Bel-Air (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

The Strength to Smile

1 Previously on "Bel-Air" I know it's gonna be tough giving all this shit up, huh? Will was facing a lot of time for those gun charges, but your DA daddy made that shit disappear like magic.
I know about the fight.
I know about the gun.
- Carlton, please don't snitch.
- Stay the fuck away from Lisa.
So I have this friend that I have a crush on.
- Does the friend have a name? - Lucia.
Phil's nephew, Will.
You're Lisa's dad.
And I'm prepared to fight for a new approach even if that makes me unpopular with the mayor's office or the LAPD.
We're supposed to be boys.
You're supposed to be happy for me when some great shit comes in my life.
You gonna go off and do big-time shit, and what? I'm just supposed to sit around and wait for you to tell me about it? I don't know if we can be boys anymore.
You and Tray were sent on different paths the night you were arrested.
Yo, I don't get it.
How the hell could the catering company cancel so last-minute? They say they triple booked by accident.
But it's fine.
Geoffrey's on it.
I just have to ask Hilary to help with the cooking.
You do think she'll help with cooking, right? Yeah.
I mean, she was planning to come anyway, and she knows how important this is to you, so Mm-hmm.
Have you guys seen Will today? 'Cause he's getting roasted on social media.
Like, super roasted by all his friends back home.
That's the last thing he needs.
Will, you okay? I just wanna be left alone.
You know, you can't stay locked up in your room forever.
You know, we could really use your help setting up for the event.
Oh, my goodness.
Will I'ma go meet up with Jazz.
Will, can we talk for a second? Got nothing to say to you.
Will? Just give me a minute, will you? Will.
- Will! - What? Oh, not today.
- Shit.
- My office, now.
You need to get ahold of yourself.
I just want some space.
Is that too much to ask? You live in a mansion, Will.
There's nothing but space.
And you can't expect everyone to walk on eggshells because you and Tray are on bad terms.
No, we not on bad terms.
We not boys no more.
Fuck him.
Come here.
Come here, come here.
It's all right.
Don't think for a second that your aunt and I don't know what it's like to leave home and have close friends fall out of our lives.
It's not easy, but you gotta understand that in life, everybody goes through something.
But you chose to stay here and be a part of this family, which means you gotta consider what everyone in this household is going through, not just you.
They clownin' me, Uncle Phil.
I know.
You should hear what they're saying about me online, especially Fox News.
Welcome to the party, nephew.
Now, this fundraiser's a big deal for this family.
Your aunt just found out that she's not gonna get the help she needs for the event.
Think you could lend a hand? Yeah.
Yeah, I got you.
And we got you.
Always remember that.
Ah! Ey, bullseye.
Look, I told you I could hit it.
Why you always doubting me? Ugh.
Oh, my God.
Okay, y'all seriously need to chill the fuck out and get some girlfriends.
You were rolling, right? 'Cause, that's some good content, yo.
On God, look, I'll help you create the title and everything.
I just need you to tag us when you post it.
Thanks, but no thanks.
Okay? I do cuisine.
Okay? I don't do craziness.
Hey, we are just two Black men in America giving the people what they want.
How's your vid coming? Well, I would've been halfway done if y'all's goofy asses wouldn't have interrupted me So not good.
- Mm-mm-mm.
- Uh! Look, I recommend moving a little faster, okay? Yep.
You don't want Kylo checking in.
That white boy don't play when it comes to deadlines.
On God.
Okay, I get it.
So how about y'all just leave so that I can finish what I was doing? Gosh.
Hey! Get No Gosh.
Hey, Mom, how's the event going? Yeah, about that.
I could use some help.
I was able to make some calls and get six servers, which should be enough if we go with the buffet.
Uh-huh, yeah, that'll work.
And setup? Those same six on it now.
I be lying if I didn't say we needed some more help.
You get me? Hello.
Bel-Air Princess to the rescue.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
Of course, Mom.
You know I loved Auntie Gayle, and you know how I do with Cajun.
So I was thinking gumbo.
We could do some wild rice.
Some mini cornbread with the honey butter.
Oh, and we can get the bartenders to make hurricanes for everybody.
- Sounds like someone's on it.
- Okay.
Yeah, that sounds amazing.
But I mean, that sounds like a lot to prepare.
I mean, the event starts in just a few hours.
Okay, Mom, can you just trust me? You do your thing.
Let me do mine.
I got this.
All right.
Okay, familia, it's all coming together.
Will, can you get with Geoffrey and set up outside? Yeah.
Got you, Auntie.
Actually, I'm gonna need to send Geoffrey to handle a campaign matter.
- Now? - Unfortunately, it can't wait.
It shouldn't take long, though.
Okay, then I guess I need to get to hustling.
All right.
While we're all here, I just wanna remind everyone that today is about honoring Gayle's memory.
Okay? That's it.
All of us should be on our best behavior and set aside any differences we may have with other people.
Okay, why are you looking at me? No reason.
Honey, I don't have any issue with Angela.
Mm, who is Angela? Fred Wilkes' new wife.
They got engaged less than a year after Aunt Gayle died.
That's quick.
Y'all, that's no one's concern.
And since we're having a kumbaya pep talk, I hope that means that you and Fred are not gonna get into squabbles over policies.
Iron sharpens iron, and sometimes sparks do fly, but we both know that today's bigger than politics.
Mm-hmm, politics? Politics.
Excuse me.
Hello? Hey, Lisa.
Hey, everyone.
- Hey, Lisa.
- Hey, Lis.
You ready for our final rehearsal? Yeah, absolutely.
Come on.
This is for you.
Everything okay? This event is always so tough for her.
Okay, so just, like, as perfect as you can get them.
Thank you.
Yo, Hilary, I don't know where you are right now, and I don't wanna freak you out, but you're approaching the 24-hour exodus.
The Exorcist of what the what? The 24-hour exodus means if you go a whole day without posting, you're gonna lose 3% of your followers.
I was going to post today.
I had to help with a family matter.
Well, social don't wait, Hil, not even for family matters.
Goddamn, I loved that show growing up.
You know what? They should remake that.
Okay, listen, I get it.
You know what? I'm doing a Cajun feast for this fundraiser.
I will make a tutorial for that.
Yeah, see, cooking tutorials are repetitive, and the algorithm hates repetitive.
Unless you're Saweetie.
She's brilliant.
I just wanna hear her say the same thing over and over again.
Okay, fine.
I will figure out something to create some buzz.
You got two hours to go viral.
And say what up to the family for me.
What? "Don't say goodbye.
Remember that a grave is only a curtain for the paradise behind.
" "And it seems like the end.
It seems like a sunset.
But in reality, it is a dawn.
" God.
"And there is" Ugh, fuck.
Hey, you're doing great, okay? It's like I'm reading the words, but it's I don't it's not like I believe them.
My mom being gone wasn't the dawn of anything good.
The only people who might think that are my dad and Angela.
Your dad was devastated when he lost your mom.
Yeah, maybe then.
But now they're having a baby.
And they told me when the baby comes, they're gonna move into a new house.
And it's like Angela is trying to erase my mom - Hey, hey, hey.
- From our lives.
Hey, it's not gonna happen, okay? No, no, no, the chairs go outside.
Go outside.
Is Mom gonna be okay? Yeah, she's just emotional.
Losing Gayle was like losing another sister.
What do you mean, "another sister"? All right.
You're old enough to know the tea, but don't go around spilling it.
So Gayle became like a sister to Mom when Mom and Aunt Vy stopped talking.
Okay, but why did Mom and Aunt Vy - stop talking to each other? - I don't know.
But if I had to guess, it had to do with Will because Hey, girls, let's drop it, okay? Okay.
- Is everything all right, Dad? - Yeah.
Just dealing with some campaign stuff here, that's all.
You sure? 'Cause, you've been kinda out of it since I got here.
Just get the edges a little bit more.
I just found out that the "Times" pulled their endorsement.
What the hell? I thought it was a done deal.
Yeah, me too.
Geoffrey's looking into it.
However, your mother doesn't need to be concerned with this, so let's just keep this between ourselves, all right? Thanks.
Smells great, by the way.
It's good to have you back, honey bee.
- I'm just visiting.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, yeah, looks good.
Um, I'll be back later, but I just wanted to see you before I left.
See you later.
Okay, what's up with you? Nothing.
I just know today's tough for you, so I wanna give you your space.
Plus, I see you and Carlton are booed up again, so Are you serious right now? Serious as whatever that was over there.
I was upset about my mom.
And he was comforting me, Will.
Lisa, I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize Can we get through one day without you making it about some petty bullshit between you and him? I know.
I know.
I just I figured You're right.
Today is tough.
So maybe giving me that space sounds like a pretty good idea.
- Hey.
- Oh, my goodness.
Girl, I hope you can breathe now.
Everything's going great.
Yeah, well, everything came together by the grace of God.
And the silent auction is already off to a great start.
I see the luxury yacht tour is already up to 30K.
What? And I am going to bid on the Hawaii package.
So hands off.
Girl, you can stop looking for Geoffrey.
He's not even here today.
Well, then I guess I'm lucky that I brought Reid along to look at.
Can I bid on his package too? What? - Y'all excuse me.
- Okay.
Oh, Fred, Angela.
You look so lovely.
Thank you.
As do you.
This is an amazing event.
Looks like you've outdone yourself again, Viv.
Well, you know it is for a good cause.
How you doing today, Lisa? I'm fine.
Well, come on in.
Enjoy yourself.
I'm sure Phil is around here somewhere.
Hey, Hil, remember my friends Romario and Lucia? Hey.
Oh, hello.
- So good to see you.
- You too.
It smells good in here.
Thank you.
Wait until you taste it.
I can't wait.
Is that your cousin playing piano? Oh, yeah, he's pretty good.
Is there anything he's not good at? I know, right? You have a beautiful house.
Thank you.
We actually have a pool if you wanna go check it out.
It's right through those doors.
- I'll be right there.
- All right.
Ash, she's cute.
I know.
But what do I do now? You tell her how you feel, and you be yourself 'cause you're a queen.
I'm a queen.
I'm a queen.
- Mm.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
- I didn't know.
- Hey, Lis.
- Thank you.
With all of these amazing items, I bet we will shatter last year's fundraising total.
Yeah, I'm sure of it.
What do you think, Lis? Hope so.
So have either of you picked a college yet? Yeah, I've narrowed it down to Princeton with Stanford as my backup.
What about you, Lisa? I'm hoping to swim for Howard.
HU! That's my alma mater.
Girl, if you ever need a recommendation, I got you.
Oh, and don't forget to pledge Delta Pi Gamma.
- Ah.
- Oh, you okay? Oh, yeah, he just kicked.
It happens all the time.
It just still surprises me.
- Aw.
- Mm-hmm.
Excuse me for a moment.
Um I think I misplaced my phone, so I'm gonna go find it.
So, Angela, you are an interior decorator.
I am, yeah.
I had actually hoped to help Vivian here more with this event.
Yeah, I know, and I appreciate it.
But I don't wanna upset Fred, and you have a baby coming so soon.
Well, actually, he hasn't been like that at all.
Fred's been super supportive about me getting back to work as soon as I feel ready once the baby is born.
- Really? - Yeah, it's been a huge relief.
Why should women have to set our passions aside when we start a family? Amen.
I mean, you might say to yourself that you're gonna sit out a year or two, and then suddenly 15 years have gone by.
You know what? I need to go outside and set up.
I will chat with y'all later.
Viv, can I talk to you about Lisa? Yeah, sure.
I know you two are super close, and I'm struggling to find a way to connect with her.
Yeah, well, just give her some time.
And even though I keep asking for more involvement, she hasn't given me much input with this event, but I want her to know how much I support her.
Oh, I'm sure she can feel it.
So I was thinking that I could I could say a few words this year.
Yeah, so the program is really already set.
I know, but maybe just a few minutes.
I feel like an outsider, and this could also be a way for me to show people that I'm not just the wicked stepmother, you know? Or you can just let today be about Lisa's mother and not you.
Yo, Aunt Viv.
Yo, this party is everything.
You really pulled it all together, huh? Yeah, well, I'm trying.
Thank you.
Oh, hey.
I'm Will, by the way.
- Phil and Viv's nephew.
- Oh, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- They took you in, right? Yeah, yeah, you know.
They did their best to do right by me.
The baby! When's it coming? Two months.
Oh, I can't wait.
Fred and I have been talking about having a child ever since our first getaway in Palm Springs.
- Ah.
- Have you been out there yet? - No, no, haven't.
- Oh, it's paradise.
I'd never been until Fred took me.
He was out there for a big LAPD golf tournament.
When he won, he said I was his good luck charm.
Sup? I remember Fred winning that tournament.
Yeah, that was in 2018? Sure was.
Well, Gayle died in 2019.
Well, Fred and I met then.
But we didn't start dating until, yeah, - sometime after that, you know.
- Uh-huh.
Well, I need to go use the ladies' room.
Pregnancy bladder.
All right now.
Did she just Yeah.
I need a minute.
There should be enough to feed everybody.
Hey, heard you moved out, girl.
Yeah, so how's it going over in that big influencer house? It has been so great.
Like, amazing.
Well, of course it is.
I mean, you are a superstar.
I bet you're showing 'em how it's done.
Oh, that's for sure.
But I know that Vivian is keeping that pool house open in case you need to come back.
And if she don't, I just might move on in.
No offense to my family, but I'd rather go homeless than move back here.
Uh, this is business.
I gotta take it.
Oh, business.
Do you thing.
Um, Reid? The event is back there.
What are you doing in here? My bad, my bad.
I got lost.
No, I didn't.
John told me that you were working on a piece, and I had to see it for myself.
Vivian, this is this is incredible.
Really well done.
Oh, well, it wasn't ready to be seen, so maybe you should get lost again.
Vivian, Vivian, the painting, it's ready.
You might not be, but that's okay.
That is.
Why are you gassing me like this? I'm not gassing anything.
If you don't believe me, let's test it.
What do you mean test it? Enter your work into the silent auction this evening.
If it goes for more than 15 grand, you show your art at my gallery opening.
And what if it doesn't? Then I'll leave you alone.
Hey, babe, who's your friend? Um, this is - Reid.
- Reid Broderick.
And he is a he owns a gallery here, and we were just talking art and catching up.
This is my husband, Philip.
Nice to meet you.
How you doing, man? So we should get back to the event.
All right.
Philip, I was just telling Vivian that I think it's time that she show her immeasurable talent to the world.
So she's going to enter this work into the silent auction this evening.
I didn't realize you were painting again.
Yeah, I've just been dabbling.
I caught some inspiration, and I thought, "Why not?" It's stunning, isn't it? I think it's great.
Yeah, I think people will love it.
See? Well, I guess we'll find out.
We should really get back to the event.
Don't worry, I'll have someone move that.
- Oh, that's all right, I got it.
- Leave it.
You're a guest.
How about you go do some guest stuff? Huh.
I know I promised to give you your space.
But are you all right? I just needed a break.
I fucking hate her.
This day is supposed to be all about my mom, but instead, once again, she's making it all about her.
It's, like, always all about Angela, Angela, Angela.
- And I know that sounds petty.
- No, no.
Trust me, I get you.
It sucks to be reminded of a missing parent.
And sometimes it's easier to be angry than to admit that it hurts.
You talking about your dad? What was he like? Shit, I don't know.
He left when I was four.
But I guess it's better to hold onto those good memories than to focus on the bad ones.
That's good advice.
Not as eloquent as Carlton, I guess, but Honestly, I think Carlton uses my vulnerability as a way to get closer to me.
Tiptoeing around his emotions is exhausting, and I just wanna work through my own shit without trying to navigate his.
Well, if you ever need someone to be petty with - or be angry with, I'm your guy.
- Thanks.
Oh, high score! Holy shit, Ash, you're so freaking good at this.
- I just beat your high score.
- Total luck.
Wanna play again? Um, actually, could you go grab me some soda? Kicking your ass makes me thirsty.
Could I have one too? It'd be my pleasure, ladies.
I think someone likes you.
Um, I don't know.
He's kind of dorky.
Dorks can be cute.
I mean, you're kind of a dork.
Aw, thanks.
You know, I'm into someone too.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
It's kind of a new thing that started at the roller rink.
Okay, I'll just come out and tell you.
Your cousin Will is so freaking hot.
Oh plot twist.
And he's got so much swag, too, you know? He should totally start a YouTube channel.
All right, who's up next? Gonna take you down, dude.
- Sorry.
My bad.
- It's all good.
There you go, Uncle Phil.
This is for you.
- Hey.
Thank you, nephew.
- No problem.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
Okay, then.
It is what it is.
Forward we march.
Everything okay? Oh, yeah, everything's fine.
We're just dealing with some campaign updates, that's all.
I don't know.
Geoffrey's got his whole 007 thing going on.
No, really, everything's fine.
Has anyone seen Carlton? We're supposed to do the reading in a few minutes, and he just disappeared.
Oh, I'm sure he's around here somewhere.
Yeah, we'll look for him.
All right.
Hey, I was looking for you.
I'm trying to get outta here before Mom sees me.
What's wrong? Romario and Lucia just left.
First heartbreak? - She's into Will.
- Our cousin? Okay, do you want me to kick her ass? 'Cause you know I will.
I told them that I had stuff to do for the party so they'd leave.
But really, I just didn't think I could hold it together.
Look, Ash, I'm not gonna tell you that heartbreak is fun, but it's a part of life.
And at least you were brave enough to tell me about it.
Do you think you'd wanna share with anybody else? I'm not sure yet.
Okay, that's fine.
Take your time.
Look, I was gonna go back to the influencer house, but if you want me to stay, I will stay.
Why? Mom and Dad are already convinced that you're moving back.
But I told them it's not gonna happen.
Yeah? Why are you so sure? 'Cause you're following your dream, and you're not gonna give up no matter how hard it is.
You're a queen.
Thanks, sis.
Yo, Carlton.
Yo, Carlton.
Yo, what is wrong with you? Leave me the fuck alone, dude.
Carlton, Lisa needs you right now, bro.
No, she doesn't.
She's got you, right? What are you talking about? I heard you two out there going on about how exhausting it must be for her to tiptoe around my emotions.
Yeah, don't you fucking play dumb, Will.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
No, you looked me dead in the eye.
You told me that you'd stay away from her.
Carlton, I was trying to be there for her as a friend, a'ight? And if you care about her so much, you wouldn't be mad that I'm out there supporting her while you're in here getting all fucked up.
Yo, C.
Let's just calm down, bro.
I'm sorry.
Look, man, it's a'ight.
It's okay.
I can't go out there like this, man.
- I can't.
- That's all right.
Just rest up.
Okay, man? It's gonna be a'ight.
I got you.
Thank you all so much for being here tonight to support those who are suffering from lupus and to honor our dear friend, mother, wife, and sister Gayle Wilkes.
Gayle was like a sister to me.
I miss her every single day.
But her spirit and zest for life lives on in her beautiful daughter, Lisa.
And now she will honor her mother with a special reading.
Come on up, Lisa.
My mom loved poetry.
Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes.
And my mama loved her some Tupac.
Towards the end of her life, I read to her a lot of poetry because she said that it eased her pain.
And after she passed, I started writing poetry because it eased my pain about saying goodbye to her as a tribute to her and her memory.
So even though I had planned on reading a different poem, I thought it'd be fitting for me to read the words that I wrote for my mom.
And joining me in this reading is my good friend Will Smith.
"You forever changed the world, Mom.
Your spirit lives on, echoing the sweetest sounds boundless and radiant.
" "Flowing through every ocean, every sunrise, every sunset, you forever changed the world.
" "Your warmth, your wisdom like the sun and the moon.
" "Your energy is still with us, present and abundant.
" "Just like the stars above us, shining bright until the end of time" I can't.
"My dreams know you well.
You visit them often.
So every morning, I find the strength to smile, knowing you forever changed the world.
" "I love you, Mom.
" Oh, Lisa, that was wonderful.
Your mom would be so proud of you.
Beautiful job, Lis.
What happened to Carlton? I thought he was doing the reading with you.
He wasn't feeling well.
He had to take a nap.
Hey, why don't you go check on him? Lis, that was so beautiful.
You know, I feel moved to say something, maybe a toast.
We already discussed this.
And I appreciate your opinion, but I ran it by Fred, and he said it's fine.
So what's the problem? Well, when Fred has an event at his own damn house, then he can pick whoever he wants to speak.
No, Phil.
I've had enough of this.
- Ooh.
- This day is not about her.
Angela, you are a guest in my house.
So you can either kindly sit down, or I can kick you out myself.
Okay, we're leaving.
- Please do.
- Let's go, Lisa.
I'm staying.
- Can I? - Of course, baby.
- Yo, Uncle - It's all right.
You wanna know why you lost that endorsement? Oh, I already do.
'Cause a so-called friend of mine decided to go behind my back and enter the race against me.
So you heard? I'd hoped to let this day pass without the news breaking.
Yeah, well, I guess when you decide to stab someone in the back and end a long-time friendship, word gets out.
Think about how you and your platform have changed and ask yourself who really betrayed who.
You all good here? Yeah, we're fine, Geoffrey.
It's a new day, and your money, connections, and your muscle here aren't gonna save you.
I'm gonna crush you in that race.
Goodbye, Fred.
Appreciate the heads up.
Watch him, will you? I'm on it.
While you're at it, there's someone else.
Reid Broderick.
I'm already on that too.
My man.
One, two, three.
I must say, Vivian, the way you took down that woman was epic.
Should I feel bad that I don't feel bad? No, no, I think she she got what was coming to her.
So I would love for you to share some of that fire with the world through your art.
Yeah, well, maybe one day.
Or maybe now, unless you want to welch on our bet.
What are you saying? Your piece in the silent auction, it sold for 20 grand.
What? Well, who bought it? Why does that matter? A bet is a bet, right? Well, Reid, for better or for worse, I am a woman of my word.
I'll be seeing you real soon.
Dad? Feeling better, son? Uh, yeah, a little.
I think I know what happened with you today.
Well, what's been happening with you.
Look, Dad.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I can explain.
I Anxiety.
We've all seen the pressure you've been putting on yourself to make the day perfect for Lisa.
You gotta show yourself some grace, son.
Yeah, yeah, um Yeah, it's been a rollercoaster.
I'm just sorry I let Lisa down, that's all.
Hey, keep your head up.
You've been a good friend to her.
Yeah, well, I could have been better.
Well, her dad's running against me for DA.
So that's one way to test the friendship.
Wait, Fred Wilkes is running against you? Mm-hmm.
What a knife in the back.
I'm sorry.
Nah, I probably should have seen it coming.
I guess I was in denial.
Yeah, I know how that feels.
So what are you gonna do now that he's running against you? Well, I'm gonna kick his ass.
What up, auntie? Yo, the West Philly really popped out tonight, huh? Mm.
Not my proudest moment, but I'd do it again for Lisa.
You know, Uncle Phil was right.
This family really does look out for each other.
That's right.
And I'd the same thing for you.
You know, when Gayle died, I was so sad, but I was also angry.
Angry because I lost my best friend.
Angry because Fred moved on.
Angry at Angela.
It's just sometimes your pain gets misdirected.
No, Angela had it coming, for real.
I'm talking about you and Tray.
You know, I bet that he's not even really angry.
He's just heartbroken because he lost his best friend.
Just give him a little bit of time and space.
I bet you he'll come around.
I guess I never really thought about it like that.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, Aunt Viv.
Yes, sweetie.
You know, I wonder how Lisa feels about today.
Well, I am sure she's around here somewhere.
I'm gonna go look for her.
Hello, everybody.
Tonight, we're gonna be making my special sweet potato crème brûlée.
I know it's just a dessert, but I was thinking maybe it's time we turn the heat up in this kitchen.
Hey, Lis, you a'ight? Yeah.
I'm just thinking about how Aunt Viv came for Angela today.
I mean, she said everything that my mom would've wanted her to say.
Everything that I've been wanting to say.
Ah, it just feels good to know that people have your back.
You mind if I get in with you? Thank you for stepping in for Carlton today.
I really don't know what I would've done without you.
You know it was his idea.
- Really? - Yeah.
I mean, he knows how much this event meant to you.
We weren't just gonna leave you hanging.
Hey! I miss this.
Just, like, vibing, hanging with you.
Me too.
So is there a reason that you've been so distant lately? I don't wanna be another person in your life that you have to navigate around.
You know? Lisa, I think you are the most amazing girl I've ever known.
I mean that.
But I don't wanna bring any more drama in your life.
So if that means I gotta back off, give you enough space, you know what I mean? I'll do that.
Even if it hurts.
Is that what you want? Hell no! No.
But Me neither.

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