in luxury travel.
She gets paid to promote the most exclusive hotels and vacation spots in the world.
- Can I have her job? - Oh, and then there's Monica whose pronouns are them and they.
Monica's one of the leading sex-positive relationship advice counselors on social media.
And they got their own book deal with Oprah.
Okay, you've made your point.
Hilary's coworkers are quite accomplished.
Hold on to that feeling, 'cause the last two housemates are brothers, Jared, and Nathan.
They are stuntmen and pranksters, better known as "the Blackass Brothers.
" They know better than to pull any pranks in our house, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Because I'll throw both their Black asses out.
- There you go.
- Ha ha.
That's the one.
I like that one.
- Look at this! - I need a photo right here.
Come on, bro.
Usually curls up Hilary, Hilary, how did you make the artichokes? Oven.
The oven.
Okay, they're fire.
Excuse me! Excuse me, everyone.
If I may, um Tonight, you all welcome our Hilary into your ranks.
Yeah, we do.
- Whoo! - All right! And our family bids her goodbye.
I just, um I just wanted to let Hilary know that she leaves our house with our love.
Honey bee, you are destined for greatness.
- To Hilary.
- To Hilary! - To Hilary! - Yay! Yay! - Cheers.
- Yeah! Yo, I thought y'all was about to die when y'all was wrestling with them wild lions.
Dude, you know we tranquilize those lions, right? What? You lying.
I'm screwin' with you.
Yo, how fast did that rocket really go? What? Relax, bro.
Relax, a'ight? I was just thinking you must be happy, huh? About what in particular? I mean, shit will go back to the way it was.
This is basically Will's goodbye party, too.
Since Rashad got chalked out, my boy don't gotta hide no more.
So you don't think that my parents and Will's mom overreacted sending Will to Bel-Air? Like, Rashad was really gonna hurt Will? No doubt, bro.
I was there when they both got arrested, and Rashad had murder in his eyes.
Will was facing a lotta time for those gun charges, but your DA daddy made that shit disappear like magic.
Shit was crazy, yo.
Hey, yo, Tray, bro, he said that they did break the sound barrier when they built that homemade rocket.
I told you.
He's lyin', bro.
Ain't no way.
I absolutely love your necklace.
Oh, thank you.
It's from South Africa.
When I was 19, I went there on a trip for about four months for a cultural exchange program for artists, and it changed the way I depicted light in my paintings.
And I had the chance to meet President Nelson Mandela.
That must've been amazing.
Have you ever considered creating content - about your travels? - Oh, no.
I'm producing a series about women who've been places that the average person can only dream of.
What? No, no, no, no.
I'm not cut out to be a social media celebrity like yourself.
Don't sell yourself short, Mrs.
You've got star energy.
Do you think the future of sexuality is fluid? I think coming generations won't torture themselves when they define their behaviors.
Some people may spend one stage of their lives as heterosexual and another as asexual and even another as maybe homosexual.
So is it worth making those distinctions at all? Only if those distinctions serve you.
Some people feel that sexuality defines them, you know, as a person.
Others don't.
You know, but both camps are totally correct.
Please, please.
I'd love to, man.
You know, I ball too, so, you know Hey, hey.
My fault.
Hey, Phanta, bro? I'ma about to holler.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.
You been drinking? - Nah, nah.
- Hey, hey.
- Just little tipsy.
- Hey, bro just go ahead.
Drink some water.
Chill out.
- I don't want no water.
- Come on, bro.
Do you think this is going well? Like this is going okay, right? Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's going great.
You killed it.
Just Phanta is obsessed with Mom.
Kylo was talking Dad's ear off.
Maybe I should rescue him.
Uh I think Dad can fend for himself.
All right, Mr.
Banks, be real with me.
- You're running for office - Mm-hmm.
You don't wish that Hilary was a lawyer or some professional type job like that? This this whole influencer thing, this doesn't bother you at all? Let me tell you something about Hilary.
She was born two months premature.
Spent the first six weeks of her life in the NIC unit.
She was so small.
So fragile.
I just prayed for her to be healthy.
Prayed for her to have a full life.
My heart hasn't changed.
I want her to continue to grow, to thrive, and I put no other conditions on her.
So, no, I'm not bothered.
I'm proud.
Well, damn, Mr.
Banks, I kinda wish you were my dad.
What the hell? Whoa, whoa, whoa, this shit moving.
Hilary, tell your friends to call off the prank, right now.
It's not a prank, ma'am.
It's a gift for Hilary.
Whoa, whoa.
- Go on and open it.
- Oh, sh Whoa! - Oh - Got it lit! - Oh - Oh! - Oh, whoa! - Now, that's a prank.
You should've seen your faces.
That was hilarious! - Excuse me a moment.
- You did it again.
We got another one.
Cut the camera off, please.
Like seriously.
- Hey, man, cut the camera - Cut the camera, bro.
Dad, we need to talk.
Did you pull strings to get Will out of jail in Philly? Close the door and we'll talk.
You're not too mad are you? No.
This all seems normal to you? No, but that's the point.
It's work.
Theater, if you will.
Oh, it's art.
- Catch you later, Will.
- Sure, be easy.
Jetlag getting you brah? Ha.
That wine tuckin' me in, too, bro.
Come on, bro.
Gotta get you some rest, boul.
We got a long week ahead of us.
So you broke the law for him.
If I didn't intervene, Will would've gone to prison.
His future ruined.
Understand, son, that if our situation came to light Will wouldn't be the only one that suffers.
So all those lectures you gave me about justice and following the rules and doing the right thing that was all bullshit? People make mistakes, son.
They fall down, and they deserve a chance to get back on their feet.
Didn't we teach you that? Haven't your own struggles taught you that? Are you seriously equating my anxiety disorder with Will's crime? No.
No, I'm I'm saying that everyone needs to be shown some grace.
That's what we did for Will.
No, no, 'cause if you did the right thing, you wouldn't be sitting here asking me to keep it a secret.
Whoa, Carlton Carlton! I need your word that you'll keep this between us.
You have my word.
'Cause it's actually worth something.
You're so full of shit, Will.
Negro, wasn't you just up my ass about knocking first? Oh, I'm sorry.
You gonna pull a gun on me too? You don't have anything to say? I don't know what you're talking about.
I know about the gun.
I know about the fight.
And the part where my dad broke the law to get you out of jail.
Carlton Please don't snitch.
Then stay out of my way at home and at school.
And stay the fuck away from Lisa.
She doesn't deserve to get pulled into your bullshit.
Oh, hey, come on now.
One more, one more.
Let's see it again.
That one's not ready.
Uhh! Oh, please.
- Four times.
- Jeez.
- I want that one.
- Serve my brother.
Okay, Unc, I didn't know you had it like that.
You used to work at IHOP or something, Unc? No, I was stuck with Sunday morning kitchen duty in the fraternity house.
It was trial by fire.
Um, good morning! Hey, how you doing, baby? I hope you hungry.
Oh, well, what do we owe the honor? There ain't no reason.
I just want to feed my family.
Oh, I'm here for that.
- He's no Hilary, but he's cool.
- Hey.
- Morning.
- Good morning, son.
You want two or three? I know how much you love my flapjacks.
I'm good.
Lisa's coming over, and we have a busy day planning her mom's memorial benefit.
Let her know that she can have the entire house.
And whatever she needs, we'll provide.
Aw, thanks, Mom.
You are gonna be done in time to join us for the concert, right? No, I'll pass.
Lisa and I have a lot to discuss.
Flip that jawn again, Unc.
Flip it! - Flip it! - Oh! Hold it, hold it, hold it, you ready? Hold.
Bro, I know the summers out here be going stupid.
Oh, God.
Bro, you gotta come out here, though, man.
Like we'll make it happen, bro.
It's big enough.
I could talk to my aunt and uncle.
I don't know, bro.
You family.
I'm just friends.
They not gonna let me live off them for months.
Oh, oh, go, go this way, go this way, go this way.
Yo, what's good? I'm Tray.
You must be Lisa, huh? - Yes, nice to meet you.
- Same, same.
My boy be talking about you.
All good, though you good.
Hey, hey sorry sorry to bug y'all.
Come on, man.
Uncle Phil's waiting for us.
Come on.
All right, y'all.
Enjoy the concert.
What's with Will? He seems off.
Who knows? Want to get back to the guest list? - Sure.
- Come on.
I know that's not for us.
All right.
On stage We both gettin' on stage.
Yeah, what if I got on stage? Hey, you hip enough, you get on stage.
I don't even know.
I don't even know.
Thank you, bro.
You got those all-access passes.
- All-access passes.
- VIP.
This is crazy, though, bro.
What, bro? I can't even believe we really about to meet D Smoke.
That's wild.
Like, I got a million questions for boul, starting with when he gonna drop his next album? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
That last one had no skips.
None! No skips at all.
And I'm glad to see you two excited.
- We way past excited, Unc.
- Uh-huh.
He probably I'll tell you about D Smoke later.
Come on, like I don't know who D Smoke is.
I'm a hip-hop head.
I stay up on the game.
Big cap.
- Big cap.
- Up on the game.
Hey, don't get me don't get me started, right? What's up, fellas? You all ready for the show? - D Smoke.
- Hell, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, we fuck with your music, man.
My name is Will.
This my boy, Tray.
Nice to meet you, Will.
You must be Uncle Phil.
- Mucho gusto.
- You are the man.
Yeah, tu sabes.
- You D Smoke.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Tray actually put me on to your music.
- Okay.
- Yeah, tell him, Tray.
- Tell him, Tray.
- Okay.
Good lookin'.
You D Smoke! Yeah.
He normally doesn't stop talking.
You got him star-struck.
- Your boy.
- It's really D Smoke.
I'm so glad Joan convinced you to come in.
What do you think? I just love her use of color.
It's just so strong and un-unapologetic.
It's, um It's complex yet clear.
Intimate but powerful.
Simply riveting.
Your work is in a similar vein.
Your color palette is evocative.
The way you, uh draw in the viewers' eyes not lying when I say I could stare into your paintings for hours, because I've done it.
I'm glad you enjoy my work, Reid.
So what exactly did Joan say I'm doing? She told me that Vivian Smith is, uh excuse me, Vivian Banks is painting again.
And I've always, always been enamored with your work.
I appreciate that.
I'm not sure I'm ready just to show any of my latest pieces yet.
Why don't you just show me what you got and let me be the judge? Now this This is what I really wanted you to see.
I mean, whoever did this, this is way too minimalistic for my taste, so This space is reserved for you, Vivian.
What? No.
I'm not ready for all of this.
I mean, I haven't even been able to to tap into my creative flow.
There's never a right time, okay? You just gotta go.
If you wait until you think you're ready Another 15 years might pass you by.
D Smoke, let's go D Smoke, let's go.
VIP, baby.
Don't you know about VIP? Yo, fellas fellas, why don't you go up inside? I just gonna take care of some business here first, okay? A'ight Uncle Phil.
Yeah, let's get it.
Congressman Turley.
I didn't take either one of you for D Smoke fans.
Phil, we've come here to help you right your campaign.
You're at a critical juncture.
Well, I'm up in the polls.
I'd be happy to walk you through the numbers.
Polls don't tell the whole story.
Not everyone liked the comments you made about law enforcement.
You said "defund the police.
" Oh, come on, Fred.
We both know that the police budget could shed millions and rank and file wouldn't feel the difference.
Well, that's where the argument starts, - but where does it end? - With a police force that doesn't act like it's above the law.
Phil, we didn't come here to debate this with you.
You need to tone down your rhetoric.
Or what? There will be consequences for this new direction you're taking.
But I still stand by what I said.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a concert to enjoy.
All right.
Ash, this is for you.
It's from my homegirl, Phanta.
She created a jewelry line, and she wanted you and Mom to have pieces from the collection.
Tell her I said thanks.
Oh, and the charm is for, like, good fortunate Like money, health, love.
How does that work? Girl, it doesn't.
It's a sales hook, but it's pretty, and it won't turn your wrist green.
Hil, so I have this friend that I have a crush on.
And I think this friend likes me but hasn't said that.
What do I do? Does a friend have a name? Lucia.
That's a pretty name.
Tell me more about her.
Well, she's an 8th grader.
She's smart.
She has a nerdy sense of humor like me.
She doesn't take crap from anyone.
Are you surprised? I mean, I'm surprised you're having feelings for somebody since you're always so busy trying to save the world.
But, no, I'm not surprised that you're gay.
I mean, I'm attracted to girls, but I haven't totally ruled out boys.
Which is why I'm afraid to tell Mom and Dad, because I haven't got it figured out.
And I don't want them to think that I'm just in some phase, you know? You're 12.
You don't have to have everything figured out, and you don't have to tell anybody if you don't want to.
But I'm happy you told me.
I'm gonna really miss you, Hil.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
And look, I'll always be here if you ever need to talk, okay? Give me hug.
- I love you, sis.
- I love you too.
Excuse me excuse me.
Lovin' the hat, brother.
That's hard.
Oh, my God, yo.
This is the life.
Facts, bro.
Yo, if I stayed out here all year, you can visit anytime you want, bro.
Summer break, spring break, winter break, bro.
All the breaks.
Is that what you trying to do? You trying to stay in L.
forever? No.
I mean I don't know, maybe.
Don't play me, bro.
You know.
You really trying to turn your back on where you came from? Whoa, bro, slow down.
All I said is I might maybe stay in L.
Ain't no might maybe to it, bro.
I know you.
You already made your mind up.
Just admit the shit.
Look, bro, I'm just trying to figure this shit out, a'ight? Man, I need you to get off my back, a'ight? Bro, you don't understand.
This is is No, I don't understand.
You was the one calling me talking about how everyone in L.
was treating you wack, crying and shit.
- Who was crying? - Nigga, you.
"Tray, everyone in Bel-Air's wack.
I gotta get on back to Philly.
" Now you wanna be one of 'em.
Tray, look around you.
What do we have in Philly that's better than this, hmm? Ladies and gentlemen, please get ready to make some noise.
The show is about to begin.
Man, you ain't nothing but a fucking liar, bro.
All day all day you been talking about coming back home.
For our team.
For our block.
For me.
But fuck us, right? You got yours, so fuck Philly.
, how you all feelin'? Tray.
My name is D Smoke.
I'm from Inglewood, California.
We about to do this shit.
Y'all put your hands up.
DJ Shanks, let's do this! The whole time.
Wait, um, why the Mardi Gras theme? So when my mom was a girl, she used to visit her family in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.
And she loved it.
The people, the music, the food.
Well, then that's it.
We'll bring the Mardi Gras to the Banks estate.
Anything you can dream up, we can do.
Carlton, are you sure about this? Hey, of course.
Look, I loved your mother.
Oh, thank you, Carlton, so much.
This means so much to me.
Whoa, whoa.
Uh, I'm I'm sorry.
I I just thought Carlton, my feelings haven't changed.
Um, yeah, no, I get it.
I'm sorry.
I just, um So what's up, bro? You ain't got nothing to say? I just need my charger, bro.
Bro, we can't be beefing like this the whole week.
Shit, if I stay the week.
Oh, that's how you feel? That you don't want to be here no more? How am I supposed to act, bro? You want to level up and leave my broke ass behind.
You thought I'd be cool with that shit if I went to Disneyland first? Tray, we supposed to be boys.
You supposed to be happy for me when some great shit comes in my life.
Because you the special one, huh? I forgot.
You gonna go off and do big-time shit and what, I'm just supposed to sit around and wait for you to tell me about it? Is that it, Will? Oh, 'cause you the GOAT, huh? Yeah.
Nigga, your ass was the one who got thrown in jail.
Tray, I got thrown in jail trying to save your ass from getting jumped.
And whose gun was it, anyway? We wasn't even supposed to be there, Will.
Remember that? Darnell clowned your ass in front of the papi store, and you just couldn't let that go, could you? I learned from it.
I learned from it.
'Cause I'm the one that got snatched up out of Philly and sent out here to Bel-Air.
Not you, me.
Nigga, you got rich And I got fucking shot shot, nigga.
Tray, hold on.
Don't fucking touch me, bro.
Get the fuck out of my room! Fuck you, Bel-Air pussy.
Get the fuck out! Hey, Auntie, you got a second? Yeah, baby.
Well, what's the matter? Me and Tray got into it.
Oh, baby, that happens sometimes with friends.
No, this is different though.
Tray's my day one.
We've been homies since my dad left.
But after today, I don't know if we can be boys anymore.
Baby, you and Tray were sent on different paths the night you were arrested.
That was traumatic for both of you.
And both of you are processing it differently.
You're not little boys anymore.
Anyways, um Tray wants to leave early and go home.
You're the talk of the internet.
- In a good way or bad way? - Both.
Your interview with Kylo went viral.
Positive feedback though.
When the hell did he interview me? She was born two months premature.
Spent the first six weeks of her life in the NIC unit.
She was so small.
- I forgot we were recording.
- I'm glad you did.
It humanized you with the public.
Ready for the bad? Prayed for her to have a full life.
And my heart hasn't changed And if you vote for me as your new District Attorney, I promise that justice for all will be a reality.
Phillip Bank says he's the candidate of the people.
What people? Law-abiding citizens or rioters? Everyday people or the radical left? Decide for yourself.
Defunding the police is critical.
Critical critical critical Does Los Angeles need a District Attorney who is anti-police? Defunding the police is critical.
They're painting me like a member of Antifa.
It's because you played it too far to the left.
This is exactly why Judge Robertson and I told you run a moderate, centrist campaign.
Well, that advice was not working, Steven.
My support was tepid.
- It was a rational approach.
- I was losing.
Now I'm up in the polls and I'm being attacked because I could win.
I'm dangerous.
These attacks can be overcome if we turn out the vote.
It's dicey, Phil.
My donors may panic.
Well at least I have my own millions.
It's good thing.
You don't have to leave, bro.
Yeah, I do.
And what the fuck would I stay for, huh? You like being their little charity case, but not me, bro.
I can't buy into this shit, man And go home soft.
Tray, you know I'm not soft.
I just realized that there's more to the world than West Philly.
Not to me, bro.
Aw, this is so lovely.
Oh! You don't have to wear it if you don't want to, Mom.
It's Phanta's thing.
It's not mine.
Oh, why would you think I don't like it? Because it's the way you said, "This is lovely.
" I know what that tone means.
Do I always sound so critical? Not always.
But often.
Well, I shouldn't always just say the critical things.
I mean, I feel so much, much more.
Honey, I want you to know I am proud of you.
You are forging a new path and I can't oh That's all I wanted to hear, Mom.
Well, let me say it again.
I am proud of you.
I am so, so proud of you.
Thank you.
- And Mom, listen.
- Mm-hmm.
When I join Kylo's crew, it's really gonna launch my career.
I'm gonna keep making you proud.
I'm already proud of you.
Hey, Ma.
Hey, baby! You know, you caught me right before I walked into work.
Listen, I've been trying to think about when to bring you home.
The coach, he wants you back yesterday, and the scouts, they're still interested.
It'll be like you never left.
I was thinking, uh what if I stayed? What you mean stay? Will, Philly's your home.
Everyone here loves you.
Understands you.
Yeah, I know, Ma, but, you know, it's the middle of the school year and I made friends.
Son, hasn't it always been just you and me? You know, facing whatever we had to? Yeah.
I know you've come such a long way.
I I get that you feel grown.
But you still need me.
I do, but I also need to figure out what's out here for me.
Ma, you told me, right? My life is more than the 14 square miles that I grew up in in Philly.
That my crown is waiting for me as soon as I find the courage to wear it, right? Yeah.
Well, I'm ready, Ma.
All right.
I've always supported you, and I always will.
I gotta get back to work, okay? But w we'll talk later, okay? Okay.
I love you, Ma.
I love you.
All right.
All right.

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